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Two Tuesday Teaser Winners


Mystery Photo 5 Boy oh boy this one had you (well almost all of you) fooled!  When Mom and Dad were trying to come up with a good “hint” for me to tell you yesterday, they thought maybe just seeing the shot of the cobblestone streets and the shoreline would already be a good hint – for anyone who’d been there anyway! 

Looks like they were right!!  Lots of people’s guesses were SOOOO CLOSE too – Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Maine – but two people guessed the right island.  What was the right answer? 


Who guessed right on the money?   

Dianna and her kitty Sundae from These Days of Mine


Savannah and her parents from Savannah’s Paw Tracks

A big CONCATULATIONS to the winners and a super large-size kitty hug from your friend the BIG TEASE on Tuesdays, Sammy Kimmell!!

Hopefully I can find another goodie for you for NEXT Tuesday.  Meanwhile, Happy Wednesday everybody and thanks for playing along on the Tuesday Teaser.

Your Friend Sam



Vatican Compound

Yep - it's Italy alright but WHERE???

Hey Gang!  Well, some of you guessed that the photo was taken in Italy and know what?  You were right!  Yup…..Italy it is.  Where in Italy?  Rome – that’s where, but more specifically, it’s a building on the grounds of the Vatican in “Vatican City”…….a 109 acre independent state believe it or not.  Mom and Dad went to see the Sistine Chapel on a tour and there were a bunch of buildings around including this one (Mom says she “thinks” it might have been the Papal quarters but she can’t remember).  Really pretty place huh? 

The landscaping with the evergreens and the palm tree make it tough to guess where exactly this pretty building sits so this Tuesday Teaser was a toughie! 

I’ll try to find something other than a “European” photo for next Tuesday.  Not everybody travels so it’s hard to know where some of these photos were taken, that’s for sure.  But then again, if it was too easy it wouldn’t be much of a TEASE huh????  😉

Kitty Hugs From Sammy the Big Tease

p.s.  HAPPY LEAP DAY!  😀

Helping Mom Wrap Presents

Sam "Helping" To Wrap Gifts

Hey Mom - this is the purrfect box - don't forget tissue - and I like this RED ribbon!

Yesterday afternoon Mom decided to get a few gifts for Dad wrapped so there would be some stuff to put under the tree (other than ME) next weekend when they put the tree up.  She got out all the boxes, tissue, ribbons, tags and wrapping paper…..I was so excited!  She keeps a big shopping bag full of all that stuff in the closet in her studio and for weeks now I’ve been asking nicely for her to let me go into that closet – just to make sure that shopping bag hadn’t disappeared……I know it’s just a big old bag of FUN. 

After all these years Mom has wised up.  She knows that if I’m around and she’s wrapping presents, I’ll be in the middle of it making things “challenging”.  She keeps some distractions handy for me so she can get her wrapping done.  The yellow and pink tissue aren’t for Christmas presents – and the old red and green ribbon and that tired little red bow aren’t for them either….they’re for ME!!!!!  She puts all that old stuff in one corner of the room so I can hop around on them and pick them up and carry them or poke, prod and otherwise torture them – while she’s busily doing what she needs to do with the REAL wrapping.

Her strategy always works.  I’ve gotta hand it to her – she has me figured out pretty well by now.  By the time she does her wrapping, I’m just beginning to get bored with my so-called toys and she puts everything away for the next time she has more things to wrap.

Considering it’s really early before the holiday, I know that shopping bag will be coming out of the closet LOTS more times………I’ll be ready for it – you can count on that!!

Happy Monday

Sammy the Assistant Wrapper


More fall leaves for Sam to play in!

Mom and Dad get out the BIG noisy leaf machine today.....

OK….this is a mixed blessing kind of day….why?  Well, you all know that I love to play in piles of leaves – and you also know I don’t like loud noises.  Today my parents are getting the big, noisy leaf machine thingie that Mom attaches to MY (!) lawn tractor out from the basement……they’ll be making noise this weekend for the first time this fall.  Time to start “sweeping” the yard in front and back to pick up MY leaves.

It takes them about an hour to do this whole operation.  Dad stands by with a rake in the designated leaf dumping site (there are two of those in the front woods)…..Mom scoots around on the tractor pulling the noise machine around while it vacuums up the leaves, grinds them up into little pieces and puts them into the big bin on the back.  When it’s full she heads over to where Pop’s waiting – they dump the bin thing and off she goes for another turn around the yard.  Cool huh?  Yeah, well it may be cool but it’s noisy!

Even though I love to play in leaves (Mom never did get me to sit still long enough to take my picture in a pile of them…..tee hee), it’s also rather fun AFTER the fall leaf pick-up thing is finished.  Why?  Well, because all those ground up leaves are in a huge pile about two feet deep in the front woods.  When Mom and I are outside together we can walk down there and she lets me dig around in the leaves….yes I get dirty – isn’t that what boys do?????? 

So, I’m going to just find one of my quiet nap spots as far away from the noise as I can and know that leaf season has begun and I have to get used to it.  Sigh.  Of course there’s always winter and that noisy snow blower thing AFTER this is over with….hmm….which is better……?!

Happy Friday Everyone



Rainy Day Activities!

What a view!

Rain, rain, and more rain....I'll have to find stuff to do INSIDE today!

Hello Everybody…..this morning is day two of pretty much non-stop rain.  I got out briefly yesterday but today sounds like it will be raining CONSTANTLY.  Ho hum.  That means Mom and Dad will be reading and I’ll be………what?  Hmm….oh yeah!  On rainy days, Mom and Dad try to keep me occupied with extra play opportunities.

Like for instance:

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

Playing on the stairs! Chase me!

I love for someone to chase me up and down the stairs – or throw my ball down so I can run after it…..or hide on the landing and wait for someone to come up so I can grab an ankle……tee hee
OR………maybe I can dig around in my toybox for something I haven’t played with in a while:
My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Lots of stuff to choose from...maybe the raccoon tail??

Say….I know… I could drag my whistle around and make it rattle….Daddy can’t resist chasing me when I do that!




Mom and Dad also sometimes drape blankets or afghans over furniture to make “forts” for me – that’s way cool too.  Gee – come to think of it I have NOTHING to complain about on a rainy day.  This is going to be a lot of fun AND, the weather guy said this morning it’s going to rain the rest of the week…..that means it’s FUN FOR SAM week!  WOO HOO!

I’m so lucky to be so spoiled……………..kitty hugs all around!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

I’m Ba-a-a-a-a-ck!

Peekaboo....come and get me Mom!

Boys just wanna have fun.....!

Hi Everyone!  I’m BACK today after having my awesome guest blogger yesterday.  A fish – who’d have thought I would host a fish here when I usually EAT fish???  Well, it just goes to show how civilized I am.  So says my Mom anyway.

Mom’s off to the grocery store again this morning.  As usual, I made sure all the REAL necessities were on her list – litter, cat food, etc.  I didn’t add “new toy for Sam” to the list because – well – you’ve seen my toy box (wagon) and it’s full to the brim already.  I’m always rediscovering some old toy to play with so I don’t need new stuff.  For instance, the other day, I knew Mom was in her studio so I came up the stairs halfway and called her – then when she came out of the studio door and saw me I squished myself down so all she could see was my ears and eyes…..and I called “MaMa” – she rolled a ping pong ball down the stairs for me and as it bounced toward me I caught it!  She thought that was a big deal – came down to get the ball and back to the top of the stairs to do it all over again.  New game! 

Humans are SO easily entertained…….(wink)

Happy Wednesday Everyone – make it a happy day for your pets – after all, we try really hard to make every day a happy day for you!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Dirty Toes……

I love playing in dirt....Mom's not so thrilled about that though!

I love playing in dirt....Mom's not so thrilled about that though!

Oh boy, oh boy……I just love to play in dirt.  Funny because I also love to be nice and clean and handsome too and spend a lot of time staying that way with Mom’s help (and my brush of course).  But, one of my very favorite games to play outside involves DIRT.

Here’s how you play the game….first you find a patch of dirt where grass isn’t growing (Daddy hates that grass won’t grow in some spots….I love it)……then you dig in with your toes and scrape the dirt around a little – throw some up in the air if you can (haha) – all the time you are going in a circle around the dirt…..you keep your tail all puffed up like a raccoon – that makes Mommy laugh (also part of the game). 

Then, when you’re good and dirty, you move on to the NEXT patch of dirt and do the same thing!  By now, Mom is falling out of her chair laughing at you…….way cool……

Then comes the best part…..here’s how you finish the game up…..you run as fast as you can across the yard and fling yourself up on the old oak tree about three feet off the ground and HANG THERE by your claws!!!!  It’s apparently VERY impressive to watch.  It kind of wears me out these days since I’m getting middle aged but it’s worth it.   That is until we come back inside.  Mom cleans my feet off with an old towel and I’m not too crazy about THAT part.

I DO love dirt………..and hearing Mommy laugh!!

Sammy, One Spoiled (and occasionally dirty) Cat