Two Tuesday Teaser Winners


Mystery Photo 5 Boy oh boy this one had you (well almost all of you) fooled!  When Mom and Dad were trying to come up with a good “hint” for me to tell you yesterday, they thought maybe just seeing the shot of the cobblestone streets and the shoreline would already be a good hint – for anyone who’d been there anyway! 

Looks like they were right!!  Lots of people’s guesses were SOOOO CLOSE too – Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Maine – but two people guessed the right island.  What was the right answer? 


Who guessed right on the money?   

Dianna and her kitty Sundae from These Days of Mine


Savannah and her parents from Savannah’s Paw Tracks

A big CONCATULATIONS to the winners and a super large-size kitty hug from your friend the BIG TEASE on Tuesdays, Sammy Kimmell!!

Hopefully I can find another goodie for you for NEXT Tuesday.  Meanwhile, Happy Wednesday everybody and thanks for playing along on the Tuesday Teaser.

Your Friend Sam


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    • Good Morning!! I’m glad you enjoyed guessing….lucky for me my parents have traveled a lot and I’ve got a lot of “material” from which to choose a tough Teaser on Tuesdays. Stay tuned….as long as I can find something “post-worthy”, I’ll be teasing!!

      Kitty Hugs


  1. You got me again, Sammy! I had a feeling DIanna and Sundae were right though…it looked like I imagined Nantucket would look (I have never been there). Great playing along…have a happy day!
    Hugs, Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda! Yep – Dianna and Sundae had it and so did my new friend Savannah. Mom said it was a really neat place to wander around and take photos so you should visit one day and snap, snap, snap away!!

      Hugs to you too! Sammy


  2. Good morning, Sammy!
    WooHoo! Mom and I won – well, I guess I have to give Mom all the credit. (She should play the lottery: this week, she won a blog giveaway too!)
    “We” had fun playing….
    Have a great day!
    Love, Sundae


  3. Dear Sammy,
    Me has learned so much about different places on your Tuesdays! Me started to Read David’s Bridge – is Eddy based on yous?


    • Hi Nellie! Eddy was the kitty my Mom had BEFORE me. BUT Mom’s second book (the sequel to David’s Bridge) has Eddy in it but he finds a little abandoned kitten and brings it home to Bailey because he wants his own pet kitty…She lets Eddy keep it and they name it (READY???) Sammy!!!!! YAY… if Mom will just get that second book written I can be a STAR. Not as BIG A star as you are of course but a star!

      Kitty Hugs


    • Oh Isobel…it’s a beautiful island – lovely shoreline, great eateries, nice shops and gardens and of course the cobblestone streets. We were there many years ago but I just bet it hasn’t changed that much. Worth a vist – we plan to visit again in fact.



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