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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Thankful Thursday AND Poetry time with Angel Sammy.   It’s one of our favorite days of the week.    First up is always THANKFULS with Brian though because we must all remember how lucky we are these days – and we continue to be happy that we’re safe here at my house and healthy, and keeping aware of things we need to do to STAY that way.    If you’d like to join the Blog Hop with Brian, click the badge above and link up with the rest of us.    We also feel quite thankful that our snow is finally GONE and even though we expect more snow Friday it should NOT be a BIGGIE.

Also thankful that we got Angel Sammy’s poem for this week…………’s his email !


It’s Poetry Time!

Hello friends…………….time for us to share our poems for this week.    Every Thursday we get together for that reason as well as for Thankful Thursday with our buddy Brian.   Did you write a poem using the photo I gave you last week as inspiration?    If you did, let us know in comments so we can read it.    AND know that I’m proud of all of you who go to the effort of writing one every week!

I wrote one too and it’s just below the photo we all used for today’s poem:

“Baby Rock”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©January 26, 2022


Have you heard of the latest craze?

Baby musicians really amaze!

We must say this – and its’ a fact

They’re much more talented than the average act!

They have an amazingly wide vocal range

And the only time they take a break is for a diaper change!

Kind of a short poem for today’s photo but what a CUTE photo it is.   Looks like they have one too many drummers on board and probably haven’t quite decided which of the two guys will be lead guitar and which will do bass but who cares – they’re so darn cute you don’t much care!

Here’s your photo for NEXT week’s inspiration.    I bet we all have fun with this one too…………………..

Ahhhhh……………get those imaginations fired up and write a poem for this one!

We’ll get together next Thursday and share poetry again……………….those of you who wrote a poem this week – BRAVO.    Those of you who think you can’t write poetry – dive right in and try.   Trust me – you’ll enjoy creating one.   

Stay happy and healthy everyone……………….your Angels are watching over you.

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love and Light, Angel Sammy


I love the poem you did for today and I bet you’ll do something magical with next week’s photo Angel Sammy.    Thanks for visiting us again……..I sure do look forward to Thursdays every week.

Hugs, Teddy

Teaser Tell All


Welcome to Tell All Class Students!

Yes indeedy – it’s time for us to tell you how well (or not) you did in class yesterday.    We had a good challenge for you with a most interesting photo thanks to our over-worked and underpaid (by the school board of course – not us) Graphics Department.

First item on the agenda today is to tell you that our Cheer Team had a FIT when we told them that we had FIVE – YES FIVE – FIRST COMMENTERS.    When we went live the “board” lit up like a Christmas tree with “Firsties”.     Wanna know who?

“Sure….go ahead and rub it in…..I wasn’t one of the five because I was a little bit late yesterday!”

Well sorry about that Billy but SOME of our students were ON TIME and five of them were here in the first sixty seconds………………….

AND THEY WERE (drumroll please)



AND – here is the badge you get for being FIRST COMMENTERS – oh – wait – we need to tell you that ONE of our First Commenters was also our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!    Here’s the badge for the FOUR of you who were not our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER:

I was one of FIVE First Commenters on the Teaser post of January 25, 2022!!!!



Now Ingrid you can for sure have one of the First Commenter badges but we have the DOUBLE WINNER badge for you since you were also First Right Guesser…………so if you want both – feel free…………………..!

I was one of five FIRST COMMENTERS and I was also the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of January 25, 2022!!!


As to the Teaser photo itself………………………’s the scoop………….first the photo, then the scoop:

This is Mount Pony, in Culpeper, Virginia!

There is of course a story associated with this place and here’s where you can find it out – just CLICK HERE.      This interesting complex is now a part of the Library of Congress where they store and restore old film footage.    Fascinating place.

FASCINATING!   Truly FASCINATING (but I was still wrong with my guess!!)

Now if you also guessed this Teaser photo – you get a badge – lucky you!!!!!!

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of January 25, 2022 but I was NOT first! Phoooey!

AND if you guessed but you were WRONG you get something too!

I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of January 25, 2022 – at least I get this nice badge…..sniff sniff.

Cheer Team?  We need you STAT in the classroom – I see a lot of disappointment on faces in here!

FIVE FIRST COMMENTERS are you kidding?
I guess we’re here to do your bidding!
Cramming five names into a cheer
That’s not easy – do we make ourselves clear?
You sure did have us over a barrel
But we managed to do it – aren’t we good?
The best cheer team in the neighborhood!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was one of those FIVE
We’re not foolin’ you – this ain’t no jive!
Ingrid did the double win this time
She proves being SMART isn’t a crime!!
Way to go everyone you all were sweet
Now get out of those desk chairs and let’s go eat!

“I’m ALWAYS ready to eat!!!!! Let’s GOOOOOOOO!”

Alright everyone – enjoy your breakfast or lunch or dinner – we have a nice variety today!





Teaser Tuesday Class


“Sargeant Clowie, when is Spring coming?  It’s cold out here!!”

Yes it sure is………………..and we hope you come on inside and get some hot chocolate to warm up!    We are in the classroom and can hear the students running in the hall to get to their desks………..see you later Clowie and Company!

GOOD MORNING STUDENTS!   You sounded like a herd of cattle thundering down the hall – have you all COMMENTED????   Good, then have a seat and let’s begin class.

We will start by reminding you of the rules for Teaser Class guessing…………..AND show you the badges that you will win if you’re lucky ducks!


No it was just a figure of speech Louise – of course you will get a badge if you deserve one just like the REST of the class!

Yes we know that it’s about time we introduced a new set of badges – they’ll be coming – our Graphics Department has been a bit busy lately but perhaps we can get some new badges if we WHINE loud enough…..

Alright Already!  I’m sure you’ve made your case – maybe by next week we’ll have new badges!

Are you ready for today’s Teaser photo?   Maybe that will get this class back in order.     It’s a Graphics Department photo so who knows what we’ll see when our Guard brings the photo in!

I’m substituting for our regular guard – besides I like to put on my “cop gear” once in a while – makes me feel LARGE AND IN CHARGE!



There you have it gang – ought to give you a headache or two trying to figure it out.   If you’d like to have that puzzled look wiped off your faces I’d suggest you listen to the Cheer Team – that makes us smile every time!

Howdy do and la de da
We just got back from the spa
Just in time to cheer you up
Every human, cat or pup!
So get to work with your thinking caps on
Now let’s go get lunch before all the food is gone!
We’ll be back tomorrow with losers and winners
Let’s head to Miss D’s and have some yummy dinner!

Good idea ladies………………………….line up students!

Hello Students!  Hope you brought your appetites with you – time to eat!

What’s To Eat Today?

Good luck students!   We’ll see you in class tomorrow!!

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy


SPARK on Monday


Happy Monday!   Time for SPARKS.  If you don’t know what posting a SPARK is all about, here’s the history.   SPARKS is a Monday tradition – how did it start and what IS IT?  “SPARKS” was started by Annie McGuffy of McGuffy’s Reader but ended when her blog was hacked some time ago.  It was meant to be a way to start out each week with with a meaningful thought – something that spoke to each of us and hopefully everyone else who read it.   Although Annie isn’t currently blogging, a lot of us who enjoyed her SPARKS decided to keep posting SPARKS of our own.   Why?   Because sometimes we need a little “spark” in our lives and these posts were meant to at least be a PART of that effort.   Please feel free to post your own SPARK on your blog and let everyone know you have…….we get energy from each other that way.

I wanted my SPARK today to be about Winter………………we haven’t had much of a Winter here in my area of Virginia for a couple of years – the odd snow shower but no accumulation to speak of really until this year.    AND the cold – it is ridiculously cold – way colder than usual.    Anyway, that’s why my SPARK today is about winter – and it’s my sense of humor showing again I think that drew me to this particular SPARK.

I’m already anxious for Spring.    I loved Winter as a kid – but now that I have aches and pains and a hip replacement I’m not so crazy about it.    Snow is slippery even if you don’t think it will be, and ice hides under the snow so walking around can be treacherous.    You want to look up and see the beautiful trees coated in snow but unless you’re standing STILL you don’t dare move!    LOL    I particularly like this picture of the woods with snow-covered limbs because we’ve had a number of snowy days that made our woods look like a “fairy land”.     But in the end – I’m actually longing for WARMTH and Spring.    Come on Mother Nature………..BRING IT ON EARLY – I’m ready!

Hugs, Pam


Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello Sunday Friends!    Actually I hope you’re all my “every day” friends……….but on Sundays’ we all get together and share our latest Selfies.   Our hosts at The Cat On My Head give us a nice spot every Sunday where we can click on a link from the Hop and see ALLLLLLLLLLLL our friends’ selfies.   If you’d like to join – please do- just click their badge above and find the link.

My Mom actually took several photos of me this week (amazing huh?).    Two of them are embarrassing but I’ll show them anyway.    Actually I shouldn’t be embarrassed as I was quite comfy in both of them but she thought they were hilarious.  Why?   Well in one I only had my HEAD inside a tent while the rest of me slept outside and the other one I had HALF of myself in another tent while I was sound asleep snoring inside.     It’s not that I can’t go all the way in – I can – but I just didn’t!

Here are both of the photos……………….I’ll only artify one of them and turn it into a puzzle.

The one on the right is one of my new favorite nap spots….it’s where our Christmas tree was and when it disappeared I continued to take naps there ANYWAY.   The one on the left is in my Mom’s office.   The blue thing on top of my tent is a towel and it’s wrapped around the tent to block the other three holes for entrance/exit.  It’s more “private” without the other portholes and I NORMALLY (whatever that is) go all the way inside.   This day I just made it halfway and fell asleep.

Mom did the left photo on Lunapic to make it a bit more PRETTY……………….and made a puzzle out of the PRETTY version.    She used the “FAIRY” Art Effect – I like it!

AND – here’s the puzzle version just for all you puzzlers out there in blog-land!!   Good luck and Happy Sunday…………………………….just goes to show even a blooper type selfie can be artsy.




Happy Snoozy Sunday!  Hugs, Teddy