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Sunday Selfie Hop


Another Sunday arrives which means SELFIE time!    Our host, The Cat On My Head, would love it if you would join in the Hop – click the badge above and fill in the Linky Form and join in the fun with the rest of us!

I’m going another FLASHBACK Selfie today.   Why?   Because Mom hasn’t taken any new photos of me – that’s why!    For my FLASHBACKS I look for a photo taken of me this same date or close to it from the past.

This little gem was dated July 9, 2017…………..

Looks like Mom caught a catfish!!!!!    HAHAHAHAHA     I still have that felt toy and I still like Mom to dangle it in front of me……………….I was a year and four months old in this photo – these days I’m a MUCH BIGGER FISH!

Here’s a puzzle of this photo if you would like to do it!

Click the MINI-ME of the puzzle photo and have fun!   Two of you did the puzzle before (Jackie and Ellen) so you can see if you can beat your time!!





Friendly Fill-Ins


Friday already?    Good grief………….I can’t believe it’s been a week since we filled in the blanks last but here we are!   Our two co-hosts give us two sentences each on Fridays and we fill-in the blanks.   Cool and fun way to learn more about each other.   Wanna play?   Click the badge and fill in the linky form at 15andMeowing!!

Guess what – this week yet again – Mom and I split up the fill-ins so if you see BLUE WORDS they are mine the GREENIES are Mom!

1. When this pandemic is over, I will continue to be vigilant about hand-washing but I sure won’t mind NOT having to wear a mask……!.
2. I have zero interest in canned (wet) cat food – Mom has tried everything but I’m just not a FAN – besides I actually LIKE my Hill’s Weight Control dry stuff!
3. I always look forward to Sunday night – Hubby and I listen to Old Time Radio on the NPR station – all those old radio shows are SO MUCH FUN to listen to!.
4. Having to go to bed at night is the bane of my existence.  (Every night when Mom and Dad go to bed so do I – in the basement – until the next morning when Mom opens the door and it’s LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!    HAHAHA)

So there you have it for yet another week.    You can never know EVERYTHING about ANYONE……….so the fill-ins on Friday mean we learn new stuff about each other every single week!   Thanks to our co-hosts for thinking of this cute Hop.    It’s fun.


Hugs, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


It’s another Thankful Thursday – and another chance to talk about how thankful we are here at my house.    Thankful because so far we’re outrunning the virus – doing the right things to keep all of us and each other safe.    My Mom had a regular checkup yesterday and her doctor told her that our County is doing REALLY WELL with doing the right things…..I think that’s what Mom and Dad would say based on what they see when they are doing the grocery shopping every Sunday……..and the rare occasion they go to WalMart for stuff they can’t get at the grocery.   People are very conscious about giving each other the proper space AND everyone is wearing a mask.

I’m also of course super thankful that Angel Sammy is with me 24/7 and watching out for us.    I just KNOW he is.    He’s also continuing to write to me every week with his poem and photo for next Poetic Thursday.    He said ALL the Angels are working overtime to keep their “on Earth” families safe.



Happy Thursday Poetry Lovers!

You might notice a difference in our Poetry Corner poster………….Teddy told me that I should be proud of my wings and halo as an Angel so instead of hiding them I’m letting it all hang out!   

Hope you’ve all had a good week since we met here last.    I know you are all being super careful these days – we Angels are proud of you.   Keep up the good work.     Also I hope you  keep participating in our poetry get-togethers every week.     Just to remind you, below is the photo that I gave you to use for this week’s poem.    Did you write one?    Great – let us know in comments that you did and give us a link.    We want to read what you wrote!   Before I show you my poem, I wanted to give you the meaning of the word Geisha – which is what this beautiful woman in the painting is:

geisha is a traditional Japanese entertainer. Often confused with a courtesan, or a prostitute, geisha instead are known for their distinct make-up and attire, their elegant and graceful dance, and their demure conversation. Evolving in the mid-eighteenth century, from the pleasure houses of Japan where courtesans would entertain the samurai, the first geisha were actually men, who entertained the guests with drums and music. However, the men were gradually replaced with female dancers, referred to as geiko, who proved much more successful and popular. The term geiko is still used to refer to senior geisha who have passed all their exams; junior geisha still in training are called maiko.

“Graceful Beauty”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©July 8, 2020


Lovely lady so talented and bright

Won’t you entertain us this magical night?

Songs, dance and tradition light up your smile

How graceful and pleasant to have you with us for a while.

The ancient art of the Geisha is giving way to modern ways

But we hope the gentle beauty of Japan will always stay.


I love the colors in this painting of a Geisha.    The bright cherry blossoms and incredible colors are wonderful accompaniments to the dance of this traditional entertainer and just make her “pop” with personality.    She looks like she’s enjoying herself – which means those she entertains will enjoy watching her and having her company.    

Now for next week’s photo…………..hope you will enjoy working with this one too!    I love Norman Rockwell paintings – they SAY SO MUCH……..what do you think is going on in the minds of the three in this photo???   Will make for fun poetry.

So I’ll see you next week – stay very safe and stay strong……………………..

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love forever, Angel Sammy


So wonderful to hear from you Angel Sammy………………..I’ll see you in my dreams!!

Hugs, Teddy

Teaser Tell All Time!!


It’s that time again!   Time to spill the beans on the Teaser from yesterday!     Clowie and crew are cooling off in the cafeteria after checking things out and report all is well on campus so LET’S GO!!

Ready! Fresh diaper and everything!


Let’s start out by letting you know we had THREE First Commenters yesterday!    When the school bell sounded there were three in front of the line and they are our “TRIO OF FIRSTIES”.


Teaser First Commenters were:   Timmy, Sharon and Janet!!

WOO HOO FOR THE FIRSTIES!!!!   Here’s your badge – take a copy for your collections:

I was ONE of the First Commenters but this week there were THREE First Commenters on the Teaser for July 7, 2020!!!

Congratulations FAST Students!

DANG! Foiled Again!

Here’s the photo we gave you yesterday…………………….very colorful and we had some very colorful guesses too!

What struck me first was that it doesn’t look like anyone is home.   No laundry hanging up on the porches – nobody walking around on the balconies… hang-gliders zooming by.    It almost doesn’t look real!!!    But it is………….and it’s Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia.    Here’s a link to what Wikipedia has to say about this town and it’s most interesting history!    CLICK HERE

We love looking for out of the way places – we figure it’s a little tougher to do research and hunt for clues for this type of place too.   BUT a whole lot of you guessed this one!   ONLY ONE OF YOU WAS FIRST THOUGH……………..who was it?


Timmy Tomcat!


Concatulations Timmy…….you got it right first!  Here’s your badge:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of July 7, 2020 and I’m mighty proud to get this Badge for my hard work!! WOO HOOOOO!

How about others who guessed right but weren’t first?    We have  a BADGE for that!!  Please take one if you were right:

I had the right answer for the Teaser of July 7,2020 but I wasn’t FIRST…..still I was RIGHT and that’s pretty cool – so is this badge!

Then of course we have the GREENIE PATROL………….those of you who bravely guessed but were WRONG – you’re still winners in our eyes because you tried!  You each get one of these:

WHOOPS – I was WRONG with my Teaser Guess on July 7,2020 but I still won this badge – cool!

Well done class………………………it was a toughie (so we thought) so next week we’ll see if we can fool you !    It’s a challenge though – you all are getting very good at figuring out what to look for and doing research on your computers to figure out where the photo was taken.

Now how about the Cheer Team – I’m sure they want to congratulate you all……………

What a Teaser you Professors picked
I’m sure you thought the whole class was tricked
We had a TRIPLE PLAY for First Commenter this week
That means we have three cheeks to tweek!
Timmy, Sharon and Janet were QUICK as could be
In the school door they came, one, two, three
Then we waited to see who would guess the right place
Along came Timmy with “I KNOW IT” on his face!
So congrats to the winners of this week’s fun
Sorry dear students but we’ve gotta run!!!

Now it’s time to head to the cafeteria for lunch!!!    There are also some breakfast items if that floats your boat………………………..after class it’s pop on the bus and head for home………until same time next week!

I’m now wearing a face mask in accordance with School Board guidelines for cafeteria workers to protect YOU!   All of us got to choose what masks we wanted and I thought this one was almost a duplicate of my real smile.   Enjoy your lunch!

What’s for Eats:

Homeward bound until next Tuesday!   See you then Students!   

Your Professors

Teaser Class Is NOW!


The Professors are waiting for you to COMMENT then take a seat!

Our fabulous security detail has said ALL IS WELL IN THE WORLD as far as possible introoders on school property – GOOD JOB!

Hey – Professors – when was the last time all of us who WORK for the school system got a RAISE – including the Security Detail???? HMMM???

Well Sarge, you know we are in the same boat as all of you – we’re paid by the system too and have we received raises?   Heck no.    HOWEVER, we promise to mention this to the powers that be next time we have a School Board meeting – OK?????    I’m sure the Head of the Board will be sympathetic to our request – she has SOME reasonable moments.

Not many of those moments but SOME.

Now, let’s get on with business shall we?     Here are the Teaser rules and badges…………………

I’ve almost resigned myself to abject failure….sniff….but one day maybe I’ll surprise myself and get a badge!!

Teaser Security Guard would you please bring us today’s Teaser photo so the students can begin their process of figuring out WHERE the photo was taken???????

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

So use your skill to solve a mystery students – figure out what town/city this is and WHERE that town/city is and you might be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!!!!    Ready – Set – GO!

Cheer Team – I can tell by the students’ faces that they need some cheering up AND some encouragement – you all are JUST THE TICKET…………

Here we are to cheer this crowd
Maybe we should just scream out loud!
Your sour faces are a bit upsetting
Remember if you’re deserving a cool badge you’ll be getting!
Study the photo and do your best
Who knows – you just might make the RIGHT GUESS!
No matter how you do you get a free meal….
There’s always something in the cafeteria that will appeal!
Now get to work – you can do it!
And if you don’t well you just BLEW IT!

Jeez Louise – I’m feeling the pressure !!!

Now let’s head to the cafeteria – you need brain food (some of you could use a brain too I think) so ONWARD to the cafeteria line.   You can make your guess after you eat or nap – your choice – then pop on the bus for home and we’ll meet again tomorrow for the BADGES AWARDS!

Happy Tuesday Students…..step right up and get a nourishing lunch – or as your professors call it “brain food” – you probably need all the help you can get with the Teaser today!

Our Menu:

We’ll see you in class tomorrow students!  GOOD LUCK figuring out the Teaser!!   

Your Professors