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Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Hi everybody……Friday means THANKFULS and POETRY.      First is the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop hosted by our buddy Brian.    We talk about all the things we’re thankful for and these days most of us have plenty to be thankful for!     I always include my thankfulness that my Mom and Dad are fully vaccinated and still staying very safe.    I don’t know what would happen to be if I didn’t have them.    I’m also thankful to have had a whole lot of outside time this past week – we had some gorgeous days and I did NOT want to come back inside when THEY wanted me to.    They’d have to pick me up bodily to bring me in and I would just go limp and whine when they brought me indoors.  Mom laughed at that but Dad thought I was acting like a 2 year old human kid.   HAHAHA     If you’d like to join us in the HOP – click the badge above and link up!

I also am happy to share the email from Angel Sammy with his poem based on the photo he gave us last Thursday.    Nice there’s a whole week for all of you to come up with your poems – hope you did – let us know if you wrote one so we can read it on your blog.


Hello Fellow Poets!

Here we are again on a Thursday sharing poetry.    The photo I gave you last Thursday to use for today’s poem was a bit of a toughie – at least that’s what many of you thought!    I hope you were able to figure out a poem after having a week to think about it.

The photo by the way is of a room full of people taking a Civil Service Examination in the 1930s!    So many people getting ready to take a typing test – my Mom says she remembers doing this very thing when she was getting a Civil Service clerk-stenographer’s job in the 1960s.    It was done at the Pentagon and she remembers she was very nervous.    She passed the tests and was rated a GS-4 and got the job as a Clerk-Steno with the Department of the Army!

ANYWAY, let’s get down to poetic business shall we?    Here’s the photo from last week that I gave you and my poem follows.

“Ready, Set, Go!”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©May 5, 2021


Imagine the tension in that huge auditorium

Some so nervous they lost all sense of decorum!

Taking a test to get a government position

Especially for the women – it was a huge transition

From housewife to office job way back then

The office positions were mostly occupied by men!

It looks in this photo like they’re waiting for the “GO”

After taking the test, finding out results they must know

With any luck a whole new life will start for many in this crowd

Imagine telling your family of your success – they’d be so proud!


The link attached to this photo said:

“Some 1300 typists take civil service examinations in an indoor stadium of the McKinley High School in Washington DC on July 9, 1936. 
“With the resumption of examinations for stenographers and typists by the United States Civil Service Commission, such enormous numbers of applications have been received that the examiners have been forced to hold the tests in the huge indoor stadium of the McKinley High School”

Now, who would like to see what NEXT week’s poetic inspiration is?    Here’s your photo to use for your poem next Thursday:


Looks like fun!    Hope you enjoy writing a poem for this one – I think I will!

Please take care of yourselves until we meet again next Thursday………………………OK?

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Hugs, Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy for another wonderful Thursday visit with you………………..can’t wait to see you next week!

LOVE, Teddy

Teaser Tell All Time……….


We have the go ahead to start class from our Security Team – so let’s do this!

Yesterday we had a whole lot of action here at school from school bell with a big crowd wanting to be FIRST COMMENTER to the end of the day when people were still thinking the photo depicted Fred and Wilma Flintstone’s home.    HAHAHA

That big structure in the center of the photo that looked like a BIG TABLE……….well perhaps it was?????

Hmm…makes you wonder right?

Anwyay, let’s start at the beginning – with the VERY LONG LIST of First Commenters from yesterday shall we?     May we have a drumroll???



So are we!  It’s a bumper crop of Firsties!   Each of you get one of these:

WOW – we had a BIG CROWD of First Right Guessers on the Teaser post of May 4, 2021 and I was ONE OF THEM!!!!


“Now I have one of my depression headaches!”

Maybe next week Leonard………………!    Now let’s talk about the Teaser Photo.     First of all as you remember, it was from the Graphics Department.    Here it is again:

This is the Petrified Wood Forest in Lemmon, South Dakota

The city contains the Lemmon Petrified Park, the home of the world’s largest petrified-wood park. This tourist attraction fills an entire block of the downtown area and is built entirely of petrified wood, fossils, and stone. Construction began in 1930 and continued until 1932 under the supervision of Ole S. Quammen. It was in private ownership until 1954, when it was donated to the city by Quammen’s heirs. The park features a wishing well, a waterfall, and a castle. The castle weighs 300 tons and boasts towering spires and turrets. Also in the park are two separate museums, both built entirely of petrified wood. The larger of the two is circular has a petrified grass floor along with petrified logs. Dinosaur claws, bird tracks, and fossilized snakes can be seen in the petrified wood. Also in the museum are antiques and artifacts from the Lemmon area. The formations in the park number over 100 and are up to 20 feet tall.

Interesting huh?    We all think so too…………even though it decidedly looks like the area where the Flintstones and their pet dinosaur could have lived, it isn’t.

WHO was our First Right Guesser??? (drumroll please)


Way to go Timmy – and here’s your badge:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of May 4, 2021! WOOOOO HOO!

And there were QUITE A FEW of you who also guessed it right – right CITY (Lemmon) and STATE (S. Dakota) and if you were one of them – PLEASE have a badge from us!

I wanted to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER but wasn’t….however I did guess right so I got a RIGHT GUESSER badge!!!!

AND of course those of you who didn’t guess the Teaser correctly get one of these lovely badges:

DARN! I guessed WRONG on the Teaser photo of May 4, 2021 I tried….that counts you know!!!

“One of us woulda guessed first but we were sneakin’ a smoke in the rest room!”

Cheer Team (in your new outfits!) please cheer this crowd up…

We never thought we’d see the day
When brand new uniforms would come our way!
But here they are and aren’t we FINE
At the pub later on let’s toast ourselves with wine!
The new outfits make things a little less TENSE
When FIVE of you jumped the FIRST COMMENTER fence!!!
Ingrid, Sharon, Csilla were there
Timmy, Jackie and Katty with her blonde hair!
SIX OF YOU wow we’re impressed
Good thing our new uniforms are pressed!
Timmy wins often which makes us thirsty
We’re off for the Pub after this long speech
Don’t be surprised if you hear motorcycle wheels screech!

Good for you Timmy and Ingrid – both of you are frequent flyers when it comes to being first and right…………………so thanks for inspiring the rest of the class!

Well done ladies and you look absolutely FABULOUS in your new outfits!    Although it kind of looks like you have great big containers of buttered popcorn instead of pom poms in your hands.    OOPS – sorry about that!

Congratulations to all our winners AND losers alike!!!


Students!  Step right up to the cafeteria line and get your lunch!



Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday Selfie Hop Time!

Sunday is our day to shine!    And it’s easy too because all we have to do is post a selfie!    Oh – and you also have to hook up to our hosts at The Cat On My Head (click on the badge above and LINK up).

Yesterday was beautiful here at my house…..the weather was just about perfect (at least after the wind stopped).    I wanted to go outside and asked politely SEVERAL TIMES during the day and SEVERAL TIMES I was accompanied out because I asked nicely.    I even said “PURRRRRREEZE”.   HAHAHA   Just kidding.

So my Selfie today is ME begging asking to go out to the front yard.

And we took this to and used the “SHATTERED” art effect and here’s what we got!

I really like the way this effect worked on my rather boring photo! 

We liked it so much we made a puzzle for those of you who like to drive yourselves crazy putting a puzzle together on a Sunday morning (or afternoon or evening)

So if you’re ready for puzzling – click this MINI-ME photo and go for it!


Happy Sunday!   Hugs, Teddy

Bakin’ With Bacon and King Ted


Happy Saturday Visitors to Castle Baconia!

Yes this is the Kingdom of bacon and I am the King…… mission is to bring you a fabulous baconized recipe every single Saturday until I run out of recipes.    Heck, I’ve even been known to “re-run” a recipe once in a while too!      This week I’m doing a recipe sent to me by a loyal subject, SammyP at 15andMeowing.

This is a recipe that has fascinated me for years – actually it also fascinated Angel Sammy who was King of Baconia before I inherited the throne.    Candied bacon.    I bet you’ve heard of it but have you made it?     It’s really easy to make and I don’t think I can adequately describe in my own words how amazing this tastes.   You can buy maple cured bacon in the grocery but this is one step beyond that.    The brown sugar and pepper takes it to a whole different level!

Maple Candied Bacon


  • 1 pound thick sliced bacon
  • 1/4 cup bourbon barrel aged maple syrup*
  • 1/4 cup packed light or dark brown sugar
  • freshly ground black pepper


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F and line a baking sheet with foil topped with a sheet of parchment paper.
To make the maple and brown sugar glaze, combine the maple syrup and brown sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat. Cook, stirring constantly, until sugar dissolves and mixture just starts to bubble. Remove from heat and reserve.
Arrange the bacon strips on the prepared baking sheet, overlapping slightly if needed.
Bake until the bacon slices start to brown, about 15 minutes. Blot the excess grease with paper towels.

Brush generously with the glaze and sprinkle generously with the black pepper. Continue baking for 5 minutes.

Turn the bacon strips, blot extra grease, and brush generously with the glaze. Sprinkle all over with freshly ground black pepper.
Continue baking until bacon strips are crispy and browned, about 10 more minutes. Your exact cooking time may vary depending on the thickness of your bacon. Watch carefully towards the end of cooking time so bacon doesn’t overcook.
Remove from the oven and cool. Blot any excess grease. Arrange on a platter and serve. Makes 12 pieces.

Oh boy……give this recipe a try – you’ve just GOTTA!

Your King about to begin his bacon coma nap!   See you next Saturday

Friendly Fill-Ins Hop


Happy Friday and Happy fill in the blanks day……… and the same!    We have co-hosts for this Friday event – 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.    If you’d like to join in the fill in fun, click the badge above which will take you to 15andMeowing and look for the LINK to link up with us.

I am letting Mom do all of the filling in this week.   Why?    I like to give her little treats once in a while even though this is MY blog (or actually it’s mine and Angel Sammy’s!) but Mom keeps us going.    My way of thanking her a little.     Her words in our co-hosts’ sentences are in GREEN!



1. I wouldn’t mind if we had a gardener who would plant and take care of all the outside plant stuff – I’m getting too old for all that bending!!
2. I want to hug my Teddy all the time but sadly he really HATES to be picked up (however he does hug my legs ALL the time!).
3. Others come to me when they need advice – it’s been like that since I was pretty young.
4. My honeymoon with David is a memory that I regularly think about. (I love traveling and our honeymoon was a fabulous trip across Europe on the train with some wonderful stops – I’d love to go to Europe again……fingers crossed).

OK Mom – don’t expect these little treats all the time……………I don’t mind SHARING Filling In with you because that’s what we USUALLY do, but today I decided to give you a BIG PRE-MOTHER’S DAY TREAT!     Actually I’m hoping if I’m nice to you, you’ll reciprocate with EXTRA TREATS for me!!!   See?    There’s a “method to my madness” !!
Seriously though Mom – good job filling in and just know that I love you and Dad TONS……….maybe one day we can get HIM to fill in the blanks?

HUGS, Teddy