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Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s Almost Halloween!   Time for a Pre-Ween Selfie!

Yes – that’s right – this is the final Selfie before SELFIE SUNDAY HALLOWEEN version next Sunday.     I got Mom to take her camera out with her this morning and while I was on alert on the picnic table (I thought I saw a car out on the road!) she took a photo of me standing guard.     At least it’s a CURRENT photo and not another flashback!

OK Mom…….you’ll have to do better for SELFIE-O-WEEN next Sunday but this isn’t bad!     Now let’s make a puzzle for my friends and then I’ll let you (haha) take me outside for a little fresh air.



See you next week!   

Hugs, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thankful Thursday.     Brian is our host every week and if you’d like to join in the Hop, click his badge above and link up with us.    There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

First of all I’m happy Brian is feeling better (hear that big guy???) – sounds like you are in a better place than you’ve been in a while with your health.  That makes everyone happy for sure.    Another thankful for me this week is that my Mom and Dad DID return to the pet hotel to pick me up when they got back from their vacation in Maine.   We never know for sure do we until they turn up and we’re released from prison the cage.     Truthfully I was spoiled rotten by the folks at the hotel and I’ve been there before and loved it.    My Mom and Dad also had a wonderful and PERFECT break and they are thankful for that.

Angel Sammy gave us a whole extra week to work on our poems since we didn’t have a Thankful Thursday last week…………..let’s see what he has to say shall we?


Hi Poetry Fans!  We’re BAAACK!

I was happy that Teddy enjoyed his stay at the pet hotel and that my Mom and Dad had a little break in routine while they enjoyed four days in Maine last week.    No doubt they didn’t want to come home (hahaha).    Before I came to the Bridge I was the one who used to stay in the same pet hotel that Teddy stayed in while Mom and Dad went to Maine and Europe too!     

Everyone being off meant ALL of us got an extra week to work on our poem – I gave you the photo to use as inspiration and you had extra time to craft your poem.    Here’s the photo we all used followed by my poem.

“Bumper Crop”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©October 20, 2021

As if six babies weren’t enough

This lady has a dog – she’s truly tough!

It looks like everyone is keeping calm

Kids and dog and even Mom!

Motoring along getting fresh air

When you see this crew you’d stop to stare

Taking care of this bunch has to be a bit tough

But when they’re teenagers its gonna be really ROUGH!


Hard to imagine six babies at one time but I’m sure Dad is helping and maybe even a big sister or brother or Aunt……..or kindly neighbor.    Has to be a handful !    I thought it was a fun photo and I hope you had fun crafting your poem with this photo as inspiration.    Here’s what I found for all of us to use for NEXT week’s poem – with apologies to the fashion industry of course!

Yeah – I know – you don’t have to say a word…………..I can read your mind.    It should make for some fun poetry though right?    We’ll find our NEXT Thursday!  I’ll see you again then my poetic friends.   AND don’t forget if you wrote a poem for the baby stroller photo, please tell us in COMMENTS and give us a LINK so we can read it!    

Have a great week………………………

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love always, Angel Sammy


Good job on your poem this week my Angel Brother…………….and next week – holy cow – our Mom saw those shoes and her feet started hurting!   HAHAHA    She can’t even wear shoes with LOW heels anymore much less something like this.    I wish I could have that thing on her head for a toy – I’d have fun dragging that around the house.   See you next week………………



Teaser Tell All Time


Welcome back for the Tell All students………..!

I’m pleased to report that our Guest Teaser fooled EVERYBODY with the Teaser photo yesterday.     It was a very tough one indeed because not a hint was to be found in the photo (although the guest had erased any hints there were!) but still – nobody got it correct.

“Of course we didn’t get it – not even a TEEEEEENY WEEEEEENY clue!”

So that made it more fun – you got to test your eyesight out!

Let’s start with FIRST COMMENTER shall we?    AND when I say “FIRST COMMENTER” (singular) I mean it because at 7:55AM yesterday (EST) there was one and only one commenter in the first minute of class………………WHO?????????????????????

“WHOOOOOO indeed!”


The One and Only First Right Guesser was………


Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

Here is your badge Miss Sharon and you aren’t sharing it with ANYBODY ELSE………………….quite a feat indeed…………………….

Woo Hoo! I was the ONE AND ONLY First Right Guesser on the Teaser post of October 19, 2021 !

“I need my beauty sleep……so I wasn’t there early!”

Now let’s talk about the Teaser photo.    First of all our GUEST TEASER was our very own student MISS INGRID and she submitted a REAL Teaser of a Teaser that really could have been just about anywhere so a TRUE TOUGH TEASER.    Here it is one more time AND under it is the UNRETOUCHED photo of this place which does have a clue or two of sorts in it.

Even knowing there’s a Microsoft facility there probably wouldn’t have lead anyone to the location of this photo as I guess Microsoft is EVERYWHERE (!) but there’s also at the bottom of the photo a black post with an “M” on it which stands for “METRO” which is the transportation system around the metropolitan Washington, DC area…….even that wouldn’t lead most to guess the location – this photo was snapped from a hotel room in CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND.


I sent in a real whopper of a photo for Teaser Tuesday on October 19, 2021 and NOBODY GUESSED IT RIGHT! YAY FOR ME!

All of you who tried and didn’t guess right – you know what you get !

I guessed wrong OR didn’t even know what to guess on the Teaser post of October 19, 2021….at least I get a cute badge!

Cheer Team?  I think we need some cheering up around the classroom…………………..everybody except Miss Ingrid that is!!

Holy cow I can’t believe!
Is it true or do our eyes deceive?
NOBODY GUESSED the Teaser right?
Miss Ingrid’s photo was out of sight!
But we did have one winner yesterday who was QUITE the flirt
Miss Sharon was FIRST COMMENTER because she was alert!
Next week we have our Halloween classes
You all better make sure and wear your glasses!!!

Don’t forget now – anyone wanting to be in the contest next week get those photos in…………………………..we will have a voting poll with every entry and you must choose your ONE FAVORITE out of all the photos – that will happen next Tuesday……….then Wednesday we’ll let you know who the winner is with the most votes!

Now who’s up for breakfast or lunch????????????????????   Let’s see what’s on the menu!

Hello Students… about something to eat?   Enjoy!

Today’s MENU:


Your PROFESSORS – Angel Sammy and Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s Sunday and WE’RE BAAAAACK! (obviously     Mom and Dad had a blast in Maine and I survived my stay at Paws A While Pet Hotel yet another year.    They know be there by now – maybe they even named a suite after me.   Who knows.    At any rate, we’re back to blogging as usual.    Today is SELFIE SUNDAY and if you are interested in participating, click their badge above and link up with us.   The Cat On My Head is our host and it’s always fun to see everyone strutting their stuff.

I have a Fall selfie for you today as it seems that Fall has fallen.    It was rainy and cool yesterday afternoon and I heard Mom and Dad say the words “fire in the fireplace” but they weren’t talking about today – just that it’s time to begin having that cozy fire in the evening.

“What?  This is a Fall photo of me and there’s one leaf in the photo and a big blob of bird poop????”  

Oh well………………we jazzed this boring photo of me up and here’s what we came up with using Lunapic’s “CEREMONY” art filter:

I like it!   We used it to make a jigsaw puzzle for you if you’d care to give it a whirl – might be a tricky one with all these patterns!

Just click this mini-me photo and you’ll get the JIGSAW PUZZLE challenge!  Good Luck!


Hugs, Teddy


Poetic Thursday?????


Hi Poetry Fans!   We’re taking a break so no poem today BUT next Thursday we’ll be back and your poetry challenge which I gave you last Thursday is this photo:

We’ll have fun with this photo on October 21st so you have EXTRA time to write your poem !   SEE YOU THEN……..


Angel Sammy