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SPARK on Monday


Happy Monday!    For quite a while those of us who knew that Monday Sparks would hopefully be as uplifting to others as it has been for us, kept posting a message of hope, love, and positivity on Mondays even though Annie of McGuffy’s Reader blog – who began Sparks – wasn’t blogging due to having been hacked.    Well we got a big surprise a few weeks ago when Annie blogged again and we are sincerely hoping she will be able to continue!    It was a brilliant idea she started – and we’re carrying on with it as we have been.    Annie – we’ll look forward to your permanent return!

I was recently telling someone about how I believe I have developed arthritis in some of my joints……it’s only fair after all – I’m “of an age” where things sometimes begin to get extra “achy-breaky”  but she said at the end of our conversation “stay strong”.     After we hung up I thought about it and I absolutely don’t FEEL strong.    I feel like complaining about being uncomfortable is FAR from being strong.    Anyway, I searched for something to inspire me to not complain and keep on working on getting into shape to the extent that I can and found this GREAT quote from Ghandi.

All I had to do was think about some of the other health struggles I’ve “conquered” in my life and I realized that maybe I HAD been strong in the past – and if I could do it then – I can do it now.   So that’s my plan.   We actually ALL can do it – we’ve all developed strength in various ways.    As we age we need to call on that strength – either that or have some good friends to keep you “pumped up” when you have a down moment or two!!!

I wish you strength!   Hugs, Pam

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!   Are you ready for the Selfie Hop?   We are………………and if you want to join in, just click the badge above and it will take you to The Cat On My Head where you can sign up with us.

I have a “different” selfie today.   Actually it’s a “DOUBLE”……………..I took a photo of David taking Teddy out for a breath of air about five minutes ago.    I took Ted out earlier this morning so it’s David’s turn (haha).    He went to the airport early this morning to do some prep for tomorrow’s plane inspection and Teddy snagged ME to take him out in the 41 degree morning air (brrrr).

Anyway, I was at the top of the steps and I told the boys to smile for the camera – David complied (or at least he looked at me) and Teddy could only think about that door opening up to FREEDOM!

I think he believes if he stares at the door long enough it will magically open.   Anyway, I thought this might make an interesting puzzle with all the angles so I made one for you Sunday Hop Puzzlers!

And I made a puzzle of this one – I used Lunapic’s “CONNECTIONS” Art Effect……………I really like the way things look with this particular filter.

Just click this mini-puzzle and it will take you to the jigsaw puzzle!!!   Good Luck.


Now I’m going to go outside and join my boys! Happy Sunday……Pam



Bakin’ With Terrible Ted The Pirate!


“Arrrrrgh!  Ahoy Mateys!   ‘Terrible Ted here with a bit of pirate cookery in honor of:


Well you know today is a big day in the cat world so I HAD to break with tradition to have a “bacon-ish” recipe and give you a hearty PIRATE-APPROVED recipe instead.    This is yummy and I think you’ll forgive me for not having something with bacon in it just this once!!


Pirate’s Pork Chops


1 tablespoon vegetable oil

4 thick (3/4 inch) pork chops

1 15-oz. can pineapple chunks with juice

1/4 cup golden syrup

1/4 cup ketchup

1/2 teaspoon curry powder

1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper

3 tablespoons raisins


  • Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the pork chops and fry on each side until browned, about 3 minutes per side. Pour in the liquid from the pineapple chunks, saving pineapple for later. Stir in the golden syrup and ketchup and season with curry powder, ginger, salt and pepper. Reduce heat to medium, cover and simmer for 30 minutes, or until pork chops are tender.

  • When the pork chops are tender, pour in the pineapple chunks and add the raisins. Heat through briefly, then serve.


Is this good?   Well if pirates like it you know it has to be good.   They are a rather picky bunch to serve meals to.    They do have a wide range of favorites though including some pretty disgusting things but this pork chop recipe is definitely on the YUMMY side of things!

OOPS – I forgot to “talk like a pirate” during this post.    Forgive Me?    Good…………talking like a pirate is complicated!!!!    I’m also sure being a chef to pirates on a pirate ship would be RISKY BUSINESS.


Hugs, King Ted (aka Terrible Ted)

Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday!


Hello and Happy Friday!    Time to fill in the blanks as supplied in sentences from our co-hosts, Four-Legged Furballs and 15andmeowing.   If you click the badge above it will take you to 15andmeowing and you can link up with us if you’d like to.

Mom and I did them together this week.    My words are ORANGE and hers are BLUE.

1. If you are looking for a cat who isn’t spoiled, try some other house – not this one!!!  I’m large and in charge here!!

2. FAITH fills me with hope.

3. It’s only a matter of time before our lives will return to normal – problem is I think it will be a LONG time.

4. The great outdoors is my favorite conversation topic.


There you have it – for better or for worse – our FILLING IN for this week is done.    We’re sitting here sort of waiting for the beginning of the remnants of Storm Sally get up this far in Virginia – we know Southern Virginia is already getting heavy rain and we will get some lighter rain here in Northern Virginia.    This is going to be a very bad storm season with I think five or six others “brewing” in the oceans.   If we could just direct all this rain out West to where the fires are – it would be a WIN WIN…………..sadly we can’t do that – yet – maybe one day?
Hope everyone has a great Friday………………….!!!

Me and Mr. Ted

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday.    You know what Sunday means – time for the Selfie Blog Hop with our hosts at The Cat On My Head.   If you’d like to hook up with us- click their badge and link up.    This is our day to shine!

My selfie today is from several days ago when I was out for a yard cruise with my Dad.    I was nibbling at the grass when Mom came out waving that camera around and while I was looking right at her when she snapped the photo of course I moved my head at the LAST POSSIBLE SECOND so I was looking away.    Do you all do that?   Drive your Moms or Dads nuts when they are trying to take a photo of you?   My Mom usually just says some bad words and that’s that.   Tee Hee

But we didn’t stop there – we “artified” this one before we made a puzzle for you……………………..Mom used LUNAPIC and chose the “DARK” Art filter……….wow……….!

And here is the puzzle I promised you!    I think after we “artified” it – it became a little more challenging puzzle!!!!

Just click this little version of my selfie and GOOD LUCK!


Happy Sunday!    Hugs, Teddy