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Sunday Selfie Hop


Time for the Sunday Selfie Hop with The Cat On My Head.    Want to join in?  Please do!   Click the badge above and link up with us.

My Selfie today is in the form of another WISHFUL THINKING kind of Selfie…………..why?   Because I want so badly for my friend Sawyer – one of the kitties at The Cat On My Head  -to come home.   He is missing and has been for several weeks after escaping out the front door of his house and running away.    His parents are looking high and low and EVERYWHERE in between for him.   So far no luck.    They have alerted neighbors as far away as 2 miles, all vets, all shelters – even the postal carriers in the neighborhood to be on the alert for Sawyer………..but so far no luck.

So, I did a poster with me making a wish from my heart………………………and that is my Selfie today.

And I did a puzzle of the poster if you’d like to give it a whirl………..but what I really want everyone to do is PRAY or WISH that Sawyer will be found or come home ASAP.   That would make EVERYONE happy.



Thank you for caring…..keep hoping!   

Hugs, Teddy

Friday Fill-Ins


Happy Friday everyone.   Time for us to fill in the blanks and my Mom and I are ready to do that.    This is a GREAT “Hop” cohosted by 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs every single Friday.   There are four sentences with blanks and all we have to do is fill in the blanks – amazing what you can learn about somebody that way.    If you’d like to join in the fun – click the badge above and link up!!

Before we start we just want to say we send a big HUG to one of the co-hosts……….Ellen of 15andMeowing because she has lost one of her sweet cats – Prancie – who left for the Rainbow Bridge Wednesday.     It’s always hard to say goodbye………..Prancie was the Featured Tabby in the Tabby Cat Club  for January – we all knew she was not well but had hoped she had more time.    We send hugs to Prancie’s family………………….

Here are the sentences we have for this week.    If I was the one filling in, my words are BLUE and if it was my Mom her words are in RED!

1. When I am sad I just look at Teddy and his little face makes me happy again!   (by the way, I am RARELY sad but I’m ALWAYS happy to see Teddy’s sweet face!)
2. I want to live a long time for Mom and Dad – they NEED me!
3. No one knows me better than ME.
4. Where the best nap spot might be is a thought that crosses my mind often.

Well that was easy.    While I was typing our responses out, Teddy decided to take a quick breath of fresh air with his Dad on the front porch so I will wrap up this post for him.   He was outside for a little while in the COLD and when he came in he had a little “fit” by throwing his toys up in the air and rolling around the floor with his nip banana – then he headed for the guest room where he is now on his back snoring.    That’s my boy!!!
We will see you next week…………remember to stop by 15andMeowing and leave a note for Ellen about Prancie.   I’m sure she will appreciate it and be back with her sentences for FILL-INS next week.    You may CLICK HERE to get her blog.

Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

Oh Yeah!


Goodie Goodie!   Bacon Day…………….I have to admit that Mom spoiled me extra this week with a couple of “non-scheduled” bacon mornings and I was very grateful for that…………nothing like a little surprise bacon to set your day off to the right start!!

These guys know how to get bacon on a Saturday (or any other day probably!)

These guys know how to get bacon on a Saturday (or any other day probably!)

We’re baking in the sun again today but had a super nice rain shower last night – sort of cooled things off for a little but this morning STEAMY…………OK by me – I’ve been hunkered down in the nice cool dining room under the table and specifically under my Dad’s chair!   Very near an A/C register –  I’m no dummy!

Keepin' Cool INSIDE!

Yeah this is a cool spot under Dad’s chair!

Did you know that June 4th is HUG YOUR CAT DAY?   Well that’s certainly a day to celebrate.   My parents are always picking me up and hugging me and I have to say I tolerate it for a few minutes then I get VERY squirmy.   Dad says he thinks it’s because I think I’m either (a) getting my nails trimmed, or (b) being wrestled into the car to go to the doctor.   HA!   I just like having all four paws on the ground – that’s all.


I hope you have a nice Caturday and if it includes  bacon, all the better I say!


Sam the Baconator


My Saturday Motto!

My Saturday Motto!

Guess what!   We had SUNSHINE all day yesterday and some of that wicked white stuff melted…………not a lot of it because it was only 28 for a high but SOME of it did and I’m here this morning to celebrate by getting my bacon fix!  YAY!

Ode To Bacon by Sammy “Baconator” Kimmell

Bacon, Bacon, how I love it

All I want is plenty of it

Bacon fried and crispy crunchy

Love the stuff so nice and munchy!

Love bacon?  Wanna tell the world?  Join my Bacon Club!

Feel free to take this for your blog if you're HOOKED on the stuff like I am!

This coming week we’re going to have some rising temperatures and NO snow in the forecast………….I am happy……………..this means that maybe – just maybe – Spring is on its’ way at long last.

No Thank You !!

No Thank You !!

Whatever you do, don’t forget to change your clocks tonight before you go to bed (for those of you who like us have to suffer through turning the clocks forward and backward and upside down and inside out twice a year!).


I think today I’m gonna be a certified BUM and just relax……… more spying out the window to see if the danged snow has stopped or started…………..just pure relaxation…………..SIGH!

My Favorite Nap Spot!

Happy Saturday


Turn It Off!


Stop Already!!!

OK – here’s the thing…….I know that north of us the poor peeps have had TONS more snow than we’ve had – TONS more.   We’ve been lucky in that regard for sure……..what we are tired of HERE is having even tiny snows.  Irritating snows.  Three inch snows.   EVERY DING DANG DAY!    What’s with that?   Why not just let us have six feet of snow PERIOD – then give us spring and melt it all.  Now that sounds like a reasonable plan.

January 2012 Snow

Poor Dad was out AGAIN with the snowthrower……………..and it was snowing the whole time.  He’d do a long strip of driveway then by the time he got back up the strip was covered again.   Why bother???!!!  I suppose we will have LESS snow piled up in the spots he cleared even if it was temporarily……but I’m just TIRED of the stuff – know what I mean?

Poor Dad!

Poor Dad!

OK – I feel better now………I got that off my chest…………I have nothing to complain about really because Mom and I have been inside nice and warm all day WATCHING the snow.   Lucky us.

Go Dad Go!

Go Dad Go!

Tomorrow Mom is supposed to go have some blood work done………maybe yes – maybe no………..time will tell…………there’s  a lot of street plowing that will need to be done before that’s gonna happen.   Maybe Dad’s next “toy” (like the snowthrower is) should be a full blown snow plow?   Like the highway department uses…….just think – one quick swipe and it’s ALL GONE!

I’ll suggest he put that on his Santa Wish List…………………

Stay warm everyone (unless you’re in hot places in which case stay cool!).

Hugs, Sammy