Helping Mom Wrap Presents

Sam "Helping" To Wrap Gifts

Hey Mom - this is the purrfect box - don't forget tissue - and I like this RED ribbon!

Yesterday afternoon Mom decided to get a few gifts for Dad wrapped so there would be some stuff to put under the tree (other than ME) next weekend when they put the tree up.  She got out all the boxes, tissue, ribbons, tags and wrapping paper…..I was so excited!  She keeps a big shopping bag full of all that stuff in the closet in her studio and for weeks now I’ve been asking nicely for her to let me go into that closet – just to make sure that shopping bag hadn’t disappeared……I know it’s just a big old bag of FUN. 

After all these years Mom has wised up.  She knows that if I’m around and she’s wrapping presents, I’ll be in the middle of it making things “challenging”.  She keeps some distractions handy for me so she can get her wrapping done.  The yellow and pink tissue aren’t for Christmas presents – and the old red and green ribbon and that tired little red bow aren’t for them either….they’re for ME!!!!!  She puts all that old stuff in one corner of the room so I can hop around on them and pick them up and carry them or poke, prod and otherwise torture them – while she’s busily doing what she needs to do with the REAL wrapping.

Her strategy always works.  I’ve gotta hand it to her – she has me figured out pretty well by now.  By the time she does her wrapping, I’m just beginning to get bored with my so-called toys and she puts everything away for the next time she has more things to wrap.

Considering it’s really early before the holiday, I know that shopping bag will be coming out of the closet LOTS more times………I’ll be ready for it – you can count on that!!

Happy Monday

Sammy the Assistant Wrapper

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  1. Sammy, you have got it made! Your mom just thinks of everything. (I was kinda wondering about the pink and yellow tissue paper for Christmas!!) Have a good Monday, buddy.
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae…My Mom is pretty smart isn’t she?! Maybe the word is SNEAKY instead of smart 🙂 It works on me every time though – as long as I have some stuff of my own to rip apart and dance around with I’ll leave her alone so she can get her job done. I bet it won’t be long before there’s tissue and bows floating around YOUR house too – be on the lookout!!

      Love, Sam


    • Hi Allegra and Ruby…..I imagine you keep your Mom busy ALL the time, but Christmas time especially! Besides, you have that pretty tree with all the kitty ornaments on it AND that bright red skirt under it to play with. Who needs bows and ribbons when you have that?

      Kitty Hugs


  2. Good distraction idea.The birthday present I wrapped the other day with Not Cat’s help looked a lot less than professional!
    I know I have seen a youtube clip somewhere of a cat being wrapped up. Must see if I can locate it.


    • Hi Miss D!!! I’ve missed you but I guess you’ve been busy with your non-traditional traditions huh??? Mom and I are anxious to hear more. Tee Hee You’re right of course that I’m a blessed boy – I know that very well. I’m going to get to play with my wrapping supplies again today as Mom got another box from the delivery guy yesterday with something for my Dad. Woo Hoo!

      Love, Sam


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