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Pre-Teaser Monday


Whaaaaat?  It’s Monday already?   EEEEK!


We are here and waiting for the Professors!

We are here too class!

Today we prepare for tomorrow………….that’s what Pre-Tease Monday is all about students – you know that by now.   Tomorrow we will show you a photo or photos and you will use all the knowledge you have gained throughout your time in Geography class with us to determine WHERE that photo was taken.    Not always an easy task but one that Professor Teddy and I are confident you are ready to take on!

We have FAITH in you class!!!!!!

Now, let me go over the rules for the Teaser (as if you don’t remember them!) for our new students:

  1. When you make your guess in our comments, you must tell us both the CITY/VILLAGE/TOWN and the STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) where the photo was taken.
  2. We ask that you not use a computer program to do the figuring out for you – we know Google Image and other programs like that could tell you right away where a photo was taken but if you use your own imagination and your own knowledge of geography we KNOW you can do it without any help!   That way everyone has an EVEN STEVEN chance to win!

What do you win?   Well, you win a badge – that’s what.    We will have some SPECIAL badges for you to win the week of Christmas – and YES due to popular demand (and lots of email messages from you!) we WILL have a Teaser on Christmas week.   Christmas Day will be Pre-Tease Monday and December 26th will be TEASER TUESDAY.    Starting with the Teaser of December 19th we will begin awarding specially designed Christmas badges.   Let’s hear it for our graphics department designing badges for us!


We want you to know that Lucy and Suzie are planning on adding another Cheerleader to the Teaser Team and have some candidates in mind.    We would like for YOU to vote for the one you think might make the best addition.    NEXT week, we’ll tell you who the new team member is and no doubt she (or he) will pawticipate in the TEASER CHEER too!    Here are the cheerleader candidates who applied for the opening and who passed preliminary testing by Lucy and Suzie:





Please vote and we’ll report results next week!

In the meantime, let’s see if Lucy and Suzie want to pump up the volume on a Pre-Teaser Monday and get you primed not only to VOTE but to GUESS tomorrow’s Teaser!!

We’re not sure but we’ll give someone a whirl! New Cheerleader coming soon
Now study hard or you will make a mess!
So study hard all night until you yawn.
So figure out who you want us to add in our cheering ‘hood !!!



REMEMBER CLASS, TOMORROW’S POST WILL POP UP AT A SURPRISE TIME……………you won’t know when to expect it…………it will just be there like a lightning strike!   WHAM!    When it arrives – hurry up and COMMENT on the post because you might win this if you are FIRST TO COMMENT:

AND if you wind up being the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER  – OR – if you are not first but are RIGHT – you will get one of these:

AND if you are wrong – well – there’s always another GREENIE to add to your collection!



Professor Angel Sam and Assistant Ted



Teaser Tuesday


Time For Class !

Put on those thinking cats!  You’re gonna need ’em!

BUT FIRST – don’t forget to comment NOW on this post – you might be FIRST COMMENTER!

Yep you better take a second to visit the comment area and say ANYTHING then come back to your desk……………whoever is first (or whoever comments in the first 60 seconds) will win this:

Now I think we need to move on with class and get down to BUSINESS!    Just in case you’re new in class OR have slept through the rules, here they are:

  1. When you make a guess where the TEASER photo was taken, you must tell us the TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE where it was taken as well as the STATE (if in USA) or COUNTRY (if not in USA) where it was snapped.
  2. We ask that you don’t use GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH or some other similar program/help and that you simply look at the photo and make your best guess!!!!   It’s more fun that way – and everyone has the same chance of winning FIRST RIGHT GUESSER or RIGHT GUESSER.   It’s almost like cheating to use help right?????

That’s it – no other rules – just do your best and we’ll award badges as they are earned!!


That reminds me – everyone should wear a costume to our Halloween Teaser class on October 31st…………..AND if you send the photo of you in your costume to ME I’ll post them during class so everyone can see how fabulous you look!   Cool?  Cool!

ON WITH THE SHOW……………..Suzie – you’re up girl – shake your booty for class – that will wake them up!


Todays Teaser is way cool
It’s tough so try not to drool
If you are a winner my dear
Tomorrow you’ll be in my CHEER!
I hope that you studied your books
Or I’ll give you one of my “looks”!
You don’t want the evil eye
So give guessing right a TRY!
I wish I could give you a clue
But I’d be fired from my job if I do!

Thanks Suzie!!!!    Let’s bring in our fabulous Security Guard who has faithfully guarded the Teaser photo since last week – now he can unlock the briefcase from his wrist and take a proper bath or shower…….tough to do that with a suitcase strapped to your arm isn’t it!!!!

YES – I’m anxious for that bath…….!!!! Here’s this week’s photo Professor!

Your turn now – WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN?????

Here’s what’s up for grabs today in the way of badges!

Let’s see who wins what this week shall we!   Tomorrow we will have our TEASER TELL ALL post and you’ll find out!   Meanwhile, it’s about time for recess – are you ready for that???


Yeah, I’ve got a recess snack for you…..but it’s just cookies and juice so don’t get TOO excited!

Fruit juices for drinks – no sugary, ooey gooey junk like you drink at home – this is the GOOD STUFF!

Thank you Miss Dingleberry and Professor Sam and Ted!

Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy


Tuesday Teaser


Ding Ding Ding!

Ye Olde School Bell Is Ringing!

Good Morning Students!   Time to file in, take a seat and get ready for class.   HOWEVER, if you forgot to stop by the school entrance long enough to leave a COMMENT, go on back there and do it now – you wanna be FIRST COMMENTER today right?    Of course you do!

I FORGOT!!!!!!

ME TOO!!!!!

Today we have a GUEST TEASER for you and as usual – it’s a toughie – at least we Professors believe it is and if WE do, chances are YOU will too!    Before we get started though a few reminders!

  1. Please remember you must guess not only what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE the photographer was in to snap this shot, you also must guess the STATE (if in the USA) or COUNTRY (if not in the USA).    BOTH THINGS!
  2. Just so everybody is on a “level playing field”, please don’t use Google Image Search or something similar to just load on the photo and find out where it is – it’s a lot more fun to try and figure it out without “help” !!

Shall We Begin??

Let’s bring SuzieQ in to fire you all up – get your blood circulating to your brain – wake up your brain cells and put a fresh battery in there so you can THINK STRAIGHT shall we?

My favorite day has finally arrived
I can give you a cheer with a dose of jive!
This one’s a gem if I have to admit
It might send you into orbit and cause a fit!
Just take your time and look for clues
If you guess too quickly you might cry the blues.
Tomorrow I’ll cheer for the winners of today
Then I’ll talk to the Profs and demand my pay!!

DEMAND YOUR PAY?   Hmm……your pay today will be a burger and a hot dog courtesy of Miss Dingleberry!!!    But first, we need to show the photo and that means bringing in our fabulous OFFICIAL CLASS SECURITY GUARD………

Here’s this week’s photo Professor! Do I get a burger too?????


OK boys and girls, it’s all yours………………give it your best shot, and we have lovely prizes for the FIRST COMMENTER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSERS BUT NOT FIRST, AND WRONG GUESSERS TOO!   Some “retro badges” !!

Alright students!   I’ll see you back in class tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL.



oh yeah!

Fried onion rings!

Don’t forget tomorrow’s post will arrive at an UNDISCLOSED TIME!!!!!  

The Profs………..

Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Students!

Are You Ready???

First Priority is to COMMENT – the first person to leave a comment on this post is gonna win a badge!!!   Hurry up!   We’ll wait for you!   

YEP you’ll get this if you are FIRST to comment!

Now that you’re all back and at your desks, time to get your brains in gear…….

We have a GUEST TEASER for you today.    Just one photo and I don’t see any real HINTS in the photo so this one might be a challenge……………..might be a BIG challenge unless you’ve traveled the world and see it all and know WHERE you would see this photo!     Before we show it to you – I think we should see if Suzie is ready to SHAKE IT UP and get you motivated shall we?????

I’m back, I’m back
Taking up the slack!
That dog that came to cheer
Musta had one too many beers
It’s time to test your knowledge
Pretend you’re all in college!
Study the picture in great detail
While I go shopping and enjoy me some “retail” !!
While you work I’ll go for a walk
Me and that dog need to talk!
His communication skills were quite lacking
I’m gonna send that boy packing!

Well Suzie, in his defense, we didn’t have time to find a suitable replacement for you – you’re irreplaceable and we know it – this guy showed up at the front door and said he heard we needed some help so we let him take a whack at being our Monday Pre-Teaser Cheerleader.    Oh well…………….live and learn right?


Now, it’s time to bring our fabulous photo assistant/guard in with today’s photo.    Remember PLEASE that there are some rules for today and they are:

  1. When you guess, you must guess what town/city/village AND in what state (if USA) or country (if not USA) the photo was taken!   
  2. PLEASE don’t use Google Image Search to “cheat” and find out where this photo was taken………it’s tons more fun to figure it out on your own without that don’t you think????????   Everyone is equally able to win that way!

Here’s this week’s photo Professor!

Good Luck Students!   We’ll tell you who wins WHAT tomorrow on the TEASER TELL ALL!

Hello Professors – I thought I’d bring a RECESS snack even though you didn’t ASK me to!

Why thank you Miss Dingleberry – how very thoughtful of you!!!!    Alright students, no pushing and shoving……everyone in a line and don’t forget to THANK Miss Dingleberry and her cafeteria staff for bringing you a snack today!


Roast beef, ham, turkey!

Chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad!


Prof. Angel Sam and Assistant Prof. Ted

Teaser Tuesday


Time For Class!

Time for teasing!  

Settle down class – I know you get extra excited to be here on a Tuesday morning but you won’t be able to concentrate if you’re wiggling in your seats!   Now first order of business is to COMMENT ON THIS POST – hurry up and do that because you might be FIRST and you might win this:

Alright you kids, everyone SIT BACK DOWN in your seats and pay attention to the Prof!

Today we have a GUEST TEASER – and just one photo for you to examine which you may or may not find a clue in – I didn’t see one but then I didn’t see the Italian flag waving in the breeze in last week’s Teaser (duh) so you can’t count on ME for that.    Just examine it and try to figure out where it was snapped.    Town/City/Village and Country (if not USA) or State (if USA).    Then on Wednesday we will have a TELL ALL and you’ll learn who the guest was, where he/she/it (haha) took the photo and WHO wins what!

BEFORE we show the photo though, I thought purrrrhaps our Suzie might be in the mood (and you never know about that…..) to give you a bit of a cheer to get your blood pumping to your brain so you can properly examine the photo.   Suzie?

Before Suzie cheers, may I pretty please be excused for the little boycat’s room Sir????

Certainly Tommy – Sarge will go with you to make sure you get back safely.

C’mon kid – let’s go!

OK Mr. Sarge, I’m done.

Alright now that we’re all COMFY, Suzie will cheer then our Security Guard will bring in the photo which has been locked in the super secret briefcase handcuffed to his wrist for safekeeping!!!

Today’s the day you all waited for
Anxiously waiting by the classroom door
Dying to see the test for this week
Hoping I’ll give the winner a tweak of the cheek!
Take your time and study the photo well
You’ve got until you hear the “time to go home” bell!
But don’t expect me to cheat and help you out
Or I’ll bop you with my pom pom on your great big snout!

OK!!!   I see we have our girl Suzie back in all her glory!     Thank you Suzie – you can go take your Prozac now…………….

Now, Mr. Security, would you honor is with your presence and show us the photo for today???

I’ve got the photo here Professor Sam!


Just to remind you, here’s what’s up for grabs with the Teaser – depending on whether you are FIRST, or just RIGHT, or WRONG!

The First to guess CORRECTLY where the photo was taken gets this:

If you guess correctly where the Teaser photo was snapped BUT you aren’t FIRST, you get this:

If you are WRONG – you guess but you miss the mark – you still get an award………… You will get one of these:

So make sure you tune in tomorrow to see how you did – and see how everyone else did………….because it’s fun to see who’s figured it out and who’s LEFT IN THE DUST right?    Just remember this – GREEN is a pretty Spring color so even if you are wrong, you can brighten a dull corner of your room with this badge………!!!!

Make sure you show up tomorrow at the usual time to find out who gets what……………..Until then – Assistant Professor Teddy and I wish you:

BEEP BEEP – make way for the bus!

Angel Professor Sam and Assistant Prof Teddy


Tuesday Teaser


Attention Geography Class!

Time to tune into the front of the classroom for my Tuesday Lecture!


We’ll find out just how well you studied for class today won’t we?!   I have a photo for you to examine and some of you will be rewarded with badges for your effort and others will say “maybe NEXT Tuesday” !

Remember that the first person who comments on this blog this morning will get a FIRST COMMENTER award………….which is often split between people because sometimes more than one of you is ALERT and ON THE BALL when the Teaser goes live!    This is your award this week if you comment first:

I was First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 6/21/16

I was First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 6/21/16

Now, I think we’ll trust that SuzieQ is on a “NICE” roll now as she’s been pretty good with not being nasty the past few cheers……I realize that it’s just a matter of time of course before she reverts to her old ways, but let’s roll the dice and see if she might still be in a good mood.   Are you game?  Ready?  Alright, let’s bring her in!

Rama Lama Professor Samma Man of the hour He's got the power Badges you'll win Whether you're FAT or slim Pay attention in class Or get kicked on the.....er.....um..... NEVERMIND.

Rama Lama
Professor Samma
Man of the hour
He’s got the power
Badges you’ll win
Whether you’re FAT or slim
Pay attention in class
Or get kicked on the…..er…..um…..

Well thank you Suzie for that stirring but irreverent cheer……..you ALMOST made it but you just couldn’t QUITE pull it off……..oh well………I think everyone is suitably inspired ANYWAY.    Ready for the photo??    Mr. Silver Briefcase – YOU’RE ON!

Here's today's CHALLENGE!

Here’s today’s CHALLENGE!


So what big city was this photo taken in?    One big city looks much like another but your job is to decide WHICH one this is in the big wide world!  

Guess RIGHT FIRST and you get this:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam's Teaser on 6/21/16

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam’s Teaser on 6/21/16

Guess RIGHT but not first and you get this:

I wasn't FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 6/21/16

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 6/21/16

Guess WRONG and you get this:

I didn't get the Teaser right on 6/21/16 BUT I tried!

I didn’t get the Teaser right on 6/21/16 BUT I tried!

Good Luck Class! 

Tomorrow’s TELL ALL will tell all!

I'll be at my desk here in the front of the class tomorrow to announce our winners!

I’ll be at my desk here in the front of the class tomorrow to announce our winners!

Teaseday Teaser




Happy Spring………finally………….we weren’t sure it was really going to happen here though since last Saturday – the day before the first day of Spring (!) it snowed here….thank heavens that’s over with!   We can move out of snow mode and into sun mode now.    We feel happy and ready to TEASE – are you ready to be teased?     REMEMBER – you must tell me WHERE (city/town and in what country/state) this photo was taken…….don’t just say “Honolulu” – you would have to say “Honolulu, Hawaii” (which is definitely NOT where today’s photo was taken but you know what I mean!).

YES?  Good!


Today we have a GUEST TEASER again……………but you won’t get to know who that is until tomorrow after the dust settles…………………….in the meantime, I think we need to get our little wacko cheerleader Suzie Q in here so we can get on with the show.   Brace yourselves – you know how she is – never fails to surprise us with her……um……cheery cheers!

Rippy Tippy Too Who the heck are you? Let's all do some teasing It should be super pleasing Sammy is a Honey Now where's the Easter Bunny???!

Rippy Tippy Too
Who the heck are you?
Let’s all do some teasing
It should be super pleasing
Sammy is a Honey
Now where’s the Easter Bunny???!

Umm……gosh…..geee…..thanks a whole bunch Suzie Q.   Maybe I should make an appointment for you with Sam’s psychiatrist so you can work out your “problems”????

Sam's doc who helps him work through his vacuum-phobia!

Sam’s doc who helps him work through his vacuum-phobia!

Anyway Suzie,  I’m not sure your cheer is (a) appropriate, or (b) relevant, or (c) makes any sense!    But no matter what, you did your thing.     At least now Mr. Silver Briefcase can bring in the Teaseday photo for us to take a gander at!

Here it is Mr. Sam!

Here it is Mr. Sam! It’s a BIG TOUGHIE!!!!


Now, if you are the very first person to COMMENT on today’s post – you will win something!   All you have to do is be the FIRST commenter and this will be yours!


If you’re the FIRST to tell me WHERE this photo was taken and you’re RIGHT, you get this:


If you’re RIGHT but not the first one you get this:


If you’re WRONG – just plain WRONG – or haven’t got any idea……………..you may still have this fabulous GREENIE!!!



So hurry up and figure it out – I’m waiting and so is our Guest Teaser…….!  


You heard what Sammy said - go ahead and GUESS!

You heard what Sammy said – go ahead and GUESS!

Hugs, Sammy the Tease

Pee Ess……I have my 4 month thyroid check this morning at 9AM.  I wished YOU luck on the Teaser now will you wish me luck back??



Teaser Tuesday





Hello Teaser Fans!    Here we are – together again on a Tuesday morning.   I’m here, waiting to get your comments/guesses and you’re THERE, agonizing over the photo of the week.   Well, you MIGHT think this is an easy one……………..but the thing is, you will not be RIGHT GUESSER unless you tell me EXACTLY where this picture was taken – got it?   Ready?


I’m saying “EXACTLY” because I happen to know there are a lot of places where this photo COULD be taken but I want you to tell me EXACTLY where it was taken!   If your answer is too general in nature, you won’t win!!!

As usual, if you are the very first person to comment on the Tuesday Teaser blog this morning – you will get the “still not redesigned” FIRST COMMENTER BADGE (I was too busy this week to do new badges!):

Easy (aka Sherlock Weim!)

If you’re the first one to guess PRECISELY where this picture was taken, you will get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER award!


If you guess right but aren’t first you get this:


Those of you who are madly in love with the BIG GREENIE or just plain don’t know where the photo was taken or guess and are WRONG WRONG WRONG, you get the BIG GREENIE (again):


What a deal huh?   Remember – you can’t say “it was taken in front of a big tree”………..nope – that doesn’t hack it – I wanna know WHERE that big tree is EXACTLY.

Good luck peeps and peepers!!!!!

Your Pal, Mr. Teaser Extraordinaire



If you’re new to my Tuesday Teasers, please feel free to take this badge and link back to me!

Tuesday Teaser



Woo hoo – it’s finally here – Tuesday Teaser! 

Guess what – I’m going to make it an EASY one too………why?  Because you deserve it………….it’s been tough around here lately with the Teasers don’t you think?   So consider this a gift from me to you – take a peek, try to be FIRST to guess where this photo was taken by my Mom!


Here’s what you get if you are FIRST RIGHT GUESSER:


Not first but guessed the right place?  You get this:


Not a clue – never had a clue – didn’t get a bolt of lightning from the sky with the answer – or guessed wrong?  You still get something – this:


See?  We’re an equal opportunity Teaser community here……………….what a deal!!!

Good Luck!!

   Sammy the Tease



Tuesday Teaser


Howdy Peeps!! You all tuned in today because you know what day it is……right? Tuesday Teaser was on a one week hiatus while we ventured to the Moon last week but I’m back like I said I would be with another challenging Tuesday Teaser photo. All you have to do is examine it thoroughly, look for clues (although I try like the dickens to NOT have any clues) and then tell me before the day is out where the photo was taken! That’s right – WHERE SPECIFICALLY……what are you seeing in this photo and where was the person who took the photo???  What town/city/state/country – the works! Can’t just say “Planet Earth” and expect to get a winners badge around here – NOPE – I put you to work for it!


OK…………..here’s today’s photo!


Whatcha think?  Is this a goodie or what????   NO IT’S NOT A BUNCH OF HUMANS TAKING A RIDE ON RALPH THE SPACESHIP EITHER!!!!

If you are the FIRST person to guess where this Teaser photo is taken, you get this:


If you aren’t first but you DO guess correctly, you get this:


And those of you who are clueless you know I love you too and you get this!


What else is going on in my world other than the Teaser?   Well, I entered a fabulous car race that Ranger and his buddy Stuart are having for their joint BARKDAY celebration……you know me – always up for some fun.  Well I think I found a really cool racecar so watch out for the DOGTONA races on March 15th and if you’d like to enter or at least find out about it, just http://ranger-scottie.blogspot.com/  visit Ranger’s bloggy from March 1st!

RANGERRACE Ranger was on the Moon trip! SPACESUITRanger

ALSO – did you know that our best buddy and pal Coccolino the mini-pig’s Mom started her own Etsy shop?  Well she did and the things she has are FABULOUS!

If you’re in the market for a new bed or blankie – check the shop out – I’m starting to see where people are ordering them and LOVING them because they’re comfy and reversible not to mention gorgeous!

Visit here to see what I mean http://www.etsy.com/shop/CoccolinoCreations

While you’re in the shopping mood, make sure and check out Mollie’s shop because her Mom has made even MORE fun things like way cool jewelry!


I also have been receiving some more awards from some of you VERY SWEET and kind friends but frankly, with the Moon trip we’re a bit behind with thanking and passing on not to mention complying with the requirements SOOOO please forgive me if I’m slower than usual with that.  Hey – I’m an old guy – I am taking my time getting my strength back after herding a pile of animals all over the Moon!!!!!  (haha)

Now start studying that Teaser photo – – – – first come first win you know…………………..and you just KNOW you wanna win – right?????