My Bling (Awards!)

the-opposites-attract-award              Note!!   Thank you everyone who has given me a blog award!  We have decided though not to accept any more awards – we have a bazillion of them……and rarely do we have the time to comply with the “rules of acceptance” anymore.  So thank you for thinking of us but please don’t give us another award………….HUGS – Teddy and Mom

triple-award loyal-reader-award WonderfulTeamMemberReadershipAward bestest-kitty-blogger-award pmaward - planet purrth award 50,000 award dragonsloyaltyaward best-moment-award wordpress-family-award Why I Love Thee award shine-on-award snowball-fight-award realityblogaward FriendlyBloggerAward

Aww...I'm not THAT big but I'll take the bling for sure!!

Aww…I’m not THAT big but I’ll take the bling for sure!!

family-of-bloggers-award1 Bring on the Nip! seventhingsaboutmeaward DRAMA-AWARD1 DoggyAward devious-genius-blogger-award111 wonderful-readership-award2-11 ONE-SWEET-BLOG addictive-blog lovely-blogger-award-1 super-sweet-blogging-award21 beautiful blogger award thinking of you award - final sisterhoodofworldbloggersaward Blog on Fire Award you make me shine award Illuminating Blogger Award The ABC Blogging Award Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Sunshine Blog Award
I love sunshine and I love this pretty award!


Hug Award

What a NICE award – everybody needs a HUG (and hope!)

Genuine Blogger Award

“Genuine” is a VERY nice thing to be!

The Wonderful Award for blogging

The Wonderful Award (and it is wonderful to receive it!!)

The Candle-lighter Award Logo

This candle looks good enough to eat!

Reader Appreciation Award

Wow….how cool is this???

Sam Gets Another Blog Award

How cool is this?

More Bling for Sam's Blog - another award!

Thank You Dianna – More Bling!!

More award bling!

Thanks Isobel and NotCat

WOW...another award!

Thanks to my friend Pedro

How awesome is this?!

How awesome is this?!

SammysBaconAward MOUSES! award helpingpawaward BaconSpookAward

ShareLoveShareBoxAwardSunshinePicnicAwardpmaward - planet purrth awardLighthouseAwardFantabulousAward






36 thoughts on “My Bling (Awards!)

  1. Mousiez dat IZ alot of bling awardz n ya deeserve eberyoen of dem Sammy!!! Me haz me own page fer awardz altho me doez post dem in me bloggiez….awardz are so lubly aren’t dey??
    Much Lub frum Nylablue n Mum too ❤


    • Oh wow…..thanks Morris….that’s VERY kind of you – I have that one although maybe I don’t have it posted BUT that doesn’t matter because even if I DO have it, I love that you thought of ME! That’s really swell and sort of like a super Christmas present!!! Thanks Morris…’re a real pal. Say – have I asked you about whether or not you’ve ever considered joining the Cat Scouts? It’s way fun…..easy to join too. I have my own troop there called “Worldwide Wildcats” so if you ever DO want to join the Scouts you can join my troop if you like!!! Woo Hoo!

      Holiday Hugs, Sammy


        • Hi Morris! Cat Scouts is for cats only (haha) and we get to wear cool uniforms and try for merit badges of ALL kinds….we have a campfire where we all gather to sing songs we make up and eat yummy food that we bring (like mouse sansage for breakfast..tee hee)…..we can advance through the Scouts just like humans do by working hard and pawticipating in activities. It’s like a social site just for kitties! You can pawticipate as much or as little as you like but it’s so much fun you might be surprised. Lots of friendly kitties there too – I’ve met lots of new friends and a lot of friends I’ve known for a long time are also there. It’s a relatively NEW site and they’re adding things to it all the time. It’s just plain FUN. You can check it out here:

          Holiday Hugs, Sammy


          • Hmm sounds interesting but I’m still not sure, I will have a look at the website and then decide. I’m a very cautious cat you see, I think one has to be these days! Thank you Sammy. Paws and Purrs, Morris 🙂


          • You’re right Morris – it pays to be very careful. Cat Scouts seems to be pretty good about keeping “hooligans” out and causing trouble there but the blogosphere is a funny place sometimes -it PAYS to be cautious!!!

            Holiday Hugs, Sammy


          • Hi Morris! YAY!!! I’m glad you joined up – I haven’t been by the site yet this morning but I will shortly and I’m sure you’ll find you’re warmly welcomed into the Scouts by everyone. Did you join Worldwide Wildcats? We’d love to have you with us…..ALL the troops are great though. See you there buddy!!

            Holiday Hugs, Sammy


  2. Wow, Sammy !!! This page is like a government’s VIP room where you may find all the awards in the universe!!! Congratulations 🙂 🙂 🙂
    You are born a STAR !!!
    Hugs and Kisses
    Yelloz & Servant Z.


    • HA! It’s a bit embarrassing to have so much “stuff” on my awards page but it’s also quite nice that so many people have send me awards all these years. THanks for visiting and thinking I’m a STAR!

      Hugs, Sammy


    • Morris I went BACK to your blog and for some reason hadn’t noticed that you’d nominated me for SEVEN of your awards! That’s pawsome – I do have all of those but one…..and for that I’m so grateful. I always get a lot of warm fuzzy feelings when someone nominates me for an award even if I already have it…..because it just means someone LOVES me or likes my blog enough to think I deserve some recognition. Obviously YOU have lots of people who love your blog – that’s a HUGE PILE of awards my friend…..I congratulate you BIG TIME!!

      Hugs, Sammy


    • Thank you Miss Phoebe……we are very excited to accept your nomination………we’ll be fulfilling the obligations in our blog tomorrow or Friday and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO love you for thinking of us to pass it on to! Mom also forgot to say on your blog how much she LOVED your poem. PURRRRFECT!

      Love and Hugs, Mom and Sam

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  3. SAMMY!! This is Samantha…Puppydoc’s feline friend!!

    I know you already have a gazillion bazillion awards, because your blog is just…well…too awesome…but I just wanted you to know that I, Samantha the cat, nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. If you don’t feel like doing anything or don’t have the time….no prob! I just wanted you to know that my human and I think your blog is TOTALLY LOVELY! 🙂

    If you would like more info or to come check out my blogging skills (it’s nowhere near as pawesome as yours!), you can come here:

    Hugs and licks!
    Samantha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Samantha! Thank you AGAIN for another blogging award. This is one I’ve received before BUT I still am excited that you thought of me AND I will happily accept your nomination. I’ll honor the requirements and will pass it on too in an upcoming blog. I’m so happy you like my blog – I sure do have fun here!! You know by now what we think about yours and Puppydoc’s blog AND we’re happy that some of our friends have visited you there!

    I think you did a great job with the blog today – Puppydoc will be calling on you again to write one of these days – for instance I think all of us would like to hear what YOU think of life with a doctor!

    Love, Sammy


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