More fall leaves for Sam to play in!

Mom and Dad get out the BIG noisy leaf machine today.....

OK….this is a mixed blessing kind of day….why?  Well, you all know that I love to play in piles of leaves – and you also know I don’t like loud noises.  Today my parents are getting the big, noisy leaf machine thingie that Mom attaches to MY (!) lawn tractor out from the basement……they’ll be making noise this weekend for the first time this fall.  Time to start “sweeping” the yard in front and back to pick up MY leaves.

It takes them about an hour to do this whole operation.  Dad stands by with a rake in the designated leaf dumping site (there are two of those in the front woods)…..Mom scoots around on the tractor pulling the noise machine around while it vacuums up the leaves, grinds them up into little pieces and puts them into the big bin on the back.  When it’s full she heads over to where Pop’s waiting – they dump the bin thing and off she goes for another turn around the yard.  Cool huh?  Yeah, well it may be cool but it’s noisy!

Even though I love to play in leaves (Mom never did get me to sit still long enough to take my picture in a pile of them…..tee hee), it’s also rather fun AFTER the fall leaf pick-up thing is finished.  Why?  Well, because all those ground up leaves are in a huge pile about two feet deep in the front woods.  When Mom and I are outside together we can walk down there and she lets me dig around in the leaves….yes I get dirty – isn’t that what boys do?????? 

So, I’m going to just find one of my quiet nap spots as far away from the noise as I can and know that leaf season has begun and I have to get used to it.  Sigh.  Of course there’s always winter and that noisy snow blower thing AFTER this is over with….hmm….which is better……?!

Happy Friday Everyone



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  1. Hi, Sammy, “boys wlil be boys”, I guess…playing in leaf piles! Being the priss that I am, I prefer to watch the leaves fall from my comfy window seat!
    Have fun!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae……well, I think you’re right about us boys. I’ve slowed down a good bit at my age, but I still like to poke around in the leaves……of course there’s nothing wrong with watching it all happening from a nice comfy window seat either!!! I’m a fan of both!!!

      Love, Sam


  2. Sammy, being the snow lover I am, if I had to pick noises I’d vote for snow-blower noise over leaf blower noise. A leaf blower would mean to me all the leaves are off the trees and it’s looking kinda dismal out. But if I hear the snow-blower machine that means there’s enough snow out there to warrant blowing and that means it’s gorgeous and white out and…FUN!
    But that’s just me…
    Happy Weekend!
    p.s. Snow is cleaner too;)


    • Hi Miss D! I love snow………a little less than when I was younger, but I still love it and go out with Mom when she’s out in it following behind her in her footsteps (otherwise you’d only be able to see the tip of my tail above the snow!). Dad likes his “machinery” too so of course he doesn’t mind plowing through the snow on our driveway…….last year we had a bumper crop of the white stuff and for an old guy, he was pushing his luck I think. LOL Maybe this year won’t be quite as much snow – enough to be fun though!!

      Happy Friday…………..Sammy


  3. Life is just full of problems, huh, Sammy? If it isn’t one thing it’s twenty. I’ll be thinking of you as you wistfully yearn for the leaves to come back.

    You are right about snow, it is cleaner and most of the time it removes itself by melting and seeping into the ground.


    • You’re right Uncle J…..it’s always something! So far so good though – the MACHINE is now in the garage and ready to go. However, I heard them deciding when to do the yard and Sunday is the day so I get today and tomorrow to relax. Snow? Yep – it won’t be too long before that comes our way.



    • Sure! This is an equal opportunity leaf pile we have here! Plenty of room for everyone….we’re talking a big pile (when leaf season is finished of course) probably about 20′ by 20′ and about two feet deep. WOO HOO!!!!



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