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I’m Ba-a-a-a-a-ck!

Peekaboo....come and get me Mom!

Boys just wanna have fun.....!

Hi Everyone!  I’m BACK today after having my awesome guest blogger yesterday.  A fish – who’d have thought I would host a fish here when I usually EAT fish???  Well, it just goes to show how civilized I am.  So says my Mom anyway.

Mom’s off to the grocery store again this morning.  As usual, I made sure all the REAL necessities were on her list – litter, cat food, etc.  I didn’t add “new toy for Sam” to the list because – well – you’ve seen my toy box (wagon) and it’s full to the brim already.  I’m always rediscovering some old toy to play with so I don’t need new stuff.  For instance, the other day, I knew Mom was in her studio so I came up the stairs halfway and called her – then when she came out of the studio door and saw me I squished myself down so all she could see was my ears and eyes…..and I called “MaMa” – she rolled a ping pong ball down the stairs for me and as it bounced toward me I caught it!  She thought that was a big deal – came down to get the ball and back to the top of the stairs to do it all over again.  New game! 

Humans are SO easily entertained…….(wink)

Happy Wednesday Everyone – make it a happy day for your pets – after all, we try really hard to make every day a happy day for you!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Dirty Toes……

I love playing in dirt....Mom's not so thrilled about that though!

I love playing in dirt....Mom's not so thrilled about that though!

Oh boy, oh boy……I just love to play in dirt.  Funny because I also love to be nice and clean and handsome too and spend a lot of time staying that way with Mom’s help (and my brush of course).  But, one of my very favorite games to play outside involves DIRT.

Here’s how you play the game….first you find a patch of dirt where grass isn’t growing (Daddy hates that grass won’t grow in some spots….I love it)……then you dig in with your toes and scrape the dirt around a little – throw some up in the air if you can (haha) – all the time you are going in a circle around the dirt…..you keep your tail all puffed up like a raccoon – that makes Mommy laugh (also part of the game). 

Then, when you’re good and dirty, you move on to the NEXT patch of dirt and do the same thing!  By now, Mom is falling out of her chair laughing at you…….way cool……

Then comes the best part…..here’s how you finish the game up…..you run as fast as you can across the yard and fling yourself up on the old oak tree about three feet off the ground and HANG THERE by your claws!!!!  It’s apparently VERY impressive to watch.  It kind of wears me out these days since I’m getting middle aged but it’s worth it.   That is until we come back inside.  Mom cleans my feet off with an old towel and I’m not too crazy about THAT part.

I DO love dirt………..and hearing Mommy laugh!!

Sammy, One Spoiled (and occasionally dirty) Cat