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Teaser Tell All And More!



Howdy!  Well that was a fun Teaser after all wasn’t it?    I thought so……………..hope you did too…………..I bet you’re just dying to know all the details right?   OK – let’s get on with it then!

**unlocking the silver briefcase now........**  CLICK!

**unlocking the silver briefcase now……..**

Here’s the three photos I used yesterday:


These are my Mom and Dad’s photos – NOT a Guest Teaser………….and they were taken back in the late 80s by them when they were visiting the beautiful island of Nantucket 30 miles South of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.   It is a DELIGHTFUL island with tons of beautiful shops, scenery, gorgeous cobbled and bricked streets, friendly people and some beautiful boats and waterside restaurants.   It’s a PEACH of a place to visit.

Now for the details you’ve been waiting for………………………..the winners…………………WELL, we had a THREE WAY TIE for “First Commenter”………..THREE people posted at precisely 9:17AM here on the blog on WordPress.   Amazing.   Who were these “fast on the trigger” winners??    Bacon, from Piglove, Kolytyi from Trifles, and Raz from FriendsFurever!    ALL of you get your own personal copy of this badge!!


Cogratulations to all three of you!!!!!!

Now for the rest of the story…………………

FIRST RIGHT GUESSER yesterday was my girlcatfriend Sundae’s Mom, Miss Dianna from her blog These Days of Mine!  This is for you Miss Dianna!!


I had OTHER friends who were also RIGHT GUESSERS though – and you will get the below for your efforts!


Were you one of the ones who had no clue?  Did you guess and were wrong?  I’m sorry but you STILL win this:


Not so bad if you like the color GREEN right????? RIGHT!!!!

YAY!   Congratulations to everyone – you’re ALL winners in my book!

Then there are a couple of other things I wanted to tell you about………………….one is that you may recall the effort throughout blogville to help little Bootsie the cat who was abandoned by her family when they decided to pack up and move and leave her behind?  Remember she’d never had decent vet care and was flea-ridden, very hungry, and had a very serious ear infection which meant hearing loss and required surgery?    Well, Bootsie is now in need of a FOREVER HOME!    That’s right – she’s in a foster situation now but can’t stay there forever and the fund to help her means she’s financially ready to continue her life in a REAL LIVE HAPPY HOME………………….if you know anyone who might be interested in helping Bootsie see that humans CAN be caring and loving, please visit Brian’s Home blog by clicking on the below badge for Bootsie for details – and if you can SHARE SHARE SHARE his post – it would make a very happy ending for dear Bootsie!!!


The last thing I want to tell you is that thank heavens Easy’s Dad is HOME from the hospital after his scary and dangerous fall.   Unbelievable but they just kept him one night – he’s all stapled and stitched up and now home.   THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS…………Easy is overwhelmed by your kindness.   We’re happy Mr. Mark is ALRIGHT.

See you Next Tuesday!

The Teaser Dude……………!


Two Tuesday Teaser Winners


Mystery Photo 5 Boy oh boy this one had you (well almost all of you) fooled!  When Mom and Dad were trying to come up with a good “hint” for me to tell you yesterday, they thought maybe just seeing the shot of the cobblestone streets and the shoreline would already be a good hint – for anyone who’d been there anyway! 

Looks like they were right!!  Lots of people’s guesses were SOOOO CLOSE too – Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Maine – but two people guessed the right island.  What was the right answer? 


Who guessed right on the money?   

Dianna and her kitty Sundae from These Days of Mine


Savannah and her parents from Savannah’s Paw Tracks

A big CONCATULATIONS to the winners and a super large-size kitty hug from your friend the BIG TEASE on Tuesdays, Sammy Kimmell!!

Hopefully I can find another goodie for you for NEXT Tuesday.  Meanwhile, Happy Wednesday everybody and thanks for playing along on the Tuesday Teaser.

Your Friend Sam