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The Rain that Didn’t


Yep – even on radar/Doppler yesterday it showed RAIN here………almost all day supposedly our town was in the middle of a big huge batch of rain…..did we see it?  NOPE!  Not a drop – not even a splash or splatter or squirt.  NONE – ZIP – ZERO.   Now why am I even making mention of that?  Because my Dad, believing the weather dudes, bought some lawn fertilizer that needs to be watered in ideally…….so of course he put it down – with an 80% chance of rain who wouldn’t???!!!

Strangely, even now because I just checked yet again, the radar/Doppler show RAIN HERE AGAIN this morning.   I realize of course that it’s probably evaporating before it gets down from the rain clouds but heck.  Dad’s wishing he had done what he usually does which is IGNORE the weather forecasters.  So much for trusting them “just once” right?  HAHAHAHA


So I survived the housecleaning and mostly because I knew if I could live through that, it would lead to BACON DAY……and here it is…..in all its’ glory.  Bacon Bacon BACON!


The bacon decision-making process.....

The bacon decision-making process…..

Nothing on our agenda here at the Kimmell Mansion for the whole weekend so I think I’ll have Mom and Dad’s undivided attention.  Not that an almost non-stop napping kitty needs a whole lot of attention of course…….with my medication I’m now taking for my wonky thyroid, I’m napping a bit more than usual (I know – how can you sleep more than 24 hours a day???  Right???).  I’ll eat my breakfast which will be bacon AND raspberry yogurt then head for my tent.

What a life huh?

What about you?  Whatcha doing this weekend?  Anything exciting??   Having a party??  Need me to teleport over and liven things up with some dancing perhaps?   I think I shared this video of me and some of my cat buddies before but just in case……………..ENJOY!

Me and My HAPPY Friends!!!!   (click here)


Hugs and Bacon for all!

Sammy – Mr. Happy

Gimme Shelter (Or A Box!)


OOPS – I guess I kinda stole that subject line from a rather famous band didn’t I?  Maybe they’ll forgive me…….after all, it purrrrrfectly says what I was saying almost all day yesterday………..WHY YOU MIGHT ASK???  Well I’ll tell you why!

First of all, I figured something mysterious was up when Mom and Dad went outside first thing yesterday morning and took EVERYTHING off my back deck and EVERYTHING off my front porch.  That was rather alarming to say the least.  I’m used to seeing certain things out my windows – all the furniture, plant pots, deck plant boxes, the front porch rockers and all that STUFF – GONE – they stacked stuff up in the yard AWAY from the house which was even MORE mysterious.

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house

Wait…wait….you’re taking all the stuff off my deck!!!

Potted plants on Sam's front porch.

What about my pretty view of the front porch? Where did it go????!!!!

Why?  Well I asked them when they came back inside………..seems the powerwashing crew was coming yesterday.  EEEEEK (I thought to myself) – I remember two years ago when they were here……..talk about NOISY…….well, while I personally like the green sheen of mossy stuff that grows on the shady parts of the house thanks to dampness – THEY don’t.

Sam's house on the hill.

But Mom, the green mossy stuff goes with the green grass – compliments the white house…..why change a GOOD thing???

After I recovered from that horrible experience, I settled back in my tent for some much needed sleep explaining to Mom that if she expected me to be my usual charming self on practically no nap time, she had another think coming!  Here’s me reading her the riot act.

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

Yes Mom, I’m talking to you….who else can I whine to about stuff??????

Was I real wienie for complaining about getting a nice clean house if a bit of noise accompanies the operation?  YES…… Was I a real wienie for telling Mom I need lots of beauty sleep if I’m expected to be companionable and adorable for the rest of the day?  YES…. Do I care if I was a wienie or not?  HECK NO.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.   I have heard that later today, I will be disturbed yet again by a lady coming to measure some of my windows for new drapes.  I suppose I’ll have to take sanctuary in the basement yet again when SHE gets here.   I guess I’ll just have to accept that today will be another GRUMPY day.  Hope my Mom understands that!

In case you didn’t know this, today is International Boxing Day!   A day cats (and other animals) celebrate with great gusto – especially we felines – who can resist a great box?  You might see a lot of posts today featuring animals in their favorite boxes – like this!!!



Hugs, Sammy

Post-Camp Post


Hi all!   Well, I’m home and I guess everybody else made it back to their homes safely after we broke camp at that beautiful park on Vancouver Island.  Now I can get back to my routine.  I’m one of those guys who likes routine……..!

I do have a little “leftover business” though.   I never did tell you on the Scavenger Hunt drawing which Zena won, that the others who entered that contest and found EVERYTHING on the list were:   Easy, Brooch Czarina, and Clowie!  They all located links online for the list of things I gave and all the names went in a hat and I drew Zena’s name out!  YAY ZENA! 

AND, you saw which poem was Misaki‘s because I read it last night at camp around the bonfire since she was the winner with the most votes for “Scariest Poem”, BUT you don’t know who wrote the others.  I’m going to feature the other poems on my next few blogs so you know who wrote what.  This one was submitted by CUPCAKE!

Once upon a time,

On a dark and scary night,

I was feasting on a candy bar,

But something wasn’t right.

I asked my friend Gorilla

If he heard a funny noise.

He said, “Let’s go and check it out.

Just let me get my boys.”

We hopped into their garbage truck

And took a ride around.

Saw fireflies and yellow eyes

But that’s not all we found!

A scary, monster orchestra

With zombies playing flutes,

Ghosts on violin and bass

And skeletons in suits,

Was entertaining werewolves

And vampires and freaks

With howling and growling

And grunts and groans and shrieks!

Bravo Cupcake and Miss Genevieve – PAWSOME poem!

The next few days I’ll feature the other poems in the contest which were written by Mollie, Hutch A Good Life, and our friend Easy.  You ALL sent in fabulous poems……you made it very hard to choose just one!

I also know that you all missed having a Tuesday Teaser yesterday BUT remember I said I was taking this week off since we’d be wrapping up the camping trip.  However, I’ll be back next week with a Teaser you can count on that.  

I suppose you’d not find it surprising that most of today I plan to spend like this:

With my Mom.....catching up on naps....my favorite place to be!!

With my Mom…..catching up on naps….my favorite place to be!!

Last but not least my friends, for all of you who were at Camp Sammy, I offer this token of my appreciation……….something you can put on your blog if you wish…………..just a little campers souvenir of the wonderful time we spent together!    Help yourself if you’d like to have it.


You guys and gals are THE BEST friends………..I love you all!

Kitty hugs, Sammy (the former Camp Counselor)

Caturday Catnaps


Oh yes……….it’s been a super busy week and this morning, after we’ve had breakfast, I do believe I’m going to spend the day being a bum.

That’s right – you heard it here first – I am going to spend as much of today catnapping as possible.  I’ve got my tent for the camping trip designed and decorated, I’ve got the polls started so they’ll be ready to load up for voting when the time comes, MY WORK IS DONE.

Sam relaxing after the visit to the vet yesterday!

Ahhh….Caturday is for naps!


At least done for the moment.  Of course there’s a lot yet to do.  I need to keep reminding you that the deadline to enter the competitions is MARCH 16th .   If you’re scratching your head (or some other part of your body) wondering what I’m talking about – then you’re one of the few who doesn’t know about the BIG CAMPING TRIP I’m leading!   Want to know the details or read about the competitions again?????? 


Don’t wait until the last minute now!   

YAWN………………MMMMMMMMMM………..I smell that bacon so if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading to the kitchen for breakfast.  Then I think you’ll know where I’ll be after that……………!

Happy Caturday!

Kitty hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Peee Esssss     I want to thank my good friends at MY THREE MOGGIES for nominating me for the Liebster Award…….I already have it BUT I want to thank them for thinking of me and I intend to tell 11 exciting things about me – I’m working on it – I promise!!!

Caturday Cuddling


Happy Caturday Gang!   It’s funny but even though I napped all day Thursday with my parents gone…..today all I want to do is NAP more but this time on Mom’s lap!   I really missed her and my Dad all day Thursday.  HOME ALONE for Thanksgiving – sniff sniff 😦  – but they did bring leftovers back with them from West Virginia and we DID have yummy turkey for lunch AND dinner last night.   I shouldn’t complain – right?

HOWEVER, today is Caturday and my Mom says she’s not doing any housework or laundry or yard work or any of that stuff……so she’s MINE ALL MINE! 😀

We’re having a big breakfast (bacon included) this morning for our usual weekend routine then I’m claiming Mom’s lap.  Dad will just have to find something to do that doesn’t involve ME or Mom – PERIOD!

Sam Settling in for a Nap

I’m getting sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy!

Sammy looking soft and sweet (asleep!)

When I nap I probably DREAM about……napping!

My Favorite Nap Spot!


Tomorrow is Sunday of course and I think I heard something about a bit of housework……..so I’m enjoying every minute of today.  Tomorrow I have a feeling the monster will come out of the closet and it will be noisy……today is – well – PARADISE ON LEGS!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀