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Tuesday Teaser


Students Please Take Your Seats!!  Class is about to start……..

Happy Tuesday all………………..remember to comment on this post because you MIGHT be the first to do so and THAT would get you a special badge to display on your blog, FB page, WHATEVA – so hurry up and comment then back to your desk quickly please!


(Uhoh…..everybody be extra good in class today because Sarge’s date didn’t turnout so well………..he says no more dates with lady wrestlers for him………..ouch)

Now, shall we REALLY begin class?   OK – today we have a Guest Teaser for you to peruse/study/agonize over and the very FIRST person to guess WHERE this photo was taken will win this:

You know you want this badge – especially if you’ve NEVER won one of them before so study hard AND remember EVERYONE that you MUST guess WHAT ARE WE SEEING IN THIS PHOTO and where was it taken?    I need the State (if USA) or Country (if NOT USA) !!!!    Got it?

To pump you all up before our Security Guard comes to display today’s photo, let’s bring Suzie in for another cheer………..she got your blood pumping yesterday with her Pre-Tease Monday cheer right?   Let’s hope it works again today!

I’m a little bit MAD
About that date that I HAD
The football player was mean
And a real skinny string bean
No muscles and no six-pack
No meat on his rib rack!
No more blind dates for me
My dates from now on I’ll SEE
I’ll try not to be grumpy
Though my “dating road” is bumpy
Let’s give this teaser a try
And I’ll try hard not to cry!

Gosh Suzie – sorry your big date didn’t work out.   Neither did Sarge’s………….!

Yeah well he’s a million years older than me so I’m not interested in him but I wish him luck……maybe if he SMILED????!!!!!

OK – let’s get back to the Teaser…………..Mr. Silver Briefcast/Security Guard/State Trooper guy – please come on down and show us today’s Teaser!!

I’ve got the photo here Professor Sam!

Where Was this Photo snapped? 

OK – you’re on your own kiddos…………study and guess and hopefully you can win a badge……………….!    No matter whether you win or lose you still get SOMETHING – it might be a GREENIE but it’s something!

REMEMBER WHAT YOU CAN WIN…………………………………………………….

If you DO guess correctly and you’re FIRST to do so you get this:

If you guess correctly BUT you’re not first you get this:

And then there’s the LOVELY Greenie for WRONG Guesses:


Tomorrow in class we’ll hand out all the badges to our various winners AND we’ll also tell you who our GUEST TEASER was…………….now won’t that just be FUN FUN FUN?

If you say so Professor Sammy

Assistant Professor Teddy and I will look for you in class tomorrow – don’t be late or Sarge just might be waiting for you at the school room door………….or maybe Miss Dingleberry will be there which just MIGHT be worse!

The Dynamic Duo 

Angel Professor Sam and Assistant Prof Ted

Tuesday Teaser Time


Happy Tuesday!


Good morning Class……………I hope you all enjoyed your holiday yesterday.   Today we’re going to buckle down and get back to work!   As you can see I have my baby brother Teddy with me in class today.   He is going to be our “Junior Professor” and observe how we conduct class for this special time of the week – GEOGRAPHY TESTING!

Remember please that if you are the FIRST to comment on this blog post today – (or even if you are ONE of the first within the first minute!) you will get a badge – that’s right – a special badge to proclaim that you were FAST posting today.     This is what you win:


Better hurry up and comment and get back to class……you don’t want SARGE after you!!



Today we have a GUEST TEASER photo for you to take a peek at.    Sent in to class by a friend and we think it’s a DOOZY.    We hope you think so too.  You will need your thinking caps on this one.   But before we show it to you courtesy of our fabulous Special Top Secret Photo Custodian, let’s see if Suzie has anything to say (who am I kidding…..she ALWAYS has something to say!).

Rootie Tootie Too Welcome To YOU Junior Prof Teddy You look like you're ready! I'd like to be your date Maybe one day we could mate? Welcome to our class Where I like to wiggle my POM POMS! (haha I fooled you Prof)

Rootie Tootie Too
Welcome To YOU
Junior Prof Teddy
You look like you’re ready!
I’d like to be your date
Maybe one day we could mate?
Welcome to our class
Where I like to wiggle my POM POMS!
(haha I fooled you Prof)

Well thank you Suzie for firing up everyone (including me and Teddy) with your cheer today…………………………and NO MATING for our Junior Professor – he’s just a baby!    Besides, he’s had “THE SNIP”!

Before class gets out of hand, let’s bring on the………………..YES Bobby??  You have a question??

Professor Sammy what is MATING??????

Professor Sammy what is MATING??????

Bobby that’s not a subject for geography class but you might consider asking your Dad to explain that to you when you get home today OK??????????????????????

Thought I'd come in QUICKLY with the photo Professor - before things get out of hand!

Thought I’d come in QUICKLY with the photo Professor – before things get out of hand!

Thanks Mr. Silver Briefcase………………..would you please put the Teaser photo up for class to see????


So class, WHERE do you think this photo was taken?    You have to tell me the CITY/TOWN as well as the STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not in USA) or you won’t be a winner!     If you happen to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER today, you will win this:


If you are RIGHT but are not FIRST to be right, you will get this:


And last but never least, if you are WRONG, you get the world famous, fabulously sought after GREENIE!


SO – get to work class…………figure this out………..make your guesses and let’s show everyone out there how SMART we all are!!!!

Junior Professor Teddy and I will see you back in class tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL where we’ll announce the winners.


Angel Professor Sammy

AND Junior Professor Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


Ready?  Set?  Go!


Good Morning Class!   Here we are gathered together to see if we can examine a photo and figure out from any clues we might see WHERE the photo was taken.   It’s a big, wide, wonderful world and this photo was taken SOMEWHERE – but WHERE????    Before we show it to you, remember you can be the FIRST to comment on this blog today – just a simple comment of any kind – and you will win a prize!    This pawsome badge to display on your blog or WHATEVER!


So that’s the FIRST thing we needed to do today and now for the second thing………well she isn’t really a “THING” she’s a SHE and she’s our official Teaser Cheerleader Miss SuzieQ and she’s here to provide comic relief a little encouragement to you for today’s exercise.   Ready?   C’mon in Suzie and give everyone a little BOOST!

Bim Bom Bam Give the door a slam Sit in you seat Rest your big flat feet Think about the photo Don't act like a dodo Impress all your friends Before this day ends Guess the Teaser RIGHT Squeeze it out with all your MIGHT Win yourself a prize Be a hero in my eyes! Now get yourself to work... Don't be a TEASER TWERK!

Bim Bom Bam
Give the door a slam
Sit in you seat
Rest your big flat feet
Think about the photo
Don’t act like a dodo
Impress all your friends
Before this day ends
Guess the Teaser RIGHT
Squeeze it out with all your MIGHT
Win yourself a prize
Be a hero in my eyes!
Now get yourself to work…
Don’t be a TEASER TWERK!

OK Suzie!  Thanks – I am not entirely sure I understand SOME of your cheer but that’s not new………..I rarely DO understand all of them but your FAN CLUB seems to get it so that’s all that matters!

Now are you ready to see today’s photo???    We had to BLOCK out a few of the things that would have given it away, but without those, I think this just might be a REAL TOUGHIE!

Mr. Silver Briefcase????  You can come in now and unlock that case and display the photo if you please!

Here I am Professor.....I've guarded the top secret photo and now it's time to post it for your students!

Here I am Professor…..I’ve guarded the top secret photo and now it’s time to post it for your students!


SO – whatcha think?????   Remember you have to guess what city/town/village and what state (USA) or country this photo was taken in……………OK?    We have badges for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, other RIGHT GUESSERS and of course LOSERS.    Everybody wins!!!!  YAY!

Now get to guessing OK?   Tomorrow for the Teaser Tell All I will TELL ALL and let you know WHO sent in this fabulous photo, and who was SMART enough to figure it out!!


Don’t let your old Professor down now – give it a guess!   Who knows – you might be RIGHT!!!!


Professor Sam

Teaser Tell All Time!


Wanna Know Where?


Good Morning Class!   You all really spent some time yesterday examining the photo didn’t you……….I could tell you did…….you noted the palm trees and thought “tropical” or “hot” and then tried to figure out WHICH area of the globe those spots might be in!   I’ll tell you how you all did in just a minute, but I thought you’d like to know a few OTHER facts about the Teaser first!

Our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday morning was not just ONE, it was THREE commenters who all chimed in the same 60 seconds after the Teaser went live so all three get this badge…

Miss Csilla of Kolytyi , Easy of Easy Weimaraner and Kosmo of Photofinland

Congratulations You Three!


You each get one of your VERY OWN!

Now, for the photo that we had up for studying yesterday!


Where Is This???  Why it’s Charleston, South Carolina that’s where!

My Mom and Dad cruised through Charleston and this photo was taken by them down on the waterfront on a BEAUTIFUL day.    They had walked and walked and walked all around the area down there to see all the gorgeous homes – some of which were hotels and B&Bs but some of which (at that time anyway) were private homes!!!  imagine living in one of these beauties!

SO, who guessed it correctly?My follower Shirley Matthews Dunn was the only one to guess correctly………….she doesn’t have a blog so no link, but she still is our WINNER of the FIRST RIGHT GUESS BADGE!


That was the ONLY correct guess though so no “RIGHT GUESSER” badges to award today I’m afraid!!!!!!

All of you who guessed incorrectly STILL get something you know………yep – you get a GREENIE!    So make sure and take one – you all earned it!


Next week I will try and find another goodie for you………………….OK?   Is it a deal?   Good!    I love Tuesdays in TEASERLAND and I hope you do too!



The Prof is Signing Off!

Pre-Tease Monday


What?  It’s that time again?


Yes it is that time again!   Days are flying by………..tomorrow we’ll be having not just a Teaser Post but another special post………..so you get TWO SAMMY posts in one day!    Lucky you!


There will be the TEASER of course…………..which will pop in your inbox WHENEVER (secret time), but it’s also “WAGS AND WAVES FOR FORREST DAY” and we’ll have a separate blog post for that.

Tomorrow’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER……….yes – yet another impossibly challenging Teaser photo from another of my friends meant to put you into orbit trying to figure out where this person snapped the photo.   I had to do a little “editing” on some signs appearing in the photo – I couldn’t read them when I bigified the photo but YOU might be able to so I fixed that!    The thing I really LOVE about the photo is there absolutely is NO hint in it……….none…………I think you’d have to have BEEN there to know it.   So maybe this will be another “GREENIE TUESDAY” ??????  HAHAHA

Seriously – GOOD LUCK TOMORROW……………………..and make sure and tune in on Tuesday for not just the Teaser but the blogosphere’s salute/tribute to Angel Forrest from ALL FUR ONE AND ONE FUR ALL with Miss Bev and her furramily who are missing dear Forrest after he went to the Bridge.   We’re all “Wagging and/or Waving” on Tuesday with a photo of us.   I have one of me waving……….I also found one of me wagging my tail so I might even use BOTH and send Forrest a DOUBLE greeting!    Miss Bev will appreciate all of our support.    I’m also celebrating my FIFTH BLOGAVERSARY tomorrow but since it’s really Forrest’s “day”, instead of a party for my blogaversary I’ll have a commentathon – for every comment we get on tomorrow’s post, my Mom will donate $1.00 to our local shelter (where I was adopted from!!).



Professor Sam