Tell All Time!

Today we find out who gets what!    Oh boy!

That was some Teaser wasn’t it……………………and there was a little twist to it which we’ll tell you about LATER.

A twist like THIS?????

No not really but you do a mean Twist – Chubby Checker would be proud of you.

Who you callin’ CHUBBY???

Oh boy.   We sure got off on the wrong foot this morning.   Let’s start over.    Why don’t we tell you the FIRST COMMENTERS were yesterday shall we?    We had THREE of them in the first sixty seconds – that’s better than FOUR for sure so the Cheer Team wasn’t TOOOOO stressed out about three.   The three were:

Miss Jackie from Two Devon Cats

Miss Sharon from Friends Furever

Miss Annie from Animal Couriers

Way to go ladies!!!!   Have a badge on us:

Well, I was ONE of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of Dec. 11,2018 which is pretty darn GOOD!

As for where the photo came to us from……………….it was sent in by Miss Janet from THE CAT ON MY HEAD and it really was not only a FASCINATING photo but it did, as I say above, have a little twist to it.    Before we show the photo, let’s give Miss Janet her badge as thanks for sending in the photo!

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of December 11, 2018!

Here’s the photo:

Pretty awesome photo isn’t it?   Landing gear and can you imagine how BRIGHT those lights shine at night????     It gave people a lot to use in their “search” for the answer of WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN, that’s for sure.   And it led them in all kinds of directions.   The photo was taken at the entrance to the Delta Flight Museum in Hangar #1 at the Atlanta Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.    BUT (here’s the twist), it’s in the HAPEVILLE, Georgia postal zone.   Kind of like here in Washington, DC, our airport in DC is National Airport, Washington, DC but it’s ACTUALLY located in Arlington, Virginia.    Go figure.    But all that aside – WHO guessed it correctly FIRST??????


DA PHENNY !!!!    Yep – Mr. Smarty Pants with (I’m sure) the help from Da Neilson and Da Mama

Concatulations!!   Here’s your badge:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of December 11, 2018! YAY FOR ME!


Phenny wasn’t the only one who guessed right though – we had some others who did – you all are getting VERY good at figuring out what to search for!    If you were RIGHT (and said either Atlanta or Hapeville, Georgia) you get one of these badges:

I knew the Teaser on Dec. 11, 2018, but I wasn’t FIRST to guess so I got this swell badge for being RIGHT but not FIRST. Cool!

AND if you did guess but were wrong, you still get a badge…………….so feel free to copy this one for your collection:

I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser of Dec. 11, 2018 but I still got a Christmassy GREEN badge!!


I am going to study DOUBLE HARD this coming week so I can win a badge……(sniff)

Not everyone can win Clarence so don’t feel bad…………………many of your classmates didn’t guess correctly and didn’t get a badge either!

PHOOOOOEY! I was wrong again!

Let’s see if the Cheer Team can cheer you all up – especially those who WON today!

What a Teaser we had today!
One of our toughest we must say….
The early birds were there and we had THREE
Jackie, Sharon and Annie – WHEEEEEEE!!!!!
We waited in the hot tub until someone was right
We saw it was Phenny, he’s out of sight!
I wonder if he’d like to join us in our tub…..
Or maybe we could give him a Cheer Team backrub?

I think perhaps we need to avoid visitors in hot tubs and back rubs………..sounds like you’re getting into dangerous territory there.    Perhaps we should just adjourn until next week and all go to the cafeteria for lunch?


I’m UP for it !!!!

Come in students and get in line……..enjoy your lunch today.   In two weeks we’ll have our CHRISTMAS LUNCH in the cafeteria with all sorts of delicious choices, even some for the annoying BURD that is in Geography Class!   

Today’s Menu:

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Class we will see you next week for Teaser – Monday is Pre-Teaser Preparation Class, Tuesday is the TEASER test, and Wednesdays are the TELL ALL days.   We’ll see you then.

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy too


Teaser Tuesday Holiday Style

We’re HERE…..are you?  If so COMMENT NOW!!!

Good Morning students.    It’s that time again………….I hope you are well rested……….

Well we hope MOST of you are well rested anyway…..

We have a GUEST TEASER for you today…………..and I do believe it will take all your Sherlockian talents to be first to guess this one.   You all know how to do that detective work so I’m thinking someone will get it!    Maybe YOU?


Maybe you.   Depends on how well you do your detective work when you see the photo today.    First, let me remind you of the rules:

AND then let me show you the possible badges you could win today:

Let’s let the cheer team get you in the mood before we show you the photo shall we?

Tuesday is here you lucky class
We’ll fire you up with our usual sass
Give this one some time and gather your clues
We want a happy class, not one filled with the blues!
If you think you have it right then give it a guess
You might be first – ahead of the rest.
Pre-Christmas badges are cool and you know you want one…..
So get to guessing and join in the pre-Christmas FUN.

Tomorrow when we do the TELL ALL post, you will find out who gets what badges – until then you’ll just have to study the photo and do your best to guess.   I know you all will do a great job!!!

I’m gonna try!  I’m serious about it!

You students BETTER be serious – Geography is IMPORTANT!!!   Madge – you’d better page Mr. Security for the Professors!


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Alright Students – WHERE was this photo taken?     Remember the rules………….and HAPPY HUNTING!!    You can stay in the classroom and do your hunting or you can join some of us in the cafeteria for another nice lunch then return to the classroom for (a) a nap or (b) to figure out the Teaser!

DECISIONS – DECISIONS!!!!!!!!   Lunch or study…….I think I’ll EAT first!

Ho Ho Ho…..the line’s moving too slow!!!!


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Good Luck Students!  See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

Your Professors………………….

Teaser Tell All Class

Good Morning Class!   Time to TELL IT ALL !

Ready to hear the details Professors!

We really did think that it would be FOREVER before the Teaser yesterday was guessed BUT we were wrong………….in spite of what we thought was a photo with very FEW clues, we still managed to get more than one correct guess but there still was only ONE FIRST RIGHT GUESSER.   We’ll tell you who that was in just a moment but FIRST……………..

Who was our FIRST COMMENTER????   WELL, we had FOUR OF THEM in the first minute of class!

Annie of Animal Couriers

Da Phenny of Easy Weimaraner

Oliver and Calvin

Carole and Katie of Katie Isabella Colors My World

WHAT? The Cheer Team is gonna faint!

Each of our FOUR Firsties gets one of these badges:

I was one of the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of December 4, 2018! I’m an EARLY BIRD!

Yes the Cheer Team thankfully were all soaking in their Team Hot Tub when word got to them that there were FOUR First commenters…………they were surprisingly nonchalant about it – makes me wonder WHY.   I’m sure they will have something to say about it with their cheer later though!


The wonderful photo was sent to us by Carry of  CARRIELOVESCATS.    Carry has two cats and lives in Scotland.   She’s also a mighty good photographer!   Here’s the beautiful photo she allowed us to use for Teaser yesterday:

This is one of the Fairy Pools that you must cross over to get to some beautiful waterfalls in Glenbrittle, Isle of Skye in Scotland.   She has visited – lucky her!!!    Thanks Carry for the very very cool photo!    This badge is for you:

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of December4, 2018!

Thank you Carry!

Who was the FIRST to guess correctly this week??????

ANNIE of ANIMAL COURIERS!!!    Yes – she is a double winner this week!   Annie, this is for you!


I was a FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of December 4, 2018! A DOUBLE WHAMMY WINNER!!!


Several more students guessed the Teaser correctly though – and for that, each of you who did gets one of these badges:

Darn! I knew the Teaser of December 4, 2018 but I wasn’t the FIRST to make the guess! Oh well…..

And if you guessed but weren’t right – you get a Pre-Teaser GREENIE badge of your very own!

I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser of Dec. 4, 2018 but at least I tried!

Well, what a great geography class we had this week right students?    Who knows – perhaps NEXT week it will be one of YOU!     Just keep studying and learning the fine art of looking for clues and you might get a badge soon.

POOEY! I studied but still wasn’t FAST enough to win anything!

Let’s see what the Cheer Team has to say shall we??

Good thing we were relaxed when we heard the news
So many firsties we could have had the blues!
But we are trying to stay on Santa’s NICE list
So we avoided complaining or getting…….UPSET (yes we know that doesn’t rhyme)
We had FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS – my my my.
So darn fast it could make you cry!
Phenny, Oliver and Calvin, Carol and Katie and Annie
That’s enough to say to knock us on our fannies!
But Annie wasn’t through nosireeeeee
She also was FIRST RIGHT as you all can see.
It was quite a Teaser this week but some of you knew it
Now we’re holding up lunch today so let’s get to it!!!


I guess everyone is ready to head over to the cafeteria?    Let’s go………………and we’ll see you again next Monday for PRE-TEASER class then TEASER on Tuesday……………never a dull moment in Ding Dong School !

Lunch is now served in the Main Dining Room (which is actually the ONLY dining room).  


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Enjoy your lunch kids – see you next week for class!

Your Professors…………….

Tuesday Teaser


Just a little reminder to comment if you’re early because you might be FIRST or at least one of the first in the first sixty seconds.   That earns you a badge to show off!  WOO HOO!   Then of course please have a seat and prepare to be teased.

I don’t think I was first – there was a line when I got here!

Today we have a GUEST TEASER for you.    Just remember when you guess you have to guess EVERYTHING…….what town/city/village/area and what country (if not in USA) or state (if in USA) because giving us PART of the answer just won’t work!    Nope – we want it all.

Here’s what’s up for grabs in the way of REWARDS for your good work with the photo-guesswork today!

Let’s bring our lovely little elves in for a cheer to get you in the mood for the photo shall we?

Here we are in our holiday clothes
We know we’re HOT so bring out the fire hose!
We’ve seen today’s photo and good luck to you….
We’ve got NO guess – not even a clue!
Santa might be watching to see who’s smart
Want to move from the NAUGHTY to NICE list then this could be a start!
Tomorrow we’ll be back to tell you who wins and loses
Who is a smarty pants and who are silly gooses!

Thanks Team………………..I think!

Let’s bring our security guard in with today’s challenging photo…………………………………..


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today! Sorry I was late….found some students smoking in the bathroom!


Here’s your Tuesday Teaser:

Definitely a toughie right?   Not a lot to go on but somehow you always pull through students – so good luck with your guessing and your searching for clues!   REMEMBER:   we need town/city/village/area AND state (if USA) or country (if not in USA).    Tomorrow we’ll have our TELL ALL and let you know who figured this one out!

Gosh……this is a toughie!

Maybe you think you might do better on a FULL TUMMY????   If so, follow us to the cafeteria………….we’re ready to chow down……………..

Hello Students………….step right up for lunch – no lecture today – I’m in a good mood.  

Today’s Menu:

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See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!  Good luck students!  

Your Profs

Pre-Teaser Tuesday Class

Good Morning Students!

Another week closer to Christmas.   We hope your excitement about the holidays doesn’t mean your studying for Teaser will suffer – it’s important to keep up the good work – anything you can do at this point to stay on Santa Paws’ “NICE” list can’t hurt right?

You mean he’s still keeping track of whether we’re naughty or nice THIS close to Christmas?

Yes indeed!  Up until that sleigh takes off from the North Pole!

Gosh….I’m gonna try to be EXTRA Good then.

So tomorrow we will be showing you a GUEST TEASER photo and we’ll be starting class at a surprise time as usual…………….but let’s go over the rules YET AGAIN for you just in case you’re new in class!    The whole point is you are going to have a photo to study and figure out where it was taken.   It’s not as easy as it may sound!

There are some fun badges to be acquired depending on how well you do with your guessing!   AND, starting tomorrow we will be awarding out “PRE-CHRISTMAS” batch of badges for those of you who earn one!    Here they are:

The biggest thing to remember tomorrow when you get here is to COMMENT before you sit at your desk – you MIGHT be the FIRST COMMENTER and get that special badge!

There will be special Christmas Teaser badges on Tuesday December 25th because – IT’S CHRISTMAS OF COURSE!!

Have any of you been helping to decorate your house for Christmas this year?

I tried out the tippity top of the tree!

Well I wasn’t allowed to be in the living room while the decorating was happening and when I came in I found THIS!!!!!

I “taste-tested” our tree and it was delicious!

I helped string lights!!!

How very helpful you all were………………good for you – I’m sure your efforts were appreciated.    Now, shall we bring our Cheer Team in for a little RA RA RA to get you in the mood for tomorrow?

Rippy Tippy Tooo
We’re Christmas-ized for you!
New badges for you to win
Let the Christmas fun begin!
We’re counting down from today
Until Santa comes on his sleigh
We’ll see you here in the morning…
This is your early warning…
Remember to COMMENT when you arrive
We’re not kidding gang – this “ain’t no jive” !!!!

Well team you look grand in your outfits and I know if anyone in class was NOT in the Christmas spirit before you cheered today – they sure are now!

Outstanding outfits team!!!

Are you all ready for lunch now?    Miss Dingleberry and her crew have a nice one for us today.   Remember class is a surprise time tomorrow!

Greetings Students….welcome to the cafeteria today.   I hope you enjoy your lunch.   In the spirit of the holiday I won’t remind you to BEHAVE…..but I will mention that if you don’t, the security cameras will SEE YOU and they have direct feed to the North Pole (if you get my drift).  

Today’s Menu:

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Study, Study, Study and we’ll see you tomorrow in class!   

Professor Angel Sammy and Teddy


Teaser Class Tell All

The weather outside is frightful but inside the school it’s delightful!

Hello Students —————– come on in, have a seat at your desks, and we will begin class.   Today we let you know who gets what badges for yesterday’s TEASER fun.

The first thing we’ll do is let you know that AGAIN this week we only had ONE student who got here in the first minute to comment – so this week our FIRST COMMENTER IS:


Da Phenny and Da Nellie and Da Mama! 

WOO HOO FOR YOU………here’s your badge:

We were the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser post of November 27, 2018 and won this fabulous badge!

The Teaser was a GUEST TEASER and we kind of thought that it MIGHT be an easy one to guess but we were standing by to watch as students raised their hands and made their guesses just to see how things went!     Here’s the photo from yesterday:

Thanks to our GUEST TEASER Mr. Tom Blue from KITTIES BLUE’S blog “THE CAT ON MY HEAD“………….he’s the Cat Daddy of all the Kitties Blue and a wonderful photographer too who has been almost EVERYWHERE you can imagine.    This beautiful photo is Juliet’s Balcony in Verona, Italy.    A BUNCH of you guessed it quickly………..but only ONE of you was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER.    We’ll let you know WHO after we thank Mr. Tom properly with this badge!

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of November 27, 2018!

Who was the FIRST to guess the location where the photo was taken????


Miss Csilla of Kolytyi !!!


I’m HAPPY for you Miss Csilla!

I’m happy too – that’s why I’m slobbering all over myself!

Here’s your FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge Miss Csilla:

WOO HOO FOR ME! I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Nov. 27, 2018. I am a “master detective” !

Congratulations Miss Csilla!!   While you were FIRST to guess correctly, we had a WHOLE BUNCH of others who knew it was Juliet’s Balcony in Verona, Italy and each of you who DID guess that get a “RIGHT GUESSER BUT NOT FIRST” badge of your very own.    (just copy it for yourself)

I knew the Teaser photo but I wasn’t the FIRST to guess right….but I WAS right so I get this cool badge!! YAY FOR ME!

Well you all were RIGHT – just too SLOW to be FIRST!!!! Concatulations!

If you tried to guess it – made a guess but it turned out to be wrong…….you STILL win a badge because after all – YOU DID TRY!    So here’s what you get for the effort!

Darn! I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of Nov. 27, 2018. At least I TRIED!!!

Well at least you all got a badge……I was clueless and didn’t even TRY! No wonder I’m a DUNCE!

I am going to study DOUBLE HARD this coming week so I can win a badge……(sniff)

Cheer Team – you’re on…………………cheer up the losers and cheer on the winners will you???????

Congratulations to those who could follow the clues!
Boo Hoo for the losers who have the blues…..
Now for the awards and we know you’ve been waiting
We’ll tell you now with no hesitating!
Da Phenny and family COMMENTED FIRST
They beat out the rest of you who were obviously cursed!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was Miss Csilla the smarty
We think that she deserves a big party!
Everyone though deserves some cheers
Maybe we should all go out and have some beers????????

No ladies… beer drinking while on duty!

But what we do AFTER school is “ANYTHING GOES” !!!

We’re officially counting down to Christmas now and just in case you weren’t AWARE of it, Christmas Day falls on a TUESDAY this year…………which would normally be a TEASER day.     We will STILL have a Teaser Class that day but we know that most of you will have other things on your mind than Teasers – like seeing what Santa Paws has brought to you or having a fabulous Christmas Day meal………….but we’ll still have class for those of you who aren’t celebrating Christmas or who wouldn’t miss a TEASER no matter WHAT!

GOOD because my Cheer Team and I will have special costumes that day!!

Totally GROOVY……

Now who’s ready to head to the cafeteria for lunch?   Our Cafeteria Supervisor Miss Dingleberry says they have a yummy lunch on the line today for everyone.     I know we Professors are ready to eat – conducting class takes ENERGY!   Remember after lunch today you all get a HALF DAY OFF!    How cool is that?    We’ll see you NEXT Monday though for PRE-TEASER MONDAY.

Alright students……now remember – no poking, tripping, cutting in line, yelling, shoving, pushing, spitting, and holding up the line!   Get your tray, sit down at a table and eat like a human being and not an animal (unless of course you ARE an animal in which case don’t push your food out of your dish with your nose!).     Enjoy your lunch.


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See you all next week……keep on studying!   

Your Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser Time

Good Morning Students!    COMMENT NOW before you sit down!!!!

Happy Tuesday.   I just know you all studied hard last night and are ready to guess where today’s Guest Teaser Photo was taken.   Right???

Well you all sound like you’re READY so let’s get started shall we?    First the rules AGAIN and the possible badges you can win – one more time.   Then we’ll get the Security Guard in here with the photo!

So that’s the scoop…………NOW…………let’s have our Security Guard bring in the photo shall we??


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Where was this photo taken?    What town/city/village in which country or state?   Good luck!!     Here’s the cheer team to make sure you’re fired up!

You’ve seen the photo so now you can guess
C’mon and be brave – don’t be a “hot mess” !
You know your geography we’re sure you do
So come on and impress us we’ll be proud of you!
Tomorrow we’ll find out if you win or lose….
You’ll either be HAPPY or singing the blues!!!!

Thanks Cheer Team………..I’m sure you have everyone FIRED UP now!

Wherever this is, it’s a pretty place – I wanna live there!

Alright already….I am trying for a badge this week PERIOD!

Take it easy now………..this is FUN stuff right?   No sense getting all crazy about it.   Just do your best.   That’s all we ask.    Now if you prefer to EAT before guessing, then lunch is ready now – if you want to stay in class and work on figuring out the photo you can do that too – then come to the cafeteria for lunch.   Either way – we will see you back in class tomorrow morning when we find out who wins what!!!

Hello Students…….we have a nice lunch for you today…….it will help you concentrate on the Teaser photo so you might win a badge from the Professors!!!!!   

Today’s Menu:

GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!   See you tomorrow at regular class time!  

Your Profs