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Teaser Tell All


Time For Us To Tell……..

Hello Class.    You all did pretty well yesterday examining, re-examining, agonizing over, and re-agonizing over the Teaser photo.    It was a bit of a mystery BUT one of you figured it out and we’ll tell you who THAT was later!   BUT FIRST……….


I’m sure you all want to know who our FIRST COMMENTERS were yesterday?    We had TWO of them (I think I just heard Suzie cheer in the background) and they were:

ANNIE of McGuffy’s Reader

TIMMY of Tomcat Commentary by Tim


You each get one of these beauties:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of April 17, 2018! YAY FOR ME!

Now we should take a moment to THANK our GUEST TEASER yesterday.    Who was it????    It was:

Jackie from Two Devon Cats

Great Teaser Photo Miss Jackie!

This is for you to thank you for sending in this gorgeous photo – we’ll tell everyone where you took it next…………

For Miss Jackie for being our GUEST TEASER on April 17, 2018!

And here is the photo one more time!!

Sure looks like a lonely, quiet place and certainly needs a new roof (hahaha).    This is a photo Miss Jackie took on a trip to IRELAND………..it is the Ballinskelligs Castle in Kerry, Ireland.   Here is a link (CLICK HERE) if you would like more information on this interesting castle which actually isn’t a castle as you will find out if you read the info.    Very cool photo.

Who Guessed It First??



This is for you!!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of April 17, 2018! YAY FOR ME!

Not sure if any others guessed it correctly before midnight last night but just in case, if you guessed Ballinskelligs Castle in Kerry, Ireland then you get one of these:

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of April 17, 2018!

And for those of you who are collecting these BRAND NEW SPRING EDITION GREENIES – help yourself to one of these won’t you?

DARN! I was WRONG with my Teaser guess on April 27, 2018!

So cheer team – how about showing a little Ding Dong School cheer LOVE to our winners today?

Annie and Timmy!
Jumpin Jiminy!
You were quick to arrive
And that’s no jive!
Then along came another Annie
Isn’t that uncanny?
Animal Couriers was RIGHT
Annie’s flying high as a kite
Two Annies and a Timmy won
And this Teaser was a lot of fun
Next week who knows who’ll win a badge
And a big old KISS from wacky Madge!

I will NOT be kissing ANYONE thank you very much!

We sure hope not!

Thank heavens!


That was a great Teaser wasn’t it class?   You all did very well.    Next week we’ll have another photo for you and another round of badges to hand out to the winners and losers.   Meanwhile – what say we take a lunch break????

Step right up for PIZZA DAY!

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Your Profs will be back next week with more fun!

Professors Sammy and Teddy………..


Tuesday Teaser Time!


Ding Dong School is in Session!  

Another confusing weather day outside but it’s ALWAYS confusing in class….

Don’t Forget To Comment!

Shall we begin class?


I hope you all are ready for your photo today…………we think it’s a goodie……….but that will be up to you – you who are guessing!     Before we get to that shall we share our rules AND badges up for grabs today?

You know the rules by now but we like to refresh your memories since we don’t know if you were out partying all night and aren’t quite AWAKE or WHAT……………..so that’s how we do this – remember to guess the WHOLE thing and not just a city.

What are the new Spring badges?

Perhaps tomorrow in the Tel All our stellar cast of cheerleaders will be singing YOUR name as they do their cheer – all you have to do is be FIRST COMMENTER or FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!    The other badges are “winnable” but Suzie and the cheerleaders usually only include the FIRST COMMENTERS and FIRST RIGHT in their cheer.

By the way today we have a special and unusual lunch from our Ding Dong School cafeteria crew.   The new Assistant Chef is from Japan and suggested that Miss Dingleberry let him whip up some Japanese delights including sushi for you to try!     Won’t that be FUN??????

Suzie – how about whipping these students into a frenzy so they don’t fall asleep…………..unless of course it’s too late for that……..


………huh? Who?…….zzzzz…



We hope you’re awake and fine
Your test today is rough
We think this Teaser’s tough
But then we aren’t brainiacs
We’re just cheering maniacs!
You’re the ones who are smarty
So wake up and join the party
Give it your best shot
Whether you know it or not
At least you will have tried
And aren’t just along for the ride!!!

Gosh thanks you all – I’m sure everyone is WIDE AWAKE now…………………….In that case, Mr. Security Guard will you PULEEEZE bring in the Teaser photo for this week’s class?????

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Teddy


OK – get to guessing everyone…………….while you’re thinking about it – how about taking a little break for lunch?   You can eat at your desk and study the Teaser photo at the same time – just don’t get any teriyaki sauce on your paperwork.

Say – this looks yummy!   I, Truman Catpote, am gonna have a little of EVERYTHING!!!

Good luck Students!  See you for the Tell All tomorrow!!

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy

Pre-Tease Monday


Good Morning Class!   Time to prep for tomorrow!

That’s right – we gather on Mondays to prepare for Tuesdays – then when Tuesday comes we prepare for Wednesday.    All for the love of figuring out WHERE a photo was taken.   But it’s fun!

Tomorrow at a surprise time we will go LIVE and you will be able to take a peek at a photo and tell us WHERE the photo was taken.   You will examine it, magnify it, look for clues, and hopefully will come up with the right guess and win a badge!     Your FIRST challenge though will be to COMMENT because if you are the first person to comment (or one of the first in the first minute) you win this:

You will need to follow our official class TEASER rules though and here they are one more time!

If you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, or not first but RIGHT, or even WRONG, you will still get a badge to show off on your blog or other social media!



I’m sure our fabulous Cheer Team would love to WHIP you into a frenzy to prepare you for tomorrow – right team?????

Better get out those books!
Or you’ll get some nasty looks!
If you aren’t ready to study
You’re in great big trouble buddy!
Our Profs are nice to the students
Especially that new chick Miss Prudence
But if you sit in class and SNORE
Some demerits might be in store!
So tonight try to dream about the globe
As you curl up in jammies and robe.
We’ll see you tomorrow in class
We’ll cheer you on with some sass!

Alright ladies thank you.   I do believe our students will be READY for Tuesday morning.

No reason to be scared…just study and you’ll be fine!

I can’t WAIT for Tuesday!

Now before you all go outside for some fresh air…………how about we enjoy a little lunch courtesy of our ever fabulous but somewhat cranky Miss Dingleberry???????

AND there are a few other things behind that counter of hers you can ask for too!

Southern Fried Okra

Fried onion rings!

Fried twinkies!!

Fried food may not be that good for us but it sure is GOOD!  

See you tomorrow class!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


Time for Tell All Class!!

That was a fun one yesterday wasn’t it?    AND we had another bumper crop of FIRST COMMENTERS which might have sent Suzie Q and her gang into orbit if not for the fact that Sarge was attending an anger management class and his hot tub was VACANT.    So the team did a bit of CHILLING OUT and composed their cheer while soaking away their aches and pains from cheer practice.

That’s right – we “be chillin’ ” !!!

GROOVY…….Chillin’ !

Now that everyone is “chilling” – oops I mean chillin’ shall we continue with the TELL ALL?    Would you like to hear who our FOUR First Commenters were??

Our friends from FRIENDS FUREVER

   Our friends from TOMCAT COMMENTARY BY TIM  

Our friend Annie from MCGUFFYS READER and


You all were right there within the first sixty seconds after the blog appeared in print and EACH of you gets to take home one of our brand new Spring 2018 FIRST COMMENTER BADGES!!!!!

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of April 10, 2018! YAY FOR US!


Amazing……………you all truly ROCK!!

Now let’s show you the photo from yesterday’s Teaser AND tell you that our Guest Teaser was Miss Stephanie from GOODNESS GRACIE – and this badge is for you Miss Stephanie!

For Miss Stephanie for being our GUEST TEASER on April 20, 2018!

Where was this??????    This photo is of the beautiful gate called the Mdina Gate or the Vilhena Gate into the fortified city of Mdina, in Malta.    CLICK HERE for some super interesting information not just on the gate, which was built in 1724, but about the city within which dates back 4000 years.

Great Teaser wasn’t it?????    Wanna know who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER??????????   I thought you might………..it was (drumroll please):



This is for you Timmy!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of April 20, 2018. YAY for me!

If you were one of the others who guessed correctly (and we had a few that did!!!!), each of YOU gets one of these:

DARN! I was RIGHT with my guess on the Tesaer of April 10, 2018, but I wasn’t FIRST……maybe next time!

AND, of course if you were WRONG with your guess……….you at least get a brand spanking newly designed SPRING GREENIE BADGE!!

Well, I tried, but I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of April 20, 2018. Dang! Maybe next week!

Now Cheer Team, since you’re all dried off and now look like a group of four PRUNES, would you like to give our winners a cheer????

So glad Sarge wasn’t here
We chilled out and wrote our cheer
Four FIRST Commenters is a crowd
We’ll scream their names out loud….
Sharon, Annie, Oliver, Calvin and Timmy
That’s quite a mouthful JUMPIN’ JIMINY !
Thankfully there’s only ever ONE FIRST RIGHT
Otherwise we’d probably have a big fight!
Timmy was HOT today it’s true
He doesn’t get ONE badge, he gets himself TWO!!!
Congrats dear students you’re a bunch of smarty pants
If we weren’t so exhausted we’d break out and dance!

Well done Cheer Team…………..I’m glad Sarge was not around so you all could chill out before you had to come up with a cheer with all these names in it today.

Let’s hear it for Ding Dong School CHEER TEAM!!


I foresee FOOD in our immediate future!

Now who’s up for some lunch before we head out to enjoy the sun today???    Raise your hands please……..

Looks like EVERYONE !!

Miss Dingleberry?    Are you ready for some hungry students and professors?????

Yep – I’m ready…..we have sandwiches on the table in the hallway AND outside I’ve got my ice cream cart set up!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fruit juices

Step right up – get your ice cream before it all melts!

Great class today students!   Your Profs will see you again next Monday for Pre-Tease!


Teaser Tuesday



Good morning students.   I’m sure you all got a good night’s sleep last night in preparation for being on top of your game today as we take a peek at another stumper of a photo and figure out WHERE WAS THE PHOTO TAKEN????


Today’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER……………yep – someone sent this one in and we hope it gets your brain cells churning around in your heads and that you study it wisely before you make your guesses.   Remember we have RULES for guessing!

We also have brand new badges for Spring!   That’s right – even though Spring seems to have forgotten where many of us live because we are still in the depths of Winter (we had snow flurries today here in Virginia!), we have NEW badges.    If you are the FIRST COMMENTER you will get this one:

IF you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, a RIGHT GUESSER (but not first) or a WRONG GUESSER, you will win one of these:

So shall we begin?   Oh yes let’s!

Let’s do it – I’m not skeered!

Before we show you the photo that our fabulous SECURITY GUARD has been keeping secret and hidden from prying eyes since we received it, let’s bring on the cheer team to pump up the volume!


Bee Bop A Lula
Let’s all do the hula
Or maybe we shouldn’t
Because we’re sure Sarge couldn’t
Maybe we’ll just say
That this could be YOUR DAY
Purrhaps you’ll guess right
You’ll be higher than a kite!
You can brag about being a smarty
Your friends will throw you a big old party!
Good luck to all you students…..
That goes for you too new student Prudence!!


Oh WOW!  The Cheer girls put me in their cheer!!!!!

Yes, welcome to Ding Dong School Prudence.   Class – Prudence transferred here from another school so today is her first day.   Show her around the playground during recess will you?    Now on with the Teaser

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Where was this taken????

Tomorrow we will announce winners and losers AND tell you the scoop about this interesting photo……………..don’t get eyestrain figuring this one out – we don’t see any super EASY clues but perhaps you do????

Now, we have lunch courtesy of Miss Dingleberry today………………..anyone want to guess what it is?

Beer, salsa and chips???????

Absolutely NOT!    Bobby I’m surprised at your guess!    No we have some wholesome good old fashioned lunch for you today.   Burgers and hot dogs and all the fixings.    But FIRST – Miss Dingleberry made a special cake for one of our students who celebrated their birthday yesterday…………..This is for YOU Kismet our one and only BURD!

Now let’s ALL EAT!


Festive Fries

After you eat, you may head out for recess……..remember to show Prudence around and also remember not to make a big mess out there or the School Grounds staff will be reporting you to the Principal !


Good Luck Students!   

Your Professors

Pre-Teaser Monday


Wait……What?   Snow and Flowers????

Yes dear students, I’m afraid we’re having severe wacky weather these days with one day snow/sleet and the next day flowers, sun and growing things.  What’s with that?   Not sure – but maybe it’s a sign that this week will be a good Teaser week???   Who knows………we just will be happy when Spring STAYS.

Now, it is Monday and that’s when your Professors do their best to try and prep you for tomorrow’s Teaser challenge.   We will be showing you a photo and it will be YOUR JOB to figure out what place the photo is from.   What town or city and in what state or country.   No it’s not easy but then again – we never promised you EASY did we??????

Remember too that if you get here FIRST tomorrow – or are one of the FIRST (in first minute we go live) you will win a BADGE……and guess what…………..(DRUM ROLL PLEASE)

We have new Spring badges for you to win!  Wanna see?

You want one right?  Sure you do – so make sure you win one of them!

Here are the rules we will play by and I encourage you to follow the rules – it’s more fun that way – if we all follow the rules then we’re all starting from the same place!!   We all have equal chance to win something – WHEEE!


Yes Bobby?

May I please visit the little boycats room? Mom made me drink prune juice this morning and well….it’s working.

Of course Bobby…..Sarge will wait for you in the hall

Yeah…c’mon kid…..make sure and wash your hands after!


OK, glad you’re back Bobby.    Let’s see – where was I……oh yes………….make sure you stick to our rules.  We only have a couple of them but they are impawtant.    I bet you would like to hear from the cheer team so they can get you in the mood for studying tonight and test tomorrow right???

Ring a ding
It’s time for Spring
So why isn’t it HOT?
Is it a vicious PLOT?
Did the bad guys steal our sun?
To ruin our outdoor fun?
Well, we’ll just keep on teasin’
No matter what the season!
Be ready for the test
You wanna be the BEST
Win a brand new badge
And avoid the wrath of Madge!

Yeah….believe me you don’t want me mad !!

Now before we all enjoy some lunch courtesy of Miss Dingleberry’s kitchen staff, may I remind you that you should not eat a bunch of food then go outside and hang upside down on the jungle gym.   Trust me on that Ok?    Today we are going to enjoy one of Miss D’s specialties……………BBQ!!!!

Alright children…..no shoving…..who’s next?   Shrimp, Chicken or ribs????

Boy does this smell good!

See you tomorrow Students!!!!  Remember – post will be at a surprise time!

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


Good Morning Class!!!!   Ready to hear ALL ?

I’m riveted to my seat! (or maybe someone put some glue on my chair???)

I’d say we had a whopper of a Teaser yesterday wouldn’t you?    It started out with a BIG BANG when we had FOUR – that’s right – FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS!    Suzie and her crew screamed “foul” when we told them but in the end they were good sports………AND they got some free hot tub time for their trouble courtesy of Sarge (who was attending a yoga class at the time).

This can be our little secret right?  Uhoh….Sarge is back! 

I am quite zenned out from my yoga class girls – tomorrow I will yell – today I will say OOOOMMMM!

Alright let’s get on with the show while the girls get dressed for their cheer.

FIRST let’s tell you who our FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS were!    All of them popped in the first minute the post went LIVE this morning!   CONGRATULATIONS TO:



Each of you wins one of these FABULOUS BADGES to add to your collections!

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of April 3, 2018!!

Here’s the photo we had for yesterday’s TEASER to refresh your memory:

A very tough Teaser.   My Mom found this in a very VERY “roundabout” kind of way.   She googled “Japan” to look for a photo to use and there in the images was THIS PHOTO.   She knew it was NOT a photo of Japan but she followed up to find out WHERE it was and it was linked to a Japanese Travel site and was being touted as a “great place for Japanese people to visit”.   Then it said where it was and she was rather SURPRISED to learn that it was Berat, Albania!    WHERE?  You heard me – Albania.    Here’s the information on this city which actually has a most interesting history!     CLICK HERE

Lo and behold, much to our amazement, we had ONE student who guessed this correctly!   We had tons of guesses coming in but she was the only one to guess this correctly.

And the winner is…….

Ingrid !

Miss Ingrid I am sure our classmates would love to know how you found out this Teaser’s location.

Sorry you two – Miss Ingrid beat you to it this week!

This badge is for you Miss Ingrid:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of April 3, 2018!


I don’t think anyone else guessed this correctly, but if someone DOES after we’ve already scheduled this post then this would be for you:

I wasn’t first but I got it RIGHT on the Teaser of April 3, 2018

AND the badge most of you are just dying to collect for your efforts guessing this one although you were WRONG:

Darn Darn Darn I was WRONG on the Teaser of April 3,2018 BUT I tried!!!

Well ladies – you’re all dried off from your hot tub visit – are you ready to sing out a cheer for our winners????????????

Yesterday was a real bonanza
Because of that we have a lot of stanzas
FOUR first commenters is what we had
Any more than THAT and it would have been BAD!
Jackie, Annie, Timmy and also Sharon
So many names we’re beyond really carin’ !
Congrats to you four but you wore out the team
Having four firsties took all of our steam!
We have just enough energy for the our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER
Miss Ingrid took that prize – she’s a real “impresser” !
We’re exhausted now so back to the tub we go
C’mon Sarge – let’s go with the flow!!!

OK Cheer team……..you did well with that one and deserve another round of hot-tubbing for sure.

The Professors want to say that ALL of you did a lot of good guesswork yesterday!   Some of you looked at details and examined the photo from side to side and top to bottom………and we know you all followed the rules and tried your best……..you get a big PROFESSORS HUG!

From Your Professors

Shall we have a little snackable before we recess?   Yesterday’s Italian EXTRAVAGANZA courtesy of Miss Dingleberry filled me up – I told her perhaps we should have something LIGHT today for a change and she said she’d wheel in her snack machines and equipment so if you want a little something – please step to the back of the classroom and get something – a SMALL popcorn, or something that won’t make you want to pop the buttons off your trousers!!!

What’ll it be sonny boy?!

Your Professors will see you NEXT week for more crazy fun!   

Teaser Tuesday


Good Morning Class! 

You’d better COMMENT NOW before you sit down at your desk!

Is everybody ready to participate in today’s geography quiz?   Oh I hope so………you know we have more than one DUNCE CAP available and we’re not afraid to use them (Marge is in charge of those!).


I’ve had this one on so long I think it’s permanently embedded in my head!

Today’s Teaser is NOT a GUEST TEASER it’s “home grown” from US.    Your Professors got this one lined up for you and we think it’s a doozy.    We will remind you NOW what the rules are and we hope that you will follow them!

We have some swell badges that you can earn – one for the FIRST COMMENTER on today’s blog, one for the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of today’s Teaser photo, one for EVERYONE who guesses correctly on today’s TEASER and one for those of you who bomb out (oops I mean guess incorrectly) on today’s TEASER!

Now I know you may think “SO WHAT?” about winning a badge but trust me – there are a lot of students out there who like nothing better than winning a badge to show off…….so on Wednesday’s post here in class we will announce WHO GETS WHAT.

I think I unnnerstand all those rules Professors…..

We always like to get you pumped up to guess so before we show you today’s challenging photograph, how about a cheer from our awesome Cheer Team????

We’re here and we’re ready
Keep your hearts steady
We know we’re so adorable
Our behavior occasionally deplorable
But today we’re ready to cheer
And pat you on the rear (no giggling please)
We hope you’re ready to guess
We’ve seen the photo and we confess
None of us has got a clue
We hope that’s not true for YOU!!!!


Well everyone is whipped into a frenzy so the time is RIGHT for us to bring our the Security Guard who has been guarding our TOP SECRET PHOTO for today…………….

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Sooo????  What place are we seeing in this photo????

Tune in tomorrow in class so we can give you the scoop on who wins what…………..you may not THINK you care about winning a badge but trust me – legions of followers will testify to the fact that it’s a BIG RUSH to win one!    Besides, we are sure that one day Teaser Badges will be worth their weight in gold……well….maybe not gold exactly but they might be worth something!  You never know……..

If you say so Professor……

Miss Dingleberry is serving up Italian Specialties today for our pre-recess lunch.   Doesn’t that sound BELLISSIMO ????    See you all in class tomorrow!

Yes we had pizza yesterday and today we’re having more Italian food – ya got a problem with that??? No? Good!


Enjoy (and don’t get sauce on your shirt or your Mom will be mad at you!)

Your Professors

Pre-Teaser Monday


Attention Students!  Easter is officially over – please put your BUNS away.

HUH?   What did he say?   Who told him to make that announcement!    Oh well – WHATEVA.    Let’s get Pre-Tease Monday underway shall we??????

Good Morning Geography Class……………….here we are on the day after Easter comparing notes on who found the most Easter eggs, who ate the most chocolate bunnies and got sick, and who just slept all day like we did.    We are here this morning to get you in the proper frame of mind to ATTACK with gusto the TUESDAY TEASER tomorrow.

The best way to do that is to give you the RULES first!    You must follow these rules when you guess where the photo on tomorrow’s post was taken.   No fair getting AROUND the rules either!   Remember, Santa Claus is watching – it’s not too early for him to be making his NAUGHTY and NICE lists and I know which one YOU want to be on!

The post tomorrow will pop up in your inbox at a SURPRISE time.    Then as we say around here – “IT’S ON!!!!!!”………….whoever is the first to comment on the post gets a badge to display in a place of honor on their blog or page or WHATEVER:

Sometimes more than one of you comments in the first minute – if you are one of them in that 60 second period you get a badge!   Otherwise we have OTHER magnificent badges for you to collect like the RIGHT GUESSER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, and WRONG GUESSER badges:

Gosh….maybe I’ll get lucky tomorrow!

Maybe if I get lucky I can get rid of this ridiculous pointy hat!

Groovy….if I get lucky, I’ll get a date for tomorrow night!

Alright everyone – let’s settle down and let our cheer team get us all in the right mood for guessing tomorrow morning shall we?????

Rippity Rappity Reezer
Are you ready for the Teaser?
Study your geography book in your room
Or you’re liable to feel gloom and doom
Get your rest and don’t stay up late
Or GREENIES will be your fate!
We want you here hale and hearty
And we’ll try again for a hot tub party!

Well Cheer Team I know that Sarge has practically moved into the hot tub room.   So good luck wrestling some hot tub time away from him!

Did I hear them say they’ll use the hot tub? That’s what THEY think!!

Today for our after-class lunch before you all head outside to recess, Miss Dingleberry has baked up some fabulous pizzas!     She said she figured you probably were all pretty full from yesterday’s Easter dinner but a slice of pizza is one of those things you can always find room for in the old tummy right?    Remember – tomorrow’s post will be a SURPRISE TIME and when you get here, COMMENT RIGHT AWAY – got it?



We’ve GOT IT TOO!!

Pizza day……don’t be a pizza piggy – don’t take more slices than you can eat!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I don’t wanna slide off the jungle gym! Better wash!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


Ringy Dingy – school’s in session!!!!

COMMENT then report to class…..

It’s Pre-Easter Teaser Tuesday!!

Oh heck…..I lost track of time…..Class is about to start and I couldn’t YELL at the students!


Good Morning Students – did you comment on this post?   Did you?  Maybe you were first or one of the first?   Hope so………..if you were, you’re gonna win a badge!   We’ll find out tomorrow who our BADGE WINNERS are in all categories though…………..can you wait?   You have to!   HAHAHA

I hope you got a good night’s sleep………..the better you feel, the more SENSE your brain will make of the Teaser photo.    We will have our Security Guard bring it in but first we have business to take care of  – like reminding you of the RULES for guessing where the photo was taken!

Yep – please follow the rules too…………it’s more fun if everybody plays along with the rules!

Yeah man…..don’t be “UN-GROOVY” – follow the rules!

OOPS…..I didn’t follow the rule to wash my face and hands before class…..

Here are all the badges you will be eligible to win today…………from FIRST COMMENTER, to FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, to RIGHT GUESSER and last but not least WRONG GUESSER!!


Cheer Team?   Want to fire everyone up this fine Tuesday morning???

Here we are, cute as can be
We’re trapped in the classroom and unable to flee
Guess we’ll just pretend we don’t look like fools
We sure don’t want to break any golden rules!
We wish you all luck with the Teaser today
If you win a badge we’ll be saying HOORAY
So may your Easter be swell and your basket be full
Happy EASTER to you all, and that’s no “bull” !!


Well done Cheer Team!!!     Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for (NO NOT FOOD – THE TEASER!!!)………………..Mr. Security Guard?

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Alright class – give us your best guess…………….tomorrow in class we’ll hand out the rewards (badges) so GOOD LUCK!     Miss Dingleberry has a pawsome Easter Buffet for all of us today so EAT UP but not so much food that you upchuck it all over the playground – those monkey bars are not the place to hang upside down after a big meal!!!!!

Alright children…..no pushing in line…..or else!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh my!  What a feast!   Thanks Miss Dingleberry!

Yes students, we know it’s NOT Easter and we also know that we could have had this wonderful Easter extravaganza tomorrow but we are HUNGRY NOW so Miss Dingleberry decided to serve us this delightful treat TODAY!    ENJOY!   We will see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL……………………………….

Your Professors!!