Teaser Class Tell All

The weather outside is frightful but inside the school it’s delightful!

Hello Students —————– come on in, have a seat at your desks, and we will begin class.   Today we let you know who gets what badges for yesterday’s TEASER fun.

The first thing we’ll do is let you know that AGAIN this week we only had ONE student who got here in the first minute to comment – so this week our FIRST COMMENTER IS:


Da Phenny and Da Nellie and Da Mama! 

WOO HOO FOR YOU………here’s your badge:

We were the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser post of November 27, 2018 and won this fabulous badge!

The Teaser was a GUEST TEASER and we kind of thought that it MIGHT be an easy one to guess but we were standing by to watch as students raised their hands and made their guesses just to see how things went!     Here’s the photo from yesterday:

Thanks to our GUEST TEASER Mr. Tom Blue from KITTIES BLUE’S blog “THE CAT ON MY HEAD“………….he’s the Cat Daddy of all the Kitties Blue and a wonderful photographer too who has been almost EVERYWHERE you can imagine.    This beautiful photo is Juliet’s Balcony in Verona, Italy.    A BUNCH of you guessed it quickly………..but only ONE of you was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER.    We’ll let you know WHO after we thank Mr. Tom properly with this badge!

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of November 27, 2018!

Who was the FIRST to guess the location where the photo was taken????


Miss Csilla of Kolytyi !!!


I’m HAPPY for you Miss Csilla!

I’m happy too – that’s why I’m slobbering all over myself!

Here’s your FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge Miss Csilla:

WOO HOO FOR ME! I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Nov. 27, 2018. I am a “master detective” !

Congratulations Miss Csilla!!   While you were FIRST to guess correctly, we had a WHOLE BUNCH of others who knew it was Juliet’s Balcony in Verona, Italy and each of you who DID guess that get a “RIGHT GUESSER BUT NOT FIRST” badge of your very own.    (just copy it for yourself)

I knew the Teaser photo but I wasn’t the FIRST to guess right….but I WAS right so I get this cool badge!! YAY FOR ME!

Well you all were RIGHT – just too SLOW to be FIRST!!!! Concatulations!

If you tried to guess it – made a guess but it turned out to be wrong…….you STILL win a badge because after all – YOU DID TRY!    So here’s what you get for the effort!

Darn! I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of Nov. 27, 2018. At least I TRIED!!!

Well at least you all got a badge……I was clueless and didn’t even TRY! No wonder I’m a DUNCE!

I am going to study DOUBLE HARD this coming week so I can win a badge……(sniff)

Cheer Team – you’re on…………………cheer up the losers and cheer on the winners will you???????

Congratulations to those who could follow the clues!
Boo Hoo for the losers who have the blues…..
Now for the awards and we know you’ve been waiting
We’ll tell you now with no hesitating!
Da Phenny and family COMMENTED FIRST
They beat out the rest of you who were obviously cursed!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was Miss Csilla the smarty
We think that she deserves a big party!
Everyone though deserves some cheers
Maybe we should all go out and have some beers????????

No ladies…..no beer drinking while on duty!

But what we do AFTER school is “ANYTHING GOES” !!!

We’re officially counting down to Christmas now and just in case you weren’t AWARE of it, Christmas Day falls on a TUESDAY this year…………which would normally be a TEASER day.     We will STILL have a Teaser Class that day but we know that most of you will have other things on your mind than Teasers – like seeing what Santa Paws has brought to you or having a fabulous Christmas Day meal………….but we’ll still have class for those of you who aren’t celebrating Christmas or who wouldn’t miss a TEASER no matter WHAT!

GOOD because my Cheer Team and I will have special costumes that day!!

Totally GROOVY……

Now who’s ready to head to the cafeteria for lunch?   Our Cafeteria Supervisor Miss Dingleberry says they have a yummy lunch on the line today for everyone.     I know we Professors are ready to eat – conducting class takes ENERGY!   Remember after lunch today you all get a HALF DAY OFF!    How cool is that?    We’ll see you NEXT Monday though for PRE-TEASER MONDAY.

Alright students……now remember – no poking, tripping, cutting in line, yelling, shoving, pushing, spitting, and holding up the line!   Get your tray, sit down at a table and eat like a human being and not an animal (unless of course you ARE an animal in which case don’t push your food out of your dish with your nose!).     Enjoy your lunch.


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See you all next week……keep on studying!   

Your Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy


Pre-Teaser Monday Class

Greetings Students!    It’s Post-Turkey, Pre-Santa Now at School!

That’s right – just when you were getting sick of seeing us with turkeys on our heads, now you will begin to get sick of our Santa hats BUT after all, we are in our wonderful new Sheep School for the very first Christmas so we must decorate and be festive right?

It’s Monday and time for us to prime you for tomorrow’s guessing activity.   Just be patient, listen to the rules and your Professors’ guidance and you will be just fine tomorrow!   Who knows, if you are extra good boys and girls maybe Santa will stop by the classroom for Christmas.   Wouldn’t that be amazing?


Oh boy!!!! Santa Paws? Here????

Let’s talk TEASER now………….first – the rules for tomorrow’s guessing:

Very important to stick to the rules.   Makes it fair for everyone if you do.    The photo for tomorrow is a GUEST TEASER photo too.    Sometimes they are harder than the ones our Graphics Department finds for us to use.    You’d better study tonight to be sure………get familiar with topography, architecture prevalent in different countries or regions of the USA, and then be sure to get a good night’s sleep.

WAIT – we didn’t say sleep NOW – we said sleep TONIGHT!

REMEMBER THAT THE TEASER POST WILL GO LIVE AT A SURPRISE TIME TOMORROW – NOT THE REGULAR BLOG POST TIME!    Then it’s a surprise!    What’s the big deal about being here when we go live?    Well, we have a special badge for the FIRST COMMENTER on the blog tomorrow.   We WILL be having some special badges for Christmas but in the meantime, we’ll go back to our “standard badges”………….

I’ve heard that our Cheer Team is having some special cheer uniforms made for Christmas but in the meantime, we will be seeing them out of their turkey costumes and in their USUAL cheer outfits!!   They want to get you pumped up for tomorrow………….

No more turkey costumes for us
We conveniently left them on the bus (!).
We looked so silly we must say
But we’re back to adorable as of today!
We suggest you study hard tonight
You want to be rested and feel just right
We’ll be back tomorrow to cheer you on!
Assuming we can wake up before the break of dawn!

Well girls, we haven’t told ANYONE what time the Teaser will go live tomorrow so for all you know it will be NOON!    HAHAHA

Totally GROOVY. Noon is good for me……

Now that we have all of you prepped for tomorrow, would you like to follow us over to the cafeteria for some lunch?   I’m sure everyone is full of turkey and trimmings from Thanksgiving OR if you didn’t have your Thanksgiving like we did here at school, I bet you still had a weekend full of HOME COOKIN – now you’ll get some “Dingleberry Cookin’ ” !!!

Alright everyone……I’m sure you’re up to your eyeballs in turkey leftovers at home so we’ll have OTHER things for you on the cafeteria line today.   Please conduct youselves like little ladies and gentlemen and no poking, prodding, pinching, or butting in line!

Today’s Menu:

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We’ll see you in the morning students!   Remember – a SURPRISE TIME!  

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Time!!

YES!   Today is the last day we will have to wear turkeys on our head and we are very happy about that.   We’ve had feathers get stuck in our ears, foot smudges on our glasses (Angel Sammy anyway), and a whole lot of NOISE with all that “gobblegobblegobble” stuff.   At last we are FREEEEE!

But enough about us………..today is all about YOU!     You and the Teaser we had yesterday which – we are thrilled to say – FOOLED EVERYONE (at least as of time we’re doing this post!).

First, let’s tell you who our FIRST COMMENTER was…………………..and let me say that this is the SECOND WEEK in a row she’s been FIRST COMMENTER – and was the only FIRST COMMENTER last week and again this week.  No sharing of the badge with anyone………….who is this wonder woman??????




Miss Sharon of FRIENDS FUREVER!!


Miss Sharon you get a SPECIAL badge this week:

Then we sat back and watched the guessing action…………waiting…………..waiting…………..watching…………….and as of time we went to press with this TELL ALL post, nobody had guessed it – BUT we will certainly FIX that if we come back this morning and find someone DID figure it out!    But as of now…….nobody has – we CAN tell you who sent this wonderful GEM of a Teaser photo in though!

This fabulous photo was snapped by Miss Jackie of TWO DEVON CATS…………..she and her husband were on the other side of the River Nervion in Bilbao, Spain standing outside the Guggenheim Museum looking across to the other side………admiring (no doubt) the beautiful trees!    Below are two other photos she took at the same location – one looking to the left and one looking to the right.


Thank you Miss Jackie – this was a REAL TEASER of a TEASER!!   Here’s a thank you badge from US to YOU!


My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of November 20, 2018!


POOEY!   I guess we ALL get GREENIES!!

Lots of you are going to be eligible for our world famous GREENIE this week………….so please………..help yourself to a copy of the special Thanksgiving GREENIE and wear it in good health!

I did NOT guess the special Thanksgiving Teaser photo of November 20, 2018 but I tried – and that’s what’s important right? Right!


Here are our cute little Cheer Team members – ready to knock your socks off with a cheer for the occasion!

Yes we’re turkeys and we’re not happy
These suits aren’t cute, they’re huge and flappy!
But we’ll try to be cheery and not be grumpy
Even though we look extremely dumpy.
Congrats to Miss Sharon for TWO FIRSTS IN A ROW!
She’s really hot – just watch her go!
As we write our cheer nobody has guessed the Teaser
I guess you could call this Teaser a big WHEEZER!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all and don’t overeat
Or you may find yourself away from the table and on the toilet seat!

Gosh Team…….that was depressing and inappropriate all rolled into one.    But what can I say – you all generally are on the edge of insanity with your cheers so why should this be any different?????

Anyway, congratulations to everyone whether you WON or LOST – everybody gets a badge………..we always have PLENTY of Greenies!!!!

I have a BIG greenie collection and one more won’t bother me one bit!

Shall we make our way to the cafeteria for Miss Dingleberry’s THANKSGIVING lunch?    I’m sure it will be delicious……………………and remember, our school first aid room is available if you find that you’ve overeaten and aren’t feeling very well.    Nurse Pinkerton will be standing by.

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving Students!  My staff and I hope you enjoy today’s FEAST!

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you Miss Dingleberry and thanks to your cafeteria staff too – it was a magnificent meal.   We Professors would like to wish EVERYONE a most wonderful Thanksgiving and if you aren’t celebrating THanksgiving in your part of the world, just know that we are very thankful you visit Ding Dong School….

Your Full of Turkey Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tuesday Class In Session!

Good Morning Students!   Don’t forget to COMMENT before you sit at your desk this morning!!!

Gosh I forgot to comment when I came in the door – I bet I’m already TOO LATE to be FIRST!

Well just remember next week !    Now are all students ready to proceed with class?????

Hurry Dougie – I hear the Professors – they’re starting class now!!!!!

Alright you two!   Off to the principal’s office with me…..shame on you!

Uhoh…….I hear a commotion out in the hallway.   Well, sounds like Sarge has things under control so let’s move on shall we?????

Today we have what I think is another super difficult Teaser photo for you to examine and make a stab at guessing where it was taken.    It’s a GUEST TEASER photo.   One of our students sent it in to us and we thought it was a doozy.   Before we show it to you, let’s remind you of the rules shall we????

Just remember we need all that information – and we don’t need to know what building we’re seeing but what city/town/village and in what country or state the photo was taken – Okee Dokee??

We haven’t shown the photo yet you two…..just be patient!

Here are the special Thanksgiving Week badges we have on offer to those of you who earn one today…………………we will let you know TOMORROW who wins what!


Talking about Teaser photos – that reminds me that we want to remind YOU all that if you would like us to feature one of YOUR photos on a Tuesday Teaser, just email it to us and we’ll let you know when to look for it in class here – it’s always tons of fun when it’s YOUR photo that’s the Teaser – – – watching the guesses is very cool AND you get a special badge for letting us use your photo too!

Hey – maybe I’ll submit one of my photos!

Certainly!   I bet you take some good ones!

Let’s bring in our Cheer Team – they know how to fire up a classroom full of sleepy students who are trying to stay awake long enough to at least SEE the photo for today!

WE are here to give you a cheer
Our Tuesday “job” is to be right HERE
Firing you up for tons of Teaser fun
Then tomorrow we cheer for all who won!
We hope today that you are lucky
Maybe you’ll win a badge wouldn’t that be just ducky?
We think the Security Guard is coming down the hall – – – – –
So you better get ready and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!

Yes indeed – our Security Guard just arrived with today’s challenge so let’s bring him in shall we?

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN?????????????   We’ll tell you who sent it in and where they took it tomorrow!

Gosh – that IS a toughie!!

Hmm……..no clues that I can see………

While you all agonize over the photo – SOME of us are going to take a lunch break then come BACK to class to keep studying the photo.    Whenever you’re ready to EAT, just pop by the cafeteria!

My tummy is rumbling – I think I’ll take a break and eat.

Time for lunch students!   A full tummy is the key to guessing the Teaser so eat up!   Tomorrow we will have a complete Thanksgiving meal with Turkey and trimmings………..oh and by the way, several of you are concerned that my turkey tray hat contains turkey and trimmings that might have “gone off” since I’ve been wearing it every day.   Well, you need to know that this hat was made for me by the Home Economics class – it’s made of material so can’t “go bad”.   Feel better?   Good – now let’s eat!

Today’s Menu:

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GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!   You have until midnight to guess!

Your Professors………….Angel Sammy and Teddy too!

Pre-Teaser Class

Good Morning Class!    Oh boy oh boy Professor Teddy and I are really going to be glad to be able to take our TURKEY hats off after Thursday.   Have you ever had a turkey on your head DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY?   What?  No?   Well lucky you!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Turkey on your head…..nobody but you guys would be nuts enough to do that (maybe Miss Dingleberry too!)

Well we wanted to be in the spirit of the season here at Ding Dong Sheep School…………anyway, here we are and we’re going to get you prepped for tomorrow’s TEASER class.    Remember when you make your guess as to where the photo tomorrow was taken – you need to give us all info required……….the rules are below:

Even if you tell us WHAT you see in the photo, we still want to know WHERE the photo was taken OKEE DOKEE??????


I know we have several students who LIVE IN HOPE that they will eventually get a badge for guessing the Teaser and WE want you to win one too……after all, our Graphics Department works hard to make some FUN badges for you to win and this week is no exception.   We have special THANKSGIVING WEEK badges (even if you aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving like we are!).    So remember tomorrow if you study tonight you may win one of these!!

Our Teaser tomorrow is a GUEST TEASER…………………you know what that means………….polish up your eyeglasses and have plenty of coffee to get your eyes open tomorrow morning when we go LIVE – and by the way remember:

The Teaser Post Comes At A Surprise Time!!   Not our usual blog time……so BE ON THE LOOKOUT!

I’m gonna CRY if I don’t win a special badge tomorrow!

Here’s our lovely cheer team to give all of you a little BOOST so you’ll study hard tonight and WIN tomorrow!


Here we are, cute and SHEEPY
Hope you rested up and aren’t real sleepy!
You need to be on top of your game to make a guess
Or else you’ll get all boo-hooey, blow your nose and make a mess!
Your cheer team will be here to give you support
We’ll jump and shout and yell “GO FOR IT SPORT!”
So don’t disappoint us or make us unhappy
It’s WIN WIN tomorrow and you’d better make it snappy!

Thanks Team…………….we can always count on you to make everyone study hard and get to class on time on Tuesdays.   Let’s see how it worked when we convene class tomorrow shall we??

I already feel inspired!!

Miss Dingleberry has a great lunch today in the cafeteria but the BIG THANKSGIVING lunch will be on TELL ALL Wednesday.   We’ll be handing out badges and having a lovely Thanksgiving feast together.   All of us at Ding Dong School want you to know how THANKFUL we are that you are members of our classes here along with the rest of the Sheep who attend but Geography class is the most special class of all.   Why?  Because YOU are here!!!

Weally and Twuly Professors???

Yes indeed.  Now let’s all go have lunch together before we adjourn for the day.

OK Students……I hope you enjoy your lunch today as we work towards the BIG TURKEY DINNER we will have for you on Wednesday!    We’ll have all the traditional turkey with trimmings kinds of things on the menu that day.  Today we’ll eat a little more LIGHT.

Today’s Menu:

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We will see you tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME!!!   

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy

Teaser Tell All Time!

Here we are again – turkeys on heads, wondering WHY we must endure the embarrassment of dressing up for Thanksgiving!   The School Principal said it would help with school morale.   Morale?   What school does anyone know that has morale issues???  Maybe MORAL issues…..but that’s a whole other subject.

Anyway, here we are…………..and we’re here to give you the scoop on a most interesting Teaser from yesterday.


We had only ONE First Commenter yesterday!  Unusual right?   Who was it??




Here’s your badge and you don’t have to share it with ANYONE!!

I was the very FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser post of Nov. 13, 2018! Hooray for ME!

There are very few Tuesdays when we don’t have a big crowd waiting to comment so multiple winners but this week Miss Sharon was the FIRST and only commenter in the first 60 seconds after the Teaser went live.

Well I was here early too but I accidentally fell asleep waiting for the Professors!

Now let’s show you yesterday’s Teaser photo one last time and give you some information about it as well because it was a super interesting Teaser photo.    The photo was a GUEST TEASER from Cat Daddy Tom Blue of THE CAT ON MY HEAD.    Here it is:

This is a photo of the bridge over the River Kwai which depending on what website you get your investigative information from is near two cities in Thailand – Tamarkan, and Kanchanaburi.    Here’s some information about this site which of course the famous movie was based on and which has an incredible “back story”.     CLICK HERE.

Thank you Mr. Tom Blue for the fabulous photo………………it sure had our students scratching their heads and doing a lot of research!   This is to thank you for being our GUEST:

To Mr. Tom Blue for being our GUEST TEASER on November 13, 2018!

WHO WAS OUR FIRST RIGHT GUESSER??????????????????????




I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of November 13, 2018! It was a TOUGH one too!

We really did have a number of you who guessed the Bridge on the River Kwai……………..I was amazed how many – and if you were one of them, then here’s a badge for each of you too!

I was RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST to guess on the Teaser of November 13, 2018. I still got a cool badge!

If you guessed but were wrong you get a GREENIE of your very own!

DARN! I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser of November 13, 2018 but at least I tried!


Now the Cheer Team will do a cheer for everyone – that ought to round out the day well and put everyone in a happy frame of mind to go have lunch right?????


Teaser went live yesterday at the hour of EIGHT
Some got here early and some got here late
But only ONE PERSON got here in the first minute of school
That was Miss Sharon ONLY – isn’t that cool?
Then we waited to see who would maybe see a clue
The Teaser photo was tough – it came from Mr. Blue.
Golly gosh that photo was EVER so hard
But our Miss Csilla had the winning card!
A lot of you are getting to be very good at detecting
You spend time looking closely and doing your inspecting!

I agree…..here are a lot of smarties in class!!!

Now who’s up for lunch???????

Ok class – I heard that wise crack from Bobby that my parsley looked limp today.   My parsley is off limits for discussion – got it?   Now just pick out your lunch item and enjoy it without making fun of it OR me…….trust me…….you do not want an UPSET cafeteria supervisor!!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congratulations Winners!!   See you next week at class students!

Well done students……..Your Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tuesday at Ding Dong Sheep School

Quick!  Comment! Then have a seat!

Hello Students!    Good Morning.  Here we are – two Professors of Geographic Studies with turkeys on our heads, welcoming you to another round of Teaser Tuesday.   We’ve got a whopper of a photo for you today.    We’ll let you know who was FIRST to comment this morning tomorrow when we have TELL ALL WEDNESDAY.    Also we’ll let you know if anyone ACTUALLY guesses the Teaser correctly because it’s truly a DIFFICULT one today.     Remember we have lots of badges to reward you with for various accomplishments today…….

Please also remember the rules for guessing, and you’ll be just fine:

We know the rules but some of our new students might not!

It’s important for you to remember that we need both town/city/village AND country or State.    Sometimes we get guesses that just tell us what location the photo was taken – “on the seashore of Lake Michigan” or something rather “non-specific”.

I promise to be PACIFIC when I guess……….

That’s SPECIFIC Rodney……..not PACIFIC.

I think Rodney should get the dunce cap for that!!!!

Shall we get this party started and have our Security Guard bring in the photo he’s been guarding with his life since last week so NOBODY gets a sneak peek?    Let’s!

Did someone say PARTY?   We’ll drink to that!

“Paging Security Guard to Geography Classroom PULEEEZE!”

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

See?   Tough just like we told you.

YEEKS -that is a toughie!!!!!!!

Now maybe our Cheer Team will visit and do their best to get you fired up and in the mood for some research while you figure the Teaser out………………………….LADIES??????

We wore our sheep hats today to avoid the turkeys
Sarge wanted us to wear them and we told him he was jerky!
Don’t hold your breath if you want us to look silly
We prefer looking cute and not so willy nilly!
Now we’re here today to tell you we’re pulling for you!
We know you can figure Teaser out by looking for clues.
The photo looks impossible we all agree
So prove us wrong and guess it right and set your soul free!!!!!!

Thanks gang……that should get these students’ brains in gear………………if THAT doesn’t work, we can always drag everyone off to the cafeteria for lunch – brains need food to function properly!!!

‘Scuze me but I think my bwain works just fine as it is!”

Hello Students – who’s up for lunch?    We’re having PIZZA DAY but we also have burgers and hot dogs so if pizza isn’t up your alley perhaps you can STILL find something you can have for lunch today on the lunch line.    Someone asked me if they could have the tray of turkey on my head but I said NO – that’s MY lunch!

Today’s Menu:

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Good luck with the Teaser photo students – tomorrow we’ll hand out badges to those who win them!

Your Professors……….Angel Sammy and Teddy