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Monster Mash Day



CLEANINGBANNERemember that song?  “Monster Mash” ???  Well today is monster mash day around my house…………..out with the vacuum cleaners and here comes the noisy monsters!


One day some smarty pants will invent a vacuum cleaner that makes NO NOISE…………..yep – it just needs a really good silencer on it and we’d all be a whole lot happier right?   How hard can it be after all???   Whoever invents that will be a bazillionaire.

Mom and I worked on my toy box/wagon to neaten it up…….

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Just some of my favorites out of the wagon…..oh and my Kitty Bank of course…..


Sometimes there’s so much noise around here on Fridays it sounds like there’s a whole HOUSE full of vacuums, dusters, reorganizers at work………..thank COD that’s not the case – just my two humans knocking themselves out to straighten the house up!


Once that’s done, I wonder what the old folks will get up to?   I heard something about running errands……….that means I’ll be alone for a few hours…………..and THAT means I can take all the toys out of the wagon that I want out of the wagon instead of having MOM around to make sure I don’t make a mess.   Tee Hee………


Would that make me a “Little Devil” if I did that?  Maybe……..but I look GOOD in horns right?


Sammy the Devil Boy!


Caturday Cookie Break


Howdy Gang!

Happy Caturday……………My bacon breakfast is out of the way (yum) and now I’m taking a bit of a cookie break. I DO love my “treats” which Mom and Dad call “cookies” and that’s the word I recognize when Dad shakes the bag.

Sam On His Cookie Rug

I get my cookies on a floor mat by my Dad’s chair.

I’m not allowed to eat them anywhere else because – well – frankly I can be a little sloppy with something crunchy.  Those little bits break when I take a bite and go everywhere – this way they stay on the little rug.  I’m quite fastidious about my little crumbs though – I may leave them after eating my cookies but I almost ALWAYS come back and “clean up” !!

I try to be neat.  Most of us kitties try……..we might not always QUITE make it but we do try – honest we do.  I can be a bit of a slob at my soft food dish too.  Something about slurping up food from a bowl – well you’re BOUND to have a bit of oversplash right?  Am I right gang?

Sammy Having Breakfast

I’m trying to be neat Mom….honest I am!

I’m even extremely neat (mostly) when I play with my toys…….I keep my toy area rather organized (well……I TRY to) so that I can go to it any time I want and get one of my favorites out.  Mom’s really good about going through it from time to time and mixing things up so I think some of the stuff I haven’t seen in a while is BRAND NEW!!!   Humans can be so sneaky but it works.

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Pretty neat huh?

Well you get the idea……….taking a cookie or food or even a toy break doesn’t have to mean MESS.  No sireeeee………we kitties prefurrrrr things to be neat and orderly (except maybe when it comes to sleeping on YOUR bed and then the messier the covers are the better!!!!!).

Hope you all have a super Caturday…………..whatever you do – try to be NEAT about it OK?  We kitties have a reputation to maintain you know!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

Before I go, I have a sad p.s.   Yesterday I learned that Nibbles from Hutch A Good Life went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 1st.  Nibbles was my very first guinea pig friend.  I really didn’t know anything about them before I began following the Hutch blog.  I am so very sad for all of them and all of us too because we will all miss Nibbles.  Please send hugs to his humans AND his brother piggies because life will be ever so diffrerent without Nibbles.    We will miss you Nibbles……..

Sunday With Mom


Happy Monday Peeps………it’s time to start another week!

Yesterday Mom and I spent the whole afternoon together watching the Olympics.  Well, not just watching but taking a “play break” from time to time too. 

Mom says I was too close to the TV screen cheering for USA! Back to my tissue seat…….

We watched the US vs. Turkey Womens Volleyball which was really exciting AND I loved watching that ball back and forth on the screen.  I’m a big sports fan really – anything with a lot of movement COUNT ME IN!  Of course I mostly watched from my favorite spot in the family room which is on top of my tissue, surrounded by my favorite (at the moment) toys.

A guy’s gotta be comfy when he’s watching TV – what’s more comfy than tissue?!?!

I also did some body maintenance – you know in order to keep my coat nice and shiny and my skin nice and healthy, Mom brushes me a lot every single day BUT a guy’s gotta do some stuff on his own.  Right? 

A little claw trimming during commercial breaks……

So really it was one of those nice, relaxing Sundays……Dad puttered around the house and did some projects out in the garage and down in the basement, and Mom and I – well – we kinda just hung out together.  My kind of Sunday! 

How about you?  Did you have a good weekend?  Also, a if I NEEDED to remind you (but I will anyway) tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser.  I’ve got another tough one lined up.  Tough Tuesday Teaser I suppose you might say……….. 😀

Hope you have some fun today!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy





It’s here!  The end of the week…..housecleaning day……I get brand new tissue – and I need it this week.  It was an exceptionally messy week of play for me and I may have done more tissue shredding than usual.  Thank heavens my Mom keeps a large supply of the stuff on hand.  It’s almost my FAVORITE toy EVER!

Sam loves newspaper and tissue - go figure!

Tissue and newspaper…..nice and CRINKLY!

Yesterday it was 103 degrees outside and with the humidity factored in, the weather dude said it FELT like 110.  Well, I can vouch for that because I asked Mom if she’d pretty please let me go out on the front porch once – JUST ONCE – and indeed it was a real “scorcher” outside.  The nice crunchy grass looks like it’s been deep fried…..leaves that shouldn’t be falling yet are fainting right out of the trees…..even though Mom watered the gardens this morning they are LIMP and SAD looking this afternoon.  But me?  I asked to go outside to see for myself so good old Mom took me. 

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Yikes! It’s HOT out here! I’d better stay in the shade or I’ll get french fried feets!

Next week’s going to be mighty interesting around here.  I heard Dad on the phone this afternoon arranging for our driveway to be re-sealed.   I know what that is and I distinctly remember the LAST time this happened and it was noisy ALL DAY LONG with equipment, trucks, strangers in my yard – a real mess.  Of course the driveway looked swell after it was done but still…….talk about noisy! 


It’s always something isn’t it?  Just about the time you feel like you can relax – your humans throw another wrench into the works.  Although I suppose putting up with the noise is a small price to pay to live in the lap of luxury like we all do – right?  Hmm??  I’m right now aren’t I ????

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀