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Cooking on Caturday


Happy Caturday everybody!

Cooking – why cooking you might ask? Well we WILL be doing a lot of cooking around here today. We start off as we ALWAYS start our Caturdays off for breakfast and you all know what THAT means………


THEN Mom and Dad are planning on having a BBQ tonight so Mom will be making baked beans all day on the stove AND potato salad…..which of course cats don’t eat!   But when Mom and Dad have their “cookout” I’ll be with them on the back deck………or maybe even in the back yard keeping an eye on things (or as I like to call it SNOOPERVISING)!

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Have a Super Cool Saturday Everybody!

Have a Super Cool Saturday Everybody!

Caturday Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Such a Purrrrfect Day


Happy Sunday!  Yesterday was such a perfect day in every way.  The weather was so nice – no humidity – sunny – 80 degrees – breezy – quiet.  My parents and I spent a good deal of time outside enjoying it. 

Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!


My Mom said it was the single most perfect day of the summer – at least so far – and that it almost felt like an early Fall day.  If the number of acorns falling from the oak trees is any indication she’s right – Fall is on the way alright!  Remember last year one of my friends sent me this funny picture of me wearing an “acorn helmet” because I complained about how often I’d get whacked on top of the head by a falling acorn??   I’m going to need to dust this baby off and start wearing it again I think.

A photoshop funny picture from a friend!

Well, it DOES protect my noggin you know!

Won’t be long before I’m sharing photos of the pretty maples, oaks and poplars as they start to change color. 

Backyard tree in fall

Photo of one of our maples from last Fall….purrrrfect!

Did you realize that it’s only four months until Christmas???  I’d better start on my Wish List for Santa Claws. 

Gosh – listen to me – I’m talking about Christmas and it’s still Summer and not only THAT, it’s liable to be 100 degrees and steaming hot tomorrow and all these “Fall-ish Feelings” I’m having will be evaporating into thin (and hot) air! 

I think I’ll just concentrate on one day at a time – – – speaking of that, this is Sunday morning and that means…………BACON!    I think I’d better hop off the computer and go make sure Mom has everything in the kitchen under control…..smells like she does! 😀 😀 😀

Happy Sunday Peeps!

Your Friend Furrrrrever, Sammy


More fall leaves for Sam to play in!

Mom and Dad get out the BIG noisy leaf machine today.....

OK….this is a mixed blessing kind of day….why?  Well, you all know that I love to play in piles of leaves – and you also know I don’t like loud noises.  Today my parents are getting the big, noisy leaf machine thingie that Mom attaches to MY (!) lawn tractor out from the basement……they’ll be making noise this weekend for the first time this fall.  Time to start “sweeping” the yard in front and back to pick up MY leaves.

It takes them about an hour to do this whole operation.  Dad stands by with a rake in the designated leaf dumping site (there are two of those in the front woods)…..Mom scoots around on the tractor pulling the noise machine around while it vacuums up the leaves, grinds them up into little pieces and puts them into the big bin on the back.  When it’s full she heads over to where Pop’s waiting – they dump the bin thing and off she goes for another turn around the yard.  Cool huh?  Yeah, well it may be cool but it’s noisy!

Even though I love to play in leaves (Mom never did get me to sit still long enough to take my picture in a pile of them…..tee hee), it’s also rather fun AFTER the fall leaf pick-up thing is finished.  Why?  Well, because all those ground up leaves are in a huge pile about two feet deep in the front woods.  When Mom and I are outside together we can walk down there and she lets me dig around in the leaves….yes I get dirty – isn’t that what boys do?????? 

So, I’m going to just find one of my quiet nap spots as far away from the noise as I can and know that leaf season has begun and I have to get used to it.  Sigh.  Of course there’s always winter and that noisy snow blower thing AFTER this is over with….hmm….which is better……?!

Happy Friday Everyone



Mommy In Wonderland

Back Garden

One of my favorite garden areas because of the bird feeders (tee hee)

So, here’s the scoop fans!  Yesterday while filling up the bird feeders in one of the back gardens (my favorite spot because of all the birds, squirrels and chipmunks who visit!) my Mom fell into a hole!  Yep – just like Alice In Wonderland!  Cool huh?  Well, SHE didn’t think so.  I was outside with her at the time – minding my own business of course – when I heard her say a BAD WORD.  Turns out she wasn’t watching where she was walking and right by that GREAT BIG GREEN PLANT in the picture above is a hole.  Her foot went down into the hole and it made her twist her back and her – er – um – “backside” muscles.  Now that of course effected ME because she has to be sitting down in her recliner for me to lie on her legs and have a decent nap!!!  Her “backside” hurt so much after that incident that she was kind of squirmy all afternoon when she was sitting!  Not good for quality napping.

Poor Mom.  I’m happy to report she was sore all day and into the evening but this morning she’s much better. 

Now for WHY there was a hole by that big plant in the first place!  See, when it rains, water used to collect right there by that big plant area so Daddy put in a drain pipe under ground from where the rocks line the garden to the BACK of the garden by that big old hollow tree.  Water just goes through the pipe down into the woods!  The chipmunks figured out that it was a great “shortcut” through the garden – AND of course a great place to hide from yours truly when I’m back there poking around.  Little smartie pants chipmunks love their little underground tunnel!  Over time, at the front entrance of the tunnel a sort of deep hole has appeared because of the way the dirt washes down along with the rain….Daddy keeps the hole clear so the water (and chipmunks!) can go through.  I guess they will figure out some way to put some rocks in the hole to keep Mom from going to WONDERLAND again………

See?  Never a dull moment around here !

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (who’s looking forward to a decent lap nap today)


My nice shady back yard hideaway (one of them!)

I'll be outside enjoying the gardens today - for a change!

Goodie!   Last night we had a bit of rain (yes I hid in the basement because of thunder!!) but this morning – it’s REALLY nice outside….so nice I let Mom put on my “sweater” (that’s what she calls my harness) and out we went in the dark before the sun came up……I love to go out and sniff around before anybody is awake.  Mom looks at the stars and I look at the trees for birds just waking up!  Anyway, it was way cooler – very nice – a little wind so I could hold up my nose and see who else might be around……I stopped walking at one point because I could smell deer – sure enough there they were – moving through the neighbor’s front yard.  Six of them.  Then five minutes later the neighborhood cat that comes for a handout showed up!  We had to come inside so Mom could get a treat for her.  I decided to stay inside and just watch “Stevie” (our visitor) through the front door windows.  We hadn’t seen her for a couple of days so I was glad she was OK.

SO – do you get the idea I’m happy this morning?  I sure am.  It’s been too hot to be outside and today it’s nice so I’ll be out there as much as Mom will let me.  I know she has stuff to do today so I’ll have to be patient and take my turn to ask to go out – BUT I pretty much have her wrapped around my little paw (well, big paws since I have extra toes!!) – SOOOOOOOO – I hope wherever you guys are it’s a nice day too so you can take your little (or big) pet children out for a walk to enjoy the air. 

As I said before…………….YIPPEEEEE!!!!!


Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!