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The “Cookie Rug”

Sam On His Cookie Rug

Having a munch on some treats (or cookies as we call them in my house!)

Hi Everybody!  Happy Saturday……today I have a sort of long story to tell which relates to this photo Mom took of me Friday.  

WAY back when I came to live with my parents twelve years ago I sort of bonded immediately with my Mom.  She was my “primary care giver” and had several cats throughout her life whereas my Dad hadn’t – maybe I somehow knew that?  Anyway, one of the things she did RIGHT OFF THE BAT was make my Dad the “cookie/treat dispenser”……her way of getting me to depend on Dad for something.  Well, it worked – big time.  The little rug that sits in front of his recliner became the spot where, if I wanted a treat, I’d go and sit and give him “THE LOOK” – sure enough, my personal cookie dispenser (aka Dad) would give me a handful of treats on the little green rug! 

Eventually of course we started calling that rug “the cookie rug”……after some years, if nobody noticed that all my treats were eaten and there weren’t any there for yours truly to munch on, I would leave a rather BLATANT and noticeable reminder that someone was falling down on the job!  That’s what the pink rubber circle is all about. 

Actually that little pink rubber circle used to live in the basement.  It was part of a toy I had torn apart (oops) many years ago…..all that was left were two rubber circles – a red one and a green one.  

It was MY idea to leave the reminder but much to my parents’ surprise, the red rubber circle that I had kept in the basement all of a sudden started appearing on that green rug – Mom said “that’s to call attention to the fact that he’s out of cookies!” and that’s exactly right.  I brought it upstairs and deposited it on Dad’s rug during the night because – horror of horrors – he FORGOT TO LEAVE ME COOKIES BEFORE HE WENT TO BED!! 

So, there you have it…….the story of the little green cookie rug and the pink rubber circle.  Mom always puts the pink circle back by my toy box if she finds it on that rug (after she gives me some treats of course!).  Sure enough…….it makes its’ way back to the REMINDER SPOT if someone doesn’t keep my treats stocked up.  Heaven forbid.  Who runs this joint anyway????????????? Hummmmmmmmmm?????

Happy Saturday gang




More fall leaves for Sam to play in!

Mom and Dad get out the BIG noisy leaf machine today.....

OK….this is a mixed blessing kind of day….why?  Well, you all know that I love to play in piles of leaves – and you also know I don’t like loud noises.  Today my parents are getting the big, noisy leaf machine thingie that Mom attaches to MY (!) lawn tractor out from the basement……they’ll be making noise this weekend for the first time this fall.  Time to start “sweeping” the yard in front and back to pick up MY leaves.

It takes them about an hour to do this whole operation.  Dad stands by with a rake in the designated leaf dumping site (there are two of those in the front woods)…..Mom scoots around on the tractor pulling the noise machine around while it vacuums up the leaves, grinds them up into little pieces and puts them into the big bin on the back.  When it’s full she heads over to where Pop’s waiting – they dump the bin thing and off she goes for another turn around the yard.  Cool huh?  Yeah, well it may be cool but it’s noisy!

Even though I love to play in leaves (Mom never did get me to sit still long enough to take my picture in a pile of them…..tee hee), it’s also rather fun AFTER the fall leaf pick-up thing is finished.  Why?  Well, because all those ground up leaves are in a huge pile about two feet deep in the front woods.  When Mom and I are outside together we can walk down there and she lets me dig around in the leaves….yes I get dirty – isn’t that what boys do?????? 

So, I’m going to just find one of my quiet nap spots as far away from the noise as I can and know that leaf season has begun and I have to get used to it.  Sigh.  Of course there’s always winter and that noisy snow blower thing AFTER this is over with….hmm….which is better……?!

Happy Friday Everyone



Sam Loves……Buttons!

Sam up on our bed - staking claim to his favorite corner - must be nap time!

Lemme see that shirt you're putting on...does it have buttons?

OK….so here’s the deal.  I happen to love buttons.  Every morning when Mom’s getting dressed I sit on the bed and wait to see what she comes out of the walk-in closet wearing.  Hopefully, it’s something involving buttons.  There’s something about a button….nice and HARD and fun to try to pull off whatever it’s attached to.  Mom wears some of Dad’s old flannel shirts when she’s in her studio painting or working out in her garden – those are my VERY favorites!  There are lots of buttons down the front in a row…..when she’s sitting down I’ll hop up on her lap and grab hold of a button and pull and pull and bite down on it – she laughs and thinks it’s funny but it’s hard work! 

Nope – I’ve never had any success actually pulling a button OFF of something but it’s great fun trying.  I figure it’s good exercise for my teeth and gums. 

Sometimes the buttons are WAY big.  Now that the weather is cooler Mom will wear a sweater or a jacket with BIG buttons – now there’s a challenge if I ever had one!  Can’t just grab hold of one of those very easily…..but I check every single button out just in case there’s one smaller than the rest I can handle.  I’ll pull and pull and tug and tug and Mom starts up with the laughing again. 

So what’s the strangest thing YOU like to play with huh gang?  I’m sure you will feel better once you confess.  I’ve shared my button fetish with you – time for you to divulge your most interesting habit!!!  Come on………

Sammy, One Spoiled Button Boy



Shakin’ Things Up Around Here!

Catnapping on the couch

Good Morning Mom! What's for breakfast???

Happy Sunday Everybody!  Yawn……I always know it’s Sunday around here for two reasons:  (1) there’s a big fat newspaper to play with, and (2) Mom ALWAYS makes a big breakfast for herself and Dad (with me being available for anything falling off the table accidentally). 

This morning things are a little slower around here than usual because my parents slept in a little longer than they usually do.  So, I had to wake Mom up – which I don’t usually HAVE to do because she’s downstairs bright and early to make coffee.  In fact, she usually wakes ME up when she starts banging around in the kitchen.  When that didn’t happen “on schedule” I went upstairs and softly called her so Daddy wouldn’t wake up……then ran back down the stairs and waited – patiently – at the foot of the stairs.  Down she came, made coffee, went to get the paper, THEN fixed me some breakfast.  I can see a bit of retraining is called for around here!

I also decided this morning was a perfectly good time to shake things up a little bit relative to my toilet habits.  Usually, after I’ve used my litter box down in the basement, I will go find Mom and tell her I’ve been a good boy and that I’d appreciate her cleaning my box out…..which she does…..well today – just to shake things up a little bit – I went to find Mom BEFORE I used the litter box.  She of course thought I was asking her to clean it – and when we got downstairs she saw I hadn’t left her any – well – umm – “presents”.  She said “what’s up Sam?” and I hopped in the litter box, did my THING, and she cleaned it out.  I heard her later telling Dad all about it – I guess she kind of thought it was neat that I’d taken the initiative to be “creative” with my toilet this morning.

It’s a good thing to keep your parents on their toes.  Don’t let them get too set in their ways (or YOUR ways).  Any household with a cat knows that it’s never dull…………….NEVER!

Happy Sunday from Sammy, One Spoiled Cat


I’m A Foodie….!

Catnapping on the couch

Good Morning Mom! What's for breakfast???

 First thing in the morning…..Mom appears in the living room and finds me sound asleep on the couch.  I usually hop up and give her some head bumps and hugs as I wind around through her legs to say “Morning Mom!!”……then I begin to herd her into the kitchen so she can put fresh water in my water bowl and open up a can of yummy breakfast!  But the excitement is just beginning because after that, she will start making breakfast for her and Dad…..and that means maybe – just maybe – BACON will be involved.

I haven’t always liked it….and I know it’s probably not good for me….but in the last year or so, whenever Mom makes it, I go to the table and sit quietly by her feet and stare up at her until she gives me a teeny tiny piece of bacon to eat.  Sometimes I get another bit after the first but sometimes that’s all I want.  If she ignores me when I’m sitting there behaving myself very quietly staring at her, then I reach up with my paw and give her a poke!  Hard to ignore that………. 🙂  I have another guilty pleasure and it’s something that I am totally PAWSITIVE isn’t good for me to have……butter.  I know what the butter dish sounds like when the top comes off and I’m there in a flash.   If I give Mom “the stare” or “the poke” she’ll put a tiny bit of butter on her finger and man oh man….THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT!! 

Must be something about getting to be a cat of a certain age….now that I’m almost twelve, I’m experimenting with all kinds of things…..maybe some stuff that isn’t all that good for me but what the heck…..tiny bits of bacon and an itsy bitsy dab of butter?  I deserve it once in a while……..after all…………

I’m ONE SPOILED CAT……………….    :):)                 

Happy Labor Day Weekend one and all, and have some bacon and butter on me….