Teaser Tell All


Psssst…..hey…..you there  

Do you know what today is? 

It’s Teaser Tell All!


So that was a pretty good one right?   It was my Mom’s very own photo too…………..one she took a bazillion and a half years ago – you can tell the quality of the photos isn’t all that grand either but hey – it’s the thought that counts AND you can see things clearly so that’s all that matters right?

Let’s let Suzie Q do her thing so we can get on with the business of the day alright?

Teaser Tell All T.T.A. Shake the pom poms Scream HOOORAY!

Teaser Tell All
Shake the pom poms

Thank you Suzie – you’re such an inspiration (cough cough).    Now, Mr. Silver Briefcase if you’ll display YESTERDAY’s photos, we’ll get on with the show!

Reporting for Duty!  Here they are boss!

Reporting for Duty! Here they are boss!


This is an “instant replay” of a Teaser we had back in 2012……………….and the photos were taken at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Virginia in the “Italy” section of the park which if you semi-close your eyes and have had several glasses of alcoholic beverage of your choice MIGHT look like Italy or Greece but isn’t.    YAY MOM AND DAD!

So – who was my FIRST COMMENTER yesterday?   A split second after the Teaser went live, Madi was right there chiming in!   YAY MADI this is for you!


And who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?   Any guesses?   NO it was NOT Easy!   It was Miss Pix!   WOOT WOOT!   This is for you Miss Pix!

First Right Guesser!

First Right Guesser!

AND there were some other RIGHT GUESSERS including Easy (tee hee)……………..and you all get this one:

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

What do you get if you didn’t know or guessed wrong?    HMMM????   This is what you get!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

Kismet – here’s your SPECIAL Greenie………………


So thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday (and today) for this week’s edition of “HOW TO GET EYE STRAIN TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHERE THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN” !!!!!    That was so much fun I think we’ll do it again NEXT Tuesday (and Wednesday)…………….OKEE DOKEE??????


I can’t WAIT!  

Hugs, Sammy the Tease


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Tuesday Teaser

Hooo Haaa – Let’s Do It!


Yeah, let’s just do it and get it over with right?  Let’s post the photo, let you agonize over it, figure it out and GUESS and then we can move on to the FUN STUFF like awarding badges!    However if I just plain POST today’s photo(s), you’d miss seeing Suzie Q and Mr. Silver Briefcase, wouldn’t you?   Well OF COURSE YOU WOULD…………..

Oh yah – before I forget – remember whoever is the FIRST PERSON to comment on this blog – THIS VERY BLOG – this morning will win this:


So go ahead – COMMENT!

Now let’s get that little cheerleader of ours out here for a bit of a pom-pom shake-up!   Suzi?????

Gosh I thought you were gonna FORGET me today!

Gosh I thought you were gonna FORGET me today!

We wouldn’t EVER forget you Suzi…………now let’s bring on Mr. Silver Briefcase for the BIG MOMENT……..Show us the STUFF in the briefcase DOOD!

Reporting for Duty! Here's the TWO photos for today!

Reporting for Duty! Here’s the TWO photos for today!


Where were my Mom and Dad when Mom snapped this photo of Dad having a brewski AND the pretty fountain in the other photo?  HMM?   I need to know what country/state and what actual location they were when the flash went off………..that’s right…………details!    GO FOR IT!  

You’ll win one of the COOL Teaser badges if you are first right guesser or just right and not first, and if you lose big time by not knowing or guessing WRONG, you win a BIG GREENIE – but you’ll find all that out tomorrow when we do our Teaser Tell All…………………

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

C’mon – let’s see whatcha got?!!!!!!

Sammy the Teaser Guy! 

Happy FAT Tuesday!



Pre-Tease Monday



Time to Tune Up for Teaser!

Happy Monday!  I hope you’re ready to face the music (well….ok….not music – just a PHOTO!) tomorrow and try and figure out WHERE the photo was taken?!   You know I try to find a photo for you every week that makes you THINK – makes you scan your memory banks – makes you go back in time to your high school geography class – makes you CRAZY trying to figure it out!   It would not be as fun if it was easy peasy every week.   I’m trying to help you keep your BRAINS tuned up!

So, having said that, remember that tomorrow my Teaser post will pop in and you’ll have a chance to get a badge for being the FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT on my blog tomorrow (as recorded by WordPress here), or maybe you’ll be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of the photo (woo hoo!), or even if you’re not FIRST to guess right, you might guess right and that will get you a badge……..and as if that wasn’t enough in the way of opportunities to shine tomorrow, if you guess WRONG or don’t KNOW where the photo was taken – well you STILL get a badge for that!

All of this VERBAGE leads me to the point in this blog today where I say – TUNE IN AND GUESS YOUR BEST tomorrow………….you know you want a badge right?  I mean EVERYONE wants to show off their winnings on my Tuesday Teaser (or losing because I know some of you are AVID Greenie collectors….hahahahaha)

Don’t Hold Your Breath….. 

Tuesday will be here before you know it!


Don’t Get Mad or Grumpy…..  Save that for tomorrow when you’re agonizing over the Teaser!


Yeah....I'm grumpy!

See you in the morning Teaser Fans!  

The Teaser Guy, Sammy

I'll wait right here for you to show up on Tuesday morning!

I’ll wait right here for you to show up on Tuesday morning!

Super Bowl Sunday Selfie

Couldn’t resist……!


I know it’s not a traditional selfie in any sense of the word BUTTT it’s Super Bowl Sunday so I just HAD TO DO IT!   If you’d like to see other selfies (not necessarily Super Bowl oriented!) make sure and click the badge below to go to The Cat On My Head – you can add your OWN selfie too!



Love, Sam the Ginger Panther! 

Beggin’ for Bacon!



Yep – beggin’ for bacon is

NOT something I have to

do on a Saturday!

It just seems to APPEAR magically thanks to my Mom.   Today it’s bacon and pancakes………………..”Hey Mom – hold the pancakes and just gimme some bacon please!”……………yep – although I have had a lick of maple syrup before and it was pretty tasty!


My girlcatfriend Sundae sent me a different version of the “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart” theme that Nellie sent me a few weeks ago…………………….


Cute?!   One thing I did NOT have on my buffet table yesterday for my GOTCHA DAY celebration was bacon……………go figure…………guess I figured I’d save up my BACON appetite for today!!


Speaking of my GOTCHA……………thanks to everyone who stopped by to help me celebrate my 16th Gotcha Day.   I had a great time AND my Cat Scouts Patrol threw me a surprise party too so my day was FULL of fun.

What would I do without all of you?   I don’t wanna know!!!!!

Happy Bacon Day and Weekend!  




Monsterizing Day and More


It’s my 16th Gotcha Day!

OK – the fact of the matter is that I don’t  celebrate my Gotcha Day every year…………..I’ve been here for so many years and have been so very happy and I do so many other “celebrations” all year long that my Gotcha just hasn’t been something I “crow” about.   However, I thought maybe since it’s been SIXTEEN years since I was adopted from the shelter, I would have just a little party.  No biggie – a few snackables and some cake – and share it with all of you – my good buddies and friends.     So – ready???  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SEEE????  No big deal………just a little snack here and there – no fuss, no muss.  Before I turn it over to the Vacuum Cleaner (since today is housecleaning day here) I just want to thank you all for being part of my SIXTEENTH Gotcha Day celebration………..you’re the BESTEST BUDDIES EVER!  




It’s time to get the monsta out of the closet – everybody TAKE COVER!


HECK NO!  It hasn’t even STARTED yet! 

Alright Mom...let's get it over with.....

Alright Mom…let’s get it over with…..

UHOH.....it's BROOMhilda!

UHOH…..it’s BROOMhilda!

Alright everybody – listen up – I’m running the show today so I’ll give you your assignments and I want to see some ACTION around here!

MARVIN, you’re on windows!



BOB, you’re on dish duty!



GLORIA, you’re in charge of laundry!



SAMMY, you can get the dust bunnies from behind the couch and under the bed!



“Scuze me BROOMhilda, I have a little toe maintenance to do first!”

And in the end, the house is as spic and span as it can be…….


WHEW! I’m glad THAT’s over with and everybody is gone – now I can REST!

Sam Closeup Lap

Mom – they ARE gone now – right?

“Yes, Sammy my sweet, things will be quiet now – go to sleep big guy…….!”

LOVE, SAMMY (and Mom)

Bizeeee Boy

I am the ultimate busy boy…………….truly.   Seems like every time I turn around I’m having to remind Mom of this, that, or the other.  Her February calendar already has more writing on it than days of the month are available to write on!   There’s always SOMETHING going on in the blogosphere isn’t there………….

The next item on my calendar is the Super Bowl.  My Mom used to be INSANE about football – even though the Washington Redskins have only had some brief “time in the sun” with successes, including actually having a good year THIS year – for the most part, she became just a bit disenchanted and quit watching every single game.   There’s a whole new cast of characters now on the ‘Skins but she has ALWAYS watched at least SOME of the Super Bowl.   She’ll be there with 87 bazillion other people this Sunday – believe me.

Partly because the Cat Scouts are having a Super Bowl Party and it’s hosted by my Troop in our fabulously comfortable Wildcats Troop Lodge!   Wanna see how I decorated the place for our party?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And I also got prepared for the Super Bowl courtesy of Hallmark which had a fabulously fun online gadget so you could make your own Kitten Bowl card – just CLICK HERE!     Here’s how MY card turned out – what do you think?


So I guess you might say I’m ready…………….ready to keep Mom calm on Sunday AND ready to be at Cat Scouts hosting a Super Bowl party……………….Who knew being a sixteen year old cat could be so much fun?????

I’m cheering for the Panthers!  

After all, I am a cat ya know!

Hugs, Sammy 


Pee Ess……make sure and stop by tomorrow – I might be quietly celebrating something or other…….. (tee hee)

Teaser Tell All



So shall we get down to it?  Let’s do it!

Firstly, it was not a Guest Teaser as you know since I didn’t SAY it was………….it was Mom’s photo.   It was taken when my parents were on vacation in Prague, Czech Republic a few years ago.  It’s a photo that Mom took JUST outside the Presidential Palace gates – Very close to the Palace but not IN the Palace – Mom was looking up the street towards the beautiful Schwarzenberg Palace and that’s the building you see in the photo.   It’s a gorgeous structure – wanna know more?  Just CLICK HERE for some info.

Here’s the photo one more time (Mr. Silver Briefcase will kindly whip it out of his briefcase for you…………)

Reporting for Duty! Here's the photo from yesterday!

Reporting for Duty! Here’s the photo from yesterday!


Yep – that building on your left with the chimneys and windows and interesting pattern on the walls – that’s it!

Now for the awards!

FIRST COMMENTER:  Raz, Florida Furkids

First Commenter!

First Commenter!


First Right Guesser!

First Right Guesser!


Right Guesser but not FIRST!

Right Guesser but not FIRST!


The new 2016 GREENIE!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

EXCEPT of course for my Squaaaaaaaaaking friend Kismet who gets THIS:


Congratulations Winners and Losers!!   Everyone who plays is a winner in my book!

Wasn’t that FUNZIES?  Let’s do it again next week OK??


Hugs, Sammy!

Tuesday Teaser And……..More!


I’ve got LOTS to tell you about today including giving you the challenge of the Tuesday Teaser sooooooooooooooooooooooooo, what do you say we get on with it huh?

Today’s Teaser might be one of those toughies……I say MIGHT because I’m always surprised how you pick up stuff that to me isn’t a hint, but to you it tells the tale!    But as always, you must tell me WHERE the photo was taken – city/town/country/state OK?   OK!   Mr. Silver Briefcase – you’re ON!!!!!!

Wait a minute Sammy – did you forget something?  

The cute cheerleader?

Shake it - Don't break it! RA RA RA!

Shake it –
Don’t break it!

Thanks Suzie Q…..sorry about that!   Now, Mr. Briefcase – please do your thing!

Reporting for Duty! Here's today's TEASER!

Reporting for Duty! Here’s today’s TEASER!



Tough or Easy – it’s up to YOU!!!!!  Where was this photo taken????????

Remember, if you’re first to comment on this blog today – just a comment – not even a GUESS if you don’t have one, you get THIS:

First Commenter!

First Commenter!

If you’re the FIRST to guess the location of the photo shoot than you get THIS:

First Right Guesser!

First Right Guesser!

If you’re RIGHT but not first, you still get THIS:

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

If you are wrong or haven’t got the slightest idea, you get THIS:

The new 2016 GREENIE!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

See?  It’s a WIN/WIN!    Now hurry up and DO something!  I’m WAITING!

♥    ♥    ♥

Now, here’s PART TWO of my blog today!    This is something totally exciting………I hope you think so too………….

My dear Cousin Bacon (Pig Love!) asked me if I thought it might be FUN to start a NEW and exciting way of “sharing the love” we animal bloggers have for each other on a special day every year starting February 15, 2016.  It would be called Anipal Appreciation Day!   What better time to get together and share the love than the month of February.   Whether you are a cat, a dog, a horse, a bird, a bun bun, a pig or a human – let’s get together for a day surrounded by love.  Why wait for the could have, should have or would have after one of us crosses the Rainbow Bridge.  Let’s celebrate life now and let each other know what we mean to each other???   We will give “shout outs” to our pals – no set number of them of course – it’s all up to you……..tell everyone what’s special about that blog buddy of yours – the way they blog?  The way they care?  The way they make you smile?   That’s what we all call a “shout out” !

Here are the guidelines for celebrating Anipal Appreciation Day:

1. Post your Anipal Appreciation Day blog on FEBRUARY 15, 2016.
2. Title your blog Anipal Appreciation Day.
3. Put the badge below on your blog post for that day.
4. Give shout outs not only in the blog you write that day, but when you comment as well.  There is no set number of shout out’s you are required to do – let your heart lead you.  We are *not* leaving anyone out.
5. If you can, give your Anipal’s blog link so we can all visit each other easily and so your Anipals know you’ve linked to them!
6. HAVE FUN!  This is the most important rule – have FUN and share the LOVE!

Here’s the badge you can use for your post on February 15th:


My buddy Bacon came up with the rules and the idea………I designed the badge…….it was a “Joint Labor of Love”………..and we hope that you’ll mark your calendars NOW for this special day – the first one EVER.   I want to thank my friend Bacon for coming up with this idea……….I’m flattered he asked me to help him promote it and let me design the badge………now let’s see if we can make it a day to remember and let our Anipals know that the day after Valentine’s Day is THEIR day!

Don’t worry – I’ll remind you on Valentine’s Day that the next day is Anipal Appreciation Day!!!!

Sam Loves His Friends!

Thankful for my friends

An Award AND Pre-Tease Monday!

Hello All!    Are you ready for tomorrow’s Teaser?   Hummmmm????   Good – remember it will pop up at a surprise time so be purrrrpared!    I’m still wrangling with Mom about which photo to use so can’t tell you if it will be a Guest Teaser or not so just be ready for WHATEVA.

Now, on to the AWARD part.   My good new friend Doctor Phoebe and her beautiful cat Samantha nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.   I received this one several times long ago but it HAS been a couple of years, so I am happily “re-accepting” (?) the nomination for this award from them.   If you don’t know Puppydoc (Dr. Phoebe’s nickname) and her kitty, you should visit.  It’s a wonderful blog.

Here’s the award badge………………….


The rules of acceptance are:

1-Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog in the post.
2-Copy the rules and add the blog award badge as an image
3-Share 7 facts about yourself to your fellow bloggers.
4-Then nominate up to 15 people.

Thank you dear Doctor Phoebe………you’re a most special lady doing a most special job and I bet you are happy to get home to your pretty kitty girl Samantha after a busy day at work.   I appreciate you nominating me for this award!   I’ve linked to you above.    I’ve also posted the award rules and the badge so that takes care of #1 and #2 on the rules!

For #3, here are seven facts about ME ME ME!

  1. I think everyone knows this by now but just in case you don’t, I’m a polydactyl ginger kitty – I have “thumbs” on my front paws so one extra toe on each!
  2. I am an “only cat” in my house and that’s why I named my blog “ONE SPOILED CAT” – because I most definitely AM just that!
  3. I am a Cat Scout – an organization of all cats which is based on “Boy/Girl Scouts” and where we earn merit badges, go on Quests together, have Patrols and Troops and EVERYTHING!    If you’re a cat, you should join up!  I’m a Troop Leader (The Wildcats Troop) and I’d LOVE to have you join us!
  4. My Mom has written a mystery novel, two childrens books, edited a book of poetry for a publisher, and was one of five women who wrote a book about “womens journeys” in short story form.  Sadly the short story book is out of print now.   You are saying “that’s not about YOU Sammy – it’s about your Mom” but you see I helped her and was the inspiration for both of the kids books!
  5. I am an inside kitty BUT from kittenhood when I first came to live here after I was adopted, I wear a harness if I’m going outside in the dark.  Otherwise I can go outside as long as my Mom or my Dad is with me.   Honestly though, at my age of 16 I prefer being INSIDE and napping!!!!
  6. I love to graze on the grass when I’m outside.
  7. I like Mango juice.   Yes – I said MANGO JUICE.   Mom left her glass by her chair a couple of weeks ago and when she came back I was slurping it up like crazy.   Mom won’t let me have it now because it has sugar in it but it SURE WAS DELICIOUS!!!

So there you have it.   Seven things about me.  Now for my nominations……………I think most of you have received this award like I have in the past.   It’s really fun that we’re beginning to see some of these again though don’t you think?   If you don’t want to accept the nomination, I will understand, but if you would like to, here are my nominees!

Pig Love

These Days of Mine

Canadian Cats

15 And Meowing

The Florida Furkids

Goodness Gracie

Those are the ones I’ll “shout out” to but if there are any other friends of mine here who would LIKE to comply with the rules and have this pretty (or should I say LOVELY!) award, please feel free!

That’s the Monday report from us gang – please remember to show up tomorrow and be first commenter, first right guesser, a right guesser, or a dunce (oops – I mean a Greenie winner) – and I’ll look for you there!!!!!

Tons of Hugs,

Sammy the Tease

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