Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!


Are you all ready for class today?    I hope you listened to Madge’s brother when he yelled at you to COMMENT so you might win one of our new badges – the NEW AND IMPROVED “FIRST COMMENTER” badge.   We’ll let you know tomorrow who wins that one AND all the others that are up for grabs today.

YES, well everyone is excited this morning so take a seat, put your microphone away and we’ll get started with class shall we????

Yeah, if you’re not careful you might get the DUNCE CAP!

Today’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER…………………and we told you yesterday that you will get EXTRA CREDIT in class TODAY if you include in your guess WHAT kind of building you are seeing in the photo……..you’ll see what we mean when we show you today’s TEASER.

Now, remember we told you we’ve got all new badges and I want to show them to you again so you will see what’s at stake this WHOLE year in the way of badges!

Cool?    Well we hope you like them.    We will probably have a sprinkling of SPECIAL badges available for you when we have some sort of special occasion but basically these are the 2018 badges you can get in class this year.

Let’s get started – first off, here are the rules for guessing:

Secondly, let’s go ahead and bring in our Security Guard with the MAGIC PHOTO for this Tuesday so you can begin agonizing and figuring out WHAT THE DEAL is for the photo shall we?   Then we’ll get a big fat cheer from the girls.

Bring on the girls!!!!!

Yes Cooper we will let them do their thing as soon as the photo is posted!!   Patience my boy…….patience!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

There you have it – your PUZZLE for today!    Remember – extra kudos if you know what this building was at some point…………………………….

LADIES – you’re ON!

Ricky Ticky TOOOO
We will cheer for YOU
This one is a toughie
Might be more than roughie
Give it your best shot
Show us that you’re HOT
We’ll CHEER winners names tomorrow
And the losers will cry from sorrow!
So come on and be a smarty
We’ll have a Ding Dong School party
Miss D will serve some snacks
And give us all heart attacks……
Come on and do your best
Now excuse us but we’ve got to REST!

OK girls – go rest……………the students will be working hard to figure out the Teaser AND Miss Dingleberry is serving foodables out in the hallway today because it’s too cold to set up her food tent outside.    We’ll tell you all who won new badges tomorrow in class so be sure and show up at the usual BLOG TIME tomorrow………….you know you want to add to your badge collection right?

Groovy…..food…..far out

I hear Miss D is serving burgers – I like mine EXTRA RARE!

Our Specialties of the House…………..(burp!)

See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!!  Good Luck!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy


SPARKS for Monday


Monday – means we share some inspirational thoughts for the week – maybe something that SPEAKS to us and which just might SPEAK to you too?    Sparks was the brainchild of our good friend Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.   She thought it would be great to share a little “light” every week and start each day of the week with an uplifting idea to shine the light along our way.     Sometimes we trip and fall without enough light!     If you would like to join in and share some inspiration – click on Annie’s blog badge above – go there and join in by filling out the LINKY form – add your link OR your thought and that’s just how easy it is to share some positivity.    We can ALL use that right?

Here’s our contribution for the week……………..Have you ever REALLY noticed the word IMPOSSIBLE?

I have long admired Audrey Hepburn……….her early movies always made me smile – I suspect she had the joie de vivre NATURALLY that she radiated in her movies – a natural sense of fun and with that, a natural sense of what’s possible.    I think that’s a choice WE can make for ourselves too.    It’s sometimes hard to think we CAN do something but we truly CAN do anything – we just have to make the choice and remember that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…………

Carry positivity with you in your heart today and always……….it shines a light all its’ own…………

Love, Pam

Pre-Tease Monday


Good Morning Students!

Time for us to prepare for tomorrow’s Teaser by getting all of you in the mood to study so you will be READY for the BIG TEASE.     Tomorrow we’ll be starting class at a TOP SECRET time only known to us and that means you will just have to keep an eye on your inbox or “early warning system” for our blog post to hit your mailbox!     Then it’s ON BABY!

First person to comment on tomorrow’s post will win a little sumthin-sumthin!  In fact – FYI everybody – we have ALL NEW BADGES starting with tomorrow.   New for the new year.   Yes we had some special ones for the actual New Year’s post but these are our 2018 badges.    Here they are:

So now you have a whole batch of new “collectibles” for your blog or your page wherever it may be…………..OR you can just keep them to yourself!

Tomorrow’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER………………it’s also going to be EXTRA INTERESTING because we’d like for you to not only tell us WHERE the photo was taken but WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS IT?    I won’t say more about it but when you see the photo you will probably see what I mean.    You don’t HAVE to tell us what it is, but if you do – we will all be totally impressed!

Here are the Teaser rules:

Sounds like it’s gonna be a good challenge in class tomorrow!! I’ll be ALERT and ready!

OK you two – you may be cute but you couldn’t HAZ the answer yet – there’s no Teaser photo yet!



YEAH I’ll have a snack for you kids tomorrow – of course!!

Be Ready! 

Sunday Selfie Hop


Hopping With Kitties Blue

It’s Sunday!   Time to HOP……..every week we show the world a photo of ourselves on The Cat On My Head along with over 50 other friends and then we spend the rest of Sunday visiting wall the Hoppers to say howdy.   Staying in touch – and admiring each other’s fab photos.   Lots of fun indeed.  Wanna join?  Please do – just click the badge above and go to their blog, use the posted LINKY TOOL and you’re IN.    Nothing easier and certainly it’s tons of fun.

Mom did a little artsy touch to me again this week………I’ll show you the original photo of me – sprawled out in my favorite position as those of you who know me know – ON MY BACK WITH BELLY EXPOSED!    Then she used Lunapic to jazz the photo up a bit – she chose the Art Effect called “STORYTIME”.    Then she added a regular simple colored frame with Pizap.   VOILA – there I am showing the world my finest feature – my tummy!

Before fiddling with the photo – yes I’m lying on Christmas tissue paper – I love tissue paper!

Letting it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL hang out!

Have a super Sunday everybody………………….we are having a bit of semi-Spring weather……….in the 50s instead of teens!   We’ll take it…………..!

Love, Teddy

Bakin’ with Bacon in Baconia


Greetings From The Kitchen of Castle Baconia!  

Teddy the King here…..


It’s Saturday and you know that means it’s time for me to whip up a wonderful baconized recipe for you!     I’ll give you the list of ingredients and the “HOW TO” and then you take it from there and WOW your family and friends with another BACON DELIGHT direct from the Castle.

This one is FUN………..you just have to be extra careful because this gets EVER so hot in the microwave……………so be sure and use pot holders when you take your mixture out of the microwave – anything involving sugar gets HOT HOT HOT!

Today I’m making:

Microwave Bacon Brittle


 1/2 pound bacon (or more if you’re a REAL bacon freak!)

 1 cup white sugar

 1/2 cup light corn syrup

1 pinch salt

 1/2 cup chopped pecans

1 tablespoon bacon grease

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda

Cook bacon in a large skillet over medium-high heat, turning occasionally, until crisp and browned, about 10 minutes. Drain the bacon slices on paper towels and reserve 1 tablespoon bacon grease. Crumble bacon once drained and slightly cooled.

  1. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Combine sugar, syrup, and salt in a large microwave-safe bowl. Heat in microwave oven until bubbling, about 4 minutes.
  3. Stir bacon, pecans, reserved bacon grease, and vanilla extract through the sugar mixture; heat in microwave oven for 3 minutes more. Immediately add baking soda and stir just until foamy.
  4. Working quickly, spread the mixture onto the prepared baking sheet. Let cool until set, about 15 minutes. Break into bite-size pieces.


You’ve gotta try this one…………….is it good?  You betcha.   Easy?   You can see from above that it’s easy as pie (well not pie – brittle but then it’s ALL good right???).

Monsieur Le King I can’t imagine anyone could resist zee amazzzzzing dessert you have showed us today! Oui Oui!


All of us will have tingling bacon senses when we smell the bacon in this recipe cooking away!!

So give this one a whirl………….you’ll be GLAD you did!    Happy Saturday from Baconia……………………..

Let Them Eat Bacon!   

King Teddy

A last minute note!    If we have not been commenting on your blog as USUAL, it’s because we are having the same problems many of you have told US about – comments aren’t “taking” after we’ve made them on your blog…….apparently this is a BIG PROBLEM with Blogger/BlogSpot AND WordPress blogs as well.   Hopefully the programmers can figure something out – but in the meantime we don’t want you to think we are no longer following you or reading your blogs – WE ARE!   We just can’t comment!

Hugs from Pam and Teddy too

Friday Fill-Ins


It’s Fill-In Time!!!!!

Time for the very fun Blog Hop co-hosted by Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen of 15andMeowing.    Each week each of our co-hosts provides two sentences with blanks for us to FILL-in.   Couldn’t be easier right?   And you know what?  Each week we learn more about each other just by “filling in”!    Want to join in?  Just click on the badge above and be transported to McGuffy’s Reader where you can do just that – simply fill in the linky tool and you’re IN!

Here are this week’s sentences…………………my Mom filled things in this week…………she used BLUE as her “color” !

1. I have never been able to knit or crochet – I just couldn’t sit STILL long enough to make anything!.

2. I wish I could still play piano – I took lessons for three or four years then we moved out of the country and I couldn’t take my piano with me and that was that.

3.  Sitting in front of a fire in the fireplace  is my ideal winter night.

4. Love  and marriage (go together like a horse and carriage!)
There you have it – four filled in sentences courtesy of my Mom.    Mom says #4 is from stealing words to an old song sung by Frank Sinatra……..she knows a lot of old songs.    I guess when you get older you know lots of stuff.   I hope I can be wise when I grow up!   I’m trying!
I guess that’s it for filling in this week……………….our thanks to Miss Annie and Miss Ellen for hosting this Hop for so long – it’s always fun.   You should join in if you don’t already!
See you tomorrow for Bakin’ in Baconia!

Love, Teddy


Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Thankful Thursday…..then…..a poem!

Time to share what we’re all Thankful for this Thursday morning…………All you have to do if you’d like to join in the THANKFUL Blog Hop hosted by Brian, is click on their graphic above, and fill out the LINKY TOOL with your blog address so we can visit you!!    We were supposed to get some snow yesterday and while we did get a “dusting” – it was kind of like a sugar coating rather than a real snow event.   SO, I’m thankful for that because (1) I was able to go outside without wading through a lot of snow and (2) my Mom and Dad’s new refrigerator was able to be delivered up our long and steep driveway!     Refrigerator is good for all of us – my leftovers go in there as well as my Mom and Dad’s foodables supply.    I’m also very thankful that my Dad is willing to hunt down all my missing ping pong balls and springs every single morning.   I have four ping pong balls and about eight springs which I play with ALL DAY LONG.   The balls wind up behind/under furniture or curtains and the springs I carry around the house in my mouth and leave them EVERYWHERE.    Dad retrieves them for me and puts them in a nice pile so I can “redistribute” them when I play.    What a Dad………

I’m also thankful that even with winter weather and internet outages, etc., my Angel brother Sammy is still able to get good wi-fi from the Bridge because he DID transmit his Thoroughly Poetic Thursday poem to me last night……….it was in my inbox this morning………..and here it is for your viewing pleasure!


Time For Some Poetry!

Hello from the Rainbow Bridge my friends…………..I think we will see some totally fun poetry today because the photo I gave you for your “poetic inspiration” last week was one that almost everyone who reads our poems thought would be VERY inspirational!    It certainly was for me – as many of you know, my very last day here on earth before I flew to the Bridge was spent visiting all my friends one last time via a hot air balloon.   It was an amazing day hosted by my friends Easy and Madi with help from Dory and I will NEVER forget it.

I wore a special outfit for the adventure!

Anyway, that’s why I picked a photo of hot air balloons for this week’s PHOTO INSPIRATION and I hope you wrote a poem to share with us based on this photo!   The poem I wrote is below the photo.

“Up And Away”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell, January 17, 2018

Flying can be tiring if you’re using your own wings

But flying in a balloon makes your heart truly SING

No work required – just float and see the world from up above

You leave the earth behind but you carry with you the love

I had my final balloon trip in December twenty sixteen

I thought it was the end for me – I’d never again be seen

But I soon found out that if we always feel love deep within our heart

Letting go of earthly ties doesn’t mean love stops, it’s just a brand new start

From the Rainbow Bridge or Heaven all Angels wait for the day to come

When you float up to meet us in your own balloon and we again will be as ONE.


Now my friends, did you write a poem today based on the photo I gave you last week of the balloons?    If you did, please put your blog link in comments here – we can come read your poem there OR if you prefer, write your poem in our comments and we will read it here.    If you didn’t write a poem – please think about doing so next week – share your thoughts, your creativity, your fun spirit with all of us here.   I will continue to post a PHOTO every week for those of you who want to participate!    I look forward to Thursdays because of poetry and I hope you do too!    Here’s the photo I picked out as your inspiration for NEXT WEEK’s poem!    

Isn’t that a HAPPY photo?   I thought so too………………so think about it – look at it during the week – and try to write your very own poem about it to share with us next Thursday!  

In the meantime…..this is your weekly Poet signing off!

Love, Angel Sammy



Thanks Angel Sammy – I loved your poem…………it made me a little weepy but that’s only because I wish that I could have lived with you right here, right now, in this house with Mom and Dad.   We gingers would RULE!

Happy Thursday everyone………………….and try writing a little poetry for next week…………….I know Angel Sammy would like it if you tried!


Love, Teddy

Teaser Tell All


Let The Tell All Begin!

Madge has larengitis so I’m here to say “TAKE A SEAT BECAUSE CLASS IS STARTING!”


Let’s get down to business students.    We thought that yesterday’s Teaser would be tough…….like TOUGH TOUGH……..were we right?  Nope………..we had a winner in a matter of less than a half hour!    Class – you never cease to surprise me!

We started off the Teaser competition with FIRST COMMENTER and yesterday we had TWO who chimed in within the first 60 seconds……who????

Jackie and Phenny

Miss Jackie and Da Phenny – you each get one of these!!!!!  Concatulations!

Two of us were FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of Jan. 16, 2018 – Da Phenny and Miss Jackie!!

Here are the two Teaser photos we showed you………………

These great photos were sent in by our GUEST TEASER yesterday – Miss Csilla from KOLYTYI !    Thank you Csilla!!!!!

For Miss Csilla for being our GUEST TEASER on January 16, 2018

Where were these photos taken?    They were taken from the CLOCK TOWER in the Musee’ d’Orsay in Paris, France.    If you study the “out the window” shot you might see some familiar looking architectural styles – very Parisian, Oui?    If you aren’t familiar with this wonderful museum, it’s right on the Seine in the middle of Paris and contains an AMAZING collection of fabulous things – Csilla sent this video which you may enjoy taking a peek at……it’s like a tour of the museum!    Thank you so much Csilla – my Mom and Dad have been to Paris TWICE and never had a chance to see this museum but you can bet they will try if they ever get to go back!




Obviously the family of Da Phenny was ALERT and on the ball yesterday when the Teaser photo popped up because it wasn’t long before they guessed it!    This is for you:

For Being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Jan. 16, 2018!

We had some other folks who guessed it right too – if you were one of those lucky peeps, help yourself to one of these to show off!

I knew the TEASER on Jan. 16, 2018 but I wasn’t FIRST to guess….oh well…..!

And if you were clueless or wrong……..you get a GREENIE!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of Jan. 16, 2018 but I got a GREENIE anyway!

Now our fabulous cheerleading team will memorialize this moment for you winners (and losers) with a cheer – take it away girls!

Yesterday we had a Teaser
That certainly was a real crowd pleaser
Miss Jackie and Da Phenny both commented FIRST
Everyone else must have been cursed!
Then back came Phenny ready for a fight –
He was the very first one to GUESS THE PHOTO RIGHT!
It was in Paris in the Musee d’Orsay’s old clock tower
He got that right – he must have SUPER POWER!
Phenny won TWICE so he got more than one badge!
The rest of you get screamed at by Miss Madge!

Thanks ladies – that was inspiring to say the least……………..who knows – next Tuesday YOU might know the Teaser and YOU might get your name into one of the team’s fabulous cheers!!

I promise to study super hard Professors so I can win something next week!

Me too although I might have a gig in Vegas next week doing my Elvis impression so might not be in class…..

And I’m going with him as his personal drummer!!!!

Elvis? Groovy!

Well we will see you next week in class everyone………………thank you for paying attention in class today.   We only had one sleeper and I do believe Sarge took care of him.

WAKE UP!!!!!!



Professors Sammy and Teddy (at your service!)

Teaser Tuesday


It’s TEASER Tuesday!   Are you ready?

You’d better COMMENT now…..hurry up….then report to class!

Madge is taking names of those who aren’t seated!

Sorry we kept you students but we stopped by the cafeteria to make sure Miss Dingleberry was STILL serving fried food for us today and she IS!

We’ll be eating later but FIRST, the most important thing of the day – THE TEASER!    Hopefully you have all commented – Madge said she would make sure you were reminded to do that as soon as you got off the school bus.    Your NEXT challenge will be to examine the photo we will be showing you – actually TWO photos – and tell us WHERE the photos were taken!

Professors I just wanna say I studied EXTRA hard last night because I wanna be RIGHT today!

I foresee major disappointment ahead……

I think we will start things off with a cheer from our fabulous Cheer Team here at Ding Dong School…………Ladies?

Ricka Racka Boom De Lacka
Wicky Wacky WOOOO
Sorry Bobby but we don’t think it will be YOU
The Teaser photos are rather tough we think that you’ll agree
We’re RARELY wrong by now you know so we’ll just have to see
We know you all intend to win but we’ll bet you even money
Smart as you are and as hard as you try you just “ain’t got it” Honey!
We hope we’re wrong and someone guesses and a Right Guesser badge they’ll win…..
Cuz otherwise the next cheer we do will make your heads all SPIN!

Thanks girls…………that was a MOST interesting cheer – now whether it frightened all the students OR inspired them remains to be seen……….so what say we find out now shall we??????


We’ll show you girls a thing or two!

Some Cheer Team you are!

OK class settle down………….our Security Guard is on his way in to show you the photos for the Teaser……………….they are two very similar photos but we figured the more the merrier right?    Let me show you the RULES again before he puts the photos up on the board:

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Did I say TOUGH?    I meant TOUGH………….but something tells me someone will guess this GUEST TEASER – just a feeling I have and I’m hardly ever WRONG!!!

It doesn’t matter if I look at it sideways – I haven’t got a clue!

Give it your best shot students…………………tomorrow we will let you know who wins what!    Here are the badges you can win today:

GOOD LUCK!   Now, Miss Dingleberry?  I’ll turn things over to YOU!


See you for the Tell All Tomorrow!!!  (burp)

P.S.   Fried Bird Seed for Kismet


SPARKS on Monday


Happy Monday!    It’s time to spread a little light, a little fun, a little inspiration to start off the week.     SPARKS is a great way to do that!    We join in adding a little SPARK every Monday courtesy of our hostess Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.   Whether it’s a photo, a quote, a thought – it doesn’t matter what form your “spark” takes….it may “speak” to people in a way and make their day and week a little better.     This Hop is wonderful and inspiring and if you haven’t joined in – yet – you should.   Just click on the graphic above, fill out the LINKY tool to add your blog link and voila – your light joins our lights and makes things a LOT brighter – at least that’s what we all hope for.

My contribution today is such a simple thought…………but it works when you feel “I’m just one person – can I matter?” or when you begin to feel ever so SMALL in this great big world.   It also speaks to starting over.    It’s never TOO LATE and you have to have carry some hope in your heart because things can change in a minute………and often do……..

Won’t you join in and share a little spark on a Monday?

Hugs, Pam