Friendly Fill-Ins


Happy Friday.    Oh boy – this is the day our two-co hosts give us FOUR sentences and we complete them with our very own words.   It’s fun AND we learn about each other too!   I decided to do these ALLLLLLLLL by myself today.    Mom got last week and I get this week!    My words are in BLUE.


1. Is it wrong to ask repeatedly to be allowed to go outside????????  (Note From Mom:  Since you need Mom or Dad to take you out yes it sometimes is wrong to ask repeatedly if we’re busy doing something else!!!!)
2. I wish I had kept my white mouse Angel Sammy left for me – I tore it limb from limb in my excitement at having a new home….now I miss it so much!
3. Right here – right now is my idea of living happily ever after.
4. It’s been a long time since I was all alone in my cage at the shelter – thank heavens.

That’s it!   Done by ME.    Maybe next week Mom and I will do the filling in together.   You never know…………..we both enjoy filling in the blanks.  If you’d like to join in, click the badge at the top of this post and look for the spot to LINK up with 15andMeowing.    It’s fun to see everyone’s fill-ins!!!
Happy Friday!

I miss my white mouse…..I’m sorry I played SO HARD with it Angel Sammy! 


Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Hello everybody.    Shall we talk about our THANKFULS?   I know we’re all thankful that Brian is dealing with his health well.    That makes all of us happy.    We send him tons of POTP and I know all of you do as well.    I’m also thankful that we are enjoying some nice weather – I will though be happy when Fall begins to fall because it’s my favorite time of the year AND my parents’ favorite as well.    Fires in the fireplace – sweaters to snuggle in – and WARM LAPS!    As always we are VERY THANKFUL that Brian hosts the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

Now for the Poetic Thursday portion of our post.   Angel Sammy send me an email from the Rainbow Bridge last night with his poem and a new photo so let’s see what he said shall we?


Hello from my “Corner” !   

It’s time for us to share some poetry.    I hope you wrote one to share with us today – based on the photo I gave you last Thursday.    I firmly believe that everyone can write a poem.   Poetry doesn’t even have to rhyme!   It’s not got a “size” restriction either – short or long doesn’t matter.    So if you haven’t given it a try – please try!    Just study the photo that I will give you later and see what the photo inspires in your imagination and write a poem based on those feelings.  Easy.    It’s also tons of fun.

Here’s the photo I gave you last Thursday to use for TODAY’S Poetry Day – and my poem follows……

“My Thinkin’ Time”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©September 15, 2021


I grabbed my fishin’ gear and off I went

A prettier day God could not have sent

I have “my spot” up on the riverbank

I inherited that spot from Uncle Hank

Fishin’ runs in my family ‘s blood

Sunny days, rainy days or even a flood!

One or two of us are always ready to fish

Fried fish and cornbread is my favorite dish

And if just one wish I would be given

It would be that ’til the day I die I’ll keep on fishin’………….


My Mom says while her Dad never got into fishing or really any sports of any type, she and her brother were most interested in learning how to fish when they were kids.    They lived on an Air Force Base with a BIG lake and one year for Christmas she and her brother got bamboo fishing poles from Santa.    They’d walk to the lake and having never really been taught a thing about how to do it, they (like many kids!) taught themselves.   Mom had a problem getting over the “worm stuck on a hook” thing but once she did, she and her brother could spend ALL DAY at the lake.   The deal with fishing on post was that you had to practice “catch and release”.     The fish were small anyway.     It was more about spending time together out of the house – out in the sunshine and fresh air – and bragging about how many fish you’d caught!

SO, I found a good photo for all of us to use next week…………………at least I hope you will like this one!     Oh – and if you wrote a poem today for the fishing photo – let us know in comments and give us your link so we can read it. 

Now this one is a doozy.    All sort of possibilities here……………….hero?   Criminal?   Rich guy car collector?    We’ll see what you think when we read your poem next week and I share mine with you!

Until then -please stay safe, stay healthy, always do “THE RIGHT THING”! 

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love Always, Angel Sammy


As always Angel Sammy, I loved your poem today………….I think next week’s is a great photo and should bring a whole lot of interesting poems from everyone.   All I can see is a CAR or two and I don’t like them because when I see one – I think “VET VISIT”.   HAHAHAHA

Hugs, Teddy

Teaser Tell All


Good Morning Class!  Do you remember what today is????

“Yes Professors – we know – it’s TELL ALL day!!!”

Indeed.   Now let’s get on with the show shall we?     First of all you know we always share WHO were our FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser.     Yesterday we only had ONE FIRST COMMENTER – you all know that’s VERY RARE.   Usually there are AT LEAST three and sometimes five or six!    SO, in honor of the fact we RARELY get just one FIRST COMMENTER we have created a brand new BADGE which we imagine we won’t be awarding very often.     The first winner of the “I WAS THE ONLY FIRST COMMENTER” badge is:


You are the winner of our new badge this week – concatulations!

Woo Hoo! I was the winner of the very first “I WAS THE ONLY FIRST COMMENTER ON THE TEASER” badge on September 14, 2021!


Now let’s show you yesterday’s photo and then we’ll tell you WHERE the photo was taken and WHO our GUEST TEASER was who sent in the photo!

This photo was sent in by Charles Huss (Bad Cat Chris) and it was taken in TRIBERG, GERMANY!  Here’s a badge to thank you for sending in the photo…….

I was the Guest Teaser on the post of September 14, 2021!



I was fast and furious and figured out the Teaser of September 14, 2021 before anyone else did!


We had others who guessed it AFTER Ingrid did – and if you were right, you get one of these:

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of September 14, 2021 but I was NOT First!

Were you WRONG?   Were you?   We’ll ease the pain by giving you a badge……………’s that ?

I tried but I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of September 14, 2021!

POOOOOEY!  I wasn’t RIGHT and I wasn’t FIRST and I’m MAD (can you tell??)

Maybe next week………….and if you keep frowning like that your face might freeze in that position!

Our Cheer Team will commemorate this occasion with a cheer!!

So Teaser Class is done for another week
Next Tuesday you can turn the other cheek!
This week only ONE FIRST COMMENTER came through
And that was SHARON and not YOU!
We then waited for someone to guess right
Before our Harleys took flight
Miss Ingrid was the one that was RIGHT FIRST
Everyone else’s bubble she burst!
There’s always next week to try and win
So be here early before class begins!

Thanks ladies…………………so you’re off on the Harleys again huh?    Be careful!

“If you chicks need an escort just let me know!  I’m ready!”

Perhaps before we have any more trouble and tears we should go get some breakfast or lunch!

Breakfast and Lunch are served!  Enjoy!





Teaser Class Is Starting Now!


“It appears Officer Kitty has the front door protected and the grounds are good – let’s report in then go eat some breakfast!”

Here we are!  Clowie’s Security Detail reports everything is secure and there’s a nice crowd of students ready to start Teaser Class and COMMENT FIRST so let’s get going!

“Clear the way!  I’m boogying to my seat in the back of the classroom!”

Today we have a GUEST TEASER photo…………so I hope everyone is wide eyed and bushy tailed (well…….not precisely that but you know what we mean!).     This could be from anywhere in the world so polish those glasses to get a good look.   In the meantime let’s review the rules and show you the badges you  might win:

“Glasses clean and ready to go!”


Here’s the Teaser photo Professors!


Now, let’s see if the Cheer Team can cheer everyone up and get their brains moving to figure out today’s Teaser shall we?   If anyone can do it – it’s them!

Looks like a doozy of a photo for you today
It ought to keep you busy and out of the way
No time for desk naps or sneaking ciggies in the potty
You’d better be SHARP today – no time for NAUGHTY!
This looks like a nice place but not our style
We can’t see a pub for a city mile!!!

Thanks Ladies………”sneaking ciggies” ?????    Are you saying some of our students actually DO that?    we’ll have Marge put a few extra guards in the hallways !


Welcome aboard Sarge.    You’ve been missed but we also know you run a tight ship so I guess those sneaky students will be having fewer “emergency trips” to the rest room.

Now who’s up for breakfast or lunch????

Let’s GO!

Breakfast and Lunch now being served!  Step right up!

Today’s Menu:


SPARK on Monday


Greetings and Happy Monday…………….You all know what some of us do on Mondays by now.   We SPARK!    It is the first day of a new week.      Good time to start off with something to really THINK about right?   “SPARKS” was started by Annie McGuffy of McGuffy’s Reader but ended when her blog was hacked some time ago.  It was meant to be a way to start out each week with with a meaningful thought – something that spoke to each of us and hopefully everyone else who read it.    Sometimes we need a little “spark” in our lives and these posts were meant to at least be a PART of that effort.   Please feel free to post a SPARK of your own on your blog and let everyone know you have…….we get energy from each other that way!    A lot of us spent time this past weekend thinking about the past and in particular, our memories of 9/11 but for me anyway it led me to think about the future.    That’s what my SPARK today is all about.



One good moment in a day isn’t too much to ask of ourselves right?    In fact, one good moment sometimes leads to another……….and another………and yet another.    It’s worth giving it a try.

Hugs, Pam