Too Much Food….


OOPS……excuse me…….maybe I’ve had just a bit too much in the “leftovers” department?   I couldn’t help myself….Mom got back from Thanksgiving in W. Virginia with a BIG bag of leftovers for me and – well – I couldn’t help myself.   I went nuts………ate turkey until I was stuffed (like a turkey!).  


I must say though……it was worth it!  

We’re taking a little break today – no wordy blog post – just me enjoying the last of the leftovers….oh and Mom and Dad doing the Friday Monsterizing as usual.   The Christmas tree goes up this weekend………… that will be worth blogging about.


Love, the stuffed turkey, Sam


Happy Thanksgiving!!


Hugs, Turkey Boy






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Teaser Tell All


Hello Teaser Fans!   Pretty darn good Teaser yesterday wasn’t it??????   I know you’re anxious to get the scoop – so lets get to it!!

Mr. Mystery Dude, please bring in the silver briefcase with the treasured photo inside and SHARE it with our Teaser Buddies purrrrrlease???? it is!

Certainly……here it is!

Thank you!


This is a photo of San Juan Bautista (St. John the Baptist) church in Arucas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands – what a gorgeous neo-gothic church in a somewhat mystifying setting……the old structure of the church in the mostly modern background makes for an interesting photo yes?   Who was my Guest Teaser who sent me this FAB photo?   Why it was my good friend Flynn from Two Devon Cats and his world-travelling Mum that’s who!     Thank you guys – this is for you to have:

Thanks Miss Jackie and Flynn!!

Thanks Miss Jackie and Flynn!!

Who was the FIRST COMMENTER yesterday when the post went live???????????????    Why it was Frequent First Commenters, my buddies Oliver and Calvin who have a Facebook page HERE and you boys have earned this (again!):


Now, who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER – the first to tell me WHERE this photo was taken and figure out the mystery???    It was my good friend and fellow Cat Scout from Canada, Shoko, from Canadian Cats !   Concatulations Shoko – you win this little beauty!


Did anyone else guess right?  I don’t think so but a lot of you knew it was Spain and some of you were VERY close so if you WERE right and I just didn’t see that you were (hey I’m not perfect!), you win this!


Those of you who were left standing in the dust……….or guessed and didn’t have it right…….will be pleased to know you have another bit of GREEN to add to your collection (or maybe start a collection????) with this:


YAY!   That was a very good Teaser – thank you Miss Jackie and Flynn for making it a particularly GREAT Tuesday this week!    Next week I’ll try to confound you – it’s my job you know – give you something fun to do on Tuesday every week!

Love, Sammy the Teaser Man

See you NEXT Tuesday!

See you NEXT Tuesday!



Now for something ELSE!   It’s Bacon’s SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD day!



This month’s food item was something for the Thanksgiving meal – an item (dessert, appetizer, side dish, WHATEVER) with five items!

Well, I’m doing something with THREE items!!!  THREE!!!   It’s something my Mom makes every Thanksgiving and it’s a very familiar item to many of you!  It’s not a NEW recipe, but it’s tried and true (at least at my house!)




1 orange (unpeeled, seeded, and cut into eight pieces)  (price: 79 cents an orange)

1 – 12-oz. package of fresh cranberries (price: $2.99)

3/4 to 1 cup of sugar (price:  2 lb. bag $1.99)


Put cut up  orange slices AND cranberries in food processor


Whack it up into size pieces you like – add 3-4 to one cup of sugar and refrigerate!


HUGS, The Thanksgiving Turkey Guy, Sammy

Meowwww.....OOPS.....I mean GOBBLE GOBBLE!

Meowwww…..OOPS…..I mean GOBBLE GOBBLE!


Tuesday Teaser


OK!   This is it………….yesssirreee, it’s the day of the week that you love to hate (or is it hate to love?).   You get to examine with a fine tooth comb (or magnifying glass) a photo and tell me WHERE it was taken or even better, what exactly are you seeing and where is it????   City/Town/Village and State/Country or WHATEVER!

Mr. Mystery Teaser Dude, will you please come in with your silver briefcase, unlock it, and show us today’s tricky photo?????????? it is!

Certainly……here it is!

Today’s photo is beautiful indeed and I’m wondering if my GUEST TEASER snapped it from a parachute or what?!   Anyway, take a peek and tell me what you think……………


So where do you think this photo was taken??????    Tomorrow I’ll tell you the answer AND who my Guest Teaser was…….but in the meantime – remember:

FIRST COMMENTER on today’s blog (even if you aren’t guessing but just saying HELLO or BOO or WAHOO or WHATEVA) will get this:


FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on today’s blog – with details please – will get this:


RIGHT GUESSERS (even though you aren’t first but have guessed right) will get this:


AND – bringing up the rear (so to speak) are those of you who guess WRONG or don’t guess at all or just stop by to say hello and you get this:


COOL?   Oh yeah……… what are you waiting for?   You’d better get going……………you know you don’t want the dreaded GREENIE award (again??).    HAHAHA   Get going!   I’ll see you tomorrow for the Tell All.   GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!

Hugs, Sam the Tease

Don't forget to show up tomorrow to see who wins and who's GREEN again!

Don’t forget to show up tomorrow to see who wins and who’s GREEN again!


Need a Badge for your Blog to show you’re a Teaser Fan???  Help yourself!

Pre-Tease Monday

Almost time to be teased everybody – are you gonna be ready?   A Turkey Week Teaser…….HAHAHA……..At least I’m not looking through albums of photos by myself this week, I have my pal Bashful to help.   We’ll come up with a winner for tomorrow, I’m SURE!    He really worked hard going through the photos too – trust me.   Oh – and in case you’re wondering, yesterday we went outside briefly on the front porch and Mom noticed him shivering so she whipped up a little cap and scarf for him – he loved them so much he’s been wearing them even in the house!

Bashful3 Bashful4

Meanwhile, it was a very chilly and blustery day and while we MIGHT have gone outside to enjoy my big yard, we decided to stay inside and take it easy.   All of us – Mom and Dad included.   Bashful and I will be watching movies this evening together as Mom and Dad are going next door to the neighbors for dinner so I thought we’d watch “Charlotte’s Web” (since there’s a piggy in it) and “Viva Rock Vegas” (a Flintstones movie)………….sound like a good dynamic duo of movies for a cat and his visiting rock friend?  I thought so too.

Since there’s a holiday on Thursday, Mom and I will still be posting the Teaser Tell All on Thursday but she won’t be answering comments of course until Friday…………..I’m thinking a lot of you will be celebrating Thanksgiving with your families anyway – but a week without a Teaser wouldn’t be a week at all – right?   So ONWARD!

Remember the Teaser post pops up at random times – every week a different time – Mom just throws a dart at a board and that’s how we figure out what time to have it go live.   Can be any time.  Keeps you on your toes doesn’t it (assuming you have toes….or claws….or webbed feet…..or something!).

SO, see you tomorrow?   Don’t miss it – you know you wanna win a badge right?   All you have to do is figure out where the photo I post was taken – easy peasy!   (giggle)

Hugs, Sammy the Tease

Ya better be here next week......OR ELSE!

Ya better be here tomorrow……OR ELSE!

Sunday Selfie

Happy Sunday!   I’m doing my usual Sunday Selfie with The Cat On My Head’s Blog Hop…………..hope you’ll click on their badge and visit to see all the other selfies and add yours to the PILE!




Click to visit the hop!

Pee Ess……..I’m following a new blog – Star Struck Luck which features one of the winners of my Halloween Costume Contest – “Peanut” (a kitty in a dinosaur outfit!)  and his fur family and Mom!   Please take a peek at it and leave a smile and comment – it’s a new blog and it’s about many things including a young lady and her love of cats………Stephy is a special person indeed.

Saturday With Bacon AND Bashful!



HUH.  WHO?   Well, if you follow Bacon the piggy’s blog HERE, then you know that his rock-n-roller, Bashful is a world-traveler.  That’s right – this rock knows how to get around and has been just about everywhere in creation except to MY house.   Well not anymore gang – he arrived in my mailbox yesterday and he’s here to stay through Thanksgiving!!!!!!

I will have tons of photos to share with you while he’s here at my house of course but for now – I snuck in early Friday morning to make sure he was sleeping OK in the Guest Room and here’s what I saw:


The little guy is all cuddled up in his afghan with the stuffed piggy I gave him (so he wouldn’t miss Bacon too much) and my pink cat pillow (so he’d remember he’s visiting a CAT) – he was snoring softly and when the flash went off on the camera, he pulled the afghan over his head and went back to sleep!

I’m thinking of great stuff to do with him while he’s here – but of course we’ll start off with breakfast this morning whenever he gets up and that’s when I’ll start snapping photos to share with you.   I already know Mom is going to take him up to the mountains with her and Dad to the cottage my Dad’s brother and his wife have.   That’s where TURKEY DAY will be happening… doubt there will be a lot of fun although I myself will be HOME……waiting patiently for Bashful and my parents to get home and bring me some TURKEY TURKEY TURKEY!!!!!

Friday after Bashful got up (finally) I showed him around the house a bit.  It was kind of cold out and I thought he’d better have a sweater to wear so Mom is working on that……in the meantime there’s plenty of stuff to do inside the house.    When I was showing him around the library he spotted the little log cabin my Dad made out of sticks and thought it would be JUST HIS SIZE……sadly we discovered that the door just isn’t big enough for him.   But he did look cute standing in front of the place anyway!


Then I introduced him to the two rocks we won from Savannah a while ago – she kindly had a giveaway of several hand-painted rocks and we were lucky to get a couple!   You know Bashful flirted with these two who are “girl-rocks” of course…..he’s such a SCAMP!


Who knows what we’ll get into today.  First up is breakfast of course – with bacon and Bashful……….wow………..I hope he likes bacon – well I know he likes his brother BACON but actual bacon?  Let’s hope so because you know I’m gonna have some since it’s Caturday!


Have a super day!

Hugs, Sammy (and Bashful)



Monster Mash Day


CLEANINGBANNERemember that song?  “Monster Mash” ???  Well today is monster mash day around my house…………..out with the vacuum cleaners and here comes the noisy monsters!


One day some smarty pants will invent a vacuum cleaner that makes NO NOISE…………..yep – it just needs a really good silencer on it and we’d all be a whole lot happier right?   How hard can it be after all???   Whoever invents that will be a bazillionaire.

Mom and I worked on my toy box/wagon to neaten it up…….

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Just some of my favorites out of the wagon…..oh and my Kitty Bank of course…..


Sometimes there’s so much noise around here on Fridays it sounds like there’s a whole HOUSE full of vacuums, dusters, reorganizers at work………..thank COD that’s not the case – just my two humans knocking themselves out to straighten the house up!


Once that’s done, I wonder what the old folks will get up to?   I heard something about running errands……….that means I’ll be alone for a few hours…………..and THAT means I can take all the toys out of the wagon that I want out of the wagon instead of having MOM around to make sure I don’t make a mess.   Tee Hee………


Would that make me a “Little Devil” if I did that?  Maybe……..but I look GOOD in horns right?


Sammy the Devil Boy!


Weather Woes



We’ve been pretty danged lucky about weather the past few weeks………..more sun and nice temps in the 60s than we have a right to look for normally this time of year!   It’s been grand.  Mom and Dad have been out there chugging around the yard picking up leaves with the leaf machine on the lawn tractor and kind of think maybe one or TWO more times will do it for the season.  That means putting all that stuff away before Christmas!  YAY!  No more noise!

I can put the earmuffs away at last!

I can put the earmuffs away at last!

Today our luck ran out though – we are having rain from the really bad system that’s been in the middle of the country – some of it made its’ way here BUT not the SCARY part – no tornados, etc. – just a heck of a lot of RAIN and colder temps.   My little trips to the front porch for fresh air will be fewer and farther between.   For one thing I do not like to get wet.  I will go out in a light shower – then when we come back inside Mom dries me off with a towel.  Sometimes Mom will carry an umbrella and I know if I stick close to her feet/legs, the umbrella will keep ME from getting wet too!  I’m no dummy!

The next week we have Thanksgiving but do you realize what that means after Thanksgiving has left?  IT MEANS CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE.   I haven’t done a lick of Christmas shopping – nor have I  gotten Christmas cards to send to my buds!  I haven’t done A THING.   Good grief……the clock is ticking and I’m sitting on my tushie here in the house taking it easy.   So is my Mom – what’s with her?   She needs to start shopping for ME and Dad!   MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!    I can see that when she and Dad get back from their Thanksgiving overnight trip to W. Virginia, I will have to “kick some butt” around here………..that’s right – I said a bad word but somebody has to be in charge of this family of layabouts and I guess it will be ME!

Don't make me get ROUGH with you Mom and Dad!

Don’t make me get ROUGH with you Mom and Dad!

SO – do you have to keep your humans on track too?   Or are they ahead of the game and already shopping………….maybe mine are just extra lazy.   One GOOD thing is Mom says after they get back from Thanksgiving they will begin getting the Christmas decorations out – that means my TREEEEEEEEE and my CHOOO CHOO TRAIN!!!!!   Surely once those things go up in the library Mom will get the BIG Christmas spirit and start looking for things to fill my stocking this year.   After all – I’ve been EVER SO GOOD!!!

Dad THINKS this is his train.....I know it's MINE!

Dad THINKS this is his train…..I know it’s MINE!

Hugs, Sammy

I'll even try to grin and bear it in this outfit!

I’ll even try to grin and bear it in this outfit!


Teaser Tell All


ALRIGHT!   Sharp as a tack you all are with the Teasers lately……..doesn’t take you long to figure things out does it?!?!?!   I’ll give you all the scoop in a minute but first a word from our sponsor (haha just kidding)………’s the photo from yesterday – Mr. Mystery Dude – will you bring the silver suitcase in PURRRRRLEASE? it is!

Certainly……here it is!

Thanks!   Here’s the photo!


Beautiful buildings yes?   Well, this photo was taken by the humans belonging to my friend Gracie of Goodness Gracie blog when they were on a trip to VENICE, ITALY – it’s the ISLAND OF BURANO which is known as the spot where lace is made AND where a whole lot of fishermen live.   The colorful homes are a tradition – so the men of the sea living on Burano could recognize their homes when they came back from a long fishing trip!   Cool huh?   THANK YOU GRACIE and THANKS TO YOUR HUMANS!   This is for you:

Thanks Gracie and Miss Steph!

Thanks Gracie and Miss Steph!

So who was my FIRST COMMENTER?   Well it was the ever-alert no matter what time of the day it is friend Easy!   You were on the ball this morning my friend – WOOT!   This is yours:


Who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER today?   It was my friend in Devon, UK – Flynn from Two Devon Cats.   WAY TO GO Flynn – his Mom and Dad visited Venice on a vacation and saw the islands just like my Mom and Dad did a bazillion years ago on their honeymoon!    This is for you Flynn:


Several others guessed right – I’m so proud of you!  You get this:


Even if you did NOT guess right, or did NOT have a clue, you still get something……yes indeedy – you get THE BIG GREENIE!


Everybody wins…………..Tuesdays are so way cool don’t you think?   See you next week?  Same time?  Same day?  Same frustrations?


Sammy the Tease


Ya better be here next week......OR ELSE!

Ya better be here next week……OR ELSE!

Pee Ess…..for those of you waiting for my blood results to come back – doc says I have to increase my thyroid meds……instead of one pill a day I now have to have one and a HALF pills a day – that’s right two excuses to get my Gerber baby food treat !!!!   My current fave is turkey with turkey gravy baby food so Mom will be giving that to me at breakfast AND dinner – good deal huh?   Everything else looks GREAT he says….liver, kidneys, blood glucose – all good.  Just my pesky thyroid and he thinks that’s got something to do with my weight loss too. 


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