Tuesday Teaser!


Welcome Students!


Welcome to another exciting Geography class with yours truly Professor Sammy, AND our crew of miscreants interesting characters here to help give you a challenge on this Tuesday morning!

We have a photo for you to take a peekie at…………………..in fact, we not only want you to look at it, we want you to tell US where the photo was taken!   Yep – we wanna know the state/country/town/city – OK?   Clear?  I thought so!

To start things off, remember that the very FIRST person who leaves a comment on THIS BLOG POST – yes – THIS ONE – will win the FIRST COMMENTER badge and you know you want that to be YOU – so go comment, then come right back……we’ll wait for you…….honest.


Now, what do you say we bring Mr. Silver Briefcase in to really get this party (oops I mean class) started OK?    He will show us today’s challenging photo!

Here's today's CHALLENGE Professor Sammy. it's been safely sealed up in the briefcase and locked on my wrist!

Here’s today’s CHALLENGE Professor Sammy. it’s been safely sealed up in the briefcase and locked on my wrist!




Now, to cheer you on as you agonize over the photo trying to find clues and figure out WHERE this is and maybe WHAT it is (!!)……………SuzieQ would like to do a bit of a cheer of encouragement (at least I hope that’s what she’s gonna do…..you never know for sure though!).   Suzie???

Good luck to you Cuz you're gonna need it If you have a hungry cat Then you oughta feed it If you can't guess the Teaser I'll call you a Wheezer If you don't like my cheer TOUGH!!!!!

Good luck to you
Cuz you’re gonna need it
If you have a hungry cat
Then you oughta feed it
If you can’t guess the Teaser
I’ll call you a Wheezer
If you don’t like my cheer

Uhhh……..well, thanks Suzie.  I’m sure you really fired everybody up and got them excited to take a guess at today’s Teaser photo……………………..(or scared them to death and they just left the blog!)………….anyway, you can go REST now.

Here’s what’s up to win today if you are taking a whirl at guessing where the photo was taken!







See?   Easy Peasy right?   Just tell me where the Teaser photo was taken and tomorrow I’ll tell you WHO my Guest Teaser was for Geography class this week AND I’ll tell you all about the photo AND hand out awards to the lucky duckies who guess right (or wrong)!!!!

Now get guessing! 

The clock is ticking!

tick tock tick tock

tick tock tick tock


I'll be here tomorrow......will you?

I’ll be here tomorrow……will you?

Pre-Tease Monday!


Here It Comes!


Your “Early Warning” post to remind you that tomorrow is Geography Class, taught by the lovely kindly old Professor of Geography, Sammy!     He will be here – will you?   We hope so – because we have a doozy.   At least I think it’s a doozy.   AND it’s a Guest Teaser kind of doozy.   That means you’d best get those glasses cleaned up:


Clean off that computer screen:


Well that’s one way to do it!  Just move him closer to the computer!

Study your globe:


And have a good breakfast (brain food) so you will be SHARP AS A TACK and ready to tackle the Teaser!


Remember, we are using brand new badges that Mom and I slaved over to make sure you’d LOVE them and want to WIN them so don’t disappoint – be here…………yeah I know I never tell you WHEN to be here – that’s part of the fun – never knowing precisely WHEN the Teaser will go live………………..you do like to be SURPRISED right?

I love this guy's face!   HAHA

I love this guy’s face! HAHA

Suzie will be here to CHEER YOU ON in a way that only she could possibly do (cough cough)………………so can I count on seeing you here tomorrow??????????????????    GOOD – otherwise I’ll have to send home a note to your Mom saying you snore in class or I caught you smoking in the bathroom or some such thing………….

Rest up – Tomorrow is coming….

I'll be here tomorrow......will you?

I’ll be here tomorrow……will you?

Hugs, The Prof !

P.S.   Remember if you’re FIRST to comment tomorrow (not necessarily guess – just comment) you win this!


Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Wedding Bells Rang

It was a beautiful wedding yesterday as Mauricio from The Cat On My Head married his beautiful Bride Allie from Friends Furever at Cat Scouts!  

I was honored to be Best Man…………..it was PURRRFECT!    This isn’t my selfie but it’s a photo of the ceremony so you can see how lovely it was:


Yes, that’s yours truly second from the left – ginger and grey look nice together yes????

Here’s my selfie……….and if you’d like to see some others, just click on The Cat On My Head’s badge below and visit – in fact, do one yourself and link up! 




Caturday! Yay!



What would Caturday be without a healthy dose of BACON after all?    We deserve bacon around here – just like bacon, we are FRYING here in Virginia due to ridiculously HOT temperatures so bring it on.    We’ll celebrate being hot as heck with some bacon and it will take all our cares and concerns away right?

Take daily to avoid stress in your life!

Take daily to avoid stress in your life!

After we have breakfast I think Mom and Dad and I plan to stay inside for the rest of the day………….Mom mowed the lawn yesterday because while it was in the mid-90s, today we’re gonna beat that all to heck so INSIDE is the place to be and she knew if she didn’t mow yesterday, we’d be up to our necks in grass so she did it!

Newly mowed front yard

Newly mowed front yard but still munchable!


Today at Cat Scouts is a BIG DAY…………….two of my best friends are getting married – what?   YES!   My friend Mauricio from The Cat On My Head and his lovely Bride to be Allie from Friends Furever will be tying the knot at 11AM at Cat Scouts and yours truly is the BEST MAN (or should that be BEST CAT??).   I don’t want to share photos AHEAD of the big event but I will share some on Sunday so you can see how FABULOUS we all looked.

What else is going on today?  Not much………………….Mom might clean up her office (hallelujah – maybe she’ll find the package of cat treats she keeps in there for ME when I visit her!)……Dad changed the oil in the lawn tractor yesterday so he hasn’t got any “projects”……….and me?   Well, I do have plans for post-wedding NAPPING!!

How about you?   WHAZZUP for you today?   Maybe we should all have a QUIET Saturday…………….just think if we all slept and we all snored there would be this huge BUZZZZZZZ heard around the world!    SAMSELFIESLEEPING

Have a great Sunday whatever you do……….stay cool if you’re HOT and stay warm if you’re COLD……………how’s that for sage advice from one wise cat???

Hugs, Sammy

Friday Fill-Ins


Happy Friday!  

It’s time for Friendly Fill-in Fun……..

Hosted by our friends 15andMeowing and McGuffy’s Reader


So what are our sentences for today you may ask??????   Here they are, AND my “fill-ins” are in RED!

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 11

1. I wish I could afford to hire someone to do all the stuff around the house that my Mom does so she could spend more time with ME ME ME!.
2. Zucchini apparently scares some kitties when they see one but not me – I’m a big brave ginger cat!
3. One Summertime memory I recall is my first summer living with Mom and Dad (I was 6 months old) and being allowed to go down into the cool woods and sit with Mom on the bench – I fell asleep!.
4. This Summer, it’s been super hot outside and I’ve decided being INSIDE the house isn’t so bad!!.
Keep Cool!

Keep Cool!

Now, if you’d like to see other “fill-ins” from other bloggers today – just click on one of the links up above and visit 15andmeowing OR Mcguffy’sReader and check them out……..OR, you can do your OWN fill-ins on your blog and link to them using the “Linky” Widget both of them have on their pages!    It’s fun to see how everyone fills in the sentences.   It’s something they do EVERY FRIDAY so put it on your calendar!    Both blogs post the sentences to be filled in the Thursday before the day we post.    WHEEEEE!
In other news – the Broomhildas showed up right on time this morning for the weekly housecleaning duty……………………..man they are like a TORNADO!    They get it done so quickly Mom and Dad and I have trouble keeping up with them as they whip right through the house and get everything ship shape for another week!
The Broomhildas have their OWN business now!  They rate "FOUR PAWS" too so you know they're good!

The Broomhildas have their OWN business now! They rate “FOUR PAWS” too so you know they’re good!

They are FASTER than I am with a broom!

They are FASTER than I am with a broom!

Have a Fun-Filled Friday

Tomorrow is Bacon Day!  YAY!

It's GOOD to be King!

It’s GOOD to be King!

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



Welcome Poetry Fans!

Today we are focusing on the letter “F” as we make our way through the alphabet each Thursday!  

“F” brings to mind many things…..food, fun, fur, FOOD (oh did I mention that already??)

butttttt in the end I decided for my “F” poem on this little ditty:


Friends love you always and forever

Friends will let you down – NEVER

Friends come in all kinds of sizes

Friends stick by from sunset to sunrises!

Friends are humans, and also anipals

Friends can be guys or friends can be gals

Friends live near but some live far

Friends visit us online or sometimes by car!

Friends are the BEST – I love them ALL

Friends pick us up when we have a fall

Friends are exciting or sometimes quite calm

AND my VERY BEST FRIEND is the lady I call MOM!

Ta Da!  I pulled off another one right?   And I got Mom’s name in there so I’m expecting lots of extra treats once she reads this little gem.   So – how about you?   Did you write an “F” poem today?  If you did, and you wanna show it off, you can either write it out in Comments here OR even better, put one on your blog and give us your link in comments so we can go to your bloggy and read your FABULOUS “F” EXTRAVAGANZA for THURSDAY!!!!!   GO FOR IT….trust me, if I can publish a bit of a lame poem like this one, you can too (hahahahaha).

Happy Poetic Thursday!

Ooh la la!   Monsieur Sammy, Le Poet Extraordinaire!!!!!

Ooh la la! Monsieur Sammy, Le Poet Extraordinaire!!!!!

Teaser Tell All


Welcome Back Students!


It is I – Professor Sam!

We had a heck of a Geography Class yesterday didn’t we?    A good photo that got all of you researching, and looking things up on Google, etc. and guess what – we actually DO have a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER this week AND some others who are RIGHT GUESSERS!!!!   Shall we get down to it?   Alrighty then…………

First of all, here’s the photo you examined in class yesterday:


A mighty handsome building isn’t it?    A lot of you took a careful look at the way the building was structured, the building materials – the courtyard, etc. and made your guesses.    Some of you didn’t get beyond realizing that it had to be European…………and you were right!

This beautiful photo was sent in by my friend Kjelle Bus (Charlie Rascal) and his Mom several years ago…………….and in fact, while I didn’t use THIS shot on another Teaser, back in 2013 we did feature some of the OTHER shots she’d taken from her trip to (drumroll please……..) WARSAW, POLAND!     This is part of the Royal Palace in Warsaw.   A really beautiful structure as you can see…………and if you’d like to see other shots you can CLICK HERE.     Thank you Charlie – and while I know Charlie hasn’t blogged since March of this year, I’m hoping that he and his Mom will accept my thanks for the photo with my little “Guest Badge”………..

Thank you Kjelle Bus for the fabulous TEASER photo of 7/19/2016

Thank you Kjelle Bus for the fabulous TEASER photo of 7/19/2016

Now, WHO wins the fabulous FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge?   The one that nobody won last week????   Why it was my friend Miss Csilla (Kolytyi) who got it right on the money!  WOOT!   This is for you Miss Csilla:

TEASERBADGESUMMER16-2AND before we continue, I’ll also mention right here that SHE was one of THREE who were FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser yesterday too so she also will get this badge as will my buddies EASY and OLIVER AND CALVIN!    It was a three way tie for FIRST COMMENTER with all of them commenting at 6:53AM yesterday!    Please – each of you take one:


Several other geography students ALSO guessed the Royal Palace in Warsaw……………….(BRAVO!)………….you all get this:


And, even though I know some of you would rather NOT have another GREENIE for your collection, those of you who didn’t guess right or didn’t know – at least you get my brand new GREENIE!



SO – there you have it – another successful Geography class………………who knows where we will travel next week????!!!!   It could be anywhere – – – so keep studying class – I’m proud of you!    Also, if you think you might have a “stumper” of a photo for us to use in class – just email it to me and my Mom at junekimm(at)AOL(dot)com!

Suzie and I will be here next week to welcome you back for another class………………….and another cheer from Suzie that will leave you all saying just as you did this week:



Hugs, Professor Sam (and SuzieQ)

Tuesday Teaser



(no it’s not Avon calling….it’s the school bell you sillies!)


Hello Class……………welcome to this week’s Geography Lesson AND test.   We’ll see how well you’ve listened in class and/or how well you know how to google your brains out trying to find clues and get the answer too (hahaha).

SO, let me run the rules by you – just for the heck-of-it…………remember when you guess, you must guess with the complete answer.   You need to tell me WHERE the photo was taken – country/state/city or town.   You can’t say “Canada” or “Pittsburgh” (you know what I mean!)……………………

ALSO, we start off this fabulous Tuesday with the fact that whoever COMMENTS FIRST on this blog (yes this blog here!) will officially be the FIRST COMMENTER today and will get this:


Whoever is the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of the photo gets this:


Whoever guesses RIGHT but isn’t first gets this:


AND, whoever hasn’t got a clue or guesses wrong gets the NEW “Greenie” !


SO – shall we ask Mr. Silver Briefcase to COME ON DOWN and show us the photo????  Lets do it!

Here's today's CHALLENGE!

Here’s today’s CHALLENGE!


Good Luck!

Now – SuzieQ – why don’t you bring your cute little snarky self in here and give our Geography students a little cheer to get them fired up for guessing!!!!!

Weemo Beemo Where's the ice cream-o It's hotter than hell-o Don't give me some Jell-O I'm leaping around like crazy While you guys sit and be lazy Time to guess the Teaser Or you cats will get some fleas-er. Ra Ra Ra I'm tired..................

Weemo Beemo
Where’s the ice cream-o
It’s hotter than hell-o
Don’t give me some Jell-O
I’m leaping around like crazy
While you guys sit and be lazy
Time to guess the Teaser
Or you cats will get some fleas-er.
Ra Ra Ra
I’m tired………………

OK……………..that was an interesting cheer Suzie………..kind of pooped out at the end but that’s OK……you got the message across (at least I think you did……).


Time’s a wastin’ ! 




Professor Sam

Pre-Tease Monday

Professor Sam's Casual Look........

Professor Sam’s Casual Look……..

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

This is your official reminder that tomorrow is Teaser Day here in Geography class so make sure you are “sharp as a tack” and ready for class in the morning………………..I will be showing you the photo of the day at some surprise time as usual so you’ll need to be AT THE ALERT.

Last week nobody for the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER or RIGHT GUESSER awards – remember they’re brand new and you can still be the first one to get them if you guess correctly WHERE the photo we show you was taken!    YES it’s a challenge but you’re up for that aren’t you?  Of course you are…………who doesn’t like a good challenge.

Wanna see the new Badges again?????  Do ya?   Oh alright – I’ll show them to you:

First Commenter:


First Right Guesser:


Right Guesser:


The New, Improved, Gorgeous new GREENIE for those who – well – don’t know!


And of course SuzieQ will be here to give you all a CHEER and get you fired up to guess the Teaser of the week.   She told me she is so happy to be back at work.   She missed you and is happy that some of you have chosen to show her VERY OWN Fan Club Badge on your blogs or Facebook pages or WHEREVER……..here it is if you missed it last week!

I'm a SuzieQ Fan - Are You?

I’m a SuzieQ Fan – Are You?

SO, get those eyeglasses nice and clean so you can see PERFECTLY well tomorrow when you’re examining the photo!

I’ll be looking for you in class – front row center (or back row asleep!) in the morning………………………….alright – class temporarily DISMISSED!

You better be READY!

You better be READY!

Professor Sam

Sunday Selfie Hop


SUNDAY!   Time for the Hop!

Every week we join up with The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop and this week is no exception.

Mom JUST THIS MINUTE snapped this one of me at her feet while she’s on the ‘puter!  You see one “sleeping” picture of me, you’ve seen them all……my favorite positions NEVER change…..and as long as I’m near Mom, I’m happy with wherever I nap.  


Can you hear me snoring?

Wanna join in the Hop?  Just click The Cat On My Head’s badge below and go to their blog and put your link in!  OR, if you want to see other fab selfies, you can do it there too…………..there’s just no end to the fabulousness this Sunday is there??   Thanks for hosting the selfie hop Kitties Blue!



Happy Sunday!  Love, Sam