Sunday Selfie from Angel Sam


Just know that I miss you all……

but look in your heart – I’m there!


Joining up with The Cat On My Head for Sunday Selfie Blog Hop………….even an Angel guy can join the Hop you know!    If you’d like to, just click their badge below and HOP on over to use the Linky tool to join.

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit

Love, Angel Sam


Before I go, please note when you visit The Cat On My Head that they are filled with sadness because they too have lost one of their own……sweet Fiona, who struggled so bravely with her debilitating kidney disease left for the Bridge Thursday night – she passed over in her Mom’s arms – surrounded by love.   She was waiting for me when I arrived at the Bridge Friday morning…..healthy and beautiful and excited to see me.   We both are fine…….and healthy again.    Please me sure and leave a comforting message on their blog today – they need a good dose of BLOGVILLE love…….it does help heal broken hearts!


Love, Angel Sammy

Bacon at the Bridge


Yes we have bacon here!

I have a different Bacon Saturday today of course because I am at the Bridge.   I am not yet allowed to share photos of things here but when I do I will show you the BACON SUITE which is where I am hanging my hat (and wings) when I’m not visiting my sweet Mom and Dad at home…..they need me a lot right now you know.  It’s all so new.

There are so many things I need to say but Mom is operating on “empty” right now so forgive me if I’m short with today’s post……………..we may have a few short posts before we get back in the swing……………but I will continue blogging for sure!

Thank you all for pawticipating in Easy’s COME FLY WITH ME blog hop yesterday – we had a bazillion places to visit and a bazillion notes to send out but let me again say THANK YOU to all of you and I had a super fun time.   I know it was a lot of work and I thank Easy, Madi and Dory for helping to make it “work”.

I’ll have my first breakfast here at the Bridge Breakfast Buffet tomorrow and I’ve been told to expect a BOUNTIFUL BACON BAR………oh boy – I knew I was gonna love it here.

Thanks Miss Ann at Zoolatry for the beautiful graphic.........

Thanks Miss Ann at Zoolatry for the beautiful graphic………

And thanks to all of you for being my friends!

The napping is good at the Bridge...............

The napping is good at the Bridge……………

Love, Angel Sammy

p.s.  We have received some beautiful poems and thoughts from some of you and I will share those in the days to come………stay tuned!

The Farewell Tour



Friends, we perhaps should have told you before now – but sometimes sad news ON TOP of other sad news is just that much more sad.    The loss of our buddy Easy this week was overwhelming for all of us so I didn’t want to tell you about ME, but now I must……………….

This morning I am heading to the Bridge to join my friend Easy and my predecessor here in my home Eddy, and SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many of our friends who have gone before.   I have been very sick for very long and I am tired and ready to rest……… leaving will not be sad – it will be me moving on to that beautiful place we call the Rainbow Bridge.   I will be welcomed by many I’m sure…………….and I will STILL be in your hearts if you find a little spot for me!

Miss Ann at Zoolatry made this beautiful badge – you will see it today around the blogosphere…………but she also wrote a poem which I’m including.

 A Poem about Sammy
Now I lay me down to sleep,
angels near to guide my feet.
I’m not afraid, I do not fear,
my life’s been good while I was here.
It is time to leave, to cross my bridge,
to reach toward my rainbow …
When I come to heaven’s door,
I’ll see the friends smiling who went before.
Waiting to welcome me home again.
Where I began, where I now end.
So I will now leave, I will cross my bridge,
yes ~ I see my rainbow …
My Mom will write more later today – probably this evening as I finish my AMAZING DAY visiting all of you who are part of the lovely blog hop that dear Easy and Madi planned for today.   Of course then we didn’t know Easy would have left so suddenly – but he’s in our hearts always and I like to think he’s joined me as I visit all of you today on my COME FLY WITH ME tour!    I’ve already visited many of you and will continue to do that all day today…………you make my heart so full of love.
I will continue blogging but might take a little time off – you know I need to check into my suite over the Bridge – they’ve reserved the “BACON SUITE” for me.   Just right wouldn’t you say?

Your forever friend, Sammy


Come Fly With Me World!


I’m so excited…today is the day.

Today is the day that Easy first plotted and planned with the help of Madi and then Dory that would be a day for me to visit all my wonderful friends in the blogosphere who have enjoyed (hopefully) the fun I’ve tried to bring with my Tuesday Teasers especially……..The Teaser has been my way of showing everyone else places in the world they might not recognize and maybe learning something new……….NOW I get to visit the world!    How cool is that?

Easy has left us sadly for the Bridge but I can still thank HIM and Madi and Dory for helping put today together………………I will carry Easy in my heart as I hop……………….You can visit “Hop Central Headquarters” by clicking the badge below – join up OR just hop around with me and see the world too!   You can also visit Madi’s blog for info………..HERE.


I think I’m ready to go……….


Bye Mom!   See you later…..much later!

I love all of you out there in blogville with all my heart.

Always!  Sammy

P.S.  special thanks to my pal Easy

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday and Thanks


Time for our “double post” day!

Thankful Thursday with Brian and my Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post – we thought we’d combine them today!

thankfulthursdaybadge POETRYSAMBADGE

The blogosphere is still in shock at the loss of our dear friend Easy but losses like this remind me of just how very THANKFUL I am for each and every one of my friends.   So I am being THANKFUL as I post my poem for today which is honoring the letter “Y”.

“Y” is for WHY

by Sammy Kimmell 11/31/16

Y is there sadness in the world

Y do we have hearts that ache

Because a friend from life was hurled

Which caused our hearts to break.

Y can’t we just simply live forever

Y does it all  have to end.

It doesn’t end we will be together

We’ll all become RAINBOW FRIENDS.


(this is for Easy and ALL of you)

I hope to see lots of you tomorrow on the wonderful day that Madi and Easy planned for me – “Come Fly With Me”…… will honor our friend Easy to continue with the Hop as planned………..and I can’t WAIT to see where all of you on the Hop take me as I fly up and up and away in my balloon!




Oui Monsieur!  I am zee excited pussy cat for tomorrow!

Love, Sammy the Poet


My Friend Easy


Sometimes there just are no words…………… we say it with a graphic from our hearts………………….


Hugs to all who knew him but most especially his Mom and Dad…………..

Sammy and Mom

We just saw this posted by Ann at Zoolatry……..


For Easy’s blog:  CLICK HERE

Teaser Tell All


Ding Dong……School is in Session!


You all are getting to be almost impossible to fool – I can do it but RARELY – this week I sure didn’t fool many of you because several of you got it RIGHT!    Wanna hear the whole scoop?   OK.

First off, we had a FOUR-WAY tie for “First Commenter”  …………….. FOUR WAY?   YES!!!!   Within the first minute four very ALERT peeps were here to chime in with a hello and they are:


FOR ALL OF YOU – you each get one this week!


Now I’d like to thank my GUEST TEASER this week – the lovely Madi and her fabulous Mom Miss Cecilia!  Here’s the photo they sent me:


Seems SEVERAL of you recognized this totally cool spot – Ketchikan, Alaska!   And the WINNER of the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER says this is a rather well known area of the town because it’s where the “ladies of the night” ply their trade (not that I’d know anything about that of course!).



BUTTTTT (there’s almost always a BUTTTT) we had SEVERAL who recognized this place as Ketchikan and all of you who did, get this!


AND for the rest of you dear friends who did NOT guess correctly, there’s always the GREENIE!


Suzie asked me to put up her badge for those of you who want to actually declare in public (if there is anyone who would MAKE it public) that they are her fans – she claims to have a HUGE following (although she does have moments of clarity for the most part she’s just a TINY bit delusional!).

I'm a SuzieQ Fan - Are You?

I’m a SuzieQ Fan – Are You?


As for me, I visited my vet yesterday and got another dose of “the works”……….fluids, B12, cerenia, epogen – I was NOT well for a couple of days and have lost even MORE weight (from where I  don’t know as I’m skin and bones!)………from 7.4 lbs. down to 6.11.    I’d make a good scarecrow that’s for sure.   But point is I’m feeling better.   I have a good shot at making Christmas.  Keep those happy thoughts coming gang!

Tomorrow is Thankful Thursday

I have lots to be thankful for…..


It’s also my Thoroughly Poetic Thursday with the LETTER “Y” !


Hugs, from The Prof

Thanks for being my friends and such GREAT geography students too!

Thanks for being my friends and such GREAT geography students too!


Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove

My patient is being a true King of Baconia today.  No that does not mean a “royal pain in the tushie”…….


Tuesday Teaser



Hello Class!    Before we start our fabulously exciting Tuesday, I want to say that one of our bestest pals had a major emergency yesterday – Easy had to go to the emergency clinic because he had bloat – which as you know is super dangerous – it appears it was caught in time though and thanks to his medical team he was feeling a lot better by late afternoon and was able to come “home sweet home”.    Please stop by his blog to tell him to take care of himself and GET 100% WELL SOON!

Now – who wants to be my FIRST COMMENTER today?   Who?  You?   Well you’d better comment ASAP and come back to class because I’m about to show the Teaser photo!!!   If you are the first commenter today, of course you get this little gem to call your own:


I bet all you SuzieQ fans are absolutely on the edge of your seats to hear her cheer for this week – her fan club is growing by leaps and bounds – for some reason people like that she “tells it like it is” (or it may be she just tells it like she thinks it ought to be?).   Suzie – GO FOR IT GIRL!

The Prof's new doc is a doll He's ginger, cute and tall He's GOT IT ALL I'm gonna give him a call He's taking care of the Prof From tummy problems to a cough I'd like a complete exam From this doc - oh yes mam! I hope he hears my cheer I'll ask him out for a beer Dippy Doodle Dove SuzieQ IS IN LOVE!!!!!

The Prof’s new doc is a doll
He’s ginger, cute and tall
I’m gonna give him a call
He’s taking care of the Prof
From tummy problems to a cough
I’d like a complete exam
From this doc – oh yes mam!
I hope he hears my cheer
I’ll ask him out for a beer
Dippy Doodle Dove
SuzieQ IS IN LOVE!!!!!

UHOH.   Now Suzie has her eye on my doctor!   This can’t be good……I don’t want him distracted from taking care of me after all………..I’ll have to have a “little talk” with him (and if I get brave I’ll have one with YOU KNOW WHO too).

ONWARD…………………………….how about we ask Mr. Silver Briefcase to STEP UP TO THE PODIUM!

Here I am Professor.....I've guarded the top secret photo and now it's time to post it for your students!

Here I am Professor…..I’ve guarded the top secret photo and now it’s time to post it for your students!

Thank you – please display the photo for the class up on the bulletin board!


Any guesses where this was taken?   Remember when you guess, you must guess TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE and STATE (USA) or COUNTRY!    The whole works – not just one or the other.   OK?   Well, what are you waiting for?   The time is NOW to guess and hope that you will be first………why first?  Because you want a fabulous badge I’m sure!

Be the first to guess RIGHT and you get this:


Be RIGHT but not first and you get this:


Be WRONG – PERIOD, (haha) and you get this:


I won’t be holding my breath for you to take a guess but you’d better hurry up before someone beats you to the PUNCH!


Good Luck From The Prof! 

Tune In Tomorrow for the Tell All

and Learn Who Wins What!

Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove

Update:  I’m afraid my patient had a bad day yesterday overall – he will be coming into my office this morning at 9:40AM so I can check him out thoroughly and do some blood work.   His parents are discouraged because he had been doing so well.   I’ve told them this is going to be an “up and down” road.


Pre-Tease Monday




OK class…………I hope you got a lot of rest over the past week and ate a lot of turkey which in turn put you to sleep with all that tryptophan which in turn made you have lots of good dreams of spots around the world that MIGHT be part of this week’s Teaser.   OK – maybe that’s a little bit over the top for me to expect BUT I do hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.   I did.   Complete with lots of turkey.

Speaking of turkey – I’ll give you some inside info about this week’s picture – it is NOT in TURKEY (hahaha).

Tomorrow I’ll not only have SuzieQ  (aka Miss Unpredictable) here to cheer you on, but I’ll also have a doozy of a GUEST TEASER for you to take a peek at.  Yep – a GUEST TEASER and you know those are usually toughies right?   So while I can’t tell you what time to expect that post – just keep on your toes (or paws) and when it arrives in your inbox – MAKE A COMMENT on the post first and you can win FIRST COMMENTER!


Otherwise you will win at the very least (most?) a GREENIE.    That’s not so bad.

On the subject of Teasers, I’m sure many of you have heard about the unbelievably FABULOUS event my friends Madi and Easy are putting together for me on December 2nd?   If not, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?????????????    IT’s kind of a “reverse” Teaser in that for a change instead of showing YOU places in the world, YOU will show ME the places in the world where you live!  How cool is that?    Here’s the scoop and you can feel free to join in the fun if you like.    I am so excited about it and SO thrilled and honored by my friends Madi and Easy.

Just click the badge (made by Easy’s Dad!) to get all the details……………….


Just look on Madi’s Blog for the original post on Nov. 27th (in case you go to her blog and it’s not “on top” of things!)

I hope you will join in the fun.

Thank you Madi and Easy….. ♥

So I’ll see you tomorrow here in class for the Teaser???  OK – don’t be late…….you don’t want any demerits and you SURE don’t want SuziQ to make up a horrible cheer about you right?

Love, The Prof


PEE ESS………quick report from Dr. Strangelove:

Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove

My patient is a very strong and determined cat.  Today he’s a true KING OF BACONIA.

Sunday Selfie Blog Hopping


Time To Hop!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Once again I’m joining in on the biggest hop around – the Kitties Blue at The Cat on My Head do this every single Sunday and I’m always on board with it!   At least I try to be.   This week Mom did some more work on my photo with Lunapic………..She’s a (wait for it……….wait for it………………) LUNATIC for LUNAPIC!   hahaha    Being sick hasn’t hurt my funny bone or sense of humor has it?!

Here’s her artwork on MY selfie photo!    If you want to see other “Hoppers” selfies, just click on the badge above and join in with the Linky Tool with your OWN fabulous self OR just hop around and see the rest of us!


Jut one Art Effect from Lunapic and it was called “BRAVE”………..Mom says I am brave…….I’m not so sure but I try to be whatever Mom wants me to be!

Have a Beautiful Sunday!  

Love, Sammy

P.S.  We are overwhelmed by your messages of kindness, support, and good wishes on my health – I knew I had friends all over the world thanks to my blog but I never knew that so many could make an old cat feel so YOUNG again with their positive messages of love.   Thank you……………so much.

Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove

My patient is having a GOOD day today.  Sunday is a day of rest and that’s what I’ve prescribed for him!