Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Sunday again!   Selfie time!    A fun blog hop hosted by The Cat On My Head and all you have to do is load up a photo of YOU (or someone!) and hook up to our host’s blog to join the fun.    Click their badge above if you want to link!

This is a photo of me that Mom took yesterday – it was a super hot day in Virginia – a breeze came up in the afternoon but it was still 93 and I like shade when it’s like that of course………so do Mom and Dad and that’s why since they “escort” (babysit!) me when I’m outside they need chairs or a bench to sit in.    I just tuck myself under a shady bush.  OR sometimes if I find a spot that has some available dirt that isn’t grass-covered I lie in it like this.   Mom says I’m just a dirtball whatever that is.    I think this photo of me is a LOT like one we just did of me in the FRONT YARD – a side view (because I always turn away at the last possible second!)… least this is the other side of me this time!  HAHA

Mom decided NOT to put this one in some sort of artsy filter – just leave it as is, and make it into a puzzle for you puzzlers out there!!

Here’s the puzzle – just click on this little photo of yours truly!

Good Luck!!   Hugs, Teddy

P.S.  I’m apparently rusty on puzzling – took me well over 20 minutes to do this puzzle of ME…….EEEEEK!

Bakin’ With Bacon and King Teddy


Hi Loyal Subjects and Bacon Buddies!  Ready for a new recipe??

This one is absolutely, positively as delicious as it sounds.    It’s also RIDICULOUSLY easy!    I thought it might be something some of you have never had before too and it’s a recipe my Mom says she remembers from when she was a kid living in Alabama.    That was back in the dinosaur age – I didn’t know they ate cole slaw back then but apparently they did!

Anyway, this really is tasty stuff………………you’ve GOTTA try it!

Hot Bacon Cole Slaw


2 bacon slices (or more !!)

1 (16-ounce) package ready-to-eat coleslaw

¼ cup balsamic vinegar

1 ½ tablespoons brown sugar

3 tablespoons water

½ teaspoon seasoned salt

¼ teaspoon ground red pepper


  • Cook bacon in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat until crisp; remove bacon from skillet, reserving drippings in skillet. Set bacon aside.

  • Add coleslaw to drippings, and sauté over medium-high heat 3 minutes. Add vinegar and next 4 ingredients (vinegar through red pepper); cook 1 minute, stirring constantly. Remove from heat; crumble bacon, and stir into coleslaw mixture. Serve warm.


Well now if that doesn’t sound good what the heck does?!!    This is amazingly yummy with BBQ which is how my Mom used to have it.   She and her family would go to a little roadside shack that had the BEST BBQ and they also had this cole slaw.    DY-NO-MITE (she says – I have to take her word for it because I don’t eat the stuff!!).

Give it a whirl……………….trust me……………..

Oh yeah!  See you next week!

The King

Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday


Happy Friday – and YES by the way it really is Friday and we really are getting this blog post OUT on a Friday – it’s not Thursday or Saturday – we get the day right MOST OF THE TIME.      This fun blog hop is cohosted by 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs Friday every week.   Each host gives us TWO sentences with words missing and our job is to fill in the blanks.   It’s fun – ready for this week’s sentences and our “fill-ins” ??

Mom and I shared fill-in responsibilities this week…………if Mom supplied the word(s) then they’re in RED but if they are MY word(s) they’re in GREEN.

1. Having our new redbud trees flower this year (their first year) was a pleasant surprise,    (I just LOVE redbud trees!)
2. My Mom not being able to find my fave food in pet stores or online was a not so pleasant surprise.   (but it’s worked out – she found something NEW and our vet prescribed a prescription food which is EASIER to get online)
3. I can’t help but wonder if Covid will EVER go away when every day somewhere NEW has their number of infections going UP!.
4. I wish people would stop asking me if I’m overweight – I’m not – I’m just BIG!!!!

So that’s it for this week’s FILL-INS.    Thanks to our co-hosts for this fun blog hop – it really is very cool reading everyone’s words in the fill-ins.    Give it a try if you’re not an old hand at it!
Happy Friday!

The Dynamic Duo of Fill-Ins……MOM AND ME!

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Thursday means THANKFULS……..and after we are thankful we move on to part two which is POETRY with Angel Sammy.     As far as “thankfuls” go we have lots of things to be thankful for.   Two days of gorgeous weather (ending tonight with storms) has been wonderful.   A reminder of just how gorgeous Virginia is in the Spring if it TRIES hard enough!   We will have a day in the 90s before the week is out though.    All of us are healthy – another HUGE blessing.   We continue to be thankful that Brian hosts this chance for all of us to mention what we are thankful for.    Then of course we are blessed with hearing from Angel Sammy every single Thursday with his poem challenge.    Here’s his note that he sent from the Rainbow Bridge last night.

♥ ♥ ♥

Welcome to Poetry Day!

Hi everyone.   Time to share some poetry.    Did you write one this week?    I gave you a very hairy photograph (haha) last week to use for today’s poem.    Should be interesting to reach everybody’s poetry today.    I try to find photos for you that might CHALLENGE you a bit.    This one sure challenged me!

Here’s the photo I gave you last Thursday to write a poem for sharing today.

EEEEEK.   Now that’s a whole lot of hair.  Imagine washing/drying/keeping it out of your dinner plate????   HAHA    Seriously – if you are curious about this long hair period in history, check out this website – super interesting.       CLICK HERE

Here’s my poem for this photo………………

“Time For A Trim?”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©May 18, 2022


In Victorian times hair was really quite “IN”

Didn’t even matter if it was thick or thin!

Didn’t matter if it was curly or straight

Didn’t matter if it was HALF a woman’s weight!

The long the better and that’s no lie

Imagine all the time it took for a wash and dry!


Alright – I know I got a little silly with this one but it was fun.    The website we gave you has lots of photos of women with “never ever cut” hair…………and it’s just interesting that it was a fashion trend.    As they mention, because times were hard for many people women would often cut their hair and sell it so not EVERYONE had floor-length or longer hair!

Now for next week I have a great photo for us to work with.   At least I think it is!    AND if you wrote a poem this week for our “long hair” photo, please tell us in comments and give us your link so we can read your work…………OK?   OK!

Isn’t this a hoot?   So cute.   I feel a fun poem coming for this one!

So let’s get together next Thursday and share poems again shall we?    You have a whole week to work on a poem.    Until then, stay happy and healthy and don’t think for one second that you can’t write a poem because YOU CAN!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love Always, Angel Sammy

♥ ♥ ♥ 

Oh Angel Sammy our Mom wishes she had pretty hair but not like these ladies have!     I think our Mom is perfect like she is don’t you?    Don’t tell her I said that though!

My hair isn’t long!    Hugs, Teddy