Shopping Around The World!!




Yes I know you’re not used to ME hosting “Shopping Around The World” rather than our buddy and pal Bacon BUTT I’m helping him and his Mom out this month – fun huh????   


Yes indeed it’s that time of the month again (no not THAT time but THIS time) and we’re going to ask you to do the usual thing – do your post and link back to ME (yep – ME this month) so we can not only see what your recipe is but hopefully see some photos of it AND see what the prices of the ingredients were.    After all, that’s the most fun (other than eating of course) – seeing what the prices around the world are for the ingredients!   It’s amazing to me what WE pay compared to YOU all.

So what are we gonna do for “Shopping” this month?    How about we focus on something just a bit different – let’s all do a recipe for a MAIN COURSE that has NO MEAT, CHICKEN, or FISH in it…….   Surely you have something you make that is a veggie type dish as a main course?   Lots of peeps these days are changing eating habits so there are a lot of great recipes that have no meat, chicken or fish in them but are delish main courses.    SO, let’s see what you can come up with.    Then post on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24th, and link your post on that day to ME!

If you don’t HAVE a recipe like that, find one you like and share it with US.   WE CAN DO THIS!    Just remember provide recipe, a photo if possible, AND prices for ingredients.    Oh boy – I can’t WAIT to see what you post!!!


Look familiar?????  Tee Hee


Happy Cooking!  See you on Feb. 24th! 

Love, Angel Chef Sam

Pre-Tease Monday


Already?  It CAN’T Be Monday!

Well it IS Monday and there’s no school today because it’s a holiday (President’s Day in the USA) BUT I’m going to remind you anyway that tomorrow we WILL have class and we WILL have a Teaser photo or maybe two for you students to agonize over so even though you’re off today – you’d better study anyway!


We’ll have the usual GANG here tomorrow – Suzie, Sarge and Bobby of course………….but since tomorrow is a holiday, a lot of them are away for a long weekend and that’s why we made them promise to be here tomorrow.    I bet I know what Suzie is doing:



And I also bet I know what Sarge is doing today as well:

No rest for the wicked....

No rest for the wicked….

Then of course we all know what Bobby does (usually three or four times in fact during classes!):

Nice to use the litterbox without SARGE timing me!

Nice to use the litterbox without SARGE timing me!

So I’d say everyone is enjoying themselves.

My little brother Teddy will probably start sitting in on class – just to get the hang of Geography class and how we conduct ourselves for Teaser Tuesday but not until NEXT WEEK.   He’s still recovering from his almost all day Welcome Blog Hopping yesterday.   The kid wears out quickly!

Now remember tomorrow’s Teaser post will pop up at a surprise time – not the usual blog time – so BE ON ALERT……………..and if you are the first person to comment on the Teaser post tomorrow, you will win something!


AND, we have prizes for you if you are the FIRST PERSON to guess the location where the Teaser photo was taken too – and even if you aren’t FIRST to guess right you will win something.   Losers get a GREENIE badge and you just know you wouldn’t mind having something GREEN for your prize collection right?     You HAVE TO GIVE ME THE CORRECT CITY,TOWN,VILLAGE as well as the CORRECT COUNTRY (if out of US) or the CORRECT STATE (if in the US)…………..brush up on that geography students!   Tomorrow will be here before you know it!

I'm in my casual clothes today since there's no school.

I’m in my casual clothes today since there’s no school.


Angel Professor Sammy

My Welcome Blog Hop!!


It’s Double Hop Sunday!!

(My Teddy Welcome Hop AND my Sunday Selfie Hop with The Cat On My Head!)

Hi!  I’m Teddy!  Who are you?

'Scuze me while I scratch!"

‘Scuze me while I scratch!”

You all know by now that I’m the new kid on the block here at Angel Sammy’s house – I’ve been here a week as of yesterday and I am truly LOVING LIFE!    My new friends Mr. Raz and Miss Madi had this idea to give me a WELCOME BLOG HOP and they asked Arty and the gang of Dory’s Backyard to host the Hop on their HOPPITY HOP PAGE – I am just so excited and thrilled that I’m making new friends!

I am so energetic that it’s tough for my Mom to get any really GOOD photos of me – her camera isn’t fast enough to catch me before I run off and have another new adventure around here but in the days to come, I will get a chance to blog here on my Big Angel Brother Sammy’s “blogosphere home” and that will be tons of fun I bet!

My brother is going to keep me company here today as I meet all of you – – – – I hope you don’t mind – – – – but he is my VERY BEST FOREVER FRIEND AND BROTHER and my Guardian Angel!


I will visit all of you and I hope you all are enjoying visiting me too……………please come by ANY TIME…………Angel Sammy and I will always be here.    You can watch me grow!    I’ll be one whole year old on March 4th – isn’t that fabulous?   I had no idea I’d be living in such a wonderful FOREVER home like this but I sure do love it.    The shelter was nice but THIS is where I belong!

Will You Be My New Friend??


Love and Baby Hugs, Teddy


Now for my Sunday Selfie Hop

With The Cat On My Head

We always pawtipcipate in the Selfie Hop with The Cat On My Head and even though we also had a WELCOME HOP for me today, I’m also in the Sunday Selfie Hop!   WOW – it’s a double hopper!!!

If you click their badge below, you can be transported to their blog page AND you can use the linky and join in their hop today OR just visit all the other hoppers!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Here’s my VERY FIRST EVER Selfie!!!!   Thanks for helping me Angel Brother Sammy!!




Baby Baconator


Bacon Baby

bacongazetteYep – the Gazette’s front page story this week is of course that I have an “heir to the bacon throne” now – Baby Teddy.    He’s a real ball of fire (when he’s awake that is)……….and one day when I truly retire to my cloud, HE will take over the Kingdom of Baconia and running the operation at the bacon greenhouse.    But for now – you’ve got ME!    The King!


This week I was so busy trying to keep an eye on Teddy and trying to show him where he could hang out and not let Mom find him and where to stash stuff he steals off desks and countertops that I didn’t have TIME to find any new silly posters or memes or photos for you.   Sorry about that…………..but I could do some “re-runs” for you!

A nice bacon salad?????

A nice bacon salad?????


Really!  Who wants applesauce when you can have BACON?

Gosh I didn't know that!  I want a panda costume!

Gosh I didn’t know that! I want a panda costume!

This always worked for me - it might work on YOUR Mom!

This always worked for me – it might work on YOUR Mom!

Makes sense to me!

Makes sense to me!


I did manage to get a couple of shots of Baby Bro sound asleep in Dad’s office chair………….this kid sleeps EVERYWHERE………..this morning Dad found him asleep IN the shower on the floor in Mom and Dad’s master bathroom.   What’s with that?   I guess he thought it was a spa?????   Oh well.   He’s learning.



Closeup zzzzzzzz

Closeup zzzzzzzz

Don’t forget that tomorrow is the fabulous Blog Hop organized by  my buddy Raz and girl buddy Madi to welcome Teddy to the world of blogging.   Boy oh boy he has a lot to learn but I think he’s going to pick this up quickly.   I’m going to let him do his very first blog next week……..if he behaves that is!    Anyway, if you’re interested in hopping on his hop, it’s being hosted by Dory’s Backyard and if you go HERE, and scroll down on the Hoppity Page you’ll come to Teddy’s Hop.   Link up and we’ll see you Sunday!     Oh – YES – I meant to mention too that we will be hopping with The Cat On My Head’s Selfie Hop as well on Sunday – busy?  Oh yeah we sure are!!!!!

Until tomorrow……I think I’ll take a snooze like Little You Know Who!


Hugs, Angel Sammy


Friendly Fill-Ins and Stuff


A Double Bloggie Again!


This is a fabulous blog hop co-hosted by Ellen of 15andmeowing and Annie of McGuffy’sReader and every Friday each of the ladies gives us TWO sentences with blanks in them for us to FILL-ER-UP!    This week I think ALL of us will take a turn at filling in – Mom’s fills will be in RED and mine will be in GREEN and Teddy (my new baby brother) will fill in using PLUM !!

CLICK BADGE TO VISIT McGuffy’s and link your blog up for the Hop!


Here’s the sentences and our fill-ins!

1. Snow was something I really loved to play in until I got really old and my arthritis acted up!.
2. My favorite kind of soup is a toss up between “Bean With Bacon” and “Chicken Noodle”.

3. When no one is around, I get up on furniture my Mommy has said “Teddy, No” about!!.

4. Teddy is my new baby brother and I will always watch out for him from the Rainbow Bridge!!.

SO – that’s it for the filling in stuff………………….hope you decide to fill in the blanks too because it’s a lot of fun reading how everyone fills in the sentences.   Remember, click on the badge above to join up!

Now for the second part of today’s blog………………I will tell you a little bit about my new baby brother Teddy.    You already know a lot but I’ll “re-tell” the whole thing for you just in case.


Mom and Dad were beyond sad when they had to help me go to the Rainbow Bridge on December 2nd.   But my time had definitely come and I was struggling to stay.    My departure was with my Mom and Dad and my beloved vet and his vet tech and I felt LOVE until my last breath.    I was wrapped in a warm fleecie so I was comfy and off I went to the Bridge and became an Angel.


They were too upset to even consider adopting another cat at that point but they KNEW their lives would never be “right” without a kitty in them so they just waited for the pain in their hearts to lessen.   They actually went to the shelter (where I was adopted 17 years ago!) here in our area once and went into the cat room but both of them couldn’t stay in the room – they realized quickly that it just wasn’t quite TIME.    So Mom kept an eye on the shelter website to see who was arriving and who was being adopted….then last Friday, February 10th, the shelter listed three new cats, all under a year old!    They didn’t have photos yet so Mom and Dad didn’t know what the kittens looked like but one was 11 months, one was 8 months and one was 6 months and they decided to go to the shelter FIRST THING Saturday to see the cats.    They were the FIRST to arrive…….and when they walked into the cat room my Dad saw a little ginger guy in a cage sound asleep and said to Mom “do you think that might be HIM?”     Mom and Dad walked over and read the information about the ginger and white kitten and it turned out he was 11 months old and looked a whole lot like ME!    No extra toes like me, and slightly different tabby markings but a LOT like me.    He woke up and stuck his little paw out the side of the cage and both Mom and Dad knew for sure he really WAS the one.   Why?   Well, 17 years ago when they adopted ME from the shelter, I had stuck my paw through the cage to say hi when they walked in the room just like this little guy had done.   It was a sign.   The lady in the shelter took him out of the cage and let Mom and Dad see him and he was a REAL LOVE BUG……he was making biscuits all over Mom’s coat, he was hugging her and Dad, he was purring loud……..he was just doing his best to say “TAKE ME HOME PLEASE” – so they did.    They renamed him TEDDY because that’s the name my Dad wanted the next kitty to have.



This photo was taken the minute he got to the house that day………..

Since then Teddy has taken over the entire house – all three floors of it…………he runs around like mad, carries toys all over the place (I left him my whole big red wagon full of toys!), eats like a little piggy, and just last night started hopping up on Mom and Dad’s bed to invite them to play with him at 1AM.    He’s too wound up to settle in for a snooze but eventually they think he will be a “bed bug” and sleep with them.
I searched long and hard for a ginger kitty for my Mom and Dad………..not because I was trying to give them a “replacement Sam” but because my Mom had always had ginger kitties in her life before she met my Dad…….and after all, I was with Mom and Dad for SEVENTEEN YEARS and they knew that having another ginger would just plain make them HAPPY.   Teddy is a very different little boy than I was at his age.    I will be his Guardian Angel from the Rainbow Bridge.    We renamed my blog TWOspoiledcats because of course even though I’m an Angel, I was spoiled and Teddy will be too and we BOTH will be blogging from now on.    Teddy is his own man……..he’s just a little bundle of love.    I’m loving him from afar AND my parents too and always will.     Here we both are:
These photos have been posted before but I’ll post them again because Mom hasn’t had a chance to take more photos of him – but we will be of course – and boring you to tears with photos whenever we have them.   It’s what new parents and a big Angel brother do right?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My good friends Madi and Raz have arranged to have a WELCOME TEDDY Blog Hop on Sunday, February 19th – the dear sweet peeps at Dory’s Backyard are setting up the blog hop links, etc. for Madi and Raz and if you’d like to do a post to welcome my brother to BLOGVILLE, you can pop on the hop any time HERE.    Just scroll down the Hoppity Hop page until you come to Teddy’s Hop and put your link in.     Teddy will be thrilled to meet all of you!    He’s happy to be part of this great community we have here………………..

Happy Friday!


Love and Hugs, from Angel Sammy, Guardian Angel to Teddy!!

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Thankful and Poetic

That’s me!!!

FIRST – I’m THANKFUL for my little baby Brother Teddy because he makes my Mom and Dad happy – and that makes ME happy!


If you’d like to see what others are THANKFUL for today, please visit Brian’s blog by clicking on the badge below!  Use the LINKY to hook yourself up and VOILA – you’ll be hopping!


NEXT, today is my Thoroughly Poetic Thursday poem day and our letter of this week is the letter “J”!


If you’d like to play along – we do the next letter of the alphabet each week – today is J and next week will be K, etc.   If you’d like to write a poem and share it HERE, you can put it in my comments, but you can also write your OWN poem on your OWN blog and post the link in my comments!!!    We’d love to read your poem!



By Angel Sammy, 2/16/17

He’s my new baby brother and it shows

We could be twins but he’s got “normal” toes!

He’s cute and happy and smart

He’s captured everyone’s heart.

I’m Guardian Angel to Teddy

Through good times and bad I’ll be ready

I’ll protect him and help him to be strong

To accept there will be times when he’s wrong

To show Mom and Dad all his love

Like I will FOREVER from above.

**With Pride, Angel Sammy**

My little brother is certainly catching on to everything QUICKLY.    I also believe he sees me from time to time as he does that “stare off into outer space” thing and Mom and Dad have seen him do that………..I’ve told him it’s OK for him to do that since my Mom also occasionally sees me and has “that look” !!!   Oh yeah – since I found this little guy for my parents to adopt, the least I can do is keep a CLOSE EYE on him while he grows up!     Here are the latest photos in a fast slideshow – you have to be QUICK to catch him on film – a second before the camera takes a photo he moves – NEVER FAILS!    I remember I was pretty good at that too…….tee hee.

See you tomorrow for FRIDAY FILL-INS!!!    I might let Teddy answer this week!

Love, Angel Sammy

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Teaser Tell All


I’m Tellin’ !


OK class – settle down – Professor Angel Sammy is coming down the hall……..




Uhhh….thanks Sarge for getting class ready to begin for me!

YOU MAY ALL SIT DOWN………………now let’s get down to the nitty gritty about yesterday’s Teaser.   First up is to THANK our Guest Teaser for the fabulous photos.   Miss Annie of Animal Couriers sent this group of photos to us and we thought they were GORGEOUS…..and that they just MIGHT fool everyone……..we were wrong.    BUT we thank you Miss Annie and this is for you!!


Here’s the photo for a last peek:


And the second one


This beautiful place is Casa Blava Blue House; Emporda Costa Brava Girona in province Catalonia, Cadaques, SPAIN!   Our friend Leo gave a whole lot of information too about the famous artist Salvadore Dali who was from this area!    Thanks Leo for helping out with info.

Here’s another photo Miss Annie sent showing this GORGEOUS town from the water………


Before we tell you who got it first, I must tell you we had a TWO WAY TIE for First Commenter…………………BOTH of you get a badge!

Kolytyi (Miss Csilla) and Da Phenny !


Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER WAS:  Leo !!!!!  (I wonder if the fact he lives in Spain helped????)


Then others posted and THEY knew it was Cadaques, Spain!  All of YOU get this:


If you weren’t right – or you were clueless in class, then you STILL get the lovely GREENIE!


I’m holding off on that “Almost Right” badge for a while until I get things figured out so it’s FAIR to award it to someone.   OK?  OK!   We may just put that on the BACK BURNER (ouch I burned my paw!).

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome for my new little brother too – Teddy is loving living with my Mom and Dad and I’ll do a post all about him on Thursday or Friday.   Here’s an updated photo of the little booger sucking up to Dad on the couch in Mom’s office…..YES – he’s actually HOLDING on to my Dad’s arm and hand!    Also, if any of you are interested in pawticipating in the WELCOME TEDDY Blog Hop on February 19th, CLICK HERE because the LINKY is open for you to sign up!!!   Just scroll down the page past the other hops and find the TEDDY WELCOME hop!


Those of you who do Poetic Thursdays with me know that tomorrow is the letter “J”!   A bit of a challenge!   See you here!


Until next week!

Professor Angel Sammy

Tuesday Teaser


Teaser AND Happy Valentine’s Day!

From us to all of you - thanks for being our Valentine!!!!

From us to all of you – thanks for being our Valentine!!!!


Welcomed to Geography class students.   I hope you are ready for your test this morning.   Today we have a GUEST TEASER photo and while it may be possible that lots will guess PART of this answer correctly, remember you must guess it ALL to get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge!     I need to know what town,city,village AND what country (if not in USA) or state (if in USA) EXACTLY.    Got it?

OK – good – now before we get carried away – remember if you comment FIRST on this blog today you will get a prize!


Lovely huh?   You can let everyone know that you were ON THE BALL and got here early and commented right away……………… go ahead and comment NOW if you haven’t – maybe you’ll win the badge!

"Professor Sammy can I please stay after class today and clean the blackboard for you?????"

“Professor Sammy can I please stay after class today and clean the blackboard for you?????”

YES Bobby you certainly can but it will NOT get you a higher grade or any extra points, or anything other than my undying gratitude that you want to help me out in class.

"oh..............well.........NEVERMIND then......"

“oh…………..well………NEVERMIND then……”

Hmm…..let me make a note of that in my grade book Bobby (makes notation next to Bobby’s name……).

Now, let’s move on to the next part of today’s fun – our little ball of agony FUN, SuzieQ!

The Prof is getting old He forgets that I am HERE Sometimes his brain is BOLD And I get to do my cheer! You never really know From week to week which day He changes things around and makes me want to say..... HEY PROF YOU SHOULD RETIRE AND LET A YOUNGSTER TEACH But I think that I would miss you Sometimes this job's a "BEACH" (tee hee)

The Prof is getting old
He forgets that I am HERE
Sometimes his brain is BOLD
And I get to do my cheer!
You never really know
From week to week which day
He changes things around and makes me want to say…..
But I think that I would miss you
Sometimes this job’s a “BEACH” (tee hee)

Uh……gosh………do I thank you or send you to the corner to wear a dunce cap Suzie!??????     Well, thanks – I think.    Let’s post the Teaser photos before all heck breaks loose……………

Reporting for duty Professor! I've kept the photo SAFE and locked to my wrist all week...makes showering tough but what the heck!!

Reporting for duty Professor! I’ve kept the photo SAFE and locked to my wrist all week…say – if Suzie is ever fired, I’d make a great cheerleader!




So I realize there’s not a lot of HINTS in these two photos but give me your best guess what TOWN/VILLAGE/CITY and what COUNTRY OR STATE you think my Guest Teaser person snapped these photos in……………OK?    GOOD LUCK!

Now here are the badges you can win today!


I was going to introduce a BRAND NEW BADGE today but have had second thoughts……… would have been for someone who “almost” guesses correctly.     Well that needs to be thought about a bit………would you win it if you guessed the right country?   No because that would be TOO EASY……….. would you win it if you guessed the right CITY but not country?   No because if you knew the city then you WOULD know the country.    So I’m thinking maybe we don’t need an “ALMOST RIGHT GUESSER” badge.   Unless someone out there has an idea WHAT would constitute winning it?   What would be a FAIR thing to require in order for someone to get an “ALMOST” badge?     Here’s what it would look like if we do it at all…………


See my problem?   Before we can do this, we need to decide WHO would win it (and I’m serious here…….!).

Until tomorrow when we gather together to talk TEASER TELL ALL, I’ll say Ta Ta!


Class Dismissed……Prof. Angel Sammy

P.S.   Here is another kind of TEASER……………..most of you know that my Mom and Dad adopted a new kitty on Saturday from the shelter where they adopted me 17 years ago.   He’s an 11- month old ginger tabby (gosh that sounds familiar right?) named TEDDY.    I found him for my parents – it took me a few months but I located the perfect cat for them and Teddy is the one!   I totally approve and the boy is a chip off the old block.    He now has a GUARDIAN ANGEL (me) and I have a Baby Brother !

My WONDERFUL pals Raz and Madi are going to co-host a  WELCOME day for Teddy in Blogville on February 19th – it will be a “HOP” and as soon as linky information is available I’ll post it here but I hope everyone will join in for some fun that day with my new brother.   Madi did this cute badge for the occasion!


Mom is going to do a post all about Teddy this Thursday along with the Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post…………so in the meantime, here’s a sneak preview:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Pre-Tease Monday


Ready to be Teased Tomorrow?


Of course you are!   Well, let’s just say you BETTER be!!    You know that Sarge is not a happy boy when class is not READY for the geography lesson.

Listen up you students!  I don't want any monkey business tomorrow!

Listen up you students! I don’t want any monkey business tomorrow!

I can tell you that we have a GUEST TEASER again tomorrow……………… be on alert!    I will expect you to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (which I know is tough if you don’t happen to have a tail but you know what I mean – just be READY).



Yeah – like this guy!

I think maybe you need a “dose of Suzie” to get you truly fired up for tomorrow so Suzie – come on in and get this class MOTIVATED will you?

Tomorrow is the Tease It's gonna be a WHEEZE No use in saying PLEASE Cuz the Teaser won't be a BREEZE! Just show up with a big old smile And plan to stay a while Or Sarge will have a FIT And I know you don't want to be BIT!

Tomorrow is the Tease
It’s gonna be a WHEEZE
No use in saying PLEASE
Cuz the Teaser won’t be a BREEZE!
Just show up with a big old smile
And plan to stay a while
Or Sarge will have a FIT
And I know you don’t want to be BIT!

OK – that ought to get you ready for tomorrow!     I’ll expect to see you at a SURPRISE time because as you know by now, I post the Teaser at a time DIFFERENT from the usual post time.   That’s why you need to be purrrrpared.   Remember too that you can win a FIRST COMMENTER badge if you are the first to comment on the Teaser post – cool huh?    I also will show you a BRAND NEW BADGE you can win……………you’ve all whined asked me about this for years but we will now have an “ALMOST RIGHT” badge!    I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.



See you tomorrow Students!


Good Luck, Professor Angel Sammy

P.S.  Don’t forget tomorrow is Valentine’s Day

(or else you might get in big trouble with someone for forgetting!)


Special Sunday Selfie


Happy Almost Valentine’s Day!


Sammy is sending all of you his best wishes for a day of love on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day!   He’s also letting our new addition to the family be the STAR of the Sunday Selfies with Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head…………..INTRODUCING Teddy Kimmell……adopted 2/11/2017 from the Shelter (same one where we adopted Sam 17 years ago!).


YES he’s a ginger tabby like Sammy…..YES he’s adorable……no he doesn’t have purple eyes but I couldn’t get rid of that color – his eyes are GOLDEN!    He’s 11 months old and he’s a TOTAL LOVE BUG!    Welcome to the Kimmell Household Teddy….you have a special angel to guide you!

Teddy is our Selfie today – you can click the badge below and visit The Cat On My Head to see MORE selfies or to join up!

Happy Sunday from Angel Sam and Baby Teddy!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!