Teaser Tell All Time!


Welcome Back Class!


Professor Sammy calls class to order!!

Hello Class………….we sure had a swell Teaser yesterday didn’t we?     Several of you noticed something about the photo though – – – – and while some of YOU noticed, my Mom didn’t – (lack of sleep) – and that was the fact we used this photo for my Teaser in MARCH OF THIS YEAR!!!!!    That’s right – it was a repeat and YOU knew that but Mom and I didn’t when we posted it yesterday.   Talk about DUH – well we were both saying “DUH” !    However, we did fool a lot of you anyway…………….so let’s get down to business.

FIRST of all, we had a tie for FIRST COMMENTER!    Our wonderful friend Miss Annie from Animal Couriers AND friends Calvin&Oliver !!    Concatulations to both of you and here’s your REWARD for being awake at 7:30AM yesterday when we went LIVE………………you BOTH get one of these:


Now, before I tell you who guessed right first…….let me show you the photo again (I bet I can’t get away with using this a THIRD time!):


Yep – there it is…………all those people are looking out over the city of Paris, France!    They are on a hill where Sacre Coeur is up in Montmartre and it was a rainy day in September, 1990.    Just out of sight and not captured in this photo you would have seen the Eiffel Tower and that would have been a giveaway!    Many of you knew this AND as I said a few of you recognized it as a repeat Teaser…………and a LOT of you guessed Paris!    BUT only one of you was first – – – – wanna know who?????

This badge is for you Miss Csilla (kolytyi) – Let’s hear it for Miss Csilla!




BUT as I said, a lot of you guessed Paris and all of you who did, will get a RIGHT GUESSER badge………………..


AND, if you were NOT right, you will still be the owner of one of these lovely GREENIES !


As a special treat, we brought SuzieQ back for a Tell All Cheer…………..

Csilla, Csilla, good for you! You guessed right - wahoo for you! Paris, France is a pretty city Lots of "parlais vous Francais" kitties! Naked humans at the Moulin Rouge... Corner bars for a shot of booze... Eiffel Tower WAY UP HIGH Like a diamond in the sky (oops.....wrong song....that's Twinkle Twinkle little star isn't it........eeeek). I guess I'll go - I'll see you next week And maybe next Tuesday I can give your nose a TWEAK!

Csilla, Csilla, good for you!
You guessed right –  BIG Wahoo!
Paris, France is a pretty city
Lots of “parlais vous Francais” kitties!
Naked humans at the Moulin Rouge…
Corner bars for a shot of booze…
Eiffel Tower WAY UP HIGH
Like a diamond in the sky
(oops…..wrong song….that’s Twinkle Twinkle little star isn’t it……..eeeek).
I guess I’ll go – I’ll see you next week
And maybe next Tuesday I can give your nose a TWEAK!

Thanks Suzie…….why don’t you go find a nice corner to practice in!

So next week I can definitely tell you that the Teaser photo will not be Paris, France…………………..and I can also tell you that it WILL be a GUEST TEASER so stay tuned and study between now and next week…………………………OR ELSE!

Professor Sam, I am !

Professor Sam, I am !

See You Next Tuesday, 

Professor Sam

P.S.  Tomorrow is Thoroughly Poetic Thursday – we’ll write poems about something starting with the letter “K” !!!!   Good Luck!



Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!


I hope everyone is bright as a whistle (whatever that means) this morning?   Ready for a little brain exercise?   Feel like taking a look at a photo and telling your old Professor here WHERE that photo was taken????

OH GOOD!  You’re ready – I see the eagerness in your eyeballs so let’s move the show along shall we?

First off – if you are the FIRST PERSON to comment on today’s blog (yes – THIS blog!) you will win something – wanna know what?


Yep – that’s it – a way cool badge you can display wherever you wanna – you can even get it tattooed on your arm if your Mom won’t kill you for doing so!

Now, let’s ask our friendly (at least we HOPE today she’s friendly) neighborhood Teaser Cheerleader, SuzieQ, to come on to the front of the class and give us one of her inspiring cheers so you’ll be READY to take a whack at the Teaser today – OK?

Tuesday's my day of the week Right guessers are what I seek Don't sit there like a geek I might just give you a peek Or give your nose a tweak The Teaser is NOT Greek So where was the photo taken? Don't know?  My heart is breakin' ! Don't cause me any stress C'MON MAKE A GUESS!

Tuesday’s my day of the week
Right guessers are what I seek
Don’t sit there like a geek
Or I’ll give your nose a tweak!
The Teaser is NOT Greek
So where was the photo taken?
Don’t know? My heart is breakin’ !
Don’t cause me any stress


Ok Suzie……………thanks……………..I’m sure you’ve inspired the entire class to study the photo now and make some educated guesses!   So let’s bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase who will display the photo on our bulletin board then you can start guessing!!

Here's our TEASER photo Professor !

Here’s our TEASER photo Professor !


Where was this photo taken class?   I need city/village or town AND I need to know what country/state -got it?  Alright!   GET GUESSING!!!  I’m waiting!

Tomorrow at Teaser Tell All class I will be making some awards depending on who does what!








(even if you are a loser….wait….does that make sense?)

I’ll see you back here tomorrow – at the usual blog time – and everyone will find out who gets what………………GOOD LUCK CLASS!!

Why am I wearing a sweater when it's a bazillion degrees out???

Why am I wearing a sweater when it’s a bazillion degrees out???

Hugs, Sammy

Pre-Tease Monday



Class will be convening!


Professor Sam here…………..I hope you are busy this Monday studying for tomorrow’s geography test???   It won’t be long before that blog post hits your inbox and you will have a chance to be the FIRST COMMENTER on the post AND you will have a chance to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER if you know where the photo was taken.

Yep – that’s what we do here on Tuesday…….we see how well you can look at a photo and tell where it was taken!     You have to guess the town/village/city AND the state/country where the photo was snapped.   Not always easy either!    Sometimes it’s a photo a blog fan has sent in for us to use and sometimes it’s a photo of my Mom’s or Dad’s………but one thing is certain – you will have fun trying to figure it out.


WAIT!  I said you’d have FUN not be depressed !!!!

Last week our official Teaser Cheerleader gave us a “pre-tease” day cheer but she said she is saving her energy to cheer everyone on TOMORROW on the Teaser post so be sure and pop by as soon as you can Tuesday – remember the post is not scheduled at its’ usual time on Tuesdays – we change the time every week so it’s a SURPRISE when it goes live!   Makes the competition that much stiffer and more fun.

SO – get your rest…………………you’re probably gonna be glad you did because you’ll be working on a guess for the Teaser photo tomorrow ALL DAY……………..hahahahaha


Oh Where Oh Where Will The Teaser Photo Be From Tomorrow????


I’ll look for you in class tomorrow!  Don’t let me down now…..be PURRRRRPARED!

Professor Sammy

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Hippity Hop

No – it’s not Easter of course – it’s just blog hop time!

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop is hosted every week by our buddies the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.    We’re now into the THIRD year of hopping with them and if you haven’t hopped YET, you should…………just visit them – we have their badge at the end of the post – you can add your Selfie with the linky tool!    You can also visit all the other “hoppers” while you’re at it.

I used my camera timer today for my selfie and almost fell asleep before it went off………….it was one of those nappy kind of days you know………..


That’s it for me – – – I get the rest of the day “off” !!   Here’s The Cat On My Head’s badge so you can join up!



Happy Sunday! 

Sammy the Snoozer

Bring on the Bacon!


It’s Been A Tough Week

(not really but it got your attention – right???)

It’s BACON day……..


I not only “has a happy” I has a brand new Bacon Meme that my buddy Toby from The Wrecking Crew  made for me!    Whatcha think?   I’ll add it to my growing collection of bacon memes from my friends…………..If you click on the Meme it will go to Toby’s blog (just in case you don’t know him – you can visit him!):


Toby and I are both ginger doods……He’s on the LEFT and I’m in my King of Baconia crown on the right! 

AND, I also received a photo from my Auntie Carol (my Mom’s sister) showing that her shih-Tzu Toby (yes another Toby!) is becoming a real bacon lover too…………he seems to be QUITE fascinated by the commercial on his TV!


Looks like the wonderfulness of bacon has made it’s way into my Cousin’s home in W. Virginia…………………….!




This is one of our favorite graphics......makes me giggle and proves there's no shortage here!

This is one of our favorite graphics……makes me giggle and proves there’s no shortage here!

The weekend is off to a roaring start – our temperature has dropped a bit and the humidity has come down a lot and we can BREATHE outside again (that THICK air is tough on an old guy like me!) – so yesterday I spent a lot of time on the front porch snoozing………..Today I plan on doing the same thing.

Mom! That's not ME - that's the sleeping cat sculpture!

Mom! That’s not ME – that’s the sleeping cat sculpture!

Silly Mom…………..this is me checking out a possible nap spot for today’s nap sessions on the porch………..

Maybe here?

Maybe here?

But right now, I think I’ll go back to the kitchen to see if my bacon is ready…………………Mom’s making those adorable bacon-pancake thingies – you remember the ones?


Hmm….on second thought maybe I should try one of those pancake thingies with bacon in it……………….could be good……………maybe with a tiny dab of maple syrup on it???   Yah I know I shouldn’t have sugar but a TINY DROP won’t hurt!!!!

Happy Saturday !!!!!!

Happy Saturday !!!!!!

Bonjour……..!  Monsieur Bacon Boy!


If you’re as CRAZY for bacon as I am – join my club!   This is our official badge!

Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday!


Hoooo Haaaa….time to Fill-In !


Oh I do like Friendly Fill-Ins……………………thanks to our hosts, Miss Annie at McGuffy’s Reader and Miss Ellen at 15andMeowing.    It’s one of those activities I look forward to every week!

So what sentences are we supposed to fill in today?   We have four of them and this week it’s MY turn to fill in as Mom did last week.   My fill-ins will be in BLUE this week.  Ready?

1. When I run out of sunny napping spots on the first floor of the house, I use the front porch instead.
2. My guru is my Mom – I still feel my old guru, Merlin from Cat Wisdom 101 whispering in my ear though from time to time from over the Bridge!!.

3. I am afraid of most strangers and VERY loud noises (they have to be VERY loud because I’m now hard of hearing!) .

4. I feel empowered by my friends…..the number of really GOOD friends I have through blogging keeps me feeling strong and capable of anything!.

So that’s it for filling in today……………………if you want to do some filling in and join the blog hop like I have, you can visit either of the host blogs……if you click on the cute badge above you will go to McGuffy’s Reader where you can join the hop OR you can CLICK HERE to visit 15andMeowing and do the same!    Either way, you can share your answers with the universe like I did above.

Now – other fun stuff!    My good buddy (and Cousin) Bacon the piggy who in charge of the Hotel Thompson at his blog PIGLOVE – surely you know Bacon right – he’s asked me to spread the word about something…….  Well whether you do or don’t know him yourself,  he has a fabulous feature “Spotlight Thursday” on his blog where he introduces his friends to us – sometimes NEW friends sometimes old friends – and we all love making new friends…………..he’s got some openings in his schedule starting in October for anybody who would like to be “interviewed” by him for this cool feature on his blog!    What does he need from you????
1.   Email Bacon with your “human’s name”, the anipal’s name, and your blog address!
2.  Bacon will then contact you to give you the interview information and VOILA – you’re a star!
Bacon’s email address is:
So what are you waiting for?   If you’ve not had the pleasure of being interviewed by my pal Bacon you’ve got some fun coming your way………..check out his blog and you’ll see what I mean!   If you already know Bacon but have never been interviewed for the “Spotlight” before?  GO FOR IT!   Tell him Sammy sent ya……………
I do love my friend Bacon (as well as the edible stuff as you well know)………………..
Thank heavens tomorrow is Bacon Saturday.....i'm feeling faint from lack of bacon....

Thank heavens tomorrow is Bacon Saturday…..i’m feeling faint from lack of bacon….

Love, Sammy

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Greetings and Salutations

Poetry Lovers


Here we are ready to celebrate the wonderfulness of yet another letter of our alphabet…………the letter “J” !    I agonized about this one all week………”J” is a swell letter of course but just not one that conjures up a long list of possibilities for me.

So here’s what I finally settled, on and I do hope you enjoy reading it…………………also, remember if you feel inclined to pawticipate in my Poetry Day, just post your own on your blog and you can post your link to it here in my comments if you like – – – OR you can even write your poem IN comments here and everyone will get to see it!   We can show the world we have a CREATIVE side and we are not just a bunch of PRETTY FACES right?  RIGHT!


By Sammy Kimmell, August 17, 2016

If I was a tiger I’d probably be a “wuss”

I could never bring myself to be a nasty, mean old puss

If I was a leopard I’d be spotted and so sleek

But when I opened up my mouth I’m sure that I’d just squeak!

If I was a panther I’d be a real black beauty

But my golden eyes would wink hello and I’d still be a cutie!

If I was a lion with mane all wild and free

I might be fierce and fast and big

But inside I’d still be ME!

When I was writing this one I kept thinking – “hey – all the BIG CATS are my cousins and I could easily have been one of the big guys in the jungle!”……..but these days, jungles are scary places for the big cats – even with laws to protect them, they are hunted and killed for their beautiful skin or to be someone’s trophy – or even worse, caught/captured and kept as a pet or stuck in a zoo or carnival never to be free – truly free again.    I’m lucky because I’m a cat with all the wonderful “cat ideas” and thoughts and traits but I’m SAFE in a home where I’m loved – captive?  No…..not captive – I’m where I want to be and I’m safe from predators and anyone who might want to hurt me just because I’m a cat.  

I’m Lucky and I’m Happy – Are You?


Now excuse me while I go pretend I’m a jungle cat….

I’m sure there’s an ankle that needs biting around here somewhere! 

Hugs, Sammy

P.S.  Next week is “K”…….eeeeeek!

Teaser Tell All Time


Attention Class!


Good Morning!!!!

Here we all are, bright and early, so we can find out the scoop on yesterday’s Teaser photo!     Well I have news for you – we thought this would be a real STUMPER but in fact it was guessed correctly within minutes after it went live!   GO FIGURE!

First things first though………………….guess what……………..ready??

Another 4-Way Tie

for First Commenter!

Yep – believe it or not during the sixty seconds from 8:16AM until 8:17AM yesterday morning FOUR OF YOU commented making it another banner week for giving out the First Commenter Badge.   Miss Pix, Easy, the Kitties Blue, and Oliver and Calvin – congratulations to all of you for being SHARP AS A TACK and getting in there with a comment!   Each of you get one of these babies!


Then within minutes, BAM – we had our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………….but let’s show the photo again to refresh your memories!


Yep – a rather UNATTRACTIVE building of some sort right?  Could be anywhere right?   Well in fact it’s Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine!    The photo was taken by my friend Raz (of Friends Furever) parents who were actually staying in a hotel right across from this fort called (are you ready?) The Fort Knox Hotel.    Here is some information about this place AND the general area of Prospect and Bucksport, Maine – CLICK HERE FOR INFO    Imagine visiting FORT KNOX!!!!

This photo was sent in to us as I said by FRIENDS FUREVER – and this is to thank them for submitting this little test of our geography knowledge…………THANKS!

Thank you Friends Furever  for the fabulous TEASER photo of 8/15/2016

Thank you Friends Furever for the fabulous TEASER photo of 8/16/2016

WHO guessed right first?   OLIVER AND CALVIN!   That’s right – their second “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” in a month’s time.  Are they excited about that?  YOU BETCHA – here’s your award guys!


HOWEVER, a whole bunch of other students got it right as well……………….and you each get to claim that you were indeed right by showing off this badge:


Even if you were NOT right and had NO CLUE, you get a little SUMTHIN’ for it!


WELL DONE CLASS!  I’m proud of ya………yep – every single one of you whether you guessed it or not – you came to class, and you raised your hands and stood up and guessed – OR even if you didn’t guess you stayed awake in class and that deserves kudos too!

Tune in next Tuesday for another Teaser photo…………….you never know where on Planet Earth we will be – but we can guarantee you’ll have a fun time figuring it out…………


Professor Sam – at your service!!


Tuesday Teaser



(no I’m not calling you a Ding Dong, I’m ringing the schoolhouse bell!)


OH BOY – it’s time to pay attention in class students of geography all around the world.

This is when all your studying PAYS OFF – you could win a badge that you can proudly display wherever you choose claiming that you do in fact PAY ATTENTION TO GEOGRAPHY CLASS ONCE IN A WHILE!!!!   

Now, let’s get started shall we?    First of all may I remind each of you as you prepare to take the TEST that if you are the FIRST PERSON to comment on the blog today – you will be a winner of a badge for FIRST COMMENTER!   How much easier can it get?  Just comment and come back here for the Teaser – GO on – we’ll wait for you………..here’s what you’ll win if you’re FIRST to comment today:


OK now the REAL test.    Today we have a photo that literally could be ANYWHERE.   There are not any clues that I can discern (even with my glasses on) and even using Google Image Search isn’t going to help you (at least I don’t think so).    When you are ready to guess, you must guess the TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as the COUNTRY/STATE where the photo was taken or you will not be the winner.   A partial guess means NO WIN………….OK?   

How about we ask our little bundle of energy, SuzieQ to come on in NOW and cheer you on BEFORE we even show the photo today – that should get you FIRED UP don’t you think??????  

Suzie, Suzie That's my name Call me something else And I'll call you INSANE I love Tuesdays Cuz I get to cheer Then after I leave I go grab a beer! Now study the photo And try to guess RIGHT If you don't even TRY I might start a FIGHT!!!

Suzie, Suzie
That’s my name
Call me something else
And I’ll call you INSANE
I love Tuesdays
Cuz I get to cheer
Then after I leave
I go grab a beer!
Now study the photo
And try to guess RIGHT
If you don’t even TRY
I might start a FIGHT!!!

Gosh Suzie – somehow I thought maybe that NICE cheer you did last week might carry into THIS week………….guess not huh?    Well, go on and grab your brewski and we’ll get on with the show!

Mr. Silver Briefcase?   You’ve had the briefcase chained to your wrist since yesterday – unchain yourself and display the photo for the students will you please?????????????

Here's our GUEST TEASER photo Professor !

Here’s our GUEST TEASER photo Professor !


OK Students – study and guess!   Here’s what’s up for grabs!







Ta Da!  Cool huh?

Now, what are you waiting for – GUESS!    Tomorrow when we meet here again for the TEASER TELL ALL, I will “tell all” and give you the particulars on this photo – who sent it in, where it was snapped and BEST of all – WHO WINS BADGES!

Until tomorrow – keep on studying.   It’s a big wide wonderful world we live in – lots of places you’ve never seen but might want to see – lots of places you’ve seen and wish you hadn’t seen – AND we will be exploring all of that stuff here in Professor Sammy’s Geography Class………………if you have a photo of somewhere you’ve been that you think might be a STUMPER for us, email it to me and my Mom at junekimm(at)AOL(dot)com.

I'm a SuzieQ Fan - Are You?

I’m a SuzieQ Fan – Are You?

Suzie insisted I show her official “Fan Badge” for any of you who would like to post it on your blog (don’t ask me why you’d want to tell the world you like wacky Suzie but some of you do!!!!!)

See you tomorrow Class!

Why am I wearing a sweater when it's a bazillion degrees out???

Why am I wearing a sweater when it’s a bazillion degrees out???

Pre-Tease Monday!


Good Morning Students!

(Good Morning Professor Sammy)


I hope you all had a good and restful weekend because we’re starting off this week getting you prepped for tomorrow’s Teaser!

Our Teaser tomorrow is a GUEST TEASER…………….yep – and that’s about all I’ll say on the matter……..just make sure you study tonight and you’re ready to make your best guess tomorrow at WHERE the photo you will see was taken OK?   OK!

SuzieQ, our fabulous Teaser Cheerleader, is working on her Cheer – been practicing all afternoon in fact………………so she’ll be ready to pump your spirits up too.



Remember dear students that WHOEVER arrives at the blog tomorrow when it comes live FIRST, will get the fabulous and much sought after FIRST COMMENTER badge!  All you have to do is COMMENT and you’re a winner!  WOW!


Last week you may remember, we had FOUR of you comment at the same time so we had a QUADRUPLE award.   Wonder if we’ll have FIVE of you arrive in the same minute tomorrow and comment???   Wouldn’t that be something?


SO, get a good night of rest and I’ll see you at a SURPRISE time tomorrow morning – could be ANY TIME AT ALL…………………..I like to keep you on your toes (or paws as the case may be).

See you tomorrow class....

See you tomorrow class….

Ciao!   Professor Sam