Achin’ for Bacon

No, I’m not achin’ – Not really – no aches here – I may have arthritis but bacon has HEALING power you know………so on Saturday especially I’m always FEELING FINE!    Mom didn’t let me down either – she made bacon and egg sammiches for her and Dad and for me?  I had bacon on bacon with a side order of bacon!

Mom and Dad had these

Mom and Dad had these

I had this.....tee hee

I had this…..tee hee


Seriously though, we did have a nice breakfast this morning which is preparing us for a great Caturday.    I have a busy day at Cat Scouts…… fact the whole weekend is busy.   It’s always something there – if you have time on your hands, are a cat, and have a Mom who can help you have the time of your life (hahahaha), consider joining up.  If you DO join up, join my Troop – The Wildcats!   I’m the Troop Leader and I promise you we’ll keep you hopping!!!

Sunday at Scouts we’re celebrating the joys of S’mores.  If your Mom or Dad were ever Scouts, they know what a s’mores is………..two graham crackers with a marshmallow between them and a couple of squares of chocolate bar….then you hold it over the campfire and it gets all MELTY.   It’s like a little bit of heaven on a stick!  HAHAHA    Anyway, we’re having a “S’moresapalooza” and we’ll tell stories about s’mores, recite poems about s’mores, and EAT s’smores (virtually of course) so I thought I’d make an outfit to wear to the event.  What do you think???

OK.....I hear you giggling.....stop that!

OK…..I hear you giggling…..stop that!

Do I look good enough to eat?   HAR HAR – that’s what Mom thinks anyway.

Well if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to see if I might have left a few bacon crumbs around my breakfast dish.    You never know………..I don’t want Mom to have to clean up any messes so I’ll search for every last bit of bacon and be on my way!

See you tomorrow for Sunday Selfies!


Happy Friday


We are happy here at my house……why?  Well because Mom has her computer back all fixed up (that means I can visit with you!) and Dad has his beloved Blazer back and his wallet is aching due to the $900 spent fixing it, and the refrigerator is full of bacon so I’m obviously happy – see?  We’re ALL happy!

I have to say that Mom did go just a little but nutso yesterday because she couldn’t get online.  Sad isn’t it?  Everyone is hooked on computerizing!   Well, such is the way of the world.  If not for the computer I wouldn’t have my blog, and if not for my blog you would be UNAWARE that there’s a ginger, polydactyl kitty in Virginia who loves bacon and teases the heck out of everyone on Tuesdays!

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate around here – because everything didn’t get back from repair shops until late in the day so we couldn’t celebrate last night.   There will be EXTRA bacon Mom says.  EXTRA…….I do like that word!

I spent yesterday sleeping – following the sun puddles – we had rain for so many days I’ve been enjoying the last few when we’ve had sun – just in time for there to be rain later today but yesterday was FAB.   I started enjoying it when the sun made it over the trees………

Love it!

Love it!

I continued moving from dining room to library to upstairs guest room to hallway to stairs………..wherever Mr. Sun went, I followed…………

Sam in Library

I guess I can put up with a little bit of rain since we did have three or so days of sun right?  “Into each life a little rain must fall” !

I’m already working on next week’s Teaser………….you know I like to have them lined up so I’m not staying up late on a Monday night trying to find something to TEASE you properly.   I have FOUR candidates for next Tuesday – FOUR!   I could do the “eeny meeny miney mo” thing to pick one but instead I’ll try to get the one I think will give you the MOST challenge.   You DO like a challenge right?   Right?

Until tomorrow – when the BACON shall flow freely – I’ll see you then!



Silent Thursday


Peeps!   Today Mom is WITHOUT the computer (again) all day as it goes back to the “doctor” for an operation.   Brand new CD/DVD drive being installed and Mom will NOT be able to comment on your comments (say that ten times fast) today – or if she DOES, it won’t be until LATE in the day so be advised!    She will probably be like she was last week when the computer was being diagnosed……………….she didn’t know what to do with herself!   She tried reading, watching TV, even resorted to cleaning/laundry, but no matter WHAT, she missed being online to check email and blog comments.   This is the woman who SWORE she’d never get “hooked” on computerizing!   UH HUH.   Tell me another one Mom.

SO – anyway, not much to say anyway except I’ve already received two costume entries for my SAM-O-WEEN costume contest……………also we’ve kind of decided in order for YOU to have plenty of time to vote for the BEST COSTUME before I announce it at my SAM-O-WEEN party on the 31st, we will say the LAST DAY FOR ENTRIES will be October 28th instead of 29th OK?   Got it?

Costume Entries To Me Not Later Than Oct. 28!

YES I did say there would be a prize package for the winner and I meant it…………the winner will be having “Christmas in October”!


Is this a threat?  Well, maybe… don’t want a goblin visiting you do you?   Of course not – so you’d better plan on at least stopping by my blog on the 31st for some snacks and to see who’s won the contest right?  Right!

Hang in there – we’ll be back with a vengeance tomorrow I’m sure………and Mom will have a HAPPY FACE because hopefully we’ll be back in business with the blog and email.

Until then:

CRYINGCATWe’ll miss you today!!!!



Teaser Tell All


Time to take a peekie in my silver briefcase to see where the photo was taken!

Let's see.........oh my!  I never would have guessed!

Let’s see………oh my! I never would have guessed!

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Guess what………..this week I wasn’t the winner………somebody else was!!  But before we share the good news and badge awards, how about we peek at the photo one last time?


Where was this gorgeous photo taken?  Why it was snapped out of a bus window just beyond Balmoral Castle (5 miles from it anyway) in Royal Deeside, Scotland.  The building is the Garnshiel Hunting Lodge which was built in 1746.   Want more info?   CLICK HERE

Who was the FIRST to comment on the Teaser blog yesterday???

Oliver and Calvin who don’t have a blog.  This is for you guys!


Who was my FIRST RIGHT GUESSER yesterday?

Annie of Animal Couriers!  This is for you Miss Annie:


Did anyone ELSE guess correctly?  YES INDEED…….and if you were one of the lucky ones, you get this:


What about you poor souls who LOVE the color green???  So much in fact, you purposely guess wrong or say you don’t know????  This is for you!


Concatulations everyone – jolly good show this week…………..I’ll try to have something suitably TOUGH for you next Tuesday – I promise!






WHOA!  What’s this?  Well, it’s your FIRST WARNING…….I am having a Halloween Costume Contest for Halloween on  my blog this year!  That’s right – and YOU will be voting for the BEST COSTUME.   You can photoshop OR be brave and actually WEAR a costume (eeeeeek!) but all you have to do is send me a photo of YOU in your “BEST COSTUME” for Halloween to be in the contest!   We’ll have voting BEFORE the party so I can announce the winner AT my party.   On Halloween I’ll have not only the winner of the contest, but plenty to eat and drink and PAR-TAY for the best SAM-O-WEEN ever!   You can email your photos to me at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com.   Got it?  Good!   Now get to work – you know you wanna enter the contest because THERE WILL BE A PRIZE PACKAGE FOR THE WINNER (and a trophy).




Tuesday Teaser


OK, are you ready for me to unlock the suitcase containing today’s photo????



Yesireeee……….it’s time again for some photo fun.   I have a photo for you to examine today and I hope you can be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER this week since I myself was the winner LAST week because I fooled everyone.  Guess what – – – I don’t think this one is as tough as last week’s……..honest……….I’ll let you judge for yourself!!

Ready?   Here’s this Tuesday’s photo…………


Now where do you think this photo was snapped?  Mom took this one but where was she at the time?   Any idea?  Country or State??  City, or Village?

Well, be the FIRST to make any kind of comment on today’s blog post and you can win this:

You commented on the Teaser blog FIRST!

Be the FIRST to guess correctly where this photo was taken and you can win this:


Be RIGHT with your guess but not the FIRST to be right, and you can win this:


Be WRONG or CLUELESS (and I’ll love you anyway), and even though you don’t know, you STILL get one of these:


As always, everyone is a winner here at my world famous Tuesday Teaser!!

If you believe I’m world famous I’ve got a bridge I wanna sell ya (hahahahahaha….old joke!).

Now get your comments or guesses in – you know you wanna win SOMETHING right?


Sammy the Teaser

On another and totally hilarious note, we had a big Oktoberfest “do” at Cat Scouts this weekend and one of my besties put together this wonderful JibJab video for the occasion.  It was just too funny NOT to share it…………….thank you to Raz at FriendsFureverCatBlog for doing this because it was truly the HIGHLIGHT of the day!   YES I’m in it…….Tee Hee


AND………before I forget to say it – THANK YOU to everyone who wished my Dad a Happy Birthday yesterday.  He didn’t have such a swell one…..he was two miles from our house on his way to a scheduled doctor’s visit (physical) when the car died.  Totally.   He got it off the road, tow truck took him to the dealer, now waiting to hear the BAD NEWS……some way to spend a birthday huh?   But thanks for the nice wishes ANYWAY!

Fozziemum sent this one - isn't it beautiful????

Fozziemum sent this one – isn’t it beautiful????

And Mom thanks you Miss Laura for sending a special ecard FROM ME to my Dad….you’re the BESTEST!


Mushy Monday



Indeed it’s mushy Monday – we have more rain than we need so the ground is totally mushy and muddy and icky and Mom has been washing my tootsies when we get back inside from a rainy walk!   Puddles EVERYWHERE………which has one UPSIDE which is more worms!   I don’t eat them mind you, I just poke at them with my paw…….the ones that are alive (some of them drown themselves I think) kind of squiggle and wiggle and I think that’s just plain FUN.

Anyway, today is Pre-Teaser Monday in addition to being mushy outside so I do hope you’re ready for tomorrow?   You will NOT NOT NOT be getting two days to study the photo this week though – oh no – Mom and Dad are NOT going away so as usual, tomorrow morning you’ll get to see the photo – keep staring at it all day if you wish – but Wednesday morning we will be handing out badges to those who have SHARP EYES and a knowledge of geography!  Yep that’s right!   This one is NOT a Guest Teaser either…………….so there!

Badges?  Did I say badges?



We may actually see some sunshine this week…………….Joaquin is gone except for some rain showers………we have forgotten what blue skies look like though so we’re going to be glad to see that……….Mom says she’ll have to wear sunglasses for DAYS to get used to all that light since we’ve been in the shadows and under the storm clouds for so long.   Not me – I’ve enjoyed the fires in the fireplace and the cozy blankies and laps but I guess it WOULD be nice to stroll through the yard without getting my paws dirty.   I don’t like those “foot baths” !!!

Not for me thank you!

Not for me thank you!

See you tomorrow – what time?  I’m not telling you!   It’s going to be a surprise like it ALWAYS is on Tuesdays!

Hugs and Happy Mushy Monday!

Sammy the Tease

P.S.  Happy Birthday to my Pop!  He’s 87 bazillion years old today!

Sam and His Dad Playing on the Rug

Thankful to have Dad




Sunday Selfie

Nothing fancy today – just ME surrounded by GREEN!   We’re joining The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop……are you?   Click on their badge to join or see the other selfies!






My most HAPPY day of the week!

So we had bacon this morning with breakfast but it was a “traditional” kind of pancakes and some bacon.   This idea seems to be pretty cool and Mom is gonna try it NEXT Saturday!!!!!

Dump on some syrup and you're READY!

Dump on some syrup and you’re READY!

We’re on Day Four (or is it Five….or is it Six?) of rain and chilly weather………….we’re getting just a little TIRED of it but we’re taking advantage of it as best we can by staying nice and cozy inside the house…………fires in the fireplace………blankets on laps (with cats on top of those blankets!) and just enjoying the sound of rain on the roof.   Fortunately for us, we’re on a hill……unfortunately for a lot of people they’re having major flooding and WET basements.  Hopefully this weather will change soon!


Sam Sleeping on Mom's Lap


Hills are nice………………

No our lawn does NOT look like this now - this is from several years ago BUT we are happy to be on THE HILL!

No our lawn does NOT look like this now – this is from several years ago BUT we are happy to be on THE HILL!

Are you ready for Fall?  Or are you on the “flipside” and getting ready for Summer?   All I know is I’m ready for some outside time that includes actually walking on grass instead of through puddles!

Sammy The Wet Cat

Finally Friday

Ahhhh………….it’s been a long week and it’s gonna get longer………seems that nasty hurricane is headed our way……..of course it still could change course but North Carolina and Virginia are the current “likely” detinations for Joaquin so who knows?!   We’ve already had three days of rain which means our soil is saturated and we don’t need any more……….but we’re likely to get a whole lot more so we’re just going to settle in for the duration – what choice do we have anyway?!?!?!?!   Mom Nature has her own little way of keeping us on our toes!


Too bad she’s not gonna be sprinkling her flowers around – looks like we’ll get rain and wind instead of this PRETTY STUFF she does so well!

As long as we don’t lose power I’ll be around.   You betcha!

This has been a weird year for weather……………Mom and Dad were talking at dinner last night and saying “what do you suppose this means about WINTER this year???” – meaning since it’s been strange so far, what will winter bring………let’s hope it’s not blizzards and FEET AND FEET of snow (oops…..did I say that out loud?!?!?!?!).


I’ll be ready though if we DO get snow!!!!

One good thing about this week is that it’s ending on a HIGH note…………..Mom and Dad are making bacon this morning…………who knew?  Seems like a real bacon bonanza doesn’t it?   I say it’s just what the doctor ordered!

I prescribe BACON.....and plenty of it!

I prescribe BACON…..and plenty of it!

And tomorrow is my regular BACON DAY………..ONE SPOILED CAT – that’s me!

Hugs, Sammy

Finally Teaser Tell All


Ready for me to open the silver briefcase????



Well, you had to wait a whole extra day to get the news on the Teaser this week.  Was it horrible having to wait?  Did you go nuts having TWO DAYS to think about the Teaser?   I went nuts waiting for Mom and Dad to get home from their overnight getaway but now that they ARE home, we’re ready for the BIG REVEAL on the Teaser photo!

Here’s the photo again:


Where was the photo snapped?  My Mom took this picture when she and Dad were on their honeymoon in 1990 on the THIRD stop of their trip which was in (drum roll please) LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND!!!!!   See those white blobs in the photo?  Mom edited (sloppy but at least you couldn’t see) a couple of Swiss flags on the two shops.

SNEAKY?  Yep……it was a rainy day Mom says but that didn’t keep them from wandering around and window shopping – lots of beautiful jewelry stores here and other nice shops.

Now – who was my FIRST COMMENTER on Tuesday morning after the blog post went live?   It was my old pals Oliver and Calvin who don’t have a blog but are “frequent flyers” when it comes to First Commenters!   Let’s give them a round of applause – AND this badge:

You commented on the Teaser blog FIRST!

Who was my FIRST RIGHT GUESSER after this TWO DAY Teaser-fest where I gave you two days to figure out where the photo was taken?   Drum roll please:


ME!   Why?  Because nobody got it right!!!!!  I “gotcha” !

I did have a lot of great guesses though……….even some guesses that it was Switzerland – but NOBODY guessed Lucerne.  I have had some OTHER Lucerne Teaser photos before just not this one.  WOO HOO FOR ME!

But all the rest of you are still winners because you ALL get a GREENIE!'re wrong!

I hope you had fun with this week’s Teaser……….I did……..but I didn’t enjoy my Mom and Dad leaving me again because we had a huge storm and lots of rain and wind and Mom’s lap wasn’t available for me to use for safety.  Pitiful isn’t it?   While I was here suffering, Mom and Dad were here:

BOATCABIN4 BOATCABIN9 BOATCABIN10That’s right – relaxing on a boat in Solomon’s Island, Maryland with my Dad’s brother and his wife!   Did they think about me all alone?  Maybe……actually Mom was very happy to see me and I was happy to see her when they got back.   She promised NOT to do another overnight trip for a while………..thank heavens!

Love, Sammy



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