More White Stuff

We just can’t get away from it……..more snow today……….maybe six more inches before it stops but who knows.  I guess complaining won’t change a thing but HONESTLY – I am absolutely so ready for Spring I could SCREAM!

More Snow?  Say it isn't SO!

More Snow? Say it isn’t SO!

At least I know that we will all be here together all day today – that means warm laps and lotsa naps…………….nobody will be going anywhere I’m quite sure.

The fact we’re “shut in” today might be good though because generally on those kinds of mornings Mom cooks bacon……..I’m remaining hopeful although it’s still very early here.  Breakfast won’t be cookin’ until Mom does email stuff and that could take a long time…….sometimes I get impatient and begin screaming at the bottom of the stairs.  That most generally works.

I had a real treat yesterday – something I’ve NEVER had before.   Mom was making biscotti and while I usually ignore her when she’s in the kitchen (unless bacon is involved of course), I was very interested to know what she was up to.  I sat at her feet and stared at her – eventually she put her finger in the uncooked biscotti batter and let me try it.  It was quite tasty!    After it was baked, she gave me a bit of it again but it was too hard for my teefies.   I think the uncooked stuff is pretty good though.   Does this mean I’m now a “gourmet kitty” ????


Have I told you that we’re having company soon?   Well we are……….Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig from MY THREE MOGGIES are flying to the USA for a vacation and one of the stops on their “tour” is at MY house!   We’re quite excited about it and Mom is hoping that I will forego my usual shyness to make an appearance while they’re here.   We have the guest room ready for them – it’s more of a “cat room” with all the decorations Mom has in there but I’m thinking they are used to “Cat stuff” being cat parents right?   We’ll show them a good time even though they’ll be here for a very short visit.   YAY!!!

That one cat pillow on top of the pillows looks like ME!

That one cat pillow on top of the pillows looks like ME!

I guess I won't be napping in the Guest Room for a couple of days!

I guess I won’t be napping in the Guest Room for a couple of days!

We hope they’ll be comfy during their stay at the Kimmell Bed & Breakfast…..oh wait – shouldn’t that be the Kimmell Bed, Cat and Breakfast???????????????????????????

Guess I’ll go see if there’s any action going yet on the bacon downstairs……………………”MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM?????”

Happy Thursday

Hugs, Sammy

Have you seen my St. Pat’s Header on my blog?  

Sammy O’Kimmell at your service!


Teaser Tell All

Tellin’ It Like It Is…..


It’s time for me to tell you about that photo yesterday for our Teaser.   First of all I wasn’t fibbing when I said I didn’t know for sure when my Mom’s Dad took the photo…………..Mom says it HAD to be in the early 1940s though.   It was pretty neat having an OLD photo as a Teaser wasn’t it?   We thought it would fool everyone to tell you the truth BUT we didn’t!   No we DID NOT fool each and every one of you and you’ll find out SOON the scoop on that!

Meanwhile, here’s that photo again………………..


My Grandad took that photo in Venice on the Via Garibaldi…………………..!    My FIRST RIGHT GUESSER guessed that EXACTLY.    I actually found a photo of this same area taken WELL after my Dad’s and it looks much the same.   My parents were in Venice on their honeymoon in 1990 and Mom says that whole area down by the water was loaded with T-shirt and hat vendors and people giving away tickets on boats taking tourists over to Murano to the glass factories.    It was WAY more crowded than in this photo – OR my Grandad’s photo.


(not my Mom’s photo – I found this on Google!)

So, who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?    It was my buddy Raz from Friends Furever and this is NOT the first time he’s been a First Right Guesser either so watch out Leo and Easy!   Tee Hee

Here’s your FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge Raz:



HOWEVER – that’s not the only badge my pal Raz is getting this week – because he not only was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, but he and my friend Easy the Wild Weimaraner TIED (exactly the same time) for the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser!   That’s right – a TIE!    Both of you get this:


There actually were a couple of you who ALSO guessed Venice……….BRAVO for you!   You get this:


And I know there’s a long line of you just waiting for your next BIG GREENIE (or maybe your FIRST Big Greenie???) – so here you are!


That was a fun one…………thanks to everyone who popped in to guess yesterday – I wondered if anyone would recognize the buildings as they DO look the same as they did in the 1940s for the most part……..and off to the FAR right on the old black/white photo you can see a tiny bit of water…….!!

CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS (yes this includes you winners of the Big Greenie!).

Hugs, Sammy



Tuesday Teaser

WOO HOO!!!    It’s that time again…………….the time of the week you LOVE to HATE!   HAHAHA

Today’s photo is – at least I think it is – a CHALLENGE.   It’s a photo that was in my Grandad’s old photo album that he had in his footlocker that Mom now has.    She rummaged through and found this photo and thought it would make a great Teaser…………… take a look – it’s an old black and white – and let me know WHERE do you think this photo was taken????


Whatcha think?   I’ll be waiting to see your guesses……………and for the very first comment on today’s blog, that person will win:


If you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of where the photo was taken you’ll get this:


If you guess RIGHT but aren’t first, you get this:


And all of you who are fans of GREEN (or don’t have any idea WHERE the photo was taken or guess WRONG) you get this!


Everybody wins something right????  RIGHT!

Good luck peeps!

Sammy the Tease

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!



Sam I Am and I’m here to say

Howdy do to the Doc today

For many years he’s made us giggle

So much so that our tummies wiggle

Lessons, fables, and just plain fun

We loved his books – each and every one!!

**Happy Birthday!**

We’re celebrating at Cat Scouts and Tabby Cat Club today and I’m sure there will be a LOT of blog posts about Dr. Seuss.   One of my favorite stories is the Cat In the Hat but I also loved Green Eggs and Ham AND especially loved Thing One and Thing Two as characters……………my good friends Raz and Gracie and I decided we would be THREE Things today in honor of Dr. Seuss!


Graphics by Raz!

AND, this is what I’ll be wearing at the Cat Scouts “come as your favorite character” party tonight!


Tee Hee !!!

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday………….and I have what I’ll call a FLASHBACK Teaser for you tomorrow.   It’s a very old photo from the 1940s and you will need to guess where the photo was taken.   It was in one of my Grandfather’s photo albums in his old military trunk and that’s all I’m saying………..intrigued?   GOOD – remember the Teaser post goes up at a different time every single week so you NEVER know when you’ll get it…………………….also remember if you’re the first to comment you get a special badge:


AND the other badges for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER BUT NOT FIRST, and UHOH I DUNNO are also available!

See you tomorrow and HAPPY DR. SEUSS DAY!

Hugs, Sammy the Lorax

Sunday Selfie

Waiting for the door monitor

(Mom) to let me back inside!


I’m joining up with The Cat On My Head Blog Hop today – are you?

Click below to visit!




Huh?   Well T.G.I.B. stands for (wait for it……………………) “Thank Goodness It’s Bacon!!”…………..I bet some of you guessed right?   Anyway, I’m tying my bib around my neck (don’t want to drool while waiting for bacon you know) and getting ready to start my Saturday off right.

Nobody's looking - right?

Nobody’s looking – right?

Are you going to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday on Monday, March 2?   We’re celebrating at Tabby Cat Club AND at Cat Scouts, and for my blog I may just have to dress up as one of my favorite Dr. Seuss characters too.   My Mom LOVED the Dr. Seuss books but sadly, I think subsequent generations really never got to know Dr. Seuss’s stories and Mom will mention Dr. Seuss and people have no idea who he was or how much success he had with his wonderfully creative stories.    Reading was a BIG activity back when my Mom was a kid (I think hunting dinosaurs was too but that’s another story).


I love this!

I love this!

Nothing else going on around here – we monsterized the house yesterday to today is QUIET……………..fine with me……………I prefer QUIET any old day over crazy/busy!



We haven’t had any snow for THREE WHOLE DAYS IN A ROW……………..maybe we really will eventually get Spring?   I sure hope so……… oh man am I ever READY for it!

Spring House

Oh how I dream of seeing THIS view of my house soon…….GO AWAY WINTER!!!!


Sammy Springtime


Friday Shopping!

Howdy and Happy Friday!   It’s the day of the month that we share our shopping experiences with the universe and we all get to see what kinds of prices are available where we live!


Bacon and Fozziemum co-host this fabulous event and we’ve been pawticipating the last few times and have found it AMAZING how different things are elsewhere.   This month is a “RANDOM” shopping list so we’ll be sharing prices for things we’ve paid but everyone will probably pick different stuff – it will be interesting…………

Here’s the list we were to shop for:

  1.  RANDOM condiment
  2. RANDOM frozen meal
  3. RANDOM fruit
  4. RANDOM dessert or sweet
  5. ANY RANDOM item

AND here’s what we got!

  1. RANDOM condiment:  Curry Powder (my parents ADORE curry)

FOOD1 One ounce:  $4.99

2.  RANDOM frozen meal:   Marie Callender’s Pot Pies (good when Mom and Dad don’t feel like cooking)

FOOD4  Ten ounce pie $2.99

3.  RANDOM fruit:   Fresh Strawberries!

FOOD2   16 Oz. $2.49 (on sale this week woo hoo)

4. RANDOM dessert:   Haagen Dazs Tiramisu Gelato (just because it’s yummy)

FOOD314 oz. $4.19 (and worth every penny)

5.  ANY RANDOM item:  Meow Mix Cat Food (hmm……wonder why we chose that…..HAHA)

FOOD5I only eat this one (tuna and whole shrimp) and the crab and tuna one……period…..  They are 2.75 oz. and cost $.79 each (but I’m worth it)

Make sure and visit Bacon and see what HE’s shopped for this month………….come to think of it, you’re liable to see a lot of blogs about shopping today because this is so much fun!!!

Happy Friday (pre-bacon day)

Love, Sammy

For ME? Gosh, Thanks!

Hi Peeps…………………..well I’m here to tell you that even this old guy occasionally still gets a blog award that he has NOT already received.  I kind of thought I had them all and it’s been a while since any “made the rounds” but I was quite excited to receive TWO blog awards this week from a Romance Writer who follows my blog – Diane Wickles!   BUTTTT, before I tell you all about that, check THIS out – GUESS WHO IS CAT OF THE WEEK AT BIONIC BASIL’S ?????   That’s right – yours truly…………….. CLICK HERE !    Thanks Basil for making me the star this week.  How cool!

NOW………..What are the awards I got you ask (you DID ask – right??)……………….well they are the “REAL NEAT BLOG AWARD” and the “PREMIO DARDOS AWARD”.    Here’s what she sent me for the “rules” on both awards………………

The rules for the Real Neat Blog Award:

  1. Put award logo in post.
  2. Answer 7 questions by person who nominated you (my questions are at the end of this post).
  3. Nominate any number of bloggers (with their links).
  4. Let these bloggers know you nominated them by commenting on their blogs.

Rules for the Premio Dardos Award:

Premio dardos means “prize darts” in Spanish. It is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.

  1. Post award on your blog with the name of the person who gave you the award and link to their blog.
  2. Pass the award onto 15 worthy blogs.

Cool huh?

Needless to say, I’m particularly interested in the Premio Dardos because it has a lot to do with my actual writing of my blog (which of course I do myself without Mom’s help because I not only have THUMBS so can operate the keyboard well, but I’m exceptionally SMART………you knew that, right????).

Here’s what the awards look like:


So since it’s been a while since I’ve done this, HERE are my Mom’s answers (in Red)  to the questions that Diane asked for her recipients of the “Real Neat Blog Award” !

  1. Would you rather read a book or watch tv? What are some of your favorites?     Read a book…..I love all thrillers/mysteries….Jonathan Kellerman, Kathy Reichs, Agatha Christie – and trust me the list goes on and on and on.
  2. Are you a morning person or a night owl?  Morning – definitely – we get up at 4AM every day!
  3. Where have you traveled and do you have a favorite place/trip? Have traveled extensively in Europe and the USA – lived both in Europe and Far East……favorite place is Venice, Italy
  4. Do you have any pets? One very spoiled 15 year old, polydactyl, ginger tabby cat
  5. Do you believe in romance?  Yes….totally
  6. Would you rather get a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine?  Can’t I have BOTH???  If not, I’ll take the wine please – a nice light Prosecco
  7. If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would buy? I wouldn’t buy anything as a “first thing” I’d give a huge pile of it to the shelter in Sammy’s name then I’d probably do some remodeling of our house and re-landscaping of our yard!   Selfish?  Maybe but this is where Sam, my husband and I intend to STAY FOREVER.

I’m going to offer this blog award (since there’s no requirement as to how many) to anyone who would like to fulfill the rules of acceptance………..which are easy peasy.  Some of you do awards and some don’t but ALL of you in my mind deserve the award so please take it if you want it!!!!

For the other award, “Premio Dardos”,  I have put Diane Wickles link above but will repeat it here AND thank her again for the honor of nominating Sammy!  No questions to answer.  I’m also supposed to pass it on to 15 other bloggers and again, not knowing who wants awards and who doesn’t, I’ll leave it to you if you’d like to have it for your award collection!

Now, here are MY seven questions that should you choose to accept the Real Neat Blog Award, you will need to answer in your blog for ME!   Got it?????   (if you’re accepting the award and don’t have a pet, you can answer them for yourself, otherwise your pet should answer!)

  1.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live and why?
  2. What’s your all time FAVORITE gift you EVER received?
  3. What scares you the most?
  4. Do you think animals and humans reincarnate?
  5. Do you think there’s life on other planets?
  6. What’s your FAVORITE food?
  7. Do you enjoy OUTDOORS or being INDOORS the most?

There you have it kiddos……….I hope some of you decide to take the awards………..I’m serious when I say you ALL deserve them – you’re all my friends and I SO appreciate that you follow my humble little blog……………….you’re the BESTEST!


A reminder that tomorrow is Bacon and Fozziemum’s “Shopping Around the World” blog post day…………………here are the items you need to list the prices of in your blog tomorrow – by the way, if you can’t get the prices at your local store, just look them up online!  That works too!   Then link your blog post to Bacon’s and enjoy seeing all the prices for the SAME STUFF from around the world!

Items to price this month:

  • Random condiment of your choice.
  • Random frozen meal of your choice.
  • Random dessert/something sweet of your choice.
  • Random Fruit of your choice.
  • Random Item of your choice.

Tons of Hugs

Sammy the Shopper!

Teaser Tell All


Say – that was a pretty darn good Teaser yesterday don’t you think?   Oh I enjoyed watching the guesses coming in…… was great………so many thoughtful guesses this week!!   Ready to hear the details like WHO was our Guest Teaser and WHERE were the photos taken????

First, here are the Teaser photos you had to agonize over yesterday:

 TEASERFeb24-2015-2 TEASERFeb24-2015-1

Our Guest Teaser was the beautiful Clowie from Clowie’s Corner and the photos were of Castellfollit de la Roca in Catalonia, Spain!   Here’s your GUEST TEASER Badge Clowie, and I’m also going to post some of the details you gave me about this fascinating and beautiful spot!

Thanks Austin and Miss Carolyn!

Thanks Clowie!

From Clowie:   “Castellfollit de la Roca is on a narrow crag of basalt rock, between two rivers – Fluvià and Toronell. The steep cliffs were formed by the rivers eroding the volcanic rock.  Many of the buildings date from mediaeval times and are built from volcanic rock. The position gives panoramic views, making it a good defensive position. The inhabitants farmed the flatter, fertile land on the sides of the rivers below them There is now a small, modern town below the old town. It is easy to stroll from there up to the old town and wander along the narrow street between the houses. The views from the end by the church are worth the walk!  Castellfollit de la Roca is on the edge of the Garrotxa Volcanic Area Natural Park. There are about 40 volcanic cones within the park, but they are no longer active – the last eruption was around 11,000 years ago. The scenery is spectacular and there are many old villages to explore in the area. ”   (thanks Clowie!!)

WHO WAS THE FIRST COMMENTER yesterday?   They don’t have a blog but they’ve followed my blog for a while now – my friends Oliver and Calvin – this is for you boys:


WHO WAS THE FIRST RIGHT GUESSER yesterday?   Unbelievably (and I know you all think that this guy is my alter ego so knows where the Teaser is every week!!!) – my buddy and pal EASY!   This is for you my friend……………………..


WHO ELSE GUESSED RIGHT?    Several of you – and you can lay claim to this:


WHO HAD NO CLUE OR GUESSED WRONG???    Well a bunch of you and you all get the GREENIE!!


Fun huh?   Thanks so much Clowie my beautiful friend for the photos – they were definitely goodies for the Teaser……….If you’d like a chance to be a Guest Teaser, you can email us with your photo and we’ll stash it away in the TEASER PHOTOs to fool everyone some day.

Thanks for tuning in as always  – who knows where we’ll go NEXT week to fool you!

Hugs, Sammy



Tuesday Teaser



YAY!   Thanks to the internet cooperating and our service being restored and STAYING restored, I’m here with your Tuesday Teaser as always.   Today’s is courtesy of a Guest Teaser and you’ll find out who that is AND where this is tomorrow……….but in the meantime, I’d be most interested to hear what your guesses are as to where these photos were snapped!

Ready?  (click to bigify)

TEASERFeb24-2015-1 TEASERFeb24-2015-2

So, if you wanna make a guess – go for it – just remember you have to tell me where these photos were taken………..what country and if possible what is it we’re seeing in the photos?????  Interesting spot though isn’t it?!?!?!  We thought so.

If you are the very first person to COMMENT on my Tuesday Teaser – even if you don’t make a guess – you get the “FIRST COMMENTER” award……….


If you’re the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser, you get this!


If you’re RIGHT but not first you get this:


And last but by no means least (because I just know you love GREEN stuff) if you are WRONG or haven’t got a clue, you still get the BIG GREENIE!


Now Mom took a few pix of me out on the sidewalk once Dad got the snowthrower to do its’ magic this weekend……..thanks to a freak warming of the temps yesterday to a balmy 40+ degrees, the sidewalk dried off so I took a walk…….YAY!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope wherever you are, you have NO snow or at least just a bit like we have gotten………….we had a total of about 5-6 NEW inches of snow this weekend but a lot of what was “under” it had melted so it’s not been too bad.  Mom and Dad went out this morning with no problem on the roads!

STAY WARM (or if you’re “Down Under” or somewhere warm, STAY COOL!)    Now – GET GUESSING!

Love, Sammy the Teaser

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!

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