April In Paris….DONE!

We did it………….”Sammy’s Travel Group” at Cat Scouts just pulled off a two day trip to Paris and crammed a lot of stuff into that short period of time!   We well and truly “DID” Paris!

Oohhhhh la la!

Oohhhhh la la!

I prepared a little slideshow – just a fraction of the pawsome photos people shared on the Cat Scouts site through the event – most of these are mine because I was too pooped when it was over to go back and copy all the other photos people posted – but trust me – it was AMAZING!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Who knows where my Travel Group will go next…………..we’ve done the North Pole, the Philippines, Paris, maybe a Dude Ranch!   HAHAHA

Tomorrow is YOU KNOW WHAT day…………are you ready?   I’m toying with  a Guest Teaser   photo and one of my Mom’s so who knows what it will be.   But I can guarantee you’ll  be surprised because I’m posting the photo at a random time as usual so BE PREPARED!!!!!   OK?????????



Hugs, Sammy The Traveling Cat!

Sunday Selfie

We’re joining the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop from The Cat On My Head!    Are you?   


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Beautiful Bacon


Oh yeah!   My day………..my FAVORITE day………..I get a treat.   Not just any old treat either – THE treat.

Go ahead Mom - surround me with bacon!!!

Go ahead Mom – surround me with bacon!!!

Excuse me if I make this blog SHORT – bacon is waiting for me AND I have a ton of stuff to do before the trip to Paris starts at Cat Scouts…………time is flying by……….Mom insisted on housecleaning and plant shopping yesterday instead of photoshopping for ME!    How embarrassing!    I think I should get EXTRA bacon don’t you???

I would even dress up like THIS for bacon !!!!

I would even dress up like THIS for bacon !!!!

Happy Saturday!

Hugs, The Baconator

Your favorite  and mine!

Your favorite and mine!

Squeaky Clean

Friday is cleaning day of course and while our house will NEVER – NEVER be “squeaky clean” , Mom and Dad do their best to get it at least presentable.   I help.   I really do.   I put all my toys back in my toy wagon, I point out the dust bunnies to Mom, and most of all, I try to stay out of the way as much as possible.

My thoughts on cleaning......

My thoughts on cleaning……

Mom's thoughts on cleaning.......

Mom’s thoughts on cleaning…….

Mom says she’s thinking of hiring a maid………..this is the one she says  could probably do the best job.   I say she’s SCARY.



Oh well………… it’s gonna be done whether I’m happy about it or not so I guess I’ll just toddle off and wait until things settle down then I can come back and get on the computer again.   I’ve got a lot of work to do to get ready to go to Paris tomorrow.   My “Sammy’s Travel Group” at Cat Scouts are heading off to Paris!    Can you believe it?    I’ll have lotsa photos next week you can just bet!   Including at least one of me hang-gliding off the Eiffel Tower.    Which reminds me, we have a SURPRISE GUEST hang-gliding with us……wonder who THAT will be?    You’ll just have to wait and see!

Happy Friday

Hugs, Sammy the Dust Bunny Hunter

Plain Old Thursday


It’s just a plain old day……….no celebrations here, no special occasions, no  complaints, no weather issues, no parties, no  videos, just PLAIN Thursday.

Plain old me.....

Plain old me…..

I managed to spend yesterday being very plain too……………I slept a whole lot.   I also asked to go outside a whole lot.    I’m enjoying getting a good sniff of this Spring air.   There’s a slight  aroma of flowers on the breeze – our pink dogwoods are CLOSE to being fully open and they do have a lovely and subtle smell…….I can also smell freshly mown lawns – not at my house but somewhere in the neighborhood.   Smells great……….smells Springy!

Pink dogwood just starting to pop with Bradford pear fully "popped" through the branches!!

Pink dogwood just starting to pop with Bradford pear fully “popped” through the branches!!

Mom has a whole lot more planting to do around here – the deck boxes and more plants on the front porch in pots…………maybe a little bit here and there in the yard……….so it’s bound to get even nicer in the next couple of weeks.   I’ll like that…..I’ll also enjoy being on the front porch with Mom and Dad when they’re sitting in their rockers talking.   They almost ALWAYS do that before dinner every day  – sit on the front porch and talk and  sometimes have a glass of wine together.   That’s where they plot and plan little trips out into the country to go antiquing or  shopping or just plain driving to see the beauty of rural Virginia.   We are SO LUCKY to live in such a beautiful place.

FrontPorchRockers1 WinterPorch2014-1

What’s your favorite thing about Spring?

Hugs, Sammy

One of my Mom's paintings.....this porch would be nice to sit on too!!

One of my Mom’s paintings…..this porch would be nice to sit on too!!

Teaser Tell All


Golly gosh guys – that was truly a TOUGHIE TEASER yesterday wasn’t it?  I mean ponds and lakes  frequently look like  each other – one looks like the next……….. unless of course the famous “Nessie” of the Loch  peeps above the waves then you know for sure where the water is!

But you didn’t have any kind of clue in that regard yesterday did you?    Still a couple of you were right about the Teaser –  isn’t that amazing?   Well, first things first……I want to thank my GUEST TEASER, Miss Michelle of My Three Moggies for the fantabulous photo!

Thanks Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig!

Thanks Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig!

Here’s the photo again:


Where is this body of water located????????   Ready?

HAHAHAHA…..yep – that’s the pond that’s known in my community as “Lake Whippoorwill” and that is my Mom and Miss Michelle standing in front of it……….it was Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig’s idea to do a Teaser there – we thought it would be almost impossible for you to tell from the photo WHERE the water was…..but the photo did look a little spooky right?   Anyway, thank you Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig for doing the photo AND the Tell All.   WHAT FUN!!!!!   I want to say again that my Mom and Dad had a GREAT time with our visitors from across the pond (not this one – the BIG one) and hope they visit us again one day.   I flirted shamelessly with Miss Michelle as you saw in the videos she did…….well, a guy deserves to flirt at my age right??????

Now, we had a FIRST COMMENTER of course – and it was a return “first commenter” – my buddies Oliver and Calvin (who do not have a blog) but they were there right when my post went live!  Concatulations guys – you get this:

Easy Wins First Commenter on St. Patty's Day, 2015!

Easy Wins First Commenter on St. Patty’s Day, 2015!


Then the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER came in – who was that?  It was the Mom of my  girlcatfriend Sundae and her Mom, Miss Dianna does have a blog called THESE DAYS OF MINE.   She guessed the pond was in Warrenton and that’s where it is alright so you get this Miss Dianna:


Now it may be that after I  did this post, more RIGHT GUESSERS popped in but as of the writing of this post, the next  RIGHT GUESSER was my buddy and Cousin, BACON of PIGLOVE and   somehow he managed to slide by for a quick guess while  his house is under renovation (or destruction as we know how those things go!!!!), so Bacon you get this (and  same for the rest of you who got SUPER close to guessing  MY lake by MY house in Warrenton, VA):


Were you WRONG?  Did you have no idea where the pond was?   Don’t feel bad…………….you’re not the only one!   There were lots of you who were desperate to win something GREEN, and I don’t want to disappoint you so here you are – this one’s for you!


I promise that next week we’ll be  putting our usual TOUGH PHOTOS back up –   they will NOT be from Warrenton, Virginia………I promise…….they will be from some incredibly TOUGH spot on the planet and you’ll have to figure that out!

Meanwhile, thanks for being such loyal Tuesday Teaser fans……….trust me, it’s the highlight of my week!

Love, Sammy

Where are you Miss Michelle????

Where are you Miss Michelle????



Tuesday Teaser



Hi Fans of the Tease!!    It’s that time again………………………..another Tuesday has arrived so it’s time to take a peek and tell me what you think!   This is another of my famous GUEST TEASERS too………I personally think this photo is just a little bit spooky……..for instance I don’t think I’d want to be HERE at night………. but then that’s just me…………why not take a look and let me know where you think this body of water is located?   As usual, state/country and any other details you can muster will get you into the winner’s spotlight!


Expecting the Loch Ness Monster to stick his head out of the water?????    HAHAHAHA

So what do you think?    If you are the FIRST to comment on this posting (even if you don’t guess and just say BOO or HI or EEEK or WHATEVER), you will get this!

Easy Wins First Commenter on St. Patty's Day, 2015!

If you are the first to RIGHTLY GUESS the Teaser – then you get this:


If you guess correctly but are NOT first, you will get this:


And as always,  if you love love LOVE the color GREEN and have no idea where this body of water is located, you STILL get THE BIG GREENIE!


I’m an equal opportunity Teaser you know………..everyone is a winner – so GET CRACKING!    Get those guesses coming in…………. this is maybe one of the toughest Teasers yet…….!



Sammy Teaser

 Miss Michelle at My Three Moggies has posted the

last of the videos she took of me when she visited….

I’m not much for talking but I did learn to trust her

while she was stalking me in MY basement   !  


Another Monday

Just another Monday right?   I think of Monday as “the day before Teaser Tuesday”……….I bet some of you do too!   Speaking of that, I’ve got a DOOZY for you tomorrow.   It you ask me, it’s  downright impossible to figure out where this photo was taken – it looks a little bit spooky to me in fact.   But you’ll just have to wait and see for yourself.   Tee Hee

I spent the weekend enjoying VERY much seeing so many of my friends drawings by Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen, the artist  at http://onedrawingdaily.com.    We just think he’s incredibly talented to have captured so many of you in his drawings; some  done in ballpoint pen, some pencil, india ink – a variety of media but he just has a knack for capturing the “spirit” in each of us I think!    If you  would like Mr. Thomas to draw you, contact him through his website.   He’s on a mission to do a drawing a day for two years………I’ve put the drawing he kindly did of me on my blog front page.  I just love it.   Thank you again Mr. Thomas!

We had a WHOLE weekend of “Spring”……I’m a very happy boy……….I got to go out and enjoy the weather, and Mom got the lawn mowed for the first time and that’s when I know Spring has really and truly Sprung!

The bradford pears are blooming along the driveway!  Bags of mulch at the ready 'round the bottom.....

The bradford pears are blooming along the driveway! Bags of mulch at the ready ’round the bottom…..

Front Garden 2012

Yep – my old friends are back again….one NICE thing about perennials!

Dicentra just blooming!

Dicentra just blooming!

The white one is too!

The white one is too!

I hope that I’ll see you all tomorrow for the Teaser………..remember please that it gets posted every week at a DIFFERENT TIME…………….I just randomly choose a time and it gets out there to all of you………with the time differences, I’m sorry that some of you don’t get to see it as early as others or even AT ALL……but it’s still fun to tune in when you can and see everybody’s guesses  and the comments………….just plain fun!!!

See you in the morning!

Hugs, Sammy the Teaser Dood

Doing my OWN "Spring cleaning" !

Doing my OWN “Spring cleaning” !

Sunday Selfie

I am pawticipating in The Cat On My Head

Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!  

(with a touch of  French flavor!)


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Bacon Club

It’s Saturday and as you all well know, Saturday means bacon in my house.   Bacon is a biggie…….and even though I only eat a little bit of it, I do make a BIG DEAL of it don’t I?   So, just to remind you that bacon is  important to me, I want to invite all of you who haven’t to join my Bacon Appreciation Club!


Why should we be closet bacon lovers?   Let’s  tell the world that we love the stuff – nothing to be afraid of – and you’ll feel so much better once you get it off your chest!

For those of you who want to admire the many faces of bacon (so to speak):

Now, that ought to keep you happy the whole day……………………..   especially if you  don’t get bacon on Saturday like I do – you can just return here and sniff……………………!   Now don’t forget to take your Bacon Appreciation Club badge before you go…………….proudly declare your BACONHOOD!

Happy Saturday!


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