Tuesday Teaser Time


Greetings Ding Dong Schoolers!   Better COMMENT before you have a seat!!

Once you all get settled in your desks, we’ll start class.   Today is Teaser day as you well know and we have a GUEST TEASER for you.    It’s a tricky one.   You will THINK you know it but you might not – that’s all we’ll say for now!

Huh? What did he just say?

Let’s show you our rules once again.   We hope you will abide by them.   Use your detective skills to figure out where the photo was taken – don’t load the photo up in a search engine and have your computer do all the work for you!!!!!!

We have badges for you to win of course…………………hope those of you who won St. Pat’s badges enjoy them – these are our REGULAR badges.    The next time we do special badges will be for Easter (which isn’t that far away!).


Gosh – you’re anxious today!    You must have had plenty of rest last night.   Good for you.    Before we “BWING IT ON” maybe we’ll get a little pick me up from our Cheer Team!

Today we’re in class to have some fun
A chance to win a badge for everyone!
Just relax and concentrate on the photo you see
You could win a badge and guess what – they’re free!
The security guy is here with the photo of the day
So stop fiddling around and start to pray!
We’ll leave you now to go hop in our tub
We hope you do well and join the winners club!

Gosh those girls are cute….I wonder if they go for younger guys????

Let’s get serious now class – here comes the Security Guard with your photo of the day!

Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

This is a whopper of a Teaser…..Good Luck students!

Gee…..this is a toughie…..I may never get rid of this hat!!

Gosh….you said it was tough and it is……I’m not sure if I should study the photo or eat….my tummy is saying EAT EAT and my head is saying BADGE BADGE…..I’m going with my stomach!

Students you may stay behind and study the Teaser or follow your Professors to the cafeteria…..then come back and study (or nap).  

Gosh…..I can’t decide what to do….my tummy is growling so I guess I’d better EAT first!

‘Allo, ‘Allo shtoooodents……are you ready to shtuff your faces and eat?  


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Enjoy lunch students and we’ll see you in class tomorrow for the TELL ALL !

Your Professors…….Angel Sammy and Teddy




Pre-Teaser Monday and Miss D’s #3


Good Morning Class!  Our Fake Plastic Plants for Spring are looking good!  

We are still resorting to “fake Spring” around here – in fact we have snow in our forecast for tonight so how could as possibly have ACTUAL Spring plants outside the school right?  Our groundskeepers stepped up with the great idea of plastic.   At least it LOOKS Springy even though it doesn’t feel it.

All I know is my nuts are cold and I’m hoping for Spring weather soon.   Wait……what??????

Moving on………….Students, today is:

Yes it’s time to get you ready for tomorrow’s Teaser.    Not only THAT, but today we will be introducing Miss Dingleberry to her next HOT (or warm) date, the most unusual but in your words dear students “fun looking” guy you picked as #3 Date for Miss Dingleberry.   After this date, it will be up to her to pursue dating life or return to her cafeteria kitchen and staff as she keeps us all in stretch pants with all the calories we enjoy in our Hallowed Halls.

This is who she will be meeting today:

Date #6 – came in third in the voting

Yes indeed he does look like fun.   Interesting fun………wacky fun………and red panty-hosed fun!    We’ll introduce our possible lovebirds when we go to lunch today.    Meanwhile, let’s get down to BUSINESS!   Here are the rules and badges for tomorrow……..please read the rules – we are sticklers for asking you to obey the rules!

Tomorrow’s badges:

I hafta follow RULES? Dang!

We also want to remind all of you that tomorrow’s TEASER POST will be popping into your mailbox at a SURPRISE TIME……………..you never know when it will land and that’s your cue to GET TO THE BLOG AND COMMENT!!!!    If you are FIRST to comment of course you get a badge………….the other badges are self explanatory right?   Right!

I’ll be ready no matter WHEN you go LIVE!

I’m sleeping in my crib in the back of the room tonight so I’ll definitely be HERE first thing!

It better not be TOO early or I might still have my CRANKY on!  

Cheer Team could you step in and get this crowd cheered up?   Everyone is a little WOUND UP this morning!

We’re on our way to ballet class
But stopping by to give you a dose of sass!
You students are lucky to go to Ding Dong School
Where we only have one BIG rule
Pay attention when the teachers are teaching
Otherwise Marge’s yell can be quite screeching!
Rest up tonight so your brains will be AWAKE
Win a badge and we’ll put your name in the cheer we make!!!

Never fear – no such thing as too early……well, I suppose it is too early for those out on the West Coast but hey – we can’t make EVERYONE happy right?    Before we all faint from starvation maybe we’d better finish up here and head to the cafeteria.    Ready?

Miss Dingleberry, we hope your enjoy Blind Date #3 with the third choice of our students who voted!    This is Harry Hinkeleimer and you and Harry have an all expenses paid dinner this evening at:

Pink Taco!   In honor of Harry’s hair and your wig Miss D, we chose this fab Mexican restaurant for you two! 

You will enjoy your pink tacos under the pink lights in this pink room and of course will get there in style in:


Allo Schtooodents – it’s me again filling in for lunch today – Enchoy von’t you?


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See you tomorrow Students!   Your Professors





Sunday St. Patrick’s Day Selfie!


It’s Sunday and time for the Selfie Hop.   I’m thinking we will see a WHOLE LOT OF Saint Patrick’s Day selfies today.    I’m going to do a couple of FLASHBACK Selfies because I enjoy seeing what I looked like a year or two ago on this same date (or as close as I can get!).   If you’d like to join in the hop hosted by my friends The Cat On My Head, just, click their badge up above and link up with us all for some Irish fun!

This is my selfie from March 16, 2017 – which was just a month or so after I was adopted – I look pretty comfy don’t I ????

Then a year later, March 16, 2018, this was me:

HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!!!    I was still getting drinks out of the guest bathroom sink – these days I get drinks from Mom’s master bathroom sink.   A sink is a sink is a sink I say – the water comes from the same place!   

Anyway, today I’m Teddy O’Kimmell, red-headed Irish boy from Virginia.    I’m a very happy boy.     Since neither of these OLD photos of me have even a tiny bit of Irish fun in them, Mom has decided to use my St. Patrick’s Day AVATAR from Cat Scouts to make a puzzle for your entertainment today.     If it drives you nuts putting it together – have a green beer on me!     To make it a REAL CHALLENGE, I’m not going to show you the photo the puzzle was made from!    That’s right – this ought to keep you occupied for a while.    Tee Hee


Have a great Saint Patrick’s Day everybody and the below prayer is from me and my Mom and Dad to each and every one of you – thank you for being our friends……….

Love, Teddy O’Kimmell

Bakin’ with Bacon and King Teddy


Hello Bacon Fans!   Happy “almost St. Pat’s Day” and welcome to the Castle kitchen!

Today’s recipe isn’t GREEN but it has some green in it – if you choose to use it.  There is fresh thyme in the recipe – that counts right???!!!!     I’ll tell you right now before you see what I’m making for you today that this might sound like a very unusual recipe and maybe it is………but it’s an option for you if you are tired of the “same old/same old” appetizers or you have some special friends you want to make a little something different for.     These are – well – yummy in the tummy as we say around here!

Bacon-Peach Pizzas


INGREDIENTS:    (recipe makes FOUR appetizers)

1 ready-made pizza dough

4 slices bacon – thick cut or regular (as usual you can add more or less)

1 tablespoon all purpose flour

1 cup olive oil

1/2 cup ricotta

2 teaspoons chopped thyme (optional but adds a nice flavor)

Ground black pepper to tasste

20 slices of fresh peach (fresh are BEST – canned are too “wet” !!)

1/2 cup grated parmesan

4 tablespoons olive oil


  1. Preheat oven to 475 degrees F (245 degrees C). Line baking sheet with foil.
  2. After bacon is fried, break up into small bits..
  3. Place 1 dough quarter on a work surface and lightly dust with flour; roll into a 1/8-inch-thick shaped crust (round or square or something irregular – doesn’t matter!). Stretch dough with your hands to an even thickness; let rest on the work surface for 5 minutes. Repeat with remaining other three pieces of dough.
  4. Heat about 1 cup olive oil, reaching about 1/2-inch depth, in a heavy cast iron skillet over medium-high heat. Fry each piece of dough until browned and cooked through, about 2 minutes per side. The first side will be lighter than the second side. Drain the crusts on paper towels.
  5. Transfer pizza crusts, lighter-side up, to prepared baking sheets. Spread about 2 tablespoons ricotta cheese onto each crust using the back of a spoon. Sprinkle about 1/2 teaspoon fresh thyme over ricotta layer. Sprinkle bacon bits over the ricotta-thyme layer; season with black pepper. Nestle about 5 peach slices onto each mini-pizza and sprinkle 1 tablespoon Parmesan over each pizza. Drizzle a bit of olive oil on top.
  6. Bake in the preheated oven until cheese is melted and peaches are lightly browned and tender, 12 to 15 minutes. Cool pizzas for 5 to 10 minutes on the baking sheet.

YES I know it sounds a little weird…………..sometimes the yummiest things and strangest combinations make for the very best and most interesting snacks!     You know I’m right!

Have a Green Beer on me!!!!   Happy St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow………..

Hugs from the Castle…….King Teddy


Friendly Fill-Ins


Hello Hoppers – Happy Friday!    Time for us to fill in some blanks……………….provided by our co-hostesses, Ellen and Lorianne.   If you’d like to have fun with us, click the badge above and link up.   Share!

Here are today’s sentences………..two from each blog above.    I decided after thinking about the sentences this week that my Mom would be better suited to answering than I would.   SO, the fill-ins are hers and they are in RED!

1. I could live on a canal or houseboat.
2. I rarely get sick, but when I do, I get rather grumpy but just push through it and keep on going.
3. I would most like to be known for being a good sounding board and helping people get through their problems.
4. If you want love, you have to be lovable (!) and return the favor.

My Mom said #1 was easy to answer because she has loved the whole idea of living on the water since she and my Dad travel a lot – have seen canal boats and houseboats and think it would be fun to have one.    Maybe not necessarily as a full-time residence but a second residence perhaps.    Anyway, I think that would be fun too………..I’d have to wear a life jacket but they make them for pets!    Wheeee!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go ask my Dad if he’ll take me outside on my harness/leash.    We have a very pretty day – in the 50s with lots of sun – and I feel the need to stretch my little legs – not to mention getting some fresh air!



Spring is coming!!   YAY!    Hugs, Teddy

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday!   It’s HOP time and we have a chance to share all the things we are thankful for this past week.    If you want to Hop along – click the badge above and link to Brian then SHARE!

We had a BIG day yesterday – I was in hiding most of the day while three trucks full of worker bees were here installing a brand new Heat Pump in our attic.    We have a two-system house (whatever that means) and the furnace was fine but heat pump was “shot” (yikes – that does sound bad).    SO, they had to take apart the old one up in the attic then get it down through a little hole in Mom’s office ceiling – then town two flights of stairs and out to their truck.   I guess they were taking it to the HEAT PUMP GRAVEYARD somewhere.    Then they had to bring in the new one and take it up all those stairs and get it into the attic to install it.   They had to redo all the ductwork too because the previous installation had been done wrong.    ANYWAY, bottom line is I had to stay out of the way and I didn’t like the noise.   I had to forego all my usual activities because we’d been INVADED.    My favorite spots weren’t QUIET.    I wasn’t a happy boy.    TODAY I’m HAPPY and I’m very very very very THANKFUL that it’s over and done.     My parents are too.

As always I’m also thankful that Angel Sammy didn’t forget to send me his poem for this week…………and a new photo for us to use for next week’s poetry too!


Hello Poetry Readers and Writers!   Today’s our day to share!

That’s right – today we’ll share with each other our efforts to write a poem about a photo that I give you once a week to study.   You have a whole week to think about it and come up with a poem – short/long, any format – and on Thursdays we SHARE!    Did you write one?   If you did, let us know in comments OK?

Things have been busy at the Bridge.   Not quite as many partings as last month but our Bridge Welcoming Committee is always available and ready to welcome those who are going to rest up before returning for another of their nine lives.     We are like the ultimate B&B !    I had plenty of time to write my poem though so let’s get on with it.    Here’s the photo from LAST week that we all used for our poems this week.    I had a lot of you comment on this photo after I showed it to you – that you loved it and were inspired by it so let’s see what you did with it!!

“A Little Privacy”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      March 13, 2019 ©

The stuffy house party and shuffling servants

Helped to make some present not too observant

So the housekeeper and footman took their leave

A few moments of cool quiet – a valued reprieve

So many ears around in the kitchen and halls

Made conversation stunted listening for footfalls

Outside in the snow there were no distractions

The housekeeper and footman could pursue their attraction

When she became too chilled to continue the walk

They turned to come back and pursued their talk

Agreed upon liaison on their next free day

Would allow them the freedom to follow love’s way.


I really was intrigued by this artwork.    You can look at it closely and see little things that take your imagination down very different paths every time.   The fact the fence is broken on the left side like something fell through it…….the fact she has no gloves on nor a shawl on a snowy walk…….the fact it looks a bit like he has stopped and is beginning to turn around and go back but she appears to be resolutely continuing on.    He looks to be holding something in his hands….or is he?     Fascinating.   Anyway, that’s why sometimes photos like this make for very interesting poetry.  

Now, would you like to see what I’ve found for us to use as inspiration for next week’s Poetry fun?  

Let’s see what we can all come up with for this one………my Mom would say “I wish I could live there”……………….and in fact when she and my Dad were on a trip and took a canal cruise in Amsterdam they saw many houseboats that looked just like this one and she said that THEN too!  

Good luck writing your poem.    Remember, you don’t have to be an accomplished poet to write a poem…….you just have to be able to say what you feel.   Sometimes it’s easier to do that on paper than it is to say it out loud.  

Have a super week everyone……………………we at the Bridge are hoping you do!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love forever, Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy.    I like your poem this week and the photo for next week?   I think it would be a ton of fun to live on one of those………..maybe I can talk Mom and Dad into doing that?    No?   You think not?  You’re probably right………..50 years ago they would have though!

Hugs, Teddy




Teaser Tell All Class


Time for the TELL ALL!    We’re glad we don’t have to wear our Irish hats today – they were too tight for our fat heads!

Good morning students………………….we hope everyone enjoyed yesterday’s Teaser challenge.     We had a WHOLE LOT OF RIGHT GUESSERS………it was not a tough one for a lot of you to figure out.    But before we get into that………..how about hearing who our FIRST COMMENTER was????


KATSRUS (SueB) !!  

And a weird thing happened at the same time Sue’s HELLO came in – we had a “simultaneous” HELLO from ANIMAL COURIERS – but the time changed JUST as it came in.   So it looks like it was a minute behind Sue but it really came in at the same time.    Our Graphics Department (Mom) saw it!!!   SO, we’re giving another FIRSTIE TO:

Annie at Animal Couriers!!


You EACH get one of these:

I was one of TWO first commenters on the Teaser of March 12, 2019! YAY FOR US!

Then we sat and waited to see WHO would figure out the photo first – here’s the photo that was up for grabs:

We saw so many interesting photos of this location – choosing one over the others was tough except that many of the photos had view of front – where there’s inscriptions AND flags.   It would have given it away!    This is a photo of the enclosure which is on top of PLYMOUTH ROCK, in PLYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS.   There’s some info HERE  about this rather “underwhelming” location which seems to disappoint most people who visit it.    It’s not very “grand” for a spot that’s a big part of our history – but then there’s a lot of controversy about the entire story.    Still, it’s THERE – or at least some of it is (the rock).     Our Graphics Department was going to give you a HINT photo to go with this – a photo of a PLYMOUTH ROCK CHICKEN (yes there is one!) but we decided that you would figure this one out without the chicken hint.


Timmy Tomcat and Family!!


Timmy you get our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER St. Pat’s Badge!

I was the First Right Guesser on the Teaser of March 12, 2019 !!

Woo Hoo Timmy!

There were QUITE A FEW others who guessed right…………………………..and each of you may take a copy of this badge for yourselves to display proudly!!

I was right but not FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of March 12, 2019……yay for me !

Those of you who were hoping for a St. Pat’s Badge and GUESSED but were WRONG – will get that badge – one of these:

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of March 12, 2019 but still got a cool GREEN badge!


Our Cheer Team is coming in to do their thing !!

We’re happily here in our cheering clothes
Those dumb green shoes pinched our toes!
We had a pile of winners today we’re happy to say
With St. Pat’s badges on their way
Sue B and Animal Couriers were first to say HI
Soon others joined us in the blink of an eye!
Then Timmy and family arrived with a guess
That made them FIRST RIGHT before all the rest!
But many guessed THE ROCK so woo hoo for you
If you were wrong then we’ve got a cool GREENIE or two!


I am going to study DOUBLE HARD this coming week so I can win a badge……(sniff)

I’m sorry we can’t have EVERYONE WIN……but it sure is fun every week when we do Teaser………..we can cheer on the winners and try hard to win ourselves NEXT week right?

Shall we go to the cafeteria now and see what Miss D has to say about her DATE??????

Great – let’s go!

Hello students………..well, the Blind Date you all chose for me in Number Two position was even WORSE than Mr. Handsome from last week!   I thought Presley was quite cute and until he suggested we skip dinner and just head to the Heartbreak Hotel I thought he had potential.   BUT I showed him some of my best Black Belt Karate moves and he settled down.   Then things really went south when we got to BBQ Bob’s.   I took some photos:

I mean REALLY!   He forgot I was even THERE!   I hopped in the limo along with my BBQ sandwich and headed home.

Well we’re sorry about that…….we wondered if there would be “problems”!     No worries though – we have a THIRD CANDIDATE and we think he will be the BEST ONE YET – you’ll meet him next week Miss D !!

Alright – it’s your last chance though!   Now – who wants lunch???????

Our Fab Menu for Today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well the date was a bummer but lunch was good!   We’ll see you all next week for another Teaser!

Your Professors !!


Tuesday Teaser Class


Here we are!   Time to speak up with a COMMENT!   Maybe you’ll be first!

After you’ve commented, please have a seat at your desk………..we’ll remind you of how we do the Teaser today THEN get right to it so you have time to figure out today’s photo!    We know you want to win one of the special Saint Patrick’s badges.   Don’t you???

Wednesday Miss Dingleberry will be reporting in on her hopefully hot date with Dream Date #2 but in the interim, our fill-in Chef will of course be cookin’ up a storm in the cafeteria in her place.

I’m anxious to hear if Miss D enjoyed her date – that guy we picked as #1 was a ZERO!

That dream date guy better treat Miss D right or ELSE!

So here are the rules for today’s guessing AND another peek at the special badges we’ll be awarding tomorrow:


Let’s bring on our Team of Irish Cheerleaders (at least Irish for the day…..!) and have them get you FIRED up for guessing the photo shall we???????   They promised not to have any green beer until AFTER their cheer (although I’m not sure that they didn’t have one BEFORE coming here to cheer………):

Happy O’Tuesday to each student guy and lass
We hope lunch today doesn’t give you gas
We look pretty swell in our Irish green
Now don’t laugh too hard and sprain your spleen!
Today’s Teaser is not easy so take your time
To rush with your answer would be a crime
Just do your best and win your pot-o-gold
Hurry hurry up and guess before your brain gets cold!!

Ready to take the plunge students?   Security Guard – please display today’s PHOTO FUN!

Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

So students – where do you think this photo was taken?   Remember the rules……….and take as long as you like but remember – ST PATRICK’S BADGES ARE AT STAKE!!!

I agree! I’m gonna study it a while.

Gosh……this is a toughie!

Well if you two think you have the answer – whisper it in my ear will you?   (psssst……….)

Sorry boys – keep studying!

Everyone ready to head to the cafeteria?    Let’s find out what the substitute chef has up his sleeve (other than his arm) for lunch today shall we??????????????????????

Hullo Charmink Shtoodents!   Delighted to provide your lunch today! 

Our Delicious Menu Items for Today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alright Students!  Enjoy your lunch – feel free to study at your desks after (or nap) and we’ll see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL and the awarding of appropriate badges.    Oh – and we’ll find out about Miss D’s date too!

Ta Ta Til Tomorrow………Your Professors

Pre-Teaser Monday Time!


Happy Fake Spring at Ding Dong School!!

Hello Students.  I bet you were surprised to see all the Spring flowers and stuff out front of the school when the bus dropped you off this morning.    Our groundskeepers were so sick of Winter they put a bunch of potted plants (some of them are plastic) out front just to give it a little bit of a SPRINGISH feel.    Winter needs to take a hike.

Enough weather talk.   Today we have a couple of things to take care of in class.    First thing is to get you prepped for tomorrow.   Just a bit of a refresher on rules and badges and boring stuff like that.    THEN we will head to the cafeteria where our Miss Dingleberry will be meeting Dream Date #2 (who you chose for her) and we hope to see a little spark there!     Then they will be whisked off in the limo to their dream date.    More on that later – right now let’s talk TEASER.

I’m so happy we’re helping Miss D!

I’m glad we’re helping Miss D too but let’s talk TEASER!!!

Here are your rules YET AGAIN………………and the badges that are up for grabs:


So now you have an extra reason to want to win the Teaser competition this week………………………. !!    Remember – our post for tomorrow will be coming to you at a SURPRISE TIME so be on the alert!!!!!     Most of all remember when you get here to COMMENT FIRST!

Now you’re talkin’ !!


We are ready to win a “bit of the Irish” with a badge too!!

I’m glad we’ve got you fired up…………..now all we need to do is head over to the cafeteria for the MEET AND GREET between Miss Dingleberry and Dream Date #2!

Miss Dingleberry, here is the Dream Date #2 candidate that our students picked for you!!!!

Presley Elvisburger, this is our very own Miss Dingleberry!

You two will be whisked off on your special blind date in the luxury limo we rented for the occasion, and the two of you have an all expenses paid date at:


The beautiful Elvis Restaurant with its’ owner/head chef, BBQ Bob!

We hope you kids have fun!

Don’t worry about a ‘ting Miss D – Your Svedish Chef has it under control!   READY FOR LUNCH STUDENTS?

Today’s Menu:


Remember – surprise time tomorrow and COMMENT when you get here!  

Your Professors



Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!    Time for the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop hosted by our good friends at The Cat On My Head.    I just KNOW you want to join in the fun – right?   If so, click their badge above and link up.   Show off yourself like WE do every Sunday.

I’m doing my usual FLASHBACK SELFIE today.    This was from one year ago………………

Mom must have really gotten carried away with Lunapic for this one.    We have no idea which art effect she used but it was rather colorful wasn’t it?!    Something tells me this will make a “terror” of a jigsaw puzzle!    If you’re brave, give it a whirl.



We had a surprise snow Friday.   SPRING – WHERE ARE YOU?????!!!!!

Love, Teddy