Teaser Tell All


Time for us to tell all……………

Hello Class…………………I know you’re anxious for class to be over today because you have no school until NEXT Monday!    YAY!     I hope you all had your fill of “pre-Thanksgiving turkey” yesterday thanks to Miss Dingleberry and her crew.

Yes sir……maybe too much turkey…….BURP (scuze me!)

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock……

I foresee SOMEONE getting in trouble for headphones today…..

Alright let’s settle down……………………I’m sure you want to know how yesterday’s TOUGH TEASER turned out……………first, let’s thank our GUEST TEASER for sending in the fabulous photo because it was a REAL GEM – so much so that NOBODY GUESSED IT (again) !!    Thanks to Miss Jackie of “Two Devon Cats” for sending in this photo from her recent trip to Ireland – it’s a picture of Ballinskelligs Beach near the Ring of Kerry on the Iveragh Peninsula.    My Mom and Dad have been to the Ring of Kerry but did not visit this particular area OR beach.    Beautiful though isn’t it?


For Jackie of Two Devon Cats for the fabulous Teaser (which fooled EVERYONE) on Nov. 21, 2017

You will be AMAZED to find out (if you don’t already know!) that we had a FIVE FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday – that’s right – FIVE.     We know that when we told SuzieQ there were five she fainted on the cheerleading practice field and Lucy had to fan her with her pom pom until Coach arrived with a glass of water.    Whew!   Who were the FIRSTIES????

Scout Charles, KATSRUS, Jackie , Csilla

and Oliver & Calvin!

Here is your badge gang!   Please each take a copy of this one!

I was one of FIVE First Commenters on the Pre-Thanksgiving Teaser of Nov. 21, 2017

Amazing……..biggest pile of FIRST COMMENTERS ever………………….and since we had no RIGHT GUESSER (first or otherwise!) we also have a bumper crop of GREENIES to hand out today so belly up to the bar and take one since everyone guessed WRONG!!

Now I hear that Lucy hitched a ride with her buddies to go to her family home for Thanksgiving so Suzie is ON HER OWN TODAY with the cheer!

Hey Lucy hop in – we’ve got your suitcase in the trunk and we’re ready for Thanksgiving ROAD TRIP! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Suzie!

I can’t believe we had five firsties
All this cheering will make me thirsty!
I’ll do my best since I’m on my own
I guess Lucy’s busy eating a turkey bone
First Commenters sure were SUPER FAST
Awarding five badges is quite a blast!
We had Charles, KATSRUS, and also Jackie
Then Csilla, Oliver/Calvin and it’s made me wacky!
I bet that never happens again with FIVE
Because I’m POOPED and that’s no jive!

Yes Suzie I know it was asking a lot but you did a great job………………..and we didn’t have to try and translate BARK-EEEZE to English either without Lucy.   Lucy is trying hard though and I have faith that one of these weeks she will be TALKING!!!!!!!


Students, have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving………………………we’ll be seeing you NEXT week………………………!

Yep – another one of my famous turkey costumes – JUST for class today!

No fair laughing!!!!!

Hugs, Professor Turkey Sam and Turkey Teddy




Teaser Tuesday


Ringy Dingy Ding Dong School!

Time for class everyone – but before we start – QUICK – comment on this blog so you can win a special FIRST COMMENTER badge for today!!!!

Alright – settle down youz guys – the Profs are IN THE BUILDING!

Hello Class! Happy Pre-Thanksgiving Teaser Day!

Even though Thanksgiving here isn’t until Thursday, we couldn’t let the week go by without celebrating it here in class.    We have special Thanksgiving badges to award to the lucky (or not so lucky) guessers for today’s photo guessing contest AND some turkey goodies courtesy of Miss Dingleberry and her school cafeteria staff.    SO, let’s get class started shall we?

TURKEY?????? OH BOY!!!!!!


Today we have a Guest Teaser and I’ll go over our guessing rules before we show you the photo.

  1. When you make a guess where the photo was taken, you must include in your guess what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) what location is depicted in the photo!
  2. We ask that you not use Google Image Search or some other program to tell you WHERE the photo was taken – it’s lots more fun to try and figure it out on your own – right?   Right!    That way everyone has an equal chance.

Here are the badges up for grabs today – and tomorrow when we do the TELL ALL here in class you will find out who wins what!

Let’s bring in our ever sharp Security Guard who has been guarding the locked up photo so nobody can SNEAK A PEEK………….

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Pretty right?   BUT WHERE IS THIS?????????    That is the question of the day!    Just make your guess in our comments and we’ll let you know the SCOOP tomorrow in class.

Let’s bring in our fabulous Cheer Team to get all of you pumped up for guessing shall we?   Nobody can “get the party started” like Suzie and her new sidekick Lucy!


Arfity Bark Aroooo
Lucy and I welcome YOU!
It’s time for us to TEASE
Grrrr Arffff WHEEZE
We know that we’re darn cute!
Arrrrooooooooooo POOT
Tomorrow we’ll tell you who wins
While we watch Lucy’s head as it spins!

Gosh ladies, I really don’t quite know what to say…………………maybe the best thing is to say THANK YOU and that we will be THANKFUL when Lucy’s language skills improve but not to discourage her because she’s making progress!     That’s definitely a paw step in the RIGHT direction!

Miss Dingleberry has set up a wonderful turkey surprise for all of us out in the hallway and if you wish to have a snack before you bundle up in your coats and go out to the playground for recess, please stop by her booth.    It’s our little way of celebrating Thanksgiving a few days early!      *****loudly whispers***** and if you are wise, dear students, you won’t make any comments about Miss Dingleberry’s choice of hat – OK???????

Enjoy!  See you tomorrow class!

Professor Sammy and Assistant Professor Teddy

Pre-Tease Monday


It’s Monday!   Are You Ready for Class??

Everyone – please find a seat – we’re about to start class………..

I’m ready!

Good Morning Professors!


Present and accounted for!


Thank you students……………looks like you’re all ready so let’s begin.    First of all please remember that since this coming Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US of A, we thought we’d have a SPECIAL pile of badges for you to win this week in honor of Thanksgiving.    Tomorrow will be our “PRE-THANKSGIVING TEASER” and here are the badges you will be able to win!

The post tomorrow morning will be at a SURPRISE TIME but if you are the first to comment after we go live, then you will get that lovely First Commenter Badge…………..then the others of course are for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, OTHERS WHO GUESS RIGHT and the ever popular ever GREEN, GREENIE for those of you who guess incorrectly.

Here are the class rules about guessing on the Teaser:

  1.  When you guess, you just include the CITY/VILLAGE/TOWN as well as the COUNTRY (if not in the USA) or STATE (if in the USA) where the photo was taken.
  2.  When you’re figuring out where you think the photo was taken, please do NOT use any kind of computer program that will TELL you where the photo was taken – Google Image Search lets you load up any photo and it looks on the internet for something similar and that takes all the FUN out of figuring it out yourself!    Please don’t use any help – just take a peek at the photo and study it and make your best guess on your own OKEE DOKEE?   Just put on your THINKING CAT.   (haha)

The photo tomorrow is from a GUEST TEASER…………..and I also have heard from Miss Dingleberry that the cafeteria crew will be providing some seasonal treats for all of you (and we Professors too!) to kick off the Pre-Thanksgiving festivities.

BUT FIRST – I understand that SuzieQ and Lucy want to try to fire you all up for tomorrow’s PHOTO STUDYING………………..

Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo
Try not to be snarky
We’re trying our BEST Yessir
We’ve been working on our cheering
But it’s “dog talk” I’m still hearing!
Just give us a bit more time
At least we’ve got the RHYME!

Thanks Suzie – you girls have been working hard I can tell (cough cough)………keep up the good work!!

So remember, tomorrow the Teaser will appear at a SURPRISE time………..so be ready………….and it will be a GUEST TEASER………..so be ready……………and we’ll have Pre-Thanksgiving foodables from Miss Dingleberry………….so be ready!

Professor Angel Sammy you make the BEST looking turkey ever!!!!

Will we have turkey? Huh? Huh? Huh????????????

Be patient Bobby – you’ll find out tomorrow……………………….get lots of rest tonight everyone!   See you in the morning!

Your Professors:   Sammy and Teddy


SPARKS on Monday


Let it Shine Today

“Sparks” on Monday is the idea of our friend Annie of McGuffy’s Reader – the idea is to share a thought, quote, photo, some kind of inspirational “message” with the world to start our week off with some LIGHT.    It’s a great Blog Hop because every post you visit, pumps up the volume for your day!     You may find that something someone else says SPARKS your day in a powerful way – or causes you to perhaps realize that life can be as light as you want it to be………..or as DARK as you allow it to be.     If you want to join in – just click on Annie’s graphic above and go to her blog to fill out the LINKY tool and your post will be in the Hop.

Here’s my “spark” for today – from one of my favorite writers/poets – a lady who contributed some years ago to a poetry anthology called “Cosmic Brownies” which I edited for a publisher – and who has inspired people for a very long time in many ways.     It’s such a SIMPLE statement………..but powerful.    It kind of goes along with a previous “Spark” I posted which was all about how I believe there is a lot of power in simply wearing a smile on your face every day.    People see that – and most of the time they smile back – and they cause someone else to smile, etc…….it’s a chain reaction and who knows how many lives you’ve brightened with just a smile – BE THE SPARK………………


Hugs, Pam

Sunday Selfie Hop


Let’s Go Hopping!

It’s Sunday and that means Sunday Selfies hosted each week by our good friends the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   We all love to show off on Sunday – so we hop on board the Hop Train and before you know it, there’s all sorts of people to visit and selfie portraits to see!    If you click on the badge up above you will go to their blog and see for yourself how easy it is to join up – and share your selfie with all the rest of us!

This week Mom used a photo that I had on my blog of ME snuggling in a blankie/bed that had been a gift to Angel Sammy before he went to the Bridge on Dec. 2 last year.    It was his favorite nap spot and when I “adopted” it after I came to live here, Mom was delighted……..a little teary but delighted.   Most of the time I like to “rotate” around the house in my 3 or 4 favorite spots for naps but this blankie is in the living room where the fireplace is, and now that we’re having fires – well – do I need to tell you how extra comfy it is there??

Mom used Lunapic to jazz it up a bit but I’m showing you the “starting point” photo too……………..and I hope you will consider hopping along with all of us today!!

Mom used Lunapic on this and I LOVE the colors!!

Here’s the original – amazing what art filters/effects can do isn’t it?   

I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday……………..and if you’re not joining the Hop today – make plans to do it next week………..it’s tons of fun!

Love and Hugs, Teddy


Bakin’ in Baconia


Greetings from the Castle Kitchen in Baconia!

As you all know, the gracious chef here in Baconia has turned over Saturday mornings to me to share some delightful BACON favorites of mine with you.   It may seem surprising that the KING of Baconia (that would be ME) would have a hobby of baking but I say if you want to share some of the GOOD things in life – be a light and shine the way.   So, I have been giving you recipes for baking with bacon!

Oh great King Teddy I am taking notes !!!

This is a little goodie that I slipped in the lineup for you because next Thursday is Thanksgiving here and what could possible be more EXCITING (and yummy) than BACON STUFFING for your turkey dinner ?    Actually this recipe can be baked IN your turkey or IN muffin tins so it’s got options!    Are you ready?

Bacon Stuffing a la Teddy



  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).
  2. Place bacon in a large skillet and cook over medium-high heat until cooked through but still slightly soft, 5 to 10 minutes. Drain the bacon slices on paper towels, retaining bacon drippings in the skillet.
  3. Melt butter in a separate skillet over medium-high heat; saute onion and celery until softened, about 5 minutes. Stir bacon and poultry seasoning into onion mixture.
  4. Mix onion-bacon mixture and bread pieces together in a large bowl; fold in eggs.  Spoon bread mixture into muffin cups.   Note: YES you can also stuff your turkey with it but they say it’s BEST to bake it separately – muffin cups are just so super easy and it’s about “one serving” per muffin too (unless you are my Mom and love stuffing so much you can eat THREE muffin tins-worth!!).
  5. Bake in the preheated oven until tops are crispy, about 25 minutes.
  • This recipe can be lightened up by using turkey bacon, chicken stock, and whole wheat bread. But if you are making it for Thanksgiving, I say just go for it!
  • If you think the stuffing is too dry after adding the eggs, you can add bacon drippings (or milk or chicken stock) until you get the right consistency.

Now if that doesn’t make you anxious for next Thursday I don’t know what will.    Bacon and turkey – what a great combo.

I thought you might like some of our “OLD STANDARD SILLIES” for bacon lovers to close out today’s post…………………a little laughter along with the bacon – it’s the least I can do as your King right?????

I hope to see you NEXT Saturday here at the castle – who knows what I’ll come up with for your “post-Thanksgiving”  bacon delight???!!!   

Your King, Teddy

Friday Friendly Fill-Ins


Time For Fill-Ins!!!

That means it must be Friday!    We get to join the fun “fill-in-the-blanks” Blog Hop that is co-hosted by our friends Annie of McGuffy’s Reader AND Ellen of 15andmeowing!    All you have to do is click on the badge above and be magically whisked off to McGuffy’s where you can join the HOP – just fill in the LINKY form and you’ll be in the Hop with the rest of us………

I thought I’d be SWELL this week and let Mom do the filling in…………….Just a little treat for her since she’s my Mom and I love her!   TAKE IT AWAY MOM!!    (her fill-ins are in blue)

1. I can’t wait to eat turkey stuffing of ANY kind on Thanksgiving.

2. My favorite kind of pie is pumpkin – with whipped cream of course!

3. This year, I am particularly thankful for the fact we have our Teddy – we will be missing Sammy so much but Teddy will help us get through the holidays – he’s such a FUN boy!
4. A funny holiday tradition in my/our house is a rather “traditional tradition” of breaking the wishbone to make a wish – I almost ALWAYS get to make MY wish!

OK Mom – thanks.   I’m glad that having me will make you and Daddy less sad this year for the holidays.   I know that it will soon be the one year anniversary of Angel Sammy leaving for the Rainbow Bridge on his magical balloon tour.    I’ve heard that was the most amazing thing EVER.    I’m THANKFUL that you had him for company for almost 17 years and I hope I’m here for AT LEAST that long to keep you and my Dad smiling!
Seeing me playing in my totally torn up red play cube sure keeps you two giggling!!
How did my purple ribbon wind up on my neck?!?!?!
Please never throw away the red cube Mom no matter how torn up it gets……………it’s my favorite thing………..the blue one is still perfect but I’ve certainly done a number on the red one – it’s so much fun even if everyone who sees it makes fun of it!
These two photos were taken before I ripped my cube to bits (obviously)!
Thank you Miss Annie and Miss Ellen for making Friday and filling in so much fun…………..Mom and I will be back again NEXT Friday – the day after Thanksgiving when all of us will be full of Thanksgiving goodness!
Meanwhile, I’ll see you all tomorrow for BAKIN’ IN BACONIA right?    RIGHT!

Love, Teddy

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Today is THANKFUL THURSDAY and also Poetic Thursday!

First of all though we do our Thankfuls for Brian’s Blog Hop.    We all have things to be thankful for if we just think about it – even coming up with just ONE thankful a week is something all of us can easily do.    Then we share…………if you want to share, click on Brian’s badge above and hook up with us to HOP.     This week I have to say that I’m thankful I have a WARM HOUSE to live in because it’s really been COLD outside.   I am one cat who loves outside trips but while I’ve asked to go outside plenty of times this week and Mom has put my harness on and her coat on, etc., the minute the door opens I look at her like “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME…….CAN YOU TURN ON THE HEAT??”…………so I don’t go outside.    Mom seems OK with that but I miss my fresh air.   Still, I am thankful I have a choice – so many kitties and other animals are only out in the bad awful weather.   I don’t HAVE to be!

I’m also thankful that I got Angel Sammy’s poem for this week because I’ve heard there are a lot of problems with people’s internet service – apparently the folks at the Rainbow Bridge NEVER have problems because I always get his email containing his poem on time with no glitches!   Wi-Fi up there is GREAT!

Here’s what he sent to me…………………………………


Hello Friends!  It’s time for my Poetry Challenge of the week!!

This week we are REALLY getting close to the end of the alphabet because it’s time for the letter “W”.    That means just three more after this and we’ll start a NEW poetry challenge.  I’ll tell you more about that as the time gets closer.   I hope you like my idea!    

I also hope you’ve had a good week…………..things have been busy at the Rainbow Bridge – as you know I’m on the welcoming committee and sadly we’ve had a lot of additions lately – the cold weather seems to be our busy season there.    We always work hard to make new arrivals feel at home – after all, this IS our home now.    We visit with our families and friends on Earth if we choose to but we LIVE here.    Other than that, I teach classes on Angel Good Works, Flying With Wings, and several other things.  I am busy!    

As I said, this week’s letter was “W” and I gave you some ideas of what you might write your poem about in case you couldn’t come up with something – BUT remember the poem can be about ANYTHING starting with the letter “W”…………..my “prompts” for you were:

(1) Window (2) Wink (3) Worry (4) Wiggle

What did I write my poem about?   I used one of my prompts!!


By Sammy Kimmell, November 16, 2017

They say that cats can let humans know

How they feel about them, it’s our way to show

Our love for you – our true devotion

Cats are capable of deep emotion!

You may already know this but if you stop to think

Your cat may frequently stare and WINK

We catch your eye from across the way

And time stands still…….it’s THEN that we say –

“I LOVE YOU” with a slow, deliberate wink

Holding your gaze, and you stop and think

“Is he doing that on purpose or is it a clue?”

Well of course it’s on purpose – we are saying “I LOVE YOU” !

My Mom realized about winking long long ago

Other kitties she had would WINK at her to show

Their love for her………and she always winked back – 

It’s something MANY of us do – and that’s a fact!

Keep an eye on your kitty from across the room

If you see a slow wink – it’s the sure cure for GLOOM!


It’s true……………My Mom’s cat before me Eddie would wink but when Mom winked back Eddie would hop down from wherever he was at the time and come to her – he’d follow his “I LOVE YOU” with a “LET’S CUDDLE”………I didn’t do that but I loved to catch Mom’s eye and wink.   I know she’s hoping Teddy will do that…………..I’ve told him to give it a try!

Next week we will have the letter “X” – now that’s a REAL toughie……………..so instead of you having to do an “X” poem, you may do a poem about ANYTHING IN THE WORLD YOU WANT TO!    If you can think of an “X” – you can do that but you don’t HAVE to.    OK?   OK!      I am not going to give you prompts – you can be extra creative!

If you wrote a poem THIS week, please let us know you did in my comments here and we will come visit you to read it – OR you can post your poem here in my comments if you like……let’s share!

I’ll look forward to seeing your poem next week – please give writing a poem a try – everyone can write a poem – trust me I know.    Poems take so many forms and don’t even have to rhyme – just let your imagination take flight and WRITE!    

SEE YOU NEXT THURSDAY………………………..remember, I love you all!

Ah…..me in my French beret – I feel like a famous poet !!

Love, Angel Sammy


Oh thank you Angel Sammy………….I love your poem this week but then I always love your poems………….and you!    I hope to see everyone tomorrow on FRIENDLY FRIDAY FILL-INS……in the meantime, Happy Thursday!

Hugs, Teddy


Teaser Tell All


Time To Tell !

Hello Class!    Time for us to end the guessing and worrying and wondering and give you all the info on yesterday’s FABULOUSLY TOUGH Tuesday Teaser.    We certainly had a lot of good guesses yesterday as the depicted scene really had VERY few clues………..perhaps the ornately shingled roof on the church was a bit of a hint…….but even at that, not enough of one.

I got a headache trying to figure it out!

Our Teaser went “live” at 8:20AM EST yesterday and within one minute we had TWO commenters so it was a TWO-WAY FIRST COMMENTER kind of morning!    Each of our FIRSTIES will get their very own FIRST COMMENTER badge……………who were they?????

Oliver and Calvin

For Calvin & Oliver (and Mom Melissa) for being FIRST COMMENTER on Teaser of Nov. 14, 2017



For Carol of Home Sweet Home Wyoming for being FIRST COMMENTER on Teaser of Nov. 14, 2017


We definitely want to thank our fabulous GUEST TEASER for the toughie photo for this week……………….let’s show you the photo again:

Picture perfect spot wasn’t it?????   A few of you noticed the ornate roof on the church and the colored bands around the top of the walls of the church – thinking they didn’t QUITE look like anything here in the USA……………Our GUEST TEASER was Michelle from MY THREE MOGGIES

Those of you who know Michelle’s Teasers know she usually treats us to a VIDEO “Tell All” so here she is with her husband Craig to tell you WHERE that photo was taken by THEM!


Now I had to turn my sound up super loud to hear them – seems it was a rather WINDY DAY…………..but they are in Bled, Slovenia!!!!   Michelle sent me three other photos they took on their trip to Bled:

Thank you Michelle and Craig – this is just a tiny token of our thanks for being such a great Guest Teaser Couple!!

For Michelle and Craig of MY THREE MOGGIES for being our GUEST Teaser on Nov. 14, 2017

So who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?    NOBODY!    That’s right- NOBODY GUESSED IT!    So we won’t be awarding the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and RIGHT GUESSER badges to anyone this week but the rest of you – you STILL get a badge – and here it is!

Whoops! I was one of the WRONGIES on the Teaser of Nov. 14, 2017

Maybe Suzie can cheer you up with her cheer – at least she’s probably happy to only have to mention THREE names today – you know how grumpy she usually is if we have a lot of winners.  Also, she tells me that Lucy wants to have another try at cheering so she will cheer AFTER Suzie……………(***NOTE TO SELF:  PUT ON HEARING PROTECTION AFTER SUZIE***)

Alrighty roo!
We only had TWO
You know I get grumpy
I feel rather lumpy
When I have LOTS of winners
Makes me LATE for my dinner!
Congrats to Oliver, Calvin and Carol too
Woo Woo Woo for all of you!
Nobody guessed RIGHT this week
So no cheeks I get to tweak
Now here’s a cheer from Lucy
I hope it’s not too juicy!



WOW…..now that’s quite a lot of encouragement Lucy – you must keep up the hard work with Suzie………………..the crowd is cheering you on now don’t let them down.

Hey Lucy hop in – we pups will take a ride around the school !!

Looks like Lucy is fitting right in with things…………..I hope Suzie doesn’t feel left out………….however I saw her date arrive a few minutes ago with his fast car so something tells me she won’t have TIME to be left out or jealous……..

C’mon Suze Baby – hop in my RIDE and let’s cruise!

Remember that NEXT Tuesday we will be celebrating early Thanksgiving here………….since it’s “Thanksgiving Week” we figure it’s close enough and we will not only have a Teaser for you Tuesday but some SPECIAL badges too!    That’s right – SPECIAL TEASERGIVING BADGES!    So in the meantime, you might want to study your geography books and make sure you’re READY for next week.    We wouldn’t want to have two weeks in a row with NOBODY guessing the Teaser right?

Angel Professor Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


The School Bell is Ringing!  Hurry Hurry Hurry!

I foresee hotdogs and hamburgers in our immediate future!

Well that sounds swell but right now I need to FORESEE some students getting in the classroom before the Profs arrive!

Good Morning Class!    Time for the TEASER………………BUT FIRST – have you commented yet on this blog post?  You’d better do that QUICKLY – you may be our FIRST COMMENTER and you’ll win a badge for that if you are!    Go on –  then hurry back!   If it turns out you were FIRST or one of the FIRST (in the first 60 seconds we go live with our blog) you will win this:

Now, let’s settle down and talk TEASER.    We have a GUEST TEASER today and tomorrow when we do the TELL ALL I’ll let you know who contributed the photo but for now – let’s just say it’s a tough photo and we wish you lots of luck.   Hopefully you’ve been boning up on architecture, geography, topography and every other “ography” you can think of!

Now I’m nervous…….

Me too……!

Let me go over the rules for the guessing you’ll be doing as soon as you see the photo.    This photo was taken on planet Earth but that’s the only clue you’ll get from the Profs.   You need to study it hard but when you DO guess, remember:

  1. You need to include in your guess the town/village/city as well as the country (if not USA) or state (if USA) you think the photo was taken in.    That must be stated in your guess and YES you can guess more than once.
  2. We ask that in order for everyone to have an equal chance with guessing, you NOT use any help courtesy of Mr. Google Image Search or that type of program.    Popping an image into a program that will do all the work for you isn’t as big of a challenge as using your own perfectly good brain – so please just do your best without help!

Got it?   GOOD!   Now let’s see if our Security Guard is ready to bring in the photo for you to begin agonizing over shall we???????

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Beautiful photo isn’t it?    Well you study it and see what you can figure out – post your guess – tomorrow we’ll find out who’s right and who isn’t but most importantly who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!     Here are the badges you MIGHT win!

Now don’t forget that NEXT week’s Teaser will be our THANKSGIVING TEASER (even though it’s not Thanksgiving day) and we will have special badges to award for our winners (and losers) of next week’s Teaser Class!   WOO HOOOOO!!!!!


All that cheering is a perfect way for our sassy cheerleader Suzie Q and her new sidekick who is – by the way – named LUCY – to get you FIRED UP for guessing!!

Tuesday means it’s time for Teaser
Our cheers today will be real crowd pleasers
Lucy is my cheering student
Encouraging her just might be prudent!
She’s trying hard to learn our lingo
If she doesn’t learn it soon, I’ll just teach her bingo.
Now buckle down and work on the Tease
Then you may pet Lucy or give her a squeeze!


Well Suzie – I know Lucy is a “work in progress” but even if she could RHYME – regardless of whether we can understand – it would be better don’t you think????  I don’t mean to be critical though…….don’t want to discourage her enthusiasm.    You keep working with her and we’ll be looking forward to her NEXT cheer!!!!!    (** note to self:  bring ear protection next class**)

I’m covered……….

It’s my understanding that Miss Dingleberry and her fabulous cafeteria staff decided that they would have a hot dog/hamburger stand IN THE CAFETERIA today because it’s just a bit nippy outside.    So, you can eat in the cafeteria OR take your snack outside where it will promptly freeze up solid and you’ll have a burgercicle or a hotdogslushie.  Your choice.

Step right up – we’ve got hot chocolate too!

Let the guessing begin!  Good Luck Class!

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