Tuesday Teaser


Attention Class!

First of all a brief statement about my possible “Teaching Assistant”….Mom and Dad went to the shelter today intending to adopt a kitty and wound up putting a “hold” on one cat but couldn’t really decide on two others.   SO, tomorrow may be the day but today definitely isn’t the day so hang onto your hats – I will FOR SURE have a new Teaching Assistant here in class by NEXT Tuesday Teaser!


Is everyone settled in your teeny tiny desks with your teeny tiny bottoms planted firmly in your chairs?   Good.   Now we shall begin class.

This week’s Teaser photo will be popping up shortly thanks to Mr. Silver Briefcase BUT before then, I want to remind all of you that whoever COMMENTS on this post (yes – this one you’re reading right now!) FIRST will win this:


SO, go ahead and comment then rush back here immediately so you can hear Suzie’s cheer and see the photo OK?????????

The Teaser this week is just one photo – and you need to examine it closely because it could be a photo taken in MANY PLACES in the world – so study it carefully as any good geography student would do!    Before we have photo study time though, shall we invite SuzieQ out to give you some “PUMP IT UP” energy so you’ll do well guessing the Teaser today?

Come On In Suzie!

We're here to TEASE Give us a squeeze I work hard on my cheer So you'd better LISTEN here! Today's Teaser photo Has a bit of lucky mojo You MIGHT be the winna' If you've got winning in ya! If you're basically a loser Then you must be a Greenie chooser! Come on and give me your guess I'll hug you if you do your BEST! Razzle dazzle wheezie Good luck with today's teasie!

We’re here to TEASE
Give us a squeeze
I work hard on my cheer
So you’d better LISTEN here!
Today’s Teaser photo
Has a bit of lucky mojo
You MIGHT be the winna’
If you’ve got winning in ya!
If you’re basically a loser
Then you must be a Greenie chooser!
Come on and give me your guess
I’ll hug you if you do your BEST!
Razzle dazzle wheezie
Good luck with today’s teasie!

As usual I don’t quite know what to say after hearing Suzie’s cheer but I’m sure some of you will be FIRED UP by her words (or are too sleepy to really concentrate on them) so let’s get Mr. Silver Briefcase in here with today’s photo shall we?

Here I am in my Park Ranger/Courier outfit with today's PHOTO!

Here I am in my Park Ranger/Courier outfit with today’s PHOTO!

Remember PLEASE that you must guess the city/town/village where the photo was taken AND the state (if USA) or country (if not USA) or you will not be THE WINNER!!!!!!!!


There you have it students………………..now it’s your turn – GUESS AWAY and if you are lucky, you can win one of these!







Tomorrow we’ll find out who wins what



Will you be a winner?????  

Good luck!   Angel Prof Sammy

Pre-Tease Monday


Hello Class!


Can you believe it’s been a WHOLE WEEK since we met to discuss the Teaser for Tuesday???  I can’t….where did this week go?    Well wherever it’s gone, it’s Monday and we need to pump your excitement level up so you’ll be READY for Teaser time tomorrow……….

Remember the post will pop up at a time NOBODY knows – and if you’re the first person to comment on that post tomorrow you will be FIRST COMMENTER and get this:


I bet you’d like to win that little baby wouldn’t you????   OH YEAH, you betcha!    So be alert – and also remember that if you just happen to know or think you know where the Teaser photo was taken, you will need to give a COMPLETE GUESS – city/village/town AND state (for USA) or country (for outside of States) in order to be a winner!

SO I will see you RIGHT HERE in class tomorrow morning at some time OK?  OK?

Now here’s some news…………….tomorrow – after noon because that’s when the shelter opens, my Mom and Dad will be heading to the very same shelter where they adopted me almost 17 years ago (it will be exactly 17 years on February 5th!).    Mom has been keeping an eye on the cat room there for WEEKS watching the cats come and go and hoping the right one would be there – and I’ve been behind the scenes working to find JUST THE RIGHT ONE for them!   Who knows – tomorrow may be THE DAY.    So there may be exciting news on the Teaser post Tuesday.   Just think – a Teaser AND a possible new kitty in my house to keep Mom and Dad company – – – one that has the SAMMY SEAL OF APPROVAL!

Tune in tomorrow and we’ll see which of you is FAST on the trigger for the first comment……………and who might be winning the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER award too!    Get lotsa sleep tonight!



Angel Professor Sammy




Sunday Selfie


Sunday Selfie Time!

We again are joining The Cat On My Head and the Kitties Blue including newest resident Cooper Murphy (!) in sharing a SELFIE that would of course be based on an old photo of me since I’m now an Angel and not “photographable” in the here and now!     This is one of my Mom’s favorite photos of me sleeping and she just dabbled a bit with Lunapic and Pizap to add this and that.

If you’d like to join their Blog Hop, just pop over using their badge and LINK up!   We want to see you too!


Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!


Happy Sunday from Angel Sammy

Bacon for ME and Hold the Ice!

No worries everyone!  Me and the Bacon Greenhouse staff are ON THE JOB!   The crop is doing just fine!

No worries everyone! Me and the Bacon Greenhouse staff are ON THE JOB! The crop is doing just fine!

YES!  Thought you might like an

update from the Bacon Greenhouse!

NOW ON WITH THE SHOW!    Well not the show – the bacon really………….who cares about a show anyway?!    What we DO care about here is the fact that we are going to have an ICE storm today with some snow mixed in.  In other words – YUCK.   But Mom and Dad can handle it because they do NOT have to go out in it!    I of course will come visit them today then head back to sunny, always beautiful, never icy or snowy Rainbow Bridge and let them enjoy their Saturday after we eat breakfast together!    Mom would prefer if it was all snow as ice is VERY dangerous…..there will be 87 bazillion accidents on the road today no doubt………there’s a HUGE bit of Virginia being effected so if you’re around here – BE CAREFUL………………….

Now – let’s talk BACON!


SO ARE MINE!!!!!   Feels like an electrical charge!!!!!


One of my newest bacon funnies sent in by a Bacon Fan……Takes a lot of imagination to turn bacon into Chewbaca from Star Wars!


Another little dandy item – – – what better way to keep your “bacon money” safe than in a bacon wallet????


INDEED!  Makes sense to me!


Mom says she misses this sight on Saturdays – – – I used to keep a CLOSE EYE on her !!!

Bacon Boy with Bacon Mom

Bacon Boy with Bacon Mom

So glad I stopped by this morning – Mom had bacon for me…..

Always has and always will…….now I’m out of here!


If you’ll excuse me, I’m heading back to SUNNY SIDE Rainbow Bridge and my soft cloud !

Happy Bacon Day!


Farewell Jamison


A New Angel


Jamison – a tragic loss in Blogville


Today is a day just for Angel Jamison………….

We’ve been following Jamison’s family blog for a while but didn’t really know HIM as well as we did his brother Noodle but just as we were getting to know him, he had a horribly sad thing happen at his house.   He was attacked by a dog and had a great deal of extremely serious and scary injuries.    It was terrifying to read about, and I know his family was incredibly sad that it happened.   He had the very best of vet care with a lot of repair work and surgery and had made it home where he was cared for with the loving hands and hearts of his family.    They did everything they could to make him comfortable and help him try to recover.   He only knew pure love in his last days…………

But the injuries were just too bad for Jamison to come back from……………he fought so hard to stay but in the end, he had to travel to the Rainbow Bridge – where I am – and became an Angel.


I can assure his family that Jamison is adjusting to Angel life just fine.   We are all making sure he feels welcome and showing him how he can still visit his family “back home”………most of all I remind him that he is ALWAYS and FOREVER in their hearts.


Rest easy Angel Jamison………..

Angel Sammy

Friendly Fill-Ins Friday


Hello!  Happy Friday!

Today we’re filling in sentences thanks to the jointly hosted Friendly Fill-ins by 15andmeowing and McGuffysReader !   You can click on the link for McGuffy’s Reade if you’d like to join up with this blog hop – it’s tons of fun and a good way to meet new bloggers AND tell everyone about YOU!


 Here are today’s sentences……………!   My fill-ins are in BLUE and Mom’s are in RED.   We each filled in TWO sentences this time!

1. My guiding word for 2017 is ANGELS.
2. I’ve never been to a high school class reunion.
3. Truth be told I am superstitious about wearing GREEN on St. Pat’s Day – Mom used to put a green collar on me!.   (*Yes we could have said superstitious about Friday the 13th but I’ve NEVER been that way although many are!!

4.Lately, I have been very cognizant of the fact that now that I’m older time is FLYING by whereas when I was young, time went on and on forever (it seemed!).

SO, that’s it for Filling in today……………………remember to join in the HOP if you want to share your sentence fill-ins……………and even if you don’t, go visit McGuffy’s Reader to see everyone else’s fill-ins.   I guarantee it’s fun!
Mom and Dad are supposed to get SNOW tomorrow…….and maybe even a bit of ice.   I might get a day pass from the Bridge to spend with them because they won’t be able to go anywhere if it snows and I can keep them company!
NO SNOW HERE!!!!   Tee Hee
See you tomorrow for BACON CATURDAY…………

Thankful, Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Thankful to be blogging!

We are joining up with Brian’s Thankful Blog Hop – because I truly AM thankful that I get to blog from the Rainbow Bridge – otherwise I’d miss all of you too much!


Click his badge to join the Hop!

Today is also my Poetic Day and today’s letter is “E”!




By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 1/11/17

My pal Easy is an Angel like me

We both flew to heaven where we are now free

We both miss our humans just like they miss us

But we visit them quietly – without any fuss

We want them to know that real love doesn’t die

It lasts truly forever, Angels don’t lie!

The spot in their heart that right now has an ache….

The sadness of loss, human hearts they can break…..

We will carry the load, and we’ll wait by their side….

One day they will join us on that big final ride.

(This poem is for Easy, but also for Jamison and Fiona and all others who passed over to the Bridge recently)


We are all Angels now…….and we love our humans ALWAYS.

Anyway, hope this poem doesn’t make everyone sad………….trust me when I say that when we go to the Bridge we are young again, have no aches and pains, have everything we need or want but most of all we DO visit you – listen for us with your mind, heart and soul and you will FEEL us there.

My Mom sometimes has a tough time still thinking about all the kindnesses shown to her and my Dad after I left…………all the poems and artwork and messages STILL echo in her heart.   We recently received a beautiful gift from our friend Kelly Daye – who we all know as Boomdeeadda (if you follow her terrific blog!).    It’s a balloon ornament which looks like the balloon I visited all of you – my friends – in on December 2nd which turned out to be the day I went to the Bridge.    Here’s the ornament:


Kelly put the letter “S” on the balloon……so it’s MINE ALL MINE!


This was the badge for that special day – which was hosted by Easy and Madi………a day to remember always.

Tomorrow is Friendly Fill-Ins!  See you there!


I am the Poet, I hope you know it!  

Angel Sammy

Teaser Tell All


Time To Tell!


Hello Class!   Welcome back to the Tell All – if you’ll take your seats I’ll begin class by saying yesterday’s Teaser was pretty darn good right?    It was actually my own Teaser (well, Mom and Dad’s photo) and it was taken a LONG TIME ago…..some of you noticed that the photos looked old and they were!  Over 20 years old!

We had a VERY FAST one and only FIRST COMMENTER yesterday too – he was right there within the first minute we went LIVE………it was my ginger buddy Flynn from HERE!    He was the only one during the first minute too so he doesn’t have to share this badge honor with anyone – it’s all his!


Then it was just a matter of time with me keeping an eye on the guesses coming in – people seemed stumped for the longest time then WHAM BAM THANK YOU SAM someone guessed it right on the money!   Who was it?   It was “Mary In Ohio” who doesn’t have a blog but follows me on Facebook and she guessed the photos were taken in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia which was CORRECT!


The Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers meet under the double bridge……..AND three states meet in this area as well which is pretty cool – Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia!    It’s a very old town with a lot of history to claim…………if you would like to learn more about Harper’s Ferry and what it’s known for, particularly during the Civil War, just CLICK HERE!    Harper’s Ferry is not a very long way from where my Mom and Dad live in Virginia and they’ve visited Harper’s Ferry a NUMBER of times, including on the train, which stops right in the town on its’ journey.    The high river is because there was a big flood in November of 1985 and that’s when my Mom and Dad visited!

Congratulations Mary in Ohio!    You might like to post your badge on your Facebook page – if you want to, just copy and upload it to Facebook!


But Miss Mary was NOT the only right guesser yesterday – that’s right – SEVERAL of you guessed correctly which means you get this if you were one of the lucky “RIGHT GUESSERS” !


On the other hand, if you were one of the unfortunate who guessed incorrectly………..well………….I guess you know what you get right?    The famous or infamous GREENIE is for you!


I guess the hint SuzieQ gave you wasn’t much help huh?    I’ll tell her she can skip hinting next week – that means you’ll be ON YOUR OWN!    Tee Hee

Meanwhile, if you have a photo or two that you think would be a challenge for GEOGRAPHY CLASS, email it to my Mom at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com and who knows – one of these Tuesdays you may see YOUR photo here with all kinds of Teaser fans agonizing over the fact they can’t figure it out – trust me – it’s fun to try and fool everyone!     If you do send a photo, remember to tell us WHERE the photo was taken OK?   Attach it to your email and send it on its’ way!

You know by now that tomorrow is Thoroughly Poetic Thursday here at my blog AND we will all be writing poems with something starting with the letter “E” !    It’s also Thankful Thursday at Brian’s and that’s a FUN Blog Hop so hopefully you can combine these into a Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday like I do every week!    See you then!


Hugs from Angel Professor Sammy!



Tuesday Teaser


School Is In Session!


No napping, throwing paper airplanes, spitballs, passing notes, cell phone messaging – it’s time to settle down for class.

This could be your big moment…  

You might win today!

But if you want to start out the day RIGHT – you can try to be FIRST COMMENTER – go on – go to Comments and say SOMETHING then come right back to class……….if you’re FIRST to comment (or one of the FIRSTS anyway) you get this:


Now class are you ready to settle down and prepare yourself for the Teaser photo?   Actually it’s a THREE FOR ONE type photo today – THREE photos of the same spot in the world and you must figure out WHERE the photos were taken – town/city/village AND state or country.   THE WORKS………OK?

Shall we start with our little ball of fire, SuzieQ?   She usually gets things going here in class and since she’s in charge of CHEERING for Teaser Class, I hope she will have an UPLIFTING cheer for you today – one that gets your imagination going and prepares you to view the photo and GUESS!



Your Cheerleader is HERE So you need have no fear I'm gonna give you a hint to make things CLEAR I can tell you this for sure Teaseritis has no cure But don't make me go insane Because the Teaser is NOT  Maine!    That's the only hint you get So don't you whine and fret The Prof doesn't like me to cheat I think I'd better have a seat!

Your Cheerleader is HERE
So you need have no fear
I’m gonna give you a hint
to make things CLEAR
I can tell you this for sure
Teaseritis has no cure
But don’t make me go insane
Because the Teaser is NOT Maine!
That’s the only hint you get
So don’t you whine and fret
The Prof doesn’t like me to cheat
I think I’d better have a seat!

OK Suzie – you almost got in trouble there with your HINTS but I don’t think you gave TOO much away saying it wasn’t Maine.   Although Da Phenny and his Mom probably had planned on guessing Maine, USA and now they’ll have to really STUDY the photos for their guess!

Mr. Silver Briefcase in the new uniform, please step right up.   Thank you for guarding the photos for a whole week.   You do a great job – say – how do you take a shower with that briefcase strapped to your wrist?  HMM?   Inquiring minds want to know!

'Scuze me Prof but my bathroom habits are not up for discussion!  Here's today's photos though (they got a little damp in the shower.....)

‘Scuze me Prof but my bathroom habits are not up for discussion! Here’s today’s photos though (they got a little damp in the shower…..)


Remember, these were all taken in the same spot……………………….WHERE WAS THAT SPOT????????????????????????????   If you are FIRST to guess correctly with full information, you will win this:


If you are RIGHT but you are not FIRST to be right, you get this:


If you are WRONG and absolutely CLUELESS, you get this:


SO, now it’s YOUR turn……………..guess away and when you visit me tomorrow for the TELL ALL you will find out who wins WHAT!!!!    OK?   OK!

Get To Work!


The Angel Prof……….



Pre-Tease Monday


It’s almost here………


Just one more day to go and it will be TEASER time………….the day we all love to hate.   Or is it we all hate to love it?   WHATEVA!   It’s coming tomorrow to be ready.   Right now I don’t know what photo I’ll be posting – we’ll all be surprised I guess (haha).   But you can count on it being a challenge AND especially being fun so be sure and stop by.

Remember the Teaser post goes up at any old time it wants to…….you can’t count on it at a CERTAIN time so you have to be alert and READY.   Then, you need to be ALERT, READY, and FAST because you want to be the first to comment on tomorrow’s post – if you are the FIRST to comment, you get this:


Everybody wants at least one of these right?

Then there are other badges to win but I’ll go over all of that TOMORROW…………meanwhile, start studying………..you really want to be on top of your game tomorrow.   Did you get good grades in photo recognition in school??   Did you get good grades in recognizing geographic landmarks in school?   Did you sleep through class every day?    Well however you spent your time, I can guarantee you’ll have fun figuring out WHERE the photo was taken that we flash up for you tomorrow.

Remember you must guess the CITY/TOWN or VILLAGE as well as the STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not) where the photo was taken.   OK?   Clear?  We have an understanding?

GOOD – then tomorrow morning

we will have TEASER LIFT OFF!


See you then…….


We’ll all be here Professor Sammy!!!


Angel Professor Sam