Sunday Selfie

Another Sunday rolls around and another chance for me to do a Selfie to pawticipate in The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop…………….here’s this week’s effort – one of my newest photographs with a little of this and that added for some PIZAAAZ!    Hope you will visit the link to see more of my friends showing off their FINE selves this Sunday morning…….



Sammy, the Copper Kitty


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Gimme Some “B” !

Just like cheerleaders……………… “GIMME A B”, “GIMME AN A”, “GIMME A C”, “GIMME AN O“, “GIMME AN N” ………..WHATZIT SPELL????    BACON!!!!!   (roar of crowd and tossing of pompoms).

Yep – today is “B” day in the Kimmell Household………Mom’s frying up that goodness right this minute and I’m READY………………..


Mom says she’s in the mood for bacon this morning too so that probably means she’s making LOTS!


MAMA MIA !!!!!!  Now you’re talking……..

But seriously, it would take us WEEKS to get through this (maybe)……… the meantime, wanna see some of your favorite posters???  Oh sure you do……….





ALRIGHT – enough of this silliness – let the FEASTING begin!

Happy Saturday – may the bacon fairy land in your kitchen today.


Did I hear you say "breakfast is ready" ???

Did I hear you say “breakfast is ready” ???



When we first heard about this new day of remembrance, we knew we’d have to be on board.   It was started by the blog of Deb Barnes called Zee and Zoey to honor her cats who had gone to the Bridge but also to allow ALL of us a special day to be set aside to honor those we’ve ALL had to say goodbye to as they left for the Rainbow Bridge.

In honor of the day, those of us in the Tabby Cat Club who are participating are relating stories of our friends and furramily who have gone before us…………you can read their contributions here but blogs all over the world will be participating in this event so don’t be surprised to see many remembrances shared today.

At the TCC my Mom and I talked about the cat before me, Eddy……Eddy was a gray tabby cat and he was a stray who worked his way into my parents’ hearts about the time my Mom’s Dad passed away in 1993.   Good timing – just when Mom needed a special kind of hug (she didn’t have a cat at the time although she’d ALWAYS had cats!) that only a kitty can give, there came Eddy.   He lived in the neighborhood but had been abandoned by his family when they moved and since everyone knew him (but nobody wanted to give him a home), he wandered begging and being “everybody’s friend” for several years apparently.   I think he knew my Mom was lonely – he gave her a big hug one day when she was sitting outside my Dad’s house – and that was that.   He moved in.   He moved out to the new house Mom and Dad built after they got married – and he was already a senior then.  He had three more really good years before he got extremely sick and went to the Bridge.    He was lucky enough to be one of the main characters in my Mom’s first mystery novel, “The Mystery of David’s Bridge”…………I wish I’d known him.  I really do.   I will meet him one day over the Bridge I’m SURE of it.

The "Eddy" who inspired my Mom!

The “Eddy” who inspired my Mom!

SO, a day of remembrances begins……………….not with a tear, but with a smile.   Those who are there are ALWAYS with us and we will ALWAYS feel their presence.

Hugs, Sammy


Thrilling Thursday

Well, it’s not THRILLING really – just BEAUTIFUL but “Beautiful Thursday” didn’t sound as cool as “Thrilling Thursday”……………SO, anyway, it’s another gorgeous day – that’s the point.  In fact we’ve had FOUR of them in a row – downright spectacular weather……..sunny, cooler than “normal” and hinting of the Fall that is to come.  Weather lady says “don’t count on it staying this way” – she says we’ll be HOT HOT next week……so I’m enjoying this while I can!

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Ahhhhh……fresh air and sun!

LOVE that sunshine!

LOVE that sunshine!

Mom decided to take a few new photos of me yesterday morning while I was enjoying a sun puddle on our stairs………………she says she forgets to keep her camera handy so it’s been a while since we shared any NEW pix of me……….mostly we “recycle” my photos………but these are “HOT OFF THE PRESS” !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I guess now that my photoshoot is over with, I can get back to what I do best……….napping, going out on the porch for a bit of fresh air, and snoopervising by moldy oldie Mom and Dad who I love VERY much……Mom says the feeling is MUTUAL!


Hugs, Sammy the Camera Model

Shopping Around The World




My SECOND blog post of the day is for Bacon and Fozziemum’s “Shopping Around the World” extravaganza!   I couldn’t miss THAT now could I ????

Our assignment this month was to give a recipe and price the ingredients for any dessert with at least FIVE ingredients………………mine has EXACTLY five ingredients………..and it’s super duper easy.   Ready?

Easy Peasy Pecan Pie Muffins:

12-tin muffin pan and preheat oven to 350


1 cup lite brown sugar, 1/2 cup flour, 2 cups chopped pecans, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup butter

Mix brown sugar, flour and pecans in a medium bowl………mix butter and eggs in second bowl…..combine after mixing.   Fill 12 muffin tins and bake!

Here’s our prices:

  1.  Eggs – Harris Teeter brand $1.35 for a half dozen


2.  Diamond Chopped Pecans – 8 oz.  $7.79


3.  Harris Teeter Brand Flour – 5 lb. $1.47


4.  Domino Light Brown Sugar – 16 oz. $1.39


5.  Butter – Harris Teeter Brand 16. oz. $2.97


YUM!!!!   Mom sometimes has to cook these a bit longer………..sometimes a bit less……….depends on your oven!!!

HAPPY SHOPPING AND HAPPY EATING!   Thanks Bacon and Fozziemum for hosting this FUN blog hop every month.   If you all want to see more SHOPPING FUN, visit Bacon’s Blog by clicking the badge below!




Teaser Tell All And More!


Howdy!  Well that was a fun Teaser after all wasn’t it?    I thought so……………..hope you did too…………..I bet you’re just dying to know all the details right?   OK – let’s get on with it then!

**unlocking the silver briefcase now........**  CLICK!

**unlocking the silver briefcase now……..**

Here’s the three photos I used yesterday:


These are my Mom and Dad’s photos – NOT a Guest Teaser………….and they were taken back in the late 80s by them when they were visiting the beautiful island of Nantucket 30 miles South of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.   It is a DELIGHTFUL island with tons of beautiful shops, scenery, gorgeous cobbled and bricked streets, friendly people and some beautiful boats and waterside restaurants.   It’s a PEACH of a place to visit.

Now for the details you’ve been waiting for………………………..the winners…………………WELL, we had a THREE WAY TIE for “First Commenter”………..THREE people posted at precisely 9:17AM here on the blog on WordPress.   Amazing.   Who were these “fast on the trigger” winners??    Bacon, from Piglove, Kolytyi from Trifles, and Raz from FriendsFurever!    ALL of you get your own personal copy of this badge!!


Cogratulations to all three of you!!!!!!

Now for the rest of the story…………………

FIRST RIGHT GUESSER yesterday was my girlcatfriend Sundae’s Mom, Miss Dianna from her blog These Days of Mine!  This is for you Miss Dianna!!


I had OTHER friends who were also RIGHT GUESSERS though – and you will get the below for your efforts!


Were you one of the ones who had no clue?  Did you guess and were wrong?  I’m sorry but you STILL win this:


Not so bad if you like the color GREEN right????? RIGHT!!!!

YAY!   Congratulations to everyone – you’re ALL winners in my book!

Then there are a couple of other things I wanted to tell you about………………….one is that you may recall the effort throughout blogville to help little Bootsie the cat who was abandoned by her family when they decided to pack up and move and leave her behind?  Remember she’d never had decent vet care and was flea-ridden, very hungry, and had a very serious ear infection which meant hearing loss and required surgery?    Well, Bootsie is now in need of a FOREVER HOME!    That’s right – she’s in a foster situation now but can’t stay there forever and the fund to help her means she’s financially ready to continue her life in a REAL LIVE HAPPY HOME………………….if you know anyone who might be interested in helping Bootsie see that humans CAN be caring and loving, please visit Brian’s Home blog by clicking on the below badge for Bootsie for details – and if you can SHARE SHARE SHARE his post – it would make a very happy ending for dear Bootsie!!!


The last thing I want to tell you is that thank heavens Easy’s Dad is HOME from the hospital after his scary and dangerous fall.   Unbelievable but they just kept him one night – he’s all stapled and stitched up and now home.   THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS…………Easy is overwhelmed by your kindness.   We’re happy Mr. Mark is ALRIGHT.

See you Next Tuesday!

The Teaser Dude……………!


Tuesday Teaser


Hello Teaser Fans…………before we get down to business, I want to give a special “shout out” and ask for lots of prayers for our good friend and King of Teaser’s Easy’s Dad Mr. Mark.  Mr. Mark had a horrible fall in his house and injured his head and his arm badly – had 27 staples in his head and some serious work done on his arm and as of the last update, he is recovering from his “repairs” but certainly is not out of danger……..hoping to maybe even come home today or tomorrow though.   It is a very bad and scary time for Easy and his Mom………….please send them tons of purrs and POTP.   They need it!   Just click the beautiful “badge” that Miss Ann of Zoolatry did for Easy……… will take you to his blog.   Thanks everybody!


Now on to the Teaser for today!   I said it would be a tough one – well, I’m not sure it is……..but I’ll leave it up to you.  It’s not a GUEST Teaser either………….my Dad found these in the photo box and I scanned them in and VOILA – today’s Teaser which is actually THREE photos.   Take a peek, see what you think and tell me WHERE these were taken – state/country/town if you can OK?  Ready?


They are old photos…………hope they’re not too tough to see – they’re fairly small that’s for sure!

Now – remember, if you’re FIRST to comment on today’s blog (and you don’t even have to GUESS, just COMMENT) you will earn yourself one of these beauties:


If you happen to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER as to where these photos were taken, you get this little badge:


If you guess RIGHT but aren’t FIRST, you still get something for your time and effort:


AND – of course – those of you who are just DYING to wallpaper your entire house with GREEN – we have the world famous GREENIE badge for you!   Just because you don’t guess right or don’t know, doesn’t mean you get left out!


SO – what are you waiting for – GET TO GUESSING!   And please don’t forget to leave some encouraging words for everybody’s friend, Easy and his family!

Hugs, Mr. Tease (if you please)

No peeking until tomorrow!

No peeking until tomorrow!

Pre-Tease Monday

Good Morning!!!   Remember I said I might make some new badges for upcoming Teasers????   Well, I haven’t done that yet…………….why?  Cat Scouts………yep – it’s consuming my life (and my Mom’s life come to think of it…..)!   There’s always something going on there……this weekend we all hopped on the virtual Cat Scouts plane and flew to Lake Tahoe.   Interesting place actually but a long day of computerizing (you know what that is….sitting at the computer like a zombie for hours on end).

Don't let this happen to you!   Too much time on computer!!!

Don’t let this happen to you! Too much time on computer!!!

So yesterday was a day of REST and a day of SUNSHINE and a day of catching up.   Yardwork was done, a couple of things put back in place from BNF (Before New Floor) and because there was a lot of sun – I searched the house all day long for sun puddles and would move from one to the next as the sun changed positions.   Lovely.


Sam in Library

Today I’m going to be looking for a good Teaser photo…………..maybe NOT a Guest Teaser this time………..maybe an old photo from my Grandpa’s albums, maybe one from Mom and Dad’s many trips – WHO KNOWS where the gingery finger of fate will land and what photo will be picked?!?!?!?!

So be ready for WHATEVER…………….and be ready for WHENEVER because it will pop into your inbox tomorrow at some random time……….early or late or in between who knows!   Just keep an eye out (or an ear).

Hope you all had a grand weekend – I sure did!!

Love, Sammy

Be ready for tomorrow!

Be ready for tomorrow!


Sunday Selfie

This is a flash from the past Selfie…………from last Christmas…………me napping on Mom’s lap…………heavenly………..safest place there is!  


We’re joining The Cat On My Head’s Selfie Blog Hop – hope you will too……….click below to go there!!


Happy Sunday

Hugs, Sammy

A Quiet Bacon Breakfast

Ahhhhh………………..peace and quiet………well mostly – there’s the Harley Davidson starting up early in the morning, the early morning mowers in the neighborhood and Mom doing 87 loads of laundry to make up for not being able to do laundry while the FLOORING PROJECT was in full tilt BUT other than that………quiet.   Bacon was available and no amount of bacon will EVER make up for my exile to the basement for THREE WHOLE DAYS.   However, it goes a long way toward my forgiveness!


So, the dust is settling around us and Mom and Dad will be cleaning maniacs for the rest of this weekend but we have new floors and when we have everything BACK in place, I’ll bore you with a final photo or two of THE END of the process…………..

Now, I know you love my bacon posters so let the fun begin!


Oh yeah – a Bacon Day without posters is like a bacon day without bacon……or something like that anyway!

Hope you get some kind of treat today like I did!   We deserve it right?



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