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Helping Mom Wrap Presents

Sam "Helping" To Wrap Gifts

Hey Mom - this is the purrfect box - don't forget tissue - and I like this RED ribbon!

Yesterday afternoon Mom decided to get a few gifts for Dad wrapped so there would be some stuff to put under the tree (other than ME) next weekend when they put the tree up.  She got out all the boxes, tissue, ribbons, tags and wrapping paper…..I was so excited!  She keeps a big shopping bag full of all that stuff in the closet in her studio and for weeks now I’ve been asking nicely for her to let me go into that closet – just to make sure that shopping bag hadn’t disappeared……I know it’s just a big old bag of FUN. 

After all these years Mom has wised up.  She knows that if I’m around and she’s wrapping presents, I’ll be in the middle of it making things “challenging”.  She keeps some distractions handy for me so she can get her wrapping done.  The yellow and pink tissue aren’t for Christmas presents – and the old red and green ribbon and that tired little red bow aren’t for them either….they’re for ME!!!!!  She puts all that old stuff in one corner of the room so I can hop around on them and pick them up and carry them or poke, prod and otherwise torture them – while she’s busily doing what she needs to do with the REAL wrapping.

Her strategy always works.  I’ve gotta hand it to her – she has me figured out pretty well by now.  By the time she does her wrapping, I’m just beginning to get bored with my so-called toys and she puts everything away for the next time she has more things to wrap.

Considering it’s really early before the holiday, I know that shopping bag will be coming out of the closet LOTS more times………I’ll be ready for it – you can count on that!!

Happy Monday

Sammy the Assistant Wrapper

Sam, The Photo Assistant

Back Garden

The hollow tree....a favorite haunt for squirrels, chipmunks AND birds (and me)!

Good Morning Peeps……I thought I’d share a little about what Mom and I did yesterday.  It was too windy to rake (darn!) so no leaf piles to play in BUT she was scouting out some spots to take pictures to use for the cover of her new book and I went along to supervise. 

Mom just finished writing a book of short stories (actually fables) for kids and she did all the illustrations herself too.  For the cover she wanted to use a photograph of her own.  See, the book is all about the animals and insects that live in a magical forest at the end of a rainbow…..the “guardian” of the forest is a fairy named Felicia and she lives in a hollow tree!  Well, we just happen to have the PERFECT hollow tree in our back yard as you can see in Mom’s photo.  That tree actually has several little “holes” in it – not just that big one at the bottom but several others that might make nice “front doors” for Felicia’s home.  Dad is helping Mom make a little door for the hole – – – and Mom’s going to decorate it a little bit with moss and flowers.  Should be pretty cool when she finishes.  I’ll make sure she takes a photo that I can upload to my blog so I can show you. 

Once Mom has the cover photo done she’ll finalize the book and pretty soon it will be ready to sell on Amazon.  Mom’s traveling to North Carolina next February to a BIG book signing thing and will take “Rainbow Forest Fables” with her along with her other book “The Mystery of David’s Bridge” which she wrote several years ago and which isn’t a kiddie book. 

Today’s blog seems to have been all about Mom instead of me BUT I was a big help yesterday (so she says).  I walked with her while she looked at several possible trees for the cover photo and I TOTALLY agreed with her that this tree was the best one!  Once you see it all decorated I bet you will agree with me……………

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat/Mom’s Photo Assistant


Helping Mom (ha)


Hello everybody……all the birthday excitement is over with and we’re back to normal (whatever that is) today.  In fact, Mom just sent Dad off for the day with a nice lunch and a coffee thermos and he’s driving down to the airport to spend the morning flying around the countryside.  I bet it’s starting to be pretty from the air with all the trees changing………this is a photo from LAST fall Mom snapped while flying with Dad one day……neato huh?

Fall Trees

Wow.....so many tree colors!

Mom says the most colorful are the maples – we have some of those in our yard at home…..but seeing them all from the air has to be way cool. 

Anyway, since Dad’s off flying, that means Mom and me will be able to hang out at home.  I was very helpful already this morning – Mom was changing sheets on her bed and I assisted by pulling the fitted sheet off one corner while she did the other three…..then after she put the top sheet on, I spread out and rolled around a bit on it just to make sure it FELT right…..it did…..she put the blanket on even though I was lying there (very funny Mom) and I had to crawl out from under it before the bedspread arrived!  Just trying to be helpful……….you all know what I mean…………I’m sure you try to help out around the house too – right?

Mom will be going out to rake a few leaves too – you know that means LEAF PILES!   I’ll remind Mom to take her camera and try and give her plenty of photo opportunities.  

Meanwhile, I hope all of my buds out there in kitty/doggy/bird land have a super day…….I know I plan to!

Sammy, One Spoiled Happy Cat