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Friendly Fill-Ins Friday


Time for Fill-Ins on Friday!

YES INDEEDY DOOOO – time to fill in some sentences provided to us by our TWO hosts for Friendly Fill-Ins.   McGuffy’s Reader and 15andMeowing both contribute two sentences to us and we get to scratch our heads and come up with SOMETHING to put in the blanks!    After reading the sentences this week, we figured our Mom would need to fill them in again.    So she did, and her “fill-ins” are in BLUE.    If you want to fill in too just click on the badge above and go to McGuffy’s Reader to use their LINKY TOOL to put your blog post in!!   FUN??? YOU BETCHA!

1.In the Spring, I look forward to trying to get our grass to grow – I’d prefer a GREEN front yard rather than a BROWN (mud) one!

2. I would love to have a croquet party.   We have them in our front yard every year but unless I get that grass to grow – FORGET ABOUT IT!

3. Few know this about me, but my first job was as a civilian for the Department of the Army, Telecommunications Directorate, Communications Security Branch (how’s that for an important sounding office????).

4. No one is perfect!

Teddy and I are getting ready for tomorrow’s BIG BACON HARVEST PARTY here on our blog and we hope to see you there………remember, just show up – you don’t have to pawticipate in the harvesting – just have fun, eat some bacon goodies, wander through the greenhouse and stay out of the way of the tractor!!!   We’ll have a slideshow with pictures of all the harvesters who wanted to “strut their stuff” in their harvesting clothes and show you that they are not afraid of some good old-fashioned HARD WORK getting the bacon crop in now that it’s ripened up and is ready for pickin’ !! We will have a giveaway too that EVERYONE is eligible to be part of. The party will last ALL DAY LONG too so just come when you can.

We’ll be lookin’ for ya!

Angel Farmer Sammy and Mini-Farmer Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


Here We Go!

Please take your seats class……you know what today is!

So let me start today’s class by reminding you that whoever is the first to comment on THIS BLOG POST will win the FIRST COMMENTER badge……..sometimes we have more than one clocking in with a comment the first sixty seconds of the class but in that case, we’ll award everyone who comments in that first minute their OWN badge!  YAY!

Everybody ready?   Shall we start today’s proceedings with a reminder that in order to be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER or even a RIGHT GUESSER you will have to know your stuff.   Yep – you will have to guess with the right town/city/village AND the right state (if USA) or country (if not USA) in order to truly be RIGHT.    Part of an answer doesn’t hack it.

Let’s see if Suzie would like to start things off today………………….!



Whoops – sorry Professor Sammy – I was in the little girls room and it takes a while to put this danged cheerleader’s outfit on after I DO MY THING………know what I mean?

I know what she means Professor Sammy – just thinking about Suzie’s plight makes me – well – have a NEED!

OK Bobby – hurry up and hurry back………….we seem to be having some problems jump-starting class today!!!!

tick tock tick tock

Now Bobby’s back, Suzie’s here and Sarge I believe has left the room to visit the litterbox BUT we’re going on without him…………………………..HIT IT SUZIE!

Today we’ve got a whopper
A genuine show stopper
This teaser is a doozy
And NO I’m not a floozy!
Good luck because it’s tough
The guessing is gonna be rough
Guess right you’ll be a winner
Guess wrong and you’ll be Sarge’s dinner!
(haha…..just kidding…..I think)

Thanks a bunch Suzie………………..let’s hurry up and bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase.  I’m glad Sarge was ABSENT during your cheer Suzie!

I’m here Professor Sam and Assistant Teddy…..lemme post the photo for you on the board!


Remember you will win a badge – and you actually will get one even if you’re WRONG – the world famous Greenie Badge is for those of you who are incorrect with your guess.   Now that’s pretty cool that even losers win right???  Right!

So let’s review – I need all the info on the photo and tomorrow when you come to class I’ll let you know WHO WINS WHAT!!  

See you tomorrow class!   Assistant Professor Teddy and I wish you good luck!

Angel Professor Sammy

P.S.  Please don’t forget the Harvest Party this Saturday! 

CLICK HERE for the scoop!

We’re getting lots of terrific pictures of those of you who are helping with the harvest…..remember you don’t HAVE to do a photo to be here and have some fun on Saturday.  If you choose to have your harvesting photo in the “harvesters gallery” Mom and I will put together, be sure and get your photo to us by the deadline!    Here are some “backgrounds” if you need them and you can use the outfits we provided OR something from your own closet……..or even come nekkid (eeeek)!

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday!


It’s Double Post Day Again!

One blog post for two occasions………Brian’s Thankful Thursday and my very own Thoroughly Poetic Thursday.    So let the fun begin………..first with Brian’s Thankful Thursday – the badge below will whisk you away to his blog if you’d like to join up with this blog hop and talk about what you are THANKFUL for…….I’m thankful that even though my little brother Teddy is slowly taking over the reins of what used to be “my” blog, and some of “my” duties like KING OF BACON – I can still not be jealous but instead be PROUD of him for carrying on the traditions that I started.   Teddy is a super sweet kitty and he wears his “GINGER” very well if I do say so myself!

Part Two of today’s post is my poem of the week……………!

My words are in RED    Teddy’s words are in BLUE

 We are up to the letter “N” of the alphabet slowly working our way to Z !  You can join in by putting your blog link with your poem in my comments to share OR just write your poem in my comments and we’ll all read it here! 



By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 3/16/17

“Never say never” is a saying I like

Learning to be hopeful is like riding a bike

There are bumps in the road and you might take a fall

But at the end of your ride, it will be worth it all.

If you feel like it’s “never” then you might as well give up

You must believe in HALF FULL not HALF EMPTY for your cup

Hope is the oil that keeps all things on track

In our hearts, in our minds, we just shouldn’t look back

For thinking “NEVER” means that you won’t even try

You won’t look beyond the clouds at the beautiful blue sky…..

So never say never…..keep a smile on your face

You might pull out in front and WIN your life’s race!

Hey Sammy, that was a swell poem!   I promise I will NEVER say NEVER!   But I do want to remind our blog friends that this Saturday we will have more information on the upcoming BACON HARVEST PARTY………..details and some “photo op” shots that those of you who want to pawticipate in the party can use to put yourself in the action!   You’ll see what I mean Saturday so STAY TUNED.    We’re going to have a fabulous time!   How could it NOT be fabulous – the Ginger Boys are at the helm of the GOOD SHIP BACONIA!

Oui, Oui, Mon frere Teddy…..we will have fun at the pawty


I thank everyone for joining us today for our DOUBLE POST Thursday! 

Bonjour mon amis!   

Love, Angel Sammy

Pre-Tease Monday


Come On In Students!

Happy Monday and if you’ll take your seats at your desks, we will get started with our Monday Pre-Tease class………..first of all, please remember that our TEASER post tomorrow will be popping out onto the airwaves at a SURPRISE time…………..not our usual time……………makes things more interesting that way!    When it arrives, whoever is the FIRST to comment on the post gets a swell badge.    Now isn’t that exciting?   Of course it is!

Professor what if NOBODY comes to the Teaser post tomorrow……has that ever happened????

No Bobby – happily we’ve never had NOBODY show up on a Teaser Post day or for that matter any OTHER day in all the years I’ve been teaching class here.   So you don’t have to worry about that.  SOMEONE will be First Commenter, someone will be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and there will be other RIGHT GUESSERS and we all know that there’s never a shortage of people qualifying for the GREENIE – all you have to do to get THAT one is be wrong on your guess!

Now, let’s see if our resident cheerleader Suzie might step into the classroom and give us a rousing cheer to get everyone in the mood for the TEASER tomorrow!!!

I’m here WITHOUT my posse’
Those girls were way too bossy
I’m here to shake my pom poms
NOT to eat some bon bons!
We’ll be ready for some Teaser players
I bet they’re home saying their prayers
Everyone wants to be FIRST
Or else they’ll be the WORST!
Study up and be ready
That goes for you too Teddy!

Thank you Suzie…………that was……………well……………..inspiring.


No giggling in class or ELSE!

Alright students, thank you for paying attention today – and I wish each and every one of you a happy Monday – I’ll see you BRIGHT AND EARLY for tomorrow’s Teaser!

Angel Prof Sammy and Jr. Prof Teddy

Teaser Tell All


Let’s TELL It All !!  

Hello Teaser fans…………..we thought MAYBE we might just get a bunch of you to head down the WRONG garden path to an answer yesterday with the photo – it was a night time shot, there were horses so it looked kind of “Western-ish”…………..but instead of that, a whole PILE of you knew it right off the bat……………..but that’s leaping ahead a bit.  Let me back up and start at the beginning!

The first person to comment yesterday actually wasn’t just ONE person – we had THREE!    Who?

Oliver and Calvin and Miss Csilla


So why don’t I tell you NOW who my Guest Teaser was for the photo yesterday……………………….shall I?   Here’s the photo:

Pretty spectacular photo isn’t it???   Well it was sent in by our good friend Leo from WalkandPigOut and it was taken by him at the Hermitage of El Rocio, Almonte, Province of Huelva, in Andalusia, Spain.   You may know Leo and if you do you know not only does he travel a WHOLE LOT but he lives in Spain.   He says this location is often PACKED with people so we were lucky to be able to see it in a “non-super-busy” moment!   It’s such beautiful architecture……..we had several guesses that were correct but it fooled quite a few people too with some guesses that it was Mexico, or Texas – somewhere in the USA Southwest.   Thank you Leo!   This is for you:

For Leo on March 8, 2017

Now who was the smarty pants (or in this instance who were the multiple smarty-pants!) who guessed correctly FIRST????   We again had a tie – a perfect tie at the same minute as two answers arrived that were right at 8:20AM my time.   Who?

Oliver and Calvin (YES AGAIN!) and Friends Furever!


You both get one of these:

AND then there were SEVERAL others who guessed correctly, and each of you gets this:

AND of course we have the GREENIE BRIGADE which consists of those of you who were WRONG – you get this:

If you came here and looked at the photo and made a guess – you’re a winner in our book anyway! 

Now here’s a bit of a confession from my Mom…………..yesterday a couple of comments went into our WordPress “PENDING” file and Mom didn’t see them right away – so she told someone ELSE that THEY had been first when they actually hadn’t – the two “PENDING” comments were first!     She (and we!) felt bad about that so we want to give Flynn and his Mum Miss Jackie this HONORABLE MENTION because Mom screwed up made a boo boo and had them thinking they were first……………..SORRY FLYNN AND MISS JACKIE!!!

For Flynn and Miss Jackie because Mom made a boo boo on 3/8/2017

Tomorrow we have our weekly poetry challenge – we’re getting through the alphabet for the second time and this week we arrive at the letter “M”…………….just write a poem about something starting with the letter “M” and post a link to your poem in my comments tomorrow OR you can even just write your poem in my comments and SHARE with everyone here!!!   YAY!

See you tomorrow?  I hope so!

As to where we will be NEXT Tuesday in this big wide world, I can’t tell you BUT it will be another Guest Teaser – I have the photo already………….so be purrrrpared for a toughie!

Love, Angel Prof Sammy (and Teddy too)

P.S.  Here’s a badge you can put on your blog if you wanna tell the world you’re a TEASER FAN!

Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!

Today we not only have our Tuesday Teaser FUN but we will have a SMALL birthday celebration for my new Assistant here in Geography class, my little brother Teddy!    BEFORE we do anything though we want to remind you that whoever comments on THIS POST (yes this very post) FIRST will win a badge……… hurry up and comment then come back to class ASAP OK?


OK – now that you’re back, how about we get the TEASER part of class done THEN we’ll have a little party for Teddy.    Today’s TEASER just happens to be a GUEST TEASER………a friend of ours sent this one in and we hope it gives you a headache moment’s pause as you try to figure out WHERE it could have been taken.    To WIN, you must (MUST MUST MUST) tell me what city/village/town and what State (if USA) or Country (if not USA) the photo was taken in – only if you give me both of those things will you WIN.

Shall we see what Suzie has to say this morning before Mr. Briefcase Dood shows the photo????



Hi Prof! I’ve got my “posse” here today – a TRIPLE THREAT!
Let’s do it girls!
CHEER CHEER let’s work!
Maybe we’ll do the twerk!
Kick up your heels!
We three are the REAL deal!
Shakin’ bacon cheer it
C’mon let us HEAR IT!
We’re all available to date
So don’t make us wait…..
Sarge, Bobby and Teddy

OK OK OK OK ————thanks Suzie……….I believe you got everyone AWAKE in class for sure………you ladies can leave now.   PLEASE!

Mr. Silver Briefcase – could you please bring the photo in………………QUICKLY…………….we need a change of pace and besides, it feels WARM in here after those girls did their thing…….!

I’m here Professor Sam and Assistant Teddy…..lemme post the photo for you on the board!

Remember – need town/village/city and what state or country………..OK?   

Tomorrow for the TELL ALL we will let you know who sent the photo AND who win the badges for bring FIRST RIGHT GUESSER:

Everyone ELSE who guessed RIGHT:

AND those who guessed incorrectly but TRIED!:

AND – whoever was the FIRST to comment (just a comment – don’t even have to guess!) on this post today will get this:

Exciting right?   Right!  Good Luck!

NOW – let’s have a little celebration for my Assistant – Teddy who turned ONE on Saturday!

Class Assistant Teddy!

It’s party time!   First Teddy wanted me to show you two cards he got since our birthday post:

From Nellie the Queen!

From Siddhartha-Henry and Sherri-Ellen!

We thought we’d just have a pile of delicious desserts to celebrate with since we already had lunch in the cafeteria here at school!

Fruit Juices of ALL kinds!

Hot chocolate bar

No shoving in line…..there’s plenty for everyone!


Professor Angel Sammy can I take some home to my Mom?? She likes cake!!!

Everybody can take some home – this is a BIG DAY!   

As soon as you’ve had your dessert

you get to go home early…….

I’ll see you at the Tell All.


See you tomorrow!  Angel Prof Sammy



Pre-Tease Monday


Oh boy!  Time for Class!


Here we are on a Monday – getting ready for a Tuesday – which will lead to a Wednesday and it ALL has to do with Teaser!!

This week we have a GUEST TEASER………yep – we know you always have a big SIGH when I say Guest Teaser but this week’s you might like – I think it COULD be an easy one so maybe that will cheer you all up a bit?????

Tomorrow’s post will be live at a surprise time don’t forget – it’s NOT the usual time – that’s so we can catch you off guard and it makes being the FIRST COMMENTER that much more fun.   If you do happen to be the FIRST to comment on tomorrow’s post you will get a special badge from me….you know you want it!   Be ALERT.

Sarge, did you have anything to tell the students about preparing for tomorrow????



Uhoh…….I hope little Bobby doesn’t get too upset……oh wait – I don’t see Bobby in class………..does anyone know where Bobby is today?

"I do Professor Angel Sammy. Tommy is in the Nurse's Office getting a bandaid for an owie he got on the playground."

“I do Professor Angel Sammy. Bobby is in the Nurse’s Office getting a bandaid for an owie he got on the playground.”

Thank you for that information Sylvia.   Purrrhaps Bobby will be able to join us before we dismiss class today…….ANYWAY, as I was saying, we have prizes to give out tomorrow to the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, all others who are RIGHT GUESSERS, and of course those who are epic failures at guessing – they will get a GREENIE!     Here’s the lineup of goodies:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now let’s see if Suzie is back to cheer everybody on!   Suzie?    We certainly missed you last week although your substitute did a valiant job of trying to fill-in for you.

Achoo Achoo Achoo I had a cold in my head it's true My head was full of goo My nose dripped on my shoe I've got plenty of germs boo hoo So lemme KISS all of you! Oooooey gooooey germs Are better than a pie full of worms! Ra Ra ROOOOOOO Here comes the FLU!

Achoo Achoo Achoo
I had a cold in my head it’s true
My head was full of goo
My nose dripped on my shoe
I’ve got plenty of germs boo hoo
So lemme KISS all of you!
Oooooey gooooey germs
Are better than a pie full of worms!
Here comes the FLU!

Well Suzie, now I’m not so sure we really MISSED you all that much – if you’re still sick with a cold please do NOT kiss everyone and please do NOT leave your dirty Kleenexes all over the classroom!


So, I’ll see you back here tomorrow Class……………..hopefully you can all escape the clutches of Suzie and Bobby will be back in his desk after spending a ridiculous amount of time getting a bandaid put on a boo boo.


Angel Professor Sammy and Assistant Prof Ted


P.S.  Don’t forget, we’ll have a little birthday party for Teddy tomorrow too here in class – he turned ONE on Saturday!

Teddy’s First Birthday





I can hardly believe that this little guy is turning ONE today but he is…….and it’s HIS day to shine.    He’s brought so much fun and joy to our house and I find that I no longer have to ask for day passes from the Bridge just to stop by to cheer up our parents all the time – they have Teddy to do that now.   

So let’s stop talking and PARTY – OK?   How about some music?


Feel free to  kick up your heels (oops I mean paws) and dance! 

OR maybe you would like to have something to eat – we have a “loaded” buffet – purrrlease have your fill……

HELP!!!!!!! I can't get UP!!!!

HELP!!!!!!! I can’t get UP!!!!

Oh boy! Seafood!

Oh boy! Seafood!

Fresh sushi......

Fresh sushi……

Roast beast.......

Roast beast…….

Meatloaf with Bacon and BBQ Sauce!

Meatloaf with Bacon and BBQ Sauce!

Ribs, cole slaw, the works!

Ribs, cole slaw, the works!

Oh yeah! BURD!

Oh yeah! BURD!

Dessert bar with everything you can imagine!

Dessert bar with everything you can imagine!

Oh baby!!!

Oh baby!!!

A fully equipped bar – step right up and order what you like!!!!

There's always one who doesn't know when to stop! HAHA

There’s always one who doesn’t know when to stop! HAHA

OR fruit juices of ALL flavors!

OR fruit juices of ALL flavors!

Turning one is a big deal…..and Teddy will probably party it up and need a nap soon – you might too so feel free to park your tushie on one of the many sleepy spots we have for those “dozing off” moments you get when you EAT, DRINK and be MERRY too much!

Yep - it happens to the best of us!

Yep – it happens to the best of us!

uhhuh.....we know how you feel!

uhhuh…..we know how you feel!


If you need a ride home – we can do that!  

Yep - I'll be happy to drive you.......

Yep – I’ll be happy to drive you…….


Thank you friends for coming to my very FIRST Birthday Party!   I’ve had so much fun but I am POOPED!   (YAWN)  I hope you had fun…..I sure did!    Thanks to my big Angel Brother Sammy for my pawty – I will NEVER forget it – EVER



Love, Angel Sammy and Big Boy Teddy


I got some birthday cards!  Thank you!

From Miss Pix!!

From Miss Pix!!

From Pipo, Minko, Mr. Jack Freckles!

From Pipo, Minko, Mr. Jack Freckles!

From Kitties Blue!

From Kitties Blue!


From Da Phenny!

From Da Phenny!

From Gracie, Anya and Miss Stephanie!

From Gracie, Anya and Miss Stephanie!

Another one from Gracie, Anya and Miss Stephanie!

Another one from Gracie, Anya and Miss Stephanie!

From Raz and Allie!

From Raz and Allie!

Friendly Filling In!


Let’s Fill In Shall We???

Every Friday our friends at 15andmeowing and Mcguffys Reader co-host a FUN blog hop wherein we get FOUR sentences (two from each host) and we get to “fill in the blanks” !!    It’s a fun way to get to know each other and more and more people are filling in every week!    If you want to pawticipate – please do – just click below to go to McGuffy’s then use the LINKY tool and that’s that – it will link to your blog and you can strut your sentence fill-in stuff like I do.


Here are this week’s sentences AND I’m letting Mom fill in today!  Her answers are in RED.

1. My favorite herb or spice is hot curry powder!.
2. An herb/spice I dislike is ginger.
3.Lately, I have been working on trying different dried fruits in my biscotti recipe – raisins, dates, dried peaches – some rather strange sounding things for biscotti but I like experimenting!.

4.This Winter was almost non-existent (not that I’m complaining!) .


We want to show you how Teddy dressed up yesterday for Dr. Seuss Day……………………….he was a lucky boy in that his “Auntie Ellen” from 15andmeowing crocheted some toys for him AND a couple of hats!    The Seuss hat AND another one which you’ll see on St. Patty’s Day!    Miss Ellen is an amazing crochet-er (is that a word?) and I was lucky enough to get a lot of toys she made which I left behind in the toy wagon for Teddy to have when I went to the Bridge.   Teddy is STILL exploring that wagon – it’s full of fun!    So here’s Teddy in his hat – well – ALMOST in his hat……he was totally uncooperative when it came to posing…..which is a shame because it was an adorable hat!



Silly Teddy – this is how it’s SUPPOSED to look – below is 15andmeowing’s beautiful Phoebe modeling HER Dr. Seuss hat – why couldn’t YOU do this????



Now we’d like to show you a photo Mom took the other afternoon which probably would embarrass the heck out of Teddy if he saw Mom posted it but she couldn’t resist……….it’s cute……..embarrassing but CUTE!


CAN YOU HEAR THE SNORING??????????????????????  I can hear it at the BRIDGE!


I’m ready to cook for Teddy’s Birthday Party tomorrow!!  Let’s do it Mom! 

EVERYBODY plan to come celebrate Teddy’s First Birthday!

LOVE, ANGEL SAMMY (and Teddy too)

Tuesday Teaser




YES!  It’s Tuesday morning and here we all are – now we WAIT for the FIRST COMMENT to show up on the blog and that will settle who gets the FIRST COMMENTER badge today!    Go on – do it!   If there’s more than one of you whose comment clocks in during the same MINUTE after we go live – then each of you who does that gets a badge.


Our Teaser today is an OLD photograph from the 60s……………and maybe that will make it more of a challenge because things change in that many years – whether this place still looks like this is – well – up for grabs.   At any rate, we will challenge you to figure out WHERE the photo was taken (town/city/village and state if USA or country if not USA) and if you’re FIRST to guess it right, you will get this:


If you’re RIGHT but not the first one to be RIGHT you get this:


AND of course if you are WRONG but you tried, you get this:


We will announce all winners on the TEASER TELL ALL on Wednesday.   Now let’s get Suzie out for a quick cheer (I hope it’s better than yesterday’s!)

Hi Professor - I'm Gloria. Suzie's home with a bad cold so I'm subbing for her! Zippity Do Ding Let's do the Teaser thing Give it your best try Don't make Suzie cry She's sick and she's cranky Tired of blowing her nose with a hanky She said I'd be AWFUL as a sub I told her to soak her head in a tub. Ra Ra Ra Sis Boom Ba GOOOO Teaser Team!

Hi Professor – I’m Gloria. Suzie’s home with a bad cold so I’m subbing for her!
Zippity Do Ding
Let’s do the Teaser thing
Give it your best try
Don’t make Suzie cry
She’s sick and she’s cranky
Tired of blowing her nose with a hanky
She said I’d be AWFUL as a sub
I told her to soak her head in a tub.
Ra Ra Ra Sis Boom Ba
GOOOO Teaser Team!


Thank you Gloria – well done – your cheering style reminds me a lot of Suzie………………….ahem…………………

Now Mr. Silver Briefcase?  If you’d come in and whip out the fabulous old photo for class to see and begin to agonize over?   We’d appreciate it!!!

Wait....wait....I don't wanna miss anything but I need to "GO" !!

Wait….wait….I don’t wanna miss anything but I need to “GO” !!

Bobby you’re going to drive us all crazy with your incessant potty trips………….have you thought about DEPENDS?????????????????    Sarge would you please escort little Bobby to the Potty and hurry back for the Teaser photo???



tick tock tick tock

tick tock tick tock

Alright – everyone is back – let’s get on with the show!

Here's today's photo Professor!

Here’s today’s photo Professor!


OK everyone – GO FOR IT…………….give it your best shot………………and we’ll reconvene class tomorrow to find out who wins WHAT!!!    Meanwhile, our new Assistant Professor is going to cheer you on which is tough for him because he went to the vet today for the very first time and he’s feeling punky as he had a shot in his derriere!





Hugs, Angel Professor Sam and Assistant Teddy