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Caturday Cookie Break


Howdy Gang!

Happy Caturday……………My bacon breakfast is out of the way (yum) and now I’m taking a bit of a cookie break. I DO love my “treats” which Mom and Dad call “cookies” and that’s the word I recognize when Dad shakes the bag.

Sam On His Cookie Rug

I get my cookies on a floor mat by my Dad’s chair.

I’m not allowed to eat them anywhere else because – well – frankly I can be a little sloppy with something crunchy.  Those little bits break when I take a bite and go everywhere – this way they stay on the little rug.  I’m quite fastidious about my little crumbs though – I may leave them after eating my cookies but I almost ALWAYS come back and “clean up” !!

I try to be neat.  Most of us kitties try……..we might not always QUITE make it but we do try – honest we do.  I can be a bit of a slob at my soft food dish too.  Something about slurping up food from a bowl – well you’re BOUND to have a bit of oversplash right?  Am I right gang?

Sammy Having Breakfast

I’m trying to be neat Mom….honest I am!

I’m even extremely neat (mostly) when I play with my toys…….I keep my toy area rather organized (well……I TRY to) so that I can go to it any time I want and get one of my favorites out.  Mom’s really good about going through it from time to time and mixing things up so I think some of the stuff I haven’t seen in a while is BRAND NEW!!!   Humans can be so sneaky but it works.

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Pretty neat huh?

Well you get the idea……….taking a cookie or food or even a toy break doesn’t have to mean MESS.  No sireeeee………we kitties prefurrrrr things to be neat and orderly (except maybe when it comes to sleeping on YOUR bed and then the messier the covers are the better!!!!!).

Hope you all have a super Caturday…………..whatever you do – try to be NEAT about it OK?  We kitties have a reputation to maintain you know!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

Before I go, I have a sad p.s.   Yesterday I learned that Nibbles from Hutch A Good Life went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 1st.  Nibbles was my very first guinea pig friend.  I really didn’t know anything about them before I began following the Hutch blog.  I am so very sad for all of them and all of us too because we will all miss Nibbles.  Please send hugs to his humans AND his brother piggies because life will be ever so diffrerent without Nibbles.    We will miss you Nibbles……..


Sam grazing on the grass

I like my salads....I eat my "greens" ! Maybe I'm a sheepcat? Well, there are sheepdogs so why not??

Yesterday morning the sun was shining like crazy and while it wasn’t WARM, it wasn’t FREEZING either.  So, since nothing was covering the grass up (like that pesky snow), I asked Mom if I could go out and do some grazing. 

Sam grazing on the grass in the front yard

So I like a little green stuff in my diet.....is that a problem???

I just walked along the edge of the sidewalk out front and “trimmed” the bits of grass that were readily available…..I do enjoy a good salad from time to time.  Mom knows that sometimes when I want to go outside to eat grass it’s because my tummy is upset but not always (and believe me, Mom can tell!).  Other times – like yesterday morning – I just want a bit of a snack.  I feel great but I’m in the mood for some “recreational grazing” !

I’m not sure all cats enjoy grass……but I have since I was a tiny kitten.  Maybe it’s my feral genes???  I’m sure my cat parents – whoever they were – had to eat all kinds of stuff out in the wild including grass when they found it.  Maybe that’s why I enjoy drinking water from puddles too?  Hmm….I hadn’t thought of that before but who knows?!  Come to think of it, I like to munch on a moth that I catch outside from time to time too. 

Well, I still think it would be tough for a spoiled cat like me to survive out there on my own – even if I do eat moths, grass and drink puddle water.  I MUCH prefer my nice warm house and my yummy cat food and treats. 

But I do love my nice green crunchy grass……maybe I’m a sheepcat???? 

Happy Friday

Sammy, Baaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh (my best sheep impression)

Breakfast of Champions

Sammy Having Breakfast

Having my kitty version of "Wheaties"......good way to start the day!

Well, “Champions” might be a bit of a stretch, but I DO think it’s important to start your day off with a good breakfast!  No sooner does my blue dish hit the floor than I’m all over it checking it out.  By now Mom sure knows what I will and won’t eat, that’s for sure.  The one thing I do that I’m not sure Mom’s that thrilled about is dipping my paw in the dish once in a while so I can eat from my “hand” !!   She wouldn’t mind that much probably except of course those little paw prints around my dish that she has to clean up.  I’ve always done that paw dipping thing with my water dish though – since I was little.  I scoop water out of my bowl to drink and because I have an extra toe on my front paws I can get a nice little slurp of water that way!  This food dipping thing is something new………and since I can get away with almost ANYTHING I do around here (onespoiledcat remember) Mom doesn’t really mind.

After I get my breakfast, Mom sits in her recliner, puts one of my favorite throws over her legs, and I get my morning brushing on her lap while she watches the news for a little while before Dad gets up.  It’s our special quiet time together…….maybe tomorrow I’ll let her show the embarrassing photos she has of me loving that bright pink brush of mine!  Tee Hee……… 😉

As I was getting that brushing and Mom was watching the news, the weather guy said there might be some flurries around today.  So much for that beautiful weather we’ve been having.  No problem.  I’ll just ask for some extra lap time today……I NEVER mind that!

Happy Monday!



Who Me? I’ve Been Good!

Hanging out in the living room waiting for breakfast to be "announced" !

Huh? Did somebody say breakfast is ready? Is bacon involved by any chance?

I don’t mind being interrupted while I torture Mr. Yellow Fuzzy Ball when it comes to that favorite sound of mine – Mom putting my breakfast dish down on the floor!   What’s even better though is if, right after she puts my dish down, she gets stuff out of the refrigerator to make breakfast for Dad….why?  Because almost always, BACON is involved. 

I’m not a “people food” kind of guy but bacon – well – let’s just say I don’t turn down a tiny little piece if someone just happens to offer it to me.  I’m not a PIG about it – just a little piece will do.  Mom says it’s NOT good for me but I daresay it’s not good for Dad (or Mom) either!  Do we ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have to do stuff that’s good for us?  Huh?  Once in a while it’s good to be bad.  That’s my philosophy anyway. 

Oh boy – I DO smell bacon cooking…….I’ll make Mom feel good by eating some of this cat food stuff she put down for me but then I’ll go sit quietly by my parents at the table…..and give them:


Tee Hee……..it works every time……… 🙂




No, I Didn’t Sleep Late!

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

This was NOT why I didn't get my blog posted earlier!!

Hello Friends and Fans!  No, I did not sleep late this morning and am only just now getting around to putting my paws on the keyboard.  I tried to do my usual blog at the usual time BUT WordPress was doing some kind of “regularly scheduled maintenance” and I had to wait!  Then Mom wasn’t here to help me for a while because she had to go to the store and do a bit of shopping (per my request) to get a birthday card for my Dad.  Tomorrow’s his birthday.  He’s going to be….er…..um….well….OLD(er).  I’d better not tell how old he’s going to be for real – some people are kinda sensitive to that stuff.  🙂

SO, anyway, I had a rough night.  Well, I guess we all did.  My poor old tummy was upset and I had a bit of a rough time.  Mom and Dad had to get up and help me get the carpet cleaned up…..well, actually THEY did all the work and I sat there and cheered them on.  Now that I’m officially an eldercat, some stuff I eat just doesn’t always “agree” with me!  I feel OK this morning though.  I’m so lucky my parents understand that I don’t do that kind of thing on purpose!  Who would?!?!?!  🙂  My vet told us last checkup that I have a sensitive stomach….hmm….I have had that since I was a baby so that wasn’t news. 

The guy who comes and does stuff to our lawn is coming this morning…..that means noisy machines…..so before he gets here, I’m going to go find a nice quiet spot and begin the first real nap of the day.  With luck, by the time I wake up he’ll be long gone!

Sammy, One Spoiled, Sensitive Tummy Cat