Moaning on Monday


Mom – Dad – How Could You?

Nobody here to turn on the printer so I can watch it???

Nobody to take me outside for yard cruising???

No sink drinks????

No Mommy hugs???

No summersaults????

I can’t begrudge them a few days off but gosh – it’s just not the same around here!    Oh and Mom – that photo of you and me with the summersaults?   We might mention to people that was taken in February and it’s now October and I weigh 17 lbs. now which I did NOT weigh in this photo!!!  I weighed 8 lbs.   I’m gonna be a GIANT KITTY when I finish growing up.    I won’t even be TWO until March, 2018!   

Sorry we aren’t doing a PRE-TEASE Monday post or a Teaser tomorrow but that’s the breaks.   Unlike my Angel brother Sammy, I do NOT have THUMBS so can’t use the keyboard.   DARN!


I’ll be back tomorrow though.   You can count on that!   We are FINALLY getting some signs of Fall here………… can count on that too!!! 


Backyard Maple….

Hugs, Teddy



And me too!  Don’t forget the Ted!!


Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Thankful and Poetic Thursday

It’s time for double post Thursday.   First up is our Thankful post for Brian’s Blog Hop.   If you’d like to share what you are thankful for this week just give a little click on the badge above and you’ll go to his blog where you can use the LINKY tool to join up!     I do have a lot of  thankfuls for this week but allow me to FIRST thank Brian for hosting this Hop.   It’s a good chance for all of us to spread our wings and FLY about what we are thankful for.    One of my thankfuls this week is that I’m thankful I remembered to join the new Hop that McGuffy’s Reader is doing called “SPARKS” – you post something that gets everyone feeling positive or happy or inspired and it can be a meme a special quote or verse or ANYTHING you feel will “light up someone’s day”.    You can check that one out at McGuffy’s Reader and the posts are on every Monday.    We did our first one this past Monday.

Secondly I am thankful that my white cell count is in NORMAL range…….not HIGH NORMAL like last check but NORMAL NORMAL – I’m glad because my Mom and Dad and my vet were a little concerned because both of my prior blood panels were OFF for white cell………Mom says I will never be NORMAL (hahahahaha thanks Mom) in many categories (like my weight) but at least my white count is NORMAL!

Now for part two of today’s blog and it’s where  my dear Angel brother transmits his weekly poetry challenge DOWN to me (which he did last night) so I can share it with you.    We are working our way through the alphabet and have made it to the letter “R”.    We are not far from the end of the Alphabet Challenge…….Here’s what I received from Angel Sammy courtesy of his Rainbow Bridge Wi-Fi connection!!


Hello Friends!   Hugs from the Rainbow Bridge

As you all know we are up to the letter “R” and I gave you some possible words to use if you want to for YOUR “R” poem…………just some hints but you are supposed to write your own poem about ANYTHING that starts with the letter “R”!    I hope we have some new folks joining in the poetic fun this week – several people said they “might try” to write a poem…………..I say ANYONE can write a poem – just let your thoughts flow – poems don’t even always rhyme remember – they just EXPRESS!   

Here are the words I gave you as “prompts” if you needed them:

(1) Rain (2) Run (3) Ruin (4) Rabbit

I’m using one of my own prompts this week………!!


By Sammy Kimmell, October 12, 2017

There are stories about rain that some children are told

Like at the end of rainbows there might be a pot of gold

Some think rain is really angels tears

They cry with worry watching us down here!

Rain brings renewal, lets buds open wide

Flowers will bloom, the gardeners great pride!

Some get depressed when the rain comes down

Nothing will cheer them, not even a clown.

But rainy days can sometimes be the very best

At reminding all of us just how much we are blessed

Rainy days bring us together because we don’t go outside

We can play a game, write some letters, read through a travel guide!

We can talk over tea in a quiet room at home

No need to go out in the rain – no need to roam.

Rainy day indoor picnics are REALLY the best!

No bugs to bother you – no sign of a pest!

So remember that RAIN is a sign from above –

To just SLOW ourselves down and feel all the love……………..


So that’s my thought of the day everybody.    Rain is not a BAD thing……… may dampen your plans but it can’t dampen your spirit if you don’t let it.   I miss my Mom and Dad’s “indoor picnics” in front of the fireplace.    Mom would spread a blanket on the floor with the fire going in the winter and I’d make myself at home in one corner and Mom would put piles of pillows around and she and Dad would have a “picnic” for dinner right there.   Usually sandwiches and stuff like she’d bring along in the picnic hamper IF they were outside in a park.    Sigh………………..

Here are some words for next week’s letter of the alphabet, the letter “S”………… may use one of these or one of your own – whatever you want to do but please give writing a poem a try.   Short, long, rhyming or not – ANY poetic form will do……….just let your inner thoughts fly free (like I do when I practice my flying at the Bridge!).

(1) Sunny (2) Shrimp (3) Shoe (4) Snuggle

I hope to see you NEXT Thursday sharing your own poem – this week you can put your poem in our blog comments OR just give us the link to YOUR poem in our comments – either way we can see your work and enjoy the fun!     Until then…………remember:

I give you LOVE and HUGS, Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy!    I liked that one…….and today is a rainy day too – I heard Mom tell Dad that they would have an indoor picnic so maybe I can see what Angel Sammy is talking about tonight at dinner!!!!

See you all tomorrow for Friendly Friday Fill-Ins with McGuffy’s Reader and 15andMeowing!

Big Teddy Bear Hugs to you!

Sunday Selfies Hopping


Let’s Hop!

It’s Sunday Selfies with the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.    Maybe you’d like to join in the fun?  Just click on their badge and use their LINKY tool – put your blog link in and VOILA you can show yourself off in selfie form!

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This week Mom decorated my selfie in fine form – she likes to get “artsy” with it.    I’m OK with that……………wanna see what she did with my selfie this week????????????????

There you have it!   Thanks to Lunapic with a “frame” from Pizap.    I am what I am – Mr. Ginger Boy!

Happy Sunday!!!!!  

Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hopping


Time To Hop With The Cat On My Head!

WAIT – not literally – don’t try to hop with a cat on your head but DO join the Blog Hop hosted by The Cat On My Head every Sunday.  

Click on their badge to join the Hop using their Linky Tool – put on your Sunday best and pose nice for the camera!

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And here’s mine…..Mom did another Lunapic thing using “Landscape” effect then added a border with Pizap!

Happy Sunday!   Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop Time!

Mom says I look like a tiger stalking prey in this one……

I say I look like a hungry cat looking for bacon………


As always we’re hopping with THE CAT ON MY HEAD (click their badge below to visit!) and if you wanna join in – grab the linky on their blog and show off your best shot!



Happy Sunday!   See you tomorrow for Pre-Tease!


Finally Fursday


Yep – it’s Fursday……..this has already been a very long week and it’s not over yet!   Why has it been long?  WELL!   First of all my Mom disappeared yesterday for the WHOLE DAY.  Imagine how incredibly bored I was for the whole day without her keeping me entertained.  Dad was here but hey – there’s nobody like Mom – you know what I mean?

Then, as if that wasn’t enough excitement, the air-conditioner died.  Yep – on a 94 degree day the silly thing just decided to give up the ghost and go over the Air Conditioning Bridge (there is one of those isn’t there???).   And since Mom wasn’t here to keep Daddy calm – well – let’s just say the atmosphere around here was TENSE yesterday.  Plus there was a stranger in my house (the A/C guy) – so when Mom finally got home from visiting Auntie Carol, Dad and the stranger were just finishing up their discussion.  Tomorrow we get a new air conditioning unit and furnace.  At least we don’t have to suffocate from the heat!

So you see what I mean?   Tough week……….

Mom wanted me to thank all of you who wished my Auntie Carol a happy birthday yesterday – Mom was at her house when she opened up my blog to see comments on the Teaser Tell All and show them to Auntie Carol and she got to see all of your SWEET messages wishing her a happy birthday!!!  It really MADE HER DAY….so thank you for that.

Bootiful new bowl handpainted by Miss Janet....and nip pillows made by her too!

Bootiful new bowl handpainted by Miss Janet….and nip pillows made by her too!


I didn’t get to visit ANYBODY’s blog yesterday so I’m behind.  Please forgive me?????   Mom promised me that we’ll make up for it today – I’ll get around and say hello for sure.


Meanwhile, I’m hoping that instead of having to nap in my tent all day, I’ll have a little lap time with Mom – it will make it a much more pleasant FURSDAY that’s for sure!  Hope you have a grand day too!!

Sam Loves His Friends!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy


T.G.I.F. ***


Good Morning and Happy First Day of February….. 😀

You THINK you know what TGIF stands for well guess what……today MY TGIF stands for (NO, it’s not Thank Goodness It’s February!!):


Indeed……..I’m very thankful for that because yesterday it was so windy and cold Mom had coats, hats, scarves, gloves on and she was still cold in the fifty mile per hour wind……  NO PROBLEM!  My ginger and white fur coat had me well covered and snug as a cat in a rug!

We’re kind of lucky that way, aren’t we friends?  We wear our coats all the time.  Now in the summer it CAN get bothersome but even at that most of us shed a bit of our fur coat when the weather gets nice – what was once a FUR COAT turns into a nice WARM WEATHER SWEATER!

See?  I can look pretty fluffy in my fur coat:

 You can see in the photos my coat is a mixture of longish white hair and shorter ginger hair but it’s nice and warm.   Mom isn’t so lucky (neither is Dad but don’t tell him I said that OK???).   Mom says her hair’s a whole lot thinner since she got to be a bazillion years old (and Dad won’t ever admit it but same for him….. :D).

Friday is for FURRIES……..and speaking of that we might get some snow FURRIES today too! 

Say – have you entered your photo in Hutch A Good Life’s Valentine’s photo contest?  Hmmmm?  Well you’d better hurry up and do it!!!   They want to celebrate romance…..dress up in your most romantic costume or send in an otherwise romantic photo of yourself to them – I did!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀