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NFCD and Tuesday Teaser!


Hi Everybody! 

What’s NFCD you might ask?  Well, it’s a day that’s near and dear to my parents hearts AND mine too.  Today is National Feral Cat Day and since I’m a formerly feral kitten, I like to spread the word! 

NFCD was started in 2001 by Alley Cat Allies – to raise awareness of the need for humane treatment of feral cats, promote TNF (Trap/Neuter/Return) and support various causes to benefit feral cats everywhere.  Please take a look at their website – they are celebrating today in MANY awesome ways and there’s a lot of great information on their site.  Anyway, I know many of you are formerly feral like me – let’s join paws and be thankful that we have our forever homes with loving families…..!

Another baby picture of Sam

Me as a baby – formerly feral and lovin’ life!

Now on to the Teaser!

I’m not sure if I can say this is an EASY one or a TOUGH one……I guess you’ll have to tell me!  There are TWO photos – you’ll have to click to enlarge them (which I know you do anyway so you can inspect them with a magnifying glass….HAHAHAHAHA).   Actually, they look rather fuzzy (old photos) so I hope you can see enough detail even enlarged – to guess.  After studying them, give me your best guess and I’ll be handing out the prize on Wednesday.   What is the prize some of you new readers might ask?  Well, it’s the much coveted, much prized, totally fabulous:

So you know you want one – right?  Just guess the correct CITY these photos were taken in and the hug is yours!!   Here’s the photos:
Sammy does !!!
Happy Tuesday and Happy National Feral Cat Day


Sam grazing on the grass

I like my salads....I eat my "greens" ! Maybe I'm a sheepcat? Well, there are sheepdogs so why not??

Yesterday morning the sun was shining like crazy and while it wasn’t WARM, it wasn’t FREEZING either.  So, since nothing was covering the grass up (like that pesky snow), I asked Mom if I could go out and do some grazing. 

Sam grazing on the grass in the front yard

So I like a little green stuff in my diet.....is that a problem???

I just walked along the edge of the sidewalk out front and “trimmed” the bits of grass that were readily available…..I do enjoy a good salad from time to time.  Mom knows that sometimes when I want to go outside to eat grass it’s because my tummy is upset but not always (and believe me, Mom can tell!).  Other times – like yesterday morning – I just want a bit of a snack.  I feel great but I’m in the mood for some “recreational grazing” !

I’m not sure all cats enjoy grass……but I have since I was a tiny kitten.  Maybe it’s my feral genes???  I’m sure my cat parents – whoever they were – had to eat all kinds of stuff out in the wild including grass when they found it.  Maybe that’s why I enjoy drinking water from puddles too?  Hmm….I hadn’t thought of that before but who knows?!  Come to think of it, I like to munch on a moth that I catch outside from time to time too. 

Well, I still think it would be tough for a spoiled cat like me to survive out there on my own – even if I do eat moths, grass and drink puddle water.  I MUCH prefer my nice warm house and my yummy cat food and treats. 

But I do love my nice green crunchy grass……maybe I’m a sheepcat???? 

Happy Friday

Sammy, Baaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh (my best sheep impression)

Sam’s Aunt Carol

Today I’m getting a visitor!  One of my favorite visitors….my Mom’s sister, Aunt Carol is stopping by on her way home from visiting her daughter in Richmond.  Aunt Carol is one of the only humans other than my Mom and Dad who I’ve allowed to see me and who I’ve played with.  I guess I just can tell she’s an animal lover and she speaks softly and doesn’t scare me like most other humans.  See, normally when the doorbell rings or I hear a strange voice in the house, I go hide in my “safe place” which is in the basement.  I’ll come back out and be my usual crazy self when I sense danger is gone.  Well, when Aunt Carol first came here I was just a baby – and she came down to my safe place and found my hiding spot and coaxed me out and talked to me…..I could tell from her voice she was “safe”…..so from that day I trusted her and I’ll come play with her on the stairs (our game is hide and seek!) when she visits us. 
Mom says it’s a big joke with people when she tells them about me – everyone calls me the invisible cat because they know I’m “around” but never see me!  Not with my Aunt Carol…..she KNOWS I’m real because she’s SEEN me…………..up close and personal. 
So she will be here around noon.  She and Mom are going out to lunch together so I guess I’ll just have to wait until its my turn to play with her.  Sigh….I guess I can’t ALWAYS be #1 around here!

Sammy Gets Brave….Sort Of


As you folks know who are following my blog (and I’m sure there are THOUSANDS of you……LOL) we have a neighborhood cat who almost always stops by our house once or twice a day.  She obviously lives somewhere close and she obviously is allowed to roam wherever she wishes, but she knows I live in this house on the hill and she likes to stop and say hi.  Well, I’m not trusting of other cats much – there were some who have come and gone who weren’t very nice to me so I kinda prefer my solitary existence just hanging out with Mom and Dad.  Dad calls the neighborhood “visitor” Stevie….why?  I dunno – he just does.  If I see Stevie in the window by the door looking inside the house I’ll go find Mom and tell her Stevie’s here.  Mom gives her a few of my treats (I’m happy to share!) and Stevie might hang out on the porch for a bit in one of the rockers then off she goes to visit someone else. 

Yesterday I did a very brave thing…..First of all, I have to say that if I’m outside and Stevie comes flying up the yard out of nowhere, I just lie down and be very still – she will sometimes come up and sniff me and I sniff her but we don’t play and as soon as I feel safe enough, I’ll run up to the door and ask to be let inside.  BUT yesterday, I saw Stevie on the porch, told Mom, Mom went outside and guess what – I WENT OUT TOO!  Yep – I actually went out there on purpose knowing Stevie was there – we touched noses, I went to lie down on one of the steps up to the porch and Stevie laid down on one of the rugs by the rocker and we stayed out there – together – for about ten minutes.  Now this may seem like a SMALL thing to you……but for me, it was huge.  Being a very shy guy I don’t seek out cat or people company.  Yesterday I did.  Mommy said she was proud of me. 

I was proud of me too!