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Purring on Thursday


Well when it’s this danged cold, what’s a guy supposed to other than hibernate – right?   I mean we haven’t had all that snow like folks up north have but when you wake up and the thermometer says TWELVE degrees and the wind’s blowing, you just know it’s PRETTY COLD.


SO, Mom snapped these shots of “this old guy” yesterday………….this is ME doing what I do best………….

I call this the "pre-sleep trance" position.....

I call this the “pre-sleep trance” position…..


This is the “If you’d get that danged camera out of my face I’d put my head down and sleep” position!


I have no exciting stories of what I did outside when I was out there with Mom because while I have stuck my NOSE out the door a few times, I did not stick the REST of me out there.   No way.   And to think that in my youth (or at least a few years ago when I was younger than now) I used to do THIS!

Sam looking mighty small in the snow


Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow

I musta been nuts back then…..

I’ve been saving this for when I redo my blog header after Thanksgiving – because I definitely want to use it in my Holiday blog header……….but I love it SO MUCH I want to show you what my beautiful friend Nellie –  Cat From Hell (although I think she’s heavenly) did for me – won’t it look FAB-U-LICIOUS on a Holiday header for my bloggy??????    Thank you Nellie Bellie!


All I can do is tell you to STAY WARM…….that’s at the TOP of my personal list of “THINGS TO DO” !

Warm Hugs,


Pee Ess…..I’ve started my Christmas shopping – have you? 

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The Week That Was


It’s finally Friday!   It has seemed like a super long week……………which is weird since I am sleeping most of the time so who notices time?!?!?!   HAHA   But still, for those who have humans who are gone during the week, Friday marks the end of the big WAIT for the weekend when you can hopefully get a bit more attention paid to you – I remember those days before my parents retired!

Halleluja it's FRIDAY!

Halleluja it’s FRIDAY!

Mom was working around in her office today putting things in their proper place and saw the photos that we’ve posted and shared with you before of some of her former kitties – before I made my debut in her life!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She’s obviously had a “thing” for gingers…tee hee….Eddy was a stray who came into her life the day after her Dad passed away and she always thought her Dad sent Eddy to her because she’d be very lonely and need company.   Her Dad was right and Eddy was a great cat.   He was an important character in Mom’s mystery novel as those of you who have read her book know!

Some of you have asked if the two strays around HERE are still hanging out with us and the answer is YES.   “Stevie” and “Tina” have homes but they like eating their meals and spending some nights and days with us.  I think they know this is a truly KITTY-FRIENDLY home!!!    We have a sort of understanding – we sniff noses through the screen doors – when I’m outside and they appear we touch noses but they leave me alone and I leave them alone.  I’ve been an only kitty for 14 years and am not about to give up the throne around here…..HAHA





What else is going on at the end of this week?  Not much…………..have been busy with Tabby Cat Club and Cat Scouts but basically yours truly has left all THAT work up to my Mom while I sleep my days away.  I’m being very good with my medication – love love LOVE that raspberry yogurt so much I don’t even notice the medicine in it!   I’m not asking for yogurt about three times a day in fact.   I’ll go sit in front of the refrigerator and try to talk it into coming out the door and into my mouth….!

I don't know who this kitty is but I bet he's looking in there for HIS raspberry yogurt too!

I don’t know who this kitty is but I bet he’s looking in there for HIS raspberry yogurt too!

I hope you’ve all had a good week………….please remember today is the Commentathon in honor of our dear departed Sparkle………’s for a super worthy cause so please take a moment to stop by her memorial ceremony.



Have a super Friday…….

Your Pal Sammy



Spring-ish Thursday


Howdy!   You know how I do a whole lot of complaining about the weather?  Well yesterday was the day I really realized that Spring is truly springing……YES we still have some frost warnings at night around here and we are definitely BEHIND where we’ve usually been with buds, flowers, etc. than usual for this time of year BUT it’s definitely starting to SPRING out there.


One thing that isn’t springing is our poor deer-nibbled to bits azalea bushes in the front of our house.  In the past we’ve had such gloriously gorgeous blooms in Spring but this year we’ll probably see only a small handful……..the deer really ate at least four inches off the entire line of azalea bushes which of course meant all the buds that would have been so pretty this Spring………….the BACK side of the bushes have some blooms since the deer couldn’t get behind them to eat but from the yard and the street they will NOT be looking like this!

No more house on the hill?????

SpringYard2013-19 SpringYard2013-1

But there are other signs of Spring………….the hostas are peeking up a couple of inches, the lilies are too………and the trees – oh my goodness the trees………..well, you know how there’s almost like a “haze” of light green when all the tree leaf buds are JUST barely opening up?  Well we have that haze everywhere!  The only trees that have “real” leaves open right now are the Bradford pears down the driveway but everything else has that gorgeous haze.

Pink dogwood just starting to pop with Bradford pear fully "popped" through the branches!!

Pink dogwood just starting to pop with Bradford pear fully “popped” through the branches!!

So, the point of my post is just that I’m feeling perky again…………winter took a toll on me this year.  I’m getting older – I know I’m only 14 and lots of kitties are a WHOLE lot older (and I intend to get that way too!!) but it was my achy-breaky joints and NOT being able to go outside and eat my beloved grass (kitty grass just doesn’t do it for me!) that made me extra lethargic and out of sorts all winter.  Now I’m feeling like a youngster again and even though I walk with a bit of a limp, my eyes are wide open and I’ve got a spring in my step………..I’m loving it.   Maybe I’ll turn back the clock and get YOUNGER now instead of OLDER?   Hey – I believe in magic don’t you??????

Spring-ish Hugs,


Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

Ahhh…’s getting NICE out here!



Fantastic Friday


Good Morning and Happy Friday!!!   We had such a wonderful day yesterday that even with some rain in our forecast for today, my good mood is holding true into this morning – yep – I’m a happy guy.  I got tons of sun time yesterday with my Mom and Dad on the front porch and even had a few munches of the green out in my front yard.   You know I love my greens almost as much as I love my BACON!

Speaking of bacon, I received an award from my Cousin Bacon (you know Bacon of course but did you know we’re Cousins?  Yep – we sure are!).   The award was a “combo” and I’ve received both of them before BUT not in combination and one of them has a different “look” so I’m pretending like it’s NEW!   Here’s what he nominated me for:

Dragons Loyalty Award (I have this award but it looks different!)

Dragons Loyalty Award (I have this award but it looks different!)

I have this one too.....but I'm glad someone thinks I'm LOVELY!

I have this one too…..but I’m glad someone thinks I’m LOVELY!

The rules say I have to give seven random facts about myself.  Well I can’t imagine that there’s ANYTHING about me that you don’t already know but here goes anyway!

  1. I can run like the wind in my dreams (Mom says my paws really MOVE when I’m asleep and dreaming!) but these days I can’t really run anymore.  The best I can do is walk pretty darn fast – my arthritis has slowed me down a bit!
  2. My Dad is in charge of giving me treats – if he goes to bed at night and forgets to leave me a few to last me until morning (!) I put a special toy by his chair.  It’s a little red rubber ring and my Mom calls it “THE RING OF DOOM” because the only time I give it to Dad is when he’s forgotten to put treats by his chair for me!!
  3. I absolutely LOVE to be brushed.  Any time – anywhere.  It puts me right to sleep.
  4. I’m fierce when it comes to the barky beagles next door.  If they see me in my back yard they bark and whine and scream and I just give them “THE LOOK” and ignore them.  I think it drives them crazy!
  5. I like my Mom to carry me around and let me look out the windows in the house.  Being up higher instead of low to the ground I see stuff I wouldn’t normally see and I always purrrr real loud because it’s so cool!
  6. I don’t like to wear a collar BUT I let my Mom put my harness on me when she takes me outside in the dark (early mornings usually) for a bit of a walk.
  7. Other things (besides bacon) that I love are a tiny dab of butter once in a while, a cooked shrimp, and moths (yes moths!).

And I honestly think that MOST of my friends have these awards already but if ANY of you don’t – and would like to have them – please take them with my complete blessing!!!!   Just remember to confess seven things to us in your blog because we’re nosy and we love to hear stuff that may be blackmail-worthy in the future…………..hehhehhehheh……….

Have a pawsome Friday…………I’ll be thinking of you as I hide from the MONSTER – it’s cleaning day around here – AGAIN!

Oh what the heck....since Mom's cleaning I guess I'll do some cleaning too!!!

Oh what the heck….since Mom’s cleaning I guess I’ll do some cleaning too!!!

Hugs, Sammy

Bacon Day


Howdy!   I realized as I started doing my blog for today that I used my pigtastic artwork for the wrong day – should have been TODAY right?  Pig?  Bacon?  Yum?   Well, that’s alright……I have lots of other pictures of my most favorite nommylicious food in the entire universe that could be gracing my blog today……… these for instance!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So are you up to your eyebrows in bacon?  Well that’s too far because you don’t want so much bacon that it bypasses your MOUTH where it belongs!!!!    HAHAHA

I also want to thank my buddies at The Island Cats !  Why?  Because they very graciously passed on a way cool award to me yesterday – the “KEEP CALM AND BLOG AWARD”…….well, I try to keep calm but sometimes (like on Saturday when bacon’s cooking in my house) I tend to get a little UN-CALM, but I’ll try real hard so I can deserve this award!    THANK YOU ISLAND CATS!!


Rules are I need to post the award (done), link to the sender (done) and pass it on to ONE friend.   I’m passing it on to my friend Easy.   He’s offered the use of his guest room for me to stay while I attend Gauguin’s Art School which is not far from where he lives.  He sees potential in my fabulous artwork.  What a guy (although he may need glasses if he sees potential…hahaha).

The other thing I have to remind you about is that today is Ranger and Stuart’s joint BARKDAY and they’re celebrating it with the DOGTONA CAR RACE and you know who (me) has entered!  You’ve got to stop by Ranger’s blog and get the scoop – today’s the day – you want to cheer me on right?   …………..VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!   Because I’m an old guy, I’m in the second race of the day at 11:00AM Eastern Standard Time…..and I hope you’ll come see me race…..!!   Here’s Stuart’s blog !






Howdy!   Sammy coming to you from the North Pole (well, it FEELS like it anyway!)…………….yesterday morning when I signed onto the computer it was THREE degrees outside.  ONE-TWO-THREE…..that’s only a few degrees right?   Mom and I were looking around yesterday online…….just seeing what kind of fashion statement we could make here in my neighborhood if I were to ALLOW (yes that’s the right word) Mom to put a coat on me when (and if)  I went outside.

Believe me, we are no fans of animals wearing clothes – although dogs and cats can look quite toasty in weather gear…….some examples we found:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BUT, last winter in a blogville auction, we bid on and won a new leash AND a beautiful blue turtleneck sweater.   “So (we said) why do we need anything ELSE when we have the purrfect sweater already??”……….so Dad went to my closet (well, alright, not MY closet… Mom’s closet) and got my blue sweater out and VOILA!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But not only that……… may remember that my good friend Cat Forsley, the very talented and pawsome Canadian singer/songwriter gave me some adorable little socks for my birthday this year?  Well, Mom and Dad clipped my claws for me this morning and right after – while I was still helpless in the arms of my Dad for the BIG TRIM – Mom slipped them on my front paws… we could have a photo to show Miss Cat of ME in my socks!   They were nice and toasty and awfully cute……but when Dad put me on the floor I walked like I was walking through mud…..HAHAHA.



Anyway, it’s so darn cold I think we have to do whatever we can to stay warm……………….


Warm hugs, Sammy

Stevie’s New House


Hi Peeps!!

I thought I’d let you know about a way cool thing that my parents did recently for our “neighborhood moocher kitty” who we call “Stevie” (short for Stephanie).   I’ve shared photos of her before:

She has a home (so they say), but she visits several of us on a rotating basis (us meaning neighbors) and in the last few years has pretty much decided she likes us best.  No surprise – my Mom feeds her and we’ve had a “padded kitty cube” with blankie in it on the front porch for her every year for the past several – she’s supposedly an outdoor cat – she won’t even come inside our house in fact.  Anyway, she’s friendly but keeps a bit of distance – we actually think she may have been a barn cat from one of the big horse farms around here – some of them have closed down and moved the horses out elsewhere but the barn cats were left to their own devices.

last week my Mom and Dad finally got around to taking the step to make life more comfortable during the time she spends here – especially since it’s been dangerously cold………they bought this from !!

StevieBed1 StevieBed2

Stevie LOVES it………….it’s got a 20 watt heater and the wiring/cord, etc. is all outdoor approved – the whole thing is waterproof – the heating pad has a fleece cover on it that’s washable.  It has a front and BACK door flap (although we had to take the front one off because Stevie was afraid of it (!!).  It was just “velcroed” on anyway – no biggie.  Mom wanted to get a photo of Stevie IN it but she roams around all day – and comes back at night to sleep here so we just have daylight photos.

With the weather as cold as it’s been, my parents wanted to upgrade the “home away from home” that we can give her when she’s visiting US.   Other families she visits may be doing similar things to help her but we wanted to help keep her warm too.   She may not be ours but we feel like she loves us so we’ll do our part.    When I go outside and Stevie is around she often will come up and poke me or leap on me and it scares me – YES I’M A BIG WIENIE but remember I’m an only cat……and I was a feral and who knows what happened to me before I was adopted – I just don’t like or trust other cats.  But I do SOMEWHAT trust Stevie.  That’s a big step for me.

Nice to stop and smell the roses....I mean mums!

See? I like having my WHOLE yard to myself – with no Stevie in sight!

SO, that’s my story for the day………..Stevie the wandering cat will have a safe, warm place to sleep when she’s here…….and plenty of food in her tummy (she eats what I eat and that’s pretty yummy stuff)……..and who knows – if I ever really get to trust her maybe – just maybe – I’ll allow her to move in even if right now she’s not too interested in that!!!

Happy Friday – it’s monster day around here so I’m headed to my hidey-spot in the basement………………..!!


Sammy – your intrepid reporter

Pee Ess….tomorrow is our beautiful ginger friend Dinnermintz SEVENTH birthday so make sure and visit to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!!!

Chillin’ With Bacon


Wait a minute…..what do chillin’ and bacon have to do with each other?  Well how about the fact that I like both of them.  We’re taking it easy around here recovering from Thanksgiving (chillin’) and having my favorite substance in the universe on the menu this morning (bacon).  I’ll just say that to me is a DYNAMIC DUO!


Say – if you like my Bacon Sign – did you know Mollie’s Mom will make a sign for you in her fabulous shop?  She sure will and she’ll put ANYTHING on it that you want her to (YES I SAID ANYTHING).  Talk about a unique gift!!  WOO HOO!

Today we’re having the monster-rama around here….inside and out I think….leaves and housecleaning…..a DOUBLE WHAMMY.   I’m gonna suck it up though and be brave because in return for the racket, I have my Mom and Dad home.  So there.  I’ll be JUST FINE.

I have tons of work to do on Cat Scouts – I’m super behind…….as a Troop Leader I have lotsa responsibility and there’s work to be done so maybe after all the monsterizing is done Mom will lend me a paw (oops – hand) and help me get caught up.  I know a lot of you have joined Cat Scouts…..we have a lot of fun…..if you have spare time and want to come join us, please do.  If you join up and want to join a great Troop – please join mine!  Just type in “Worldwide Wildcats” when you’re doing your profile and joining up.  We’ll happily show you the ropes!!



Thanks to all of you who sent me some ideas for my Santa Paws Christmas Wish List!  It was very helpful……………If you haven’t started your list, you should……Santa Paws keeps lists of GOOD and BAD cats and if you’re on the GOOD list (of course all of us are……tee hee) we’ll get swell stuff………….those of us who are BAD (and of course there aren’t any of those right?) get coal in our stockings.  Coal is dirty and icky and you do NOT want any of that trust me.  So, if you’re been bad, it’s time to shape up (although a it late) – but if you’ve been good – clear out some room in your toy box!   I might have to get a second wagon for my new stuff!

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!


Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’d better head for the kitchen……..I just KNOW you know why.  I smell my fave thing for breakfast………….it’s time for me to indulge myself.  May your Caturday be full of indulgences too!




OOPS – excuse me!!!   Sorry about that……maybe (only maybe) I might have overdone the leftovers Mom brought back from the Thanksgiving eat-a-thon she and my Dad went to yesterday.  But honest, I only ate a tiny bit of turkey and a lick or two of stuffing and THAT’s ALL!


NO this is not me but it could have

been if I hadn’t shown some restraint!

Actually it makes me sad when I see way overweight dogs or cats and people are acting like it’s no big deal………or that it’s funny………because actually it means those animals are going to have BIG health issues if they don’t already……!   I’m glad I’m staying my adorable slim self – I weigh 12 lbs. right now and my Vet says I’m “just right” for my bone structure (Mom uses that excuse herself in fact….HAHAHAHA).

See?  Slim and trim....(even my cat pillow look-alike is slim!)

See? Slim and trim….(even my cat pillow look-alike is slim!)

So, today should be a very quiet day………I know Fridays are my usual Monster Day but since my parents just got back this morning, no monster today – probably tomorrow.  We had a ton of rain from that bad storm that brought lots of ice and snow west of us so the leaves in the yard are still too wet for the outside monster to suck them up.  YAY – I get a break on that too.

This is my first year ever pawticipating in a Secret Santa Paws gift exchange!  The family I got for “Secret Paws” are a blog I’m not familiar with so I’m hoping to make some new friends.  I haven’t started shopping for them yet but I will soon.  That will be lots of fun.  Meanwhile I need to get my Santa Wish List done – I’m still making changes to it.  It’s tough…..there are lotsa things I’d like to get that I see on other cats’ blogs, but most of them are younger than I am and still have the bounce and energy to play with them.  Me?  I’m kind of the quiet, settled (does that mean lazy?) kind of senior citizen.  I already have a new bed (which I ignore) and my arthritis keeps me from being able to climb (so that rules out cat trees), but if you have any ideas – just let me know will you?

Have a PAWSOME Friday everybody………………………..tomorrow is BACON CATURDAY!   Until then I believe I’ll do a bit of post-turkey napping!


Happy Friday!  Sammy