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Baconia Is Beckoning!



IT’s good to be King…….sleeping in on a Saturday is a perk……although as King I can perk all day if I wanna!  

But like the “song of the siren” I am being called to the kitchen for breakfast……….

And my policy is NEVER IGNORE A SIREN………so up I shall get from my Kingly bed!


“Come this way!   We have bacon!”

Uhhuh sure……..at least I know the Royal Mom really DOES have bacon…you sirens I don’t trust!

I am here Mother dear!

I am here Mother dear!

Let’s get the bacon flowing shall we??????   Your Royal Son needs some energy to face the day……….after a night of dreaming about bacon, I am SO ready for some!

The royal cook did not disappoint......the bacon was prepared purrfectly!

The royal cook did not disappoint……the bacon was prepared purrfectly!

AND the kitchen staff seems to be happy with what they got today for breakfast too!   Gotta keep the troops happy you know….happy troops means happy castle!

I’ll take my place at the head of the table now……………..

Thanks Mom - this is enough for my appetizer - keep it comin' !!

Thanks Mom – this is enough for my appetizer – keep it comin’ !!

Now that things are right in my Royal World here in Baconia, I will bid you a fond adieu and hope that you too are rewarded for your loyal service to your human by receiving an appropriate share of BACON!!!!!

I shall now move to the Throne Room…….Ta Ta!


Happy Saturday!

The King……….




Happy Bacon Day!


Oh boy – oh joy – it’s International Bacon Day! 

So I'm celebrating!

So I’m celebrating!

It’s a big day around here…..well, everywhere that bacon is loved and appreciated I suppose because it’s actually an International Bacon Day so that covers everybody everywhere!  When I found out about this special day I had to do some research and what better spot than the blog 365 Days of Bacon which my good friends Miss Caren and Cody from Cat Chat told me about!  WHO KNEW????!!!!!  Was I ever excited about the news!

As you know we always have bacon with our breakfast around here on weekends and today Mom is making EXTRA just so we can celebrate in style.   The way I go on about the stuff you’d think I eat packages of the stuff right?  Well the truth of the matter is that I only eat a tiny piece.  That’s all I want really.  I’m not a (pardon the expression) PIG when it comes to having bacon.

My Mom got into the spirit of the occasion though and in honor of the day, my Mom brought out SOME (and I mean some) of her pawsome and extensive collection of piggies – she’s collected them for YEARS.  People have gifted them to her, she’s bought them on her world travels, and we find them in shops and stores all over the place.  Mom has a special little display cabinet in her studio with them and just for me (because I said “Pretty Please With Bacon On Top”) she got some down and took a few photos of them so I could share!

Ceramic, cloth, rubber, wooden....Mom's got all kinds of piggies!

Ceramic, cloth, rubber, wooden….Mom’s got all kinds of piggies!


An "aerial shot" of piggy heaven on the guest bed!

An “aerial shot” of piggy heaven on the guest bed!


Pretty cool huh?   She has others – including a pig her Mom had that she bought when they all lived in Taiwan many years ago.  It was carved out of some kind of dark wood and is one of my Mom’s favorites.   I think they’re quite cute and when Mom was taking these photos I tried to eat a few of them and/or steal them and run off with them.  They are NEVER out of their cabinet so this was a treat to sniff see them up close!

Also, I want to say that if you don’t know a little piggy who has a blog whose name is “Bacon” you should today of all days go over and introduce yourself to him HERE – and if you DO know him, make sure and stop by because he does – after all – have an INTERNATIONAL day named after him since it’s International Bacon Day!!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day – I sure am enjoying it so far……………………”Hey Mom……………bring on the bacon” !!!!!



Baconize Me!


Yowza!  Baconize me Mom…….I’m ready!  I can ALMOST (not quite) smell it frying in the pan………….WOO HOO.  I really do look forward to weekends when the frying pan comes out of the cupboard and shortly afterward the refrigerator door opens and I hear the drawer where the bacon lives open and close.  I know my sounds – yep I sure do.  THAT’s a sound I know quite well.


Mom makes other stuff for her and Dad on Bacon day – you know like eggs and toast and all that stuff…………but for me?  Bacon does it.  Now while I’m enjoying my bacon and you’re listening to me crunch crunch crunch away – may I say that if you haven’t done so, you MUST visit Cat Forsley’s blog so you can see the fabulous video she put together with all of you who wanted to be in it and sent your info to her!!!  I’m not sure she was able to put EVERYONE in that wrote to her after I told you about it, but if she could, she did, and it’s fun to see all of us.  Just click on her link below to check it out!



Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to see if by any chance Mom or Dad might possibly have accidentally on purpose dropped a bit more bacon into my dish!



Sunday Slush


Morning All!

Sunday morning……newspaper tents with the comics, bacon and “whatever” for breakfast, and this morning the added treat of slip-sliding outside for poor Mom when she went down to get the Sunday newspaper at the bottom of the driveway! 

Ice-covered trees !

Ice-covered trees !

Yep – she almost fell on her big bum hind quarters on her way down there.  We had some moisture overnight which must have been sleet at some point and the whole mish-mash collected in some dips in the driveway.  Impossible to see those dips in the dark!  She just sort of slipped and caught herself fortunately – then on her way back UP the driveway she walked through the front yard instead of chancing it on the driveway.  Good for you Mom!

Once in, she got the bacon going………that always wakes my old Dad up since he generally sleeps in another hour (or more) after Mom gets up in the morning with yours truly.  BACON – BACON – BACON…….I had a little talk with her yesterday about that by the way.  We now have a deal that weekend breakfast menus will be featuring bacon vs. sausage.  Wasn’t that wonderful of her to go along with MY plan???

Sam Keeping Warm in a Blanket

I can’t blame Dad for wanting a bit of a Sunday “lie-in” – who doesn’t ???

After breakfat while Mom showered and Dad shaved, I slept.  So what’s new about that?  A guy’s gotta properly digest his breakfast and what better way than SNORING – hey – I’m sure it burns up the calories (at least it certainly sounds like it should!!).

And more zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

And more zzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

It’s going to be a gray day again……..but hopefully no more sleet or rain or snow……the weather guys covered all the options by mentioning ALL of those in today’s forecast.   CHEATERS!

Hugs and stuff from Sunday Sam, the Bacon Man! 😀 😀

Caturday Already??


Gosh………where has this week gone? 

I can’t believe it’s Caturday already……maybe because I’m getting older time is moving more quickly?  Hmmm….I’m not sure I like that!!   Mom says when she was young time just dragged by…..everything just plain took FOREVER to arrive – now just like me – she says time is flying.  Oh well………Caturday Here We Come!

First of all Caturday means bacon.  No complaints there.

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

YAY! Is that bacon I smell?????

Secondly it means both Mom and Dad are home and don’t go anywhere.  No complaints there (more lap time for me).

Thirdly I don’t have to worry about housecleaning or laundry activities because they were done Thursday and Friday.  No complaints there (except I do kind of like it when Mom puts fresh sheets on her bed).

Sam Taking a Snooze on Mom's Bed

Ahhh….fresh bedding!

The only other thing going on around here is my Mom finally finished her little short story/book about the feral cat who starts his own colony in the magical forest!  Yep – she’s waiting for a proof copy of it but it’s DONE.  The “star” of the book is a little tuxedo cat named “Feral”.   Now I have to say that my Mom’s Dad’s name was “Ferol” – same name, different spelling.  She’s kind of honoring her Dad and writing about feral cats (ME!) at the same time!   Cool huh?  The book is called “Feral’s Rainbow Forest Family”…….it’s a VERY short book – only 22 ages – and Mom did three illustrations for it herself.  Here’s the cover:



Feral has green eyes!

Feral has green eyes!


Here’s what “Feral” looks like – this is him as a tiny kitten after he’s been separated from his Mom and he’s wandering on his own – he’s in some deep grass and sees a human for the first time!  Can you tell he’s scared????   I bet I was scared when I saw my first human too…..

Feral sees his first human.......

Feral sees his first human…….

Well, I guess that’s all that’s happening in my world.  How about you?  Anything exciting going on?  I’m still somewhat pouting that we didn’t get any snow after they promised me 1-3 inches.  But I promise by the time I get my bacon this morning for breakfast I’ll have forgotten ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL about snow!

Kitty Hugs and Happy Caturday!  

Sammy 😀 😀