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Bacon Buddies!


Let’s Be Bacon Buddies!

A King needs buddies as well as loyal subjects – and it’s even better if buddies ARE loyal subjects!    Are you on board with that arrangement?   Because I love all of you and even though I’m royalty (hahahahaha), I would like you to love me too!     If I give you plenty of bacon maybe that will show you how much I APPRECIATE you!!!

Shall we begin the abundant bacon breakfast this Saturday morning?????????????????   Oh yes – LETS!!    Grab a plate and fill it up with whatever you wish from the ROYAL BACON BUFFET.  Mouse over the photos to find out what they are!

We also have some pretty lattes for you to choose from!

So did you get enough to eat?   If not, I have no problem with you having seconds or thirds!     It’s what we do on Saturday here in Baconia right?    Celebrate the JOY OF BACON!!!!

Don’t worry – there’s plenty to go around!

Have a grand Caturday !

See you next week for more………BACON!

Your King, Teddy




Lemme At It!



Good Thing I Can Smell It! 

OR ELSE…..(no April Fools joke

when it comes to bacon please!)

We don’t want to talk about what would happen if on a Saturday Mom did NOT fix bacon…………oh no…………that would be a disaster.   There would be a very upset kitty and at my age, it pays NOT to upset the kitty.

BACONBEG10Don’t even JOKE about it………………….there simply will be bacon on Saturdays as long as yours truly is around.   Mom promised me that years and years ago!

Don't EVER disappoint THE KING!

Don’t EVER disappoint THE KING!

As for what she’s making WITH the bacon at least for her and Dad………………(I’m a PURIST for Saturday breakfast……..just bacon……that’s it………nothing to distract me).   I think she’s doing waffles this morning.   I really have no interest in them so GO FOR IT HUMANS!

FUNNYBACON4I’ll be sure to brush after breakfast!


See?    There are some perfectly excellent reasons to eat bacon……………….wouldn’t you say?   All those poor plants out there at risk?  Oh yeah!!!!!!


Here’s to a BACON-FILLED Saturday for all (especially ME!).

Hugs, The Bacon King

Breakfast of Champions

Sammy Having Breakfast

Having my kitty version of "Wheaties"......good way to start the day!

Well, “Champions” might be a bit of a stretch, but I DO think it’s important to start your day off with a good breakfast!  No sooner does my blue dish hit the floor than I’m all over it checking it out.  By now Mom sure knows what I will and won’t eat, that’s for sure.  The one thing I do that I’m not sure Mom’s that thrilled about is dipping my paw in the dish once in a while so I can eat from my “hand” !!   She wouldn’t mind that much probably except of course those little paw prints around my dish that she has to clean up.  I’ve always done that paw dipping thing with my water dish though – since I was little.  I scoop water out of my bowl to drink and because I have an extra toe on my front paws I can get a nice little slurp of water that way!  This food dipping thing is something new………and since I can get away with almost ANYTHING I do around here (onespoiledcat remember) Mom doesn’t really mind.

After I get my breakfast, Mom sits in her recliner, puts one of my favorite throws over her legs, and I get my morning brushing on her lap while she watches the news for a little while before Dad gets up.  It’s our special quiet time together…….maybe tomorrow I’ll let her show the embarrassing photos she has of me loving that bright pink brush of mine!  Tee Hee……… 😉

As I was getting that brushing and Mom was watching the news, the weather guy said there might be some flurries around today.  So much for that beautiful weather we’ve been having.  No problem.  I’ll just ask for some extra lap time today……I NEVER mind that!

Happy Monday!