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Just Catchin’ Up!


Hi Peeps!

It’s been such a whirlwind few days around here with me and my secretary working on the contest and the Teaser and organizing surprise packages that I’m just plain POOPED! 

Mom just snapped a photo of me in my tent (gee thanks for disturbing the peace Mom) and you can plainly see that I’m exhausted…..

Mom left a peep hole in the back for a “back door window” this time when she made my tent…..cool huh? Pardon me…..YAWN….back to sleep…..!

We’ve almost got both surprises packages ready to go out to the winners of the photo contest – Miss Mollie and Mr. Cody – but Mom DID have some other things to do today like grocery shopping and working in her gardens.  I may be #1 priority around here but there ARE other miscellaneous duties that my secretary handles every day after all.

I was conscious enough earlier to make a quick trip into the front yard to have a bit of a munch……but other than that it’s been SLEEPVILLE for yours truly! 

Sam grazing on the grass in the front yard

Yum….nice crunchy grass…somebody pass me the salad dressing will ya??


One Spoiled Cat?  Oh yaaaah……..no doubt about it!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀


Sam grazing on the grass

I like my salads....I eat my "greens" ! Maybe I'm a sheepcat? Well, there are sheepdogs so why not??

Yesterday morning the sun was shining like crazy and while it wasn’t WARM, it wasn’t FREEZING either.  So, since nothing was covering the grass up (like that pesky snow), I asked Mom if I could go out and do some grazing. 

Sam grazing on the grass in the front yard

So I like a little green stuff in my diet.....is that a problem???

I just walked along the edge of the sidewalk out front and “trimmed” the bits of grass that were readily available…..I do enjoy a good salad from time to time.  Mom knows that sometimes when I want to go outside to eat grass it’s because my tummy is upset but not always (and believe me, Mom can tell!).  Other times – like yesterday morning – I just want a bit of a snack.  I feel great but I’m in the mood for some “recreational grazing” !

I’m not sure all cats enjoy grass……but I have since I was a tiny kitten.  Maybe it’s my feral genes???  I’m sure my cat parents – whoever they were – had to eat all kinds of stuff out in the wild including grass when they found it.  Maybe that’s why I enjoy drinking water from puddles too?  Hmm….I hadn’t thought of that before but who knows?!  Come to think of it, I like to munch on a moth that I catch outside from time to time too. 

Well, I still think it would be tough for a spoiled cat like me to survive out there on my own – even if I do eat moths, grass and drink puddle water.  I MUCH prefer my nice warm house and my yummy cat food and treats. 

But I do love my nice green crunchy grass……maybe I’m a sheepcat???? 

Happy Friday

Sammy, Baaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh (my best sheep impression)