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Teaser Tell All


Hello Class!  It’s that time again!

Pull up a desk and get comfy and we’ll tell you ALL about yesterday’s Teaser!




As soon as I finish cleaning the back of the classroom I’ll be ready too!

As you all know we had problems with the blog which have now been resolved (yay for WP guru guy) so there is no need for Sarge to put a contract out on them, and for Suzie to make up a nasty cheer – we’re all good now.

I woulda had my cousin rub ‘dem guys out ya know….

Yes thanks Tyrone……………………..not necessary.    And PULEEEZE take your headphones off before Sarge sees you!

We had a GREAT turnout for 6:45AM yesterday when we went live because we had a THREE WAY TIE FOR FIRST COMMENTER!    Who were the lucky ones?

Da Phenny, Miss Pix, and Miss Sue of KATSRUS

Congratulations!!!!   Here’s a badge for the THREE of you!

A THREE-WAY win for FIRST COMMENTER on Nov. 7, 2017 for Da Phenny, Miss Pix, and Sue of KATSRUS!

WAY TO GO GANG!    Then we waited to see what would happen after that……..these were the photos all of you were studying to figure the Teaser out:

The photos were from our friend Sherri-Ellen and her cat Prince Siddhartha Henry from HERE  and they are of one of Miss Sherri-Ellen’s favorite places EVER which is beautiful Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada.    Looks gorgeous doesn’t it?   Kind of magical and peaceful and quiet.   THANK YOU MISS SHERRI-ELLEN for telling us about this place.   This badge is for YOU and Siddhartha!

For Sherri-Ellen and Siddhartha Henry for the Teaser photos of Nov. 7, 2017

Then we WAITED until someone gave us the FIRST RIGHT answer to where the Teaser was taken and that was:

Annie of McGuffy’s Reader!

For Annie of McGuffy’s Reader who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of the Teaser on Nov. 7, 2017

We did have some other peeps who ALSO guessed this one right – good for all of you since it was kind of a toughie……if you guessed correctly please help yourself to one of these!

For Teaser of Nov. 7, 2017

Now, as you know, even if you guess WRONG on the Teaser you still get a badge – a nice GREEN badge too so if you were wrong, please have one of these with our blessings!

For Teaser of Nov. 7, 2017 which I guessed INCORRECTLY!

Suzie – did you have anything you’d like to say about the Teaser this week and our winners??????????????

Well of course I do
Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo
Three First Commenters
Phenny, Pix and KATSRUS
You breeze right in without a fuss!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER makes me wiggle my fanny
It was McGuffy’s Reader and our Miss Annie!
Well done students for another week
Now step right up and I’ll give your noses a TWEAK!

Thanks Suzie – no doubt you’ve made their day with your CREATIVE cheer!!

I believe Bobby is about to raise his hand – I see it in my crystal ball……

YES Bobby?????????????

“Sorry Professor Sammy I didn’t mean to raise my hand – I just felt this NEED to raise it – maybe Madame Zelda caused me to do it with her magic crystal ball?   On the other hand, all of a sudden I need to use the litterbox!”

Go ahead Bobby.  Hurry back.

Bobby you are disrupting the class – you should take care of your bodily functions BEFORE class!


OK now that everyone is back……………may I say that we will see you all in class again NEXT Monday for PRE-TEASER MONDAY then on Tuesday for the TEASER?    In the meantime, you may all go outside and play in the playground for recess.   No pushing, shoving, spitting, teasing, pulling hair, tripping, or any other childish behavior or else you’ll have Sarge to answer to!

Raise your hand if you want some hot chocolate to take outside with you!!

Hot chocolate bar

You may take it outside……………..don’t break the cup and only one cookie each!

Angel Prof Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy!


Remembering Sammy


Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day………

We couldn’t let this day pass without a special post in honor of my Angel brother Sammy.    He left for the Bridge on December 2, 2016 before I had a chance to meet him but he was the one who found me for my Mom and Dad and made sure I was at the same shelter where they got Sammy 17 years before…………..they walked in the door and saw me and that was the beginning of my wonderful life here this past February just a month before I turned one year old!

Angel Sammy was “bigger than life”…………through his blog here, he made so many friends it was amazing………and he loved each and every one of them (still does!).    Today’s Remembrance Day was started by another blogger friends, Deb Barnes, of Zee and Zoey in honor of Jazz who is one of their Angels now – – – this post here on my blog is part of their BLOG HOP today and if you’d like to join in just CLICK HERE.

Instead of going over all the wonderful memories Mom and Dad have of Sammy and telling all the stories I’ve heard since I’ve been here, we will just let this little slideshow do the talking for us.   It starts with a wee ginger boy and ends with his flying off to be with his friends and to wait patiently for the day when all of us will be together again………………..We hope you enjoy our REMEMBRANCE.    And for all of you who are remembering a special Angel pet today – may you be comforted in knowing they are young and free and IN OUR HEARTS forever.

Thank you Laura Strickland for this beautiful graphic

Love from us to all of you……Mom and Ted

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Yay!  It’s 2-For-1 Day!

First up in our two posts in one day is our friend Brian’s Thankful Thursday……………even though all of us are thankful every day, we set aside Thursday to SHARE what we’re thankful for by hooking up to Brian’s Blog Hop – just click his badge above and you will go there right away then use the LINKY tool to “hook up” !!

I want to say that today I’m particularly THANKFUL for my Mom.   Why?   Well, this whole week I’m “away” at Cat Scouts (online of course) and we’re at Yosemite at Summer Camp.   We’ve had TWO craft projects to complete and Mom of course did them for me since unlike my brother Angel Sammy, I don’t have thumbs!    One was making a special hat and the other actually was something for Scout Moms.   It’s an infinity scarf but we had to paint it and it’s drying so I can’t show you that but I CAN show you the cool hat she made from the instructions we got – she had to sew it by hand.  I think she did a SWELL job and I am so THANKFUL!

YAY MOM!   Thanks for helping me at Cat Scouts.   We have so much fun – she’s going to try to get a photo of me wearing the cap (hahahahahaha good luck with that!)………Interested in joining Cat Scouts?  Just go HERE to register.   Tell them Angel Sammy and Teddy sent ya!

Now on to part #2 of the blog today which was sent to me LAST NIGHT in an email from my Angel brother Sammy………………’s what he sent!


Hello from the Rainbow Bridge my friends!

Today is my Thoroughly Poetic Thursday poetry day………………my challenge to you is to make it for the THIRD TIME through the alphabet with a poem each week using the NEXT letter of the alphabet.    We are up to the letter “I” – can you believe it?    We’re working our way through!    Anyone can write a poem – so why not you – go ahead – poetry doesn’t even have to RHYME to have a theme and a meaning so if you’d like to join us, please do!   

The way we do this is you are free to write a poem about ANYTHING AT ALL that begins with the letter “I” – OR, you could use one or more of the prompt words I give you every Thursday to use for the following week.    Last week I gave you four “I” prompts that you could use if you want:


Those were kind of tough prompts but I just bet you came up with something INTERESTING (say – that word starts with an “I”!) for your poem this week.    Here’s MINE:



By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 8/9/17

Imagine a place where peace abounds

Endless flowers adorn beautiful grounds

Endless blue in the sky up above

Never a bad thought, just boundless LOVE

Imagine a cloud so soft and secure

A bed for an angel, with dreams that are pure

Imagine being healthy, and young, and revived

You just left one existence but your “self” survived

Your wings lift you up and you fly with such ease

You may visit your family and friends if you please

We have gone from your touch, but we’re with you still

One day we will see you as you come up the hill

Arrive at the Bridge and we run to your side

The love we have held like a rushing tide

We welcome you home – we’re together at last

A reunion so sweet, like mere seconds have passed……….


Yes I’ve written about the Bridge again………….I suppose it’s just natural for me to do that because after all – I’m HERE!    It really is a wonderful place and those of us who are here will be waiting for you – our beloved humans – until you are able to join us.   Meanwhile, look for us in your dreams………..or in the clouds on a clear day……….or at the end of the RAINBOW!

Your prompt words next week if you wish to use one will be:

(1) Juicy (2) Jump (3) Jungle (4) Jealous

See you next week!  

Love, Angel Sammy


Thank you for your poem this week Angel Sammy.  One day – hopefully a long time from now, I will join you at the Bridge – what a TIME we will have!!!   Then Mom and Dad will make their way there and we will be together again.

I hope if you have written a poem you will either post your poem in our comments here, OR in comments give us the link to your blog so we can visit you and read your MASTERPIECE!!!!!    Make sure and visit us on Poetry Thursday next week……………..we’ll look for you!!


Love, Teddy



Thoroughly (and Thankful) Poetic Thursday


Here We Are Again!

Thankful to be blogging still from the Rainbow Bridge……thankful that you all stuck with me even after I left for my cloud……thankful that you are my FRIENDS.    We are joining up with Brian’s Thankful Thursday and you can too if you just CLICK HERE and link up!


Now, let’s get POETIC!


Today is “G” day!  

If you want to participate in the poem posting today, just make your poem about something starting with the letter “G” and you can post it in my comments here, or put your blog link to your poem in my comments to share.   You’re WELCOME to join me in celebrating poetry.  Next week we’ll do “H”…….and on and on until we finish the alphabet!



By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 1/26/2017

When I was young – a little kitten

With Mom’s plants outside I was quite smitten

I’d leap around like a crazy cat

I’d hide from Mom she really loved that!

My ginger head popped up here and there

Mom never quite knew when or where!

As I got older I learned to be calm.

Just watching the butterflies was my soothing balm.

Oh yes I’d chase them from time to time

But Mom allowed that – it wasn’t a crime!

Then came the day when I’d lie in the shade

By then the “fate” of our gardens was made.

The deer had discovered this bountiful treat

Everything Mom planted, the deer would eat!

So in the shade I’d stay with my nose in the air

I had not a worry, I had not a care.

Mom quit planting flowers it became too much work

The deer came along and pull out plants with a jerk…..!

So in my old age I’d simply sit by Mom

We both would relax, and enjoy all the calm.

At the Rainbow Bridge we have flowers and green

But my old back yard was the PRETTIEST place that I’ve ever seen.

Nice to stop and smell the roses....I mean mums!

I hope I’ll see you all NEXT Thursday when we do “H”…………I wonder what I’ll come up with for THAT one!    Come to think of it, I wonder what YOU’LL come up with too!!!!!


I’m a Poet, and I know it! 

Monsieur Angel Sammy


Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Let’s Get Poetic! (and Thankful too!)

First of all, may I say that not only are we poetic today but we’re also THANKFUL – and we join with Brian’s Blog for that happy occasion – while we’re at it, HAPPY GOTCHA DAY Brian!

thankfulthursdaybadge(click badge to visit him!)


Happy Poetry Day!    Today we celebrate the letter “B”………………there are a Bazillion words that start with B……picking just one was a trip I tell ya!


By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 12/22/16

I think that I shall never see

Anything as beautiful as this particular “B”

Bacon makes my world go round

I could eat it by the pound……….!

King of Bacon on Earth and The Bridge

I’ve got it stocked up in my refrig!

That salty crispness I totally crave

Yes I’m addicted – I’m Bacon’s SLAVE…..

Breakfast, lunch and dinner too

Its gotta be pork cuz turkey won’t do!

Now I just bet you all KNEW I’d write about Bacon for “B” right?   In fact, I just bet a bunch of us write about Bacon since I have discovered through the years that I’m not the only one who loves the stuff………even the turkey stuff which is better for you BUT………..!!

I hope everyone is ready for the holiday because it’s HERE………….that’s right – in just a couple of days Santa Paws will be coming down chimneys all around the world so at this point I’m pretty sure that those of you who have been NAUGHTY are out of luck to turn things around…………just means you have to try harder next year.    Being on Santa’s NICE list means lots of new toys and foodables and maybe blankies, etc.      Up at the Bridge, we don’t get presents (even though Santa DOES come visit us before he heads down to visit all of YOU on Christmas Eve!)………..we get a special PASS that allows us to not just visit our families back home for a little while like we do all the time – but to spend the night Christmas Eve and stay Christmas morning……that’s so we can see them enjoying their holiday and remember what it was like when we were there with them.   You might think that would make us SAD but it doesn’t – it makes us HAPPY……..HAPPY that we were lucky enough to be with them for as long as we were.    After all, a “FOREVER HOME” really is forever because even after we’re gone to the Bridge, that home is in our hearts FOREVER.

If you wrote a poem today and want to share it, just post your blog link in my comments and we’ll come read it OR you can post your poem in my comments – then we can just read it here!   I bet there are some good “B” poems!    Let’s hear yours!


Oui Oui!  I am zee poet and I truly know it!

Monsieur Angel Sammy

Too much bacon? Don't let this happen to you!

Too much bacon? Don’t let this happen to you!

My Friend Easy


Sometimes there just are no words…………… we say it with a graphic from our hearts………………….


Hugs to all who knew him but most especially his Mom and Dad…………..

Sammy and Mom

We just saw this posted by Ann at Zoolatry……..


For Easy’s blog:  CLICK HERE

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Let’s Do it! (write a poem that is)


Ah yes……..the wheels of time are moving quickly now as we sneak up on the end of the alphabet – hence the end of our exercise in writing a poem for each letter!   But let’s not dwell on the END of something – let’s enjoy the moment and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE out a poem to honor the letter of the week – the lovely letter “R” !   


By Sammy Kimmell, 10/13/2016


Rainy days are messy

I have to stay inside

Rainy days have thunder

That noise can make you hide!

There is one thing that’s NICE though

About a rainy day

When rain stops and the sun pops out

Something SPECIAL comes our way!

Mother Nature’s paint palette

With all the colors bright

A ribbon of color across the sky

Brings smiles of pure delight.

The rainbow is so beautiful

Stretching from ridge to ridge

A reminder too that our friends are smiling

From across the Rainbow Bridge……..

Now, next week we tackle the letter “S”………………gosh………….I know someone whose first name starts with an S……….hmm……..!!!!   Meanwhile, if you have written a poem today for “R”, put your link in my comments here so we can visit you and read it OR just write your poem in comments here and we can read it HERE……….stretch that imagination and write one!

Happy Poetry Day

Surprise someone with a little poem today!

Oui Mon Amis, I did zee "R" today and next week we shall do zee "S" together, oui???

Oui Mon Amis, I did zee “R” today and next week we shall do zee “S” together, oui???

Hugs, Monsieur Sam, le poet

Sunshine Blogger Award and Bacon!


What a Combination huh?

Well, the reason for the crazy post title is that I’m doing TWO things today (so what’s new right?)……………I’m FINALLY thanking my friends at The Cat On My Head for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award which they did a week or so ago – I was up to my eyeballs in Teaser and other planned blogs so couldn’t respond at the time.   BUT I’m responding today by answering the questions they posed when they nominated me and ten other friends for the award!

sunshinebloggeraward2016I have received this award several times in the past but you know what?   It’s always nice to have someone think you’re worthy of any award so I sincerely thank my Kitties Blue buddies for the honor.    Here are the questions they posed and I let my Mom answer them!

  1. Who is your favorite author?  There are SO MANY, but currently it’s Kathy Reichs – I love forensics; it just fascinates me to no end, and she really has a way with a mystery thriller and truly knows her “stuff” !!
  2. Why did you start blogging? Blogging was a way for me to “ease” back into writing after a battle with cancer for over a year – I had been writing what was to be a mystery series and stopped after the first book to take time out for a year of chemo………during that time I LOST my joy for writing…..blogging has given it back to me!   Besides, it’s fun to give Sammy a “voice” !
  3. Beach or mountains for vacation? DEFINITELY mountains………I spent four years living in Florida as a beach bunny in my early 20s and got that out of my system – I much prefer a quiet cabin in the woods on a lake with the sound of birds in the trees and a rocker on the porch.
  4. What is your favorite indulgence? Chocolate?   Travel?   It’s a toss up.
  5. If you had an unlimited amount of money, what would you do with it? Find a way to get every homeless person and animal a home – not having “roots” is a terrible and lonely feeling and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
  6. If you could live any place in the world, where would it be? That is tough…..I love where we live now but would also love to live on Cape Cod… husband would choose a little village in Italy!
  7. What is your favorite form of exercise? I am not into sports – I used to love to walk but after my last surgery it’s problematic…..I think if I had my own pool I’d swim for exercise.
  8. What is the most unusual job you’ve ever had?  I’ve had some interesting jobs….but the weirdest was as a “presser” in a dry cleaning plant!   
  9. What was your first job?  I was a civilian with the Department of the Army, Telecommunications Directorate, Communications Security Branch (!) – I was a clerk-stenographer.
  10. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes…….although I’d call them “spirits” rather than ghosts.  
  11. Where do you get your news: newspapers, TV, computer? I read the Sunday newspaper only……and get overviews from the computer and TV.

Thanks Mom!   We are supposed to nominate ELEVEN other bloggers for this award but we already have seen it EVERYWHERE so coming up with eleven people who haven’t already been nominated is impossible – so if by some miracle you haven’t been nominated AND you want to comply with the rules (below) – as well as answer MY eleven questions for YOU, GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!

The rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
  2. Answer the eleven questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate eleven other bloggers, adding their links and asking them eleven new questions.
  4. Notify the bloggers you have nominated.

These are my questions for those of you who want to answer them and pass on the award to your friends too!!

  1. If you had one wish – only one – what would it be?
  2. Which of these would you NEVER try?  (a) skydiving (b) deep sea diving (c) parasailing (d) learning to fly an airplane
  3. What’s your favorite day of the week and why?
  4. Do you prefer eating out or cooking at home?
  5. If you could change ONE physical characteristic you have – what would it be?
  6. What’s your favorite time of day?
  7. If you were traveling to another continent, would you prefer going by ship or by airplane?   Why?
  8. Most of us like our own names, but if you could pick a DIFFERENT first name for yourself, what would it be?
  9. What’s your favorite plant or flower?
  10. If you HAD to give one of these up for a month, which would you choose?  (a) your television, or (b) your computer?
  11. What’s your all time favorite car?

There you have it……………….Thank you again Kitties Blue!

Now, let’s EAT!

Is breakfast ready yet Mom??????

Is breakfast ready yet Mom??????

I hereby declare it Saturday Bacon Bonanza Day across the land!

I hereby declare it Saturday Bacon Bonanza Day across the land!


Do enjoy your day – whether it’s bacon-filled or nap-filled !

I shall be spending mine in true Kingly fashion…..resting up for Sunday Selfies – a King must look his best after all!


‘Tis Good To Be King………


Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Ready for some POETRY?


Good Morning Poetry Lovers (or Likers!) – it’s time for us to continue our journey up and down the alphabet by tackling the letter “Q” !     I had to really think about this one……….a lot of possibilities came to mind for this letter of the alphabet, but I settled on this one……I hope you like it!



By Sammy Kimmell 10/6/2016

I used to be so quiet

I never caused a riot

I’d hardly make a sound

You’d forget I was around!

But when I lost my hearing

I was constantly fearing

That I was home alone

I couldn’t hear a tone!

I call out day and night

I call with all my might!

Mom comes to reassure

For me, she is the CURE

I get quiet and I purr………….

Mom always understands

She holds my heart in her soft hands……..


Yep – things are QUIET in my world these days since I can’t hear………but if I wake up from a nap and don’t SEE someone I call out until somebody comes to let me know they are there – – – usually my Mom and she gets up three or four times a night to help me too!   My Dad sleeps right through my yowling but Mom hears me………!   Sometimes I just see her and I’m fine – I’ll go right to my favorite sleep spot under Dad’s chair in the dining room and go back to sleep….sometimes I want her to come to the litterbox with me so she can clean it up RIGHT AWAY (I am a fastidious guys!), or sometimes I ask her for some fresh wet food or a treat.    I’ve never been a cat to sleep with my humans or of course I’d KNOW I wasn’t alone at night…….Some people might say these are signs I’m truly spoiled – Mom says they are signs that I’m elderly and unsure and that I need my human more than ever!   All I know is I am lucky to have understanding humans………….some people have told Mom to just put me in the basement and shut the door at night………she won’t do that…….she actually DID try that once and only once……..when she opened the door I had been sick everywhere and was very upset all that day.   Who says cats aren’t emotional?!?!?!?!?!    I’m one highly strung dood!!!!

Highly strung?  Who?  Me?

Highly strung? Who? Me?

SO – that’s the explanation behind the poem…………hope I didn’t bore you………..!     Now did you write a poem today for “Q” ???????   If you did, you can put a link to it in my comments here and we’ll zap over to your blog to read your work…..OR…….why not post the poem here and we’ll read it in comments?!?!     Thanks for playing along with the alphabetic poems – – – next week we’ll tackle “R” which will definitely be easier than “Q”!

I squeezed out a poem for letter "Q" - did YOU????

I squeezed out a poem for letter “Q” – did YOU????

Hugs, Sammy the Poet!

Friendly Fill-Ins AND Shopping!



It’s time to Fill In some sentences! 

Friendly Fill-ins are co-hosted by McGuffy’s Reader and 15and Meowing and are a WHOLE lot of fun – if you wanna join in, just click on one of their links and using the linky widget add your blog with your own fill-ins………it sure is fun finding stuff out about each other!

Mom and I are BOTH filling in this week – my responses are in GREEN and Mom’s are in BROWN….

1. I deserve a treat today for letting Mom sleep most of the night.

2. My favorite magazine is one that is comfortable to lie on for a snooze.
3. Recently, I threw up – in fact it was this morning which is VERY recent!.

4. Even though  it’s raining today, I  insisted on going out to eat some grass .

1.Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day!

2. My favorite magazine is Country Living.
3. Recently, I turned 69    .

4. Even though I need to lose weight , I can’t resist snacking all the time!  .

There you have it!   Fill-ins from me and my Mom!    Thank you Miss Annie and Miss Ellen for such a FUN hop!
See you in the grocery store aisles!!

Can I ride in the cart Mom?????

Now for my NEXT activity, I will pawticipate in Bacon and Fozziemum’s “SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD” event – and this week we are to share information on any “one pot meal”.   
My Mom often uses her crockpot to start dinner early in the morning on those days when she will be running errands or just away from home all day with my Dad on a little day trip somewhere.    She has TWO crockpots – a smaller one and a jumbo one.  
This recipe is one of my Dad’s FAVORITE meals…………..Mom will make this for Dad when she knows she won’t be home for dinner because while HE loves it, Mom isn’t as nuts about it as he is.   It’s easy too………TOTALLY.

Short Ribs In Beer Over Rice (or Noodles)


One package short ribs (enough for however many people you’re feeding!) Price:  Angus Beef Short Ribs Bone-In $7.99 lb.


One onion sliced Price:  Yellow Onion $.16


One can stewed tomatoes (drained) Price:  14.5 oz. can $.79


One beer (any kind will do!!) Price:  $1.33 (for one bottled Bud Light!)


Enough rice for however many people you’re feeding (noodles work too!) Price:  Uncle Ben’s White Instant Rice, 32 oz. $4.59


Throw everything into the crockpot together (except for rice or noodles)……………and turn on low – let it cook until dinner time or until ribs are tender and falling off the bone.   Make enough rice for everyone to have some in a bowl to put their ribs with some of the “juice/gravy” on it.   YES you can eat with a fork or a spoon depending on whether you want to have any of the juice on top – my Dad likes that because he eats nice buttery rolls with his short ribs and that juice is “MMMMMMM-GOOOOOOD!” he says.

YES it’s housecleaning day – and the usual crowd was here to help my Old Mom and Dad and Old Me out to get this place ship-shape for another week.   We don’t make much mess at our age (well, maybe I do because I shed and need help with my litterbox and occasionally throw up)…….thank heavens my Mom and Dad don’t do those things either.   They can’t shed – neither of them has much hair…….they don’t use a litterbox (thankfully so I have it ALL to myself) and they never throw up (YAY!).

The cleaners were in and out in a flash!


BAM!  Done!

Now I can sleep…………without anyone bothering me………..saving up my energy to eat bacon tomorrow……………………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ahhhh......NAP TIME!

Ahhhh……NAP TIME!

Ta Ta Til Tomorrow! 

Love Sammy