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Bacon Bulletin


The following is an brief excerpt from a scientific journal article authored by Professor Samuel Bacon Kimmell, Esq.

The highly intelligent and well-known Professor Kimmell

The highly intelligent and well-known Professor Kimmell

“There is now scientific evidence that the ingestion of bacon, which we all know is nature’s perfect food, can cause a feeling of goodwill and warmth to spread from stomach to brain in humans and animals who REGULARLY partake in the pleasure of having it for meals”.

Now if that doesn’t say it all, what does?    By the way, I may or may not (I’m not sayin’) be related to the good Professor – it MIGHT be a coincidence that we have similar names………..BUT, what he has to say speaks to my soul.   Yes indeed…… much so that Mom is cookin’ up some bacon for me RIGHT THIS MINUTE.   She says we can always use goodwill around here.

Mine - all MINE!

Mine – all MINE!

I know I don’t have to convince those of you who ARE “baconators” like me that this stuff is heavenly – and I also know that some of you have tried it and really did not care for it (as amazing as that is to me!)…….then there are even some of you who may NOT have it even if you DID want it…….for those friends of mine may I just say this:   IT’S DY-NO-MITE.

I’ve had an amazingly busy week for an old guy so today is going to be spent bathing in the afterglow of my bacon-o-rama this morning and in search of sun puddles in the house in which to keep warm…………we are sadly supposed to have more snow.   I think the energy I will be receiving from my bacon ration this morning shall indeed keep my tummy warm ALL DAY LONG.

What about you?  Bacon or fleece blanket?????  (or both)


Your Favorite Bacon Boy, Sammy

Feel free to take this for your blog if you're HOOKED on the stuff like I am!

Feel free to take this for your blog if you’re HOOKED on the stuff like I am!




Purring on Thursday


Well when it’s this danged cold, what’s a guy supposed to other than hibernate – right?   I mean we haven’t had all that snow like folks up north have but when you wake up and the thermometer says TWELVE degrees and the wind’s blowing, you just know it’s PRETTY COLD.


SO, Mom snapped these shots of “this old guy” yesterday………….this is ME doing what I do best………….

I call this the "pre-sleep trance" position.....

I call this the “pre-sleep trance” position…..


This is the “If you’d get that danged camera out of my face I’d put my head down and sleep” position!


I have no exciting stories of what I did outside when I was out there with Mom because while I have stuck my NOSE out the door a few times, I did not stick the REST of me out there.   No way.   And to think that in my youth (or at least a few years ago when I was younger than now) I used to do THIS!

Sam looking mighty small in the snow


Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow

I musta been nuts back then…..

I’ve been saving this for when I redo my blog header after Thanksgiving – because I definitely want to use it in my Holiday blog header……….but I love it SO MUCH I want to show you what my beautiful friend Nellie –  Cat From Hell (although I think she’s heavenly) did for me – won’t it look FAB-U-LICIOUS on a Holiday header for my bloggy??????    Thank you Nellie Bellie!


All I can do is tell you to STAY WARM…….that’s at the TOP of my personal list of “THINGS TO DO” !

Warm Hugs,


Pee Ess…..I’ve started my Christmas shopping – have you? 

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Feral Cat Day


It’s that time of the year again……………….National Feral Cat Day………………..


There are a lot of posters honoring this day – I just liked the colors on this one!

I was presumed to be a feral kitten………….found under an abandoned house – no siblings or Mom (they probably ran to keep from getting caught and left poor little ME behind) – and then taken to the shelter out in the far reaches of this County.    Lucky me because two days after I landed THERE, Mom and Dad came in looking for a kitten and found me!!!    Lucky THEM!


I have a soft spot in my heart for ferals as well as all homeless cats and dogs and other animals EVERYWHERE on the planet.   Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how fortunate I was – – – – and that I don’t wish every animals could know love, safety, and comfort like I’ve known for almost 15 years.

Hug your cat today – or if you’re lucky enough to have multiple cats – give them each an extra squeeze.

Remember to get your Caber Toss photos in by the 25th…..the clock is ticking!    I’m having fun photoshopping the entries onto the bodies of some amazing caber tossers – the real deal……….it will be fun to show them at Kyla’s Highland Games on October 27th.   Wanna know what you can expect to see that day?   Just check HERE (there will be updates I’m sure but this is the current list of events).


I hope you’re also planning to come to my Sam-O-Ween pawty on what SOME people call Halloween!!!   If you want to enter the FUNNIEST COSTUME contest – please do!     I’m getting some pawsome entries coming in!   Should be a real hoot!

I'll be at the door of the Haunted House to greet you!!

I’ll be at the door of the Haunted House to greet you!

Today is the second and last day of the Niagara Falls trip on the Tabby Cat Club……………………………..CLICK HERE to see how things went yesterday AND whatever posts are coming in today for the return trip!!!!    Here’s what I did on Day Two!

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Long Weekend Coming


So it’s the Friday before Memorial Day weekend here in the Washington, DC area and what that means for us is TRAFFIC………….and NOISE…………..!   See we live fairly close to a major highway and it’s a main route to the interstate that takes people into Washington, DC (over an hour away from here).   So everyone in the universe who wants to go down to the Mall or walk around the monuments or visit Arlington Cemetery comes down the highway – especially the pawsome guys called “Rolling Thunder”…………here’s their website if you’ve not heard of them…….    It’s a great organization and their cause is a good one but they sure can make a LOT of noise on their bikes when they’re riding into town!   WOWZER!

I’ve always thought I’d look pretty cool on a motorcycle…………..this one would be just about the right size for me – don’t you think?


I look at it and all I can hear in my head is Steppenwolf singing “Born To Be Wild” !!!!   🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Anyway, enough of that fantasizing – let’s just say it won’t be a quiet weekend around here but we’ll probably be having so much fun we won’t notice the noise………….we’re having our own cookout and probably going to a neighbor’s AND no doubt we’ll be spending a lot of time out in the yard because it’s supposed to be GORGEOUS here.  No time to even pay attention to the noise (even the barky beagles next door!).

Mom mowed the yard yesterday so that’s done………… all I need to do is WAIT…………….wait for the fun to begin.   Also remember on the Tabby Cat Club on the 25th we’re having our own Indy 500 celebration… don’t want to miss that now do you????  Heck no!!!!



Since the site is not functioning properly now and we’re all getting frustrated (!!!),

please spread the word with your other Cat Scouts buddies

that the TCC is the place for fun on Sunday – looks like even if we can get

ON Cat Scouts site, we might not be able to post or comment so

we’ll just make it a Tabby Cat Club PAWTY for Cat Scouts and TCC Club members alike!!!!  

Tell your friends – head to the TCC on Sunday for some big fun…..

and you don’t have to be a TABBY to be there either – YAY!



Born To Be Wild Sammy


Sammy’s Cafe’


What?   Sammy’s Café?  What would that be you might ask?  Well, the scoop is this……………….the last three days we have had a little visitor on my front porch and fleetingly through the yard on occasion.  A little (probably year old and no more) black and white tuxie kitty with light green eyes.   She’s shy, but becoming more used to us…….she has “won over” Stevie – our Frequent Moocher cat from the neighborhood who comes to my house for breakfast and dinner every day.  Stevie isn’t easily won over either.  Stevie tries to beat ME up every time I am in my own yard and she comes up to me……..I hiss appropriately and roll to my back ready to fight if I have to but she backs down and gets the message (mainly because my Mom yells at her to STOP)……..Anyway, that’s off the point – Stevie and the little kitty (who Mom has named Tina and who my Dad has named Marilyn) are getting along.

My front porch is an “equal opportunity mooching porch”……..anyone in need of a meal – COME ON DOWN TO SAM’S CAFE’ !!!    I think the word’s getting out in the neighborhood.

Speaking of neighborhood, not one soul is claiming this little tuxie – nobody knows who she belongs to……the little boys next door even went door to door to see if they could find her home.  So, for now, she’s an outdoor kitty with Stevie and we’re feeding her.   Here she is:



Mom knows that because I’m 14 and because I’m formerly feral and very used to being an “only” here with my parents, I can’t have an inside cat living here.  Sound selfish?  Well, we’ve tried and cats pick on me and I get upset and am afraid (I hate to admit it but it’s true!)……… that’s why we have helped cats out from time to time but they live outside – not inside.

So that’s the big news in my life………….between that excitement and getting ready for my black tie buffet blogaversary party on Saturday – well – me and Mom are BUSY!



A reminder that if you’re coming to my party in your “fancy clothes” and want Jeeves to introduce you when you arrive at my party, send your photos of you in your best gear by Friday noon.   You don’t have to get all dressed up though to come by – we’re celebrating all day long!    WOO HOO!!!!!