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Turn It Off!


Stop Already!!!

OK – here’s the thing…….I know that north of us the poor peeps have had TONS more snow than we’ve had – TONS more.   We’ve been lucky in that regard for sure……..what we are tired of HERE is having even tiny snows.  Irritating snows.  Three inch snows.   EVERY DING DANG DAY!    What’s with that?   Why not just let us have six feet of snow PERIOD – then give us spring and melt it all.  Now that sounds like a reasonable plan.

January 2012 Snow

Poor Dad was out AGAIN with the snowthrower……………..and it was snowing the whole time.  He’d do a long strip of driveway then by the time he got back up the strip was covered again.   Why bother???!!!  I suppose we will have LESS snow piled up in the spots he cleared even if it was temporarily……but I’m just TIRED of the stuff – know what I mean?

Poor Dad!

Poor Dad!

OK – I feel better now………I got that off my chest…………I have nothing to complain about really because Mom and I have been inside nice and warm all day WATCHING the snow.   Lucky us.

Go Dad Go!

Go Dad Go!

Tomorrow Mom is supposed to go have some blood work done………maybe yes – maybe no………..time will tell…………there’s  a lot of street plowing that will need to be done before that’s gonna happen.   Maybe Dad’s next “toy” (like the snowthrower is) should be a full blown snow plow?   Like the highway department uses…….just think – one quick swipe and it’s ALL GONE!

I’ll suggest he put that on his Santa Wish List…………………

Stay warm everyone (unless you’re in hot places in which case stay cool!).

Hugs, Sammy


Fun Friday


Hi Peeps!

Yes I know I don’t normally get really excited about Friday – after all, it’s MONSTER day – but this Friday I’m happy…….because of a couple of things………ONE, we’re working on the camping trip around here (woot!), and TWO, we had about ten inches of snow yesterday but today it’s almost GONE!

Oh and THREE – I spent today decorating my tent…….I’m of course not entering the competition for Best Decorated Tent on the camping trip BUT I thought I’d decorate my tent anyway – so you can see how my tent will look – you need to be able to recognize the Camp Counselor’s tent after all right?   So whatcha think???  Is it the REAL ME????????????  How about you – are you decorating your tent for the trip?

I'll be easy to find at the campground don't you think????

I’ll be easy to find at the campground don’t you think????

Here are some snow pix from EARLY yesterday morning before it really snowed all that much.  Amazing that today it’s almost gone isn’t it?


This was before the 40mph wind kicked in!

This was before the 40mph wind kicked in!


Have a seat on a snow cushion?????

Have a seat on a snow cushion?????

Now if you need a refresher on what’s what with the camping trip, all you need to do is CLICK HERE to get all the details.  

Guess what?  We already have two entries in the Virtual Scavenger Hunt.  YAY!

Miss Caren and Cody from CAT CHAT gave me a couple more links for those of you who need help with photo “doctoring” – I used Pizap for my tent project but here are two more (THANKS YOU TWO!!):



I haven’t visited these but maybe they will help you out if you need any help with photoshopping fun.

Well, it’s about time the monster comes out so if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go make some final adjustments to my tent decorating. 



Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

Snoozy Saturday

Snowy January Morning

There's ice on TOP of the snow....took poor Mom ten minutes to get down to the bottom of the yard to take this photo!

Well, it does look swell but poor Mom took her sweet time getting down to the bottom of the hill to take this picture……with that coating of ice on the snow and traveling DOWN the hill – let’s say it’s a good thing she has a lot of padding on her (eeeek….did I say that out loud???).    The sun finally came out but it stayed in the mid-30s and the ice didn’t melt.  We really didn’t mind at all though – it was really cozy in the house. 

I didn’t see many people OR animals out there today – most everybody stayed inside and stayed safe.   Mom ventured out into the backyard and put sunflower seeds in the bird feeders – boy oh boy did THAT cause some excitement.   There were ten squirrels chasing each other all around getting the “spillage” from the feeders when the birds arrived.  We had lots of cardinals (don’t they look GREAT in the snow???), and some small finches but a bunch of blackbirds flew in and chased everything away.  Pretty soon a gray hawk arrived though and when he did – the blackbirds flew off.  I just kept watching and when the hawk finally left all the squirrels and cardinals came back.  They know when to disappear and when to reappear that’s for sure! 

Anyway, I spent most of the day sleeping……no surprise there huh?  It was just a nice day all the way around.  My parents stayed home of course since it was icky outside and I had Mom’s lap ALLLLLLLLL to myself! 

Should be interesting watching Mom go down to the mailbox at the bottom of the driveway to get the Sunday paper tomorrow morning though……..(insert evil giggle here). 

Happy Sunday!!!!


Snow? Yah We Got Some….

January 2012 Snow

The view from my porch toward our driveway

When the weather guy said “a few flurries” we kind of thought “big deal”…..and really it wasn’t a big deal overall but it was NOT flurries…………we got about an inch AND it covered my sidewalk and my grass.  Sure did.  That meant even though I was brave and asked Mom to let me go out in it, I had to get wet feet and no grass munching for my trouble.  Harumph.


January 2012 Snow - another view

View from my porch toward the left side of the yard

I like this shot best though because you can see how the snow was sticking to every single teensy tiny itsy bitsy limb on the trees – looked like a fairyland (not that I know precisely what that looks like of course)…..but wanna hear something kinda funny?

By yesterday at 1PM it was all gone…….totally – like it never happened.  Our temperatures got into the low 50s and it’s just a distant memory now………sure was pretty though while it lasted.

Happy Wednesday!!