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Friendly Fill-Ins


Hello!   Time for us to join in the Blog Hop co-hosted by our friends at Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing.     It’s easy to join us – just click on the badge above and link up!  If you don’t know what this week’s sentences are, you can just see ours below – and fill in the blanks with your own words.   Easy – and FUN – and we learn lots about each other which is always great.

Mom and I filled these sentences out together this week – if Mom is filling in a blank, her words are in GREEN and if it’s my words in the blank my words are in BLUE.


1. I don’t like to clean the windows inside the house, but I have to.
2. I think my husband snores like a bulldozer (or something equally loud!).
3. I secretly wish I could stay outside ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL day!.
4. Running up and down all the stairs in our 3-story house TRULY wears me out.

Well, truthfully when I was little all the stairs were fun – Mom would roll a ball down the two sets of stairs from the top floor and I had a blast running down fast as the wind to bring the ball back for more – and more – and more.    These days if I’m at the bottom of the stairs and she rolls a ball down to me I just watch it come down and go right by me and stare at Mom like “WHADDAYAWANTMETODOABOUTIT????????”     Oh well.    Life goes on.
Hope you all have a fabulous Friday……………..we have rain……….but that’s kinda nice.   I don’t mind it.   I spend my outside time on our covered front porch and watch the rain.    Spring is sure springing up all over now.

Here’s a hug from me to you!

Love Teddy

Before we go we want to join in the parade of blogs honoring Marg of Marg’s Animals today – it’s her BIRTHDAY and the blogosphere is wishing her the best birthday ever!   You may leave a birthday message for her by clicking on the graphic below which will take you to ZOOLATRY.     Marg is a most special lady and since the WORLD knows it, we hope the WORLD wishes her a special birthday.

Friendly Fill-Ins


Friendly Fill-In time on a Friday!    Our two co-hosts are waiting to see how we all fill in the blanks they gave us so Mom and I worked on them this morning and here are our completed sentences.      If it’s a blank filled by MOM it’s in RED and if it’s a blank filled in by ME it’s GREEN!


1. _Having a litterbox is such an inconvenience.   (not for me – for Mom – I can’t just FLUSH, she has to clean it up and fill it up with litter, etc.   Poor Mom!)

2. My favorite part of the Easter ( or Passover) meal is EVERYTHING – I love making Easter Dinner (except this year we’re going for curbside pick-up at our favorite restaurant so I get a DAY OFF!).
3. I would like to find an Easter egg filled with MONEY – big bills only please_.
4. For me, staying an “only cat” at my house is a deal-breaker.   (I love being by myself and getting all the attention and all the treats and all the toys and all the……well you get the picture!)

Well that was fun.    Before we go Mom and I want to wish all of you a happy weekend………….however and whatever you celebrate – make it a family affair with lots of fun, hugs, and remembering the reason for the special day.

Hugs, Mom and Me

Friendly Fill-Ins


Happy Friday everybody.    Fill-In day is here again……..and if you’d like to join in the fun of “filling in the blanks” on the sentences our co-hosts gave to us – GO FOR IT!   Just click the badge above and link up.

We get two sentences from each co-host and just fill in the blanks with our own words, thoughts, feelings……..it’s fun.

Here are this week’s four sentences and Mom and I BOTH chose to fill in blanks so if I’m filling it in, the words are in RED and if it’s Mom’s words, they are in BLUE.

1. I never have time to finish enjoying my yard because Mom wants to come back inside and do housework or cook or something SILLY like that!!.
2. My Mom can brush me but I don’t like my Dad to brush me for some reason.
3. The Humane Society is a cause that is dear to my heart.
4.  At this very moment, I would love to eat a banana split!   (I haven’t had a banana split in probably 40 years – it just sounds good)

Well done – Mom and I whipped out our words in no time.    Now maybe I can talk her into taking me back outside for more “OUT” time.    That’s a word I recognize – Mom or Dad can say “out” and I head for the door lickity split!
Hope you all have a great FRIDAY……………………………..see you for fill-ins next Friday.

Me and Mom……….

Friendly Fill-Ins Hop


Happy Friday – time for Friendly Fill-Ins with our co-hosts!   If you’d like to join us – click the badge above and LINK UP with your filled-in sentences.    It’s a fun way to get to know more about each other.

Mom and I decided to share filling in duty again this week.    Some of them I wanted to answer and she had answers for others so we divided them up!    My fill-ins are BLUE and hers are GREEN!

1. I look forward to keeping the windows open in the house for fresh air every spring.
2. The highlight of my week was making corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots for dinner on St. Pat’s Day!.
3. I think plump is the word that best describes me.
4. Nothing melts my heart like hearing Mom tell me I’m a “good boy” when I do what she tells me to do.

So that’s another week closer to real Spring weather – soon we’ll all be able to spend more time outside and I’ll be HAPPY about that!   I really do love getting exercise walking around and around and around the house with Mom and/or Dad trailing behind me.    I also exercise a lot running up and down three flights of stairs 20 times a day.    I tried to tell the vet that all my extra weight was due to my muscles – he didn’t buy that.   Oh well.
Does this shot make my butt look big?????

Hugs, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins!


Friday!  Time to do some filling in!    Our co-hosts give us two sentences each and they have blanks for us to fill in.   Sometimes I do them ALLLLLL by myself and sometimes I decide to be big-hearted and share with Mom.    Today, since this is my birthday week, I decided to fill the blanks in all by myself………………….!    My words are in BLUE.


1. Nothing is better than my FOREVER home!.
2. I like to take naps in_my _Guest Bedroom in the afternoon because it’s sunny!.
3. Being outside in the fresh air makes me feel energized.
4. I would advise others to ADOPT A PET – you’ll do the pet AND yourself a favor!!.

Well now, that was easy peasy.    Mom got to work on the laundry while I did the filling in.   Nice huh?     Oh I want to share a couple of birthday cards I got yesterday.  Day before yesterday I shared the special Horoscope I got from my friends at Cats-Astropic but I’m repeating it below in case you missed it!!
From Cats-Astropic
From Kitties Blue at The Cat on My Head
From my own Mom and Dad
From Friends Furever

Thanks for making my 5th Birthday SPECIAL!!