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Tenth Blogaversary SPARK


Yep – we’re celebrating our ten years of blogging with a special SPARK today.    It’s actually a bunch of SPARKS…………….thoughts about blogging and life from yours truly.   After ten years of doing this blog thing I figure I owe it to myself and the readers of this blog to share my thoughts about “putting it out there every single day” for ten years.    I might actually have missed a few days…..I always tried to have posts done for the period of time we were on vacation but not always.    I may have missed blogging when I’ve had surgery in the past or was sick as a dog and in bed wishing I could float away on a cloud but MOST of the time ONE SPOILED CAT was in business!

Originally it was all about Sammy.    My amazing ginger boy Sammy – the polydactyl precious boy who was so much more than our cat…….we learned a lot from him and he only became more special as the years went by.    Saying goodbye to him was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.    He was ONE SPOILED CAT.     After he died, we waited a couple of months then went back to the same shelter where we had adopted Sammy and found Teddy – another ginger tabby who is equally special in a totally different way.    Blogging “for” both of my boys has been a blast these past ten years.

I’ve come up with THREE (I could probably have way more but these I particularly like) thoughts about blogging, life and what I’m trying to do with this blog.    THEY are my SPARK for today:

So this isn’t my usual SPARK and I’ll go back to the usual next Monday.    I just thought after ten years of doing this, you might like to know why I’m here and what I’m trying to do.   I’m also having a ball bringing Teddy to the world – just as I did with Sammy for almost 18 years when he was with us.    I don’t know if I’ll do this for ten more years – probably not – but I intend to do it as long as I’m having as much fun as I am now.

Thanks for ten great years……hugs, Pam and Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Hello Friends and Hello Thankful Thursday.    Another week has flown by and we are still feeling fine here and SO thankful that’s the case.   One only has to watch the news – just once – to realize that the world is imploding/exploding all around us.   In almost every way.    We might have our heads in the sand up here on our hill in our town in our safe home but right now that’s precisely what we need/should do.    So we are.    Thursday is our day to be thankful with Brian but we are truly thankful every day we wake up and realize we’re still here!!!    If you’d like to join the wonderful and THANKFUL-FILLED Hop, just click the badge above and join in by linking up.

I got my weekly email from my poetic Angel brother Sammy…………..his poem based on the photo he gave us last week is there………and I always feel just plain “better” after I read his messages anyway.    I hope you do too!!    Here’s his email:


Hi Friends and Lovers of Poetic Fun!

Hope you all are healthy and happy.    You know we are always happy at the Rainbow Bridge but we watch what’s happening with all of you – every single day – and while we can’t make things better for you – we DO care.   Remember that!

Now onward to poetry fun…………did you write a poem for the photo I gave you last week?    Did you?    Well GOOD!   Let us know you did in our comments here so we can read it.    I try to find what I believe to be interesting and fun photos for you to use as a “launch pad” for your poems.    It’s a chance to let your imagination fly free and maybe say something you might not otherwise say…….or perhaps express yourself in a complete flight of fancy!    

Here’s the photo I gave you for THIS WEEK’s poem – along with my poem for the photo……………then I’ll show you NEXT week’s photo inspiration!

“Thank you Sam”…….”Thank you Mam”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell          ©August 12, 2020


Sam enjoys making his dairy delivery rounds

But has found this past year that he’s gaining pounds!

Mrs. Smith makes the best fruit pies on his route

He’s pretty darn sure that’s what is “tightened his suit” !

The ladies appreciate his deliveries and they’re all so nice

And he can’t resist their cakes and pies when he’s offered a slice!


So Sam delivers their dairy orders and makes out pretty well with sampling the baked goods along the way.   I’m sure the ladies appreciate him as much as he appreciates them.    My Mom says she can remember when she was about eight or nine, they had a metal milk box on their front porch – supplied by whatever the dairy was that delivered milk.   Had the diary name on it of course.   These days I imagine people would be afraid to have one on their front porch because someone would steal it along with their milk delivery!    This is what it looked like (although the dairy was not this one):

Mom says she was never up early enough to actually SEE the milkman in his truck delivering milk but there was always frosty cold bottles of milk in the metal milk box every morning!

SO – I hope you will try to write a poem for this coming week’s photo – we’ll get together Thursday to share poetry based on the below photo so you have a WHOLE WEEK to come up with something to share with us.   YOU CAN DO IT!

Love this tiny chapel…………………I bet this inspires some great poems!!!    I already have an idea…………… you?      See you next Thursday – in the meantime please stay happy, and healthy, and hopeful.  

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love to you all!   Angel Sammy


Thank you for sending us your poem this week Angel Sammy……………….I always enjoy your poetry and I hope everyone plays along with you and writes one for the photos you find!     I love you!

Hugs, Teddy

Remembering Sammy


Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day………

We couldn’t let this day pass without a special post in honor of my Angel brother Sammy.    He left for the Bridge on December 2, 2016 before I had a chance to meet him but he was the one who found me for my Mom and Dad and made sure I was at the same shelter where they got Sammy 17 years before…………..they walked in the door and saw me and that was the beginning of my wonderful life here this past February just a month before I turned one year old!

Angel Sammy was “bigger than life”…………through his blog here, he made so many friends it was amazing………and he loved each and every one of them (still does!).    Today’s Remembrance Day was started by another blogger friends, Deb Barnes, of Zee and Zoey in honor of Jazz who is one of their Angels now – – – this post here on my blog is part of their BLOG HOP today and if you’d like to join in just CLICK HERE.

Instead of going over all the wonderful memories Mom and Dad have of Sammy and telling all the stories I’ve heard since I’ve been here, we will just let this little slideshow do the talking for us.   It starts with a wee ginger boy and ends with his flying off to be with his friends and to wait patiently for the day when all of us will be together again………………..We hope you enjoy our REMEMBRANCE.    And for all of you who are remembering a special Angel pet today – may you be comforted in knowing they are young and free and IN OUR HEARTS forever.

Thank you Laura Strickland for this beautiful graphic

Love from us to all of you……Mom and Ted

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tuesday Tease Time


Time For School!

Shall we begin class?   Good – in that case, hurry up and COMMENT – yes – COMMENT on this blog right now so you can be the FIRST to leave a comment and win this:

If you are FIRST or one of the FIRST in the FIRST sixty seconds we are LIVE with this blog, you win that lovely half-asleep yellow-faced smilie guy you can put on your blog or Facebook page or on the bathroom wall or WHATEVER you want to do with it!    Go on – comment then hurry back………..

tick tock tick tock

Alright – time’s up – now we get down to the REAL business here – and that’s looking at today’s Teaser photo and taking a STAB at guessing it correctly…………..remember in order to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER or even a RIGHT GUESSER you must guess the town/city/location/village AND the state (if USA) or country (if not USA) the photo was taken in – OK?   Got it?   Are you sure?   Pawsitive?   We know you could use Google Image Search to figure this out EASY PEASY but be a sport – see if you can figure it out just by studying the photo!!!!   More of a challenge right???

Yes Professor, let’s GO FOR IT!!!! I’m ready!

Shall we see if SuzieQ is ready to cheer?    Oh yeah – let’s!   What’s Teaser Tuesday without hearing from our fabulous Teaser Cheerleader ???!!

Today’s the day you get to guess
Show the world that you’re smarter than the rest
Give the Teaser a close look
Or you could cheat with your geography book (haha)
What is this place on the bulletin board?
Does it look familiar? Does it strike a chord?
Well hurry up and guess if you think you know it
Cuz someone else might guess as soon as we show it!
You want a badge that isn’t GREEN?
Then you’d better guess before I SCREAM!

Thanks Suzie!  You’re certainly coming back with a vengeance aren’t you?!      Let’s have our resident Forest Ranger/FBI Man/Armed Guard/Security Dood bring in the TEASER photo which has been under lock and key since we received it from our SOURCE for the Teaser this week!

Here’s this week’s photo Professor!

If you are the first to GUESS correctly, you will win this:

If you are RIGHT with your guess but aren’t the FIRST to be right, you win this:

If you blow it big time with your guess, even though you’re WRONG, you tried, so you get one of these:

FABULOUS deal right?   Totally………these badges are highly collectible (we just like to say that to make us sound important).    One day they will probably go for huge amounts of money on eBay (or not).    So get guessing ASAP!    We’ll see you back here in class tomorrow……………………..then you’ll find out who won what AND who our Guest Teaser was!

Don’t be late for class!!

Angel Sammy I’m gonna take a nap until the Tell All……..see you tomorrow!

No problem Teddy, I’ll snooze too – then we’ll be READY for the Tell All!!!! …zzzzzz…..

Since the Professors nodded off, I’ll just say “see you tomorrow class!

Class Dismissed!


Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday!


It’s Double Bubble Day!

Well actually I mean TWO posts for the price of one day…….


Today is Thankful Thursday over at Brian’s and if you click the above badge, you will go to his blog and if you’d like to tell the world what you are THANKFUL for, use the linky tool and join in the blog hop!    I’m THANKFUL that my brother Angel Sammy is still guiding me from the Rainbow Bridge – I’m sure it’s why I’m never getting in trouble – after all, I’m a kitten and kittens usually get in trouble right?  Not me – I’ve got AN ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER!

It’s also my brother Angel Sammy’s THOROUGHLY POETIC THURSDAY today:

Thanks Teddy! 

Today we celebrate the letter “P”


By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 3/30/17

A kitty’s paws can say so much

A claw in anger or a loving touch

Our paws don’t just move us from here to there

They can tell a human how much we care

We touch your leg when we’re at your feet

A reminder that we’re THERE and ready for treats!

We need our paws to climb a tree

Must keep an eye on the neighbors dog you see!

We need our paws to play with our toys

If we give them a poke they might make a noise!

Some cats have special paws like ME

We are equipped POLYDACTYLY !

There you have it everybody…………..our Thursday “Double Bubble” post!     If you have written a poem for “P” like my brother Angel Sammy, you can either write your poem in OUR comments here on OUR blog or you can give us your blog link where we can read your poem there…………either way – why not write a poem today for fun?

Tomorrow is Shopping Around The World being guest hosted by our buddy Da Phenny.    Remember to post your recipe for a dessert or special yummy treat and link to Da Phenny’s blog and also to Bacon (our usual host for “Shopping”)  !    Tomorrow is also Friendly Fill-In Friday at McGuffy’s Reader and 15and Meowing – lots of fun with this hop as we learn more about each other!

Big Teddy Hugs,

and one from Angel Sammy too!