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Turn It Off!


Stop Already!!!

OK – here’s the thing…….I know that north of us the poor peeps have had TONS more snow than we’ve had – TONS more.   We’ve been lucky in that regard for sure……..what we are tired of HERE is having even tiny snows.  Irritating snows.  Three inch snows.   EVERY DING DANG DAY!    What’s with that?   Why not just let us have six feet of snow PERIOD – then give us spring and melt it all.  Now that sounds like a reasonable plan.

January 2012 Snow

Poor Dad was out AGAIN with the snowthrower……………..and it was snowing the whole time.  He’d do a long strip of driveway then by the time he got back up the strip was covered again.   Why bother???!!!  I suppose we will have LESS snow piled up in the spots he cleared even if it was temporarily……but I’m just TIRED of the stuff – know what I mean?

Poor Dad!

Poor Dad!

OK – I feel better now………I got that off my chest…………I have nothing to complain about really because Mom and I have been inside nice and warm all day WATCHING the snow.   Lucky us.

Go Dad Go!

Go Dad Go!

Tomorrow Mom is supposed to go have some blood work done………maybe yes – maybe no………..time will tell…………there’s  a lot of street plowing that will need to be done before that’s gonna happen.   Maybe Dad’s next “toy” (like the snowthrower is) should be a full blown snow plow?   Like the highway department uses…….just think – one quick swipe and it’s ALL GONE!

I’ll suggest he put that on his Santa Wish List…………………

Stay warm everyone (unless you’re in hot places in which case stay cool!).

Hugs, Sammy


Meownday Morning…..


Happy Monday Peeps!


Interesting photo huh?  Looks like a square cat shoved inside a square box fitting perfectly “square” inside.  😀   I kind of tricked Mom.  I was nice and cozy in her studio under my favorite afghan up on the couch…..then just as she got ready to snap the picture I ducked my head behind the dark pillow.  Sneaky aren’t I??

I hope your Father’s Day was as nice as ours was.  The weather was PURRFECT, Dad’s presents were PURRFECT (he loved his new shirts from ME), amd our grilled/smoked chicken dinner outside on the deck was PURRFECT.  After Dad got the chicken cooked on the grill, my parents stayed outside and I got under the umbrella table and Mom gave me a couple little chunks of chicken to nibble.  I’m not a big chicken fan, but I wanted to join in the fun my parents were having – besides I have to admit, the chicken smelled fabulous after Daddy smoked it with apple chips on the charcoal grill.  Mom says Daddy is a “Grillmeister” – whatever that is.  I think Daddy had a great day.

What did you do to celebrate the day – and if you didn’t have a Father’s Day celebration, what did you do for your Sunday activity? 

Don’t forget tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday.  I’m working on it.  I promise not to make it too tough (tee hee).  

Kitty Hugs and High Fives, Sammy 😀