Seeing Double?


Happy Saturday!  I’m letting Mom take over again just like I SAID I would earlier this week…….Isobel of IsobelandCat suggested that Mom tell a bit about some of her past kitty cats.  Today, Mom’s going to tell you about someone who looks JUST LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All….thanks for the intro Sam.   Sam and I were going through photos looking for likely Tuesday Teasers for next week and I came across this photo of a sweet and darling cat named Charli who owned me many years ago.

Sam and Charli would have made a cute couple!

Charli was a cat I who was with me through some big changes in my life.   I adopted her from a home where their cat had a bunch of kittens and the owner was looking for homes for them.  A friend and I each adopted one!

They were VERY tiny little things and Charli was the only red tabby and the most active of the bunch so I took her home.  My husband at the time and I weren’t sure if the kitten was male or female (duh!) so we called it Charlie…….soon thereafter we found out SHE was a SHE so we decided to drop the “e” and just leave it Charli – short for Charlene.  This was back in the mid/early 80s. 

We were living in a rented house at the time – the first house we’d lived in vs. apartments so it was also our first YARD.  We also already had two other cats (I’ll tell about them another time) – Ricky and his sister Linda Sue.  Ricky was ALSO a ginger tabby and he and his sister were around five or six years old.  Both of them had always been indoor cats for obvious reasons living in apartments.

Charli would have NOTHING of being inside all the time……she insisted on exploring outside right from the start.  We had a screened door on the kitchen out into the fenced back yard and she’d climb the screen constantly and just hang there sniffing the smells of outdoors.  We decided to let her out in the yard and she loved it.  She stayed in the yard too amazingly enough.  There was one HUGE and very tall tree in the back yard and she decided to climb it one day – quickly – too quickly for us to catch her – and she climbed almost to the top of it and began screaming to get down.  LOUDLY.  She was way up there too!   My husband and I tried to coax her down over about an hour’s time to no avail.  I was scared to death that she’d just let go and fall and she was WAY up this tree……….she figured out that she could come down to a branch but she would come no further.  My husband climbed the tree – which was tough since there were very few branches…………….but he got her, tucked her into his jacket and down she came – still screaming!


She was always very adventurous and that got her into trouble once……..we had eventually moved from that house into another house closer to the hospital where I worked.  Charli wore a bell on her collar and we’d formed the habit of my shaking a bell out the door and she’d respond to the sound by coming home from WHEREVER she was.  She ALWAYS did this – for years.   This house had a higher fence than the last but she figured out a way to climb it and go over the fence and explore the neighborhood. 


One day I rang the bell and Charlie didn’t come……and didn’t come……and I went out looking for her with my bell.  I walked everywhere and called her……..nothing……….eventually I posted notices on all the phone poles, in the local library, called the local vets and shelters – NOTHING.  Then about a week later a miracle happened!


We had a “cat door” in a window in one of the unused bedrooms that Charli used to come and go.  I was watching television one night when all of a sudden there was Charli.  She hopped up on my legs and just stood there like nothing was wrong – staring at me……!!!  She had a minor limp and I’m thinking she’d been injured somehow and COULDN’T come home or someone took her in to care for her and she “escaped” and came home.  Anyway, I was so happy to see her………she was a very loving, happy, creative, funny, sweet girl and when her time to go to the Rainbow Bridge came, I thought life would never be the same. 


We always do, don’t we……….think things will never be the same…..but then we find another little soul to take care of that needs US as much as we need THEM.


So that’s the story of little Charli………..who looks so much like Sam it’s amazing!!

Pam (thanks Sammy…’re a pal for loaning me your blog space!)

In A Fog



Sam Standing at Front Door
Yikes Mom…I can’t see a THING out there!

 What IS this fog stuff anyway?  It’s so foggy outside this morning that not only can I not see anything out ANY of my favorite window spy spots, but Mom said even if she wanted to go somewhere in the car – she wouldn’t!  Just too foggy.  We’ve already heard police cars or fire engines or sirens of some kind out on the main road near our house this morning…….I’m sure everyone who HAS to go to work this morning wishes they didn’t!


I’m glad to be inside.  You know me.  I’m not afraid of much (well, maybe foxes and great big dogs) but when you can’t SEE what’s there, it’s a little bit nerve-wracking! 

How do I know it’s foggy when it’s still dark outside at this early hour?  Well, our little neighborhood “bum” cat who visits us and everybody else when she doesn’t like what’s being served on the table at HER house, was by this morning.  When Mom took her a bowl of food and some water out to the front porch, I took a quick peek out there and couldn’t see our driveway lights OR the lantern light that’s in the front garden which is only about 15 feet away from my porch!  That’s pretty thick fog stuff for sure. 

Mom said it’s because it gets really warm during the day, then cools down a whole lot at night, and it makes this FOG stuff happen.  She said to just wait a while and when the sun comes out, it will burn it away.  Now normally I know that “BURN” is a dangerous word but in this case, I’ll be glad for the fog to burn.  I would miss out on a lot of bird-watching, people-watching, and squirrel-watching if this stuff hung around all day.

That would NOT be good. 

Mom confused me even more though by saying that when she doesn’t get a good night’s sleep she feels like she’s “IN A FOG” the next morning.  I thought fogs only happen OUTside…..what’s with that????????

Well, whatever…..I hope you peeps have a nice UNfoggy Monday where you are and don’t forget, tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER!!!!  Brush up on your geography!!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Using My Library Card

Sam Sunny Library

Mom says you're not supposed to SLEEP in a library....I think when it's my own library those rules don't apply!!

Yep that’s me…..snoring away in the library on Mom’s sunny recliner.  Unfortunately, even though it was WARM outside yesterday (strangely enough) I just didn’t go out much.  Why?  Wind……again.  I bet you’re tired of hearing about my problems with the wind, right?  Well, I’m tired of DEALING with the wind.  Sigh. 

I know it’s almost spring and not just because the time change is happening this weekend, and not just because it’s warm outside, and not because there’s buds on the trees and tulips poking out of the ground but because today, Dad put the snowblower in the basement.  Yep – he was disappointed that he didn’t get to push that thing all around the driveway removing tons of snow this winter.  Mom says that since he’s gone to all the trouble to move the snowblower from the garage “at the ready” to the basement for storage, that probably means it’s going to SNOW now.  😉 

Poor Mom hardly ever gets to use her chair in the library though – at least not all morning when the sun’s coming through the front windows.  Dad’s chair is out of the sun so he’s there reading a book and if Mom shoo’ed me out of HER chair she could be there too – reading with Dad, but I just look too darn cute when I’m asleep (on purpose of course) and she can’t bring herself to shoo me so I get the sunny library seat.  Lucky me.  

So are you getting an early spring too or is winter still hanging in there where you are?  If you’re an indoor kitty you don’t really care WHAT season it is, but if you get to go outside once in a while – what’s YOUR favorite time of the year?????? 

Sammy……Younger Than Springtime (haha)

Snoozy Saturday

Snowy January Morning

There's ice on TOP of the snow....took poor Mom ten minutes to get down to the bottom of the yard to take this photo!

Well, it does look swell but poor Mom took her sweet time getting down to the bottom of the hill to take this picture……with that coating of ice on the snow and traveling DOWN the hill – let’s say it’s a good thing she has a lot of padding on her (eeeek….did I say that out loud???).    The sun finally came out but it stayed in the mid-30s and the ice didn’t melt.  We really didn’t mind at all though – it was really cozy in the house. 

I didn’t see many people OR animals out there today – most everybody stayed inside and stayed safe.   Mom ventured out into the backyard and put sunflower seeds in the bird feeders – boy oh boy did THAT cause some excitement.   There were ten squirrels chasing each other all around getting the “spillage” from the feeders when the birds arrived.  We had lots of cardinals (don’t they look GREAT in the snow???), and some small finches but a bunch of blackbirds flew in and chased everything away.  Pretty soon a gray hawk arrived though and when he did – the blackbirds flew off.  I just kept watching and when the hawk finally left all the squirrels and cardinals came back.  They know when to disappear and when to reappear that’s for sure! 

Anyway, I spent most of the day sleeping……no surprise there huh?  It was just a nice day all the way around.  My parents stayed home of course since it was icky outside and I had Mom’s lap ALLLLLLLLL to myself! 

Should be interesting watching Mom go down to the mailbox at the bottom of the driveway to get the Sunday paper tomorrow morning though……..(insert evil giggle here). 

Happy Sunday!!!!


Cozy Cat

Sam Under Afghan on Couch

Snug as a bug in a rug (well, afghan not rug.....)

This picture is a little blurry but you get the idea.  Mom was in her studio yesterday so I came upstairs to hang out with her.  This afghan was made for my Grandpa by my Aunt Valerie.  After Grandpa went to heaven, my Mom kept it and it’s one of my favorite things to snuggle up in.   When I’m in Mom’s studio she takes it off the chair where it “lives” and puts it on the couch…..I’ll stand on it and knead it for a while then curl up in it.  BUT sometimes I like Mom to put it over the back of the couch and make me a nice cozy tent!  Just like this!

I stayed in this tent for about two hours while Mom did stuff on her computer and wrote some notes and sketched……I like to keep my Mom company.  

Another way cool thing is that this morning – while it’s still nice and dark outside – Mom and I went for a walk out in the yard!  I guess it’s been quite a while since we’ve done that but I felt like cruising around this morning so Mom put my harness on, bundled herself up in her coat and hat, and out we went.  It was cool but not really too cold….and VERY VERY QUIET.  Lots of stars shining too.  We went around the whole perimeter of the house…..I’d stop occasionally for a munch of grass (what little there is anyway!!)……Mom would look up at the sky for her favorite constellations (at least that’s what SHE said even though I have no idea what a constellation is!!)….then we’d move off to another spot for me to sniff around.  Anyway, we went everywhere – even down in the front yard a little ways along the edge of the woods.  Then our neighbor opened his garage door to head off to work and when it squeaked open it scared me I pulled on the leash so hard Mom let it go and I ran SUPER FAST back to the basement door until Mom arrived and we came back inside. 

She got a cup of coffee to warm up and I had some of my breakfast.  It was nice to be outside after being inside for so long though.  I guess that’s what Mom means when she says she’s getting “cabin fever” !!??

Just another day in my personal paradise………… 🙂

Happy Friday……..



More Bling!

Sam Gets Another Blog Award

How cool is this?

I’m proud as a peacock (although I’m not entirely sure I know what one of those is) because I have ANOTHER blog award!  A great big kitty hug to Dianna at These Days of Mine  for this pretty award with all the stars flying around.  Mom had to help me BIG TIME to come up with the goodies to comply with the terms of the award.  My blog is different maybe from a lot because it is – after all – written by ME and I’m a cat!  Most of the other blogs we follow have beautiful photography, and meaningful messages and stories…..mine is just plain fun! 

Anyway, we needed to read my old blogs and find one for each of seven categories… here we go!

1.  Most Beautiful:  that was a toughie but I decided the one I wrote about my Mom’s painting of the Cape Cod lighthouse where my Dad proposed to her fit the bill !

2.  Most Helpful:  I’m always ever so helpful and here I was explaining how to train your human:

3.  Most Popular:  I’ve not been blogging a long time BUT my first Christmas post about our tree had more hits than any other post (so far):

4.  Most Controversial:  A toughie…but because this was about my love of some food that’s not really GOOD for cats, perhaps controversial:

5.  Most Surprisingly Successful:  My vacation snapshots!  🙂

6.  Most Underrated:  I think this true story about our little garden gargoyle statue is way cool….but not many people read the post!

7.  Most Prideworthy:  That was easy – my Mom wrote this one about my Grandpa:


Now, we’re supposed to nominate SEVEN blogs to receive this award should they decide they’d like to have it…..I know lots of people don’t really want awards for their blogs and of course we understand, but just in case – and if you’d like to post the pretty award on your blog – here are my nominees (sorry there aren’t QUITE seven – I don’t visit that many and I know some of my favorite blogs don’t accept them):

Whew!  That was a lot of work… little paws are pooped – I think I need a nap…………….

Big Hugs and tomorrow – back to holiday celebrations!!!!

Sammy, One Happy Blog Award Winner