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Sunday Selfie Hop


YAY – Sunday again and time for Selfies.    If you’d like to strut yourself and share your photo please do – click on the badge above and link up with all of us.    Mom actually took some photos of me this week – he caught me resting from playing like a madman with my toys in the living room.   Two new ones got me going – the red prawn and the taco – both of which have catnip AND silvervine.   I like them a bunch.   The other toys in the photo are my current “favorite toy” pile.    It changes all the time.

Yes I know you can’t see a taco…….it’s that thing I’m lying on – with the yellow strings sticking out (which I suppose are supposed to be cheese?????).    Now we realize this is a rather boring photo SOOOOOOOOOOOOO you know what Mom did – she went to Lunapic and added an art filter.    This filter was called FLASH GORDON and we could hardly wait to see what THAT would look like……………WOWZA is all I can say – check it out:

Now if that’s not interesting I don’t know what is………….of course we just HAD to make a puzzle out of this one.   I like my blue toesies – don’t you?????????????????

As usual, if you click this MINI-ME puzzle photo it will take you to the puzzle – good luck !


Way to go Mom!   You’re the bomb when it comes to mowing MY lawn!

Happy Sunday, Hugs, Teddy

Rainy Day


Hi Peeps!   Yesterday was picture perfect – start to finish it was gorgeous.  YES it was cool – only got to the low 60s for a high – BUT not a cloud in the sky and only late in the afternoon did it become breezy.  My Dad got to go flying too which made him happy.

Warrenton viewed from a cockpit

Yep – this is my town – Warrenton, Virginia, from the air!

Dad putting the plane away in the hangar after flying

Dad putting his baby away after his flight………..

Mom and I were home all day yesterday and I must have asked her 87 bazillion times to take me outside for some fresh air.   It was great – and the grass is finally growing so I got some “fresh greens” while I was out there.

Front Garden 2012

Yep – my old friends are back again….one NICE thing about perennials!

Things are popping up – the dicentra are blooming and even the miniature Japanese Maple is just about ready to leaf out.   You might be able to see some of the Bradford pears in the background in bloom along the driveway.   NICE!

Anyway, I’m happy and even though today it’s going to be  raining – we need the rain………………gets the lawn fertilizer activated AND waters our gardens for FREE.    Nothing wrong with FREE right?

Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

Ahhh…..it’s getting NICE out here!

Yeah I guess you could say I’m a happy guy…………………and lucky……………oh and SPOILED TOO – don’t forget that one!!!!


Hugs, Sammy

The Joy of Bacon


Ah yes……maybe I should

write a book?  “The Joy of Bacon”

by Sammy Bacon Boy Kimmell


Mom didn’t let me down this morning either…..bacon we had AND waffles too!   Not that I ate the waffle part – that was for Mom and Dad – but the bacon I was totally on board with.   Once my sniffer got WIND (haha) of it, I was all over the kitchen following Mom!



I was dressed and ready to go – bacon socks and hat and my chair pulled right up to the table like a BIG GUY!



WAIT – did I say “BIG BOY”??   Sitting in a high chair??? I don’t THINK so!!

Anyway, I got my bacon and now I’m set for the day.  

I'm one "fully baconized" boy now!!!!

I’m one “fully baconized” boy now!!!!

Before I go, I must tell you this WEIRD but true fact.   We’ve had nice weather for a couple of weeks – – – like Spring stuff………….but tomorrow – THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING (!!!) we are going to have SNOW………..that’s right………from 1-3 inches of the stuff.   Is that fair?   NO IT IS NOT!    Will I whine about it?  You betcha!   Oh well, what can I do about it – nothing except hope it doesn’t happen!   Maybe a SAMMY WHAMMY would help?


I hope snow is NOT in your forecast for the first day of Spring……………………!!!  

Hugs, Sammy

The Wizard of Bacon

Flowery Sunday Selfie


It’s still cold and windy and “raw” here, but

Mom thinks it’s time to break out the Spring flowers SO,

I let her have some fun with my Selfie today. 

Purrsonally I think it looks just a bit “GIRLY” but I do like

to indulge my Mom once in a while!  

We’re joining THE CAT ON MY HEAD’s Sunday Selfie blog hop – are you?  

Why not?  

Click on their badge and go see all the great SELFIES and while you’re at it – link up yourself!!

Patiently waiting for breakfast.......

Patiently waiting for breakfast…….



Love, Sammy

Bye Bye Snow


So we survived yet another snow – I know that probably sounds ridiculous to those of you who live north of us here in Virginia – you endure BIG snows every winter……..here in Northern Virginia, NOT SO MUCH.    We have had bad blizzards and in fact got one this year but most winters really are not very snowy.    We had our second decent snow this week and it’s already almost melted away into oblivion!    YAY I say………….now I can get to the grass for a munch!

YAY - it's almost all melted away!!

YAY – it’s almost all melted away!!

Yesterday we had a sheet of ice over everything………….it was like an ice rink out there…………but the temps got into the 40s and soon the ice was gone.   Even more melting today with temps tickling 50!    Can Spring be far behind?   I sincerely hope not.    I am not a “winter kitty”……….I used to like snow but now I’m much happier in warmer weather!


You’ve seen these photos of me before but everyone just loves when I post them so I’ll post them YET AGAIN………………….just to prove I really DID love snow when I was younger!

Sam looking mighty small in the snow

Six years ago!

When I complain about the rain, remind me of this!

Anyway, Spring is coming – I just know it.   I’ll be ready for it too……………..

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Yes I’ll be MUCH happier with flowers around me instead of snow!!!!!

I’m READY for you Miss Spring!

Hugs, Sammy