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Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday!


Double Blog Post Day!

Thursday is the day we are THANKFUL and the day we are POETIC so let’s get the show on the road………

First of all we can say that we are VERY thankful today – we’re thankful Spring is finally beginning to REALLY Spring after we had snow last week………we’re thankful that Teddy continues to keep all of us laughing our socks off every single day………we’re thankful that we got our brand new double wall ovens yesterday – that means Mom can make TWICE as much biscotti…….and we’re thankful that so many of YOU follow our blog and pawticipate in the fun like Saturday’s BACON HARVEST!    If you click on the badge below, it will take you to our host for Thankful Thursday – that’s Brian!!  You can go there and using the linky tool enter your OWN blog post to share why you are thankful.

Now for Part Two – our Thoroughly Poetic Thursday poem….

Today we are writing a poem about something starting with the letter “O” !

We are slowly but surely getting close to the end of the alphabet………..we might do something DIFFERENT after we make it to “Z” since we’ve done the alphabet twice now.    We can talk about that later though – right now let’s see what we can come up with for “O”!



By Angel Sammy Kimmell 3/23/17

Orange is a “lively” color, full of sunshine fun

Perfect for a kitten who lives his life on a full-out run!

The energy he has is amazing and so fun to see

Reminds me for sure of a very young ME.

He flies around the house, up and down all three floors of stairs

He has no regard for SAFETY so I keep him in my prayers!

For Teddy there are only two speeds – “rocket launch” and “sleep” –

His kitten brain is always working but his thoughts aren’t really deep!

He plays and eats and plays some more until he’s had his fill.

Mom has said she wishes the energy he has was available in a PILL !!

One thing’s for sure, our orange boy has brightened up the gloom

His “orange glow” lights up the night in every single room.

Adopting Teddy was OH SO RIGHT, my Mom and Dad did well…..

I set the stage for another orange boy…….now I can rest a spell…………

YAY – we squeezed out an “O” poem and I must say that I know someone ELSE who used “ORANGE” for their “O” today and it’s my new pal Cooper Murphy Blue at The Cat On My Head!   Cooper is a ginger boy like Teddy and the new boy in the household at Kitties Blue.    He also knows all about orange so we thought we’d both do ORANGE today.    If YOU want to pawticipate in Poetry Day, you can write your poem right here in my comments to share with everyone OR, leave us your blog link in my comments so we can come visit you and read your ODE TO O !!!

A reminder that my BACON BASH is Saturday………………..TODAY is the deadline to send in a photo of yourself in harvest gear if you want to but again – it’s not a requirement – just come to the party on Saturday and enjoy yourself and the “bounty” of the bacon greenhouse.    Those who want to send me a photo of yourselves in harvest clothes will be in the “HARVESTERS LINEUP” Mom and I will do so everyone can see you in your harvesting GARB!    We will be having a ton of fun and the party is ALL DAY so no matter when you stop by, you’ll be able to enjoy yourselves!

Questions about the Harvest Party?   Just ask……………we’ll get back to you!!    Meanwhile, HAPPY THURSDAY EVERYBODY!

Happy Thursday !!

Bacon Bash!


Make Note Of This Date!

Oh I’m so excited – no wait – I mean WE are both excited……….Teddy and I think next Saturday is the perfect day for the HARVEST – the crop is looking like perfection and I’m sure we’ll have a ton of fun harvesting.

It will be ALL DAY so no worries about being here at a particular time OK?    Just come when you can, pick as much bacon as you can manage, and you’ll get to take some home of course as well as sample some bacon delights at the bacon buffet table while you’re here!

I have some goodies for you in prep for next Saturday though……………………it’s impawtant to wear the proper clothes – you can wear what you want BUT if you want to be totally comfy, here are some ideas you can feel free to “copy” from the post and use!




We’ll all use a wheelbarrow as we work our way through the greenhouse harvesting…………..doesn’t have to be THIS ONE so if you have one of your own, bring it along!    You can have one of ours (this yellow doozy) if you need one though.

How This Will Work:    If you would like to have your photo in the “lineup” of participants for the Harvest, just send me BACK a picture of you in your harvest clothing – something from what I’ve provided above OR your own outfit – and with or without a wheelbarrow (!) BY THURSDAY, MARCH 23.    Email a picture of you in your harvest finery to junekimm(at)aol(dot)com and we’ll put your photo in the Saturday Harvest post along with everyone else who is able to photoshop.   If you aren’t able to, no worries – you don’t HAVE to be dressed up to come to the party OR to be eligible for our giveaway.  OK?    It’s just for FUN!!!!   


The greenhouse is bursting with ripe bacon so there will be plenty to do for everyone……….and of course plenty of breaks for a snack or drink – I don’t want you overworking!!!!

We’ll have a special guest there all day long too – Suzie from Teaser Tuesdays will be there in all her glory pumping up the energy level with her cheers…………….

I’ll be there to cheer you on
But don’t expect me there at dawn
Beauty sleep is what I need
My body doesn’t operate on FAST speed!
During the day I’ll CHEER CHEER CHEER
As long as Sammy brings me BEER BEER BEER!


Our greenhouse staff is excited too – they will be helping but after all, they’ve been working in the greenhouse all these months so if you catch one of them napping in a quiet corner, don’t wake them up – they deserve a break!





We will also have a short “passing on the crown” ceremony when I make my little brother Teddy the new KING OF BACONIA………….I will remain “HONORARY” KING EMERITUS however – and will always help out as my duties at the Bridge allow me to.

SO – Will see see you here next Saturday?   I hope so!  

We’re gonna have a blast AND a giveaway too!


Bacon With The Boys


The Bacon Boys!

This kinda says it all right?   Me and the Tedster getting ready to tackle breakfast on a Saturday morning!   It looks like Mom did it up right doesn’t it?   I wonder if there’s any bacon left at the grocery store – ANY of the grocery stores (we have four in town).

It’s only right of course that we be fully baconized – we have a “rep” to keep up – the boys of baconhood.

The bacon fairy has decreed that Teddy is my successor to the throne of Baconia…..so at a suitable time – purrrrrhaps at the BIG BACON HARVESTING PARTY we’ll have in a few weeks – we will include the official “passing of the crown” to Teddy.   It will be a suitably royal occasion.

I will of course always be the FIRST King of Baconia that there ever was, but being at the Bridge, if I wore my crown there my wings might not be able to handle that extra weight and I wouldn’t be able to fly.   SO, I will remain in an honorary position in the kingdom but Teddy will be the new ROYAL.

Speaking of the harvest party – it will be soon…..but prior to the party I will have some things to help all of you who plan on attending the party prepare.   Wheelbarrows to put your harvested bacon in, special outfits for all harvesters, etc.    I mean if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it right – RIGHT?   So perhaps next Saturday I’ll post those things and then you will have some time to work on your photos and send them to ME so I can share them with our adoring fans.


The greenhouse supervisor says that the crop is looking mighty fine……………………………….so the Bacon Harvesting Party is the next step…………………and what a bacon-fest it will be!

Love WILL be in the air – LOVE OF BACON!!!!!

I’ll be pitching a big old party tent on the Greenhouse grounds for the event…………….be purrrpared to harvest and party OK?   I’ll give you more details soon.

The greenhouse staff will of course be invited………..

Happy Bacon Day!

Bacon Boys


Sammy and Teddy – the Bacon Boys


Hear Ye Hear Ye – starting next week the Prince of Baconia will be here on the Saturday bacon blog with THE KING!

That’s right – he will also occupy some space (only a little though) either ON my bacon cheeseburger King’s Bed and throne OR we’ll give him his own.

It’s time I move over and let my baby brother work for his keep!    (Ted in red)


You mean I can’t sleep in between bouts of insanely running around the house 87 billion miles an hour?   I have to WORK?   Aren’t I too young?

That’s right Teddy – time to help out the Angel guy………..


I’d rather be a gnome in the bacon greenhouse! 

Yeah well so would I but somebody has to “bring home the bacon” !!!   (oh gosh that was terrible wasn’t it?!?!)


I’m working on plans (and Teddy will be helping out) for the Bacon Harvest Party probably in April some time.   The bacon crop in the greenhouse will be AT ITS PEAK and we’ll have everyone come to join in the fun of harvesting AND snacking AND who knows what else!    I’ll keep you informed of course……..in the meantime, here are some Saturday bacon giggles!





Teddy and I wish you a happy Bacon Day!


 P.S.   Our friend Louisdog who is the Director of Arts and Entertainment for Blogville, put together an AMAZING “Art Gallery” of many of our friends and you MUST take a peek!   Just CLICK HERE and you will be able to see all the wonderful “portraits” in the gallery!!!   Thank you Louisdog for giving us all a chance to “strut” our stuff!  

Baby Baconator


Bacon Baby

bacongazetteYep – the Gazette’s front page story this week is of course that I have an “heir to the bacon throne” now – Baby Teddy.    He’s a real ball of fire (when he’s awake that is)……….and one day when I truly retire to my cloud, HE will take over the Kingdom of Baconia and running the operation at the bacon greenhouse.    But for now – you’ve got ME!    The King!


This week I was so busy trying to keep an eye on Teddy and trying to show him where he could hang out and not let Mom find him and where to stash stuff he steals off desks and countertops that I didn’t have TIME to find any new silly posters or memes or photos for you.   Sorry about that…………..but I could do some “re-runs” for you!

A nice bacon salad?????

A nice bacon salad?????


Really!  Who wants applesauce when you can have BACON?

Gosh I didn't know that!  I want a panda costume!

Gosh I didn’t know that! I want a panda costume!

This always worked for me - it might work on YOUR Mom!

This always worked for me – it might work on YOUR Mom!

Makes sense to me!

Makes sense to me!


I did manage to get a couple of shots of Baby Bro sound asleep in Dad’s office chair………….this kid sleeps EVERYWHERE………..this morning Dad found him asleep IN the shower on the floor in Mom and Dad’s master bathroom.   What’s with that?   I guess he thought it was a spa?????   Oh well.   He’s learning.



Closeup zzzzzzzz

Closeup zzzzzzzz

Don’t forget that tomorrow is the fabulous Blog Hop organized by  my buddy Raz and girl buddy Madi to welcome Teddy to the world of blogging.   Boy oh boy he has a lot to learn but I think he’s going to pick this up quickly.   I’m going to let him do his very first blog next week……..if he behaves that is!    Anyway, if you’re interested in hopping on his hop, it’s being hosted by Dory’s Backyard and if you go HERE, and scroll down on the Hoppity Page you’ll come to Teddy’s Hop.   Link up and we’ll see you Sunday!     Oh – YES – I meant to mention too that we will be hopping with The Cat On My Head’s Selfie Hop as well on Sunday – busy?  Oh yeah we sure are!!!!!

Until tomorrow……I think I’ll take a snooze like Little You Know Who!


Hugs, Angel Sammy


Bacon Anyone?


Wanna Be Bacon Buddies?


If you don’t belong officially to this club – well – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN????    Feel free to grab this badge and display it with PRIDE on your blog or website or WHATEVER.   I mean isn’t it time you declared your love for the most FABULOUS food in the universe????????


Even Darth Vader thinks bacon is fabulous!


See?   My Mom is still here, and my Dad is still here and they eat bacon all the time!!!   I went to the Rainbow Bridge but it wasn’t because I ate too much bacon!!!


Yeah…..don’t be selfish – think of others!    Help end the violence!

A BONANZA Bacon Burger!!

A BONANZA Bacon Burger!!   EAT THIS WITH PRIDE !!!!!!!


As long as your boat doesn't sink - you haven't had too much bacon!!!!

As long as your boat doesn’t sink – you haven’t had too much bacon!!!!


Join the In Crowd – become a BACONATOR!


With Love, from your King……Angel Sammy

Welcome to Baconia


‘Tis good to be King!


Happy Saturday Loyal Subjects of the Kingdom of Baconia!   Another day to celebrate the wonderfulness of that PURRFECT foodable – BACON!

I found a couple of new Tee Hees for you this week regarding my favorite item in the refrigerator (or frying pan) and here you are for your viewing pleasure:

baconcat baconminion baconstonehenge


HAR de HAR!    Can’t decide which of those is my favorite.   Everybody has something FUNNY to say about bacon these days…………….!    The “Cat in DeNile” one reminds me and my Mom of this one:


No, Mom, that one doesn’t remind me of YOU!

So, other than having bacon today which I do hope is your destiny, what’s up?   Getting ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow?  What?   NO?    Well, I love football.   I find it fascinating to watch TV when all those little ant-like creatures are running all over the screen and a brown ball thingie gets tossed up in the air and everyone piles on top of each other or sometimes catches the ball thingie and runs like the dickens!    It’s just as good as BIRD TV!

Whatever you do this weekend, if it involves boating, please be reminded to be careful if someone calls you from the shore…………keep focused on your job of steering your boat to safety………OK?





The King is exhausted…..heading back to my “throne” !

Hugs, Angel Sammy aka THE KING

Bacon Update


The Bacon Report



We are going to give you a worldwide premier photo of the FIRST blooming bacon plant in the fabulous BACON GREENHOUSE – apparently all the plants don’t “mature” at the same rate since this is the only one with BACON BLOOMS on it right now.   Ready?


Now that’s what I call a nice start………no doubt this plant will produce even MORE blooms as it matures – and the other plants will no doubt join in the fun and BLOOM shortly.   What a sight it wil be………….we need to give some major KUDOS to our fabulous greenhouse crew………they are diligently working to keep bugs out and humidity high and just look how healthy the plants are!





And last but by now means LEAST:

Our official Garden Gnome hard at work keeping PESTS out!

Our official Garden Gnome hard at work keeping PESTS out!

Needless to say this is a BIG DAY for us to be able to say we’re well on our way to a bacon festival this Spring………………we must take a minute to thank the responsible party who sent us our wonderful BACON SEEDS…………..!


My Pal Mauricio from Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head!

My Pal Mau in his cupcake hat and me in my bacon hat!!

My Pal Mau in his cupcake hat and me in my bacon hat!!

Remember this Spring we will be having a BACON-O-RAMA party on my blog with a celebration of our first crop of bacon.   I’ll have a contest or two and we’ll make it a BIG occasion – after all, to my knowledge this is the first homegrown bacon crop EVER (herds of farm pigs do not count!).


YAY!!!!   Angel Sammy, the Baconator


Bacon Buddies


Let’s Be Bacon Buddies!


Yeah!  Let’s!  If you love bacon like I do, why not DECLARE it formally with this badge????   We love the stuff and need to tell the world – besides, maybe our humans will see this and go “OH YEAH LEMME ADD THAT TO MY GROCERY LIST!!”.

Meanwhile for your viewing pleasure dear bacon buddies I have the following – you know I’m always on the lookout for new BACON delights for those of us who are “bacon-inclined” ??!!

Baked Trout with Bacon!

Baked Trout with Bacon!

Meatloaf with Bacon and BBQ Sauce!

Meatloaf with Bacon and BBQ Sauce!

A BONANZA Bacon Burger!!

A BONANZA Bacon Burger!!

Oysters with Bacon and Cheese!

Oysters with Bacon and Cheese!

Bacon Wrapped Hot Pepper Poppers with Cheese!

Bacon Wrapped Hot Pepper Poppers with Cheese!


See?   I’m always looking out for some new baconized things for us to try……………When the bacon crop ripens and is ready for picking in the special bacon greenhouse, you can betcha we’ll have a bacon buffet here on the blog with more bacon than you can imagine in your wildest dreams.     Those of us who love bacon DO have some wild dreams right?

baconplants3We’re talking a LOT of bacon!!!

So, may I wish all of you the best of Bacon Saturdays………………..try one of the new bacon ideas above…………….let’s face it, EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH BACON!!!!!!




Bacon For All and All For Bacon!

Love, Angel Sammy


Bacon for ME and Hold the Ice!

No worries everyone!  Me and the Bacon Greenhouse staff are ON THE JOB!   The crop is doing just fine!

No worries everyone! Me and the Bacon Greenhouse staff are ON THE JOB! The crop is doing just fine!

YES!  Thought you might like an

update from the Bacon Greenhouse!

NOW ON WITH THE SHOW!    Well not the show – the bacon really………….who cares about a show anyway?!    What we DO care about here is the fact that we are going to have an ICE storm today with some snow mixed in.  In other words – YUCK.   But Mom and Dad can handle it because they do NOT have to go out in it!    I of course will come visit them today then head back to sunny, always beautiful, never icy or snowy Rainbow Bridge and let them enjoy their Saturday after we eat breakfast together!    Mom would prefer if it was all snow as ice is VERY dangerous…..there will be 87 bazillion accidents on the road today no doubt………there’s a HUGE bit of Virginia being effected so if you’re around here – BE CAREFUL………………….

Now – let’s talk BACON!


SO ARE MINE!!!!!   Feels like an electrical charge!!!!!


One of my newest bacon funnies sent in by a Bacon Fan……Takes a lot of imagination to turn bacon into Chewbaca from Star Wars!


Another little dandy item – – – what better way to keep your “bacon money” safe than in a bacon wallet????


INDEED!  Makes sense to me!


Mom says she misses this sight on Saturdays – – – I used to keep a CLOSE EYE on her !!!

Bacon Boy with Bacon Mom

Bacon Boy with Bacon Mom

So glad I stopped by this morning – Mom had bacon for me…..

Always has and always will…….now I’m out of here!


If you’ll excuse me, I’m heading back to SUNNY SIDE Rainbow Bridge and my soft cloud !

Happy Bacon Day!