Thankful and Poetic Thursday


YAY! Time to call out the things we’re thankful for this past week AND combine that with our Poetic Thursday poem and challenge from Angel Sammy.    First up is our THANKFULS.   We have the same BIG thankful that we’ve had for months now which is that so far we have stayed safe from the evil virus.    We remain hopeful that vaccines are in the near future and that we can one day in the NOT distant future wave goodbye to this incredibly scary virus.    If you’d like to join the Thankful Hop at Brian’s – just click his badge above and link up with us – thanks Brian for hosting!!

We got our poem from Angel Sammy as always and I’m sharing it with you along with your challenge photo for NEXT Thursday!   STAY SAFE!!


Happy Thursday Poetic Friends!!

Time to let your poetry shine!    Every Thursday we gather together to share the poems we’ve written based on last week’s photo inspiration and this Thursday is like all other Thursdays in that regard – I can’t wait to read your poems.   

Just a quick note from we Angels………….remember we are doing our best to keep you safe.    We can’t do it all though – YOU need to take some responsibility too and wear your masks, do your social distancing, wash your hands ALL THE TIME and just stay home if you can.    OK?    We love you and want you to be safe.

So below is the photo I gave you to inspire you for your poem this week – followed by MY poem for this week!

“Time Flies”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©October 28, 2020

Seeing this old photo makes all of us realize

People once didn’t feel like sardines when they flew the friendly skies

There was room to breath and move about the plane with ease

No pull down tray in front of you that squished your knees!

The stewardesses were helpful and always had a smile

From boarding the plane to the very last mile

There was a magazine cart, refreshments served for no extra cost

I’m afraid those comfortable flying days have been forever lost!


This photo is what my Mom remembers about so many of the trips and travel she and her family did back when her Dad was in the Air Force and they moved frequently.    Roomy planes, delicious meals, and smiling helpful staff.     These days it’s just not the same on SO many levels!!!     Anyway, when I saw this photo I just knew it would make for good thoughts and fun poetry.   If you wrote a poem, let us know in comments so we can visit you and read what you wrote.

Now, I bet you’d like to see what I found for your “inspiration” for next Thursday!     It’s a simple photo of Fall…..but I’m thinking it’s very interesting in its’ own way.    I hope you do too!

WOW.    Sadly the first thing that came to my mind when I found this photo was the fires out West here in the USA.    But thankfully the bright colors in this photo are provided by the sun and not fire.    I love the single big tree taking it all in.    

SO – have fun writing a poem to share next week…………and until then, please be careful and HAPPY!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love and Light, Angel Sammy



Thank you Angel Sammy – your poem made me smile and I saw a smile on Mom’s face too!    She remembers when her Mom made her wear her best dress, white socks with lace on the tops and her black patent leather shoes to get on an airplane.    That was about 100 years ago I think.    HAHA

Love, Teddy

Teaser Tell All Time


Welcome Back for Part Two of our Halloween Fun!

What fun we had yesterday! Hope all of you did too……the contest was wonderful.     We have the results of the contest for you but we have Teaser business to conduct first!    

“So?   Get on with it already!”


First order of business is telling you who our THREE FIRST COMMENTERS were yesterday when the Teaser post went live at 8:08AM EST.     

Our THREE First Commenters were:

TIMMY, SHARON, and INGRID  !   Let’s hear it for them!


Here are your badges!  Please copy one for your files/blog!

I was one of THREE FIRST COMMENTERS on the Halloween Teaser of Oct. 27, 2020! YAY FOR US!

“Phoooey!  I even got here early but not early enough I guess!”

And now we’ll tell you all about the Teaser Photo and where it was from then WHO guessed it right FIRST!

This is the very old and slightly spooky Bodiam Castle in East Essex, UK !

If you would be interested in learning a little more about this spot………………….just CLICK HERE and you can read all you want to about it.     I bet it would have made a great spot for a haunted castle party.

WHO guessed the location first?   Drumroll please………


And here is your badge Miss Csilla !!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER for the Teaser of Halloween, 2020! YAY FOR ME!!

There were a whole lot of you who guessed right though and EACH of you who did guess right – but weren’t FIRST like Miss Csilla was, get one of these badges of your own:

Well I was RIGHT with my guess on the Halloween Teaser of 2020 but I was not FIRST RIGHT. Phooey!

AND if you were WRONG – just plain WRONG with your guess you get a Halloween Greenie:

UHOH…..I blew a wrong note and my Teaser Guess was WRONG on the Halloween Teaser of 2020!

“Alright you students!  No pouting out there – if you didn’t win a badge this week you can try for one NEXT week! And THAT’S AN ORDER!!!”

The Cheer Team is saving themselves for a big finale today – announcing the winners of the photo guessing AND the costume contest so we’ll see them in a bit.

Thanks to all of you who participated this year!   We had eleven entries in the contest – and we had a TIE for the winner between two entries……they were:

The dynamic duo of “Stinky and Periwinkle” !!!

If you don’t know who Stinky and Periwinkle are – WHY NOT?   HAHA     They are creations of Janet of The Cat on My Head and Sharon of Friends Furever.    They have a wonderful blog post every single Tuesday by either Janet or Sharon and they are ALWAYS up to some kind of fun adventure.   Make sure you tune in on Tuesdays.  I’m not surprised they won – they are very popular and have a big following in the blogosphere!    And who was our other entry that tied for first???????

Joanie from 15andMeowing!

Joanie is one of the many kitties living with Miss Ellen and her husband in Massachusetts and Joanie is known for being the “costume wearer” in the family!    She models her nurse’s uniform nicely don’t you think?   Their blog is so much fun and you never know what the kitties are going to get up to at 15andmeowing.

Let’s hear it for our TWO winners………………….!


Stinky and Periwinkle’s Moms as well as Joanie will be getting a surprise package from us for being our Costume Contest winners………………They also get a special badge for being our winners and all of you who were in the contest get a badge too – here they are:


This year’s Halloween fun was out of sight
Our Graphics Department worked hard – almost all night!
Getting ready for the fun today
We hope you know we mean it when we say
We love you students and we hope you love us
If no we’ll leave you behind on the old school bus!
Today we to count to THREE
Timmy, Sharon and Ingrid were quick to call
Then when it came to guessing RIGHT Csilla took it all !!
Our Costume Contest Winners were awfully cute
Stinky and Periwinkle in their Halloween birthday suits!
Nurse Joanie in her pink nurse’s hat
Also a winner and PROUD of that!
Come back to school next week for lots more fun!


FUN!   Hope you had fun too….now let’s have Halloween lunch!

Enjoy your Halloween meals today students!  

Spooky Treats For You To Eat:




Sunday Selfies Hop



Thanks to our hosts at The Cat On My Head we’re gathering as usual on a Sunday to share our SELFIES! If you’d like to show yours, link up with them by clicking their badge above…….we’ll see you there.

Yesterday I was being rather stubborn about coming back inside once I’d been outside for an hour and a half.   I wanted to stay out.    Mom and Dad felt like they didn’t want to spend the entire day watching me lounge in the leaves.   Imagine that.   SO, finally Dad came over to where I was comfortably ensconced in my leaf nest and picked me up and began carrying me to the front door from the backyard.   Mom had her camera along and captured me – yes I look disgusted – yes I look upset – yes I am sticking my tongue out in disapproval, and yes I went totally limp in order to make my 25 lbs. feel like 50 lbs. !!!!

Mom jazzed this up a bit with Lunapic and of course made a puzzle out of it as well……………….She used the QUIRKY art effect – I wonder if that was a not so subtle hint referring to me????

AND of course made a puzzle out of the artified version!    I’m loving Fall……………..although I’m not so sure my Mom and Dad like my uncooperative attitude about coming back indoors!

Click this Mini-Me for the puzzle!




Bakin’ With The King for Halloween!


BOO!!!!!!   It’s me – your Bacon King!


What? No bacon? Well I just had to share this easy peasy recipe with you in time for Halloween because – well – the ROYAL MOM made it and it was just so yummy we had to tell you about it even if it doesn’t allow me to show off my BACON RECIPE skills!    

It’s an easy to make dessert and combines two of the Royal Mom’s favorite flavors – – – chocolate and pumpkin…………you may even have made some variation of this before but trust me – this just couldn’t be any more delish or easy.

Easy Chocolate Pumpkin Pie




1  Refrigerated pie crust (I used a Pillsbury one) – of course you could make your own pie crust but this refrigerated one works great 
3/4 cup packed brown sugar
3 eggs
2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
1 can (15 oz) pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
1 1/2 cups whipping cream
1 tablespoon unsweetened baking cocoa



Heat oven to 350°F.

Unroll pie crust on work surface. Press in bottom and up sides (about 1 inch) of 9-inch tart pan with removable bottom or pie plate.
In large bowl, beat brown sugar and the eggs until thoroughly blended. Gently fold in pumpkin pie spice and pumpkin. Stir in whipping cream.
Reserve 1 cup pumpkin filling.  Pour remaining filling into pie crust.
With whisk, stir together reserved 1 cup pumpkin filling and baking cocoa until no lumps remain. Pour chocolate filling over pumpkin filling in pie plate. Slightly tap sides of plate so 2 fillings combine.
Bake about 50 minutes or until toothpick inserted near center comes out clean. Turn off oven and slightly open oven door; leave pie in oven about 1 hour 30 minutes to cool.
Refrigerate pie 3 hours before serving. Serve with whipped cream.


  • YUMMMM!   Try this for your Halloween dessert!   OR ELSE!  (haha)

Only 7 more shopping days until Halloween!  

Friendly Fill-Ins



YAY! Friday’s here! Let’s do some filling in of blanks in sentences shall we? We always learn lots of cool stuff about each other don’t we. Our co-hosts at 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs each provide us with TWO sentences that have blanks and all we do is fill ’em in! EASY PEASY. So let’s get to it – oh – if you wanna play along – just click the badge above then find the place where you can LINK UP!

Here are the four sentences we got for today’s fun.  You know how sometimes I ALLOW (haha) my Mom to do the filling in instead of doing them all by myself?   Well this is one of those weeks – I let Mom fill in ALL of the blanks and her words are in RED.


1. I might not decorate for Halloween this year – trick or treating is “strongly discouraged” in our area!
2. I want to visit Skyline Drive (mountains 30 minutes from here) to have a picnic before fall is over.
3. If my house were haunted, I wouldn’t mind if it was Casper the Friendly Ghost!!!! .
4. Getting cancer  is the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me.


So there you have it – my Mom’s confessions this week with NO help from me!     See?   She can do it if I let her.   Next week I’ll be back at the helm I bet and maybe – just maybe – I’ll share the duty with Mom……two sentences for me and two for her?    

Have a super Friday and weekend……………….and THANKS to our co-hosts for another fun Friday.

Happy Friday!  Hugs, Teddy