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Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s Sunday again………….and you know what that means!     Time to show ourselves off in the Hop hosted by The Cat On My Head………………………..they’ve had some major website problems for days so we’re not entirely sure how this will work this week but if you click the logo/badge above it should take you to their blog where you should be able to link up.    However – when you have problems, there’s no guarantees!     I just know they are working hard to get back in business.

At any rate you get to see a photo of yours truly that my Mom took yesterday at noon on our front sidewalk (which appears to have some moss growing on it!).     I was just getting back from a cruise around the perimeter of the house looking for introoders when Mom appeared on the porch with her camera.    Yes I was looking at her until she snapped the photo – just part of my usual behavior with the camera.   Cooperation?   NEVER!   HAHAHAHAHAHA    Oh and before you ask, yes I think that’s a spot of bird poop behind me.    We have very impolite birds.

This is a boring photo other than the fact I’m in it……………so Mom had to dress it up a little with Lunapic………………..but here’s where we started:


Not boring thanks to Lunapic’s “Hunger” (new art filter)

And of course we did a puzzle………….what would Sunday be without a puzzle???????   


Happy Sunday!!!  Hugs, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Time to HOP with Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head. Yep – easy to do it too – just upload a photo of YOU on their blog (look for the link up spot) and VOILA – you’re hopping along!

I spent most of this week loving the beautiful Fall weather in our yard – you’d think Mom would have brought the camera out to snap photos of yours truly in his element – loving the Fall leaves – eating grass – exploring chipmunk burrows – chasing squirrels………..but did she?????????????   NO!

Therefore we are resorting yet again to posting a FLASHBACK of me this time week of this same month in some prior year.   Sigh.    Just when you think you’ve got them trained, these humans go off the rails.   

So here is ME on the front sidewalk on November 5, 2017 – still wearing my harness and on the leash.    I couldn’t fit in that harness if I tried but we still have it.   Mom saved all my old harnesses as I gained weight and we still have the leash too.    I don’t remember what art filter Mom used from Lunapic but I do like the way it makes my fur look!!!!!


We didn’t see a puzzle of this one in our Jigsaw Planet puzzle files but we did a puzzle for you – just click this MINI ME and you can have some fun!


Thanks for hosting the Hop Kitties Blue!   Happy Sunday to everyone.

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfies Hop



Thanks to our hosts at The Cat On My Head we’re gathering as usual on a Sunday to share our SELFIES! If you’d like to show yours, link up with them by clicking their badge above…….we’ll see you there.

Yesterday I was being rather stubborn about coming back inside once I’d been outside for an hour and a half.   I wanted to stay out.    Mom and Dad felt like they didn’t want to spend the entire day watching me lounge in the leaves.   Imagine that.   SO, finally Dad came over to where I was comfortably ensconced in my leaf nest and picked me up and began carrying me to the front door from the backyard.   Mom had her camera along and captured me – yes I look disgusted – yes I look upset – yes I am sticking my tongue out in disapproval, and yes I went totally limp in order to make my 25 lbs. feel like 50 lbs. !!!!

Mom jazzed this up a bit with Lunapic and of course made a puzzle out of it as well……………….She used the QUIRKY art effect – I wonder if that was a not so subtle hint referring to me????

AND of course made a puzzle out of the artified version!    I’m loving Fall……………..although I’m not so sure my Mom and Dad like my uncooperative attitude about coming back indoors!

Click this Mini-Me for the puzzle!




Sunday Selfie Hop



Here we are again on a Sunday morning – strutting our Selfie Stuff! The Cat On My Head hosts this great hop every Sunday – and you can join if you want to – just click their badge above and link up with us!

This is another Flashback Selfie of yours truly – taken in October of 2017 about this time of the year.   YES we have a done of leaves down already (we do this year too) and YES I have my lasers on for safety reasons so my Dad doesn’t slip on those wet leaves.    A guy needs to help out his old Pop when he can right?    

Back in 2017 this time of the year I was still wearing a harness.    Now that I’m all grown up – no more harness!     I still can’t go out by myself – gotta have parental snoopervision!    

This week I decided to do a puzzle for you puzzlers but instead of doing some fancy artsy filtering to the photo I used the photo “as is”………………it looks like a pretty darn tough puzzle because of all the leaves around me so all I can say is GOOD LUCK!!!!!

You can click this “Mini-Me” and be taken to the Jigsaw Puzzle!   GOOD LUCK!

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll see if I can talk Dad into us doing a “replay” of this photo from 2017 in the HERE AND NOW!!!!!!!   It’s a pretty Fall day again……….


Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday !    You know what Sunday means – HOPPING with selfies with our hosts at The Cat On My Head.    If you click HERE and you can go to their blog and link up with us.


I’m afraid my Mom did be wrong again and didn’t whip out her camera this week to snap a NEW photo of yours truly.    Yep – she was supposedly “too busy” to do that so we’re resorting to our file of GREAT MOMENTS IN TEDDY’S HISTORY to find a photo of me taken this same time of the year in the past!     This one is from October 8, 2017………what a little kid I was!


I look like a kid! Anyway, we discovered that I’d never made a puzzle out of this photo so we made one for you puzzlers to play with.

CLICK HERE to go to the puzzle at Jigsaw Planet and may I wish you the VERY BEST OF LUCK!!!!!  

We hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend – we will if you will!    Deal?    Good!  

Hugs, Teddy