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Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello Friends!   Time to HOP………………every Sunday we join the Hop at The Cat On My Head where we all do a selfie and SHARE.    If you’d like to join in – just click the badge above and link up.   There’s always room for MORE fun and MORE of you to join us.

I’ve got another flashback selfie for you……………..from August 18, 2018 – a year ago precisely.    Me hanging out in the backyard in one of the bare patches and of course in the dirt – I absolutely adore dirt.   Mom gets a little “miffed” when I roll around in the dirt – my harness gets filthy, my leash gets filthy, and of course I get filthy!    These are the times when Mom calls me her piggy and honestly I don’t mind.   Maybe I do have a little pig in my DNA?????

Yep – can you see that look of pure relaxation on my ace?   Loving that dirt.   It’s even better if it’s been dry for a while and the dirt is loose and dusty.    The dirt in this photo was slightly compacted from (I’m guessing) a fairly recent bit of rain.    Oh well…….I look happy lying there either way.

Yes we did a puzzle……….actually I had done a puzzle of a different photo taken this same day in August last year and posted it on my  blog, BUT if you’re a glutton for punishment, GO FOR IT!

HERE’S THE MINI-ME…..just click on it for the puzzle and GOOD LUCK……….


Doing a little “post dirt play” cleaning up……HAPPY SUNDAY!     

Hugs, Teddy



Selfie Sunday Hop


Happy Sunday everybody.   Time for us to join up with the Selfie Hop.    This is a fun hop that we’ve joined in on for a very long time and never get tired of seeing everyone else’s selfies on Sunday courtesy of our hosts at The Cat On My Head!    Want to link up?  Just click the badge above and post your selfie and link and VOILA – you’re part of the IN CROWD.

I’m going a FLASHBACK SELFIE again……hope you’re not getting tired of seeing me from a couple of years ago……..I think it’s kinda fun – hope you do too!

This is me on August 15th, 2017 – as close to today’s date as I could get.   Six months in my forever home and I’m already stretched out in the upstairs hallway outside my Dad’s office making myself into a doorstop!   Something I have perfected I might add in the two years since then!

Mom thought this photo was a little BORING so she used one of the new art effects from Lunapic called “SUNSHINE” and this is what she got!   I like it!    Did we do a puzzle?  Of course!


Happy Sunday Hopping…….Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Oh YAY – it’s Sunday and time to HOP with our hosts – Kitties Blue.    Every week we get together on Sunday at their place and show off our selfies.  Sometimes Mom has had a chance to snap a new photo of me but sometimes we do a flashback because she hasn’t.    This week we’re back to FLASHBACK.     You can join us – just click the badge above and link up.

Today I have a pair of FLASHBACKS – the first one of me on the studio couch is from August 4, 2017 and the one of me on Mom’s bed on a towel is from August 4, 2018.   The one from 2017 is one of Mom’ s all time favorite photos of me…….I’d been living here for six months.   I already loved hanging out with Mom in her office.   Still is one of my favorite spots in fact.   The one from a year later shows me perfecting my back nap.   I’m always working on that!

So this Sunday you got two selfies for the price of one……….but I only made a puzzle out of the 2017 one…………so if you’re inclined, here’s the puzzle!

Click the Mini-Me for the puzzle!!

Have a totally happy Sunday…………

Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday!   You know what that means……………..SELFIE TIME!     If you’d like to join us by sharing your selfie at the Hop hosted by Kitties Blue, click the badge above and join in the fun.

Mom took a photo of my rear end yesterday – so I suppose this is a “rear end selfie” this time around.    She is fascinated by the position I get in sometimes – she thinks my rear legs looks a bit like a frog…..or rabbit…..or something other than a cat.    I think that it’s none of her business how I lie down as long as I’m comfortable and I’m ALWAYS comfortable!    Cats are masters of “comfortable”.

First I’ll show you the “original” then I’ll show you the one she did using the “REPTILE” (eeeeek) filter at Lunapic.   It does kind of make it look like I’m some sort of strange animal with scales!   Then finally there’s the puzzle……….you know how Mom likes to make me into a puzzle.

So what’s so entertaining about this view Mom????? Hmmmmm?

Beware of the vicious REPTILE (Allicatgator??  Snakecat??   Lizardkitty??)

So here’s the puzzle……………..GOOD LUCK and of course – HAPPY SUNDAY!


Happy Belly-Up Sunday!   Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello Friends!!   It’s Sunday – time to add my photo to the Selfie Blog Hop hosted by Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   You should join us – click the badge, fill out the linky form and add your photo to the pile.   Easy right?

Yesterday I was in the guest room enjoying a sun puddle which had just started to move my way when Mom came in with the flashy box and nabbed this photo of me.    Funny how I have two “extra” stripes down my back from the window frame.   I have no problem with stripes obviously – I have lots – so I didn’t mind these “extras” showing up in the photo.

The guest room was nice and cool – add the sun puddle and it kept me PERFECTLY COZY for a nap.   In fact, Mom looked back in on me after she uploaded my photos to her computer and I was sound asleep.

Mom decided not to jazz up the photo with Lunapic either – we’re letting it stand “AS IS” !!

Did we make a puzzle?    Well of course we did…………………….

Just Click this MINI-ME and you’ll get the puzzle!


Happy Sunday World!   

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday is here yet again – it just keeps on showing up after Saturday so we keep doing a Selfie with Kitties Blue on the day after – SUNDAY!   Want to join in the Selfie fun?   Link up by clicking on The Cat On My Head’s badge above.   Then you can see everybody AND be part of the fun with your OWN Selfie too.

The very first thing I am doing before I show my SELFIE is to let you all know that Kitties Blue’s youngest guy, Sawyer, has had a rough time these past several days – two seizures and a trip to the vet.   We worry about him all the time and I know you do too – I did this badge for him a while back after a bad seizure – maybe if we post it again it will bring the little guy some GOOD LUCK.   He does need it and his parents need some more energy to deal with helping him.    Please keep all of them in your prayers.

I thought I’d do a FLASHBACK Selfie of ME this week.   Mom did take a “new” photo of me that we COULD use, but FLASHBACKS are fun.    I like seeing ME in the past – we all know what I look like in the present after all right?!

This is the “artsy” Selfie that Mom we posted on July 9, 2017 – I’d been here for five months and was feeling pretty feisty about then.    I was realizing that I wasn’t going ANYWHERE – I was HOME SWEET HOME!   


Here’s the “wee-me” photo that you can click to do the PUZZLE!!!

Happy Sunday and please don’t forget to send some POTP to Sawyer…..and his family.

Love, Teddy

P.S.  A reminder for Teaser Fans…..Monday there won’t be a PRE-TEASER class – just remember to show up Tuesday morning ready to study a photo and guess where it was taken!   Mom and I are going to go back to posting a “SPARK” on Mondays.   


Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s Sunday and time to Hop with Kitties Blue again………………………..the day of the week we join in their Hop and show ourselves off with selfies!    If you click their badge you will go there and you can sign up and do the same – smile pretty for the camera!

I’ve got a DIFFERENT selfie for you today…………….it’s not ME – it’s my Cousin Casey!     Casey lives with my Auntie Carol (my Mom’s sister) and Mom visited with Auntie Carol Wednesday and of course HAD to take a few photos.    Do you get the idea from this photo of Casey that he enjoys having his photo taken?    Poses pretty well doesn’t he?!     Casey is an Imperial Shih-Tzu……smaller than the regular sized Shih-Tzu and has a distinctive “liver” coloring meaning brown nose, lips and eyes instead of the usual black.    My Mom thinks he’s kinda cute – know what?  I do too – and I’m a WHOLE LOT BIGGER THAN HE IS!   TEE HEEEEEEEEE

Smile for Mom’s camera Casey……………..

Casey is a very cool pup – he is a “dog of many colors” as my Mom says.   He has a different color coat almost every time Mom sees him!    I can give you some examples:

Casey at Easter in 2017

Casey in August of 2017

Pretty fun isn’t it?   I think Casey might be magic or something.    Anyway, I decided he could be the SELFIE GUY for us this Sunday.     Mom even made a fancy picture of him with Lunapic AND of course a puzzle for you puzzle peeps!

Mom used the “CONNECTIONS” art filter on Lunapic for this one………I like it – looks somehow a little oriental maybe?

Here’s the puzzle of the above photo – good luck – might be a bit of a toughie………………………still, a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon right?    See you next week for another Selfie – probably of ME ME ME!



Love, Teddy

Before we go……………………..

Summer’s sister Binga at SPARKLECAT went to the Bridge last night.  She had a long and happy life with Miss Janiss and we are very sad to see her go.   If you click the badge above, you can visit SPARKLECAT and leave a note for Summer, Boodie and Miss Janiss.

On a happier note, today is our little buddy Sawyer’s SECOND birthday!   Sawyer’s had  rough time of it with his seizure disorder so if you stop by (click his birthday card) to wish him a happy day I think he’s REALLY appreciate it!

Sunday Selfie Hop on Fathers’ Day


Happy Sunday AND Happy Father’s Day!     Time to HOP with Kitties Blue.   Are you hopping with us?    You can click their badge above and link up that way  if you like.    Show yourself off with us every Sunday on the Selfie Hop that they host.

This week’s photo is one Mom took on Thursday when she was changing the sheets……….as soon as she pulled the pillow cases off the pillows I popped on top of the pillows, lay down and promptly went to sleep.    Yep – I did – and once more I’ve NEVER EVER done that before (get on the pillows instead of just the bed!)  so it was fun to see her so surprised.      I stayed there for about ten minutes then transferred to the bed itself and kept her from changing the sheets for a nice two hour stretch while I napped.    I didn’t hold up laundry day though – she did all the other laundry while I got my nap in THEN she got the bed sheets.

Here I am………………..

Yep – it’s a little blurry – Mom says it makes me look soft – I say I’m pretty darn SOFT anyway!     Well, just for fun Mom added a Lunapic art effect called “BRAVE” to this photo and we did a puzzle out of it too!

Mom jazzed my photo up on Lunapic using the “BRAVE” art effect………….do I look brave?    THEN she did a puzzle of this photo for those of you who enjoy doing them – – – here you are!

Just click this MINI-ME picture and go for it……

Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to ALL Dads – especially MINE!


You’re the BESTEST POP ever!  

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Happy Sunday!   You know what Sunday means – selfies!    Our hosts at The Cat On My Head would love for you to join in the selfie fun and it’s easy – just click their badge above and link up!

I’m going back to my FLASHBACK SELFIE pattern since Mom hasn’t dragged out the camera lately to snap me in any embarrassing photos.   That’s OK with me.   I have lots of photos I don’t mind pulling up from the past because it reminds me of how far I’ve come in the two plus years I’ve lived here!

This little gem was from just about this same day in 2017 – remember I was adopted in February of that year so this was just four months after I learned that I was a lucky guy.   I had also beat up this poor little “tent” that Angel Sammy had left behind for me.    Mom has retired it to her closet because she can’t bear to throw it away…….yet.      She put it next to the brand NEW tent she’d bought for me and I had a two bedroom suite.     I guess I was so exhausted this day that I barely made it inside the “front door” of my red tent before I passed out.    Poor me.

Of course we couldn’t stop there………..Mom had to make a puzzle of this silly looking photo……………………so if you’re so inclined, just click the photo below and have a try!


Happy Sunday with Hugs,   


Selfie Sunday Blog Hop


Happy Sunday!   Time to Hop.    We Hop every Sunday with The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head and YOU can too if you click the badge above and link up!     Then give us your “best shot” !!

I had to suffer further indignities yesterday when Mom turned around in her office chair and found me sprawled at the back of her chair on the floor.   Up until the minute she got out her flashy box I had been minding my own business and drifted off while waiting for her to NOTICE me.    What’s a guy have to do to get some attention around here?    Usually the belly up position gets attention but when she’s typing away on her keyboard – well – a guy just has to be patient.

What woke me up?   Well it was Dad who saw me and came in for a minute to give me a little “neck scratch”…….thanks Dad!

So after I allowed HIM and my Mom with the camera to do their thing, I did MY thing by indulging in a little Body Maintenance!

Or should I call it “BIG BODY MAINTENANCE” ??????

Have a super Sunday………………..and if you’re inclined to do a puzzle we have one for you!!

Click the Mini-Me for your puzzle!!

Love, Teddy