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Sunday Selfie Hop


Oh my goodness!  Is Sunday here already?   I guess so……………….I know it’s time for selfies so it MUST be Sunday.    If you would like to join the fun at The Cat On My Head (our host) with your selfie, click their badge above and link up.

Mom took some very boring photos of me this week.    If you can stand BORING, then I’m your guy.

See?   What’s exciting about this?   Just ME walking down my sidewalk………….woo hoo………not even chasing a squirrel – just cruising along.   Anyway, this is my Selfie for today such as it is.    Maybe we can jazz it up a little bit at Lunapic????????     Mom used the “SCREAM” (yes that’s the name of it!) new art filter.

Pretty darn “stripey” isn’t it!    Amazing how somehow it picked up my stripes for the sidewalk and made them ORANGE.    Coolio!   We also made a puzzle!


Happy Sunday!  Hug someone you love today.

Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello Sunday Selfie Hoppers!    Here we are again – sharing our selfies courtesy of our hosts at The Cat On My Head.    If you want to join – click their badge and link up with us.

Mom (bless her old heart) actually got her camera out yesterday and took a bunch of photos of me while I was cruising the front yard.     Most of them I moved just about the time she clicked the shutter so they aren’t all that fab BUT she got one which I gave my TEDDY PAW OF APPROVAL to.

I was watching for butterflies to chase – also keeping an eye on the sidewalk because the frogs peep up from UNDER the sidewalk by these blocks and occasionally a skink too!    It’s a great spot.

Did I make a jazzed up version of the selfie and a puzzle?   OF COURSE I DID!

Lunapic’s “Floating” art effect – I like the pastels…….makes me look coolio!  I love my stripey tail – it stayed stripey !!!!

AND here’s the puzzle for you puzzlers……………..good luck and Happy Sunday!

CLICK this “mini-me” photo to get the jigsaw puzzle!


Hugs, Pastel Ted


Sunday Selfies Hop


Sunday is for Selfies.   And Selfies are for linking up in the Hop sponsored by our buddies at The Cat On My Head.    If you’d like to show your selfie off – just click the badge above and link up.

Everybody knows yesterday August 28th was Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day……..and we had our regular posts scheduled so didn’t do a special post for that occasion.   But that doesn’t mean we didn’t think about our very own special pets that are no longer with us but who gained their wings.     Top of the remembrance list is our beloved Sammy.    He got his wings in December of 2016 just short of his 17th birthday but we still talk about him almost every day.     Teddy looks so much like him he’s a constant reminder although he’s a VERY different boy from Sammy.    I still think they would have been best buddies though……..they share the super important things like being totally lovable, very affectionate, and just plain SWEET.

In the background is Teddy about a week after we adopted him…..and in front is our Angel

I love that photo a lot…………and I thought in honor of our boy Sammy we’d use the above photo as our Selfie today………..a day late but there’s no time limit on expressing LOVE.

We know a lot of you like having Sunday puzzles……… I made one of this photo.

Just click this mini photo of the boys to do the puzzle!


Our Angels are never far away….and are forever in our hearts. 

 Love, Pam

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!    It’s that time again – SELFIES!    If you’d like to post your Selfie in the Hop – click the badge above and find where to link up!    We’ll see you when we hop around to visit.

I have a DIFFERENT Selfie today.    It’s a photo of “Nermal” who is our next door neighbor’s cat but she is one of two cats who comes HERE for breakfast almost every morning.   The neighbors let her fend for herself by letting her out every night and we get up super early and she knows it.   SO – she comes over here for breakfast.   Mom puts a bowl of crunchies on the front porch for her.     Since Mom didn’t take any new photos of me this week – we’re going with a photo of HER.



Mom thought she’d jazz Tina up a bit with Lunapic before she made the puzzle…………………………………..She used the “SADNESS” filter…….we think it’s SAD that her family leaves her out at night with all the foxes that live around here.    She must have street smarts though because she’s been their cat for at least six years.

And here’s the puzzle we made of Tina for those of you who enjoy a Sunday puzzle-fest!      Happy Sunday everybody…………….

Click this Mini-Nermal for the puzzle and GOOD LUCK.


Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello Sunday friends…………..time for us to gather together and share our selfies thanks to our hosts The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   If you want to join the hop – click the badge above and link up.

I have another new photo of ME for my Selfie today.    This was taken yesterday – just before Mom grabbed me and put my harness and leash on and she and Dad FORCED me into the car and took me for my vet appointment.    Had they taken a photo of me AFTER we got home, I would not have this pleasant look on my face……and in fact you would not have been able to FIND me to take my photo as I was pouting in the basement the minute we returned!

While I was congratulated for losing almost 2 lbs. since April when I was at the vet last, I went through the indignity of having my – er – um – well – glands expressed – not that I had a major problem….in fact had he asked me I would have told him “I’M FIND IN THAT DEPARTMENT THANK YOU” but he didn’t ask.   Mom said I got a pretty weird look on my face when he took care of that.    THEN he checked my teeth and said they were PERFECT…..(of course)…..then he gave me my distemper shot, checked me all over and pronounced me HUGE but HEALTHY.

SO – an “AFTER VET” photo would have shown a very sour face on me indeed!    Here’s the BEFORE photo:

I think I look rather regal here with my favorite nip lemon, nip banana, green spring waiting for me to play with them.   Little did I know what was about to happen to me!!!!

Mom decided to put this photo in Lunapic and come up with something more “ARTSY” than this plain photo to make a puzzle out of……….she used the ESCHER art effect.

AND of course we made a puzzle out of it for you!!



Happy Sunday…….hugs………Teddy