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Mother’s Day Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Mothers’ Day to all Moms and Caretakers who are Moms in their own special way.     It’s time for the Sunday Selfie Hop with our hosts The Cat On my Head but because it’s a special Sunday, we have included a selfie of my Mom’s Mom as well as MY Selfie!     My Mom’s Mom became an Angel in 2001 so I never got to know her.   I wish I had been able to meet her though!    Here she is with a note from Mom.

Then I have a selfie of me……………………and it’s Mom and Me the first time I ever played with her – I think it was the day after I was adopted and came to live with Mom and Dad and Mom and I were wrestling while Dad giggled.

Mother’s Day is a very special day and I also think Father’s Day is special too………….he shelter didn’t have any information for me about my first 11 months of life before coming to the shelter.   I might have had a home but we don’t think so.    I didn’t know what cat toys were.    Mom and Dad made a BIG DEAL over me and I just ate it up!

I hope you and your family celebrate Mother’s Day in some way with those you love………..I gave my Mom a bouquet of flowers and a card (with Dad’s help of course) but sometimes the very BEST gift is just a hug !!!

Big thanks to our hosts The Cat On My Head for giving all of us a place to show ourselves off every week.   Selfies are fun.    Mom usually does a puzzle with my current selfie photo but since the photo today is a flashback, we have a flashback puzzle!



LOVE, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!   Time to HOP along with our host,  The Cat on My Head.    Easy to do this one – just post a selfie of yourself and voila – you’re IN!    Click the badge above to go to their blog and link up with the rest of the HOPPERS!

Spring is springing and so am I………Mom and Dad sometimes have to carry me back in once I’m out because I LOVE being out there in the yard.    I lie in the grass, I go under the miniature red maple and spy on Mom and Dad (and the squirrels), I hike around the yard like I own it (which I do), and just enjoy chasing the occasional bird and butterfly.

SO – my Selfie is all about Spring………………….

No it’s not my selfie – unless there is such a thing as a house selfie – I just wanted to show you how the azaleas are blooming!!!  I love them.    Now for the part where you have to use your imagination.    This next photo is our front stone garden – just coming alive in Spring but at the right side of the garden you see my favorite part of the whole thing – MY DWARF RED MAPLE which is the best spy spot in the entire yard.    You can’t see me right?   Well, I’m there.   Take my word for it.

So because my handsome self isn’t VISIBLE in this selfie, we jazzed it up a bit for you.    Wait til you see this…………….Mom used the “FLOWERS” Art Filter from Lunapic and it for sure makes it look more colorful………….

WOWZA…………………….this ought to make a great puzzle for you………….oh and by the way, see that little green thing underneath the dwarf red maple?    That’s me.

Click this little photo and try your hand at the puzzle of this photo – TOUGH?  Probably!

HAPPY SUNDAY!  Hugs, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello everybody and Happy Palm Sunday!    Next week the Easter Bunny will be visiting my house.    Oh boy.     For now though we’re all concentrating on looking our best for the Selfie Hop sponsored by The Cat On My Head.   Wanna join?  Just click the badge above and link up!

Mom snapped my photo yesterday as I was contemplating joining my Dad on the front porch for some quality time.    I just woke up……….and heard the front door open…….in the photo I’m on the upper level looking right down on the foyer where the front door is.    I guess you might say I was too lazy to go down and go outside with him because I’m STILL lying where I was when Mom took the photo.    Oh well……….I was outside about two hours today already.    A guy needs his rest.

Grumpy?   Sleepy?   Both?    

Then she uploaded this to Lunapic and jazzed it up a bit………………………………..

COOL huh?    This is me with the GEOMETRIC art filter from Lunapic!   

Mom made a puzzle out of me too for you puzzlers:



Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Happy Sunday!   Time for us to join The Cat On My Head for Sunday Selfies – perhaps you would like to post a photo of you and join in?   Just click the badge above and link up.

Mom took a few photos yesterday just after I woke up from a nap and was in her office pestering her at the computer.    I like her new slippers so I was playing around hugging her ankles and slippers and she grabbed her camera and snapped away.

Here are her two favorites out of the batch she took………….but only one of them did she use for my “fancy” Selfie!

This one!    And she used Lunapic’s “SHATTERED” Art Filter which I think turned out pretty cool!   She made a puzzle too:

Just click this mini version of my selfie and it will take you to the puzzle!

HAPPY SUNDAY!   Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s SUNDAY and that means time to join the Selfie Hop hosted by our friends at The Cat On My Head.    Easy – just link up on their site (badge above will take you there) and you’ll be with the rest of us showing off on a Sunday!

Mom captured TWO photos of me yesterday – one I semi-cooperated with (which I’ll use next Sunday) and this one which I totally ignored her BUT was on the oriental carpet in the living room which ALWAYS makes for interesting art effects when Mom uses Lunapic online.   Wanna see?    Here’s the “before artifying” version:

And here’s how I look after she used the “BRAVE” art filter on Lunapic!

I look like I’m floating on the water on top of a rug!   HAHAHAHA    So, of course Mom did make a puzzle for you puzzlers out there……………and I wish all of you a HAPPY SUNDAY!

Just click this mini-me photo and it will take you to JIGSAW for the puzzle!


Love, Teddy