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Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello Sunday Friends!    Actually I hope you’re all my “every day” friends……….but on Sundays’ we all get together and share our latest Selfies.   Our hosts at The Cat On My Head give us a nice spot every Sunday where we can click on a link from the Hop and see ALLLLLLLLLLLL our friends’ selfies.   If you’d like to join – please do- just click their badge above and find the link.

My Mom actually took several photos of me this week (amazing huh?).    Two of them are embarrassing but I’ll show them anyway.    Actually I shouldn’t be embarrassed as I was quite comfy in both of them but she thought they were hilarious.  Why?   Well in one I only had my HEAD inside a tent while the rest of me slept outside and the other one I had HALF of myself in another tent while I was sound asleep snoring inside.     It’s not that I can’t go all the way in – I can – but I just didn’t!

Here are both of the photos……………….I’ll only artify one of them and turn it into a puzzle.

The one on the right is one of my new favorite nap spots….it’s where our Christmas tree was and when it disappeared I continued to take naps there ANYWAY.   The one on the left is in my Mom’s office.   The blue thing on top of my tent is a towel and it’s wrapped around the tent to block the other three holes for entrance/exit.  It’s more “private” without the other portholes and I NORMALLY (whatever that is) go all the way inside.   This day I just made it halfway and fell asleep.

Mom did the left photo on Lunapic to make it a bit more PRETTY……………….and made a puzzle out of the PRETTY version.    She used the “FAIRY” Art Effect – I like it!

AND – here’s the puzzle version just for all you puzzlers out there in blog-land!!   Good luck and Happy Sunday…………………………….just goes to show even a blooper type selfie can be artsy.




Happy Snoozy Sunday!  Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Selfie day!    The Cat On My Head hosts a wonderful selfie hop every single Sunday and that’s TODAY!    If you’d like to join in the Hop – click the badge above and find the link and join in the fun.

Oh  boy do I have a weird selfie today for you.   It’s not of me – I’m featuring our SNOW from this week.    Does that mean it’s a “SNOWFIE”????    Mom didn’t take any new photos of me this week so I thought why not show you our first snow of the year.   It was a whopper – 7-8 inches which may not sound like a lot but it was.

This is on my front porch – and we thought the trees looked amazing with the snow lying on every single branch.   Trouble with the photo is there’s no color!   Of course not!   But I bet if I put Lunapic to work we can give this a little jazzed up look!    Check this out (I used the “METALLIC” art filter):

And yes of course I made a puzzle for you puzzlers……………….this art filter really made a challenging puzzle!

Just click this small picture and go to the Jigsaw puzzle….good luck!

Happy Sunday!   Hugs, Teddy


Sunday Selfie For The New Year


Happy First Sunday of the new year………………start it off right with a selfie!    Our hosts at The Cat On My Head would love for you to join in the fun – just click their badge above and link up with us.

A new start in a new year.    I wonder what this year will be like?    I hear my Mom and Dad talking about how they hope it’s a BETTER year and I do know that it was a tough year for people with the pandemic continuing, the weather being weird, and a lot of people out of work.    We just HAVE to have a better year and maybe if we all concentrate really hard we can do it.    I’m going to do my best to keep my humans happy – it’s what I do best after all!!

Wanna see how I spent New Years Eve?    No I haven’t been drinking!   I’m just a tad sleepy that’s all……and you know how flashy cameras are so annoying!

I guess you’d like me to make a puzzle out of this one?   Well, let me jazz it up a little first with Lunapic then I’ll make a puzzle OK?

WOWZER…….this is Lunapic’s “SABER” art effect (one of the new ones)…………..interesting isn’t it?    Looks like I have some “hot spots” on me huh?    This will be a challenging puzzle I think.    GOOD LUCK!

Just Click the MINI-ME and do the puzzle……….

  Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Wow……the Sunday after Christmas and we’re all still FULL of Christmas dinner around here.    I think we’re in for a LAZY DAY.    Our hosts at The Cat On My Head will understand I’m sure that we simply didn’t drag the camera out in time to capture yours truly unwrapping (or eating) presents………we resorted to a Christmassy selfie but not one from yesterday!    In fact it’s from Christmas 2019……..     If you’d like to join in the selfie fun – click the badge above and find the link!!

How about this flashback?   Of course I’m having some fun with my bacon toy a dear friend sent to me (you know who you are) and have my eyes on LASER HIGH BEAMS – you probably even remember this one but I think anything involving bacon and ME deserves a replay.    I even made a puzzle of it JUST FOR YOU!

I hope your Christmas was wonderful – mine sure was!




Sunday Selfie Hop


Selfie time!  Sunday means selfies and I’m here to participate with a NEW photo of yours truly making sure Mom doesn’t put any presents in MY spot under the tree!   I’ve had to keep a close eye on her – she has gotten the hint though and stacks presents up AWAY from the tree so I have “MY” spot!

If you’d like to join in the Selfie Hop – click the badge above and link up.    We’re always here on Sunday showing ourselves off like kitties like to do.

A little blurry but hey – Mom has trouble keeping her hands from jiggling around sometimes!    You don’t mind do you?  You get the idea – I’m a tree snoozer.

Know what?   This time we didn’t artify my selfie – we made a puzzle out of this photo…………………………I think it might just be a bit of a challenge………….hope you think so too!

Just click this MINI-PHOTO of me and you’ll get the puzzle!


Hope you’re enjoying the Pre-Christmas season like we are at our house………………………………..!

Hugs, Teddy Claws