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Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday and Happy Hop Day with the Kitties Blue.    Just post a photo of yourself or anyone/thing that makes a good “Selfie” and hook up with the Hop – you can do that by clicking their badge above and linking up if you want to!!

Mom took a new photo of me this week but it looks like an old photo of me – why?  Because I am OFTEN found in this very position on this very rug in this very room (Mom’s office) when Mom is on her computer.    I hang out with her.    I relax – I’m comfy – I’m near her which is my favorite place to be.   SO – sorry if you’ve had a bazillion photos of me through the years in this same position but – well – I’m OFTEN in this position!    LOL

SO – we figured since this is a rather boring photo of me (unless you’re an appreciate of ginger cat male pulchritude….haha) we’d jazz it up with a Lunpic ART filter…..Ready?

Here’s ME after Mom used the “GEOMETRIC” art filter on Lunapic:

Oh I like it!!!    We made a puzzle out of this colorful one for your Sunday afternoon puzzle-fun!!

So – if you’re in a puzzle mood – just click this little photo and GO FOR IT….oh – and good luck!

Happy Sunday – Teddy and Mom Pam

Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s Sunday Selfie time!    Yep – the day when we share a photo of US or some other important person (hahaha) courtesy of our Hop Host, The Cat On My Head.    If you would like to share your selfie post with the world, click the badge above and hook up with us!

No active camera stuff from Mom this week – AGAIN – I let her sneak by with no new photos of me after her cataract surgery but this past week she has no excuse.   She just forgot!  So there!

How about yet ANOTHER flashback.    This time though instead of ME, it’s a flashback of Angel Sammy.    First day home from adoption.    What a little character – I wish I’d had a chance to play with him.

Yep he was tiny.    Six weeks old they thought.    It was February of 2000.     Here’s what Lunapic did to him when Mom intensified his beautiful red coloring and used the “Beauty” art filter:

Mom and Dad talk about Angel Sammy all the time – I sure do wish we could have had some time together.   I bet we would have had a blast.    Mom made a puzzle of this photo for those of you who enjoy puzzling!

Here’s the puzzle of our Angel Sammy

Have a super Sunday everybody!


Hugs, Teddy



Sunday Selfie Hop Time!


Happy Sunday fellow Hoppers!    Our host “The Cat On My Head” gives us a chance to shine on Sundays.  A selfie of some kind………..and while my Mom sometimes forgets to snap a NEW photo of me, we have hundreds of available “Flashback” photos I could use.   This is one of those “Flashback” weeks I’m afraid.   Mom has been resting a bit after her first cataract surgery and in prep for second surgery this coming week so the camera has been resting in her desk drawer.

My Selfie is a photo Mom took of me trying out my new BIG BOY bed on this same date last year.     The BIG BOY bed was actually a dog bed but if you’re BIG you’re BIG right?   Doesn’t matter if you’re a dog, a cat, or a rhinocerous – if you’re BIG you need room to spread out.

Of course we did a little artwork with this photo and turned it into a puzzle as well as you’re about to see!

Lunapic jazzed me up nicely in this one didn’t it?   We used the “BRAVE” Art Filter and this will make a whopper of a puzzle we think!

Wanna try the puzzle out?   Just click this mini-me photo and GO FOR IT!  GOOD LUCK!

Happy Sunday and Happy Puzzling! 

Thank you to our hosts for Sunday fun!

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop Time


It’s Selfie Sunday!     Join in the fun with a Selfie at The Cat On My Head – you can click the badge if you would like to link up with us!

My Mom actually took some NEW photos of me this week – do you believe it?   I can’t but it’s true.    She snuck up on me while I was napping and thought it looked funny that I made my front paws stuck out straight in front of me even though I was sound asleep.   I didn’t think it was funny – I thought it was COMFY all stretched out in that sun puddle!

YES we loaded it up into Lunapic so it wouldn’t be so PLAIN before we made a puzzle for you…………’s this?    We used the “CONNECTIONS” art filter and I really like the way it turned out!

AND here’s the puzzle – Mom says that filter makes me look like a pig on the grill!   HUH????????   Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday is for Selfies………..and this Sunday is for Easter Selfies.    Mom decided to catch me WAITING rather impatiently for the Bunny to arrive……yes it was the middle of the night when she snuck up the stairs with her camera and put that annoying thing close to my face as I was on BUNNY PATROL and took two photos of me.  Of course I felt obligated to give her a hard time since she disturbed me so I refused to look at the camera!   SO THERE!

I love this spot up on the landing – I can see who comes to the door – who comes in my front yard and most of all who comes IN!    I think the Easter Bunny just magically comes inside – he doesn’t need a door.

But then I decided it wasn’t nice of me to give Mom a hard time………… I let her have this one:

We jazzed this last one up a bit with Lunapic……………..we used the DELAUNAY filter

AND we made an Easter puzzle for you!


Happy Easter From Me, Mom and Dad!