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Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday – it’s time to HOP with The Cat On My Head…………..everyone posts a selfie and links up with The Cat On My Head and it’s tons of fun.     You may click the badge above and link up if you’d like to – the more the merrier!

I’m afraid I have another flashback Selfie today.    With nasty Hurricane Ian and all the worrying about friends in the line of the storm and what we could expect here, etc., Mom didn’t take any photos this week.   SO – forgive me if we drag out an old one of me for the Hop!

I call this one:    “Yeah?   Whaddayawant Mom?!”

Minding my own business – snoozing on my towel – and whammo – the flashy box appears – laser eyes were the only punishment I could whip up for Mom on the spur of the moment but she HATES when those lasers make an appearance so I think I made my point!

So we stuck this old photo of me into Lunapic and used the PSYCHEDELIC art filter (woo hoo) and here’s what we got:

WOW!   Now this is gonna make a heck of a puzzle don’t you think?    Well GOOD LUCK if you decide to take it on.    AND have a Happy Sunday too while you’re at it!




Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday is here and it’s time for SELFIES!    Our hosts at The Cat On My Head give us a spot to post photos of ourselves every week and we get together to admire ourselves by visiting each other to say HOWDY-DO.  You can join in if you would like – click the badge above and link up – easy.

Mom took this photo yesterday after she had to bribe me with treats to get me to come in the house from the garage.    I hang out in the garage for two reasons.   First I think my Mom and Dad must be eskimos because they keep the house too cold for me in the summer so I ask to go into the garage and spend all the time I can out there sleeping and of course hunting for skinks who just HAPPEN to get under the garage door from time to time!      Anyway, Mom calls me in from the garage every evening if I’m not already inside on my own and I insist on a treat for being a good boy and coming in when called.   Pretty good deal huh?

A little blurry but you get the picture (literally) – I’m munching on my treats!

Mom decided not to do a Lunapic version of this one.    We just made a puzzle out of this rather boring photo – but it might be tricky since there are BIG areas of ME and big areas of blue so all I can say is GOOD LUCK!

Just click this mini-me photo and you’ll get the puzzle to do!

Happy Sunday! 

Hugs, Teddy   

Sunday Selfie Hop Time


Happy Sunday everyone……the days fly by anymore – Sunday rolls around so quickly.     If you’d like to join the Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Hop – click the badge above and link up with us.

It’s all about US on Sunday – or sometimes it’s about something or someone else – as long as it’s a Selfie!!    This time I have a GRUMPY Selfie.    I really do NOT like it when my Mom wakes me up – accidentally or intentionally – I really am not happy about it as you can plainly see by my face.


But I still think it’s a good photo of me.   So there!     Mom decided not to mess around with the photo by using Lunapic – she said “why mess with perfection and a grumpy face” so that’s that!    However we DID make a puzzle for you…………………..

Click my “MINI-ME” and get the puzzle – good luck!

Thanks to The Cat On My Head for hosting Selfie Hop……………always fun to see my friends every week on Sunday!

Before we go, we want to acknowledge that today is “Rainbow Remembrance Day” and we want to say we miss Angel Sammy every second of every day……and always will.   Mom has had many kitties in her life and she misses all of them who are at the Bridge but Angel Sammy was very special………………..I wish I’d known him.

One day we’ll be together……………………….

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Happy Sunday Friends………you know today is SELFIE DAY so let’s do this.    If you want to click the badge above you can go to our host’s blog and link up with us.   We’ll all be SELFIE STRUTTIN’ today.

This is an OLD photo of me………….but it happens to be one of my Mom’s favorite photos of me EVER so when she said she’d like to use it today I said………………”Awww shucks Mom….if you like it enough to repeat it more than once or twice then GO FOR IT!”.     SO SHE DID!

She took it on February 9, 2019 and I do look rather adorable if I do say so myself.     We loaded this up into Lunapic and jazzed it up just a bit for you so we’d have an interesting puzzle for you to do.    Mom chose a filter she doesn’t THINK she’s used before – I agree……………….the filter is called “COFFEE” and when we put my photo in it, sure enough I am coffee colored and it even looks like I have coffee grounds sprinkled all over me!   HAHAHA

THEN we put the “coffee boy” into jigsaw mode and here’s the result:

Just click this mini-me and you can tackle the puzzle – good luck!

Happy Sunday and THANKS to The Cat On My Head for HOSTING


Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Sunday’s here!   That means it’s SELFIE day at The Cat On My Head.    If you’d like to join the hop you can click their badge above and link up.    Our chance to show ourselves off to the world by posting a selfie.

My selfie this week is rather boring – just me sitting on the front sidewalk looking around for some action.    Whether it’s a skink poking its’ head out from under the sidewalk or a chipmunk dashing between holes under the holly trees OR the cat next door who mooches breakfast from us most mornings.   Even though she’s in her own yard I see her and want to flex my considerable muscle (some say its’ fat – I say it’s muscle) to make sure she knows this is MY house.    She can visit (she spends the night on MY front porch when her humans leave her out for the night) and get a meal from here but that’s the extent of how far I put the welcome mat out !

SO – here’s the gem Mom has of the BACK of me on the lookout:

THEN she put it in Lunapic so she could make it somewhat more interesting than a picture of a big cat from the back sitting on a sidewalk minding his own business.


Whoa!  Put on your sunglasses to look at this one!   This is me with Lunapic’s “FLOWERS” art effect at 100%.

Yes of course we did a jigsaw puzzle………………this is quite an effect isn’t it – you can see lots of flowers around – I think if Mom had reduced the intensity to something like 50% it would have looked better but then SHE was the artist – I was the subject matter.    So here’s your puzzle:

  Just click this little photo for the puzzle and good luck!


Happy Sunday to everyone especially our Blog Hop hosts at The Cat On My Head!   

Hugs, Teddy