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Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday – and a VERY SNOWY one here I might add!    Big fat white flakes coming down and while it’s pretty, it means I won’t be heading out for a walkabout like I did yesterday!    No worries though, I’m going to nap.    Good way to spend a snowy Sunday.     Selfie Sunday is hosted by our friends at The Cat On My Head and if you would like to share a selfie (or you or someone else or anything you can think of) just go over (click badge above) and link up with us!

I have a SNOW selfie today.     Not one of yours truly for a change – it’s just such a pretty sight out our window I’m sharing it with you!

My Dad is already chomping at the bit to go out there and use his snow thrower on the driveway………….Mom says “wait until it’s finished!” – it’s actually scheduled to change over to rain in a little while.    Anyway, while it’s here – I think it’s pretty – magical even.    SO, we thought it would be fun to do a puzzle of this – since it’s basically black and white, it may be a challenge!    THEN when I was getting ready to construct the puzzle I thought I’d throw in a SECOND challenge – the photo I made the puzzle of is a slightly DIFFERENT photo than the one above – same view but just a bit different – aren’t I sneaky?



Good Luck and Happy Sunday!    Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Gosh it seems like months and not days since I did a Selfie post.    Mom somehow thought that she’d be up and around in days after her hip replacement surgery – HA!  If she’d asked for my opinion of course I would have said WEEKS not DAYS.    It’s a slow process – the fact she’s not a spring chicken probably has something to do with it.  HAHA     Seriously though, Mom’s doing very well – we have had a home health nurse and a P.T. therapist here off and on the past several days since Mom got home and they say she’s doing OK.    It’s a long process.    

SO – even though Mom is SORT OF back – she’s not taking photos so we’re resorting to FLASHBACKS.   Sorry about that but I’m sure that will change.   Meanwhile we love being in the Hop again and if you’d like to join us, click on the badge above and link up with us.   Thanks for our hosts at The Cat On My Head for hosting this great say to say HI to each other on Sundays.

This little gem is probably familiar………………’s from January 21, 2018.    I know I’ve used it several times on Selfie Sunday but I figure one more time won’t hurt right?    I’m lying on a piece of Christmas tissue so I assume since the photo was taken in January of 2018 I was still I LOVE with tissue.   I probably should ask for another piece – maybe I could fall in love with it again??  HAHA

I had done this as a puzzle before but I downsized it for you to 99 pieces.    Several of you did the puzzle before and your “times” are posted at Jigsaw Planet on this puzzle!   Anyway, click the MINI-ME below and you can try try try again!


That’s about it for me………as I said, Mom isn’t up to full-time blogging yet but one of these days we’ll be back in your inbox regularly.  Until then, we do miss you all.   A LOT!

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Time to show ourselves off a bit! Actually this week being the last Selfie before Christmas I’m going to post my Selfie photo from LAST Christmas.    It has one of my favorite toys in it – a big BACON toy with a Santa hat on it that rustles when I squeeze it – I really loved it last year and carried it all over the house with me for weeks after the holiday.    Funny how sometimes just one thing is all of a sudden THE BEST THING.     I have presents in my stocking hanging from the mantel and a few under the tree this year and I can’t WAIT to open them on Christmas morning!

If you’d like to join in the Selfie Blog Hop – just click the badge above and go to The Cat On My Head and link up with us.   

I imagine next Sunday everyone will be showing photos of themselves with their favorite toys Santa brought them.   I’ll probably do the same.    


Since I’m the King of Bacon I guess you know why I loved this toy so much when I got it last year!!!

And I did a puzzle from this photo last year – here it is:

Click here for the Christmas puzzle!   

Merry Christmas from me and Angel Sammy too!!   Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday……….countdown to Christmas is underway. This Hop is a fun one – The Cat On My Head is our host and you can join in and post your selfie if you want to – just click on their badge and link up with us.

My selfie is a little difficult to figure out today – I have my face resting on the train track…………….Mom insists on putting presents under the tree and even though I push them out of my way, sometimes I have to resort to awkward positions in order to get under their properly!    

Anyway, I can’t get mad at her – after all she’s my Mom!    Has to be presents under a tree right?   Right!    

We jazzed the photo up a bit with Lunapic…………..then did a puzzle………….good luck…………..and have a super Sunday everybody………………………………….


Here it is after we applied the “FROST” art filter with Lunapic!   Frosty huh???!!

And here’s the FROSTY puzzle if you would like to give it a whirl!

Click this little photo for the puzzle

Happy Sunday and Happy Puzzling!

Sunday Selfie Hop


What? It’s Sunday already? Is it me or is time flying? Well whatever………Mom managed to remember to take her camera outside yesterday and got some photos of me but I tricked her – every time she got ready to snap a photo I moved. EXCEPT FOR ONCE and for that one my back was turned to her. I’m sneaky yes?

This is a great hop – you get to see all your friends in their favorite poses…..our “Sunday best” ! Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head is the place to link up if you’d like to join us – just click their badge above and LINK with us.

So this is an example of how I managed to make most of the photos she took yesterday MESSED UP because I moved….tee hee:

Mom says my “butt is fluffy” ???!!!


Smooth moves huh?    But she did manage to get a couple of decent shots of me – one inside the house in our living room and one outside on the front sidewalk……………today’s photo that’s not blurred is this little gem and I made a puzzle out of it after Mom jazzed it up.


Lunapic’s “SUNSHINE” art filter!

Here’s the Mini-Me you can click on for the puzzle!

Make sure and visit all the other “Hoppers” at The Cat On My Head and Happy Sunday!!   

Love, Teddy