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Sunday Selfie Hop


Time to HOP!    Sunday is Selfie Hop day with Kitties Blue.   You ought to join us – if you want to, click their badge above and go for it.    We’ll see you there.

Mom realized yesterday when she grabbed her camera to take a couple of photos of me that almost ALL MY PHOTOS are the same.    I’m either in the Granny Chair in the guest room, or on the floor with my belly up, or SOUND ASLEEP and she’s right!    Of course the fact that I won’t sit still (usually) long enough for her to take my photo MIGHT be part of the reason…….but then there’s the fact that I do sleep a lot to be considered.

Here’s the photo she took of me yesterday – technically it’s not a selfie because I didn’t take it MYSELF but I’ve delegated the responsibility to my Mom so that counts!

See what I mean though?   I must have shared a bazillion photos that look just like this with you……………From this chair I can see across the upstairs hall to Mom’s office where I can keep an eagle eye on her while she’s at her computer………..however, obviously right now my eagle eye (and the other one too) are CLOSED TIGHT while I sleep.

I know I’ve probably told you why we call that chair I’m in “THE GRANNY CHAIR” but I’ll tell you again anyway.   The chair itself belonged to my Dad’s Mom and when she went to the Bridge Dad got it.    The quilt on the back of the chair belonged to my Mom’s Mom and it was a wedding gift to her when she married my Mom’s Dad in 1947.    Perfectly good name for that chair would be THE GRANNY CHAIR right?

Happy Sunday!!!  

P.S.   Did you think I forgot to do a puzzle for you puzzlers?   No I didn’t – I was saving it for last…..AND I’m not telling you who or what the puzzle is of.   You’ll just have to GO FOR IT!    Ready?   Set?   Go!

Click Here For Surprise Puzzle

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Hello everybody!    It’s THANKFUL Teddy here………….. Today I’m particularly thankful that we’ve had so much nice sun lately – EVEN though it’s COLD COLD COLD, it’s still sunny.   The ground isn’t as frosty as it was even a few weeks ago and now that it’s softened up a bit, I can roll around in the dirt and dig holes act like a dog which always makes my Mom laugh (until she has to clean me up before letting me back inside).    Mom said Angel Sammy liked to roll around in the dirt too.    I’m also thankful that we have lots of nice, new green VERY TASTY grass.   I am a grass muncher (also like Sammy) and I do enjoy grazing.

I’m thankful that Angel Sammy’s email with his poem and message for this week’s “THOROUGHLY POETIC THURSDAY” got through – it still amazes me how good the wi-fi connection is between here and the Rainbow Bridge!!!


Hello Poetry Fans!  

Just in case you’re stumbling across this blog for the first time and have no idea what we’re talking about – today is the day every week that we let our poetic scribblings fly free here.   I give all of you a photo to use as inspiration to write a poem then the following Thursday we SHARE and I let you read MY poem and enjoy yours!     You say you have never written a poem and don’t know how?   Well, I’m here to tell you that everyone can write a poem – it’s not scary – it doesn’t even have to rhyme – it’s just putting in words what you feel, think, see from the photo that I give you!    Fun and easy…….please give it a try some time.   If you have written a poem for this week, please let us know in comments so we can come read it.    I just LOVE reading your poems.

Here’s the photo you had for inspiration since last Thursday – you’ve had a week to write something – did you?   I did and my poem follows the photo below:

“Floating House”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©March 20, 2019

Imagine how fun to live on a boat

That lovely rocking as you gently float

But what about noise from tour boats on the fly?

What about noisy people late at night as they pass by?

What about gross stuff floating by your door?

What if the spot you chose turned out to be a bad place to moor?

You have to consider things from all sides

Houseboats aren’t like sailboats that ride the wind and glide.

They stay where they are put and you hope for the best

And hope every night you can get proper rest!!!


HAHA…….the romance of the water calls people all the time.   My Mom and Dad once went to a sailboat show and looked at some large and incredibly beautiful sailboats that were roomy and well designed and they felt they COULD live in it and sail too.   BUT there are huge expenses involved that people don’t often really think about – maintenance, mooring, fuel costs, are just a few of the things to be considered.   It is a VERY FUN thing to think about though…….and lots of people do own boats of all kinds and live on them quite happily for years and years.   My Mom and Dad decided to be “landlubbers”……but they both do enjoy getting on boats for tours and fun.    They’ve also taken some wonderful river cruises through Europe.    The sea calls to all of us maybe – some of you hear it louder than others and follow the siren’s call.    Remember to let us know if you wrote a poem for this photo!    Here’s next week’s photo – you have a week to think about/write your poem!

This one will be fun don’t you think?    I guess we’ll see how well we all do when we gather together here next Thursday.    Hope you have fun with this one………….C’mon – you can do it!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love From The Bridge…………Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy………your brother Teddy




Sunday St. Patrick’s Day Selfie!


It’s Sunday and time for the Selfie Hop.   I’m thinking we will see a WHOLE LOT OF Saint Patrick’s Day selfies today.    I’m going to do a couple of FLASHBACK Selfies because I enjoy seeing what I looked like a year or two ago on this same date (or as close as I can get!).   If you’d like to join in the hop hosted by my friends The Cat On My Head, just, click their badge up above and link up with us all for some Irish fun!

This is my selfie from March 16, 2017 – which was just a month or so after I was adopted – I look pretty comfy don’t I ????

Then a year later, March 16, 2018, this was me:

HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!!!    I was still getting drinks out of the guest bathroom sink – these days I get drinks from Mom’s master bathroom sink.   A sink is a sink is a sink I say – the water comes from the same place!   

Anyway, today I’m Teddy O’Kimmell, red-headed Irish boy from Virginia.    I’m a very happy boy.     Since neither of these OLD photos of me have even a tiny bit of Irish fun in them, Mom has decided to use my St. Patrick’s Day AVATAR from Cat Scouts to make a puzzle for your entertainment today.     If it drives you nuts putting it together – have a green beer on me!     To make it a REAL CHALLENGE, I’m not going to show you the photo the puzzle was made from!    That’s right – this ought to keep you occupied for a while.    Tee Hee


Have a great Saint Patrick’s Day everybody and the below prayer is from me and my Mom and Dad to each and every one of you – thank you for being our friends……….

Love, Teddy O’Kimmell

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!    Time for the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop hosted by our good friends at The Cat On My Head.    I just KNOW you want to join in the fun – right?   If so, click their badge above and link up.   Show off yourself like WE do every Sunday.

I’m doing my usual FLASHBACK SELFIE today.    This was from one year ago………………

Mom must have really gotten carried away with Lunapic for this one.    We have no idea which art effect she used but it was rather colorful wasn’t it?!    Something tells me this will make a “terror” of a jigsaw puzzle!    If you’re brave, give it a whirl.



We had a surprise snow Friday.   SPRING – WHERE ARE YOU?????!!!!!

Love, Teddy


Friendly Friday Filling In


Oh boy!   Time to fill in the blanks again……….I can’t believe another week has passed since I filled blanks in but it has.    I let Mom do the filling in last week and I might do them this week or maybe “share” with Mom.     Anyway, if you’d like to have some fun filling in the sentences our co-hosts (15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs) give us every week, please do.   Just click on the badge above and link up with us.    It’s a fun way to share information about ourselves.

Here are this week’s sentences and I decided Mom and I will share………Mom’s BLUE and I’m RED.

1. I am always happy – my Mom and Dad like that about me (!).

2. I brake for red lights, animals, roadblocks and any other thing that I don’t want to run into or over!

3. I’d be lying if I said my life isn’t perfect cuz it is!
4. The one who doesn’t panic wins the race.

There you have it!  Another pile of filling in done by me and my Mom!    We both hope you have a great weekend……….Here’s something to make you giggle…… Mom and I just love this!!!  Hope you do too……………

Tee Hee……………..

I’m sleeping until it gets warm…………..DO NOT DISTURB………….

Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Who knows what today is????   I guess YOU do since you’re here and you know we HOP on Sunday along with lots of other friends!    If you’d like to join in the fun- click the badge above and fill in the linky form……you can also go there to see who else is hopping and visit them!   Thanks to our friends the Kitties Blue for hosting this hop every Sunday.

We have a silly flashback selfie today – back when I was a wee boy learning all about my new home, I’d frequently be found hanging out in Mom’s office and keeping her company while she tapped on her keyboard.    I was totally fascinated with her printer – I’d just sit in front of it WAITING for the noise to start up knowing it was going to spit out some paper and I wanted to be RIGHT THERE for the action.    Well, that was two years ago and to this day, I can be anywhere at all in this house and if I hear that printer start up – I come a-runnin’ !!!!!

This is me in June, 2017 which was four months after I “moved in” ………….

I love watching stuff come out of this machine!!

And here I am yesterday waiting on that machine yet AGAIN! …………

Well I do believe I’m a bit bigger (alright – a LOT bigger!)  than I was back then but I’m absolutely JUST as interested in that machine as I was as a youngster.    Not that I’m an “OLDSTER” – after all – I’m turning THREE years old tomorrow and that’s not old right?

It might not be the most exciting jigsaw puzzle to put together – in fact it’s kinda boring – BUT she did one anyway.    If you click on the MINI ME photo below you’ll be able to give puzzling a whirl!

Click here for the puzzle!!

Stop by tomorrow……it’s Pre-Teaser Monday but it’s also a little birthday party.  

Hugs, Teddy


Friendly Fill-Ins


Friday is here and so is the Fill-In Hop!     If you want to fill in some sentences and have some fun with us – just click the badge above and GO FOR IT!   Every Friday each of our co-hosts gives us two sentences with blanks in fun spots and we fill in the blanks however we want to.    It’s always interesting to read everyone else’s fill-ins.

Here’s this week’s sentences…………..this week I decided to let my Mom have the honors and her fill-ins are in BLUE!

1. My favorite kind of music is NOT LOUD.

2. I don’t believe  in going to bed angry.

3. My ideal day begins at 3:30AM with Teddy – that’s his “play time” and our alone time before his Dad gets up.
4. Don’t let fear of aging stop you from staying YOUNG AT HEART!
Thanks Mom!  I knew you’d do a good job with these – I kinda thought the sentences were more for people to answer than ME doing it this week.
I agree with Mom’s #2 – do I look angry?   HECK NO!!!   I look SLEEPY!

Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


YOO HOO!!!!   It’s Sunday you know – time for all of us to link up to the Selfie Hop on The Cat On My Head.    Sharing a photo of ourselves is a “regular” activity for those of us in the Hop – we hope you’ll HOP with us and it’s easy – just click on the badge above and fill in the LINKY form.

I’m back to my FLASHBACK selfies this Sunday.    This is me – not too long after I came to live here with Mom and Dad.   Mom snapped it on February 17, 2017.   YES it’s blurry – I bet Mom was wiggling the camera because I was wiggling my head – I was a very wiggly (happy) kid!

I still have a “baby face”……………I look much more grown up now of course – after all, I’m almost three years old!    Mom thought in spite of the fact this is a not so hot photo of me, she’d go ahead and make a puzzle out of it.



We were going to jazz up the photo a little with our favorite photo editing tool – LUNAPIC but for some reason it wouldn’t “work”…….so this is just ME – with no doodads or fancy colors – JUST ME!

HAPPY SUNDAY!   Love, Teddy


Friendly Fill-Ins


Hello Friday and Hello Friends!    Today we fill in the blanks and you can join us if you wanna – just click the badge above and LINK UP!    This is a fun Hop co-hosted by 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs…’s “all about us” – we fill in blanks they give us and when we do – you find out cool stuff about us (and everyone else in the Hop).

This week’s sentences are below and I’m filling them in MYSELF again!   My fill-ins are in BLUE.


1. If it wasn’t for Angel Sammy, I might still be in the shelter – I’m sure he told my Mom and Dad that I was waiting for them there – same place they adopted him!.
2. My harness goes on before I’m allowed to go for a walk with Mom or Dad (or both!).
3. My quiet MEOW with a head bonk is my preferred method of communication.
4. You can’t buy love – if you do, you’ll want your money back!!!.
There you have it – another successful filling in project courtesy of ME!     I hope you have a fabulous Friday and weekend………………………………

Help!   I’m incarcerated!  (well….maybe that’s a slight exaggeration!)    

Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday!   WOO HOO!    Time to hop on the blog hop wagon at The Cat On My Head and strut your selfie stuff.     We do that every week – you should too!     Just click their badge above and link up.   We’ll stop by and check each other out like the Hoppers that we all are!

Mom caught me being silly Saturday in the upstairs hallway and just happened to have that camera at the ready – she got me making faces and trying to look CUTE as she played with me from the landing below.    I like that – it’s one of our games.   Anyway, here’s the photo she took and it’s my official SELFIE today!

She also took these – I usually don’t sit/lie still long enough for her to get more than one shot but this time I was cooperative for a change!

Now I have been showing a FLASHBACK photo of me from the same time a year ago so just FYI, this was me on February 9, 2018………….relaxing on the Granny chair in the guest room:

Did you remember that Valentine’s Day is this week?   It is – this Thursday………..and I made a Valentine’s Day card for all of you from me!

Mom thought she’d go ahead and make a puzzle out of my NEW Selfie from yesterday…………..she thinks it might be a little bit of a challenge since it’s just ME and not a lot of pattern, etc. in the puzzle which usually makes it easier to do.    If you’re a puzzle buff – GOOD LUCK!

As always, just click on this MINI-ME photo and have fun with the puzzle!!

Happy Sunday!   

Love, Teddy