Sunday Selfie Flashback


Happy Sunday……………….it’s that time again – time to strut our stuff and share our photos with each other.   We love this Blog Hop which is hosted by our pals The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   If you’d like to play along with us – just click the badge above and join in the fun by filling out the LINKY form.    Then get to work visiting your friends.

I’m doing my FLASHBACK thing again this Sunday.   I’m having fun looking for what kind of Selfie I posted a YEAR ago and reposting it.   MY HOW I’VE GROWN!

This is the photo from October 13, 2017 and Mom used Lunapic to create my artsy selfie below for my SELFIE post on the same date last year!

Interesting huh?    Well of course we did a jigsaw puzzle out of this one for you in case you’re up for it!


Big Ginger Hugs, Teddy


Sunday Selfie


Here we are again!  Sunday!   Time for the Selfie Blog Hop hosted by Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.    If you’re in the mood to show yourself off like WE are, just click the badge and fill out the linky form – WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM you’re in!

I’ve been doing FLASHBACK Selfies for a few weeks now and having some fun going back a year ago – mostly to see how I’ve changed (like ten+ pounds or so!) ……. let’s see what I posted as my Sunday Selfie one year ago shall we????

Well this is the photo of me that Mom and I used for my Sunday Selfie on October 8, 2017.    Not QUITE a year ago but close enough.    The photo had actually been taken in February which was the month I was adopted by Mom and Dad.    Below is what Mom did to “fancy-fy” the photo with Lunapic back then:

And there you have it – my FLASHBACK SELFIE from a year ago.    I was one very happy kitty – can you tell?    As always, Mom made a jigsaw of this for those of you who enjoy doing them!   We all hope that you have a fabulous Sunday.    I’m gonna try to – actually I don’t have to try very hard – HAPPY just seems to be what I am almost ALLLLLLLL the time!!!

Click this “mini-me” photo to go to my Jigsaw Puzzle!!!  Good Luck!


Happy Sunday Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie


SUNDAY!!!!   SELFIES!!!!  YAY!!!!    Time for the Blog Hop hosted by Kitties Blue at THE CAT ON MY HEAD where we all post voluntarily (or involuntarily) for a selfie and share them with each other.   You just click the badge above which takes you to their blog and fill out the form to join in the fun.

I’ve been doing “flashback selfies” the past few Sundays and thought I’d do another one……………it’s from September 30, 2017 – one year ago today!

I have to tell you (but keep this to yourself!) – I’m not too crazy about this one.    I like my smile………and my little paws all tucked in under my chin but not sure Mom picked the BEST art effect for this one a year ago.    MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

We were going to do a “re-do” of this one but Mom can’t find the “original” photo she did this artsy version from.   She’s got so many photos but she thinks MAYBE when she loaded the original up into Lunapic to do the selfie, she didn’t save the original.    MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Well, I’ll forgive her.   She was probably in a hurry or distracted by me or Dad………or maybe she just plain FORGOT.    At any rate, I’m doing a jigsaw of this one just in case any of you jigsaw peeps want a little Sunday fun – I kinda think this might be a tough jigsaw except for around the border though.   GOOD LUCK.

Click mini-me for the jigsaw puzzle!   It’s 180 pieces!

Happy Sunday!   Teddy

Sunday Selfie


Selfie Time!!

Sundays wouldn’t be the same without the Selfie Blog Hop hosted by our buddies Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.    EVERYBODY loves to show off a bit on Sundays and if you wanna give it a whirl, please do – just click on their badge and hook up with us!    Then you can visit everyone more easily and tell them how FAB they look.

Mom caught in a bit of an embarrassing shot yesterday.   I know – you’re saying you’ve seen me in worse positions like flat on my back with my “WHATEVER” showing – BUT this time I was innocently sleeping in a different position and before I knew it she’d captured it on film.   She seems to delight in capturing me in positions like that so I suppose I will just indulge her and allow it.  After all, she supplies me with FOOD and HUGS………..don’t want to ruin a good thing.

Here’s the “before she messed with it” photo……………..then the one she jazzed up with the “Sunshine” art effect on LUNAPIC then added the pale blue border on PIZAP.    Yes she does like to play around with photographs but what can I say?    Oh – and we did a jigsaw too just in case you REALLY want to drive yourselves nuts today.

Moooooom!   Really??

Click image for jigsaw fun!

Happy Sunday, Teddy



Sunday Selfie


Happy Sunday Friends!   Are you ready to HOP?    Every Sunday the Kitties Blue host a fabulously popular and well-attended BLOG HOP full of selfies of all of us.   We do love to hang out at the Hop on Sundays – if you’d like to join us, please do – click the badge above and fill out the linky tool and you’ll be a COOL CAT in the Hop along with the rest of us.

My Selfie today was take by my Mom quickly because I was trying to break loose from my Dad at the time.   I had been sitting nice and calm for my Selfie see???

I was even looking sort of at the camera and Mom……..THEN I decided I was tired of standing there patiently……..

I put my head down and began PULLING away from Dad like a ginger TRACTOR………..but Mom STILL used this photo to jazz me up for my Selfie portrait today!

I was meowing “Come on Pop – lemme GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”………….sometimes even whining doesn’t work.    Mom was determined to get me snapped for Selfie Sunday.   She won!

She also did a jigsaw puzzle of this “jazzy” version of ME being obstinate and trying to force my way through Dad’s hands……good luck – jigsaws can make you cross-eyed or give you a headache but they ARE fun aren’t they!!!

Here it is!  Click on the mini-photo and GO FOR IT!

Happy Sunday!   Join us in the HOP!   

Hugs, Teddy (and Dad)

Sunday Selfies


HAPPY HOPPING!!  It’s Sunday and time for the Selfie Hop hosted by The Cat On My Head.    How about joining in the fun?   Click on their badge above and HOP on in!    It’s always fun to see what our friends are looking like in their selfies on Sunday.   Some of us have set our cameras to snap a photo while we’re asleep – some get their Mom and Dad to snap one – some actually take their OWN selfies.   Doesn’t matter how you do it – just share and visit your friends and have FUN.

Here’s my Selfie –  The “before Mom Lunapic-ed version” the “Lunapic-ed” one and then of course my jigsaw puzzle version!

Mom’s little dirtball

Mom’s colorful little dirtball

Mom’s colorful little dirtball in a jigsaw puzzle!   Click photo if you want to go crazy and try the puzzle!


HAPPY SUNDAY!!   Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Yippeee!  It’s Sunday Selfie time!


Happy Sunday everybody.   I’m joining the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop hosted by our good friends at The Cat On My Head for some good old fun.   Sunday is a great time to check in on your friends and see a photo they’ve chosen to “strut their stuff”.    Mom, Dad and I were outside for a while yesterday and Mom had her camera with her so she got some new photos of me.    I was lounging in the DIRT which is on my top five favorite things to do outside list.    We have a lot of dirt in our backyard – the incessant rains we’ve had pretty much washed all our grass away……!   We have a major erosion issue in he backyard as it’s all “downhill”…………we have a lot of trees back there too so grass doesn’t grow well but I’m not complaining!   I like dirt.    My Dad doesn’t like it though and my Mom doesn’t like having to clean her yard shoes off constantly but hey – I don’t wear shoes so I’m good to go.

Anyway, my selfie today is one of my “dirt shots” from yesterday.    I’ve got the “normal” photo and a jazzed up version Mom did along with a jigsaw of the jazzy one.    She likes to torture people I guess……..jigsaws are always challenging!

This is after Mom Lunapic-ized me using the RedBlush art effect which she’s NEVER used before.   Below is the jigsaw of this jazzy version of me if you’re up for a little challenge this Sunday morning!    If not – have a super fabulous day anyway!

Click this “mini-me” to do the puzzle!

If you click The Cat On My Head’s badge at the top of this page, you can join in the SELFIE FUN – just use the Linky tool and put your link in – we’ll come visit you……………….!!


Love, Teddy the Dirtball…….