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Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Sunday again!   Selfie time!    A fun blog hop hosted by The Cat On My Head and all you have to do is load up a photo of YOU (or someone!) and hook up to our host’s blog to join the fun.    Click their badge above if you want to link!

This is a photo of me that Mom took yesterday – it was a super hot day in Virginia – a breeze came up in the afternoon but it was still 93 and I like shade when it’s like that of course………so do Mom and Dad and that’s why since they “escort” (babysit!) me when I’m outside they need chairs or a bench to sit in.    I just tuck myself under a shady bush.  OR sometimes if I find a spot that has some available dirt that isn’t grass-covered I lie in it like this.   Mom says I’m just a dirtball whatever that is.    I think this photo of me is a LOT like one we just did of me in the FRONT YARD – a side view (because I always turn away at the last possible second!)… least this is the other side of me this time!  HAHA

Mom decided NOT to put this one in some sort of artsy filter – just leave it as is, and make it into a puzzle for you puzzlers out there!!

Here’s the puzzle – just click on this little photo of yours truly!

Good Luck!!   Hugs, Teddy

P.S.  I’m apparently rusty on puzzling – took me well over 20 minutes to do this puzzle of ME…….EEEEEK!

Teaser Tell All Time


Welcome Class – you know what today is – TELL ALL TIME!

We had a big crowd waiting for Officer Kitty to open the front door to the school yesterday morning…..but everyone was well behaved – no pushing or shoving – very orderly and the end result was FIVE (yes FIVE) FIRST COMMENTERS.

“FIVE?  As in between four and six???”

Yes indeedy.   It was quite a group that made it inside to comment in the first sixty seconds after the door to school opened.    Wanna know who they were????????

We kind of were too but still we were happy about it. 




Woo Hoo Firsties!

And all of you get one of these badges for being FAST and FIRST:

I was one of FIVE First Commenters on the Teaser of May 17, 2022! FAST AND FURIOUS!!

Now one of our FIRST COMMENTERS was also the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and we’ll have a special badge for that person in just a bit.    BUT FIRST – let’s show you the Teaser photo that was in question and we’ll tell you who the GUEST TEASER was (yes we didn’t tell you that yesterday – SURPRISE!) and where the location of the photo was.

The beach in the distance at Cadiz, Andalucía, Spain

This beautiful photo was sent in by JACKIE – she and her husband were on a cruise recently and this was one of the photos she took during their FABULOUS visit.     A BIG THANK YOU to Jackie!

I was the Guest Teaser on the post of May 17, 2022.

“Well Roger, I believe their cruise ship was bigger than yours!”

Now let’s tell you who was the FIRST COMMENTER who was also our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………….drumroll please?


“Way To Go!!!!!”

And here is the special badge for being one of the FIRST COMMENTERS and being our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER:

I was a DOUBLE FIRSTIE on the Teaser Post of May 17, 2022! I was one of FIVE FIRST COMMENTERS AND I was also the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER….lucky me!

If you ALSO were right with your guess – AND there were SEVERAL of you who were right (WOO  HOO) you get a RIGHT BUT NOT FIRST badge!!

Congratulations EVERYBODY who won a badge…………..but remember, even if you did NOT guess the Teaser correctly, you still get a badge for guessing:

I guessed the Teaser location but was WRONG on the Teaser post of May 17, 2022. Imagine that….maybe next week I can be RIGHT??


“Alright – so I didn’t win anything this week – WATCH OUT NEXT WEEK!”

Let’s get our Cheer Team in to see how the ballet class went yesterday AND to perhaps have them CHEER YOU UP if you didn’t get a badge.

Back in the pool we are today
There’s just one thing we wanna say
Ballet stuff is pretty cool
But we prefer being cheerleaders in a pool!
Teaser this week was one big WOW
The names of the FIVE FIRST COMMENTERS are coming now….
Ingrid, Katty, Sharon, Janet and Frank
The rest of you we’re afraid – your ships all sank!
Then finally someone guessed the Teaser RIGHT!
It was Miss Ingrid up again – high as a kite!
Next week who knows what we’ll have for a Teaser
But at Ding Dong Fish School we know it will be a PLEASER!!

Thanks ladies – and a thank you again to Jackie for the cool photo this week.    If any of you have a photo you think would be a good “STUMPER” for class – sent it to us in an email.

Now for the most important part of any school day – GOOD!


“Step right up and fill your tray – some very good food coming your way!”


See you all next Tuesday for more TEASER FUN!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Sunday Selfies Blog Hop


Hi Selfie Friends!   It’s Sunday and time for us to shine.    The Cat On My Head hosts a Sunday Hop for all of us to share a photo of ourselves (or something!) in Selfie form and YOU can join in.    Just visit them (click on badge above) and link up with us.

My newest photo is one Mom captured between rain drops here when I was outside for some fresh air.    We’ve had two days of off/on rain and expect several more so I guess I should be happy she captured even THIS boring photo of me for Selfies.

I was so happy to have three minutes of SUN! 

Mom decided to jazz this up a bit with Lunapic and here is the result:

WILD huh?    This was using Lunapic’s “LILY” art effect at 67%.   100% was truly weird so we toned it down to 67%

We of COURSE made a puzzle for you if you’re in the mood – this one is a challenge too as a puzzle.

Here’s the puzzle!   It’s a DOOZY……Good Luck!

Happy Sunday!  Yes I’m winking at YOU!!!   

Hugs, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday


It’s Friday and we’re filling in the blanks for this fun Blog Hop.   It’s cohosted by Four-Legged Furballs and 15andmeowing and if you’d like to play along too – just click the badge above and look for the link!

Here are this week’s FOUR sentences with blanks for us to fill.     This week I let my Mom fill in ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the blanks.  Yes I like to spoil her once in a while and think she’s in charge of things around here with my blog.   Tee Hee     Mom’s words are in BLUE!.

1. If you see me roller skating it means _you’re hallucinating – I haven’t done that in over 65 years!

2. I am feeling sad about the Ukraine.

3. I wish I could go back and relive the moment when we first saw Teddy at the Shelter – it was love at first sight!.
4. I would like to swap lives with NOBODY for a day (I really like my life just the way it is….and besides, one day would just be a “tease” and you’d have to return to your own life after which may be a little depressing…haha).

OK – done!   Good job Mom.   Know what?   I remember when you and Dad came to the shelter…………..You thought I was asleep but I wasn’t – I had one eye open hoping someone would think I was adopt-worthy.     When you came to my cage and let me out in the little room I followed you around right at your feet and when you sat down I did my “happy dance” for you until you picked me up.     I knew I “GOTCHA” right then!   I’m awfully glad you and Dad took me home.
So – before we go we want to say that we are hoping and praying that one of the kitties at 15andMeowing – sweet Emmy – will feel better soon.   She has medical issues and some of them are tough but we know that she is in the BEST HANDS possible with her Mom Ellen.    All of Miss Ellen’s kitties get the best care in the universe.    Please keep Emmy in your prayers.
(badge by Ann at Zoolatry)
See you all next Friday for more filling in fun!

Don’t wake me unless it’s an emergency!   

Hugs, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday – time to be thankful AND creative.    First up though is thankfuls – always a priority…..there are things we should be thankful for that we may not even THINK we need to express.     Even if it’s clean air and sunshine – that’s something to be thankful for when (if you’re like us) you’ve had four days straight of rain.    We’re also very thankful that Brian continues to host Thankful Thursday and keep us focused on all the things in our lives we should express thanks for.   One day soon my Mom and I sincerely hope we can say we’re thankful that Ukraine is rising from the ashes and walking into the sunshine of freedom.

Now for Angel Sammy’s poetry fun – here’s his note to all of us that I got last night:


Welcome to My Poetry Corner….

Are you ready to share some poetry?    We can read each other’s poems and see how each of us independently interpreted the photograph I gave you last Thursday to use as inspiration for your poem today.    I love it!   I love what you all write – and I’m so happy some of you seem to be having fun along with me for Poetic Thursday.

Here’s the photo I gave you last week – followed by my poem.

“Memories Are Made Of This”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©May 11, 2022


Sitting at the counter waiting for my lunch

Cherry Coke, burger and fries – can’t wait to munch

If I have room after I’ll have a banana split

The counter is crowded – nowhere else to sit!

In walks Tommy – he’s my latest crush

He puts his hand on my shoulder and I turn to mush!

Sandy and Bobby get up to dance

Who thought a soda fountain would be made for romance?


Well that was the place back in “the day” (according to my Mom) where kids met and dates were made and boys teased the girls and crushes were started and ended.   There is an old soda fountain in the town where my Mom and Dad live that has been refurbished and is part of a small restaurant on Main Street.    These days mostly older folks go in and get a “homemade” kind of meal…….but I also bet you that they are reliving a lot of GREAT memories when they walk through the doors.    I know my Mom sure does!

Now here’s the photo I found for all of us to write a poem about to share NEXT week when we gather here……….meanwhile if you wrote a poem for last week’s photo – tell us in comments and give us your link so we can read it!

Not long ago I used another old Victorian photo of two women but it was more about their clothes………….this is obviously about HAIR – and lots of it!    What does this make you think of and how would you include those thoughts in a poem????    That’s your challenge for next Thursday.

Until then – I hope you all stay happy, healthy, and interested in the world around you.     That keeps us going!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love and Light, Angel Sammy


Another gem of a poem dear brother!    Next week’s is scary.    If my hair was that long Mom would be cutting it as often as she cuts my claws!     And I’d probably  be getting lots of baths – things I don’t even want to think about…………haha      See you next Thursday!

Hugs, Teddy