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Sundays Selfie Hopping


Hello friends…’s Sunday and time to HOP with Kitties Blue again.     We all get together on Sundays at “their” place and do selfies then visit each other to see how FINE we all look!    If you click their badge above you can go there, enter your link, and join in.

I’m continuing my series of FLASHBACK selfies this week………………….this was from exactly (or within a day or so) of LAST YEAR at this time – I really don’t look any different do I ??    Which reminds me – my Mom says she would absolutely LOVE to have been able to have a “baby” photo of me but when I was taken from wherever I was to the shelter and Mom and Dad saw me and adopted me I was already 11 months old.    Oh well.    I was YOUNG anyway!

This was my Sunday Selfie of January 14, 2018 which is the CLOSEST one we have to one year from today.  

My goodness – I do look stripey and fluffy don’t I????

If you’re REALLY a glutton for punishment, I did a jigsaw of this photo…………seems to me it might be a little bit challenging just because of the patterns but YOU are all smarties and I’m SURE it won’t take you ANY TIME AT ALL to do the puzzle if you wanna!    Just click the MINI ME below and it will take you to Jigsaw Planet ASAP!

We have snow!    I’m staying inside like the intelligent cat that I am…..and my Mom and Dad are thankful that I’ve not screeched at the front door to be let “OWWAAA”.    I know all about COZY!  

Hugs, Teddy


Sunday Selfies Hop


Hello and Happy Sunday everyone!    Time for the Selfie Hop hosted by The Cat On My Head.    Everyone who wants to Hop long can just click the badge above and join in the fun.    I’ve been doing flashback Selfies for a while now……..and I have been enjoying seeing ME a year ago.    Hopefully you have too.   I will try to get Mom to take some more “NOW” photos although I honestly haven’t changed a bit.   I’m still a big boy and I’m still ginger (hahaha).

Here’s my FLASHBACK Selfie for today…………….This was a photo of me that Mom jazzed up a but which was taken on January 7, 2017.

It’s still one of my favorite napping spots in the whole house.    Mom doesn’t remember what Lunapic effect she used for this – OR whether or not she did a puzzle from it like she often does on a Sunday Selfie, but just in case she didn’t, she’s done another one and if you click the MINI-ME below you’ll go to Jigsaw Planet and have some puzzle fun!!

Click for the puzzle!!


Now, in another bit of news, one of my besties – Cooper Murphy – who just so happens to be a Kitties Blue kitty from The Cat On My Head AND a fellow Ginger, is having his GOTCHA DAY celebration today so please be sure and stop by to wish him a happy one.   GOTCHA DAY is a great day to celebrate – the day we luck out and find our forever with a family who loves us a lot!    If you click HERE you can go there and wish him well……..

As you can see from his photo above, Coop is a “back sprawler” like me.    We’ve got that position DOWN……don’t we?



Friendly Fill-Ins!


Friday – time for Friendly fill-ins!    This is a Hop co-hosted by 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs and YOU can join us if you like!    We get four sentences with blanks and all we do is fill them in and SHARE our sentences.   Amazing what you can learn about someone you know (!).    If you want to join – click the badge above and do it!!

Mom and I both filled in this week………………my fill-ins are GREEN and Mom’s are BLUE.


1. Looking back, is a monumental project for me at age 71 – there’s a lot to look back on BUT I wouldn’t change ANY of it.

2. Chocolate is a treat I give to myself.
3. A new skill I want to learn is NOT running off if Mom lets me go outside without my harness – I’m a big boy now – I’ll be THREE in March – I’d like to go out WITH Mom and Dad but not be “tied” to them (the chances are slim this will ever happen though!).
4. One bad habit I want to stop is breaking my favorite fish toy – it’s in two halves and I like to bite it and pull it apart then hide the parts – Mom gets frustrated looking for the parts so I SHOULD stop doing that!!!.
There you have it – sentences filled in by me and my Mom……………..Thanks to our co-hosts we’re starting another year of filling in the blanks.    Even if you think you know EVERYTHING about someone – you usually don’t!    This is a fun way to find out things about each other.   Join us!

Hugs, Teddy



Sunday Selfie


Time for the last Hop of the year!    Kitties Blue (The Cat On My Head) has hosted this wonderful Hop for another whole year and we’re all about to start another year of showing ourselves off every Sunday.    If you’d like to join in the last 2018 Selfie, just pop on over to their blog by clicking the badge above and GO FOR IT.

Mom was trying like crazy to capture me in a photo with my new scarf and one of my hats she’s not been able to get me to wear since I received them but did I cooperate?   No.   Did she actually try to sneak me into them when I was at my most vulnerable?  (meaning when I’m waiting at the front door ready to go outside because she’s told me she’s taking me!)   YES!    I just screeched “no fair Mom!” so she took me outside on my harness instead.    SO that means instead of a new photo of me in some finery, I’m just ME.    And not only that but its’ a flashback ME………….from this time LAST year.   I suppose it’s better than nothing right?

So this was my Selfie from LAST YEAR at this same time………..just before we turned the calendar page into the first month of a new year.     For me – another year of loving my forever home……..for you?   Whatever you want it to be.    Just make it the BEST year ever OK?

Would you like to do a puzzle of me?   Click the MINI-ME below and you can!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!   Love, Teddy Angel Sammy, and Mom too

Sunday Selfie Holiday Style!


Sunday!   Time to show off ourselves with the Selfie Blog Hop hosted by The Cat On My Head………..and you can too – just click their badge and fill out the form to join in the Selfie hopping fun!

Since it’s almost Christmas, we’ve been decorating my selfies to get in the mood – not that it takes a lot to get in the mood for a wonderful holiday like Christmas…..but still, it’s fun to jazz things up with a holiday flavor.

I was minding my own business in the Guest Room on the Granny chair in the corner when Mom snuck in (she thought she was sneaking but I knew she was there) to take my photo.   She thinks I look cute when I sit in that chair……………..but if I sit there I can keep an eye on her across the hall in her office.    Tee Hee

Whaddaya mean I look like a big fat pillow Mom?????

Anyway, she Christmasized my selfie photo that I ALLOWED her to take and here’s the result.   She used Lunapic’s “DREAMING” at about 50%, then added animated snow AND a snowy border……I think she MIGHT have gotten a little carried away – don’t you????

She made a jigsaw of this photo BEFORE she decorated it because you can’t do a puzzle with an animation!   Doesn’t my tail look FABULOUS in this photo though?

Just click the mini-me and have some jigsaw fun!!!


Hugs, Teddy (now I can continue my nap!)


Sunday Selfies


Happy Sunday!   Ready to Hop?    Every Sunday we join the Selfie Hop hosted by The Cat On My Head.   All of us join in the fun of showing ourselves off on Sundays and YOU can too – just click the badge above and join us.

I’m doing a Flashback Selfie today.   This time LAST year here’s what I was doing!

I guess I was helping Mom wrap presents and discovered the joys of tissue paper?   Perhaps – you know Angel Sammy was a BIG BIG fan of tissue.   For 17 years Mom gave him two pieces of fresh tissue paper every Friday when she cleaned the house.   He used it as his “home base” when he was in the living room.   Anyway, Mom thought she’d jazz this up a bit and add some Christmasy touches for my official SELFIE today.    Here’s the result:

Thanks Mom – this looks CHRISTMAS-IZED !!!  

And for you puzzle fans…………’s the puzzle of my selfie to drive you nuts!

 Click this MINI-ME and you’ll go to the puzzle……..

Happy Sunday!  

Love Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello everybody and Happy Sunday.    Today is Hop day……well one of the Hop days anyway.  This is the one where we all share our selfies with each other courtesy of our hosts, Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   Want to have fun with us?   Just click their badge above and go fill out the LINKY form.  Pretty easy.   Then you can visit all the other selfie hoppers.

Mom and Dad were away for Thanksgiving as you all know by now and when Mom came back I knew she’d been around ANOTHER KITTY.   However, I forgave her because the “other kitty” was my Cousin, Railey.   Railey lives with my Dad’s brother and his wife in Maryland.    Whenever her Mom and Dad go to their cabin in the mountains for any length of time, she gets to go along!   Lucky her because the cabin is very nice (not that I would know but Mom and Dad say it is!!).   Anyway, Mom snapped her picture as she was sitting patiently waiting for her dinner dish to arrive.    She’s a sweet kitty Mom says – a little shy but she obviously ADORES her Dad (my Dad’s brother)……………she follows him everywhere.     So HERE’S Railey strutting her selfie stuff!

Obviously Railey knows all about lasers………..she’s got some nice ones don’t you think?   I also think she has a rather magnificent set of stripes on her tail.   So say hello to my Cousin Railey won’t you!

Have a super Sunday everyone………………..

Click little photo here to do a FUN jigsaw of this guy who lives in the Lost Gardens of Heligan (the photo we used this week for Poetic Thursday!)

Bunches of Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Time


Happy Sunday everyone.   Today is Selfie day………………..a Hop hosted by our friends at The Cat On My Head and you can join us if you like – just click their badge above and fill in the LINKY form.  Simple isn’t it?!   Then visit your fellow selfie friends.

Mom just snapped this one of me yesterday – I was lounging in the foyer (well……..truthfully I was whining in the foyer – trying to talk someone into taking me outside!).   Yes I had my lasers on because I find “THE LOOK” to be more effective with extra lighting.   Don’t you?   Did it work?   Not just then but shortly thereafter – Mom came downstairs, put on her parka and out we went.

Know what else?   Today she did NOT load my selfie up into Lunapic and mess around with it – she said I was cute enough “au natural” – doesn’t that mean NAKED?   I’m always naked…..I think what she meant was I was cute enough without adding “stuff”.   I like how my stripes look very stripe-ish in this photo.

Mom did manage to do a jigsaw of this photo though for those of you who are inclined in that direction………….and both of us want to wish you all a HAPPY SUNDAY!

Just click this “mini-me” and you’ll go to the puzzle!


Gingery Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Here we are again on a Sunday joining in the Selfie fun at The Cat On My Head.    It’s easy too – just load up your selfie and add it to the collection at the Hop – you can get there by clicking the badge above and using the LINKY tool.

Mom “had her way with me” in a photo of me sitting on the landing between stairs……I was stopping long enough to let my Mom and Dad’s friends who were visiting last Sunday to snap a picture of me.    We aren’t sure WHY my left eye looks funny but it could have been the filter Mom used from Lunapic.   Rest assured my eye is FINE but believe me, Mom checked it out when she was the photo.   Moms are like that – they worry!

Here’s the BEFORE and AFTER……………and of course a jigsaw puzzle if you are so inclined!!!

(Photo by Mom’s friend Dianna from the blog THESE DAYS OF MINE)

Then Mom added her artsy stuff and THIS is how that turned out:

I look like a real TIGER don’t I ?????    And here’s the jigsaw I promised!

 Just click this “MINI ME” and good luck with the puzzle!!

Today we also celebrate Veterans Day……….a day of remembrance………….traditionally we particularly honor my Grandad – my Mom’s Dad – who was a career Air Force officer and went to the Rainbow Bridge many years ago.    My Mom has his old footlocker which he hauled around the world with him wherever he was stationed even before he married my Mom’s wife or had kids.   It’s full of mementos of his military life.     We absolutely thank him and all the other Veterans around the world for their service to their country.    Where would we be without their dedication?    Mom always answers that questions with “trust me – we don’t want to know the answer to that”……………….

Sending you hugs to the Rainbow Bridge Grandad……..from me and Momma

Happy Sunday  

Hugs, Teddy the Tiger

Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello Sunday Selfie Hoppers!    Time for us to take a peek at each other showing off on a Sunday.    This is thanks to our Hop Hosts, The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   Are you ready to strut your stuff along with us?   Then click their badge above and join in by using the LINKY tool.   Easy right?

I’m doing a FLASHBACK Selfie again today.   This is the closest one to the same date one year ago.   I was getting chubby then but of course not quite at my FBW (full body weight) now.   Still, I don’t look like I am not getting enough food around here.

That photo was taken November 9, 2017.    Mom jazzed that photo up back then with a Lunapic filter……… it turned out like this:

She doesn’t remember which filter it was but then again it doesn’t matter right?  I still look ORANGE and the oriental carpet still doesn’t look very oriental !!!   Would you like a puzzle of this one?????   OK – you asked for it!

Click the TINY selfie photo and do the puzzle if you dare!


Since today is the official BLOG BLAST FOR PEACE, we also did this special poster……………..and we mean it from the bottom of our hearts too…………..