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Selfie Sunday Blog Hop


Happy Hopping!    That’s right – today is Blog Hop day for those of us who want to share our Sunday Selfie photos.     If you’d like to join us, please click the badge above and go to our host, The Cat On My Head and that’s that.

My Selfie today is silly; my Mom and Dad know that I rarely drink water from a bowl of water or even a cat fountain – I simply won’t do it no matter how fresh and inviting it may be – even when Mom puts an ice cube in it on a hot day!   Nope – I am and always have been a SINK DRINKER.    I politely ask though – I do not ever jump up on a counter – I ask Mom or Dad to please put me up there, run some water into the sink and let me pretend it’s my very own POND.    Sometimes I will settle for running water from the faucet and stick my head under there to drink but hey – I’m twenty pounds of kitty and leaning down to get my big old head under the faucet sometimes is a problem.    But fill the sink up and give me a nice big pool of water and I’m in heaven.    I ask for this every morning FIRST THING.   I like to mix it up too – sometimes from Mom and Dad’s bathroom sink and sometimes from the Guest Room sink – my little way of keeping my parents on their toes!

So Mom jazzed up this photo a bit with Lunapic’s art effect called “FRIDA” and then added a skinny little border with Pizap and VOILA – big old ME ready to have a pond drink.   Of course we HAD to give you puzzle freaks a jigsaw in case you’re in the mood for it today…………..but either way – we hope you have a fabulous Sunday and we hope to see you on the HOP!

Click This Mini-Me photo for the jigsaw puzzle!!

Happy Sunday Hopping!  

Hugs, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s time to Hop………..and we’re ready to do just that!    Hopefully we’re hopping with a bumper crop of other hoppers today – will you be one of them?   All you have to do is click The Cat On My Head badge above to go to our host’s blog and  fill out the LINKY TOOL.   Come join us!

Mom was dashing around the house this past week capturing me in my “signature” nap pose.  On the bed, on the floor, wherever it was that I became overcome with the SLEEPIES and did the belly up, Mom was there.   She never gets tired of that.   Obviously she has a tummy fixation!

Here’s the latest – this was me minding my own business this morning waiting for her to finish her shower so she could give me a SINK DRINK.

Just for funzies, Mom went back a year ago almost to this day and found this photo of me which you’ve seen before – taken August 4, 2017………just to compare the two photos.

I MIGHT have been a couple of pounds lighter but already I was making it known that I was going to be a BIG BOY…………..!   I say it’s just MORE OF ME TO LOVE!!!    Here’s Mom’s Lunapic version of my newest bed shot…………and of course a puzzle if you’re a glutton for punishment!

Lunapic’s “WATERCOLOR” art effect……Mom “toned it down a little” though as it was too bright for your eyes!   Here’s your puzzle:


Hugs and Happy Sunday



Sunday Selfie – Flashback


It’s Selfie time!    One of the “funnest” hops around and it’s hosted by our friends the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   Why not hop aboard the selfie train with us?   Just click the badge above and fill out the linky tool and you’ll be part of the fun.

You know all these years have gone by and Mom said this morning that she doesn’t think she EVER used one of Sammy’s baby photos for a Sunday Selfie so we’re doing that today.   Sammy was a cutie when he was little……….bit old paws with extra toes and mesmerizing eyes (or as Mom says “mesmereyes”).    Anyway, here’s his baby photo all jazzed up by Mom.   This is a major flashback too because it was taken in 2000  – now that’s a while ago alright!    I think he’d approve of us “flashing back” for our selfie offering today……………

Another baby picture of Sam

That was obviously the original and here’s Mom’s Lunapic artsiness applied to the same photo…………………Mom used the “SUNSHINE” art effect on Lunapic because we like to think of Angel Sammy lying in the sun puddles at the Rainbow Bridge……………….

Rest easy in the sunshine Angel Sammy   

Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Let’s Hop!

Hello everybody.   It’s time for the weekly Selfie Hop hosted by our buddies and pals at The Cat On My Head.   It’s fun to strut your stuff on Sundays and share.   I hope you like the idea well enough to join us – easy to do too just click on the badge above and fill out the LINKY and you’re right there with the rest of us.

Mom again visited her favorite photo editing site, Lunapic to add this effect to me in my new nap cube.    The art effect is called “STORYTIME” and I kind of look like maybe Mom might have been reading me a story and I was concentrating with my eyes shut listening right?   Well, maybe all I was doing was NAPPING?    I’m not telling.   You can figure it out for yourself.

It was raining ALL DAY yesterday and supposed to do the same today and we are happy as can be.   My Dad even took me out for a walk and I came back in SOAKING WET and didn’t mind a bit!   Dad might not have liked getting soaked but I sure did.

Well, excuse me if I leave now – I have a lot of hopping to do to see my friends in their selfies today.    Maybe I’ll see you too?

Before Mom got artsy

AFTER she got artsy……….and as I usually do, I’ve done a jigsaw for you puzzle peeps out there if you like!


Sunday Selfie Hugs from Teddy to you……………..


Sunday Selfie



It’s Selfie Hop day and we’re doing that with our hosts – The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.   You can join in the fun if you click their badge above and enter you link on the LINKY FORM – easy peasy.

Mom was going to take some new photos of me for Selfies BUT her camera needs a new battery – it’s on the shopping list for tomorrow SO no new photos!    We thought we’d use a “recent” photo instead – one of me that she took when I was lounging on the front porch before heading out for a walkabout.

Well by the time she finished decorating it – it was almost unrecognizable!    Below is the original – her jazzed up version (she used the ABSTRACT art effect from Lunapic then added a fancy-shmancy border from Pizap), AND a jigsaw puzzle for your entertainment this Sunday.

Click mini-image above for the PUZZLE!!  Good Luck!!


Sunday Selfie


Ready To Hop?

YAY!  Sunday is here.   Time to share our selfies with each other – it’s nice to visit your friends on Sunday or any day.   This Blog Hop is a perfect opportunity to do just that.   The Selfie Hop is hosted by our super good buddies Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head AND if you’d like to join in or even just visit all the selfies today – click on their badge above.    Fill in the LINKY tool if you want visitors to your blog to see you posing for the camera, OR just pop around to visit us.

My Selfie today is another of Mom’s Lunapic creations but after she got a perfectly pastel-ish ME from Lunapic she put the photo in Pizap and gave it a colorful border.    And if that wasn’t enough she made a jigsaw out of it too.   Mom obviously had too much time on her hands yesterday!

I think I look better in my natural orange coat but this isn’t so bad…………….shows off my stripes well don’t you think?????   If you really want to go nuts, here’s the puzzle she made from this selfie.

Click mini-photo above for puzzle!!

Well that wraps it up for another Sunday.    I hope you consider joining the Selfie parade…………..the Kitties Blue are great hosts and always have a wonderful selfie of one or more of themselves to share too!

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie AND World Cat Domination Day!


It’s a big day…..June 24 is Cat World Domination Day!  

This is a special day started by our friend Angel Sparkle to celebrate the wonderfulness of cats and the photo/badge above is Angel Sparkle’s sister Summer who took over being in charge of their blog when Sparkle went to the Bridge.   Summer does a great job posing doesn’t she?    If you click her badge you can go visit her and see what she’s posted about this BIG DAY in the kitty blog kingdom.   She’s having a BIG HUGE giveaway too – man oh man the prizes are fabulous!

It’s ALSO Sunday Selfies day with The Cat On My Head and we have a “double selfie” for you today at the end of our blog today.

Back to kitties though……………my Mom is a kitty person…………she grew up with dogs in the family as her Dad didn’t like cats so that was that.   The MINUTE Mom was on her own and had her own apartment you can guess what she got right?   A little ginger kitten she cleverly named “Pumpkin” (there must be a bazillion ginger pumpkin cats out there!).    She was not supposed to have pets and was found out – but Mom’s sister Carol took little Pumpkin and found him a home near where she lived.   Ever since then, Mom has had cats wherever she lived and no matter what else was going on in her life.    She had some gray tabbies along the way but she always had a soft spot for ginger tabbies.    WE ROCK…….that’s what Mom says anyway.

Here are just a few of Mom’s many cats of the past:

Ricky…..a sweet ginger boy who Mom had many years ago and bottom photo is his sister Linda Sue


Sweet Charli – a dear sweet girl who Mom adored…..

My Angel brother Sammy who started this blog with Mom!

So Mom is definitely a cat woman and she “converted” my Dad from a dog guy to a cat guy.    Now I have to say that even though we believe cats totally dominate (!), my parents BOTH love dogs as well.   In fact, they are animal people PERIOD.

We want to thank dear Angel Sparkle for starting World Cat Domination Day and thank dear Summer for carrying on the family tradition.   It’s great to have our VERY OWN DAY to celebrate all things wonderful about cats and why WE RULE!

Yep – it’s a fact – just ask Garfield…..he knows!

And last but not least…………here is my Sunday Selfie which we do EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY with our friends at Kitties Blue – THE CAT ON MY HEAD.    You should consider showing off your fine self in a selfie today since it’s such a BIG DAY in the world of cats but even if you’re NOT a cat, a selfie is in order.   Just click their badge below to join in the Sunday fun!

I thought because it’s a special day, I would use as my selfie, a photo of me and my Angel Brother Sammy……………..even though I didn’t get to meet him, I feel him in my heart every single day.    We will always be “together” and one day we will TRULY be together but before that, I have a whole lot of living to do!    He will be with me every step of the way!

Happy Sunday

Love, Teddy

Sunday Selfie


Sunday Already??  Selfie Time!

AND Happy Father’s Day………

Time to join the Sunday Selfie Hop that The Cat On My Head does every Sunday.   Be part of the “in crowd” and join in the fun – just click their badge and fill out the LINKY tool and you can show your fine self off like WE do every Sunday!

My selfie today is a FLASHBACK……………….this is the very FIRST selfie Mom ever helped me take………..back in February, 2017 when I’d only lived here a couple of weeks.   You can tell I’m already comfy……I’m yellow-ish in this photo and I have no idea what kind of filter Mom used to get that but I do know I’m sound asleep in my new Daddy’s chair.   I think by then I realized that I HAD IT MADE here in this house – don’t you?

So that’s my selfie for today – a look back at me in my first selfie as a VERY HAPPY GUY!    I hope you have a happy Sunday too……………………if you’re celebrating Father’s Day I hope you enjoy making your Dad feel special.   I’m going to give my Dad extra leg hugs today – he likes that – just my say of saying I LOVE YOU POP!!

Love, Teddy

SPARKS on Monday


It’s Monday yet again…………………and time to share a bit of a SPARK to get things off on the right foot.   SPARKS is a Hop started by Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and although Annie herself is taking a blog break just now, those of us who love the idea of sharing some motivation, light and inspiration on Mondays are carrying on in her name.

My SPARK today needs absolutely no flowery words from me……………… speaks for itself!    Although I will say that I TRULY feel like this…..E.V.E.R.Y.  D.A.Y.

BELIEVE……………..Hugs Pam


Sunday Selfie


Care To Join Me For A Hop?????

Sunday is the time for the Kitties Blue (The Cat On My Head) Sunday Selfie hop and we are hopping as usual.   We hope you will join in the fun by clicking their badge above and filling out the LINKY FORM and being part of the Hop – it’s so much fun to see everyone in their “Sunday Finest”.   My Mom almost ALWAYS does some kind of artsy stuff to my chosen photo of the week for the Hop.   This week she went particularly NUTS.    Not only that but yet again she’s got my belly on display!    She grabs that camera when I am lying outside her office in my comfy snoozing position and WHAMMO – a photo she takes.   Fortunately this time I was not looking at her so no lasers mucking up the photo……..just a good clean shot of my tummy.

Of course she started out the artsy stuff with Lunapic – she used an ART EFFECT called “Tuscany”……THEN she went to good old trusty Pizap and added a patterned border AND then added a Custom Frame then she decided “enough is enough” and that’s the end.    So here I am – before adding “stuff” and after she finished playing:

Yep – I was snoring alright!

Interesting Mom…….I wonder if those blue splotches Lunapic added are my guardian angel orbs?????

AND for those of you who are gluttons for punishment, here’s a jigsaw of ME…..

Click image for puzzle and good luck!

Sunday Hugs, Teddy the Tummy Up Guy