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SPARKS and Reminder………


It’s Monday again!    Time to SPARK your week ahead with a thought…………… What exactly IS this Monday SPARK thing we do?   Well, most of you know that Annie of McGuffy’s Reader – who started SPARKS – was hacked and has been on an extended break from blogging although her idea to spread some inspiration on Monday of every week goes on.   Many of us who participated in her SPARKS Blog Hop and found value in sharing a thought on Monday continue doing that to hopefully give each other a “Monday boost” – perhaps something to think about to inspire us in the week ahead OR help us deal with something that’s on our mind.    Why not join us by sharing something that SPARKS you?   It might just start a spark in us too.

We’re sneaking up to Thanksgiving so I ALWAYS ALWAYS focus on the things I’m thankful for – there are SO many now and as I look back over my considerable years, I realize there have ALWAYS been things to be thankful for.    Being thankful – well – it should be as natural to us as……………………..BREATHING.

I saw this graphic and it kind of says it all for me………………………being thankful – just like being happy – is often a CHOICE we make.    I choose to not let things stress me out and if they begin to, I turn it around to think of something I should be thankful for about the situation that has me stressed out.   Am I learning something from the stressful situation perhaps?    That makes me thankful – learning to deal with LIFE and all its’ bumps and bruises and curves is something to be THANKFUL for right?

Hope you have a thankful week ahead…………………………..I know one thing for sure – I will be very thankful to have turkey and all the trimmings with my family on THANKSGIVING!    Yum!

Hugs, Pam


Teddy asked me to remind everyone that tomorrow is TEASER TUESDAY – I don’t think you NEED a reminder – but just in case!!  Post goes live at a surprise time then you have to COMMENT first then guess where photo was taken…  Oh yeah!

Sunday Selfies Hop


Here we are again on a HOPPING Sunday – doing our SELFIES and checking each other out.    If you’d like to join in the fun – just click the badge above and link up with us.

I am going back to my “FLASHBACK SELFIES” today – I like to take a peek at ME a year or two ago about this same date…… some cases I’ve changed a whole lot in other cases I look about the same.   Let’s see what I can find in my photo album for THIS week!!

Well lookie what I found in the files!    A selfie that Mom already pizapped – this one is from November 19, 2017 and YES I am peeking out of my left eye so it’s a “single laser shot” !    Mom couldn’t find the original photo so must have used IT to do this fancy photo but I really haven’t changed THAT much in a couple of years.    Well, maybe added a pound or two or three.

She did a puzzle for those of you who want a challenge.   This will make a very colorful puzzle for sure………………………..

Click this MINI-ME and you’ll get the challenging puzzle of the “not so mini-me” !!!



Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday!


Here we are again – it’s FRIDAY and time to fill in the blanks on this fun Hop co-hosted by 15andmeowing and four-legged furballs!    Our co-hosts give us four sentences with words missing and WE get to fill in the blanks however we want to.    Sometimes I do the blanks and sometimes I share with my Mom………………I thought maybe this week I’d let Mom do ALLLLL the blanks instead of me doing some.    She deserves a little treat now and again.  HAHAHA     GO FOR IT MOM!     (her words are in BLUE)


1. I have been in the mood for popcorn for some reason!.
2. Have you started decorating for the holidays yet?
3. I always get excited about the holidays this time of year.
4. The world could use more selflessness, caring, love, gentleness, generosity, understanding and HAPPINESS.

Thanks Mom……………………..good job.    Popcorn?  What’s that?   You’ve never had that since I’ve lived here – I bet I’d like that.    “Teddy, you’d just play with it not eat it” ……oh MOOOOOOM!
Have a Happy Friday everybody……………………..and thanks to our co-hosts for this fun Hop – it’s great to see what everyone else says!    If you’d like to link up with us – click the badge above and link – – we’ll visit you!!

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hopping!


Happy Sunday!    You know what that means – Blog Hop with The Cat On My Head.    Our pals the Kitties Blue would love it if you would join us by posting a selfie by simply clicking the badge above and linking up with the rest of us.    I’m a long-time Hopper and you should join us because it’s a BIG CROWD that does.

Mom just happened to capture my photo yesterday while I was lounging in the upstairs hallway outside my Dad’s office door.    I had just managed to wake up from a lovely long nap when there Mom was sneaking up on me with that danged camera of hers.    Well, I thought I’d cooperate – I didn’t look at the camera so no laser eyes – I just looked away a bit and she said something like “OH TEDDY YOU ARE SO ADORABLE” or something like that so that means she was happy with the photo.

Here it is before she started messing with it:

THEN of course she just HAD to mess around with Lunapic and artify me up a bit……………………

This is AFTER she used the STORYTIME art effect from Lunapic…….and in spite of my complaining I actually quite like the way this turned out…..weird rug effects and just check out my STRIPES AND SPOTS will you????????????????    SO, she did a puzzle of this one……..if you’re so inclined, you can drive yourself nuts trying to put me back together again!

Just Click this tiny version of ME and you’ll be able to do the jigsaw puzzle

Hopefully I can keep Mom out of trouble with that camera of hers the rest of the day so I can GO BACK TO SLEEP!

Happy Sunday……………..Hugs, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday


Gosh is it Friday already?  I guess so – I know it’s time for filling in sentences with our co-hosts 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs because I have four sentences each of them posted today and they are FULL of holes needing filled!    Now I need to figure out if Mom and should SHARE filling in the blanks OR if one of us should do all of them…….hmm………..I think I’ll let Mom do two and I’ll do two.    The ones she fills will be in RED and mine will be in BLUE !

1. Whenever I go outside, I always sniff the air first to see if any introoders are around.
2. Getting old is not as bad as I thought it would be when I was YOUNG!.
3. Good things come to those who BEG !!.
4. Lack of sleep makes me grumpy.

OK – DONE!    Two for Mom and two for ME.     Mom thinks I shouldn’t have answered #3 like I did but I have learned that if I do something extra CUTE, I get a treat.   I’m no dummy!!!
If you’d like to fill in these sentences in your OWN way, just click on 15andmeowing’s badge up at the top of the page and link up.   We’d love to read what YOU have to say too.
Yikes....that's a lot of raking needing to be done!


Happy Friday!!!  Hugs from me and Mom