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A Mighty Fine Day



OK – it wasn’t THIS hot yesterday but it was CLOSE!!!

It was AMAZING even at 8AM!

It was AMAZING even at 8AM!

That’s right – we had a gift from Mother Nature yesterday – our high was 83 degrees!!!   Can you believe it?   Well we had a tough time believing it but it happened and I’ve got witnesses to prove it – right Mom?   YES Sammy – it was an amazing day!

We’re not sure WHY we got the gift of summer in the middle of March but we’re not complaining.   It was great………….I got my sunpuddle fix OUTSIDE instead of inside in the warmth of the heated house.  No heat on yesterday for sure…….windows open…….It was just yummy.

Sam Sun Fun 3

These days the sun on my furs feels delicious – all my arthritis aches and pains just disappear!   It’s still EARLY here but we think it will be a “carbon copy” of yesterday.   I can handle that!

I'll just pretend my front yard grass is sand....and the wind noise is the sound of the surf!!

I’ll just pretend my front yard grass is sand….and the wind noise is the sound of the surf!!

I hope you’re going to have a pretty Thursday too!

Hugs, Sam the Beach Bum


On a sad note…………we must say farewell to one of our friends who left for the Bridge – dear Lexi of Dezi’sWorld.   Our hearts are broken for Lexi’s sister Dezi and her Mom Audra.   We hope time will heal the sadness in their hearts…………..


Sunday Selfie


Sunday Selfie time………………………every Sunday we show ourselves off in a parade of adorable kitties, precious pups, beautiful birds, pawsome pigs, handsome horses, and cutie guinea pigs as well as other assorted creatures (although as of today I’ve not seen a trained flea do a selfie………..YET).

Here is my humble offering…………………I was sitting on the front porch with Mom in the shade, enjoying the 90+ weather (yeah sure….enjoy?  I think NOT!), and she snapped this HOT picture of yours truly.   Shortly thereafter we adjourned to the interior of the house where there was a recliner just WAITING for the two of us to sit in it and get cooled off!

HAPPY SUNDAY SELFIE ALL!    Please visit The Cat On My Head where you can see lots of OTHER selfies!




Happy Sunday!  

Love, Sammy

Oh Yeah!


Goodie Goodie!   Bacon Day…………….I have to admit that Mom spoiled me extra this week with a couple of “non-scheduled” bacon mornings and I was very grateful for that…………nothing like a little surprise bacon to set your day off to the right start!!

These guys know how to get bacon on a Saturday (or any other day probably!)

These guys know how to get bacon on a Saturday (or any other day probably!)

We’re baking in the sun again today but had a super nice rain shower last night – sort of cooled things off for a little but this morning STEAMY…………OK by me – I’ve been hunkered down in the nice cool dining room under the table and specifically under my Dad’s chair!   Very near an A/C register –  I’m no dummy!

Keepin' Cool INSIDE!

Yeah this is a cool spot under Dad’s chair!

Did you know that June 4th is HUG YOUR CAT DAY?   Well that’s certainly a day to celebrate.   My parents are always picking me up and hugging me and I have to say I tolerate it for a few minutes then I get VERY squirmy.   Dad says he thinks it’s because I think I’m either (a) getting my nails trimmed, or (b) being wrestled into the car to go to the doctor.   HA!   I just like having all four paws on the ground – that’s all.


I hope you have a nice Caturday and if it includes  bacon, all the better I say!


Sam the Baconator

The Heat Is On!


OK….it’s just plain WEIRD – the weather that is.  People from all across the country and in fact OTHER countries are remarking on how different their weather is and has been……I’m one of them!!!  Today the weather guy said our high will be (get this…brace yourselves) EIGHTY-SIX !!!  Yes that’s what I said….! 

I thought I’d share a photo that I’ve had on my blog before of my cousin Toby.  Toby’s a shih tsu who lives with his sister Mollye up on top of a mountain in West Virginia with my Aunt Carol.  Toby knows how to cool off on a HOT day.

Cousin Toby cooling down in his pond

Toby Keepin' Cool !!

Toby just popped himself into the little pond Aunt Carol had in her backyard and lay on his belly and got cooled down. Looks pretty comfy to me…….and I have a feeling that before the day is out lotsa folks around here will wish they had a pond to cool off in – ‘cept for the fishies of course because they’re already IN a pond and already nice and cool!  It’s Friday………..or because it’s gonna be pretty hot maybe I should say it’s FRYday????  (tee hee) Sammy