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Oh Yeah!


Goodie Goodie!   Bacon Day…………….I have to admit that Mom spoiled me extra this week with a couple of “non-scheduled” bacon mornings and I was very grateful for that…………nothing like a little surprise bacon to set your day off to the right start!!

These guys know how to get bacon on a Saturday (or any other day probably!)

These guys know how to get bacon on a Saturday (or any other day probably!)

We’re baking in the sun again today but had a super nice rain shower last night – sort of cooled things off for a little but this morning STEAMY…………OK by me – I’ve been hunkered down in the nice cool dining room under the table and specifically under my Dad’s chair!   Very near an A/C register –  I’m no dummy!

Keepin' Cool INSIDE!

Yeah this is a cool spot under Dad’s chair!

Did you know that June 4th is HUG YOUR CAT DAY?   Well that’s certainly a day to celebrate.   My parents are always picking me up and hugging me and I have to say I tolerate it for a few minutes then I get VERY squirmy.   Dad says he thinks it’s because I think I’m either (a) getting my nails trimmed, or (b) being wrestled into the car to go to the doctor.   HA!   I just like having all four paws on the ground – that’s all.


I hope you have a nice Caturday and if it includes  bacon, all the better I say!


Sam the Baconator



It’s here!  The end of the week…..housecleaning day……I get brand new tissue – and I need it this week.  It was an exceptionally messy week of play for me and I may have done more tissue shredding than usual.  Thank heavens my Mom keeps a large supply of the stuff on hand.  It’s almost my FAVORITE toy EVER!

Sam loves newspaper and tissue - go figure!

Tissue and newspaper…..nice and CRINKLY!

Yesterday it was 103 degrees outside and with the humidity factored in, the weather dude said it FELT like 110.  Well, I can vouch for that because I asked Mom if she’d pretty please let me go out on the front porch once – JUST ONCE – and indeed it was a real “scorcher” outside.  The nice crunchy grass looks like it’s been deep fried…..leaves that shouldn’t be falling yet are fainting right out of the trees…..even though Mom watered the gardens this morning they are LIMP and SAD looking this afternoon.  But me?  I asked to go outside to see for myself so good old Mom took me. 

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Yikes! It’s HOT out here! I’d better stay in the shade or I’ll get french fried feets!

Next week’s going to be mighty interesting around here.  I heard Dad on the phone this afternoon arranging for our driveway to be re-sealed.   I know what that is and I distinctly remember the LAST time this happened and it was noisy ALL DAY LONG with equipment, trucks, strangers in my yard – a real mess.  Of course the driveway looked swell after it was done but still…….talk about noisy! 


It’s always something isn’t it?  Just about the time you feel like you can relax – your humans throw another wrench into the works.  Although I suppose putting up with the noise is a small price to pay to live in the lap of luxury like we all do – right?  Hmm??  I’m right now aren’t I ????

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀



Gone Camping


TGIF!  Hi Peeps……thanks to everyone who commented on my blog yesterday that they liked my “illuminating” story about humans adopting animals and how I came to live with my OWN personal human entourage!   🙂

Thursday was an incredibly HOT day – again.  We’re certainly on a roll with hideously hot temperatures and because of that I’m on strike – I won’t go back outside again until we get below 100 for a high temperature!  I TRIED to go outside this morning on the shady front porch but honestly it was just too HOT.  Sticky hot.  Yucky hot.  Fry-your-pink-toesies-on-the-porch hot.  I’ve spent a majority of the day in my afghan tent which I politely asked Mom to make for me in her studio after my frustrating attempt to get some fresh air this morning………..I don’t look TOO miserable – do I ???

Fooled ya Ma! Turned away from the nosy old camera at the last second! Tee Hee!


This afghan tent thing is getting to be a daily habit of mine.  Mom insists on “un-making” my tent every evening on her way to bed.  You’d think she’d figure out that I will be using it EVERY DAY wouldn’t you?  I pretend like I’m camping out – which I understand involves a tent and “getting away from it all” which humans usually do in a campground or park or something but I prefer to do in a nice, cool, air-conditioned house!  I’m still camping OUT – only I’m IN – right?  😀

You might remember this other tent of mine – I still have it but really I prefer being up in Mom’s studio in my afghan tent.

Hey...this thing isn't just good for camping - it's good for HIDING toys too!

My “other” tent…..this was one of the first toys I had when I came to live here….so it was before I discovered the joys of afghan tent camping!


Now if I can just train Mom to bring me some treats from time to time, and maybe put an extra litter box up here in her studio so I don’t have to go ALLL the way down two floors to the basement to use “the facilities” ……I’d have it made……the ultimate camping trip.  😉

How are you  keeping cool if it’s super hot where you are like it is here?  Have you ever gone camping indoors like I do????? 

Kitty hugs, Sammy The Camper

Cool Cat


It’s FRIDAY!   It’s also going to be a super hot day here leading up to a super hot weekend so yours truly is officially “ONE COOL CAT” in addition to being one spoiled one!!  I’m going to be lounging around indoors today you can bet on it.

Keepin’ cooooooooooooooooool !

Mom and Dad went out to dinner last night.   They actually haven’t done that in a while so I was glad they had a “date”.   They talked earlier in the day about where they should go.   The winning restaurant (haha) was the local Chinese restaurant.  I ran to the desk in the kitchen and pulled out the takeout menu from this particular restaurant and scanned it for any takeout possibilities I might be interested in – so they could bring something yummy home for me.   Then I heard Dad say he might get some FRIED MICE!!!!  That got my attention………that is until Mom repeated what Dad had said and I guess I misunderstood – Dad said FRIED RICE.  Dang!   (note:  I hope I didn’t offend any of my “rodent-related” friends ;)….teehee)

Anyway, when they got home they didn’t bring me any leftovers.  Mice or no mice.  Rice or no rice.  Oh well…….

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

What? No leftovers?

So I guess other than today being the “monster out of the closet” (aka cleaning) day, there won’t be a lot happening in my world.  But there’s no complaints from me in that department – we retirees spend a lot of time just kickin’ back and enjoying life.  That’s my plan today.  What’s yours???? 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Too Hot To Handle!


Hi everybody from the coolness of INSIDE my house in Warrenton, Virginia…….It was in the low 100s outside yesterday so I spent the whole day inside.  Mom gave me a chance to go out with her a couple of times but did I?  Heck no!  Stayed inside – stayed cool as a ginger colored cucumber in fact. 

Looking cool aren’t I ??

Mom went out yesterday morning to do the grocery shopping and Dad went to the airport but they did those things EARLY – before it heated up.  The people on the morning news even told everybody to keep an eye on their pets outside – make sure they had water, etc.  Well, NO PROBLEM here – I was inside with plenty of water and food and treats and of course a lap available to me!  I’m no dummy.

My Mom HAD planned to mow the lawn yesterday but with the air quality being awful, she decided not to add to the problem with her lawn tractor – maybe today – MAYBE.  Wonder what kind of mowing pattern she’ll choose next?  I’m thinking back to squares.

My Dad got to fly EARLY before it heated up.  I’ve shown a picture of him in his hangar before but just in case you missed it and wanna see him:


Dad putting the plane away in the hangar after flying
Dad “parking” the plane in it’s hangar after flying……

He said it was a little bit hazy when he was up in the sky – probably already starting to heat up out there.  He just stayed up about an hour then put his “baby” to bed (haha) and came home.

What am I up to this morning?  Nothing yet – it’s too early to get into trouble do much of anything yet.  I’ve had breakfast and my post-breakfast wash-up and Mom hasn’t let me have a sniff of the great outdoors yet to know whether it’s HOT or NOT.  If NOT I’ll see if I can get her to take me down the trail to check things out.  I heard her tell Dad that so far the deer haven’t eaten her plants.  That’s a GOOD thing.  We don’t want Mom to be grumpy now do we?

What kind of things make your human grumpy?????????  Now come on – there must be SOMETHING????!!!!!

Happy Thursday……….kitty hugs, Sammy