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Pre-Teaser Monday


Yes it’s time to prepare for the Teaser tomorrow!

Hope you all have rested up and studied in the week since last Tuesday Teaser because it’s time to start the process ALL OVER AGAIN.    Tomorrow we will be showing you another tricky photo and you will be tasked with figuring out WHERE the photo was taken.  Are you up to it????

If you think you are……………..just remember that it will go LIVE at some undisclosed/top secret time different from the normal blog time.   That makes it even MORE tricky!

We also have some rules about guessing!

Also, if you happen to be an early bird and get here when the blog goes LIVE and are the first to leave a comment – oh boy do you get a reward.   A very cool badge you can put on your blog or Facebook page or wherever you want to – you can CROW about being the FIRST COMMENTER on our famous TEASER Tuesday!   Famous?  Did I say famous?


OK, well maybe not famous but it IS a very popular day of the week around here.    You know you want to win a badge……………last week we had a FOUR WAY TIE for First Commenter so it’s not easy!

Just in case you need a little encouragement, I thought I’d ask the cheer team to slip by and give you a little pep talk (or maybe a pep cheer)!

Rickety Rack Rickety Rack
Tuesday’s coming and that’s a fact
No sireeeee no turning back
We’ll be in class tomorrow too
Sometimes this place is like a zoo
All manner of critters trying to guess
When everyone leaves this room is a mess!
Blood, sweat and tears are all over the place
And we have to look at Marge’s face…….
So we’ll see you then and don’t be late
Or we’ll load up our cheer with a pile of hate!

Gosh you all are just a little bit HARSH this morning aren’t you?


Awwww……..now look what you’ve done – you’ve upset the students!    You girls need to go visit the hot tub!

Yeah you don’t wanna upset the students!!!!

We will be here tomorrow to guide you through the process of the Teaser……………..remember, there are prizes to be had if you deserve them!

So we’ll see you tomorrow!

Get your beauty sleep tonight!

Professors Sam and Ted (at your service)


Pre-Teaser Monday!


It’s Monday!   Time for Pre-Teaser Class!

ALRIGHT! Let’s see a little hustle in your bustle students – time to get to classrooms!

Yes dear children….do enter the calmness of the classroom….I have been taking yoga and learning how to be ZEN……I am a much CALMER Sarge!!!!

Holy cow – Does Sarge have amnesia or somethin’ ???

Who stole our mean Sarge and gave us this Zen guy???

Hello Class!  Happy Monday………looks like Sarge’s pants injury and subsequent hot tub experience has turned him into “Mr. Nice Guy” but you have to wonder just how long THAT will last!!

Anyway, welcome to Geography class where we prepare you for tomorrow’s guessing game – “Where Was The Photo Taken” ???     We will be showing you a photo tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME with our TEASER POST and you will have to figure out where it was taken.   Fun huh?   Well yes in fact it IS fun.    Just ask any of our TEASER WINNERS – they’ll tell you!

We have a GUEST TEASER tomorrow too…………….now here are the rules – I know most of you know them by now but we might have a visitor or new follower who doesn’t………..

Then on top of that when our post tomorrow goes live – you can hurry here to make a comment on the blog and you might be the FIRST COMMENTER – you will earn yourself a reward!

For some getting an award is no biggie for some others, they like to mention their wins and badges on their blogs………and we’re happy about that too.    There are more badges to win as well – if you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER or a RIGHT GUESSER but not the first, or even a WRONG GUESSER you still get something:

So make sure your brains are well rested tonight and ready to examine tomorrow’s photo.    Who knows – you may get something for the effort!     Speaking of effort – you will be happy to know that Miss Dingleberry – who went ALL OUT last week for Valentine’s Day with her fabulous food spread for all of us, has a snack after class for all of you today.    Nothing earth-shattering but still a snack and since it’s a beautiful sunny day, you can take it with you outside to play in the playground at recess.    Fabulous huh?

A little snack is better than no snack at all !

Miss Dingleberry?     Are you going to serve your snack in the schoolroom or outside?

It’s a swell day out there – I’m setting up outside in the SUN!!!

OK students – we will see you tomorrow at a SURPRISE time then for Teaser – enjoy your treat outside and your recess.

Yeah kid?   What’ll it be?????


Don’t get sticky ice cream on the swings!

oops – I dropped by ice cream cone through this hole!!

See you tomorrow in class!   Professor Angel Sam and Teddy too