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Pre-Teaser Time – Class in Session!


Welcome to the start of another exciting week at school!

We Professors will do our best to prepare you for this week’s test of your powers of deduction and investigation when we whip another exciting photo in front of you in TEASER CLASS tomorrow.

We’re all ready……alert, notebooks in hand, eyes forward, body hair at full attention!

Glad you’re ready because so are we………..first up, the RULES of engagement!

These rules have been in effect for quite a while……….we have them because we think if everyone follows them, the playing field will be even for all who participate.   As long as you’re studying the photo and not just whipping it into some program that will TELL you where the photo was taken, then everyone has a chance to be a winner!!!!

Also remember the post will arrive at a SURPRISE time………not the usual time!

Here are the badges you might win tomorrow……………….I know it’s mostly just a matter of “bragging rights” for some of you – displaying your “winnings” isn’t necessary of course but if you DO want to show off your badge, feel free to do that!   Of course you have to WIN one first.

We’ll see who gets WHAT when we meet in class on Wednesday which is our “TELL ALL” post.    Maybe YOUR name will be in our Cheer Team’s cheer on Wednesday this week????

That would make me EVER so happy to win a badge!

I believe our Cheer Team is ready to come in and pump you all up for tomorrow’s class…………….they do a pretty good job of that don’t you think????

Are you ready for some fun?
Teaser class is number one!
We see who’s smart and who’s a dummy
If all else fails, we’ll play Gin Rummy!
So study tonight and don’t stay out late
Call your friends and cancel those dates!
To get a badge you need to be at the top of your game
Don’t show up in class in a fog where you can’t remember your name
There are badges for winners and that could be YOU!
Or else your fellow students will yell out “BOOO HOOOOO” !!!

Alright!   That ought to get the students whipped into shape!


So who’s up for lunch?    Miss Dingleberry is certainly on top of her game since she gave up on love and decided to focus her energy on FEEDING us.    Let’s see what’s on the cafeteria menu today shall we???

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Remember – Teaser will be at a SURPRISE TIME!    Be on the alert!

Your Professors!

Tuesday Teaser Time


Greetings Ding Dong Schoolers!   Better COMMENT before you have a seat!!

Once you all get settled in your desks, we’ll start class.   Today is Teaser day as you well know and we have a GUEST TEASER for you.    It’s a tricky one.   You will THINK you know it but you might not – that’s all we’ll say for now!

Huh? What did he just say?

Let’s show you our rules once again.   We hope you will abide by them.   Use your detective skills to figure out where the photo was taken – don’t load the photo up in a search engine and have your computer do all the work for you!!!!!!

We have badges for you to win of course…………………hope those of you who won St. Pat’s badges enjoy them – these are our REGULAR badges.    The next time we do special badges will be for Easter (which isn’t that far away!).


Gosh – you’re anxious today!    You must have had plenty of rest last night.   Good for you.    Before we “BWING IT ON” maybe we’ll get a little pick me up from our Cheer Team!

Today we’re in class to have some fun
A chance to win a badge for everyone!
Just relax and concentrate on the photo you see
You could win a badge and guess what – they’re free!
The security guy is here with the photo of the day
So stop fiddling around and start to pray!
We’ll leave you now to go hop in our tub
We hope you do well and join the winners club!

Gosh those girls are cute….I wonder if they go for younger guys????

Let’s get serious now class – here comes the Security Guard with your photo of the day!

Reporting for duty – here’s today’s TEASER photo!

This is a whopper of a Teaser…..Good Luck students!

Gee…..this is a toughie…..I may never get rid of this hat!!

Gosh….you said it was tough and it is……I’m not sure if I should study the photo or eat….my tummy is saying EAT EAT and my head is saying BADGE BADGE…..I’m going with my stomach!

Students you may stay behind and study the Teaser or follow your Professors to the cafeteria…..then come back and study (or nap).  

Gosh…..I can’t decide what to do….my tummy is growling so I guess I’d better EAT first!

‘Allo, ‘Allo shtoooodents……are you ready to shtuff your faces and eat?  


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Enjoy lunch students and we’ll see you in class tomorrow for the TELL ALL !

Your Professors…….Angel Sammy and Teddy




Pre-Teaser Monday Time


Good Morning Class!

Time to prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s TEASER test.    You know the drill by now but it never hurts to do EXTRA preparation does it!    So let’s do a quickie review of the rules and badges shall we???

Wake me when this part is over will ya? I know this stuff!

Now if you will recall LAST week’s Teaser class………….NOBODY got a RIGHT GUESSER badge!    So I suggest all of you study tonight so SOMEONE will win that badge and some others will win a RIGHT GUESSER BUT NOT FIRST badge.    You don’t want to FLUNK out two weeks in a row right?

HECK NO!!!!!!

We promised that our Cheer Team would not only be back on duty this week BUT have brand new uniforms.     I think they look swell but I kinda miss the “old look” don’t you?      What do you think everyone?

Well our uniforms make us look kinda lame
AND shaving our arms and legs was a shame!
We think we liked the OLD look better
We’re chilly and need our sweaters!
We think we might keep on lookin’
While you all sample Miss Dingleberry’s cookin’ !!

We Professors are old fashioned and think maybe these uniforms are just a bit TOO MUCH for our cheerleaders here at Ding Dong Sheep School.    They don’t feel comfortable either – and we want our team to be able to be proud of their uniforms so BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!    Nice try Ding Dong Seamstress but TRY TRY AGAIN!

The Cheer Team did say one thing in their cheer that makes sense though – how about we sample Miss Dingleberry’s cookin’ and head to the cafeteria???


I think the Cheer Team looks totally groovy…..

Happy Monday Students!   Who’s “UP” for lunch?   

Today’s Menu:

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See you for Teaser Tomorrow!!!!!




Tuesday Teaser Time


Good Morning Students!    COMMENT NOW before you sit down!!!!

Happy Tuesday.   I just know you all studied hard last night and are ready to guess where today’s Guest Teaser Photo was taken.   Right???

Well you all sound like you’re READY so let’s get started shall we?    First the rules AGAIN and the possible badges you can win – one more time.   Then we’ll get the Security Guard in here with the photo!

So that’s the scoop…………NOW…………let’s have our Security Guard bring in the photo shall we??


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Where was this photo taken?    What town/city/village in which country or state?   Good luck!!     Here’s the cheer team to make sure you’re fired up!

You’ve seen the photo so now you can guess
C’mon and be brave – don’t be a “hot mess” !
You know your geography we’re sure you do
So come on and impress us we’ll be proud of you!
Tomorrow we’ll find out if you win or lose….
You’ll either be HAPPY or singing the blues!!!!

Thanks Cheer Team………..I’m sure you have everyone FIRED UP now!

Wherever this is, it’s a pretty place – I wanna live there!

Alright already….I am trying for a badge this week PERIOD!

Take it easy now………..this is FUN stuff right?   No sense getting all crazy about it.   Just do your best.   That’s all we ask.    Now if you prefer to EAT before guessing, then lunch is ready now – if you want to stay in class and work on figuring out the photo you can do that too – then come to the cafeteria for lunch.   Either way – we will see you back in class tomorrow morning when we find out who wins what!!!

Hello Students…….we have a nice lunch for you today…….it will help you concentrate on the Teaser photo so you might win a badge from the Professors!!!!!   

Today’s Menu:

GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!   See you tomorrow at regular class time!  

Your Profs

Teaser Tuesday at Ding Dong Sheep School


Quick!  Comment! Then have a seat!

Hello Students!    Good Morning.  Here we are – two Professors of Geographic Studies with turkeys on our heads, welcoming you to another round of Teaser Tuesday.   We’ve got a whopper of a photo for you today.    We’ll let you know who was FIRST to comment this morning tomorrow when we have TELL ALL WEDNESDAY.    Also we’ll let you know if anyone ACTUALLY guesses the Teaser correctly because it’s truly a DIFFICULT one today.     Remember we have lots of badges to reward you with for various accomplishments today…….

Please also remember the rules for guessing, and you’ll be just fine:

We know the rules but some of our new students might not!

It’s important for you to remember that we need both town/city/village AND country or State.    Sometimes we get guesses that just tell us what location the photo was taken – “on the seashore of Lake Michigan” or something rather “non-specific”.

I promise to be PACIFIC when I guess……….

That’s SPECIFIC Rodney……..not PACIFIC.

I think Rodney should get the dunce cap for that!!!!

Shall we get this party started and have our Security Guard bring in the photo he’s been guarding with his life since last week so NOBODY gets a sneak peek?    Let’s!

Did someone say PARTY?   We’ll drink to that!

“Paging Security Guard to Geography Classroom PULEEEZE!”

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

See?   Tough just like we told you.

YEEKS -that is a toughie!!!!!!!

Now maybe our Cheer Team will visit and do their best to get you fired up and in the mood for some research while you figure the Teaser out………………………….LADIES??????

We wore our sheep hats today to avoid the turkeys
Sarge wanted us to wear them and we told him he was jerky!
Don’t hold your breath if you want us to look silly
We prefer looking cute and not so willy nilly!
Now we’re here today to tell you we’re pulling for you!
We know you can figure Teaser out by looking for clues.
The photo looks impossible we all agree
So prove us wrong and guess it right and set your soul free!!!!!!

Thanks gang……that should get these students’ brains in gear………………if THAT doesn’t work, we can always drag everyone off to the cafeteria for lunch – brains need food to function properly!!!

‘Scuze me but I think my bwain works just fine as it is!”

Hello Students – who’s up for lunch?    We’re having PIZZA DAY but we also have burgers and hot dogs so if pizza isn’t up your alley perhaps you can STILL find something you can have for lunch today on the lunch line.    Someone asked me if they could have the tray of turkey on my head but I said NO – that’s MY lunch!

Today’s Menu:

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Good luck with the Teaser photo students – tomorrow we’ll hand out badges to those who win them!

Your Professors……….Angel Sammy and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser Class Is In Session!


Greetings Class!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET????????

Well we sure stirred people’s imaginations when we mentioned yesterday that Miss Dingleberry has an interesting costume planned.   We haven’t seen it because she’s being VERY secretive – but we’ll all get to see it on Wednesday’s Tell All next week.    That’s HALLOWEEN you know!   You don’t want to miss that class for sure.   We will be announcing the weekly TEASER winner as well as the winner of the TEASERWEEN COSTUME CONTEST!    Have you sent your photo in yet????  We’re getting lots – it’s going to be a tough contest.

Shall we talk TEASER?   That’s why we’re here today after all.   Here’s the rules again – remember to follow them – or else – Sarge might get angry!

Now you know how to handle the photo when we show it to you in a little bit!    You know the badges by now but we always show those too………….just to whet your appetite and make you WANT to win one to show off on your blog or page!


YES I really DO want one….really!

Me too – and if I don’t get one I MIGHT GET MAD!

Let’s see if our Cheer Team can get you all in the mood for the photo today shall we?   They are always UP for just about anything………….(I said JUST ABOUT!).

Oh boy oh boy let’s start the fun
We wish good luck to everyone
We think the photo today might be a roughie
But we also know you guys are toughies!
We’re cheering you on with all our magic
If you don’t guess right it will be tragic
Tune in your brains and get them in gear!
That’s why we write all these fabulous cheers!

Thanks – that probably got everyone in the mood……………………………so let’s bring our Security Guard in before the mood fades shall we???????


WOW – I can hear him running down the hallway!

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Where was this taken?   HMMM?????

While you’re agonizing over the photo you may wish to head to the cafeteria – OR you may wish to stay at your desk and ponder the picture.   Whatever you wish to do – we wish you good luck!  We Professors are heading for the food line……………

OK Sheep!   When you get to each server, be polite, ask for what you want, then move along before someone behind you gets impatient.   You don’t want to do that – when food is involved, people get TESTY…….like ME for instance!   And you don’t want to TEST me!!!  

Today’s MENU:

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Good luck with the Teaser students……we will see you tomorrow!

Your Favorite Professors!!!!   Teddy and Sam



For our friend KaTwo at 15andMeowing – click badge to visit her!


Pre-Tease Monday Class


Fall is falling at Ding Dong School!  

Hello students!    As you can see from the latest photo from out front of Sheep School Central, we are falling here – officially.    Gearing up for one of our favorite celebrations too – HALLOWEEN!!!   But the most important thing for today will be getting you prepared for tomorrow’s Teaser class.

Our Teaser this week is a GUEST TEASER.    So get your eye exams done before tomorrow…….you want good vision so you can SEE clearly!

We want you to be ALERT and ready to rock the Teaser!

Thanks to coffee I’ll be ALERT!~

Well, I can TRY!

I expect most of you will be in one of the above categories!    Anyway, we’ll see who’s REALLY awake because tomorrow if you are the first to get here and the first to make a COMMENT, then you will get this:

Then if you are really on the ball and can figure out the Teaser photo first you will get the RIGHT GUESSER, or if you aren’t first but are right you’ll get a RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST badge:

If you make a guess and are wrong you get this:

And of course, you must remember the RULES we play Teaser by – because it’s very important that everyone have the same chance to win win win win win!!!

Now you all understand that your job tomorrow is to figure out where the photo we’ll show you was taken.   Yep – WHERE?!   That’s all there is to it – then on Wednesday we have TEASER TELL ALL class and you get to find out who wins WHAT!

I have a VERY IMPAWTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – turn up your listening ears everyone:


Next week we are NOT going to have Pre-Teaser Monday, Teaser Tuesday OR Teaser Tell All because my Graphics Department (Mom) and her Support Staff (Dad) are going away for a few days.   Professor Teddy will be basking in the wonderful world of a local spa (no – not a fat farm!) where he will be spoiled even more “rottener” (yeah we know that’s not a word) than he already is.   I, Professor Sammy, will be flying up to the Bridge where I reside the REST of the week and doing my “thing” up there.    SO, what will you all do for that whole time??????   We will be reminding you with some regular blog posts those days about the FUN we will be having after we return………FUN????   Did I say FUN???????   Yes I did – want to know why???

We’re going to celebrate TEASERWEEN on Oct. 29, 31, and 31!!

Remember this hideous picture of the Professors from LAST year???????  

So the deal is that we will have the first of TWO DAYS of voting on the BESTEST Halloween Costume by one of our Ding Dong School Students on Monday and Tuesday, October 29 and 30.   We will also have our usual Pre-Teaser and Teaser Tuesday with a photo to figure out.    Then on Wednesday, the 31st – we will have our usual TELL ALL class and also give you the results of the POLL from YOUR votes for the BESTEST costume!     So, in order to be in the Teaserween Costume Contest, you will have from Monday, October 15th until Friday, October 26th to get your photos in to us.    Got it?     Lots of time for you to find the RIGHT costume.   SPECIAL NOTE:  Any of you who don’t have an ANIMAL attending Ding Dong School may submit a photo of ANY animal in costume for the contest!!!     Mark the day on your calendar – send your photos in to us from October 15-26 to be in the contest.    We will be reminding you of this but this is your EARLY WARNING.     We have always had fun with Halloween costumes so find something totally cool.   We Professors will be finding some NEW costumes to wear – NOT the above ones trust me.

This was Professor Teddy last year……..scary but we can do better I’m sure!

This was Professor Sammy last year – equally scary but not nearly freaky enough!

So just remember, don’t send your photos in JUST YET – take your time then send in from October 15-26!!    Our Graphics Department has enough to do without EARLY photos coming in!   Got it?  OK!


Yeah we hear ya – we’re excited too!

Now remember tomorrow when you get to class – COMMENT FIRST……………but also remember that the blog post will be popping up at a DIFFERENT TIME than usual!    SURPRISE!!!!!!

I love surprises!

How about a Pre-Tease, Pre-Halloween Cheer from our Cheer Team?????


So tomorrow the Teaser’s here
Let’s celebrate with a beer!
OOPS sorry we are just kidding
On thin ice we are now skidding
We don’t want to get in trouble
The Profs will burst our bubble!
Tomorrow be ready for the TEASE
It’s so tough you might just wheeze!
We’re excited about TEASERWEEN
Our costumes we’ll send out to clean!

OK Team…..thanks for that……we’ll look forward to another cheer from you tomorrow – meanwhile, how about we take a lunch break?    Your Professors got up late and missed breakfast so we’re ready to have lunch in the cafeteria…………..”OH MISS DINGLEBERRY – HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!”

Happy Monday Professors – I hear you’re on your way.   Your special table in the Executive Dining Room is ready.   You students form your neat little line and try not to cough on the food on the cafeteria line…..don’t stick your finger in the pudding…..don’t poke or prod or jiggle any of the food before taking it from the line!    I want to see neat, orderly sheep having their lunch today – GOT IT?   GOOD!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ta Ta For Now!   Your Profs

Pre-Tease Monday Class In Session


Good Morning Students!   Is everyone ready to bone up on geography in time for tomorrow’s TEASER class????

We do hope that you are prepared to rise to the challenge tomorrow.    We have a Teaser photo for you and we think it might be a tough one.  It is NOT a Guest Teaser.   That’s all the hint you get from us and that’s not much of a hint either.   We don’t want it to be EASY for you – we like for you to have to WORK for those badges you can win!

WHAT?  You didn’t know you could win a badge?   Well you can…………….we have a badge for THE FIRST COMMENTER on tomorrow’s post, the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of the Teaser, another one for ANYONE who guesses the Teaser correctly, and then for those of you who try but fail – a WRONG GUESSER badge.

But the thing you need to remember when you arrive tomorrow morning isn’t what desk to sit in – it’s MAKING A COMMENT!    DO THAT FIRST!    YOU MIGHT BE THE FIRST TO COMMENT!!

I’ll twy to wemember!


So you have the general idea right?   The rules are:

Now I think all of you students are READY for tomorrow.   All you need is a good night’s sleep and you’ll be all set to examine and figure out the Teaser photo tomorrow.

I hope I can figure it out or I’ll be SAD……sniff sniff

Perhaps the Cheer Team can get your motors running and prepare you for tomorrow????

Tuesday Teaser is almost here
That’s why we’re in sheeps’ hats ready to cheer
We hope that you will study so you’ll be ready
Don’t disappoint Professor Sam and Professor Teddy!
So get out your books and world globes and get those brains in gear!
Otherwise we think Marge might give you a pinch upon your rear!

YIKES – we can’t have that in class – nosirrrreeeeee.   No pinching!!!

This is a NO PINCH zone!

Now just to review – tomorrow you get to class at a time THAT IS A SURPRISE TIME – and you COMMENT then sit at your desk – got it?

Yes Professors!  We’ve GOT IT alright!

Then you are all excused from class to go to the cafeteria and partake of another excellent meal prepared my Miss Dingleberry and her cafeteria staff.

Hello Class……….please form an orderly line and take a tray…….speak CLEARLY to the staff and take a seat in the cafeteria to eat your lunch.   No food fights will be tolerated and we would appreciate if you take your tray to the designated area for trays without dumping the contents on someone’s head.   Thank you.


See you at a SURPRISE time tomorrow!!!  

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser Class Is Called To Order!


Calling all SHEEP – Class is about to start…………

Good Morning Class!   Have you COMMENTED yet?   Better HOP to it!

Here we are on another Tuesday morning getting ready to see just how sleuth-like you sleuths can be as you figure out WHERE the Teaser photo today was taken.    We know sometimes it’s very tough and sometimes it’s easy but today – well – we think it might be somewhere in between.

Well I for one, am dressed for success!!!!

Just to remind all of you students……………

I’m sure you know the rules by heart……..but it never hurts to show them to you AGAIN – besides, we may have a new student or two and they wouldn’t be familiar with our rule about using a program to give you the answer.

I asked you to COMMENT when you first got here this morning because someone (or maybe more than one someone) will win a special badge to display on their blog if they are the FIRST COMMENTER!    IT’s THIS one, and our Graphics Department will personalize it tomorrow when we hand out badges:

Graphics Department????  You mean your MOM don’t you?????

We have other badges for you to win too……….winners will be announced tomorrow for the above badge AND the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER BADGE, the RIGHT GUESSERS badge, and the WRONG GUESSERS badge.

I’m gonna TRY SO HARD to win a badge this week!!!

The Cheer Team has pretty much recovered (thanks to their special hot tub room) from their BAD EXPERIENCE roller skating last weekend so they are ready to knock your socks off with a cheer today before you see the Teaser Photo!

Here we are to strut our stuff
Yesterday we felt quite rough
Today though we’re feeling grand
Our cheer today is on demand!
Sheepy students really rock
So come on gang and beat the clock
Study the photo you’re about to see
Then make a guess to set you free
Tomorrow we’ll cheer for you win or lose
So study this photo for any clues!!
Biggidy Baggidy Bimbo
Don’t leave us all in LIMBO!


Yes they do…………and today they’re not walking funny like they did yesterday.   Ouch.

It’s tough to cheer when your buns are achy-breaky!

Shall we get our security guy in now to display our TEASER PHOTO for this week?     Sarge?   Could you please ask him to “COME ON DOWN” ?????

Front and Center Security!!!!!

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Where was this pawsome photo taken?????

Good luck students………………not that you need luck when we Professors know you’re the smartest flock of SHEEP ever !!!

Now – who’s up for lunch?    If I’m not mistaken it’s BURGER DAY IN THE CAFETERIA!

YES INDEED – today is BURGER DAY and we’re serving them up in all kinds of ways.   Study the menu and know what you want when you get to the server because if you hold the line up – well – let’s just say it won’t be pretty!!!  


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

GOOD LUCK SHEEP!!   Your Profs


Don’t Forget that tomorrow is Madi’s special BLOG HOP……….click here for the scoop



Teaser Tell All Class Is In Session!


Hello Students!  

Top-o-the-Mornin’ to you and please take a seat so we can begin.

We not only will be covering the winners (and losers) of yesterday’s PAWSOME Teaser with you today but we have something VERY EXCITING for you………….we had another meeting with the School Board last night and we’ve been given photographs of all the available school properties in the area.    We can have our PICK of the available schools.   Remember we have to move to a new school for Fall semester because this school is being turned into a restaurant.  Yeah – believe it or not.   So we have to move.    We will let YOU pick where we go.    After we discuss Teaser, we will show you the photos of the schools and YOU pick your favorite.   The school property with the most votes will be our NEW SCHOOL!!!!    Fun huh?

Alright -on with the Teaser………………….

First of all we had TWO FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday morning – not three, not four or five but TWO (the cheer team was happy about that)………….the “Firsties” are:



POOEY – I wasn’t fast enough AGAIN!!!

This badge is for Phenny and Oliver/Calvin and who knows – maybe NEXT week it will go to YOU!

I was one of the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of August 21, 2018! I’m FAST

And we want to thank our GUEST TEASER – because while it was guessed fairly quickly yesterday it was a terrifically interesting photograph.    Our GUEST was Miss Jackie from TWODEVONCATS!

This badge is presented to you Miss Jackie – you always sent us the BEST photographs for Teasers……………….

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of August 21, 2018!

Here’s Miss Jackie’s photo one more time:

This is the amazing Oresund Bridge from Malmo, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark and it’s a dual purpose bridge – for vehicles AND trains!

I’d be A-SCARED to go on that extra long bridge!!!

Well I’m sure it’s perfectly safe but it is a little “worrying” because it’s so long!

Now WHO was the lucky one who was the very FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of this photograph yesterday???




Phenny is a double winner AGAIN today……………..talk about hot……….when you’re HOT you’re HOT and when you’re NOT you’re NOT!     Here’s your badge Phenny:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of August 21, 2018! I am the Champ!

Phenny you make all of us doggy students PROUD my friend!!!

We did have some others who knew this bridge so they were RIGHT although not first…………….they get one of these badges of their very own:

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of August 21, 2018 – that’s pretty darn good!

And those of you who guessed but were NOT right get one of these for yourselves:

I was WRONG with my Teaser guess on August 21, 2018, but I still got this very cool badge!

I’m SURE our cheer team has a cheer ready for the winners…………..so hang onto your hats………because here they come!

So Tuesday has come and gone
And we’ve been up since dawn
Working on our cheer
To entertain you here!
Our winners for FIRST COMMENT are TWO
Phenny, Oliver and Calvin but not YOU!!!!
Then you can never guess who was FIRST to be RIGHT….
He’s gotta be high as a kite
He gets TWO badges today for being so good..
PHENNY you’re the BIG Winner in the ‘hood!
You’re like an unstoppable force
Fast, smart and adorable of course!
You might as well accept your fate
The Cheer Team wants YOU for our DATE!

UHOH……….I’m thinking Phenny might want to think about that before he says YES……………of course he has a brother now – Neilson – maybe between two Weims they could handle the four of you???!

Now, before we break for lunch, let’s talk NEW SCHOOL shall we?   We have things set up so you can vote for your favorite new school.   Whichever one gets the most votes will be the new, improved, interesting DING DONG SCHOOL!    The poll will be open all day today and tomorrow so make sure and vote for your favorite – just ONE please.

We sure have some interesting options for you don’t we?   Well, no matter where we wind up we’ll be happy right?   And you’ll be thrilled to know that Miss Dingleberry and all our REGULAR teachers and helpers and staff will be moving with us.    So think about it then vote.   Your vote counts.


Your Choices today are:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fruit juices

Enjoy your lunch!   Next week we’ll share the results of the NEW SCHOOL poll!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy too