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Teaser Tuesday Time


Time For Teaser!!!   Remember to COMMENT on your way to class!

Good Morning Students!  Please take your seats and settle down…..

Ready Sirs!

I hope you all commented because that’s very important – if you EVER want to win the FIRST COMMENTER badge, you must always remember to do that FIRST THING before you take your seat.   Now that’s out of the way – let’s talk about the Teaser today.   First of all it’s a GUEST TEASER…..and tomorrow we’ll let you know WHO our Guest was when we tell you WHERE the photo was taken.   In the meantime, it’s your mission today to study the photo and try to figure out where our Guest took the photo and follow these rules while you’re doing it:

Very important to follow the rules so it’s FUN for everyone to play the guessing game.   You have until midnight tonight to make your guess!    There’s a reward at stake as you know – a fabulous and artistic BADGE that you can display on your blog or wherever you wish which will proclaim you as a winner, a fast commenter or even a terrible guesser – depending on the outcome tomorrow.   These are the badges you can win if you’re LUCKY!

I wanna win a badge this week or else I might get VERY upset!

Before we show you today’s photo, I thought you might benefit from a little PUMP UP THE VOLUME kind of cheering on courtesy of our cheer team……………..are you ready??????

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo
Better quit yawning or we’ll step on your toe!
Time to sit up straight and make your guess
Or did you not study – you’ better confess!
This is the place where you display your knowledge
Will you be a perpetual Ding Dong Schooler or go off to college?
It all depends on how much you learn
So show us NOW – go ahead – it’s your TURN!!

That’s right Team – time for our students to show us their SMARTS and for them to study the photo our Security Guard is about to bring in…..then GUESS………and of course we wish them all tons of luck right?

That’s right!


I couldn’t BE more ready to guess……


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!



Yes we think it might be tough too so study it and just do your best students!    Perhaps a good lunch will give you some BRAIN FOOD for guessing?   Miss Dingleberry is here with something to give you energy………………

Ohhhh la la Miss D – Professor Teddy and I would both like Two slices of LOADED Pizza please!

Students, GOOD LUCK………we’ll see you tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL…..

I’m gonna be CRANKY if I can’t figure this one out Professors!!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy too


Tuesday Teaser




After you’ve commented, please take your seat and prepare yourself for Teaser Class.   The Professors are coming down the hallway now so EYES FORWARD…………

Good Morning Students – shall we get the Teaser started?

Today we have a GUEST TEASER for you – we think we have a good one for you to agonize over so hopefully you boned up on geography, architecture, topography and every other kind of “graphy” you could think of to be on top of your game this morning.

Before we get started, I want to remind all of you students of the rules – if you don’t follow them, everyone is not on equal footing and it’s only fair that we all give each other a chance to win a badge on Tuesdays.   Ok?

It’s fine to search for images using certain details in the photo but please don’t load the photo up in some sort of image search to try and find it the EASY way.   Life isn’t EASY so why should TEASER be?

We want a classroom full of HAPPY!

Any questions???

I haz a question….what’s for lunch today????

Now Tommy you know that the Teaser part of class is way more important than filling your tummy up with food – trust me when I say Miss Dingleberry has prepared lunch for us today so just concentrate on Teaser and the food will follow in good time!

*Whispers* Tommy got in trouble….nanny nanny boo boo……tee hee!

Before we show you today’s tricky Teaser photo, perhaps we should rev up your engines with a rowsing cheer from the Ding Dong School Cheer Team!!

You want a cheer that’s “rousing”
When we were out last night carousing?
We can barely do a leap!
We hardly had any sleep!
Well we will do our best
Then crawl off to get some rest.
Good luck to this special class
We hope you all will pass
Tomorrow we’ll feel up to cheering
We’ll be cute and so endearing.
Sorry to be such a drag
But our energy is starting to SAG!

Well I’ve had to have a little talk with you all before about too much partying – and just think what a bad example you set for class too!    You all go home, rest up and be on your game tomorrow OK?    OK!!!!

HAHAHA the Cheer Team got in trouble!!!!!

Perhaps we should go ahead and have our Security Guard come and show everyone the photo now………………please study the photos and do your best…………..and tomorrow we will let you all know who our FIRST COMMENTER(S) might have been, and who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, who else guessed right and who gets a GREENIE!

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

WHERE were these photos taken and if you know what this structure is – tell us that too!!

Now for the part of the class that you all wait for so very patiently (usually).   Time for Miss Dingleberry’s lunch-o-the-day!

Miss D – your Profs would like two “THE WORKS” to go please!



Teaser Tell All


Welcome to class dear students!

Shall we get started?    First off, we will make our Cheer Team a little grumpy because we did in fact AGAIN have four FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday!   FOUR!    They all popped into comments at 7:51AM EST and they will each get a FIRST COMMENTER badge.

Timmy, Friends Furever, Kolytyi, Oliver/Calvin !!  

Way To Go!

I was one of the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of July 24, 2018! Whoopeeee!

It was quite a wonderful Teaser we had too and it was a big surprise that someone guessed it so quickly – our GUEST TEASER was Miss Jackie from TWO DEVON CATS (MEMORIES OF ERIC AND FLYNN) and she had recently returned from a cruise where she’d taken this photo – a new structure so we didn’t think anyone would know where it was!    Imagine our surprise when someone popped in with the correct guess.    Here’s the photo again:

This is a photo taken from the cruise ship early in the morning light of the Lakhta Center’s almost completed building in the harbour in St. Petersburg, Russia!    The building is already occupied by more than one tenant but the main tenant apparently is Gazprom – the Russian gas company – and they have their headquarters here now.    If you would be interested in some further information about this incredibly unusual looking spaceship like building, CLICK HERE.

Thank you so much Miss Jackie – it was a VERY VERY cool photo and we sure did have some interesting guesses!    This is our THANK YOU for sending us the photo………..

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of July 24, 2018!

So who was the student who got here first with the CORRECT guess as to where the photo was taken?


Yay Speedy – quick like a bunny!

Speedy you constantly amaze all of us with your correct guesses – I think your Mum and Dad must travel the world OR they are very good at getting the right clues from photos then guessing what to search for.    Concatulations and here’s your FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of July 24, 2018! Yay for me!!!!

Others guessed correctly too which was GREAT and deserves a badge too don’t you think?   Please copy this for yourself if you guessed St. Petersburg, Russia:

Well I guessed RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Teaser of July 24, 2018. Maybe next week!


If you guessed but were wrong  you STILL get a badge for trying…………………

OOPS. I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser of July 24, 2018 but I tried!

Now our cheer team will do their best to squeeze out a cheer for all of our winners!    Team?  I hope you are no longer water-logged from using Sarge’s hot tub yesterday????

You all are too fast for us!
You know how we like to fuss.
Four FIRST Commenters is quite a feat
We promise to be nice and sweet
Csilla, Timmy, Oliver/Calvin and Sharon
So many names with trumpets blarin’ !
Congrats to all of you for being so FAST
In the very first minute – what a blast!
First Right Guesser was a familiar face
Speedy the Bunny hops quite a fast pace!
He was first to guess right and that’s no lie
He’s super smart and quite a nice guy!
Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a badge
You’re all welcome to get a hug of consolation from Miss Madge!!!

Yeah I’ll give you a hug if you make it QUICK.

HUG MISS MADGE??????? No thanks…….

Maybe we’re not scared but we’re also not CRAZY – we’re passing on the hug thanks.

Alright students.    That wraps up another exciting episode of TEASER for this week………….hope you enjoyed yourselves and now you can have lunch and head home on the bus until next Geography class!     Miss Dingleberry has Italian Day set up for you…………….I’m sure there’s something on the menu you’ll enjoy.

Choice of gelato or cannoli for dessert!




Have a good week students!    Your Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


Greetings Class – Time to COMMENT!!!  

Just remember to do that comment thing before you take your seat…………oh, and if you need to visit the rest room you might want to do that too so you won’t be squirming in your seat.   It can be very disconcerting to a teacher to look out over the sea of students and see some wiggling uncontrollably waiting for a chance to raise your hand and ask permission to leave with Sarge for a trip to the facilities!

Yeah I used to have to take a break during class for litterbox visits but I’ve grown up a lot since then.

Yes Bobby we remember……!

I remember that too Bobby because you didn’t always MAKE it here in time!

Alright, let’s settle down.   Time to get down to Teaser business………….first up is a brief review of our rules for class today.   Please remember, if you follow the rules then everyone has an equal chance to be a WINNER!

Our Teaser photo today is a Guest Teaser and it’s a beauty.    Interesting photo too.    I would suggest before we display the photo, you clean your glasses so you can see well !


Now that your glasses are clean – let’s take this opportunity to show you what you might win today shall we????

Cheer Team – you’re up next – get this crowd READY for teasing will you??

We’re cheering from the tub!
Sarge is away
So the Cheer Team is at play.
But while we sit and soak
YOUR Teaser is no joke!
It’s tough and we had a peek
It might make you hiss, growl, meow or just squeak…..
So take a big breath and let’s GO
C’mon Security Guy start the show!

OK Team – good idea – let’s bring in our wonderful Ding Dong School Security Guard who has had custody of the TOUGHIE TEASER this week and he’ll put it up on the bulletin board for you!


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Cool photo yes?   We think so too!    Good luck – your mission is to figure out WHERE THIS WAS TAKEN (and if you know what it is you might get an extra hug from Miss Dingleberry)…………..

Wow…..I’m gonna have to study this a while……..

Tomorrow in class we will have our TELL ALL and you will get to find out who wins badges AND who was our Guest Teaser today.    Meanwhile, I’ve heard that Miss Dingleberry whipped up some BBQ for today (or as we call it at our house, BUBBA-Q).     Remember to take lots of extra napkins…..you know what a mess BBQ stuff can be!

Alright class – remember now, no shoving – I know you get excited about BBQ but be nice.   We have desserts today too and if you’re too naughty in line I just might have to deny you dessert privileges !!!

Strawberry shortcakes

Pumpkin pie

Fresh Fruit Cream pie

Enjoy your BUBBA-Q and we’ll see you in class tomorrow – GOOD LUCK!  

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Pre-Teaser Monday


Time to Prepare for Teaser Tomorrow!

Good Morning class…………..are you “up” for tomorrow’s Teaser or should we have a little preparation class this morning as we usually do on Monday?   I guess a little refresher course never hurt anyone right?

Arf Arf……oops…..I mean RIGHT!!!!!

OK – first important thing to remember tomorrow when you get to class is that you need to COMMENT…………you might be the FIRST to comment and if you are you get a badge for that!

This cool new one!

Then once you comment, you should take your seat in your desk and get ready for class to start.

Can do!!

Then we will put the RULES up on the board and it’s very important that you pay attention to them because in order for everyone to have a fair chance to guess where the photo was taken, we can’t have someone taking the EASY way to guess and doing some kind of shortcut for the answer.   Please follow the rules for EVERYONE’s sake!

Alright!   I’ll follow the rules Professors!

Good – glad to hear it.   You don’t want to have to wear the DUNCE cap do you?

Trust me…..you don’t wanna wear it – I’ve worn this thing so long my head is pointed.

We should also show you the OTHER badges that you might win tomorrow……….if you guess right but aren’t first, if you are the FIRST to guess right, and if you guess incorrectly – you get badges:

THEN, something everyone looks forward to – the cheer team will arrive and do their cheer for the Teaser!   They of course also do a pre-tease cheer and HERE IT IS:

Pre-Teaser time is here
Be brave and show no fear
We are sure you know your stuff
If not, just look smart and bluff!
Badges are FUN to win
They turn your frown into a grin
We know the photo is from a GUEST
When we saw it we were quite impressed
So get plenty of rest tonight
When you guess you just might be RIGHT !

Thanks Team………………if that cheer doesn’t get the students motivated to try hard to guess where the Teaser photo was taken tomorrow then NOTHING will !

IF the cheer doesn’t motivate class, I’ll do my ELVIS impersonation – that oughta do it!

Now remember class – and this is VERY important – tomorrow’s Teaser post will pop up at a SURPRISE TIME – not the usual time for our posts – it will be a SURPRISE TIME so just be on your toes or paws OK?   OK!

Now let’s finish our Pre-Teaser class with something to munch on shall we?    You need a proper lunch in order to keep your brains in gear!

Looks like this guy beat us to the line!

Nice Cold Fruit Smoothies

Study hard tonight students!

Your Professors…………….Angel Sammy and Teddy


Tuesday Teaser





The Profs had to go to a School Board meeting so they asked ME to be your sub today.  

That means you’ll all have to behave for a change…..or else I might have to serve you something

UNUSUAL for lunch today!

Just kidding – by now you must realize that my bark is worse than my bite.   The only thing I bite is FOOD so no worries.    Now let’s get down to business because we’re here to do the TEASER today.    First of all I have to remind you of one VERY important thing:


Speaking of badges – have you noticed that the Ding Dong School Art Department designed all new badges for us?    Very cool huh?     Here they are again – FYI

Those are SWELL badges – I hope I win one!

This is the point in class when the Professors usually give you the rules THEN we bring out our Security Guard and he shows you the photo – so let’s do it!

Please follow the rules……….or else Sarge or Marge might be very unhappy.   It’s important not to use any sort of sneaky way to find out where the photo was taken – because it gives EVERYONE a chance to win!!    You wouldn’t want to have this face in your dreams would you????


Alright everyone – settle down – you know we wouldn’t get Sarge after you if you cheated on the Teaser……………………..OR WOULD WE???????????????????????    HAHA

Shall we ask our Cheer Team to give you all a push so you’ll be ready for the Teaser today???    They are great motivators.  Sometimes I ask them to visit the Ding Dong School kitchen and cheer on my cooks – they work VERY hard to make sure you all get good meals for your lunch time treats.

Miss Dingleberry is here to run the show
We’re here to get you ready to GO GO GO!
Here comes the guard with the photo for the day
You might win a badge then we could say
You won’t have to wear the dreaded dunce hat!
Ready, set, go, we hope you’re prepared
Be brave now class, no need to be scared.

OK then.   Let’s get on with the show.    Mr. Security Guard would you please bring in our GUEST TEASER photo for today?

Hello Miss Dingleberry – nice of you to be a sub for the Professors – here’s the photo for today!

Where was this photo taken class?   Hmm?   Time to take your best guess!

Tomorrow we will announce WHO sent in the photo and WHO wins badges.   Your Professors will be back tomorrow.    But let me say that I’m happy that you all behaved so well since I was here as a surprise substitute.    I had a feeling you would all behave like good class citizens and you did.  I’ll make sure Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy know that.

So who’s up for lunch?     My Assistant Chef is going to serve you today – and it’s going to be PIZZA!    I will be outside with the ice cream cart so after you grab some pizza, come on out and enjoy the HOT afternoon with some COOL ice cream.


Which pizza would YOU like a slice of???????



Ham and pineapple!

LOADED pizza

Meatball pizza with cheese

Bacon cheeseburger pizza…

Fruit juices

Good Luck Class!

Tuesday Teaser


Class Is About To Be In Session – HAVE YOU COMMENTED??

Alright students – please don’t run down the hallways – Sarge and Marge are patrolling and you know they don’t like to have to be extra strict on Tuesdays.    Please take a seat and we shall begin class.

Professor Teddy and I hope that you all studied hard since last we met and are READY to face the challenges of a new photo from a GUEST TEASER today.

I’m alert AND excited!

Yes Sidney, we can see that you’re ready – so let’s begin shall we?     A quick review of the rules:

And an equally quick review of the badges you could be awarded today if you are our FIRST COMMENTER, our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, our RIGHT GUESSER BUT NOT FIRST, and our WRONG BUT TRIED GUESSERS:

So are we all clear now?  You all know how to handle Teaser Tuesday by now so sit up straight in your seats and we will bring out our fabulous Cheer Team to whip you into a frenzy so you can’t WAIT to start guessing where the Guest Teaser’s photo was taken!!


Yes Sidney we can see that you’re still excited…………did you by any chance have a lot of coffee to drink this morning before class?????????????????????

Tuesday’s here and so are we
This cheer costs you nothing – we’re here for FREE!
Clean up your glasses and open your eyes
You have to be AWAKE to win a prize
We saw this photo a while ago
We think it’s a toughie nobody will know!
Prove us wrong and tomorrow we’ll cheer your name
We’ll feel like idiots
You will rise to great FAME!
Ramma Lamma Ding Dong
And Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo
HEY THERE KIDS, we’re rooting for you!!!

Thanks team – I just know everyone can hardly wait to see the photo so let’s go ahead and bring in our wonderful Security Guard so he can get rid of that old briefcase he’s been lugging around with today’s photo in it………!

The suspense is killin’ me!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Now get to work students – see if you can figure this out without resorting to drastic measures (like looking at your neighbor’s notes on their desk!)…………..give it your best show – where was this photo taken?

Gee…..it doesn’t even look familiar when I look at it sideways……

You can keep studying the photo at your desk if you like and you can even grab some lunch then sit at your desk while you agonize over the photo and eat.   Whatever you wish to do is fine but our fabulous cafeteria crew have lunch ready whenever you are.

Oh boy….some of my favorite fried stuff!  


We will see you tomorrow for the BIG REVEAL – who wins what!   GOOD LUCK STUDENTS………

Professors Angel Sam and Teddy

Pre-Tease Monday


Here we go again students!    Monday means “get ready for Tuesday” !

Students, we are getting right down to business this morning – after all, we get together on Monday so we can be sure that all of you are primed and loaded for Tuesday when you will be required to be FAST and SMART all rolled into one.    When you get here tomorrow morning at a SURPRISE TIME (the post will not be posted at its’ regular time to keep you on your toes!), you need to COMMENT right away so you can win this:

Last Tuesday we had FOUR First Commenters – anyone commenting in the first 60 seconds of class is a FIRSTIE and you get one of those cool sunrise badges!

THEN the real work starts in class……we will be giving you a photo to study – this week the photo will be a GUEST TEASER…………and it will be up to you to study it and see if you can determine where the photo was taken.   You will have to call upon your skills of observation to look closely at the photo and see if you can find any clues – the architecture, landscape, etc. THEN you need to make a guess as to where the photo was taken.   We only have TWO rules for guessing:

And if you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER you will win a badge……………..that’s right – you can brag about it to all your friends lucky you!

Then we have another badge that everyone who guesses correctly but is NOT first, gets:

And most of you know by now that even if you make a guess and you are WRONG, you can add a GREENIE to your collection or start a NEW collection with this badge:

COOL right?

Cool yes but also GROOVY!

So be prepared when you come to class tomorrow – study hard – it will be worth it.    Then when Wednesday rolls around we will announce the winners and award badges!



That’s right – ANYONE can win if we all play by the rules…………..

I thought maybe if we asked our awesome cheer team to stop by class they could pump up the volume and get your hearts a-thumpin’ and encourage you to study hard tonight – remember if you are winner they will put your name in their cheer on Wednesday.   WOO HOO.

Bring on the cheer team!

To us it’s very clear
You need to hear a cheer
We know we’re your inspiration
Even though our cheers cause our perspiration!
So you’d better crack open your books
Or Marge will give you BAD looks
Also get plenty of rest
So your brain will be at its’ best
Now let’s go see what’s for lunch
We cheer team are a hungry bunch!

Thanks team……………maybe you inspired some of the students who usually kind of coast through Tuesdays to study hard and GUESS tomorrow when the photo goes live.


Perhaps we all need a little “pick me up” courtesy of Miss Dingleberry’s cafeteria crew……………..wonder what they’ve got for us today???   Let’s go see!

Looks like this guy beat us to the line!

YAY………Love this stuff!    Enjoy your lunch students and we will see you here tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME!

Good Luck!   Will YOU be ready???? 

 The Profs

Teaser Tell All


Hello Class!  Time to TELL ALL!

I for one am anxious to find out where that photo was taken!

Well let’s do first things first shall we?    Yesterday when the Teaser Blog went live, there was only ONE FIRST COMMENTER!   Can you believe it?   Within the second minute though we had three or four more chime in but the DEAL was already SEALED for our FIRSTIE and who was that????

Friends Furever !

WOO HOOOO FOR Miss Sharon, Raz, Noelle and Allie~

This is for you:

We were FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of June 12, 2018! YAY FOR US!

Then I want to tell you that that photo yesterday was NOT a Guest Teaser – the Professors’ Mom found it and thought it would be a super cool photo for class to agonize over…..here it is one more time:

So what are we seeing here?    This is the beautiful town and beautiful backdrop in Queenstown, New Zealand!    What a view.   We wondered if this would be a toughie or if it would be easy……and we had some really GREAT guesses too.    We kept our eye on things to see who might be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………and boy oh boy oh boy – it turned out to be someone who would get a BRAND NEW BADGE from us.    Why?    Because our student has been the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER for three weeks in a row!    Who?

In the future, should we have another THREE IN A ROW winner they too will receive one of these stunning badges designed by our design team (Mom) so now you have something super special to aspire to!


Were you right too?   Right but not FIRST RIGHT?    Well you deserve a badge for that……………and here it is:

I got the Teaser right but I wasn’t first on June 12, 2018. Darn!

Were you WRONG with your guess?   Well, we are sorry about that but maybe as you take your GREENIE today you’ll start thinking POSITIVE and win a “non-GREENIE” next week???

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of June 12, 2018 but I’ll TRY TRY again next week!

I’m SURE our Cheer Team was totally thrilled to only have one FIRST COMMENTER and of course Speedy’s triple win ought to be worth some special mention so let’s bring ’em on in shall we???

We couldn’t believe it but they say it’s TRUE
Only one FIRST COMMENTER not three, four or two!
Miss Sharon and her team, Raz, Allie and Noelle
Get the FIRST COMMENTER badge now isn’t that swell????
Then the big winner was our friend Speedy the Bunny
He’s tall, white and handsome and a real fuzzy HONEY!
THREE WEEKS IN A ROW is no small feat
He’s got a special badge cuz he’s extra sweet!
You can win one too if you get three in a row
Then we’ll do a special cheer for you
To end our Teaser Tell All Show!!!!

ALRIGHT!    A bonanza of a Tell All today and now all of you smarty pants students need to work EXTRA HARD next week because I’m sure you don’t want Speedy to win ALL the badges around here right?   So this is your wake-up call….time to dust off those globes, dust off the geography books and grab your study buddy and whip it into shape for next week!

Miss Dingleberry thought today would be a good day for cookies and ice cream……………..what do you think about that??????

Yep – ice cream AND cookies – you can help yourself to the cookie pile – just let me know how many scoops of which flavor for your cone!!

Your Professors!


Tuesday Teaser


Ahhhh – is that the sound of the school bell ringing??????

YES IT IS!    And it means you’d better COMMENT before you come inside from the school bus area because YOU (yes YOU) might be the FIRST COMMENTER today!

Here we are – gathered together to solve a mystery.    The mystery is “WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN???” and it’s up to all of you little Sherlock Holmes-ish students to figure it out.

I DEFINITELY studied! I am SOOO ready!

I hope all of you studied………………but just in case we have any newbies today, let’s review the TEASER RULES shall we?

Remember to follow the rules or else….

I will NOT be pleased….

Nor will I…….trust me on that!!

So now that we have THAT straight, let’s get on with the show.    Today’s photo is interesting and beautiful and hopefully tough.    We’ll see how tough it is once I show it to you.   Remember that you have a chance to win yourself a little token of your SMARTS with a badge if you do well.   We have badges for our FIRST COMMENTER, our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, any other RIGHT GUESSERS, and of course our WRONG GUESSERS.

Our fabulous security guard will now bring in today’s Teaser photo which he has kept locked up in his briefcase for DAYS so I’m sure he’ll be happy to hand it over!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

WHERE was this taken?????? (inquiring minds and the Professors want to know!)

Cheer Team?   You are wanted in class to get this class whipped into a frenzy so they’ll be alert and studying the photo to make an intelligent (hopefully) guess where this was taken!

Here we are to make you giggle
We’ll jump and shake and give a wiggle
All to inspire you to win, win, win
Give our Professors some grins, grins, grins
We hope your brains are working well
If they’re all tuned up things should be swell!
So get to work and tomorrow when we’re here
We’ll be saying your name when we do our CHEER!

Thanks Team!   I do believe everyone is already hard at work studying the photo and ready to start guessing!

Let’s see……mountains and a body of water……

Hmm…..this might be it but I’d better keep looking…..

That’s what we like to see – STUDENTS HARD AT WORK…………………whenever you’re ready to take a break though, Miss Dingleberry is ready to serve up some lunch to you so you can eat while you study or take lunch out to the picnic tables for some air – whatever floats your boat……..

Nothing like a little grease to make your brains happy!


See you tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL!  

Your Profs