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Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


Our fabulous Grounds Security Team reports all is well!

Welcome to Class Students!   Have You Commented yet??

Make sure you do comment – who knows – you might be a FIRST COMMENTER this week.    We’ve got a doozy of a Teaser for you this week YET AGAIN – but this isn’t a GUEST TEASER, it’s a GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT Teaser.

Our Graphics Department works hard to find INTERESTING Teasers for us so even though sometimes they are incredibly EASY, once in a while she hits the jackpot and comes up with one that’s a little tougher than usual.

Now, what say we review our RULES and show you the badges you might win shall we??

AND…..we have new badges for you!

“Those are cool – I’ll try and stay awake so I can guess!”

Alright – let’s show you the Teaser photo so you can get to guessing………………………..Teaser Security Guard?   BRING IT ON DOWN!

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

Where Was This Photo Taken??????????????

“What the heck kind of wacko photo is that???!!!”

It’s the Teaser photo and you better settle down before you wet your diaper………….now just pull yourself together and figure it out or NO LUNCH FOR YOU TODAY!

Cheer Team – We Need You to Cheer This Crowd Up!

Alright class just settle down
We’ve never seen so many frowns!
This photo is quite an interesting one
Just study it hard and have some fun!
There are new badges to win and they’re quite cool
Just remember the golden rule
“Whine unto others as they whine unto you”
And stop looking at us like you’ve got no clue!

Thanks Team……………….I see some smiles out in the classroom now…………….maybe this is a good time to break for lunch???

I hear you all have a case of the Tuesday Grumpies – maybe a nice lunch will make you smile???

The Menu:



Teaser Tell All Time


Clowie says GO FOR IT so we’re GOING!   (pssst…..that weirdo guy in pink is in class again today)

Hi everybody.   Thanks for being bunched up at the door to the school this morning waiting to get in to attend class.   Glad you’re excited about being in school to hear WHO gets badges on this “Before Easter Tell All Class”.     Before we start, how about a little FUN?

I guess you have figured out that your Professors are (Teddy) Trixy Carrot Cake and (Sammy) Smartie Carrot Cake.    HAHAHAHA    Well it could have been worse right?

Let’s get down to business…………..first let’s tell you who our FIRST COMMENTERS were – we had TWO yesterday!     Can we get a drumroll please???



You each get a special Easter badge:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Easter Teaser post of March 30, 2021!!

“DARN!   I wanted to be a First Right Guesser – do you have a badge for First Dirty Diaper?”

No I’m happy to say we do NOT!

Now, let’s move on and show you the Teaser photo from yesterday and tell you where it is and WHO was our GUEST TEASER.     This Teaser photo came from one of our students, Miss Jackie!

This is the entrance to Chinatown in Liverpool, England !!

Thanks for the cool photo Miss Jackie – this is your Guest Teaser badge:

I flew by Teaser Classroom and dropped off the Guest Teaser Photo for Easter Teaser on March 30, 2021!

And WHO was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER??????  Drumroll please?


I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of March 30, 2021!

Way to go Charles!   Congratulations.

Were you also right with your guess?   If you were, you get one of these badges:

I guessed RIGHT on the Easter Teaser of March 30, 2021 but I was NOT FIRST!!!!!

AND if you guessed but were wrong – you get one of these:

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser photo for Easter on March 30, 2021 but I still got a badge!

GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!!!!    Let’s see what the Cheer Team has to say!

Easter Teaser is over and done
Hope you all had tons of fun
We had TWO First Commenters to brag about
Now join us as we call them out!
Ingrid and Sharon were fast and furious!
What’s their secret – we’re all curious!
Then we waited to see who’d guess it right
We hoped we wouldn’t have to wait all night!
Up stepped Charles he was FIRST to be right
We hope you all have a visit from the Easter Bun!
Then come back next Tuesday for more Teaser fun!

GOOD JOB STUDENTS……now let’s go eat!

Enjoy your meal today and HAPPY EASTER to you all from me and the cafeteria staff of Ding Dong Sheep School!

Easter Delights:

Have a wonderful weekend – see you next Tuesday!   Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Time!


Hi Ho Students!   Another chilly classroom day but we’ll warm things up with the Tell All!

“I missed the bus but managed to get here on time!”

Clowie says we’re good to go so let’s get started.    As you recall, our Graphics Department provided our photo for the Teaser yesterday and for a while it looked like it just might fool everyone BUT as usual – THINGS CHANGED!

First let’s talk FIRST COMMENTERS shall we?


Drumroll please………………Our Firsties were:



Each of you gets one  of these badges:

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser post of February 16, 2021! YAY FOR US!

Next up was waiting for someone to figure out the Teaser……………….and here’s the photo from yesterday in case you need to check it out again…………….

Beautiful photo and spot isn’t it?    This photo was taken in Ennistymon, County Clare, Ireland!     What a wonderful “stepped waterfall” isn’t it?     If you do a search for Ennistymon you will see lots of views of this amazing waterfall arrangement – it’s really beautiful.

We did think it might be tough for someone to figure out WHAT to search for but we should have known one of our best “SEARCHERS” was on the trail!     So who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?

Drumroll please……………..


And YES she was also one of the FIRST COMMENTERS so we have the special double win badge for you Miss Ingrid!

I was not only one of the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of February 16, 2021 but I was also THE FIRST RIGHT GUESSER! Double Win! YAY!

Woo Hoo Miss Ingrid!

In case any other students figured it out then you are entitled to a badge too!!

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of February 16, 2021 but I was NOT THE FIRST! DARN!

AND if you guessed but were WRONG – you get one of these little gems:

I was TOTALLY WRONG with my guess on the Teaser photo of February 16, 2021 but at least I TRIED!


I think the Cheer Team was so happy to come in from the cold they didn’t get upset with having FOUR First Commenters this week.    Either that or they stopped off at Grumpy Cat Bar before they arrived to write their cheer today.

Mama Mia you students were HOT!
Four of you were FIRSTIES and that’s a LOT!
Ingrid, Sharon, Janet and Carole
We bet four of you thought you had us over a barrel!
We pushed through the challenge – so talented we are
We knew after class we’d be heading to the bar!
We had only one FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of course and she was already a winner!
Ingrid guessed right first proving she’s no Beginner!
You students rocked class this week of that there’s no doubt
Now if you’ll excuse us we’re late for a date so OVER AND OUT!
P.S. Before we leave we have one more thing up our sleeve
A Teaser friend of ours by the name of Frank we believe
Today is his birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK
Now we’re OUT OF HERE – you can take that to the bank!!

OK ladies – be careful out in the cold………….I imagine you’re heading somewhere WARM right?    We don’t need details – just be CAREFUL OK?    Our Cheer Team is an important part of our Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

“Yeah man….they’re important…..AND they’re groovy!!”

Who’s up for lunch?     Our substitute Chef is still here but Miss Dingleberry is returning next Tuesday.    Let’s go!

“My tummy is rumbling – let’s go!”

Hello Students!   We have a delightful pile of choices for you today – so ENJOY!


Have a good week students – We Professors will see you in class next week!

Teaser Halloween Style


“Perimeter check completed Professors – BRING ON THE HALLOWEEN FUN!”


Hello Students – and happy EARLY Halloween!    Have you COMMENTED???   I hope so!     Today is the BIG DAY for starting our Halloween celebration.     We have a spooky Teaser photo for you and a spooky lunch in the cafeteria from Miss Dingleberry and her cafeteria crew……….AND of course our Halloween Contest Poll which contains photos of those of you who decided to participate this year.     So we have LOTS going on!    Let’s get to it…………….

Bring it on!

Let’s get the preliminaries out of the way shall we?   Here are the rules for the Teaser photo location guessing AND the special Halloween badges you might just win if you try!     The Teaser photo is a very lonely and maybe scary photo but you still need to see if you can figure out WHERE the photo was taken.

“Allo!  It is I – Sarge in my Vincent Van Gogh costume.   I wish you students luck too!”

We want to thank our Graphics Department for today’s photo – it looks like a very lonely (and probably haunted) place!

Here’s the photo for today’s Teaser Professors.

Where was this photo taken???????

Now as if that wasn’t plenty of fun for our Halloween Teaser post for this year – we also have our fabulous Costume Contest!      How this works is that you can vote in this poll for ONE and only ONE favorite.   We know all of the entries this year are amazing and fun but you only get to pick your absolutely favorite to vote for.    AND you can only vote ONCE!    The poll will be open for voting all day and tomorrow we will announce the WINNER!      The Winner will get a surprise package and you know we ALL love surprises right?     They will also get a special badge indicating they were the BESTEST Costume in our contest……………



Let’s see what the Cheer Team has to say to prepare all of us for Halloween!  

Our post today is spooky
Or maybe a little kooky
The photo today is a little scary
Like Casper the Ghost or your Uncle Harry!
Put on those thinking caps and get to guessing
All our entries in their Halloween dressing!
Tomorrow we’ll see who wins Teaser and the Poll
Then we’ll go to Grumpy Cat Bar and rock-n-roll !!


Now – who’s up for having lunch???    Let’s go!!

Hope all you students are having a fun time in class today – we wish you luck in figuring out the Teaser AND in the costume contest!   Just a reminder that tomorrow we will have a SPOOKY lunch for you………



Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Time


“It’s a GO Professors!!   Grounds are clear!!”

Thanks Clowie and company.    We’re BAAAAACK!  Back to let you know who our winners were of this week’s “where is this photo taken??” competition.   AND – we also have an exciting announcement for you for HALLOWEEN this year.

FIRST UP – Teaser winners………………………………

We had TWO FIRST COMMENTERS this week………………….and one of them is a FREQUENT Firstie and the second hasn’t been a FIRSTIE in a long while so we welcome her back into the “winners circle”.


Miss Sharon (Friends Furever)

Miss Cecelia (Down Home In NC)

Congrats Ladies and Here’s Your BADGE!

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser post of October 13, 2020!

“Way to go ladies!!  I was here early but forgot to comment!”

Then we waited until some smarty pants FINALLY guessed the photo’s location………………….here’s the photo all of you studied until you got a headache yesterday:

A rather stunning photo yes?   This is Biarritz, France! 

“Phooooey!  I studied that photo from every angle and couldn’t figure it out!”

We’ll tell you now who DID figure it out first yesterday shall we????????


Drumroll please………………..!

Miss Katty and her boys Da Phenny and Da Nelly!

Congrats To You All and Here’s Your Badge!

We were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS on the Teaser post of October 13, 2020 !!

Did you also guess correctly????   If you did you get a BADGE!    This one – please copy it for your files or blog!

My guess was right on the Teaser post of October 13, 2020 but I wasn’t FIRST! I still got this cool badge though!

Did you guess but were WRONG?    We even have a BADGE for you!!!!

I guessed on the Teaser of October 13, 2020 but I was WRONG! BOO HOO

Congratulations everyone!!!!!!

Now For The Big Announcement!

We’ve decided that for Teaser Class on October 27th we will have a HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST!!!     That’s right!    Those of you who would like to enter can send us via email a photo of you in your Halloween finery and we will include it in a VOTING POST which we’ll have on the 27th with results to show you on the 28th at the Tell All.

Please send us your Halloween costume photo NO LATER THAN

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25th so we’ll have time to prepare the voting poll!

We’ll have a poll on our Teaser post on October 27th with everyone whose photo we’ve received and YOU will have a chance to vote that day.      We will tally up the votes in the poll for each candidate (and you’ll be able to keep track of it by visiting our blog to check the poll if you want to) then tell you who is the WINNER on the 28th.     What will you win?????    Whoever the winner is will need to email us with your address and we will arrange for a surprise to come directly to you from wherever we order it.    OK?    Everyone loves surprises so it will be a surprise gift.

Good!   We hoped you’d be excited!   

Send your photos from NOW until the 25th.     We can’t wait to see your costumes………………



A costume contest now that will be fun!
A chance to dress up for everyone!
But for now let’s talk Teaser and who we should celebrate!
Two First Commenters were Cecilia and Sharon who were fast to participate!
And now it’s time to tell you who was FIRST RIGHT
Miss Katty and her Boys Da Phenny and Da Nelly were first on that flight!!!
Congrats to our winners who were sharp as tacks
You both were fast winners this week and that’s a FACT!

Who’s UP for lunch?  Let’s go!

“Greetings Students!    Hope you brought your appetites with you today!”

Menu Selections:

All aboard for home sweet home! We’ll see you next week! 

Make sure and send us your photo with you in your Halloween costume for our CONTEST

– you have until October 25th to send it in!