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Tuesday Teaser Class Is In Session!


“OK Team!  Let’s head into school to let the Professors know all is well on the school grounds!!”

Happy Tuesday Students!  HAVE YOU COMMENTED yet???

Clowie and her team did a perimeter search for introoooders and found none so we are good to go for class today……………we have a Teaser photo courtesy of our overworked and underpaid Graphics Department and we’re hoping that they took into consideration that the last two have been somewhat TOUGH-ISH!    We’ll find out shortly.

Well it’s time we had an EASIER Teaser anyway!

We’ll see how things turn out today……………..anyway, let’s review the rules then get down to business shall we?

And here are the badges up for grabs with today’s Teaser guessing………………….you know you want one (or two!):

I’m a new student but I REALLY wanna win a badge this week to start my collection!

Let’s go ahead and get our Security Guard in to bring the photo he’s been guarding from prying eyes ever since Graphics Department found a photo for us shall we???????


Here’s today’s photo Professors!


OK gang – check out this pretty aerial photo of WHAT city??   Where?    HMM?????    Give it your bestest shot.   We’ll see how things turn out tomorrow when we have our TELL ALL class and hand out badges.

I’m trying to control my excitement….but it’s not easy sometimes!

Speaking of excitement – I bet the Cheer Team can get your hearts pumping if nothing else does it – I see some sleepy faces out in the classroom and the Cheer Team knows how to SHAKE IT UP – Girls?  You’re ON!!

No winter gear on cuz it’s a pretty nice day
We’ll just enjoy the weather before it goes away
You students better study the Teaser photo well
Cuz if you guess wrong you might wind up in (&#!!) (note: edited by the censor)
Do your best is what we always say
If you blow it this week there’s always next Tuesday
So make a guess if you’ve got a hunch
Then put down your pencils and go to lunch!

Thanks Ladies……………..good job……..nice to know the censor is at work since some of your cheers are occasionally questionable!!

Even with a censor the cheer chicks are groovy!

Well let’s just say that if you want to stay here in the classroom to work on your guess on today’s Teaser photo – that’s fine………..but anyone else who needs a little food reinforcement before they tackle the Teaser, follow us to the cafeteria!!

Hello students!   Step right up to the cafeteria line and make your choices for lunch today – we have your favorites available!

Today’s Yummy Menu:

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Good luck students – we’ll see you in class tomorrow at the usual time!!!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tuesday Christmas Edition



Priorities you know – first comment then celebrate Christmas Eve Day.     Let’s make sure all is well outside our classroom and on the school grounds first though with our fabulous and festive Security Team Miss Clowie and her Minions!

“All is secure Professors – You can start class now!”

Excellent.    A big thanks to our Security Team for making sure we can have our class in peace and quiet (well – peace anyway).

You all look so festive today!     I see several of you have worn Christmas costumes for the occasion – Stand up and take a bow!

Trouble you look ready to have visions of sugarplums tonight!

Cupcake you look adorable as always – Santa will leave you lots of goodies!

Noelle you look pretty as a Christmas picture!

Raz are you looking up to see if Santa and his sled are flying around??

SammyP you make a terrific toy soldier to guard Santa’s toy sack!

And I see Pipo, Dalton and Benji are here together from home and you’re all gussied up for the holidays too!!!

And I also see those of you who arrived LAST week for PRE-CHRISTMAS class and are wearing your costumes again……………………you all look AMAZING and ready to impress Santa Paws when he visits us all tonight!

Now I know you’re all anxious to see the Teaser photo for today – let me show you the rules AND the SPECIAL BADGES up for grabs today !!!

Good luck snagging one of these babies – of course next week we’ll probably have some NEW YEARS special badges – we like to keep you WANTING to win!!!

So are you ready for the Teaser photo today?????

Since we gave our Security Guard ANOTHER day off -I’m gonna show you the TEASER photo for today!

Here it is – in all it’s Christmas glory – where was this photo taken?   Tomorrow in Tell All Class we will let you know who wins special badges!     Let’s get the cheer team in to do their Christmas CHEER!

HO HO HO and Happy Christmas
We’re right here with you so you don’t have to miss us
We think this photo is mighty cool
When you do your guessing remember the rules!
Tomorrow we’ll see who’s wrong and who’s right
But no matter what SANTA IS COMING TONIGHT!!!!!

That’s right girls – Santa will be sliding down chimneys all over the world tonight…………..if if you don’t have a chimney, his MAGIC will get him in to leave presents under your tree and hopefully something other than coal in your stocking!

Well I’ve been good except for that minor incident when I climbed the tree!

Yes Barney we know you just HAD to get up in that tree to check the lights right?  I’m sure Santa knows that wasn’t being NAUGHTY – it was being HELPFUL!

Now who’s up for Christmas Eve Lunch?     Tomorrow at Tell All we’ll try to make it a short class to announce the winners………………then because we’re giving Miss Dingleberry and her staff the day off, you will all be able to hop on the bus and get home in time for lunch with your family !!!!

The cafeteria staff and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!   We won’t be here tomorrow so EAT UP today and enjoy Christmas Lunch with your families tomorrow after the Tell All.    HO HO HO!

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See you tomorrow students!   GOOD LUCK WITH THE TEASER!!!!

Happy Christmas Eve!    Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser Time!


Security Chief Clowie:  “Ok Crew – we can report in to the Professors that ALL IS WELL at school this morning!!!”

Thanks Clowie!  Good job as always……..now students – have you COMMENTED yet???

That’s always the first order of business after we have been told by Clowie that all is well in the school yard.   So if you haven’t commented – you’d best GET TO IT.    I’m assuming all of you are trying to win a FIRST COMMENTER badge?    GO FOR IT.

I commented as quickly as I could come in the front door of the school!

Good!   Maybe you are THE ONE this week Charlie!

Today’s Teaser is provided by our Graphics Department and over and above how difficult it may be to guess where it was taken – I think it’s a beautiful photo – so there (compliments to the Graphics Department).     Anyway, we will give you a reminder of today’s RULES and show you the badges up for grabs – we know you want one!

Next week is “THANKSGIVING WEEK” here and we will have SPECIAL Thanksgiving badges to give out even though Thanksgiving is not a class day.    In spite of that we will have a Thanksgiving meal in the cafeteria and celebrate a day or two early.   I’m sure nobody minds that right?


Of course there will be turkey on the menu!

Now let’s we see if our Cheer Team is UP for a little cheer before we see the photo shall we?    Oh yeah – let’s DO IT…………………


It’s “Pre-Turkey” Teaser time so give a cheer
Turkey, stuffing, apple pie – but will there be beer???
Today we have a pretty photo for you to study
No fair cheating though with your buddy!
You’re on your own to figure this one out
So straighten up in your desk chair and don’t dare pout
Tomorrow we’ll be here again to cheer for the winners
This guessing stuff is “old hat” for you because you’re NOT beginners!
Give it your best shot and get an award
You’ll be EVER so proud that you SCORED!!!

Thanks girls – well done………………..

These girls know how to shake their pom poms alright!

Our hall monitor will now bring in the photo for the week!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

WOW! That is a pretty photo!

It might be pretty but your job isn’t to critique the photo but figure out WHERE IT WAS TAKEN…………………are you all ready?    THEN READY – SET – GO!     Make your best guess.   Tomorrow we will return to find out who wins WHAT!

We Will Do Our BEST!!!

Now what do you say we head to the cafeteria for something to eat………………then you can either (a) come back and have a nap at your desk or (b) come back and figure out the TEASER photo!


I’m coming back to STUDY the photo!

I will come back and study too…..I’m no napper!

Hello Students!   We’ve got a nice lunch for you today – next week we’ll celebrate an early Thanksgiving but today – it’s “business as usual” with all your favorites.   Enjoy!


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Good Luck Students!!!!   See you regular time tomorrow……..YOUR PROFESSORS

Tuesday Teaser Class In Session!!


We’re BAAAAACK!   Make sure and COMMENT then have a seat!

Clowie and her Security Team sounded the “all clear” for safety – no introoders around – THANK YOU SECURITY TEAM!

We know it’s not Halloween yet but the School Board wants us to make things “festive” for all of you for the month of October.   

Today we’re back from our little break along with our Graphics Department, and ready to tease you with photos for Teaser from a GUEST TEASER.    There are TWO photos actually – one of which may give things away but then again SOMEONE has to guess right no matter how many photos we give you right?

I’m ready to be teased AND thought I’d try out my costume too!

First, let’s give you a refresher course on the RULES for Teaser and the badges that are up for grabs this week!

Now it’s time for us to bring in the guard with today’s TEASER photos!    Ready?

Here’s today’s Teaser photos Professors!

The ornament is on the gate to this bridge…………….but WHERE is the bridge located???    That’s the question!!!    We’ll find out who the winners and losers are tomorrow for our TELL ALL!

Cheer Team – – – you’re ON!

Now that it’s October
We promise to stay sober!
No more bar hops and beer
Won’t be long until Christmas is here!
Santa won’t be happy
If we don’t start acting snappy!
So let’s hope the best for you lot
Let’s hope your answers are all hot
Tomorrow we’ll tell you who wins
When the fickle finger of fate spins.
Good luck to all girls and geezers
Tuesday is fun thanks to TEASERS!

Rrrrrrriiiipppp!  (Darn, Sarge just had those pants fixed!)

Poor Sarge!

So we will be seeing you tomorrow for the Tell All – meanwhile study hard and try to figure out WHERE the photos were taken………………..YOU might be a winner tomorrow!   Shall we head to the cafeteria for lunch????


Greetings Teaser Class!   Time for lunch and we thought we’d have another “food from around the world” menu for you!   Enjoy choosing some favorites or some new things you’ve not had before!

Today’s International Delights:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you all tomorrow for the TELL ALL!  

Your Professors……………….


Teaser Tell All


Ringy Dingy – Class Is In Session!!!!

Good Morning students…………………seems we didn’t fool a whole lot of you yesterday with what we thought was a tricky Teaser.   So much for our predictions!    Obviously our PSYCHIC SENSE is out of balance.

Let’s start off by letting you all know who our FIRST COMMENTERS were yesterday morning at 7:49AM when we went LIVE!




You each get one of our fabulous and adorable FIRST COMMENTER badges for being quick on the draw:

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser of August 13, 2019!

Well done you three………

Dang – not only is my bowl empty but I wasn’t a First Commenter!

Well we can’t all be winners Fido !

Here’s the photo from yesterday which – as you may remember – was provided by our Graphics Department (aka MOM) and which apparently was too danged easy!

This is the beautiful Vancouver Convention Center in Vancouver (obviously), B.C., Canada


No it wasn’t you – our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was:

Miss Jackie of Two Devon Cats!


BRAVO!   She remembered this from one of her many cruises and in fact several of you had recognized it from cruises you’d taken that either left from Vancouver or stopped there.   Miss Jackie, this is for you:

Oh lucky me, I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of August 13, 2019!

Were YOU also right?   Because several of you DID guess right……….if you were one of them you get this:

I was right with my guess on the Teaser of August 13, 2019 but I was NOT first! Darn!

Were you WRONG?   Just plain WRONG?   You still get a badge you know!   THIS ONE:

Well, you win some, you lose some, and I lost this one – I was a WRONG GUESSER on the Teaser of August 13, 2019!


Yeah…..ditto what he said!

The Cheer Team will cheer all of you up I  bet……………………….Ladies?????

We stopped by for a quick cheer
On our way to the pub for a beer
Congrats to Csilla, Sharon and Phenny
First Commenters faster than any
Seems the TOUGH TEASER was not at all hard
Miss Jackie drew the winning card!!
She was the FIRST to guess RIGHT
She wins that badge without a fight!
Good for all you smart students
For you others we think studying would be prudent!
Off on our bikes for the rest of the day
Better stay out of our WAY!!!!!!!!!

OK girls………….it’s not nice to rub it in – our students all study hard – some are just luckier than others.    Now, anyone want to go to the cafeteria for a a bite to eat before hopping on the bus for home?

Greetings and Happy Wednesday Students!   How about some lunch before you hop on the bus for home?

Your Luncheon Selections Du Jour:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now –  all aboard the bus for home!   See you next TUESDAY students!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy too