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Teaser Tell All Turkey Edition…..


“Hello Students – It’s TELL ALL TIME!”

Just when we think we’ve thrown you the curve ball to end all curve balls with a Teaser photo – someone bounces in with the correct answer in no time in spite of our dire predictions of a DIFFICULT Teaser.    So much for our predictions!     But let’s start with what we ALWAYS start with – the FIRST COMMENTER……………..

“I bet it was ME ME ME!  I popped my head out of my groundhog hole and didn’t see anyone!”

That’s probably because you popped out way before 8:05AM which was when we went live.   Stanley you made the effort though and we appreciate it.

SO back to where we were – could we have a drumroll please?

Well it’s a tad early for a Christmas drummer – but what the heck……


And here’s your badge Miss Ingrid:

I was the early bird (turkey) FIRST COMMENTER at Teaser class on November 22, 2022.

THEN – we waited and waited but not long – before we had our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………GUESS WHO IT WAS……….GO ON – GUESS!


A double win – here’s your second badge:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Turkey Teaser of November 22, 2022 !!

HERE’s the Teaser photo she guessed:

Our Teaser photo was sent in by Mr. Frank – one of our students!    Here’s his description of this place:

“This is a photo of the Meigs County Courthouse – in Pomeroy OH.  It’s unique – and I think the only one of its kind. It is 3 stories … no big deal …. but each floor is directly accessible for the outside. That is, there’s is a 1st level door to the outside …. and a second level door to the outside (no steps or stairs) … directly onto the ground …. and the same for the third floor.  When looking at the front of the courthouse, this has nothing to do with the two sets of steps you see going upward. The second floor door is on the right side of the building … the third floor is on the back side. Because of the terrain/land around the courthouse, a person can walk directly into the building into all three floors.”

Here are some additional photos Mr. Frank sent in to show the unusual set up with the three floors and separate entrances – pretty cool looking!

Our Thanks to Mr. Frank for the cool photos – by the way this is in Mr. Frank’s hometown !!

For you Mr. Frank with our thanks:

I was the Guest Teaser on the Thanksgiving Teaser post of November 22, 2022!

And a DOUBLE WIN special badge for Ingrid:

I was a DOUBLE WINNER (First Comment and First Right Guess) on the Teaser post of Nov. 22, 2022!!

Now if you ALSO guessed the Teaser photo correctly you get this:

I guessed the Teaser correctly on Nov. 22, 2022 but I was NOT FIRST RIGHT GUESSER! Oh well….

If you were WRONG with your guess – you still win a badge!

I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser post of November 22, 2022 but I still got a badge!!

Cheer Team?   It’s your turn to shine!

Hip Hip Hooray!
What can we say?
Badges galore
From ceiling to floor!
Ingrid was FIRST RIGHT
Only one here – there was no fight!
Ingrid is so wise
We’re not kidding you!
We hope your Thanksgiving is very yummy
With lots of good food for a happy tummy!

Thanks ladies – I hope all those turkeys you’re carrying are heading to the cafeteria line to feed all the hungry students, the Cat School staff, and even the cafeteria staff.   We all should enjoy each other’s company and remember all the things we have to be thankful for…………………………!!

“Greetings Students and Staff – your holiday meal is READY!”


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Your Professors…………AND School Staff


Tuesday Teaser for Thanksgiving!


“Team – good job rounding up all the loose turkeys…..I think these turkey hats helped us blend in with them and made it easier – now let’s go report in to the professors!”

Greetings Students!   Happy Almost Thanksgiving Tuesday!   


Welcome to class and since we’re almost to the BIG day, we thought we’d do things up right with some Thanksgiving decorations – even the Security Team joined in by wearing turkey hats – now that’s real dedication isn’t it?     We have to say that we have a GUEST TEASER today that is probably as close to impossible to figure out as any photo we’ve ever used in class.    Yes we aren’t kidding.   You’ll see shortly BUT FIRST – let’s do rules and our special THANKSGIVING BADGES shall we??


Yes our Graphics Department gets a 40 lb. turkey to take home to fix for her family as a special thank you!    Of course she has to catch it first…………………

Now let’s move on to the Teaser shall we?    As we said, it’s a whopper.    It really will be a miracle if anyone gets it.     But we’re giving it a whirl anyway.   Ready?

Where Was This Photo Taken????????????

“You’re right – this is practically impossible!”

Well give it your all – and our Cheer Team will help cheer you up for the challenge!

Here we are looking silly
Tossing turkeys willy nilly
It’s our duty to be all cheery
But keeping this headgear straight makes is weary!
Anyway we wish you lucky as you study and guess
Your Professors expect perfection and deserve no less
We are thankful for the Profs, all of you, and Miss D
Now lets all head to the cafeteria for a lunch that’s FREE!

Sounds like a good idea to me ladies…………….class – let’s go eat!    Maybe we all need a little BRAIN food to guess that Teaser today……………………

Greetings Class!  It’s time to relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving Meal!

Good Luck Students!   See you at TELL ALL tomorrow!

Your Professors



Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


“Gosh team – Fall is falling isn’t it…..but all is well on campus!”

“Good Morning Students!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET??”

Next Tuesday we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving week and that’s when we’ll be previewing our new Thanksgiving Badges for you to win AND probably we will have had time to decorate the classroom.    But for today – we have a Graphics Department Teaser photo for you and some Fall Badges so LET’S GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD!!

“Let’s do this!!”

First the rules that will apply for today’s Teaser guessing:

AND the lineup of Fall badges:

“Promise you’ll have some DECENT special badges next week?  Huh?”

Well we do promise but you might find yourself with a dunce cap on if you’re not careful little missy!!

“Trust me….you don’t wanna wear this thing – it’s tight and gives me a headache!”

Here comes our Photo Security Guard with today’s PHOTO……………………ready?

“Here’s today’s photo Professors”

Where in the world was this photo taken??????

OK everyone……………….do your best and maybe you’ll win a badge and of course the admiration of the whole rest of the class for being SMART enough to figure it out!    And if you need some ENCOURAGEMENT – let’s bring on the CHEER GIRLS!

Another Tuesday and another chance to win
If you know your geography give that globe a big spin!
We just know we wouldn’t want to live there
Don’t see a single person ANYWHERE.
But all you have to do is guess where it is
Now we’ll get out of your hair and let you “get down to biz!”

Thanks girls……………….I’m sure the class has been inspired to do their best thanks to your inspiring cheer.

“I wasn’t inspired…….I thought it was a boring cheer!”

OK OK – now let’s take a break and head to the cafeteria for lunch.   That always cheers everyone up!!

“Welcome Students – step right up and choose your meals!”

Today’s Delightful Dishes:

GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!  See you in class tomorrow!!

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


Yes students – it’s time to TELL ALL !

Nice to see that kind of enthusiasm this early in the day.    NOW – who wants to hear about yesterday’s Teaser and who won what??????


Alrighty then.   Let’s start things off with a little drumroll so we can introduce our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday shall we?????

Our First Commenter(s) were:

KATTY (and the Weims), FRANK, SHARON and INGRID


Yes there were four FIRSTIES yesterday all popping in at 8:13AM……………….and here’s a badge for EACH of you early birds:

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser post of November 8, 2022. All three of us were FAST and FURIOUS and FIRSTIES!

Then we got down to business with our GUEST PHOTO of the day.     Our GUESTS were our wonderful friends at ANGELS WHISPER  HERE  and here’s the photo:

This is a beautiful photo taken in Zwolle, The Netherlands!

WHO guessed it correctly first??????     Drumroll please???


KATTY (and the Weims)


And here’s your winners’ badge for being the FIRST to be RIGHT yesterday!

We figured the Teaser of November 8, 2022 out before ANYONE ELSE did so we got this FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge!! YAY FOR US!!

AND we also have a special badge for the wonderful friends who supplied that swell Teaser photo………………………..for Peachy, Stippie and their Granny:

We were the Guest Teaser on the post of November 8, 2022! It was fun sharing one of our photos with Teaser class.

If you also guessed the Teaser photo correctly you get one of these badges:

We were RIGHT with our guess on the Teaser photo of November 8, 2022 BUT we were not FIRST to guess it. Boo Hoo!

AND if you guessed but were WRONG with your guess – you get one of these beauties:

I guessed the Teaser of November 8, 2022 but I was WRONG with my guess. At least I got a cool badge for LOSING!

Let’s hear it for TRYING and WINNING or LOSING!

Cheer Team?  How about some “pump up the volume” from you this morning?????

Holy Cow would you look at this
FOUR First Commenters deserve a kiss!
Katty, Frank, Sharon and Ingrid too
Miss Dingleberry might pucker up and visit you!
Then we waited for our FIRST RIGHT win
Katty and Weims made our little heads spin!
They got it right – and pretty darn quick
Guess their Mom’s “F-Cake” did NOT make them sick!
We’ll be back with more fun at Teaser next week
Be sure and be here or your noses we will TWEAK!

It’s Time To Visit the Cafeteria!!!!

Hello you charming little students….are you ready for food?   Good!


Congratulations Students on another GREAT Teaser Class!

All aboard for home – see you next week…….

Your Professors and Staff

Tuesday Teaser Class Time!


“Well officers – looks like campus is under control – let’s report that to the Professors and get class started!”

Here we go – another Tuesday class begins…….everybody ready?

We like your enthusiasm!

Today we have a GUEST Teaser for you.    A photo submitted by someone who we will divulge to you tomorrow when we do the Tell All class.    We’ll give you the rules again AND show you the badges available then get started.

“Professors – just wondering – will we have special Thanksgiving badges this year???”

Yes indeed we will.  Our Graphics Department is already hard at work getting some swell Thanksgiving badges for everyone and we’ll have them available for Teaser class on November 22nd/23rd!

“Deadlines….deadlines….I can DO this!!”


So here’s our fabulous photo for Teaser today……………………..tomorrow we’ll give you the scoop as usual as to where this is and who submitted it for class.

So – study it all you want and make a guess – tomorrow we’ll TELL ALL!


………studying in progress………


While you’re studying the Cheer Team will do what they do best…………………CHEER!

Greetings class it’s about that time
We give you a cheer and it’s gotta rhyme!
We don’t know where this photo was taken
And we won’t venture a guess because we might be mistaken!
But you will do great we just know it
You all have good brains so come on and show it!

Thanks a lot Team………….hopefully everyone is pumped up now and will guess the photo – we’ll be talking about that tomorrow when we hand out badges!!    How about we go grab some grub from the cafeteria – some brain food to help you all out with studying!

“Hello Students!    Mary Ann and I are ready to see you here on the cafeteria line – we’ve got some good things for you today!

The Yummy Tuesday Menu:

OK Students – good luck studying – see you tomorrow for TELL ALL!

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy