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Teaser Tell All


Wednesday!   We got the all clear from Security so let’s DO THIS!!!

We were ever so sure that finally our Graphics Department had found a tough Teaser yesterday.    Well…………sadly no………….it was guessed and fairly quickly and it was a FREQUENT FLYER who got it.

HOWEVER – first things first – we want to let you know WHO our FIRST COMMENTERS were…………………….we threw a monkey wrench into the works yesterday morning by posting a Dr. Seuss post BEFORE Teaser post…..some of you thought the Dr. Seuss post was the Teaser post but nope – we did TWO posts yesterday.    We like to keep our students on their toesies (or paws).

“Very funny Professors………..NOT!”

We had TWO First Commenters yesterday and they were:

Drumroll please………(with our newest drummer)


Congratulations Ladies………each of you gets:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser Post of March 2, 2021!!

“Obviously I wasn’t first…..I need my beauty sleep!”

Here’s the photo we gave you yesterday to study and decide WHERE it had been taken…………………..Security?   Please bring in the photo!

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

It’s a beauty isn’t it?   Where is this?   It’s Dunovica Beach on the Island of Hvar in Croatia!

Well you might have thought we’d fool everyone with this one but we didn’t…………..IN FACT………………it was someone who is frequently FIRST and RIGHT here in class who guessed it first:


Miss Ingrid you are YET AGAIN a double winner!!

Not only was I a FIRST COMMENTER but I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER TOO on the Teaser of March 2, 2021. I’m so excited, I feel faint…..haha

Did you also guess it correctly?    If you did, then you get a badge for that!

I guessed the Teaser of March 2, 2021 BUT I wasn’t FIRST! Oh well……I still got a badge!

AND if you guessed WRONG – well – you know what YOU get:

Well I guessed but I was NOT right so I wound up with a Greenie from the Teaser post of March 2, 2021!

Congratulations winners!  Our Cheer Team wants to cheer you on and let me just say they were rather pleased to have TWO First Commenters instead of SIX!

We’re Late again for our ballet class
No lunch for us – we’ve gotta pass
If we’re late again our teacher will be cranky
And we won’t get away with any hanky panky!
We congratulate the FIRST GUESSERS Ingrid and Sharon
Both are frequent early birds in case you’re caring….
Then unbelievably so Miss Ingrid was on the ball
She got TWO badges for making the call
She guessed the Teaser RIGHT and so was a DOUBLE winner
We hope her husband takes her out to dinner!
Now off we go to dance on our toesies
Hopefully we won’t trip and fall down on our nosies!

Good job ladies…………… hope you don’t fall on your noses either – be careful!

Who’s UP for Lunch????

Let’s go!

We know you didn’t want anyone to make a fuss Professor Teddy but WE know that your birthday is March 4 so we’re celebrating !   SURPRISE !

Thanks to you and your staff Miss Dingleberry!  Everyone gets cake and ice cream for dessert!


Today’s Menu:

Have a good week – see you Tuesday!   Your Professors

Teaser Tuesday Class Time


“Team – let’s report all is well and class is a GO!”

Good Morning Class!   DID YOU COMMENT YET?

If you have, please take your seats and let’s get ready for Teaser.    Yet again we are hopeful our poor pitiful Graphics Department may have found something to fool you….not that we don’t want you to win a badge of course – just that it’s a PERSONAL challenge to find something that you all can’t figure out!


So let’s get going and see what happens today shall we?   Our SPRING badges are out now that it’s March (even though it’s not QUITE Spring) so here are the rules and badges up for grabs:

Now, who’s UP for seeing the Teaser photo?   Are you ready?   Glasses nice and clean and shiny????


Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s today’s photo Professors!

WHERE IS THIS?????????????????????

Good luck everyone.    I can tell you we Professors wish we were RIGHT THERE RIGHT NOW instead of here in class with it raining like mad outside.   Oh well……………….we can’t always get what we want right?    Just ask the Cheer Team if you don’t believe us.    They frequently complain that they don’t get what they want (except maybe at the Grumpy Cat Cafe).

Speaking of the Cheer Team…………………………..

Here we are via ZOOM
We’re at the bar and you’re stuck in the classroom!
We thought we’d surprise you and do a “remote”
Maybe next time we’ll broadcast from a yacht or a boat!
We just want to say good luck to you all
Now if you’ll pardon us now, we hear the bartender’s call!!!!!!

Sorry to interrupt your day girls but we DO count on you on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to bring CHEER (not beer) to the classroom……………thanks for zooming in today.   We’ll see you tomorrow.

“Those Cheer Chicks are hot stuff!”

What say we head to the cafeteria for some lunch?   Then you can begin agonizing over the Teaser photo………………………

“Yeah…let’s go….it’s been HOURS since I had my last bottle!”

Step Right Up!  Lunch Is Served!

Today’s Menu:

Good Luck Class!!!!!

Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


Teaser Class Is About To Begin!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED???

“All is well on school grounds – let’s go tell the Professors then head to the cafeteria!”

Our intrepid Security Guard and her team say we’re GOOD TO GO for Teaser today so let’s get things underway.      Yet again we will tell you that our intrepid and overworked (according to her them) Graphics Department came up with your Teaser photo of the day.      It’s an interesting photo we must admit – but is it TOUGH?   That remains to be seen!


Let’s review the rules shall we?    Also a peek at the badges we have for you today……………………….

Just think – soon we’ll have SPRING badges!   YAY!

Are you ready for the photo???    May we have our intrepid Photo Security Guard please with today’s challenge?


Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s today’s photo Professors!



If you’re the FIRST to guess correctly – you’ll get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge………………and you know you want one of those right?   Right!

“Well – it’s not like I don’t TRY every week – I just haven’t been FIRST…..YET!”

“I guess every week and see where it gets me???”

OK – let’s move on to our cheer of the day from the CHEERY CHEER TEAM!

Here we are to sing and shout
And hopefully inspire you to figure Teaser out
Winners get badges and losers get none
But even if you’re wrong you can still have fun!
Study the photo but don’t dare cheat
Or you may wind up in the classroom hot seat!
We’ll be back tomorrow with good news and bad
Badges or tears for the happy AND the sad!!

Thanks ladies…………..I’m sure you put some SPARK in everyone’s day – enough to shake loose some of their brain power and we’ll have a good crop of RIGHTIES tomorrow.    Meanwhile, shall we all head to the cafeteria for lunch?????

Hello Students!  It’s good to be back.  A little time off was most welcome and I think our substitute did a fine job of feeding all of you!

What’s On The Menu Today:




Teaser Tuesday Class


“Team good job!  Let’s report in to the Professors!”


A big thank you to Clowie and her team for their security check – we may be COLD but we’re safe!   Apparently there’s a heating problem here in the Sheep School.    You can keep your coats on if you need them students.

Looks like a lot of you have your “chill” on this morning like we do!   Well let’s get started.

Today’s Teaser is from our Graphics Department.     We do think this might be a bit of a challenge but you all surprise us all the time so we won’t say more.   Other than GOOD LUCK of course.

First let’s talk about the RULES for guessing and the BADGES you might win if you are lucky!

There you have it – that means we’re ready for teasing………………………Security?  How about bringing in the challenge of the day?

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where was this photo taken????   Remember – follow the rules please!

“Of course we’ll follow the rules!   We’re not a group of cheaters!”

Well we know that – we’re just reminding everyone.    Besides, you always get crabby when you either (a) haven’t won in a while or (b) need a diaper change.

Let’s see if our Cheer Team can warm everyone up this morning!

Another cold Tuesday is so depressing
Our usual jovial mood is slowly regressing
Hopefully you students are sharper than us
We’re thinking about hopping on a Florida-bound bus!
We’ll be back tomorrow to see how you’ve done
Meanwhile stay warm and HAVE SOME FUN!

Thanks Cheer Team – I see more smiles than frowns from the students so you cheered them up just fine.    Feel free to head to the hot tub in your changing room – we can have lunch sent over to you if you like!

Now – speaking of lunch – is anyone ELSE ready to cruise over to the cafeteria for something to eat?    GOOD – let’s go!    Miss Dingleberry is on vacation today and they have a substitute manager.

Hello Students!   Step right up for a munchable lunch!

GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!   See you in class tomorrow……….

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


ALRIGHTY!   Time to Tell All!

Good Morning Gang……………..Clowie says it’s a GO for class so let’s GO!

We sure didn’t fool you yesterday with the Graphics Department Teaser photo.     Well, you win some, you lose some right?    Gotta give the old gal a hand for bravely returning to be our Graphics Department Assistant when she’s had a whole new contraption stuck into her hip!    Actually she’s fine.   She’s just losing her grip on finding impossible photos…..on the other hand it may be that you all are just getting so darn good with your searching techniques that you can find ANYTHING.

So first things first – let’s tell you who were our FIRST COMMENTERS.




You each get one of these:

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser post of February 9, 2021! Whoopeeee for us!

“DARN – I thought if I wore my Sherlock Holmes outfit I’d be the FIRST to find the COMMENT BOX!”

Close – but not close enough Sherman!

So here’s the photo we gave you for yesterday that the Graphics Department picked:

I called it Zebraland…………but in fact it’s nowhere near Zebraland.   Still it’s a most interesting place (and paint job) in the Rila Monastery in Sofia, Bulgaria!


Csilla!!!  And since she was also a First Commenter – we have this badge for you today Miss Csilla:

Not only was I a FIRST COMMENTER but I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER TOO on the Teaser of February 9, 2021. I’m so excited, I feel faint…..haha

But we didn’t fool ALL of you yesterday because several others guessed this one right – if you were one of them, please help yourself to a copy of this badge to show off!

I was a RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of February 9,. 2021 but I was not FIRST…..still I was RIGHT!

Concatulations Winners!

Holy Cow…look at all the angry faces in the classroom – maybe it will be YOUR turn next Tuesday!

Cheer Team?   I think we need you to cheer people up now please………….

Looks like Miss Csilla rocked the class
Last week it was Timmy with a double win splash
You all are getting pretty darn good
Best darn students in the neighborhood!
First Commenters we had three this week
Ingrid, Csilla and Timmy get a tweak on the cheek!
Then Csilla came along with the FIRST RIGHT GUESS
Meaning a double win for her in a game of chess.
We’d love to stay and cheer for you
But we’d be late for our date with the Harley riding crew!

I’d say it’s time for us to mosey on over to the cafeteria and see what’s cookin’ !     Meanwhile everyone – good job this week – let’s hope next week we can fool you or at least make it more challenging than today’s Teaser!    We will have a “WORD” with the Graphics Department to pump them up.

Hello Students!   We’re ready to serve you lunch!

What’s on the Menu?

See you all next week for more TEASER fun!   

Your Professors