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Teaser Tell All


We’re here to TELL IT LIKE IT IS!   Welcome class.


“Neither rain nor sleet nor snow will keep us away from school Professors!”

Well that’s encouraging.   Most kids would rather stay home when it snows – thanks for making the effort to be here!

First of all, let’s say a big THANK YOU to our GUEST TEASER yesterday – Our GUEST was MISS INGRID and you know she ALWAYS gives us such fabulous Guest Teaser photos.  We’ll tell you later where the photo was taken and who guessed it first but for now – let’s give her our thanks for a terrific photo.

AND a badge for being our Guest Teaser!

I was the Guest Teaser on the post of January 18, 2022 !!

Now before we give you details on the Teaser – let’s talk about who our FIRST COMMENTERS (yes more than one) were yesterday…………..




AND each of you gets a badge for that:

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser post of January 18, 2022 – WE ROCK!

Then we finally got around to showing Miss Ingrid’s Teaser photo……………….we thought (the Professors, the Graphics Department and even Miss Ingrid) that it would be a long time before someone guessed it – or maybe even nobody would guess it but we were WRONG, WRONG, WRONG………………..Here’s the photo again – along with an additional photo of the same place which we didn’t show yesterday…………

AND a daytime shot:

This is a gorgeous place and what a location for a house of worship!!    Here is what Ingrid sent to us (in red) about this place – and a link to see the interior:

It is The church of Sankt Pankraz near Fügen, in the Zillertal Valley,in  Schwaz province, Tyrol, Austria.
It is a pilgrimage church, and one had to climb way high up the hill to get there.
Ouch if you have bad knees or hips!
Now it is a popular spot to visit when you do hikes in the not snowy season…such as it is here when my cousins were in that region a few years ago.

The brighter  image is from a site I found, which clearly shows the elevation of the structure…which has been mentioned as early as 1338, and this present one was built in the 1490’s! Sometime in the 1520’s it was expanded.

Here is a site for hikers that has some nice pics of the interior.

Thanks so much Ingrid – this was a really FUN Teaser even if it was guessed pretty darn quickly.    And WHO guessed it RIGHT FIRST YOU ASK???????????????   Drumroll please?


Yes indeed – our Head of Security guessed it first and we are proud of her!      Let’s give her a big cheer……………….not only does she keep our school campus safe but she’s a smarty too.

Well done………and here’s your badge Clowie:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser photo of January 18, 2022! YAY FOR ME!

We had other students guess the Teaser correctly too and if you were one of them you get a copy of this badge for your VERY OWN!:

I guessed the Teaser photo location correctly BUT I was not the FIRST one to be RIGHT! Oh well…next week maybe!

And those of you who guessed but were WRONG – you still get a badge:

Darn….well, I made a guess on the Teaser photo of January 18, 2022 but I was WRONG!

Cheer Team – would you do the honors of congratulating our winners today????

We’re in our old uniforms today
The heater in our pool died – what can we say?!
Disappointed yes but we’re still here
Right after this we’re off to get beer!
First Commenters we had THREE!
SHARON, INGRID and JANET – all “shes” !!
YAY for the girls smart and cute too
Maybe next week one of them will be you!
Our First Right Guesser was Clowie, Queen of Security
She and her crew keep us intruder free!
Hip Hip Hooray for all the winners
Now we’re jogging off to the bar so we can get thinner!

Now students – I think it’s time we head over to the cafeteria for something to eat don’t you?

Time to eat everybody!   Take your trays up to the line and get your favorites!

What’s On The Menu Today?


Your Professors


Teaser Tell All Time


Oh boy!  It’s Wednesday and time for us to SPILL the Teaser scoop!

We had a variety of fabulous answers yesterday as to where the photo had been taken……………it was busy around here………….although our Graphics Department person (who shall not be named) was absent!    For once SHE was not on time to class while everyone in class AND the professors were here.     She gets some demerits and Madge is taking care of that for us.

“That’s right – in addition to hall monitoring I deliver demerits – and the Graphics Department gets a couple for NOT being at class when it started yesterday!”

Marge you like that duty WAY TOO MUCH!

“Hey – give that elderly Graphics Department lady a break!”

Well let’s get back to the Teaser class results shall we?    For instance – how about we tell you who our FIVE (YES WE SAID FIVE) FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday morning were?

Drumroll please!

Our FIRSTIES were:   Csilla, Frank, Sharon, Janet and Katty!


Each of you get one of these badges!

I was one of FIVE First Commenters on the Teaser post of January 11, 2022!!

AND – one of our First Commenters was also our

FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!    She gets a double win!


I was a DOUBLE WINNER on the Teaser of January 11, 2022. A First Commenter AND the First Right Guesser on the post of January 11, 2022! WOWZERS FOR ME!


Now we’ll give you the scoop on the Teaser photo………………………remember Miss Sharon guessed the correct location FIRST!!

This is lovely (?) Tijuana, Mexico!!!

Miss Sharon guessed first but there were a few others who guessed it right too – if you were a Tijuana fan, this badge is for you:

I guessed the Teaser photo from January 11, 2022 correctly BUT I was not first!!

AND if you guessed on the Teaser photo but were WRONG (and there were a bunch of you!!) you get this badge:

I guessed on the Teaser of January 11, 2022 but I was WRONG WRONG WRONG!

Good Job Students! 

Cheer Team – you’re on!

Yesterday was a darn good class
Miss Sharon really kicked some…….butts
We had FIVE commenters who were FIRST
The rest of you were probably cursed.
We had Csilla, Frank, Sharon, Katty and Janet
All of whom reside on this planet
Sharon doubled up and was first to guess the Teaser
Give her a hand for being a crowd pleaser!!
But truth be told you all are smart
You show up and never give up and that takes HEART!

Nicely said ladies………………………how about we all head over to the cafeteria to celebrate with some food!!!

We’re sure you worked up quite an appetite with Teaser so head on up to the cafeteria line for your daily school meal!

Menu Du Jour

See you all next Tuesday for TEASER CLASS!

Your Professors

Teaser Tuesday Class


“Well Team – I do believe our perimeter check is complete – let’s go warm up inside!”

“Time for class!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED yet????”

Better get those comments done – you know if you comment within the first 60 seconds after we go live you get a badge – that’s right – a FIRST COMMENTER badge.  So comment then have a seat at your desk and class will begin.

“We’ve commented and are at our desks!”

As we always do, let’s begin class today by showing you all the RULES for guessing the Teaser Photo shall we?    Also the badges that you may possibly win if you’re on your toes (or paws).

Now we have THAT out of the way, let’s get on with the show………………….here’s your Teaser for the day!

“Attention!  Will the Teaser contest security guard please report to Class!”

“Hello Professors – I just retrieved your Top Secret Teaser photo from the Principal’s safe!”

Where was this photo taken????

While you mull it over, let’s get our wonderful Cheer Team in here to cheer you up…………………………shall we?

“Heck yes – bring on the chicks!!”

It’s Tuesday and time to tease
Pay attention if you please!
The Teaser looks like many places…..
And there’s no sign of any faces!
But we know you’ll figure it out
We never have any doubt!
Tomorrow we’ll see who is first right
We’re sure they’ll be high as a kite!
Teaser badges are highly prized…..
By all the wise girls and guys
So get to work and be FIRST
While we head to the pub with our thirst!

Girls nine times out of ten you work having a beer or being in a pub into your cheer – what’s with that???   Do you girls own stock in the pub or something????

“We’ll never tell!”

Well I think it’s time we all headed to the cafeteria for some food.   Breakfast or lunch – Miss Dingleberry has everything we could want to eat ready for us every single Tuesday and Wednesday.

OK – let’s MOVE OUT!  Stay in line now…..

Hello students!   Please enjoy your meals today…in the friendly ambiance of Ding Dong Fish School’s fabulous cafeteria………..

Today’s Menu:

See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tell All


WOW – It’s time for TELL ALL…..guess we’d better tell it like it is!

Interesting class yesterday – we barely went live when we had FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS – WHAMMMMMMO – all in a row in the first minute.    Amazing.   Needless to say the Cheer Team had a little bit of a “bump” in their mood when we told them but as usual – they came through.

“Those Cheer Chicks are cool I tell ya…!”

First up we’ll tell you who our FIRST COMMENTERS were – drumroll please!

Our First Commenters were:  Sharon, Katty, Janet and Ingrid

Congratulations ALL!   Now three of you get this badge……the other one – well we’ll explain in a minute!!


There were FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of January 4, 2022 and I was one of them!!

ONE of our First Commenters was also our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!   Drumroll please?

WHO was the lucky DOUBLE FIRSTIE?  

INGRID !!!!!



There were others who guessed it correctly too – you all get this badge:

I was one of FOUR First Right Guessers on the Teaser post of January 4, 2022!!

If you also guessed right on the Teaser BUT you weren’t one of the FIRSTIES, you get this badge:

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of January 4, 2021 but was not FIRST…..Darn!

And if you guessed but were WRONG – you get this one:

I guessed but was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of January 4, 2022!


This is CASA LOMA in Toronto, Canada!   Some nice looking castle isn’t it????  Want more info?   CLICK HERE

There you have it – the scoop on the Teaser for this week and all the winners and “not so winners”…………….Congratulations everyone.   We didn’t think it would so easy to guess this one but we were (of course) WRONG.

Now who’s ready for the Cheer Team (who weren’t thrilled with having FOUR NAMES to put into their cheer for today!!)????????

“Those girls get ALLL the attention around here!”

There was a bumper cop of firsties
All these names made us quite thirsty
So we wrote our cheer at the pub
While we had brewskies and pub grub
First Commenters we had FOUR
Good thing there weren’t any more!
Sharon, Ingrid, The Weims and Janet
Were juts FOUR of the smarties on this planet!
Miss Ingrid was also FIRST to guess RIGHT
She got a double badge that is outta sight!
We’ll see you next week with a shorter cheer
We didn’t know there were so many smarties in here!

Complaints complaints complaints……….girls you should be happy you have a job here at Ding Dong Fish School!    Anyway, who’s up for lunch?    I think we all need a little something for either breakfast or lunch (except for the Cheer Team who had a LIQUID breakfast if you know what we mean).    LINE UP STUDENTS!!!!

Breakfast and Lunch ready for you everyone!   Enjoy!


Your Professors!


Tuesday Teaser Time


Happy Tuesday!  HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET????

Here we are back at school with no holiday decorations or crazy outfits – just good old fashioned “Guess Where This Photo Was Taken” class.    Hopefully you’ve commented and now we’ll begin.

“I love Christmas and New Years but I love school too!”

Well what a nice thing to say Roger.   We love all of you students too.    Let’s start today by reviewing the rules for making a guess at the Teaser photo AND show you the badges that you might win tomorrow.

Good luck winning a badge – some of you have yet to win your first badge and who knows – this could be THE TEASER!!!!

So here’s your photo for today………………take a good look and give it your best shot.

Where Was This Photo Taken???????

“I wanna live there!” “NO! I wanna live there!”  “Maybe we could BOTH live there!”

It looks like a pretty big place but certainly NO PLACE is worth a fight in class boys now everyone calm down and have a seat…………………….or no lunch for you!   Perhaps if we get the Cheer Team in they can calm things down…………Ladies?

We’re back in our fish suits for school
Administration installed heaters for the pool!
Now we’re nice and cozy
Our cheers will be decidedly rosy
Good luck with the photo today
We think if we went there we’d stay
I wonder if they’d like a few pets?
I bet living here is as good as it gets!
So we’ll be back tomorrow with the winners
And to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner!

OK ladies – glad you’re comfy in the pool now – in fact a heated pool is a big plus – maybe we’ll have a Ding Dong Fish School Aquatics Team one day.    Meanwhile though let’s get our priorities straight – it’s time to EAT!

Students!   Welcome back after New Years celebrations – enjoy your lunch or breakfast today!


See you for tomorrow’s TELL ALL CLASS!!  GOOD LUCK!

Your Professors