Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


Our fabulous Grounds Security Team reports all is well!

Welcome to Class Students!   Have You Commented yet??

Make sure you do comment – who knows – you might be a FIRST COMMENTER this week.    We’ve got a doozy of a Teaser for you this week YET AGAIN – but this isn’t a GUEST TEASER, it’s a GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT Teaser.

Our Graphics Department works hard to find INTERESTING Teasers for us so even though sometimes they are incredibly EASY, once in a while she hits the jackpot and comes up with one that’s a little tougher than usual.

Now, what say we review our RULES and show you the badges you might win shall we??

AND…..we have new badges for you!

“Those are cool – I’ll try and stay awake so I can guess!”

Alright – let’s show you the Teaser photo so you can get to guessing………………………..Teaser Security Guard?   BRING IT ON DOWN!

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

Where Was This Photo Taken??????????????

“What the heck kind of wacko photo is that???!!!”

It’s the Teaser photo and you better settle down before you wet your diaper………….now just pull yourself together and figure it out or NO LUNCH FOR YOU TODAY!

Cheer Team – We Need You to Cheer This Crowd Up!

Alright class just settle down
We’ve never seen so many frowns!
This photo is quite an interesting one
Just study it hard and have some fun!
There are new badges to win and they’re quite cool
Just remember the golden rule
“Whine unto others as they whine unto you”
And stop looking at us like you’ve got no clue!

Thanks Team……………….I see some smiles out in the classroom now…………….maybe this is a good time to break for lunch???

I hear you all have a case of the Tuesday Grumpies – maybe a nice lunch will make you smile???

The Menu:



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  1. Alright … Ingrid is first again, but I want to eat. I feel global today … paella, egg role, a pan of Irish mint cake, Irish Mint Shake, and I’ll be back for Irish Mint Cake for dessert. …. Oh … the place? Easy peasy … It’s Bedrock … and not far from Fred and Wilma”s house.

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  2. It is certainly nowhere I have been, but I have seen a photo of there or somewhere similar before. It looks Middle East but I have a nagging feeling it is in the US. There are modern lights and what could be a fuel station in the background. Maybe an Indian reservation?

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  3. Some of that lemon tart will be yummy with my coffee! I need a big coffee this morning..I thought I was going to fall asleep waiting for the ‘go live’ event…YAWN….

    That looks like a lot of rock formations! Don’t trip and fall on one of those pointy ones! Tables are provided there as sell, so we can sit there and eat our treats that Ms Dingleberry has provided…LOL!


  4. Indian reservations didn’t bring any success so I tried US rock carvings. It kept bringing up Mount Rushmore which obviously it is not, but I will go with South Dakota for now as I have nothing else. I am still convinced it is in the US.

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  5. That is the World’s Largest Petrified Wood Park, in Lemmon South Dakota. I wonder if anyone made those or if they are naturally made. Like did ‘mother nature’ make those tables??
    That is a cool place, for sure! Those must have been huge trees, being turned into such large pieces of Petrified wood. My Dad had some bits of that but they were tiny, hold in your hand pieces.


  6. Mom said she was just too tired to get up and wait on the Teaser, so no firstie for her today. Those badges are scary looking! She thinks that since today is May the 4th, this must be a set from one of the Star Wars movies. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


    • Well we didn’t want to scare anyone with the new badges….LOL…..thought they were fun and funny! Anywho – it could be a star wars set – it’s WEIRD enough to be one!!


  7. That’s a strange place! Why is there no food on that big picnic table at the front? I think I’ll get some lunch and hope for inspiration to strike! 😀


  8. Three billion years in the future, the sun finally became hot enough to boil the planet’s oceans…. revealing the lost prison of the lost city of Atlantis. Who knew they had electric lights back in those ancient days? While almost all life on earth has burned up by this point in time… everyone will be happy to know the man-eating otters have survived the cataclysm. But with no people left to chew up, they have adapted to the climate and become FIRE BREATHING OTTERS!!!!

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  9. Good Morning ☀️ We’ve heard of the place but never been. It is the petrified forest in Lemmon, SD. We have petrified wood here too but it’s deep in the cool mines. Have a great day.


  10. Good Morning ☀️ We’ve heard of the place but never been. It is the petrified forest in Lemmon, SD. We have petrified wood here too but it’s deep in the cool mines. Have a great day.


  11. Home from work, and that place looks amazing. It reminds me, for some reason, of a petrified forest, i know that probably sounds weird. Thanks for serving so many veggies today, if you have any left at all, it’s supper time!


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