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TEASERWEEN Tell All and Costume Contest Winner!





Good Morning Students!    I know that today it might be a little troublesome finding a seat at a desk that isn’t already “occupied” by some kind of Halloween creature or decoration, but do your best!    We have Teaser Photo contest results and badges to award AND we have the winner of our TEASERWEEN 2018 Costume Contest to announce.    So it’s a busy morning!

I’m excited but the classroom is a little SKEEERY!

Do not be afraid……..just sit back and enjoy some Halloween fun!    Later on we will be visiting the cafeteria for our official HALLOWEEN LUNCH and Miss Dingleberry will be there to greet us with a rather frightening menu as you would expect for a Halloween meal.

Now, we must say again like yesterday that it’s wonderful so many of you dressed up for this occasion…………………you look fabulous indeed.

I think we’ll begin today with our TEASER EVENT from yesterday.    First of all we must congratulate the Student who was our FIRST COMMENTER!    Up bright and early and alert enough to be the ONE AND ONLY FIRST COMMENTER too!


Sharon of Friends Furever!

I was FIRST to make a comment on the TEASERWEEN blog from One Spoiled Cat on October 30, 2018!!!   WOO HOO BOOOO!

Concatulations to you Miss Sharon!    Then the Teaser photo was the next challenge and here’s the photo we had for our Halloween TEASER………………..

We waited to see who would figure this one out – we had a lot of peeps who guessed it was taken in Transylvania…..and indeed it looked spooky enough to have been BUT it wasn’t!    This is a photo of one of the TEN MOST HAUNTED PLACES IN THE WORLD…………..This is “Schloss Moosham”  (the Witches Castle) in Salzburg, Austria.

Built over 800 years ago, Moosham Castle looks like something straight out of a horror story mixed with a fairy tale. It is often referred to as Witches Castle, and the reasons are pretty clear. This was the location for the trials and executions of thousands of women who were accused of being witches. Now, their ghosts walk the corridors; the blend of witchcraft and ghosts is terrifying for anyone who ventures within.

However, the supernatural activity does not just end with witches and ghosts. The dead bodies of deer and cattle have been found in the area surrounding Moosham Castle, leading to speculation that it could be werewolf territory, too!

EEEEEK!!!!   Talk about spooky – so who guessed it FIRST???

CSILLA of Kolytyi !


Here’s your Special Badge Miss Csilla and concatulations!!

Now everyone settle down and we’ll let you know about the TEASERWEEN COSTUME CONTEST results………………

Alright students – settle down! 

Sarge you make a great Pablo Picasso………..well………….sort of!

We had a LOT of votes for the costume contest (110 to be exact!)  the voting was very close too……..!!   Everyone who entered really did an amazing job with finding a SUPER costume, but the students who received the MOST votes were:


Phenny and his brother Neilson!!   They look delicious don’t they???

Here’s your well deserved badge!!

Our winner will ALSO be receiving a SURPRISE PACKAGE OF GOODIES from Ding Dong Sheep School’s Professors – if our winner would pretty please email us their correct address we will send the goodie box ASAP!!!!


We Professors thank all of you who entered AND all of you who voted – this was TONS of fun!

I wuz gonna dress up in normal clothes as a non-gangsta but I couldn’t unplug my earphones……..

Let’s bring in our wonderful Halloween-costumed CHEER TEAM to announce our winners formally shall we??????

Four ballerinas and aren’t we cute!
We almost wore our birthday suits!
The Teaser was tough and the contest was fun
We’re here to honor the TWO that won!
First Commenter Sharon was on the ball
The second we went live she was ahead of you all!!
The costume contest was close but there could be just one winner…..
And Phenny and Nelly were dressed to look like our DINNER!
We’re proud of you all because you all looked so good –
The best costumes for sure in this whole neighborhood!!!


I bet by now everyone has worked up quite an appetite and I know Miss Dingleberry and her cafeteria crew are going to have some special Halloween food for you to eat today – even better than yesterday’s FUN STUFF.     So shall we head down to the cafeteria??????

Hello Students and Professors!   Today’s lunch theme is “SOME LIKE IT HOT” and our cafeteria crew has a nice hot lunch with some interesting items available for you to enjoy.   You all look great in your costumes…..I hope you like mine too!


Move along Oscar….you’re holding up the rest of the lunch line!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While we all enjoy our Halloween Lunch (and recover from seeing Miss Dingleberry in her costume) may we wish all of you a very super duper HALLOWEEN……..and above all……..be careful trick or treating!

Your Not-so-Scary Professors!!

Teaser Tuesday and TEASERWEEN Voting Day 2


Teaserween Greetings Class!    We have a Teaser photo for you today AND it’s DAY TWO of voting for your FIVE favorite costumes!  The votes are coming in – if you’re in the contest, encourage your friends to stop by and vote for you…..

(p.s.  a hint – if you already voted but would like to vote again, you will need to use a different sign-in address….otherwise the poll won’t let you vote again!)

Will that be cheating? No? OK good!


Now – before you do anything – COMMENT on this post!   You want to get a FIRST COMMENTER TEASERWEEN badge right?    Yes?   Then COMMENT!

We have a lot to do today so please settle down and get ready to guess where today’s photo was taken.    It’s a special TEASERWEEN type photo but that’s the only hint you get.   You need to follow our special rules too and not use some program to figure this out – just see how you can do on your own!

I must say those of you who dressed up today do look smashing.   Some of you entered the costume contest too – so GOOD LUCK TO YOU………………………!    Even if you didn’t enter, you dressed up and that adds to the FESTIVE mood today!   We Professors hope more of you will dress up when we have tomorrow’s big TEASERWEEN bash!

Sam's Cousin Toby for Halloween

Now let’s get our Cheer Team in here to give us a rowsing cheer to start off class today shall we?????

Alright you sheep let’s see some hustle
Act like someone set fire to your bustle!
Take a look at that photo and guess
You might even win if you’re better than the rest!
Tomorrow we’re in costume and we can’t WAIT to see
What kind of costume will be on Miss Dingleberry!!

Would someone please page our Security Guard so he can bring in the Teaser photo for today????

Attention!  Security Guard to Geography Class Please!

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Where Was This Photo Taken??????   Be FIRST and you might win a FIRST Right Guesser Halloween Badge….guess right and you might get a RIGHT GUESSER badge – even if you guess WRONG you still get a Halloween Greenie badge!!   We’ll tell you tomorrow who wins what!

Now for DAY TWO of voting for your FIVE FAVORITE Teaserween Costumes!   Ready?

This is your last chance to vote in the contest and please remember you may vote for five favorites.    Tomorrow we’ll see who our winner is!    Now – who’s up for TEASERWEEN Lunch?

Hello Students…..please remember to keep your manners while standing in line getting your lunch!  We have a bit of a spooky line-up today…..just to get you in the mood for tomorrow’s HALLOWEEN extravaganza.  Enjoy!


Today’s Menu:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

   Good luck guessing and don’t forget to vote for your five favorite TEASERWEEN costumes!!  See you tomorrow………..Thanks to everyone for joining our fun today……tomorrow will be even more fun.


Non-Teaser Tuesday………


Hi everyone!   Sure seems weird not having a Tuesday Teaser…………….I hope to heck my Mom and Dad never ever have a vacation again cuz this is WEIRD.    Angel Sammy and I have problems coming up with something to say when it’s not ALL ABOUT CLASS.

HOWEVER we do have one thing to talk about relative to class and that’s to REMIND everyone that we have a TEASERWEEN costume contest going on so if you would like to be in it, you should send your photos in to us via our email this week.    Our deadline to submit a photo is October 26th.   You have plenty of time.    We’ll have two days of voting with the winner being announced (most votes received) on HALLOWEEN, Oct. 31st!    WOO HOOO!!!!

There will be a surprise package for the WINNER…………..of course the contest is open to everyone no matter WHERE you live.   MAKE SURE AND INCLUDE YOUR NAME with your photo so we know who’s who!    Come on and enter – it will be fun.

Can’t wait to see you all dressed up in class !!!

Hugs, Angel Sammy and Teddy too

It’s Coming Soon!



What is “coming soon”?  Well a couple of things – no – make that SEVERAL things.

First of all tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser…………I’m doing it even though I’m up to my eyeballs getting ready for my Sam-O-Ween party and the costume contest and Halloween party on both the Tabby Cat Club AND at Cat Scouts.   That should show you how much I love Tuesday Teaser too!   Last week was a pretty good one – it was guessed correctly but it stumped a lot of you so that made it fun right?   So I’ll be seeing you tomorrow for Teaser – remember if you’re first to comment on tomorrow’s blog you get a badge too so you don’t even have to GUESS where the photo was taken to get SOMETHING!

See You tomorrow!

See You tomorrow!

Then we have the FINAL day to enter my costume party – that’s the 28th – if I don’t have your costume by then you won’t be in the voting poll which will begin on the 29th here on my blog and end the evening of the 30th!!    That’s where my next piece of BIG NEWS is……………………because I’ve decided to have a surprise goodie bag/box for the TOP TWO costumes – not just the BEST COSTUME, but the BEST two costumes that get the most votes by YOU in the poll!    Cool?   We will have over 20 participants so I thought TWO prizes was better than ONE.    You get to vote for as many costumes as you like – vote for all your favorites – then I’ll tally them up and at my SAM-O-WEEN party on Saturday the 31st I’ll announce the TWO winners!

SAM-O-WEEN will be a SCREAM.....

SAM-O-WEEN will be a SCREAM…..

The Halloween party will be ALL DAY LONG so come when you can…………..have some fun……………..spooky snacks………….and a “parade of costumes” slideshow too as well as telling you who the two top voted costumes belong to!

Whew………I’m tired just reading what I’ve got ahead this week……………….Now I know not all of you celebrate Halloween but even if you don’t – you should stop by the party anyway.  You know you wanna see all the costumes and find out who wins right?

So, I’ll be seeing you all tomorrow at an UNKNOWN time and you can agonize over where the photo that’s posted was taken………………maybe this will be YOUR week to win First Commenter Badge or maybe even…………..FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!!!!


Sam the Tease Guy

SAM-o-WEEN Costume Contest – DAY TWO


OK everybody………………..today is the second day of voting in the BIG Funniest Costume Contest for Sam-O-Ween so if you didn’t vote yesterday (or even if you did and want to see if the poll will take your vote again…tee hee) GO FOR IT……………….I can tell you that as of 3PM yesterday there were almost THREE HUNDRED votes cast………..so the world is tuning in to vote.   Tell your friends to stop by and vote for you.  What’s at stake?  Well bragging rights that you were one of THREE WINNERS in the contest for one thing but I’ll also send surprises to the three winners with the most votes!


Here’s the poll again…………..then make sure and come by the blog Friday – the Haunted House is ALL DAY LONG and the winners will be announced on that blog – COOL?  You betcha!


I look so hilarious in this bacon cheeseburger costume I just HAD to post it again...HAHA

I look so hilarious in this bacon cheeseburger costume I just HAD to post it again…HAHA


Day One Sam-O-Ween Contest Voting!


Hello Sam-O-Ween Fans!!!

I hope you had fun yesterday seeing the Caber Toss in honor of Kyla…………well today will be fun too because we’re beginning two days of displaying all the MANY fabulous entries in my Sam-O-Ween Funniest Costume Contest!

To remind you, the TOP THREE (it was TWO but I’ve added another “spot”!) voted favorites in the contest will get a virtual trophy the night of my Haunted House party on the 31st AND a special prize in the mail too.   What a deal huh?

  1. You have ALL DAY TODAY and ALL DAY TOMORROW to cast your votes.
  2. You may choose UP TO TEN entries to vote for.
  3. I’ve hidden the results from everyone so you won’t know until my PAWTY on Friday WHO’S AHEAD AND WHO WINS!!!   I wanted it to be a surprise!
  4. Tell your friends to come and vote for you – you don’t have to follow my blog to vote!  
  5. You CAN vote for yourself.

All you have to do is remember to stop by my party on Halloween.  It will be ALL DAY LONG so you can come by any time – that way you’ll not only see the Haunted House and have some spooky snackables but you’ll find out who the THREE winners are!!

Ready???????  Alright – bring ’em on!!!








I'm not in the contest of course but this is my costume - it's the REAL ME!

I’m not in the contest of course but this is my costume – it’s the REAL ME!