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Teaser Tell All


It’s Tell All Time!

I know you’ve been anxious to get to school today so you can find out the scoop on yesterday’s pastel/Easter egg colored houses right?   RIGHT?   Well we’re about to spill the beans…………

Let’s talk about FIRST COMMENTERS first shall we?    Well we only had ONE – just ONE in the first sixty seconds class was in session yesterday morning.   Who was that?????

Drumroll please?



Here’s your badge!

I was the one and only FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser post of May 30, 2023! YAY FOR ME!

“Well….I woulda been a FIRSTIE but I had a litter box issue……”

Here’s the photo we had as yesterday’s Teaser and if you’ll remember – it was provided by US – We Professors picked the Teaser photo for yesterday so we don’t get a badge but we did do a pretty danged good job picking a photo didn’t we?!   Lots of people had NO IDEA – lots of people had IDEAS BUT WERE WRONG but one of you students was sharp and got to be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!

First of all here’s the photo we gave you:


So we don’t get a badge but we’d appreciate some applause for picking a goodie!



Here’s your Badge!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of May 30, 2023…..WOO HOO!

If you guessed the right location you get a badge too!

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of May 30, 2023 but I was NOT FIRST! I’m still a winner though….

If you guessed but you were WRONG – you get one of these:

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of May 30, 2023 but at least I gave it a TRY!!! Maybe next week?!

Congrats to Badge Winners!

BOO HOO…….well at least I got a WRONG GUESS badge!

There’s also the benefit of getting to go to the cafeteria for a good meal no matter if you are a winner or a loser for Teaser…….see?   That’s everyone’s PRIZE!!!!   FOOOOOD!!!!!

OK – let’s go!

Students and Staff – we’re ready to serve!


Good Job Students!  See you next Tuesday!


Tuesday Teaser Class Time!


It’s here!   Teaser Class starts now!


Hello Class.   Hope those of you who celebrate Memorial Day had a nice peaceful and quiet one.   We did.    It was rainy here so we had lots of time to prepare for class today.   We have a TEASER lined up for you today and guess who found it…..?   US!    That’s right, your Professors found today’s Teaser photo so watch out!

Let’s start things off with rules and badges shall we?

There’s the badge lineup and please DO follow the rules – otherwise we may have to call on Sarge or Marge or the new cook Miss Dingleberry just hired to work for her and I don’t think any of you want to see any of these folks knocking on your door!

Monitor Marge

Grumpy Sarge

Scary Cook

“Well they don’t scare me…….One swipe of my sharp claws and they’d be in ribbons!”

Well let’s not get too carried away – let’s move on to the Teaser photo!!    Here’s our Teaser Security guard with today’s photo:

“Here’s It Is!”


OK class – that’s your challenge for the day – our Cheer Team will now proceed with cheering you up!

Now that’s nice looking city
Just right for a five cute girl kitties
I wonder where IS this place?
Are there cute guys for us to chase?
Oh sorry we got carried away
We’re really just here to say
Good luck and we’ll be back tomorrow
Some of you will be happy and some overcome with sorrow
So we hope you win a badge
We wouldn’t want to be lectured by Madge!!!

“Professors can we pretty please go eat now?  I’m STARVING!”

Well we certainly can head to the cafeteria – I’m sure we can fill your tummies up while you think about the Teaser.    Let’s go!

Step Right Up!  The Line Is Open!

Today’s Menu:


The Professors

Teaser Tell All Class Time


It’s that time again!   Tell All Time!   Ready?

We had a whopper of a Teaser yesterday didn’t we class?    We’ll tell you all about the Teaser photo after we get to who wins what shall we?

“You have my full attention…….zzzzzzz”

First of all we had THREE First Commenters – Yes we said THREE………………………who?    Well after a little drumroll we’ll tell you!




Each of you Firsties gets one of these fabulous badges:

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser post of May 23, 2023…..YAY FOR US!

“whoop-dee-doo….could we move this along and get to the cafeteria please – I’m starving!”

Goodness…….we’re honoring the winners of the Teaser badges – calm down – we’ll get to the cafeteria shortly !

Now here’s the GUEST TEASER photo we had yesterday – it really was interesting because this sculpture installation is one that you will see in many places because it’s very popular AND graces many gardens and special spots in a great many places!    It would have been up to you to figure out which place THIS copy of the sculpture “lives” and it apparently was tough to do because while we had lots of guesses…………………….NONE OF THEM WERE RIGHT.    YEP – NOBODY GUESSED THE TEASER THIS WEEK!

Here’s the photo:

“Circle of Peace” is the name of the sculpture and it was created by Gary Lee Price.   This art installation is in MANY places in the world, and among them is THIS VERY ONE located in Kilmarnock, Virginia!!!    This Teaser was given to us by our friends at THE CAT ON MY HEAD

We love the way there’s a “space” where the circle is broken and those who want to might wish to close the circle by taking the hand of the girl and boy to keep the circle together for a photo.

Thanks to The Cat On My Head (Janet and Tom and all the cats) for this fab photo.   Here’s a thank you badge for you!

We sent in a real whopper of a photo for Teaser Tuesday on May 23, 2023 and NOBODY GUESSED IT RIGHT! YAY FOR US!

“Nobody got it???  Nobody??? WOW – I’m impressed……MAD my guess was wrong but still impressed!”

Plenty of you guessed though – so we have a “NOT RIGHT GUESS” badge for each of you for TRYING:

I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of May 23, 2023…….hey – I get a badge for TRYING anyway!

It was a TOUGH Tuesday class this week – give yourselves a cheer for trying!

And of course Cheer Team – do your stuff!

That Teaser was super tough
Left you all feeling quite rough
Maybe you need a hug and kiss?
School is not the place for this!
We did have some FIRST COMMENTERS though
These three winners you all know
Ingrid, Janet and Sharon were firsties!
Now this cheer is over and we’re super thirsty.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for – OFF TO THE CAFETERIA!!

The Cafeteria Line Is Open!!

Today’s Menu:


Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy

Teaser Tuesday Class Time



Time for our weekly get together to scratch our heads and stare at a photo to try and figure out WHERE the photo was taken.    Sometimes it’s tough – sometimes it’s easy – and sometimes nobody can figure it out!      This week’s photo is a GUEST TEASER photo and it’s a real “tricky” one……you may THINK you know where it was taken but……..DO YOU REALLY?

Let’s review rules and badges to win shall we????


“Well these are old badges but at least we haven’t seen them in a while!”

Alright – settle down now – a badge is a badge is a badge!     Now here’s the GUEST TEASER Photo for this week.     Ready?


“I’d swear I’ve seen that before…………..hmmmmmm”

Yeah you think about it – meanwhile the Cheer Team will do some cheering OK?

“Yeah man……bring on the broads!”

“Broads” you say? Well how about that!
At least you didn’t say we were big and fat
We are your cheer team and we’re here to cheer
Next time we see you at the bar we’ll all expect FREE BEER!
Anyway, it’s Teaser time so we hope you are ready
This one is tricky so hope your brains are steady
We’ll be back in the morning to tell you who’s smart and fast
Now we’re off to the cafeteria before you cuz today students are LAST!

Students you can stay in the classroom to study the Teaser OR come to the cafeteria!

WE WANT FOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Cafeteria Line Is Open for Business!

Today’s Goodies:

See you tomorrow for the Tell All!!!  Good luck!

Your Professors



Teaser Tell All


Alrighty then…..let’s get this class started!

“YAWN……oh alright……I guess I’ll slip my morning nap then!”

First of all let’s talk about our TWO – yes TWO – First Commenters yesterday.   Two of our class members got here almost simultaneously and so both of them are FIRSTIES today. Who were they?   Let’s have a drumroll and find out!



Woo Hoo For Those Two!

Each of our First Commenters gets one of these:

There were TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of May 16, 2023 and I was one of them!

AND here’s the fabulous photo that our Graphics Department supplied for yesterday’s Teaser……… fooled people for quite a while…….until finally someone guessed it.

This rather frightening city on the edge of a cliff is La Rinconada, Peru and if you’d like some information on this interesting place just CLICK HERE!

WHO was our First Right Guesser??

Drumroll please…………….


Miss Ingrid you are definitely someone who knows how to look for the right clues to do searches and figure out the locations.    Here’s your badge for being FIRST:

WOO HOO I was First Right Guesser on the Teaser post of May 16, 2023!!!!

If you ALSO guessed correctly but weren’t first like Miss Ingrid, then you get this badge:

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of May 16, 2023 BUT I was NOT the First one to be RIGHT!

AND if you guessed but you were wrong you get this one!

I guessed the Teaser of May 16, 2023 BUT I was not right I was WRONG!

Now now…..don’t get so upset… all can try again NEXT week!

Cheer Team – we need some CHEERING UP please!

The weather’s fab so we rode our Harleys
We hope the traffic home is light and not so gnarly
Let’s talk winners what do you say?
We had TWO First Commenters at the door today
Miss Sharon and Miss Janet were ready to go
They were FIRST before the rest of you made the show
Then we finally got a First Right Guesser we bet you can guess
Miss Ingrid did it again we must confess
That does it for class for another week
Thanks for listening to our cheer – now you can speak!

I hope you students are hungry – it’s time to head to the cafeteria for lunch (or breakfast – or dinner – or all three!)     Line up in the hall and let’s GO GO GO!

“Come and get it!!”

Today’s Wonderful Menu of Delights:

Congrats winners – we’ll see you next week for another Teaser!   Your Professors