Teaser Tell All Time


Good Morning Students!   Is everybody ready for the Tell All?????

Good…..we’re ready too.   It was wild and wooly in class yesterday as we began getting your guesses in the class inbox to review.    We had some great guesses too.    But the FIRST THING we got was TWO FIRST COMMENTERS!     Wanna know who?

Alright we’ll put you out of your misery and tell you that our FIRST COMMENTERS were:

Timmy Tomcat and Phenny !

YAY!   Two Firsties!

Congratulations to both of you – you each get one of these:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of October 9, 2018! WHOOPIE FOR ME!

As you remember, we had a GUEST TEASER yesterday and our GUEST was Miss Jackie from TWO DEVON CATS – the world traveler who has such fab photos.    Thank you so much Miss Jackie for the photo for yesterday because it was a GOODIE and fooled a lot of people which is what we like a Teaser to do!   This badge is just for you Miss Jackie…….

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of October 9, 2018!

Here’s the photo she sent to us:

Where did she take this photo?    On a trip through Cornwall – this is the Houseman’s Mine Shaft/Souith Phoenix Mine Engine House, Minions, Cornwall, UK.    That’s quite a mouthful isn’t it!   A very interesting building and what a nice wall too!    If you’d like more info about this pretty location – Miss Jackie sent two links so you can read up a bit about this place which is now a Heritage Center.



Thanks for the links Miss Jackie – lots of people really enjoy knowing something about the Teaser photos…………who knows – maybe others will visit the spot too????!!

So WHO was the first student to figure this wonderful Teaser out?    HMMM????   Let’s have a drumroll and find out!!



YAY Phenny!!!!!!

Because you were a FIRST COMMENTER and you also were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, you get one of the new DOUBLE WINNER badges Phenny!

I was a FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of October 9, 2018! A DOUBLE WHAMMY WINNER!!!

YAY FOR ALL OUR WINNERS!     We also had several others who guessed the Teaser right this week – each of you who did, gets this:

I wasn’t the first to be right but I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of October 9, 2018!

And of course if you guessed but were wrong, it’s the Greenie for you!

I guessed the Teaser but was WRONG on October 9,2018 – I still got a badge!

Good sleuthing fellow students!!!!!

The Cheer Team wants to recognize our winners today with a cheer so let’s bring them out then break for lunch!

Another week of Teaser fun
Now you can celebrate if you won
If you didn’t win you still should be proud
You’re part of the Ding Dong School awesome crowd
Our FIRST COMMENTERS this week were fast as can be
The honor goes to Timmy Tomcat and Phenny
Then our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER came waltzing on in
It turned out to be PHENNY – YES – AGAIN !!!
A double whammy winner for our favorite weim
He wins a lot – that’s not a crime!

Phenny is a smarty pants….oh wait….he doesn’t wear pants does he??!!

Maybe it’s a good idea if we take our lunch break now?????   Who’s up for FOOD?    I see a lot of hands – let’s go!

OK Students!  Lunch is ready…..proceed in orderly fashion and make ME happy!


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Remember everyone – no TEASER next week but we will have posts……and reminders about TEASERWEEN too!

Your Ding Dong Professors, Angel Sam and Ted




Teaser Tuesday Class Is Now!


Good Morning Students!   COMMENT NOW!

Aafter ommenting, please have a seat at your assigned desk.     We have an interesting Teaser photo for you to examine today and we’ll get to that in just a few minutes.   HOWEVER, yesterday’s Pre-Teaser post had a lot of information about TEASERWEEN and when we’d have class and NOT have class so I thought I’d do a Calendar Page for you for what’s going on the rest of this month.

Basically no Teaser next week but we will have Teaser classes the REST of the month.    Then I showed you the days you need to submit your TEASERWEEN photos for our costume contest and when we will have the poll available for voting.    We’ll announce the winner on HALLOWEEN.    I love that Halloween is a school day this year – very cool huh????

If you have any questions about the schedule just let us know.


Double Groovy!

Now shall we get on with today’s Teaser experience????    Let’s do that.    This is a GUEST TEASER this week and we’ll tell you who the guest was tomorrow along with the details.  Meanwhile, here are the rules for figuring out TODAY’S Teaser photo:

I won’t show you all the badges yet again – you know those by heart now right?   But you might win a badge if you’re lucky!!    Just remember to follow the rules so everyone has a chance.

Perhaps now is a good time to get a rowsing cheer from the cheer team……………..then we’ll bring out Mr. Security Guard with the photo and LET THE FUN BEGIN.

Here we are, ready to go
Come on Profs let’s start the show
We got a peek at the Teaser this morning
It might be tough so this is fair warning…..
You MIGHT even think you’ve seen it before
But you haven’t – trust us – WE know the score!
Now if you’ll excuse us we must get hopping…..
We need to get started on our TEASERWEEN shopping!!



Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Where was this photo taken??????

Tomorrow of course we’ll give you the scoop on this photo…………meanwhile happy mystery solving!

WHO WANTS LUNCH?   You can eat then come back to study in the classroom!

Alright Students……please take a tray and pass through the line quietly and orderly and enjoy your delicious lunch courtesy of your Ding Dong School cafeteria employees and the faculty!


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Good luck students – see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

Your Professors!

Pre-Tease Monday Class


Fall is falling at Ding Dong School!  

Hello students!    As you can see from the latest photo from out front of Sheep School Central, we are falling here – officially.    Gearing up for one of our favorite celebrations too – HALLOWEEN!!!   But the most important thing for today will be getting you prepared for tomorrow’s Teaser class.

Our Teaser this week is a GUEST TEASER.    So get your eye exams done before tomorrow…….you want good vision so you can SEE clearly!

We want you to be ALERT and ready to rock the Teaser!

Thanks to coffee I’ll be ALERT!~

Well, I can TRY!

I expect most of you will be in one of the above categories!    Anyway, we’ll see who’s REALLY awake because tomorrow if you are the first to get here and the first to make a COMMENT, then you will get this:

Then if you are really on the ball and can figure out the Teaser photo first you will get the RIGHT GUESSER, or if you aren’t first but are right you’ll get a RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST badge:

If you make a guess and are wrong you get this:

And of course, you must remember the RULES we play Teaser by – because it’s very important that everyone have the same chance to win win win win win!!!

Now you all understand that your job tomorrow is to figure out where the photo we’ll show you was taken.   Yep – WHERE?!   That’s all there is to it – then on Wednesday we have TEASER TELL ALL class and you get to find out who wins WHAT!

I have a VERY IMPAWTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – turn up your listening ears everyone:


Next week we are NOT going to have Pre-Teaser Monday, Teaser Tuesday OR Teaser Tell All because my Graphics Department (Mom) and her Support Staff (Dad) are going away for a few days.   Professor Teddy will be basking in the wonderful world of a local spa (no – not a fat farm!) where he will be spoiled even more “rottener” (yeah we know that’s not a word) than he already is.   I, Professor Sammy, will be flying up to the Bridge where I reside the REST of the week and doing my “thing” up there.    SO, what will you all do for that whole time??????   We will be reminding you with some regular blog posts those days about the FUN we will be having after we return………FUN????   Did I say FUN???????   Yes I did – want to know why???

We’re going to celebrate TEASERWEEN on Oct. 29, 31, and 31!!

Remember this hideous picture of the Professors from LAST year???????  

So the deal is that we will have the first of TWO DAYS of voting on the BESTEST Halloween Costume by one of our Ding Dong School Students on Monday and Tuesday, October 29 and 30.   We will also have our usual Pre-Teaser and Teaser Tuesday with a photo to figure out.    Then on Wednesday, the 31st – we will have our usual TELL ALL class and also give you the results of the POLL from YOUR votes for the BESTEST costume!     So, in order to be in the Teaserween Costume Contest, you will have from Monday, October 15th until Friday, October 26th to get your photos in to us.    Got it?     Lots of time for you to find the RIGHT costume.   SPECIAL NOTE:  Any of you who don’t have an ANIMAL attending Ding Dong School may submit a photo of ANY animal in costume for the contest!!!     Mark the day on your calendar – send your photos in to us from October 15-26 to be in the contest.    We will be reminding you of this but this is your EARLY WARNING.     We have always had fun with Halloween costumes so find something totally cool.   We Professors will be finding some NEW costumes to wear – NOT the above ones trust me.

This was Professor Teddy last year……..scary but we can do better I’m sure!

This was Professor Sammy last year – equally scary but not nearly freaky enough!

So just remember, don’t send your photos in JUST YET – take your time then send in from October 15-26!!    Our Graphics Department has enough to do without EARLY photos coming in!   Got it?  OK!


Yeah we hear ya – we’re excited too!

Now remember tomorrow when you get to class – COMMENT FIRST……………but also remember that the blog post will be popping up at a DIFFERENT TIME than usual!    SURPRISE!!!!!!

I love surprises!

How about a Pre-Tease, Pre-Halloween Cheer from our Cheer Team?????


So tomorrow the Teaser’s here
Let’s celebrate with a beer!
OOPS sorry we are just kidding
On thin ice we are now skidding
We don’t want to get in trouble
The Profs will burst our bubble!
Tomorrow be ready for the TEASE
It’s so tough you might just wheeze!
We’re excited about TEASERWEEN
Our costumes we’ll send out to clean!

OK Team…..thanks for that……we’ll look forward to another cheer from you tomorrow – meanwhile, how about we take a lunch break?    Your Professors got up late and missed breakfast so we’re ready to have lunch in the cafeteria…………..”OH MISS DINGLEBERRY – HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!”

Happy Monday Professors – I hear you’re on your way.   Your special table in the Executive Dining Room is ready.   You students form your neat little line and try not to cough on the food on the cafeteria line…..don’t stick your finger in the pudding…..don’t poke or prod or jiggle any of the food before taking it from the line!    I want to see neat, orderly sheep having their lunch today – GOT IT?   GOOD!


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Ta Ta For Now!   Your Profs

Teaser Tell All Class Is NOW!


Good Morning Students!

First of all we must congratulate many of you because many of you got yesterday’s Teaser right!   HOWEVER, only one of you got it FIRST and we’ll tell you who that was in a bit.


Yesterday Teaser went live slightly LATER than usual and we caught some of you with your pants down (not literally of course – just figuratively speaking) because it was a little later than usual!


However within a minute of going live we had TWO FIRST COMMENTERS!!!!    Who were the lucky duckies???????


No afraid not…………………..!!!

Miss Sharon of FRIENDS FUREVER and Bacon of PIGLOVE!!!!!


Yes and each of you FIRSTIES get one of these of your VERY OWN:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of October 2, 2018! I ROCK!!!!

The photograph we had for our Teaser yesterday was one our Graphics Department (aka Mom) found for us and she thought it was perhaps tough to tell FOR SURE where the photo had been taken…………..well, she sort of was but we had an EXPERT SLEUTH figuring it out this week and we’ll tell you who that EXPERT is in just a minute.    First though, here’s the photo one more time:

This street scene could have been in a NUMBER of places throughout the world but it actually was taken in BROOKLYN, NEW YORK.    Who figured it out first???????


Miss Jackie of TWO DEVON CATS!


Ahhh….here’s our REGULAR crowd to cheer!!

Here’s your badge Miss Jackie:

I guessed the Teaser FIRST on October 2, 2018! Yay for me!!

And as I said, SEVERAL MORE of you guessed correctly so if you also guessed Brooklyn, New York, here’s your reward for doing so!

I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT but I did guess RIGHT on the Teaser of October 2, 2018! BRAVO FOR ME!


If you guessed but you were WRONG…………….well don’t cry – you get a badge ANYWAY…………..one of these:

Whaaaa…..I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of October 2, 2018! Pooey!

Cheer Team?   You won’t get too worn out cheering for our winners this week so BRING IT ON!!!!

Our Sheep hats are in the laundry
It left us with quite a quandry
So we opted for no hats at all
We look shorter and not so tall!
First Commenters we had TWO
If you’re not Sharon or Bacon it wasn’t YOU!
Our First Right Guesser was a good detective
She narrowed things down and was selective
She selected Brooklyn and was right!
It was familiar from a trip seeing the sights!
Next week maybe our winner will be YOU
You just have to look for the CLUES!

Thanks Team………………well done……………..I hope your Sheep Hats don’t shrink in the laundry – you’ll get a headache with a TIGHT SHEEP HEAD!

Yeah my sheep costume hat is small and it’s squeezing my bwain!


Now it’s time for lunch.   Miss Dingleberry says “COME AND GET IT!!!!!!”

You know the deal students……behave in line or go to the Principal’s Office!

Trust me you don’t wanna go there……..

Today’s Menu:

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Have a good week students – see you Monday for PRE-TEASE PREP Class!!

Your Favorite Professors (we hope) 


Tuesday Teaser At Ding Dong School


Alright!  It’s the day we all wait for – TUESDAY!   And before you sit down be sure to COMMENT!!!!!!

You know why you need to comment – so you might get a badge for being FIRST COMMENTER that’s why.    After that though, you should sit in your chair and listen to your fabulous Professors as we guide you along the path to guessing today’s mystery photo.    It will be a photo taken of some town or village SOMEWHERE in some State in the USA, or some country in the world……and it’s your job to figure out WHERE that is!

You sure don’t tell us much do you!!!

Of course we don’t give anything away – it’s your job to use your sleuthing skills to figure it out ON YOUR OWN following two simple rules:

Well even me – the class Dunce – understands those rules!

I’ve got my sleuthing outfit on today so it will bring me LUCK!

Sorry Professors but may I be excused? I ate too much cheese yesterday and it’s – well – bothering me.

Certainly Bobby.    We know what THAT feels like.     Good thing the facilities are just a couple doors down the hallway!

Oh I hear Bobby’s coming down the hall – I better get this roll back on the wall!

Alright now let’s move on to the Teaser photo.     Before we show you today’s challenging photo, we have a cheer for you from our lively cheer team!

Here we are cheering for you
We hope the photo has a few clues
Don’t be afraid to give a guess
We NEVER know it – we must confess!
But all you smarties are primed and ready
Except for one – that’s YOU Freddy!
Freddy is a party animal and never studies
He wakes up each morning feeling cruddy
Don’t be like him and be a punk
Or we’ll fill our tub with COLD water and give you a dunk!
We wish you luck so go team go
That’s enough cheering so ON WITH THE SHOW!

Hey…..I might be a party animal but I’m always in class dude…..!   And I’m NO PUNK either!   I’m cool……totally.

Freddy you are occasionally paying attention in class that’s true – usually it’s when your ipod is out of batteries but you DO pay attention sometimes.     Cheer Team you should apologize to Freddy!

Sorry Freddy we got carried away
You can hop in our tub any time – any day !!


That’s better.  Now let’s bring our security guard in and get this Teaser started by showing first the badges you can win today THEN our photo!

Alright Mr. Security Guard…….

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!


I wish you all the luck in the world gang – you might need it…………………now who’s up for lunch?????


Happy Tuesday Students!   You sheep stay in single file now…..you know the rules!  

Today’s Menu:

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Good Luck Students – see you tomorrow!!

Your Professors!!

Pre-Tease Monday Class In Session


Good Morning Students!   Is everyone ready to bone up on geography in time for tomorrow’s TEASER class????

We do hope that you are prepared to rise to the challenge tomorrow.    We have a Teaser photo for you and we think it might be a tough one.  It is NOT a Guest Teaser.   That’s all the hint you get from us and that’s not much of a hint either.   We don’t want it to be EASY for you – we like for you to have to WORK for those badges you can win!

WHAT?  You didn’t know you could win a badge?   Well you can…………….we have a badge for THE FIRST COMMENTER on tomorrow’s post, the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of the Teaser, another one for ANYONE who guesses the Teaser correctly, and then for those of you who try but fail – a WRONG GUESSER badge.

But the thing you need to remember when you arrive tomorrow morning isn’t what desk to sit in – it’s MAKING A COMMENT!    DO THAT FIRST!    YOU MIGHT BE THE FIRST TO COMMENT!!

I’ll twy to wemember!


So you have the general idea right?   The rules are:

Now I think all of you students are READY for tomorrow.   All you need is a good night’s sleep and you’ll be all set to examine and figure out the Teaser photo tomorrow.

I hope I can figure it out or I’ll be SAD……sniff sniff

Perhaps the Cheer Team can get your motors running and prepare you for tomorrow????

Tuesday Teaser is almost here
That’s why we’re in sheeps’ hats ready to cheer
We hope that you will study so you’ll be ready
Don’t disappoint Professor Sam and Professor Teddy!
So get out your books and world globes and get those brains in gear!
Otherwise we think Marge might give you a pinch upon your rear!

YIKES – we can’t have that in class – nosirrrreeeeee.   No pinching!!!

This is a NO PINCH zone!

Now just to review – tomorrow you get to class at a time THAT IS A SURPRISE TIME – and you COMMENT then sit at your desk – got it?

Yes Professors!  We’ve GOT IT alright!

Then you are all excused from class to go to the cafeteria and partake of another excellent meal prepared my Miss Dingleberry and her cafeteria staff.

Hello Class……….please form an orderly line and take a tray…….speak CLEARLY to the staff and take a seat in the cafeteria to eat your lunch.   No food fights will be tolerated and we would appreciate if you take your tray to the designated area for trays without dumping the contents on someone’s head.   Thank you.


See you at a SURPRISE time tomorrow!!!  

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Time


Good Morning Class!   We’re here to tell it all……..


Yes all.    Yesterday’s Teaser was interesting and we sure had some swell guesses…………………….but it was early on in the morning when we got the FIRST RIGHT GUESS.   We’ll tell you all about that in a bit.

FIRST OF ALL though we need to let you know who our FIRST COMMENTER was – ready?

OK OK OK – give us a second will ya?



I was the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of September 25, 2018! YAY FOR ME!


Here’s the photo from yesterday then we’ll tell you who our GUEST TEASER was and the details on the photo:

A rather unassuming photo right?  Could be almost anywhere right?   WRONG…………first of all this photo was from our good friend Miss Jackie of TWODEVONCATS !    She does a whole lot of traveling so goes to many very cool and interesting spots – and YAY FOR HER (and us too) she takes a lot of wonderful photographs everywhere she goes.   This is a photo of Mt. Teide, a volcano on Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain!   It is the highest point in Spain at 3,718 meters and also the highest point above sea level in all the islands in the Atlantic.     I know when we saw this photo we thought it was “just another mountain” but it’s a volcano!     THANK YOU MISS JACKIE!!

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of September 25, 2018!


Now for WHO was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER yesterday……………………………………


MISS CSILLA (yes – again!)


Yes she’s a double winner – here’s her “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” badge then we have another SPECIAL badge for her!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of September 25, 2018!! YAY FOR ME!

We have in the past rewarded “double” winners before with a special badge……and our Graphics Department (cough cough) has designed a NEW Badge for Double Winners from here on out and Miss Csilla gets the first of the new badges for being our FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!!!

I was FIRST COMMENTER and FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of September 25, 2018! A DOUBLE WHAMMY WINNER!!!

Congratulations Miss Csilla.

Any others who guessed this Teaser right (and there were some!!!), here’s a badge for YOU because you guessed it too!

I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT GUESSER but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of September 25, 2018!

And of course if you did guess but you weren’t right – you STILL get a badge!  After all, we reward our students who TRY to guess the Teaser too!!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of September 25, 2018 but I still got a BADGE!

SO let’s give a big round of applause to all the winners and all those who TRIED!    Ding Dong School is proud of everyone!


How Much Longer to Lunch? I need an after-lunch nap!

Alright Class – I see a few of you drifting off – hang in there a bit so our Cheer Team can honor our winners today THEN we’ll excuse you to the cafeteria for lunch (and naps!).

Wow that Teaser was good!
Shook up the Sheep in this ‘hood!
Miss Csilla was a DOUBLE WINNER
An experienced sleuth – not beginner
She knows how to search for the spot
Her skill at that is really quite hot!
Some others in class ALSO were right
So you’re all flying high as a kite!
Thanks to all those who gave it a try
Ask Miss Dingleberry for an extra piece of pie!

Good job Cheer Team…………….you may now go off to refresh yourselves after the cheering in your magnificent hot tub room here at Ding Dong School………

As for all of you students – who’s UP for lunch????

SINGLE FILE SHEEP!   NO CROWDING, PUSHING, TRIPPING, SHOVING, SPITTING, SWEARING – just get your lunch, sit down and enjoy it!    Remember, all of you who bummed out and weren’t right with your guess today get extra pie!


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Students – we’ll see you NEXT week for more Teaser fun at DING DONG SHEEPSCHOOL !

Your Professors!

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