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Teaser Tell All Time!


Attention Class!   Time for us to pass out the awards!

That’s right – we had a good Teaser yesterday did we not?   We had some super great guesses and they continued all day even after someone already guessed it correctly……but before we get to that, let’s talk about WHO WAS FAST TO COMMENT yesterday shall we?

We had TWO students who were both here in the first 60 seconds and they were:

ME? ME? Was I one of them????

No you were not – but these two were:

Katie Isabella and Phenny !


And they each get one of these:

I was one of only TWO students who were FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of August 14, 2018! YAY!


Then we got down to the mission at hand…………….waiting for the first person who figured out where the photo had been taken chimed in……………………..want to see the photo one last time????

Pretty photograph isn’t it?    The only actual clue in this photo was perhaps the super tall tower.   It had a slightly ORIENTAL flair to it and that’s what some of you noticed but that STILL didn’t give it totally away.    We had all kinds of guesses about places in the Far East…………….but where was this TRULY?    It is a photo of downtown Taipei, Taiwan.    The Professors’ Mom lived outside Taipei in the early 1960s (yes she’s old as dirt) and while she didn’t take this photo, she was rather stunned to find it online as it certainly is NO longer the Taipei she remembered.   This is what she remembered:

Her Dad was stationed there with the US Air Force and they live there for two years…………..interesting place indeed.    But it was a FUN Teaser wasn’t it……………and who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER who knew it was Taipei, Taiwan?????


Phenny !!


This is for you Phenny:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of August 14, 2018! WHOOPEEE!

AND there were several others who guessed correctly AFTER Phenny did…………………..if you were one of them, please have a copy of this one for your collection:

Darn! I guessed RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Teaser of August 14, 2018. Maybe next week???

And if you guessed but were wrong – you STILL get a little something for trying!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of August 14, 2018 but I got this GREENIE for my collection anyway!

BRAVO FOR ALL OUR WINNERS and actually for all of you students who came to class and gave it a try yesterday.    YAY FOR YOU!

Our cheer team is here to honor our winners as usual………………..let’s bring them on in so we can get to LUNCH today.   I believe it’s BURGER day………………………

We made it through another class
With nobody asking for a bathroom pass!
We’re here to honor all the winners
And hand out hankies to all you sinners!
First Commenters were there and got their spot
Phenny and Katie Isabella were FIRST and HOT!
Then we waited to see who’d guess right
And it was Phenny AGAIN who flew high as a kite!
Congratulations to you all and we’ll see you next week
If you win a badge then, we might give you a TWEAK!

Well I’m sure you’ve inspired everyone to study hard for next Teaser class…………… why not to take a dip in Sarge’s hot tub?

We’re ALREADY there!!!!!!

The rest of us are going to have a little lunch courtesy of Miss Dingleberry’s efforts to keep our energy level high………………today is Burger Day.    Have a good lunch then you may hop on your bus for home.    We will see you next week in class students………….please bone up on architecture, geography, and interesting places because no doubt we’ll have one for you next Tuesday!

Miss D – Professor Teddy and I would each like THE WORKS please!   With fries!

Crunchy fries

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy


Tuesday Teaser Time


Good Morning Students!  Have you COMMENTED yet??????

We wouldn’t want you all settled in your desk chairs BEFORE you’ve taken a moment to hang up your jackets and backpacks AND commented.    Heaven forbid.    So now that you ARE at your desks, we trust you’re ready to buckle down and concentrate on the TEASER today.

This isn’t a Guest Teaser photo today…………’s one of my Mom’s.   She’s not a GUEST after all – she’s our Chief Graphics Consultant, Chief Food Distributor, and Power Behind the Throne.

First thing we’ll do is remind you YET AGAIN of the rules of the game here.    It’s a lot of fun to examine a photo and figure out WHERE the photo was taken but we have rules about that too!

Rules are groovy…….

Yes we think they are too.   Maybe not quite as groovy as the music you’re listening to but groovy nonetheless!

We have badges for those of you who are lucky ducks today in class…….

Well this duck may be lucky but she’s not what I mean by lucky ducks!

What I should have said is that if you are FIRST COMMENTER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER or WRONG GUESSER today you will get a badge…………….and here they are:

Swell badges right?   You KNOW you want one (or more) of these so buckle down and get ready……………tomorrow we’ll have a TELL ALL class and you’ll find out who wins what.   Also you will find out the details on the photo we have for you to examine today.


Let’s see if the Cheer Team can squeeze out a better cheer than they managed yesterday shall we?   I didn’t ask, but I expect there was a BIT too much partying this past weekend for some (or all?) of the team members.

Tuesday’s here and so are we
We’re in a hurry though because the hot tub is free
So let’s get going and have some fun
This cheer is for Ding Dong students, each and every one!
Boomalacka Boomalacka, Ra Ra Ra!
After class join us at the spa
Win a badge and we’ll call you SMART
Have Hot Food for lunch and you might have to………….burp.

Well Cheer Team I have to hand it to you – somehow when you get yourselves into trouble with your cheer, you managed to SQUEEEEEZE out of it somehow.   You are right though – today for lunch Miss Dingleberry has HOT FOOD on the menu.

UHOH…..I’d better hand out TUMS – I’ve got a big supply I can share!

Let’s get our Security Guard in here with today’s photo so you can begin studying it and getting your guesses in – after all the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER today is getting a badge remember??????


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!


So there’s your challenge…………..and Professor Teddy and I wish you GOOD LUCK………………both with the Teaser and with your tummies after you have today’s lunch.    Miss Dingleberry has added EXTRA hot sauce today to FIRE YOU ALL UP!

Fruit juices

Professor Teddy and I will see you here tomorrow for TELL ALL CLASS!  

Professor Angel Sammy

Pre-Teaser Monday Class!


Here We Go Again Class…….another Monday!

Just another “Manic Monday” right?    Well, maybe not manic – not if we take it one step at a time that is.    You know why we always have a quick class on Mondays – it’s so you are PREPARED for Teaser Tuesday.    So let’s get you prepared OK?

We’re LISTENING!!!!!

First off, let’s talk about rules – you know there are ALWAYS rules!    These are important to follow because if everyone follows them, then everyone will have an EQUAL chance to guess the location of the Teaser photo.

I wouldn’t DREAM of not following the rules Professors! Honest!

Yes Truman, we know you ALWAYS play by the rules………….you’re a good student.    SO ARE THE REST OF YOU!

We’ll drink to that!

Now as you know part of our Tuesday class fun is seeing WHO gets here first at school and leaves a comment.    Some people are super quick to comment and sometimes there’s more than one comment that arrive in the first 60 seconds so we have more than one “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER”…….in which case, they all get one of these:

So if you’re FAST enough you might win one to share/show off.    Then if you are the FIRST to guess the location of the Teaser photo, you get this:

And if you are RIGHT but you are NOT FIRST, you and everyone else who guessed the correct location of the photo gets one of these:

Even you students who guess incorrectly get something – we don’t leave you out – nosireeeeee!

Golly I’ve just GOTTA win a badge tomorrow!

The Cheer Team who will be here shortly to entertain you, will use the names of our big winners in their cheer on Wednesday when we gather together to announce who’s a winner and – well – who isn’t!    We try to make the entire TEASER EXPERIENCE fun for all of you whether you win or lose.    SO – any questions?

Professors when will we be moving to our new school????

Well that’s a good question but it’s not got a thing to do with our mission today which is to prepare you all for Teaser tomorrow…………..I promise we’ll have info on the new school shortly though Bobby, Tommy, Timmy, Fred, Marvin, Mikey, Barney or WHATEVER your name is this week.   (*chuckle*)

Let’s go ahead and bring our cheer team out………….I think you all look a little too sleepy at your desks right now and I just KNOW the cheer will WAKE YOU UP!

So here we are again
Time for us to begin
We’ll say hello and howdy
We promise not to be rowdy
Try to get here early tomorrow
If you don’t have a bus or bike then just borrow!
That growling noise is our poor tummies
We’re hoping Miss D has something YUMMY!

Thanks team – that was a rather short cheer but I guess you all are starving so let’s just finish up class quickly and move on to Miss Dingleberry’s lunch delight shall we?

I said I’d hold my breath until lunch – good thing we’re about to eat !!!

One final reminder for all of you……….AND it’s important!

The Teaser Post tomorrow will be at a SURPRISE time!  Not the usual time! 

Take it away Miss D !!

Miss Dingleberry, Professor Teddy and I would like shrimp tempura and noodle soup please!


Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tell All Class


Tell It Like It Is Time Class – please take your seats!!!

Alright then we shall start class!    First item to discuss would be WHO our FIRST COMMENTERS were yesterday – who was quick off the mark and who were the earliest birds who caught the worm???

Miss Sharon from FRIENDS FUREVER and Miss Jackie from TWO DEVON CATS!


You ladies are entitled to a FIRST COMMENTER badge so please copy one for your VERY own!

I was one of only TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of August 7, 2018!! YAY FOR ME!

AND then it wasn’t too long after that we had our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER but before we tell you who that was, I want you to know who our GUEST TEASER was and also tell you about her photo she send to us.    WHO was our GUEST this week?

Miss Jackie from Two Devon Cats!!  YES! 

WOW! She gets TWO badges today – lucky HER!

This is a THANK YOU for you Miss Jackie – we appreciate you sending in the pawsome photo!

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of August 7, 2018!

Here’s the photo she sent in and that we used for yesterday:

This is a photo of Belle Tout Lighthouse on Beachy Head at Seven Sisters Cliff which is near Eastbourne in East Sussex, UK!   She also sent in some INTERESTING link to this place so take a peek if you’d like to know more about this place:

CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE for more details

Thank you for the links too Miss Jackie……..we love to learn about new places on Teaser Tuesday

WHO was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER???????????????????????

Drumroll PLEASE…………!

Miss Csilla from Kolytyi


Congratulations Miss Csilla and we have a badge for you to add to your collection:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of August 7, 2018! Whoopeeee!

We had SEVERAL other students who figured the Teaser out after Miss Csilla and if you were one of them, then you get this badge:

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of August 7, 2018, but I wasn’t FIRST….oh well….I did GOOD!! Maybe next week I can be FIRST.

And if you guessed but were WRONG with your guess………you get a GREENIE for trying!

I was wrong on the Teaser of August 7, 2018 but at least I TRIED!

PHOOOOOEY! I was wrong again!

No worries – there’s always next week.   Study hard and who knows – you might take home a badge.    Now for the Cheer Team – they always know how to get a crowd going!

Winners – Winners – we have a few
If you were one of them LUCKY YOU!
Our TWO First Commenters were Jackie and Sharon
With whistles blowing and horns a-blarin’ !
Then came Miss Csilla who was FIRST to be RIGHT…..
I bet she’ll be happy and high as a kite!
Ding Dong School has lots of smart students
Studying hard each week might be prudent!
We’ll see you next week for Pre-Teaser time
We have a whole week off from writing these rhymes!!

Thanks Cheer Team……………….don’t know how you come up with this stuff week after week but I know one thing – We Professors are glad you have to make them up because we sure couldn’t!

Last but not least by any means would be our lunch break for the day.    Hope you will take time to get your strength back from Teaser activities before you head home on your bus.   We’ll see you in class again next week………………..

YAY it’s Sub Day and Miss D also made some crunchy and munchy onion rings if you want some!!

Fried onion rings!

Delicious milkshakes too

Yep – that happens to a lot of us when we have lunch at Ding Dong School!!!

Your Professors at Ding Dong School, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tuesday Time


Time For Teaser!!!   Remember to COMMENT on your way to class!

Good Morning Students!  Please take your seats and settle down…..

Ready Sirs!

I hope you all commented because that’s very important – if you EVER want to win the FIRST COMMENTER badge, you must always remember to do that FIRST THING before you take your seat.   Now that’s out of the way – let’s talk about the Teaser today.   First of all it’s a GUEST TEASER…..and tomorrow we’ll let you know WHO our Guest was when we tell you WHERE the photo was taken.   In the meantime, it’s your mission today to study the photo and try to figure out where our Guest took the photo and follow these rules while you’re doing it:

Very important to follow the rules so it’s FUN for everyone to play the guessing game.   You have until midnight tonight to make your guess!    There’s a reward at stake as you know – a fabulous and artistic BADGE that you can display on your blog or wherever you wish which will proclaim you as a winner, a fast commenter or even a terrible guesser – depending on the outcome tomorrow.   These are the badges you can win if you’re LUCKY!

I wanna win a badge this week or else I might get VERY upset!

Before we show you today’s photo, I thought you might benefit from a little PUMP UP THE VOLUME kind of cheering on courtesy of our cheer team……………..are you ready??????

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo
Better quit yawning or we’ll step on your toe!
Time to sit up straight and make your guess
Or did you not study – you’ better confess!
This is the place where you display your knowledge
Will you be a perpetual Ding Dong Schooler or go off to college?
It all depends on how much you learn
So show us NOW – go ahead – it’s your TURN!!

That’s right Team – time for our students to show us their SMARTS and for them to study the photo our Security Guard is about to bring in…..then GUESS………and of course we wish them all tons of luck right?

That’s right!


I couldn’t BE more ready to guess……


Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!



Yes we think it might be tough too so study it and just do your best students!    Perhaps a good lunch will give you some BRAIN FOOD for guessing?   Miss Dingleberry is here with something to give you energy………………

Ohhhh la la Miss D – Professor Teddy and I would both like Two slices of LOADED Pizza please!

Students, GOOD LUCK………we’ll see you tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL…..

I’m gonna be CRANKY if I can’t figure this one out Professors!!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy too

Pre-Teaser Monday Time!


Time To Get Ready for Teasing Tomorrow!!

Hello Students – we hope you had a satisfactory weekend experience – we did – and we are READY for the teasing to begin tomorrow.   We’re here today to prepare you for that.   You DO want to win a badge don’t you?   Of COURSE you do!

First thing to remember about tomorrow is that the instant you get here, you need to:

Ohhh….Ohhhh….I know what we have to do FIRST – can I say????

Yes you can……………………….what do you all do the second you arrive at Ding Dong School on a Tuesday morning Tommy?????


That’s right.   You must comment because if you are the first (or one of the firsts) to do that you will win this:

Then we’ll remind you of the rules for the Teaser guessing game…….and we are very strict about following those rules too – we want everyone to have an equal chance to win a badge.   That can only happen when everyone uses the rules.    What’s up to win?

So you can study the photo and come up with a guess and if it’s right you get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, if you’re right but not first you get a badge anyway and if you’re wrong you can have a little GREENIE of your very own.

And if you act up in class or meow too loudly, you might get to wear this DUNCE CAP that I’ve had like FUREVER!

Our wonderful and oh so talented Cheer Team will give you a big cheer to get you in the mood for guessing tomorrow and in fact, they are here TODAY to get you in a “pre-mood” for guessing.

We’re here to have some fun
We spent the weekend enjoying the sun!
Remember to arrive in the morning quite early
If you’re late Sarge can be rather surly!
And Madge can get rather cranky
And make you cry and blow your nose on your hanky!
So study up and be here at the start
Show the others you’re QUICK and SMART!
See you in class in the morning…..
This is your Final Warning!!

Thanks team……………I believe you’ve got everyone stirred up to the point they will be ALERT and READY for Teaser class tomorrow – we can’t tell you what TIME we’ll start class though – that’s the tricky bit – we have our post coming up for class at a SURPRISE TIME every week.   NOT when we usually post……………so keep your eyes on the prize (or your computer screen).

That’s VERY sneaky not to tell us when to be here!

Yes we know it is but that’s PART OF THE FUN!!!!

Now – who wants lunch?    Miss Dingleberry left some sandwiches for us in the back of the room today……………….she’s getting a lot of catering done for tonight’s “PARENT-TEACHERS MEETING” here at Ding Dong School.    Lots to do for that but I told her to just bring the sandwiches and leave them and we’d help ourselves – her Asistant Chef was just a tad – well – intimidating last time he served us!!!   Remember him??

Yeah he’s not gonna be here……………..just don’t be a big pig and take more than you can eat OK?    And we’ll be back tomorrow at a SURPRISE time to see how well you can GUESS the Teaser photo tomorrow which is a GUEST TEASER by the way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Luck Students!   Professors Angel Sam and Teddy too

Teaser Tell All


Hello Class!    Welcome back for the “big reveal” – otherwise known as “who won what” and “where the heck was that photo taken??”…………………..I’ll give you all of that information in the next few minutes.   It was a great Teaser and a super toughie too.

Sounds like the Teaser was tough for everyone – not just us!

That’s right class………we had tons of guesses and tons of stumped guessers.   Made for a great Tuesday.    Here’s the two photos we posted for you to study yesterday:

Before I tell you WHERE this is, I want to tell you WHO sent the photos in.   Mom’s very good friend Miss Dianna who lives in Southern Virginia not all that far from THIS PLACE.   What is “this place” ???     It’s actually a couple of photos of the fantastic and huge wind tunnels located at NASA’s Air and Space facility in Hampton, Virginia……specifically, these tunnels are in the Langley Research Center there.    This is a MOST INTERESTING place and I have a couple of links for you to visit if you would like more info:

The Virginia Air and Space Center

The Fact Sheets about the Wind Tunnels

Thank you Miss Dianna for the photos – they were fabulous……………….this badge is for you!

My fabulous photos were featured on the Tuesday Teaser of July 31, 2018!

I’m afraid that wind tunnel would mess up my hair!

Wind? Yep – makes it tough to know if this cat is coming or going! HAHA

First we need to let you know who our FIRST COMMENTERS were and the Cheer Team will be happy to know we only had TWO Firsties in this category.    Who were the QUICK OFF THE MARK students this week?????

Miss Sharon of Friends Furever AND Miss Csilla of Kolytyi !!


You ladies both get one of these little gems of your VERY OWN!

I was one of only TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of July 31, 2018……Getting up early pays off!!


After all the talk, and theorizing, and semi-guessing in class among our students, we actually DID have a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER !

WHO was our First Right Guesser?    Well she says she had a hint from another blog visitor and indeed she did………..but also earlier in the day someone (Timmy!) danced all around WHERE the place was but his Dad knew it was a wind tunnel in the photos.    Anyway, our FIRST RIGHT WAS:

Miss Jackie of Two Devon Cats!


This badge is all yours Miss Jackie……………………..!

I guessed the Teaser FIRST on July 31, 2018! Yay for me!

Did you also guess correctly?    You may have guessed it after we followed the comments so if you DID guess Hampton, Virginia’s NASA Air and Space Center or Research Facility in Hampton, then you get this:

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of July 31, 2018 but I wasn’t first…..maybe next week!

And of course if you guessed but were NOT right – don’t feel so bad – you were in good company, and you still get a badge:

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of July 31, 2018. Darn.

Alright Cheer Team – you’re ON!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!
We’re happily sober today!
First Commenters there were just TWO
Was one of them YOU?
Miss Csilla and Miss Sharon were FAST
As “fasties” they certainly passed.
Then Miss Jackie figured things out
Many of you had your doubts!
The Teaser photo was quite a mystery
It might go down in history
But Miss Jackie was FIRST to be RIGHT
Miss Jackie -you’re outta sight!
Next week we’ll be back for more cheers
We promise to stay away from those beers!


Thank you Team………… can go take a soak now in the hot tub – this week you actually have Sarge’s FULL PERMISSION……….right Sarge?

That’s right! The Cheer Team can soak their heads (oops I mean selves) in the hot tub any time I’m not occupying it!

WOW – now that’s a milestone for sure!

I think we should now round out our Teaser Tell All post with something from Miss Dingleberry – but instead of a full blown lunch, we thought since it’s HOT today, we’d just treat ourselves to some desserts and ice cream outside in the shade………………….!

Lemon poppyseed cupcakes!

Strawberry shortcakes

Apple Custard Pie

And of course our favorite “cool down drinks” !!

Nice Cold Fruit Smoothies


Congrats to winners – everyone else – STUDY UP for next week!

Your Professors…………………



Tuesday Teaser




After you’ve commented, please take your seat and prepare yourself for Teaser Class.   The Professors are coming down the hallway now so EYES FORWARD…………

Good Morning Students – shall we get the Teaser started?

Today we have a GUEST TEASER for you – we think we have a good one for you to agonize over so hopefully you boned up on geography, architecture, topography and every other kind of “graphy” you could think of to be on top of your game this morning.

Before we get started, I want to remind all of you students of the rules – if you don’t follow them, everyone is not on equal footing and it’s only fair that we all give each other a chance to win a badge on Tuesdays.   Ok?

It’s fine to search for images using certain details in the photo but please don’t load the photo up in some sort of image search to try and find it the EASY way.   Life isn’t EASY so why should TEASER be?

We want a classroom full of HAPPY!

Any questions???

I haz a question….what’s for lunch today????

Now Tommy you know that the Teaser part of class is way more important than filling your tummy up with food – trust me when I say Miss Dingleberry has prepared lunch for us today so just concentrate on Teaser and the food will follow in good time!

*Whispers* Tommy got in trouble….nanny nanny boo boo……tee hee!

Before we show you today’s tricky Teaser photo, perhaps we should rev up your engines with a rowsing cheer from the Ding Dong School Cheer Team!!

You want a cheer that’s “rousing”
When we were out last night carousing?
We can barely do a leap!
We hardly had any sleep!
Well we will do our best
Then crawl off to get some rest.
Good luck to this special class
We hope you all will pass
Tomorrow we’ll feel up to cheering
We’ll be cute and so endearing.
Sorry to be such a drag
But our energy is starting to SAG!

Well I’ve had to have a little talk with you all before about too much partying – and just think what a bad example you set for class too!    You all go home, rest up and be on your game tomorrow OK?    OK!!!!

HAHAHA the Cheer Team got in trouble!!!!!

Perhaps we should go ahead and have our Security Guard come and show everyone the photo now………………please study the photos and do your best…………..and tomorrow we will let you all know who our FIRST COMMENTER(S) might have been, and who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, who else guessed right and who gets a GREENIE!

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

WHERE were these photos taken and if you know what this structure is – tell us that too!!

Now for the part of the class that you all wait for so very patiently (usually).   Time for Miss Dingleberry’s lunch-o-the-day!

Miss D – your Profs would like two “THE WORKS” to go please!



Pre-Tease Monday


WHAT?   It’s Monday again?   Where is the time going???!!   Seems like we just had our Tell All Class for a Teaser and here we are starting all over again.    Well, let’s get this party started!

Tomorrow is the day of the week we love – we see a photo and try and figure out WHERE it was taken.   Sounds easy right?   WRONG.    Not that easy.    The photos are either sent into us by YOU (anyone who wants to be the Guest Teaser can send a photo to my Mom) OR they are ones my Mom finds or has from HER trips.   So it truly can be a photo from ANYWHERE in the world.   That’s what makes it fun.    Your job is to examine it – using the class rules of course – and be the FIRST to guess correctly.

BUT before you do that – you must remember when you arrive tomorrow at school you should LEAVE A COMMENT…………that’s right – even if it’s HI………any comment does the trick.  If you are the FIRST (or one of the firsts) you get a badge!    In fact you get a badge if you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, a RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST, or even if you’re a WRONG GUESSER!

What’s the big deal about getting a badge??   Well no big deal really except it gives you some BRAGGING right on your own blog or with your friends – after all, not EVERYONE is brave enough to attend DING DONG SCHOOL and be taught by Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy.

Here are the only rules we have and we do hope that you will follow them – if you do, it’s more likely that EVERYONE will have an equal chance to win the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge.

Cheaters make us MAD!   Tee Hee

So remember, our blog post tomorrow will be at a surprise time, your job is to COMMENT then find a seat in the class and wait for us to bring our Security Guard in to show you the photo of the week.   OK?

Meanwhile I do believe our fabulous cheer team is here this morning ready to give you a bit of a “pump up the volume” kind of cheer to warm you up for tomorrow…………….

Tomorrow is our favorite day
Teaser Tuesday no time to play
Just get to class and take a seat
Ding Dong School is air conditioned – isn’t that sweet?
Our photo tomorrow is from a guest
Maybe you’ll be lucky and smarter than the rest?
You might get a badge and we’ll cheer for you
Wouldn’t it be cool if you won TWO?
Get here first and be fast to guess right
The sky’s the limit – you’ll be outta sight!

Well it isn’t often someone is a FIRST COMMENTER and also a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER but it has happened.    It’s something you can aspire to students!

Study your geography, architecture, famous sites, globe, tonight!  

Now how about some eatables courtesy of Miss Dingleberry’s cafeteria staff?    You stayed awake for Pre-Teaser class so you deserve a snack right?   Well we think so.   In fact, Miss Dingleberry said since today was a quick class and it’s not really lunch time, she’d bring her SNACK CART into class and you can grab a snack and have lunch at home later.

Whats-it gonna be kiddies???????  Hmmmmm???????

Remember – surprise time for post – comment when you get here – take a seat – it’s a GUEST TEASER!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy


Teaser Tell All


Welcome to class dear students!

Shall we get started?    First off, we will make our Cheer Team a little grumpy because we did in fact AGAIN have four FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday!   FOUR!    They all popped into comments at 7:51AM EST and they will each get a FIRST COMMENTER badge.

Timmy, Friends Furever, Kolytyi, Oliver/Calvin !!  

Way To Go!

I was one of the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of July 24, 2018! Whoopeeee!

It was quite a wonderful Teaser we had too and it was a big surprise that someone guessed it so quickly – our GUEST TEASER was Miss Jackie from TWO DEVON CATS (MEMORIES OF ERIC AND FLYNN) and she had recently returned from a cruise where she’d taken this photo – a new structure so we didn’t think anyone would know where it was!    Imagine our surprise when someone popped in with the correct guess.    Here’s the photo again:

This is a photo taken from the cruise ship early in the morning light of the Lakhta Center’s almost completed building in the harbour in St. Petersburg, Russia!    The building is already occupied by more than one tenant but the main tenant apparently is Gazprom – the Russian gas company – and they have their headquarters here now.    If you would be interested in some further information about this incredibly unusual looking spaceship like building, CLICK HERE.

Thank you so much Miss Jackie – it was a VERY VERY cool photo and we sure did have some interesting guesses!    This is our THANK YOU for sending us the photo………..

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of July 24, 2018!

So who was the student who got here first with the CORRECT guess as to where the photo was taken?


Yay Speedy – quick like a bunny!

Speedy you constantly amaze all of us with your correct guesses – I think your Mum and Dad must travel the world OR they are very good at getting the right clues from photos then guessing what to search for.    Concatulations and here’s your FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of July 24, 2018! Yay for me!!!!

Others guessed correctly too which was GREAT and deserves a badge too don’t you think?   Please copy this for yourself if you guessed St. Petersburg, Russia:

Well I guessed RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Teaser of July 24, 2018. Maybe next week!


If you guessed but were wrong  you STILL get a badge for trying…………………

OOPS. I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser of July 24, 2018 but I tried!

Now our cheer team will do their best to squeeze out a cheer for all of our winners!    Team?  I hope you are no longer water-logged from using Sarge’s hot tub yesterday????

You all are too fast for us!
You know how we like to fuss.
Four FIRST Commenters is quite a feat
We promise to be nice and sweet
Csilla, Timmy, Oliver/Calvin and Sharon
So many names with trumpets blarin’ !
Congrats to all of you for being so FAST
In the very first minute – what a blast!
First Right Guesser was a familiar face
Speedy the Bunny hops quite a fast pace!
He was first to guess right and that’s no lie
He’s super smart and quite a nice guy!
Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a badge
You’re all welcome to get a hug of consolation from Miss Madge!!!

Yeah I’ll give you a hug if you make it QUICK.

HUG MISS MADGE??????? No thanks…….

Maybe we’re not scared but we’re also not CRAZY – we’re passing on the hug thanks.

Alright students.    That wraps up another exciting episode of TEASER for this week………….hope you enjoyed yourselves and now you can have lunch and head home on the bus until next Geography class!     Miss Dingleberry has Italian Day set up for you…………….I’m sure there’s something on the menu you’ll enjoy.

Choice of gelato or cannoli for dessert!




Have a good week students!    Your Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy