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Pre-Tease Monday


The Calm Before the Tease

Yes indeed – it’s just about time for the Teaser – can you believe it’s been a whole week since we got ready for a Teaser photograph here in geography class?????    Time sure is flying by isn’t it?   Well I guess we’d better GET TO IT!

First of all, you must know that we have a GUEST TEASER tomorrow – yes and don’t groan – I know you worry about those more than if I’m using one of my own BUT think positively OK?


I thought the Prof said NO GROANING!!!!!!!

Thanks Sarge.  I think you put the fear in the class and I won’t expect any further groans.   Even from Bobby who has his hand raised in the back of the class – YES BOBBY?

Sorry Professor Sammy but Sarge yelling at us made me need to use the litterbox!

You’re excused Bobby.   Remember to wash your hands please.

ANYWAY – WHERE WAS I – oh yes.   It’s a Guest Teaser photograph AND also remember that it will pop up at a DIFFERENT time from my usual daily post – it’s a surprise – that’s so we might catch everyone off guard – sneaky huh?

Also, if you are the FIRST to comment on the Teaser post – even if you don’t guess but just comment on it, you will win this:

You know you want it, so PAY ATTENTION to your computer/iPhone/iPad, WHATEVA so you see when the post arrives!

Suzie would you like to cheer everyone on for tomorrow or are you “saving yourself” for tomorrow’s class?

How about a quickie (cheer that is!)
You shouldn’t be so picky
Tomorrow I’ll do a full cheer
But today you’re lucky I’m just plain HERE!

OK – we’ll get full cheering service tomorrow – thanks Suzie.

Remember we have badges for other prizes tomorrow too associated with the Teaser AND that you must guess the name of the city/town/village as well as the country (if not in USA) or state (if in USA) where the photo was taken.    That’s right – we want the whole thing or ELSE.

Before you ask me – YES this is going to be a TOUGHIE!

So I’ll see you all back here in class bright and early-ish in the morning right?   RIGHT?



You can go to Study Hall now………and good luck tomorrow!   CLASS DISMISSED………

P.S.   In case you missed the announcement

OR the details, the BACON HARVEST is coming!  CLICK HERE for the scoop! 

Tuesday Teaser




YES!  It’s Tuesday morning and here we all are – now we WAIT for the FIRST COMMENT to show up on the blog and that will settle who gets the FIRST COMMENTER badge today!    Go on – do it!   If there’s more than one of you whose comment clocks in during the same MINUTE after we go live – then each of you who does that gets a badge.


Our Teaser today is an OLD photograph from the 60s……………and maybe that will make it more of a challenge because things change in that many years – whether this place still looks like this is – well – up for grabs.   At any rate, we will challenge you to figure out WHERE the photo was taken (town/city/village and state if USA or country if not USA) and if you’re FIRST to guess it right, you will get this:


If you’re RIGHT but not the first one to be RIGHT you get this:


AND of course if you are WRONG but you tried, you get this:


We will announce all winners on the TEASER TELL ALL on Wednesday.   Now let’s get Suzie out for a quick cheer (I hope it’s better than yesterday’s!)

Hi Professor - I'm Gloria. Suzie's home with a bad cold so I'm subbing for her! Zippity Do Ding Let's do the Teaser thing Give it your best try Don't make Suzie cry She's sick and she's cranky Tired of blowing her nose with a hanky She said I'd be AWFUL as a sub I told her to soak her head in a tub. Ra Ra Ra Sis Boom Ba GOOOO Teaser Team!

Hi Professor – I’m Gloria. Suzie’s home with a bad cold so I’m subbing for her!
Zippity Do Ding
Let’s do the Teaser thing
Give it your best try
Don’t make Suzie cry
She’s sick and she’s cranky
Tired of blowing her nose with a hanky
She said I’d be AWFUL as a sub
I told her to soak her head in a tub.
Ra Ra Ra Sis Boom Ba
GOOOO Teaser Team!


Thank you Gloria – well done – your cheering style reminds me a lot of Suzie………………….ahem…………………

Now Mr. Silver Briefcase?  If you’d come in and whip out the fabulous old photo for class to see and begin to agonize over?   We’d appreciate it!!!

Wait....wait....I don't wanna miss anything but I need to "GO" !!

Wait….wait….I don’t wanna miss anything but I need to “GO” !!

Bobby you’re going to drive us all crazy with your incessant potty trips………….have you thought about DEPENDS?????????????????    Sarge would you please escort little Bobby to the Potty and hurry back for the Teaser photo???



tick tock tick tock

tick tock tick tock

Alright – everyone is back – let’s get on with the show!

Here's today's photo Professor!

Here’s today’s photo Professor!


OK everyone – GO FOR IT…………….give it your best shot………………and we’ll reconvene class tomorrow to find out who wins WHAT!!!    Meanwhile, our new Assistant Professor is going to cheer you on which is tough for him because he went to the vet today for the very first time and he’s feeling punky as he had a shot in his derriere!





Hugs, Angel Professor Sam and Assistant Teddy

Teaser Tell All



Tell All Time!!!  Come in and take your seats class!

Move it, move it, move it!

Move it, move it, move it!

Good Morning Class!     Yesterday in class we shared a doozy of a Teaser photo and honestly thought we would fool everybody.    It seemed to us that it simply didn’t have enough “hints” in it to give it away easily.   So it was a BIG SURPRISE when fairly early on it was guessed!

But before we talk more about THAT, let’s give you some other news about the Teaser…………like WHO was the FIRST COMMENTER?     We had TWO in the first sixty seconds after going live and they were my good friend Mr. Leo of WalkAndPigOut and Miss Carol of CarolMaeWy.    Congratulations to BOTH of you who were ALERT and ready to comment on the Teaser blog!!    Each of you is now the proud owner of one of these babies:


Would you like to know WHO my Guest Teaser was yesterday?    It was the Kitties Blue and their Mom Miss Janet from The Cat On My Head !!    I thank you for sending that one in because it was a “pip” of a Teaser photo……………..and this little badge is my token of appreciation:


Here’s the photo from yesterday and it’s a picture of the confluence of the River Danube and the River Sava in Belgrade, Serbia!  More specifically, this photo shows the Kalamegdan Fortress and that tower is the Nebojsa Tower.    Here at this LINK you can find out a whole lot about this spot AND even more about traveling in the city of Belgrade, Serbia.


Thank you to my Guest Teasers for this pawsome photo…………… WHO was first to guess right?    It was one of my FIRST COMMENTERS who got that honor – Miss Carol!   YAY!   She guessed Belgrade, Serbia and since I didn’t ask what specifically was shown in the photo SHE was first to be right.   This is for you Miss Carol!


I have to give SPECIAL MENTION though to Mr.JackFreckles/Pipo & Minko for guessing right that it was the Nebojsa Tower at the Kalamegdan Fortress in Belgrade, Serbia – they gave me SPECIFICS but I got their guess AFTER Miss Carol guessed Belgrade.     WOO HOO FOR YOU TOOOOOO!!!!!   You get the below badge for being RIGHT.

BUT there were some others who guessed it right as well and for all of you, I have this little gem:


Everybody who didn’t guess right – don’t pout and don’t feel bad – you get credit for TRYING and you also get a GREENIE!!!!!!


Now wasn’t that just a TON OF FUN????   Why sure it was and I’m positive you can BARELY stand to wait until NEXT week when we tackle another mystery photo in Professor Angel Sammy’s GEOGRAPHY class with our ever interesting cast of wacky characters.    So until then…………

'Scuze me Professor Sammy but I have a question."

‘Scuze me Professor Sammy but I have a question.”


“Yes Bobby?  What is your question?”

“Professor Sammy if I bring you a nice red apple will that get me a better grade?  My Mom says when she was in school a million years ago teachers were easily bribed with apples and stuff and I just thought maybe I’d see if that’s something that YOU might like because I don’t think Sarge likes me and he’s always yelling at me and I wanna do good in Geography class so I just thought I’d ask and see how you felt………”


“WAIT a minute Tommy – catch your breath!  NO a teacher accepts no bribes for better grades – but I will say that if you try your hardest and learn all you can, both Sarge and I will be proud of you and you will get a good grade based on what you know, and not on what you GIVE to me OK?”

Yeah're go to the bathroom a lot but I don't hold THAT against ya. Just don't try to BRIBE your teacher or that will mean 100 push-ups!! Got it?

Yeah Kid…’re alright… go to the bathroom a lot but I don’t hold THAT against ya. Just don’t try to BRIBE your teacher or that will mean 100 push-ups!! Got it?

And on that note, I believe I’ll just say:


Have an Angelic WEEK!  


From somewhere over the rainbow…..

Angel Professor Sammy

Teaser Tuesday


Attention All Students! 

Report to class now please or Sarge will be looking for you!


Why Good Morning everyone……….you’re all out of breath like you ran all the way here!!   Was it the threat of Sarge coming after you that got your little legs moving?   Well, whatever it was, I’m glad you’re here now so we can start class for this week.  

First order of business is YOU commenting on THIS blog – yep – if you are FIRST to comment, then you will win a badge to show off!   This one:


So, if you’re interested in winning, go comment then hurry back and get in your seat again at your desk…….Sarge is HALL MONITOR so be quick about it!

Get the lead out!  Move it!  Be back here in 60 seconds or less!

Get the lead out! Move it! Be back here in 60 seconds or less!

Alright!  Now that you may or may not be FIRST COMMENTER, remember that the other badges are available and they are for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, OTHER RIGHT GUESSERS, and WRONG GUESSERS as below in the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please remember that in order to WIN you must give me the town/village/city AND the state (if USA) or country (if out of USA) where this photo was taken.   Has to be the whole thing or else Sarge will not be handing you your badge of glory tomorrow!     So let’s bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase and see what he’s got stashed in the locked security briefcase this week shall we?????

Reporting for duty Professor!  I've kept the photo SAFE and locked to my wrist all week...makes showering tough but what the heck!!

Reporting for duty Professor! I’ve kept the photo SAFE and locked to my wrist all week…makes showering tough but what the heck!!




Yes Bobby?????

“Professor Sammy can I be excused to go visit the litterbox???”

Bobby class is about to be dismissed…….you’re in luck!

See you tomorrow for Teaser Tell All


Angel Professor Sammy (at your service!)

Teaser Tell All


Class Is In Session! 

Come In And Take A Seat!


Hello!!!!   Bet you’re just dying to know what the deal is on yesterday’s Teaser post right?   OK – I won’t torture you and keep you waiting!


Miss Csilla (Kolytyi) !



And let me show you the photos again and then I’ll tell you who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!

teaserjan31-2017-2 teaserjan31-2017-1

This beautiful place is the city of Hanau, Germany and in the photos we are seeing Donjon Tower AND Castle Steinheim – two beautiful places to visit should you find yourself in this pretty city in Germany which was the “home” of the Brothers Grimm!   No wonder it looks like a fairy tale city right?!  There are a lot of great websites to learn about Hanau from but this is one you could start with:   CLICK HERE    Also if you look further down on this page you’ll see the website of our GUEST TEASER and they have info on Hanau on their blog!


Miss Csilla (Kolytyi)

That’s right – she was a DOUBLE winner!!


BUT she was FAR from the only one – and all of you smarty pants who guessed Hanau, Germany get this:


AND all of you who guessed and did your best – well, you’re not leaving empty-handed/pawed either – here’s what YOU get!


A GREENIE!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!


Yes Bobby?

“Professor Sammy Sir Can I pretty please have a Greenie?   I didn’t know the answer!”

YES Bobby – EVERYONE who guessed wrong gets a GREENIE!

Now, remember I told you the photos were from a GUEST?    The photos are actually posted on the internet today on a BRAND NEW BLOG called “A Hearty Nomad” – which is all about travel and exploring and best of all FOOD from all the different countries visited……’s a fun blog too – if you’d like to visit HERE is their link!    Thanks to A Hearty Nomad for the photos (and Leo for sending them to me!)    This is for you guys!


Sarge – anything you want to say before I dismiss class????

Just that they'd better not steal any pencils or paper when they leave or push each other in line or throw spitballs or say any bad words or run or be disorderly in any way! OR ELSE!

Just that they’d better not steal any pencils or paper when they leave or push each other in line or throw spitballs or say any bad words or run or be disorderly in any way! OR ELSE!

Uhh…..thank you Sarge……CLASS DISMISSED!


Have a good week students – see you next Monday!  

Angel Professor Sammy


Tuesday Teaser


It’s TIME……..


School Is In Session!

Welcome to Geography class students……..nice to see your smiling or yawning faces (whichever category you may be in this morning).    FIRST UP – make sure and leave a comment NOW on this blog so you can possibly be my FIRST COMMENTER today and win this:

teaserbadgeoct2016-1Hurry up – we’ll wait for you………………………….


Yes Bobby?   “Professor Sammy can I go to the litterbox while we’re waiting for people to comment?”

YES Bobby but hurry because Sarge will not be happy if you take too long!

That's right Bobby - get your REAR in GEAR and march quickly! Hup-two-three-four.......

That’s right Bobby – get your REAR in GEAR and march quickly! Hut-two-three-four…….

OK – looks like Bobby is back and you all are back so let’s get on with today’s Teaser photo shall we?    Let me remind you that the object of this exercise is to guess the spot where these photos were taken – what town/village/city AND what state or country (depending on whether you think it’s in the USA or elsewhere) were they taken?    It’s all about examining photos and figuring out any clues and making a guess.   AND if you are the FIRST to guess correctly you will win this:


If you guess correctly but just aren’t FIRST to guess correctly, you will get this:


And those of you who guess but are WRONG, get the GREENIE!



Mr. Silver Briefcase would you pretty please bring in the photos you have diligently guarded with your life since last week?????    There are TWO photos today sent in by our Guest Teaser!

Here I am in my Park Ranger/Top Secret Courier outfit with today's PHOTOS!

Here I am in my Park Ranger/Top Secret Courier outfit with today’s PHOTOS!

teaserjan31-2017-1 teaserjan31-2017-2

YES I blanked out a few CLUES but you should still have some left to help you figure this out!  Remember it must be the TOWN and COUNTRY OR STATE where these were snapped!

Tomorrow I will do the TEASER TELL ALL and you will find out who our winner (if we have one!) is and who else got it or didn’t.


C'mon students! Get those brains in gear.....let's see some GUESSES coming in!

C’mon students! Get those brains in gear…..let’s see some GUESSES coming in!

Thanks Sarge………..I think you did a good job lighting a fire under some of our students alright!


Until tomorrow…….Angel Professor Sammy

Pre-Teaser Monday


WHAT?  Monday AGAIN?


Can it be possible it’s been a WEEK since we met in the Geography classroom to exercise our brain cells?   I guess it can be possible because here we are and there you sit.   So, instead of pondering the imponderables, let’s get down to business shall we??

Tomorrow I will be posting TWO photos for you to look at and guess what CITY/TOWN/VILLAGE and what COUNTRY (non-USA) or STATE (USA) they were taken in!    It is a GUEST TEASER too so “batten the hatches” because those seem to be the toughest right?

It will be your job to be here when the post goes live (at a TOP SECRET TIME so you just have to be on your toes!)……………….and then to hopefully be FIRST COMMENTER on the blog so you can win this:


THEN, you have to examine the photos and give it a TRY to see if you just might be able to GUESS RIGHT and hopefully be the FIRST to guess right………….if you do that then you get this!


You know by now there are badges for anyone ELSE who guesses right but isn’t first, AND we even have a special GREEN badge for those of you who guess but miss the mark!   SO, plenty of reasons to be here tomorrow right?

If you need any encouragement, I’m sure Suzie will get your hearts beating…………..Suzie?   SOCK IT TO ‘EM GIRL!

Boogidy Boogidy Boo I'm watching YOU! Pay attention in class Or I'll pinch your......toe..... Guessing is such fun Like a burger with a bun Make sure you have your glasses Don't miss Prof. Sammy's classes! I hope you are the winner Or you might not get your dinner! Now study hard tonight No partying and no fights! Be bright and early tomorrow Or there's nothing for you but SORROW!

Boogidy Boogidy Boo
I’m watching YOU!
Pay attention in class
Or I’ll pinch your……toe…..
Guessing is such fun
Like a burger with a bun
Make sure you have your glasses
Don’t miss Prof. Sammy’s classes!
I hope you are the winner
Or you might not get your dinner!
Now study hard tonight
No partying and no fights!
Be bright and early tomorrow
Or there’s nothing for you but SORROW!

Thank you Suzie……….you never fail to make us THINK when we hear your cheers.    Nobody falls asleep in class when you’re giving us your pep talk on Mondays – nosirrreeeeee!

At the back of the classroom today is our Teaching Assistant “Sarge”…………………anything you’d like to say to the class “Sarge” ??



Gosh, feels like we’re in the Marines doesn’t it?

So I will see you all here bright and early right?   Right!   Study your books tonight and get plenty of rest so you’ll be READY when the post arrives in your inbox tomorrow.

Until then………


Professor Angel Sammy (at your service!)

Teaser Tell All


I’ve Got Something To Tell Ya!


Hello everybody!    Yesterday’s photo was one I thought MIGHT just be a toughie but it really wasn’t….you all were right on top of things and not long after we went live – WHAM BAM THANK YOU SAM, someone guessed it!

But let’s start at the beginning…………… took THREE whole minutes before someone chimed in with a first comment which is VERY unusual – most Tuesdays someone pops in within the first few SECONDS we go live.   However we had TWO who tied for the FIRST COMMENTER when comments did start and that was our good friend Miss Pix and my buddies Oliver and Calvin who are on Facebook but don’t have a blog.    CONCATULATIONS you guys – – – you commented in the SAME MINUTE to you both get one of these:


Now let me show you the photo from yesterday and we’ll give you the scoop on who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER……………….


This is a photo that my Mom found in a travel book she has……’s a great book and has “birds eye views” of just about every country in Europe and they are all spectacular.  She had chosen FOUR photos as “possible” Teasers and this was the one my Dad picked of the four.    Where is it?    It’s  a view of the Tara and Halebija Towers and the bridge over the Neretva River in the old Turkish town of Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina.    TRICKY huh?   The town was built in 1556 but the bridge is a lot older – dating back to Roman times!    The history of this area is most fascinating reading and there are a lot of websites where you can research it……….Here’s the Wiki page for Mostar .

Who was the FIRST to guess this correctly?   It was one of my FIRST COMMENTERS – Oliver and Calvin (and their Mom Melissa!)………….concatulations you guys!   Here’s your badge!


Right after they guessed correctly there were SEVERAL other right guessers…………and then there were even more throughout the day………..and every single one of you who DID guess it correctly get one of these for your very own!


There were also more than a few GOOD guesses but they weren’t RIGHT guesses, so if you guessed but were wrong, you still get the fabulous GREENIE below!


So there you have it………another Tuesday Teaser conquered!    Who knows where we will be studying NEXT Tuesday but wherever it is, make sure and tune in because YOU might win a badge you lucky Teaser fans!!    WHEEEE!

I’ll look forward to seeing Class next Monday for the Pre-Tease fun with our new Teaching Assistant, “Sarge” and of course the irrepressible and somewhat frightening cheers from SuzieQ, our very own Teaser Cheerleader.  NEVER A DULL MOMENT………………….

Those of you who pawticipate in my Thoroughly Poetic Thursday blog posts know that tomorrow we celebrate the letter “G”.    Who knows what kind of poem I’ll write in honor of that letter of the alphabet………..Tune in and find out.   Also if you want to write a poem and show it off tomorrow you can post it in my COMMENTS or even better, put your blog link in my comments and we’ll all follow your link to read your MASTERPIECE!

Ya better be here NEXT Monday and Tuesday.........OR ELSE......get my drift?????

Ya better be here NEXT Monday and Tuesday………OR ELSE……get my drift?????

EEEEEEK!   Where did you come from Sarge?


Your Angel Prof signing off…….Hugs, Sammy


Pre-Tease Monday


Hello Students!


Here we go with another week which of course means another Teaser photo coming your way TOMORROW.   Will you be ready?    I hope so – especially those of you who haven’t won a badge yet – of ANY type……….even a Greenie because you don’t even win THAT unless you’ve guessed and are wrong!    So, whaddaya say?   Maybe THIS if your week??!!

Remember I told you last week that because my Mom and Dad aren’t QUITE ready to adopt a new kitty yet (who would naturally become my TEACHING ASSISTANT here), we would be temporarily employing a friend of our very own SuzieQ to be our Assistant for a while?    Well, today you get to meet him.    Suzie allowed me to interview him before he starts today, but SHE provide all the questions I was to ask and honestly – I don’t think it was a very tough interview.    What do you think?

Questions You Are Allowed To Ask

  1. Do you believe in disciplining uncooperative students?
  2. Do you think cheerleading should be part of school curriculum and not an “activity”?
  3. Do you have a problem with substance abuse (i.e. catnip,silvervine,etc.)?
  4. Will you promise to protect me from Professor Sammy when he gets upset with me for being late to Teaser on Tuesdays?

I ask you – is that a tough bunch of questions?   I think not.   Especially since SuzieQ provided each candidate with THE ANSWERS and slipped them a bribe to answer accordingly.    So, I had a lot of interviews with the same answers given.    I just tossed their names up in the air and here’s who got the job.

May I introduce to you, our temporary Teaching Assistant, Freddy Farkelbomm.    Freddy is a retired Marine Drill Sargent so he knows how to keep a class in line.   He knows how to keep ANYONE in line.   Ahem.


Freddy Farkelbomm, at your service!

Does anyone have a question for Mr. Farkelbomm?


Yes Bobby – what is your question for Mr. Farkelbomm?

“May I please be excused to go to the litterbox??”

I can handle that one Mr. Freddy – YES you may go but hurry back because we have a lot of business to cover on our Pre-Tease Monday……………….go on……………run like the wind!

Now, where was I…..oh yes.   Welcome to Geography class Freddy – I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting to know the students here.   When I have to be absent, you will be in charge of this group of smarty-peeps!

Suzie is going to give you all a cheer tomorrow instead of today – she has a dental appointment this morning.   She’s having her FANGS sharpened.

So, we will look forward to seeing all of you here in class tomorrow morning – at a time that will be a COMPLETE SURPRISE so be on the ALERT – keep an eye on your inbox for our TEASER post to arrive.   If you are the FIRST to comment on the post tomorrow you will win this:


All you have to do is just comment – don’t even have to guess – and if you’re first you get the badge – cool huh?    You might have to SHARE it if others comment during the same 60 seconds that you do but SHARING is CARING………..yes?

THEN, if you correctly figure out and guess where the photo I post tomorrow was taken – the town/city/village AND the state (USA) or country (not-USA) you will win one of these:







SO, Mr. Farkelbomm and I will look forward to seeing you in class tomorrow………….Don’t be late – I don’t think Mr. Farkelbomm will be KIND to those who arrive LATE!!!!!!    Right Mr. Farkelbomm????


“Ya Betta Believe It!!”


See you tomorrow Class!   Class dismissed!

Angel Professor Sammy

Teaser Tell All


Telling It All !!

Hi Teaser Fans!    Before we get down to business with the Teaser I must let everyone know that the recruitment for a Teaching Assistant for me has been put on hold for a while.   You all know that I left for the Bridge December 2nd and my Dad has decided that he just still misses me WAY TOO MUCH to bring a new kitty into the house JUST YET.    Mom loves me and misses me too but she’s ready to be a Mom again………HOWEVER, they both need to feel the same on this so until they do, no more trips to the Shelter.   Mom would be bringing all the cats home I’m afraid!!!   SO, I’ll keep you posted but for now, we aren’t recruiting for a while.



The Teaser yesterday was not a Guest Teaser – it was one of Mom and Dad’s photos from a trip they took many moons (or suns) ago.   Way before I entered the picture in fact.   Where were they???   Well before I tell you, let’s do some other BUSINESS…………… telling you WHO was the first commenter yesterday!

KOLYTYI (Miss Csilla) was – WOO HOO!!


She was there in the first 60 seconds and was followed thereafter by bunches of other QUICK DRAW peeps but she was first and the only one in the first minute!    Concatulations Miss Csilla!

Here’s the photo from yesterday – and I’ll tell you WHERE it was taken THEN I’ll tell you who got it right FIRST!


This is a rather long-distance view of Cape Cod’s famous Provincetown in beautiful Massachusetts!    That thing in the WAY distance is the Pilgrim Monument and you can read all about “P-Town” and the wonderful spot that it is by reading what Wikipedia has to say about it HERE.    Mom and Dad stayed in two spots out on the Cape during this trip but visited Provincetown during the day and had lunch there as well as visited a lot of fun shops.  It’s just a very interesting town and they highly recommend a stroll around the streets!


Da Phenny and his Mum and Dad – that’s who!!!


BUT there were other right guessers – several of them in fact and those who DID guess Provincetown after Phenny did get this!


Then of course there is the FABLED and FABULOUS Greenie and any of you who guessed but were WRONG will get one if you like:


Feel free to post it on your blog or Facebook page, etc. because – well – YOU EARNED IT GANG!!!!

Another Successful Geography Class concludes!  

Thank you students for paying attention!

Next week I will have a Teaching Assistant but it won’t be another cat in my household, instead it will be someone Suzie has recommended (UHOH I smell trouble don’t you???).   So you can tune in to see what she’s dug up found in the way of help for OLD PROF SAM.   


Your Angel Prof Sammy