Teaser Tell All Time


“It’s a GO Professors!!   Grounds are clear!!”

Thanks Clowie and company.    We’re BAAAAACK!  Back to let you know who our winners were of this week’s “where is this photo taken??” competition.   AND – we also have an exciting announcement for you for HALLOWEEN this year.

FIRST UP – Teaser winners………………………………

We had TWO FIRST COMMENTERS this week………………….and one of them is a FREQUENT Firstie and the second hasn’t been a FIRSTIE in a long while so we welcome her back into the “winners circle”.


Miss Sharon (Friends Furever)

Miss Cecelia (Down Home In NC)

Congrats Ladies and Here’s Your BADGE!

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser post of October 13, 2020!

“Way to go ladies!!  I was here early but forgot to comment!”

Then we waited until some smarty pants FINALLY guessed the photo’s location………………….here’s the photo all of you studied until you got a headache yesterday:

A rather stunning photo yes?   This is Biarritz, France! 

“Phooooey!  I studied that photo from every angle and couldn’t figure it out!”

We’ll tell you now who DID figure it out first yesterday shall we????????


Drumroll please………………..!

Miss Katty and her boys Da Phenny and Da Nelly!

Congrats To You All and Here’s Your Badge!

We were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS on the Teaser post of October 13, 2020 !!

Did you also guess correctly????   If you did you get a BADGE!    This one – please copy it for your files or blog!

My guess was right on the Teaser post of October 13, 2020 but I wasn’t FIRST! I still got this cool badge though!

Did you guess but were WRONG?    We even have a BADGE for you!!!!

I guessed on the Teaser of October 13, 2020 but I was WRONG! BOO HOO

Congratulations everyone!!!!!!

Now For The Big Announcement!

We’ve decided that for Teaser Class on October 27th we will have a HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST!!!     That’s right!    Those of you who would like to enter can send us via email a photo of you in your Halloween finery and we will include it in a VOTING POST which we’ll have on the 27th with results to show you on the 28th at the Tell All.

Please send us your Halloween costume photo NO LATER THAN

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25th so we’ll have time to prepare the voting poll!

We’ll have a poll on our Teaser post on October 27th with everyone whose photo we’ve received and YOU will have a chance to vote that day.      We will tally up the votes in the poll for each candidate (and you’ll be able to keep track of it by visiting our blog to check the poll if you want to) then tell you who is the WINNER on the 28th.     What will you win?????    Whoever the winner is will need to email us with your address and we will arrange for a surprise to come directly to you from wherever we order it.    OK?    Everyone loves surprises so it will be a surprise gift.

Good!   We hoped you’d be excited!   

Send your photos from NOW until the 25th.     We can’t wait to see your costumes………………



A costume contest now that will be fun!
A chance to dress up for everyone!
But for now let’s talk Teaser and who we should celebrate!
Two First Commenters were Cecilia and Sharon who were fast to participate!
And now it’s time to tell you who was FIRST RIGHT
Miss Katty and her Boys Da Phenny and Da Nelly were first on that flight!!!
Congrats to our winners who were sharp as tacks
You both were fast winners this week and that’s a FACT!

Who’s UP for lunch?  Let’s go!

“Greetings Students!    Hope you brought your appetites with you today!”

Menu Selections:

All aboard for home sweet home! We’ll see you next week! 

Make sure and send us your photo with you in your Halloween costume for our CONTEST

– you have until October 25th to send it in!

50 responses »

  1. Well done to the winners. When we visited there we had a taxi take us around, and he must have stopped in almost the same spot as where that photo was taken because I recognised the three trees.
    It was cold and frosty this morning so I will have beef stew to warm me up please.


  2. Congratulations to Cecilia and Sharon… very speedy! And Congrats to Katty and her Weim Boys for the right guess on a beautiful Teaser. I will be looking forward to the Halloween Costume Contest! Now I am looking forward to the Grouper sandwich!


    • Well wait no more! Your Grouper Sandwich was just delivered to your table! Enjoy! Yes the costume contest will be fun……maybe Professor Teddy should dress up in a grouper costume?????

      Hugs, Pam 🙂


  3. Congratulations to the winners!

    I didn’t do very well at all yesterday – my head was full of fried Hush Puppies! The corn meal has arrived with the shopping today, so I’m hoping to persuade a biped into the kitchen with the recipe! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Concats to the firsties, esp top Miss Katty and her Weimie twins!

    And a pat on the back for me cause I too was right…though for sure not first, MOL!!

    Please may I have some of that choc-mint cake?? It will go good with my coffee, later.
    I think my hooligans and I will have fun in the costume contest…though me in a costume?? No way! MOL!


  5. HURRAH fore Miss Sharon an Miss Cecilia!
    HURRAH fore Aunty Katty guessin rite!!!
    HURRAH fore LadyMew beein onn correct side of THE werld!!
    HURRAH fore Lunch with Missus Dee!
    May wee pleese have 2 Beefie stewss an a Choccie Eclair fore LadyMew an a wee bowl of milk fore mee. Thanx Missus Dee!
    Thanx Teddy an Miss Pam fore another grate Teezer……
    **purrss** BellaDharma


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