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Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


Our fabulous Grounds Security Team reports all is well!

Welcome to Class Students!   Have You Commented yet??

Make sure you do comment – who knows – you might be a FIRST COMMENTER this week.    We’ve got a doozy of a Teaser for you this week YET AGAIN – but this isn’t a GUEST TEASER, it’s a GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT Teaser.

Our Graphics Department works hard to find INTERESTING Teasers for us so even though sometimes they are incredibly EASY, once in a while she hits the jackpot and comes up with one that’s a little tougher than usual.

Now, what say we review our RULES and show you the badges you might win shall we??

AND…..we have new badges for you!

“Those are cool – I’ll try and stay awake so I can guess!”

Alright – let’s show you the Teaser photo so you can get to guessing………………………..Teaser Security Guard?   BRING IT ON DOWN!

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

Where Was This Photo Taken??????????????

“What the heck kind of wacko photo is that???!!!”

It’s the Teaser photo and you better settle down before you wet your diaper………….now just pull yourself together and figure it out or NO LUNCH FOR YOU TODAY!

Cheer Team – We Need You to Cheer This Crowd Up!

Alright class just settle down
We’ve never seen so many frowns!
This photo is quite an interesting one
Just study it hard and have some fun!
There are new badges to win and they’re quite cool
Just remember the golden rule
“Whine unto others as they whine unto you”
And stop looking at us like you’ve got no clue!

Thanks Team……………….I see some smiles out in the classroom now…………….maybe this is a good time to break for lunch???

I hear you all have a case of the Tuesday Grumpies – maybe a nice lunch will make you smile???

The Menu:



Teaser Class Time!


Looks like we can come in from the heat gang – thorough search finds no lurking danger in the schoolyard – let’s go get a cold drink!!

Happy Tuesday Class!  Have you left a COMMENT yet?   You better hurry!

Clowie and her team have given us the go ahead for class today.   No introooooders to be found.   So let’s get started!

Today we have another Teaser from our wonderful GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT.   Your job of course is to figure out WHERE this photo was taken.   Not always easy is it!    Well as you are working on it you must remember the rules we ask that you follow……………..AND if you’re lucky enough to be deserving of a little award then you will win a BADGE!!

Alright!  Now the business is out of the way let’s get going…………….

Hey – slow down – you’re making our heads spin!

Sorry – we’re just excited to get the photo to you so you can begin agonizing over where it was taken.

We’re excited too Professors but it’s (yawn) early!  We go slow when it’s early!

Well maybe you just need a little wake-up music to get you going………………….THIS ought to do it!


Alright now that you’re AWAKE and ready let’s bring in our Teaser Photo Security Guard with today’s photo:

Here’s today’s photo Professors!


Cheer Team – from the looks on the students’ faces, I think you’d better come on in and CHEER them up!

Why do we see shock on all your faces?
You’ve guessed right before with harder places!
You can do it – we know you can
Be a Wonder Woman or a Superman!
So buckle down and think get those brains in gear
Or else we’ll feel like we wasted energy on our Teaser cheer!!

Thanks ladies……………I see some determined looks on those faces now – your cheer worked……………

We CAN do this! Yep!

Good – now that you’re all pumped up………..we can take a break and have some food OR you can stay here and work on your Teaser – it’s up to you…………………We Professors are heading for the cafeteria………….and your bus will be waiting after lunch or class either way to take you HOME!    Back in school tomorrow for the TELL ALL……..and badges !!

Happy Tuesday students…….time for lunch!!   Eat up!!

What’s On The Menu:

It’s a Date!  Good luck students!


Pre-Tease Monday


Come On In Out of the Rain!

School is in session for all of you who are able to be here today!

We’ve got rain but not from the hurricane…….thankfully!

Welcome students to another Monday – soggy maybe in lots of areas of the USA but school must go on right?    Just take off your wet stuff and hang it up in the cloak room and take a seat so we can begin getting READY for Teaser tomorrow.

Was that thunder Professor Sammy????

Now don’t you worry…………we’re safe here in class.   Let’s take our mind off the weather and talk TEASER……………..tomorrow we will have a Guest Teaser for you to look at – and you’d better get some rest tonight because you know our Guest Teasers usually are a “handful” so be purrrrrpared.   The TEASER post is always “live” at a different time each week so you never know WHEN it will arrive in your inbox!!!       Remember when you FIRST GET HERE in the morning you need to comment on the blog post – RIGHT AWAY – why?   Because you could the first to comment which will earn you this:

Now, you may say “this is a new badge” but you’d be wrong – it’s an OLD badge from last year but I thought I’d “resurrect” some of the oldies just for fun this week!

So, that’s what you get if you are the first to comment tomorrow, and I found these OTHER oldies that we’ll award for First Right Guesser, Right Guesser/Not First AND an oldie moldie GREENIE for wrong guessers!!

Kinda fun to have some old/new badges this week huh?

Remember please that when you see the photo here tomorrow we have some RULES we hope you’ll follow when making your guess!

  1. You must include in your guess the TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as the COUNTRY (if not in USA) or STATE (if in the USA) where the photo was taken.
  2. We would love it if you didn’t use any sort of “GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH” or other online assistance in figuring out the photo – just use your brain and your eyes and see if you can guess with no help!

Now, to cheer you on, let’s bring out our little CHEERY CHEERLEADER, Miss SuzieQ to get you pumped up and ready for tomorrow’s TEASER class!

Hello gang and welcome to class
Just in time for a dose of my sass!
We hope you’re safe from all the storms
You’ll always be sheltered here – nice and warm!
I’ve heard a rumor Miss D has plans
To rattle around her pots and pans
We’re havin’ a cookout so you’d better be here
There will be some smoothies but we won’t have BEER!
Now study, rest up, and be sure to catch your bus
Or you won’t have fun with the REST of us!


OK – you heard what Suzie said……….Miss Dingleberry says we’re going to have a cookout at recess tomorrow……..burgers, hot dogs, you know the kind of stuff we can’t get too much of?!?!   So, be prepared for a Teaser tomorrow then FOOD at recess.   Assistant Professor Teddy and I will look for you in class…………….

Alright you two – you can’t have the answer because we haven’t shown you the photo yet!!!!!

Thanks for cleaning off the chalkboard Marvin…..you get an extra hot dog tomorrow!

Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy