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Teaser Tell All Time!!


It’s that time again!   Time to spill the beans on the Teaser from yesterday!     Clowie and crew are cooling off in the cafeteria after checking things out and report all is well on campus so LET’S GO!!

Ready! Fresh diaper and everything!


Let’s start out by letting you know we had THREE First Commenters yesterday!    When the school bell sounded there were three in front of the line and they are our “TRIO OF FIRSTIES”.


Teaser First Commenters were:   Timmy, Sharon and Janet!!

WOO HOO FOR THE FIRSTIES!!!!   Here’s your badge – take a copy for your collections:

I was ONE of the First Commenters but this week there were THREE First Commenters on the Teaser for July 7, 2020!!!

Congratulations FAST Students!

DANG! Foiled Again!

Here’s the photo we gave you yesterday…………………….very colorful and we had some very colorful guesses too!

What struck me first was that it doesn’t look like anyone is home.   No laundry hanging up on the porches – nobody walking around on the balconies…..no hang-gliders zooming by.    It almost doesn’t look real!!!    But it is………….and it’s Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia.    Here’s a link to what Wikipedia has to say about this town and it’s most interesting history!    CLICK HERE

We love looking for out of the way places – we figure it’s a little tougher to do research and hunt for clues for this type of place too.   BUT a whole lot of you guessed this one!   ONLY ONE OF YOU WAS FIRST THOUGH……………..who was it?


Timmy Tomcat!


Concatulations Timmy…….you got it right first!  Here’s your badge:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of July 7, 2020 and I’m mighty proud to get this Badge for my hard work!! WOO HOOOOO!

How about others who guessed right but weren’t first?    We have  a BADGE for that!!  Please take one if you were right:

I had the right answer for the Teaser of July 7,2020 but I wasn’t FIRST…..still I was RIGHT and that’s pretty cool – so is this badge!

Then of course we have the GREENIE PATROL………….those of you who bravely guessed but were WRONG – you’re still winners in our eyes because you tried!  You each get one of these:

WHOOPS – I was WRONG with my Teaser Guess on July 7,2020 but I still won this badge – cool!

Well done class………………………it was a toughie (so we thought) so next week we’ll see if we can fool you !    It’s a challenge though – you all are getting very good at figuring out what to look for and doing research on your computers to figure out where the photo was taken.

Now how about the Cheer Team – I’m sure they want to congratulate you all……………

What a Teaser you Professors picked
I’m sure you thought the whole class was tricked
We had a TRIPLE PLAY for First Commenter this week
That means we have three cheeks to tweek!
Timmy, Sharon and Janet were QUICK as could be
In the school door they came, one, two, three
Then we waited to see who would guess the right place
Along came Timmy with “I KNOW IT” on his face!
So congrats to the winners of this week’s fun
Sorry dear students but we’ve gotta run!!!

Now it’s time to head to the cafeteria for lunch!!!    There are also some breakfast items if that floats your boat………………………..after class it’s pop on the bus and head for home………until same time next week!

I’m now wearing a face mask in accordance with School Board guidelines for cafeteria workers to protect YOU!   All of us got to choose what masks we wanted and I thought this one was almost a duplicate of my real smile.   Enjoy your lunch!

What’s for Eats:

Homeward bound until next Tuesday!   See you then Students!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tuesday Time!


Time For Class Students!   COMMENT then come to the classroom please!

“OK Team – good job sniffing out problems this morning – seems we’re all secure for class now!”

Can you believe it?  It’s Tuesday already……students – get comfy – we have a Guest Teaser today!

I’m ready for class – bring it on!

I’ve got my Sherlock outfit on – ready to solve a mystery!

OK then let’s start with the usual – RULES and BADGES…………………………

I’m DETERMINED to get a badge this week!

This is a very cool Teaser we have for you this week sent in by one of you in fact………………………….if you’re ready to see it – we’ll get our Photo Security Guard to bring it in!


Here’s today’s photos Professors – two views of the same place…..

So what do you think students?    See what you can come up with for this challenge OK?    Same structure – two similar views………………………. GOOD LUCK!

Cheer Team ?  I think our class probably needs a little cheeriness to begin figuring out where these photos were taken so – GO FOR IT……………………

You know the deal when we show up like this
Late for ballet class because of Suzie’s sis!
She said she’d drive us in her brand new van
But she hadn’t counted on backing up into the row of trash cans!
Anyway, we have to hurry so it’s a quickie cheer
We still have to stop on the way for a fortifying beer!
We’ll see you tomorrow when we cheer for the Tell All
So good luck students and have a ball !!!!


Well ladies that was one of your marginal cheers but a cheer nonetheless.   On your way – heaven forbid you all dancing in Swan Lake with a hangover but GOOD LUCK.


My cousin Mollye in her Halloween costume from last year

I’m thinking your ballet teacher will not be amused if you’re staggering around the studio!

Well students – I think about now you probably want a bit of lunch or breakfast in order to have enough strength to do a decent job of figuring out where on earth these two photos for Teaser were taken right?   In that case, let’s go!


Alright students!  Grab your trays and line up – everything is hot if it’s supposed to be and cold if it’s supposed to be so enjoy your meal!

What’s For Yum???


Teaser Tuesday Time


Students!  Time for class and time for you to COMMENT!

“Clowie’s Security Detail reporting in Professors – all is secure!”

Excellent that means we’re a “GO” for Teaser.    Looks like we have no absentees for class today – full house!

WOW….is it just me or has our class become VERY large lately?????

Let’s start with the basics – rules and badges – ready??

Now that the business is out of the way – who’s ready for the Teaser?




Alright then Security Guard – please bring on the Teaser photo for today…………..

Here’s today’s photo Professors!


OK students – come and get it……………where was this photo taken????     We’ll share details with you tomorrow…………our fabulous Mom  Graphics Department came up with this one for your enjoyment today.

What’s for lunch????

It’s coming shortly – keep  your fur on.    First we should have a cheer from the Cheer Team – right?

Here we are again on a Tuesday
You’re on your own – we have no CLUES-day!
We girls decided this one is EASY
Hopefully you won’t be bored and tired of TEASY!
There’s badges to win and geography to learn
Come on you smarties – time to take a turn!
We’ll find out tomorrow who is a smarty
Who knows maybe we’ll go out and party!

Oh heck – let’s go ahead and go to lunch now – raise your hand if your tummy is rumbling!

Looks like it’s a GO!

Off to the cafeteria we go – after lunch you can pop on your bus and we’ll see you all tomorrow for the badge presentation – good luck students.

Hello Charming Students…..time to fill your tummies with our fabulous breakfast/lunch choices!  

What Have We Got Today??

All aboard!!!    Heading home – we’ll see you in the morning!

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


Ready for us to TELL ALL class?   

Clowie and Company gave us the HIGH sign that all is secure so let’s get down to business shall we?     We promised you an easier Teaser this week after last week’s “DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM” Teaser…………….and apparently we DID find an easier one – that is if the number of RIGHT GUESSERS is any indication.


Let’s talk about FIRST COMMENTERS!!

We had FOUR – that’s what we said – FOUR………………………there was a crowd at the starting line yesterday for sure………………………wanna know who???


Jackie, Cecilia, Timmy and Sharon

You all should have masks on – and social distancing too!    Each of you FIRST COMMENTERS get one of these:

There were FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of June 16, 2020 and I was one of them!!

Yeah!  Everyone should be wearing one of these things – well maybe not like THIS but something similar!

Now let’s take another peek at the photo from yesterday provided by our GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT – then we’ll give you the particulars and let you know WHO was the first to figure the photo out.

Don’t ask us why our Mom thought this would be semi-tough…….our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER got it VERY quickly!   The photo is of a beach town in Southern California called Capitola!    Looks like Bermuda, or Mexico or lots of places doesn’t it.   Well wanna know who figured it out FIRST?

Drumroll Please!

Timmy!  (yes he was a double winner today!)

Congratulations Timmy!

Wait – what?  Who let this motley crew in here??????   Oh well – they’re cheering for you Timmy that’s what counts!  Here’s your winners badge for being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER:

WOWZERS! I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of June 16, 2020! YAY FOR ME!!!!

We had a LOT of others who guessed this one right – a LOT…………………..if you were one of them, please help yourself with a copy of this little gem with our congratulations!

I guessed the Teaser of June 16, 2020 CORRECTLY but I was not FIRST to be right. Maybe next week?!

Those of you who guessed but were wrong – well you still get a cool badge……………one of our new “GREENIES” !

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of June 16, 2020 BUT I tried – that’s the important thing!

Way to go class……………………..now let’s see what the Cheer Team came up with for a cheer this week……………do I have to tell you they were a little miffed at the FOUR First Commenters names I gave to them???   Well, they did their best to come up with a cheer………..

Holy Cow! We say WOW!
We had FIRSTIES and we’ll tell you now!
First Commenters were lined up at the front door
Jackie, Sharon, Cecilia, and one more…..
TIMMY was there as well for a First Commenter badge
Maybe we should reward him with a kiss from Madge?
Timmy wasn’t done cuz he was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER as well
Two badges for him and that really rings our bell!
Now if you’ll excuse us we will be on our way
Time to change clothes, hop on the Harleys and play!

Thanks girls………………you weren’t in too bad a mood when you wrote your cheer this week – I think you like to have a pile of names to jam into a cheer – you sure are good at it!


Let’s head to the cafeteria for our breakfast OR lunch shall we?    You all did well this week………………we’ll come up with another challenge for next Tuesday so keep on studying!

Happy Wednesday Students………please choose your favorites from the line – breakfast or lunch!


See you all next Tuesday in class!!!   Your Professors

Teaser Tuesday STARTS NOW!


Ding Dong – school bell ringing – report to class and COMMENT first!

“All secure – let’s report in to the Professors!!  Good job crew!”

Hello Students!   It’s that time again…..get comfy in your desk chairs and be ready to study a photo.   We didn’t award some of our NEW awards last week but we hope this week you all will do better – WE LIVE IN HOPE (haha).

“Well it’s not OUR fault you gave us an impossible photo last week!”

We know it was a toughie.  Believe me – we heard from just about the whole class that it was.  We don’t want things to be SUPER EASY for you either – it’s fun to research and figure out mysteries so this week we have another mystery but maybe you’ll figure this one out????

First up – rules and badges – ready?

Now as we said this week’s photo isn’t EASY but it’s not IMPOSSIBLE so put on your thinking caps, wear your newest prescription glasses so you can see well and warm your fingers and paws on your keyboard so you can do some searching for clues………………Security Guard – bring in this week’s photo please??

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Now there may be some clues in this photo to help you on your way but the deal is still the same – no peeking at your fellow student’s computer screens to see what they’re looking for and do your best OK?

The Cheer Team is here to help get you in the mood…………………..(for the Teaser of course!).

What a day for a ride and some nice fresh air
Even if our helmets mess up our hair
You’re stuck in class but your mission is FUN
Figure out the Teaser photo and be Number One!
We think you’re all smart and can figure this out
There’s nothing worse to see than students in a pout!
We’ll be back tomorrow to see who are “smarties”
Then we can celebrate with a Teaser Winners Party!!

I’m sure you’ve inspired class today to do their very BEST – meanwhile you girls be careful on those pink Harleys of yours……..no drinking and driving either!

“Gosh Professors, you are a couple of killjoys!!”

Well Suzie we just want you ladies to be careful OK?  Have fun but be careful – that’s not asking too much right?

“Yes girls – boogie on down the road responsibility OK?

Good advice Roscoe!

Now who’s up for lunch?    I’m sure you’re hungry – Miss D has some breakfast items and lunch items as well so you should find SOMETHING that tickles your fancy (or your tummy)!

The cafeteria staff has prepared some delicious dishes for your dining pleasure today – enjoy!

Today’s FABULOUS Choices:

Good Luck Students!  See you regular time tomorrow!! 

Your Professors