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Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


Teaser Class Is About To Begin!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED???

“All is well on school grounds – let’s go tell the Professors then head to the cafeteria!”

Our intrepid Security Guard and her team say we’re GOOD TO GO for Teaser today so let’s get things underway.      Yet again we will tell you that our intrepid and overworked (according to her them) Graphics Department came up with your Teaser photo of the day.      It’s an interesting photo we must admit – but is it TOUGH?   That remains to be seen!


Let’s review the rules shall we?    Also a peek at the badges we have for you today……………………….

Just think – soon we’ll have SPRING badges!   YAY!

Are you ready for the photo???    May we have our intrepid Photo Security Guard please with today’s challenge?


Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s today’s photo Professors!



If you’re the FIRST to guess correctly – you’ll get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge………………and you know you want one of those right?   Right!

“Well – it’s not like I don’t TRY every week – I just haven’t been FIRST…..YET!”

“I guess every week and see where it gets me???”

OK – let’s move on to our cheer of the day from the CHEERY CHEER TEAM!

Here we are to sing and shout
And hopefully inspire you to figure Teaser out
Winners get badges and losers get none
But even if you’re wrong you can still have fun!
Study the photo but don’t dare cheat
Or you may wind up in the classroom hot seat!
We’ll be back tomorrow with good news and bad
Badges or tears for the happy AND the sad!!

Thanks ladies…………..I’m sure you put some SPARK in everyone’s day – enough to shake loose some of their brain power and we’ll have a good crop of RIGHTIES tomorrow.    Meanwhile, shall we all head to the cafeteria for lunch?????

Hello Students!  It’s good to be back.  A little time off was most welcome and I think our substitute did a fine job of feeding all of you!

What’s On The Menu Today:




Teaser Tuesday Class


“Team good job!  Let’s report in to the Professors!”


A big thank you to Clowie and her team for their security check – we may be COLD but we’re safe!   Apparently there’s a heating problem here in the Sheep School.    You can keep your coats on if you need them students.

Looks like a lot of you have your “chill” on this morning like we do!   Well let’s get started.

Today’s Teaser is from our Graphics Department.     We do think this might be a bit of a challenge but you all surprise us all the time so we won’t say more.   Other than GOOD LUCK of course.

First let’s talk about the RULES for guessing and the BADGES you might win if you are lucky!

There you have it – that means we’re ready for teasing………………………Security?  How about bringing in the challenge of the day?

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where was this photo taken????   Remember – follow the rules please!

“Of course we’ll follow the rules!   We’re not a group of cheaters!”

Well we know that – we’re just reminding everyone.    Besides, you always get crabby when you either (a) haven’t won in a while or (b) need a diaper change.

Let’s see if our Cheer Team can warm everyone up this morning!

Another cold Tuesday is so depressing
Our usual jovial mood is slowly regressing
Hopefully you students are sharper than us
We’re thinking about hopping on a Florida-bound bus!
We’ll be back tomorrow to see how you’ve done
Meanwhile stay warm and HAVE SOME FUN!

Thanks Cheer Team – I see more smiles than frowns from the students so you cheered them up just fine.    Feel free to head to the hot tub in your changing room – we can have lunch sent over to you if you like!

Now – speaking of lunch – is anyone ELSE ready to cruise over to the cafeteria for something to eat?    GOOD – let’s go!    Miss Dingleberry is on vacation today and they have a substitute manager.

Hello Students!   Step right up for a munchable lunch!

GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!   See you in class tomorrow……….

Your Professors

Teaser Tuesday Class


TIME FOR TEASING!!   First you’d better COMMENT!

“Security Team reporting in Professors – all secure!!”

Thanks Clowie – you and your team sure look SHARP in your  new head gear!

Class, today we have a GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT photo for you to examine and figure out where it was taken.   Yep – and we’d better get right to it because our Graphics Department is super busy with appointments and stuff and doesn’t have as much time as USUAL to spend prepping us for class.

“Well……then let’s get goin’ !!”

Here are  the rules and the badges up for grabs today!!

ALRIGHTY THEN!!!!!    Let’s get our photo security guard to bring the photo in – shall we???

“So hurry up – I’m hungry for lunch!!”

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where was this photo taken??????   

Now it’s your turn to study it and figure it out and guess!    While you’re studying, the Cheer Team will CHEER FOR YOU!

Yes we’re taking the Harleys out today
Don’t worry – well be back tomorrow we don’t plan to stay.
We’re riding to the mountains for some nice fresh air
And feel the breeze blowing through our hair (well…fur actually)
Your job is to figure out where the photo was taken
We hope you’ll be right and NOT mistaken!
We’ll see you tomorrow when can cheer for the winners
Come on now students you’re experts not beginners!

You girls better bundle up – it’s COLD out there!!!    You may be “hot chicks” but the weather is going to cool you down mighty quick.     See you tomorrow – and be careful!

“Hey girls – Can I ride along????”

No you may not ride along Seymour.  You are supposed to be studying the photo and participating in class!   Park that bike outside and get back in here!!!!

Now – who’s up for lunch????????????????????????????

WOW – look at all those hands!   We’d better head to the cafeteria!

OK Students!   Head on down the cafeteria line – we’re ready to fill your plates!!

Today’s Menu:

GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!   See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser for Pre-Christmas Class


I hear bells!   Not sleigh bells but school bells!

“OK Troops – perimeter check completed – let’s get inside where it’s warm!!”

Happy Tuesday Gang…….ready for some teasing – did you COMMENT yet?


Another week closer to seeing the jolly old fat man in the red suit – No – I’m not talking about someone from the Fire Department – I’m talking about Mr. Claus!    I’m sure all of you students have made a wish and checked it twice to  make sure all the stuff you want Santa to bring you is present and accounted for.    Time is running out you know.    You may work on your lists during Free Period today if you haven’t done one yet.   

Now – let’s get going with the Teaser.     Last week we had a Christmas-related photo and this week we have the same.   Here are the rules and the badges we have for you today:

“Alright students – sit up straight in your desk chairs – anyone caught sleeping will get a demerit!!”

“Pssst – Rodney – WAKE UP or you’re gonna get in trouble!!”

“I’m awake and weady…..I mean READY!”

Today’s Teaser is a Graphics Department find…………….another photo that sends shivers up our spines since we so far have NOT had to put up with any of that white stuff called snow – we know it’s just a matter of time but so far so good.    Security – would you bring in the photo puleeeeeeeeeze?

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where in the wide world is this?????

“Hey – I’m a garden gnome – not one of Santa’s elves!”

Cheer Team – how about a rowzing cheer to get this group ready for guessing the Teaser?

Waiting time for Christmas is almost up!
If you’ve got those presents you’d better wrap them up!
But before you wrap you’d better check out the Teaser
You’re lucky to be inside the class cuz outside is like a freezer!
These silly costumes they make us wear
Are lacking class or any flair!
But we’re doing our job and cheering you on
So don’t make us sorry we got up at dawn!
A big thanks to Sarge for helping us out
Cindy Sue’s laryngitis won’t allow her to shout!
Now get to work and make your guess
Remember Santa Claus is hard to impress!

Time to head to the cafeteria students!  If you prefer, you can stay here and study……Line up!

“Hey buster no cutting in line!!”

Happy Tuesday Students!   My staff and I hope you enjoy your lunch today!

Tuesday’s Menu:

We’ll see you in class tomorrow students!  Good luck on the Teaser!!   

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser for Thanksgiving


Greetings Students…….ready for our Pre-Thanksgiving Teaser??


It’s that time of the year here in the US of A when everyone is starting to think about TURKEYS and trimmings of all kinds.    Even your Professors are looking forward to that since we have been invited to attend the festivities at the Graphics Department’s house this year.    Mom They are putting on a nice spread of Thanksgiving delights.     Much like you will find in the Cafeteria today for lunch courtesy of Miss Dingleberry and staff.

Now – let’s get down to business.     We have a GUEST TEASER for you today.    And it actually has a “HINT” to help you so you don’t get eyestrain trying to see the details of the photo.    Nice of us to provide you with a hint right?    Before we show you that, let’s show you the rules and the badges shall we????

We noticed a few of you wore costumes today in honor of Thanksgiving!  

You don’t look particularly HAPPY in your costumes but you do look cute!

Now let’s get the Security Guy in here with the photo for you to begin studying it…………..

Here’s today’s photo Professors!


Since we didn’t think you’d be able to tell what that tall object in the background is, we did a little “insert” to give you a peek at what it is.    That’s all the help you get though.    

“Gosh…….it’s still a toughie Teaser!!”

Maybe the Cheer Team can Cheer you up????????

Here we are looking silly
Tossing turkeys willy nilly
It’s our duty to be all cheery
But keeping this headgear straight makes is weary!
Anyway we wish you lucky as you study and guess
Your Professors expect perfection and deserve no less
We are thankful for the Profs, all of you, and Miss D
Now lets all head to the cafeteria for a lunch that’s FREE!

Thanks ladies…………………sounds like a good idea to us…………..we’re ready to have a pre-Thanksgiving feast in the cafeteria too……………………………..!   

It’s Thanksgiving Feast time students………….we hope we have your favorites – enjoy!

Menu Features:

See you tomorrow class!!!  Your Professors………………..GOOD LUCK!