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Tuesday Teaser Class In Session!!


We’re BAAAAACK!   Make sure and COMMENT then have a seat!

Clowie and her Security Team sounded the “all clear” for safety – no introoders around – THANK YOU SECURITY TEAM!

We know it’s not Halloween yet but the School Board wants us to make things “festive” for all of you for the month of October.   

Today we’re back from our little break along with our Graphics Department, and ready to tease you with photos for Teaser from a GUEST TEASER.    There are TWO photos actually – one of which may give things away but then again SOMEONE has to guess right no matter how many photos we give you right?

I’m ready to be teased AND thought I’d try out my costume too!

First, let’s give you a refresher course on the RULES for Teaser and the badges that are up for grabs this week!

Now it’s time for us to bring in the guard with today’s TEASER photos!    Ready?

Here’s today’s Teaser photos Professors!

The ornament is on the gate to this bridge…………….but WHERE is the bridge located???    That’s the question!!!    We’ll find out who the winners and losers are tomorrow for our TELL ALL!

Cheer Team – – – you’re ON!

Now that it’s October
We promise to stay sober!
No more bar hops and beer
Won’t be long until Christmas is here!
Santa won’t be happy
If we don’t start acting snappy!
So let’s hope the best for you lot
Let’s hope your answers are all hot
Tomorrow we’ll tell you who wins
When the fickle finger of fate spins.
Good luck to all girls and geezers
Tuesday is fun thanks to TEASERS!

Rrrrrrriiiipppp!  (Darn, Sarge just had those pants fixed!)

Poor Sarge!

So we will be seeing you tomorrow for the Tell All – meanwhile study hard and try to figure out WHERE the photos were taken………………..YOU might be a winner tomorrow!   Shall we head to the cafeteria for lunch????


Greetings Teaser Class!   Time for lunch and we thought we’d have another “food from around the world” menu for you!   Enjoy choosing some favorites or some new things you’ve not had before!

Today’s International Delights:

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See you all tomorrow for the TELL ALL!  

Your Professors……………….


Tuesday Teaser Time!



OK Team – we can go in and report to the Professors that all is well on the school grounds!   

Then we’ll guard the door and THEN we’ll head to the cafeteria for lunch!   

Happy Tuesday Class!  HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?   You’d better do that NOW then have a seat!

Happy day two of Fall!    We’re hoping to get a cool down (it was 94 here yesterday) and some rain (haven’t seen that in well over a week) but in the meantime, we have Ding Dong School to keep us busy right?

Our Teaser today is from our oh-so-fab Graphics Department.    Hopefully it will provide you with more than enough “stumping” material so that you will have to give it some thought before you figure it out.

It better not be too hard or I’ll get pretty grumpy!

And I’ll just get MAD!

And I’ll get depressed!

OK – you’ve all made your point.   I hope this will be an EASY TEASER.    First let’s show you the rules and badges – ready?

When we say in #2 rule “don’t use a computer program to tell you” we mean programs like GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH – it can recognize a photo and tell you where it is (if the image is on the internet) – we’d like you NOT to use that – use your imagination to figure it out!!

Now you know what you’ll perhaps WIN and how to give a proper guess.     Let’s get on with the show then.    Let’s get the PA system to request our Teaser Guard to bring in today’s photo shall we?


Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!

Where was this photo taken?   What planet?  (just kidding – it looks pretty much like Earth to us!)………………follow the rules posted above and GOOD LUCK!   Tomorrow we’ll let you know where the Graphics Department dug this one up (haha) and pass out the badges.


Cheer Team?   Want to whip the students into a frenzy of studying?   Come on in!!

Scooby doo and rah rah rah
And toss in a little sis boom bah!
Here we are to give a cheer
To de-fuzz your brain so the answer will be clear!
Maybe tomorrow we’ll be cheering your name?
This might just be your claim to fame!
So study it well and give it your best
Whatever you do don’t fall asleep at your desk!

Thanks gang………….now you can go for a ride on your Harleys – or go to the beach and get tanned (remember your sunscreen) – or go shopping – or look for Halloween costumes (won’t be long now!).    We’ll see you tomorrow.

Yes Audrey?   You say you’re hungry?  Well let’s go to the cafeteria shall we?

Hello Teaser Class!   Ready for some lunch?   Step right up!

Today’s Ding Dong Delicious Lunch:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you all tomorrow for the awards !!!!

Professor Angel Sammy and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser Class In Session!


Greetings Students!   You may enter and COMMENT!

Our ACE perimeter and school grounds patrol group reports that all is well and they will continue to patrol while we are in session.   Isn’t it a wonderful SAFE feeling having them around?????  (and besides – they’re all adorable).

I feel safe and secure………I also think Clowie is very attractive!  Hubba Hubba……..

I agree about Clowie…..I’ve never been attracted to woofies but there’s something about a girl in a uniform!

OK now let’s get down to business………………..today’s Teaser was suggested by one of our classmates’ Mom although the photo we are using isn’t from her.    So we are giving her credit as our GUEST TEASER and she will get a special badge tomorrow in class.

Here are the rules for guessing today……….AND the badges you might win!

And since Thursday is “TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY” in the blogosphere, we have pirate-themed badges for you to win and for us to pass along tomorrow (even though it’s a day early!):

Some of us will be in pirate costumes by order of the Principal for class tomorrow so no giggling – got it?????

Let’s quickly (!) bring in our Teaser Security guard to show you today’s photo shall we????

Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!

OK GANG – here’s your Teaser – Where SPECIFICALLY was this photo taken?????  Hmmmm???   

Time for the Cheer Team to be front and center and get you all in the mood to figure the Teaser out………..you  might think you know this one but be sure before you GUESS OK???????

We’re flying by on our way out for a cruise
We hope you’re all winners because you don’t want to lose!
Study the photo until your eyes go blank
You know if you’re wrong you’ll be walking the plank!
We’ll be back tomorrow in our pirate gear
We’ll be carrying swords so you’d better stay clear!

OK girls…………enjoy your rides – it’s a beautiful day……….I’m sure you’ve inspired everyone to do their best when they make their guess – nobody wants to walk the plank in shark-infested waters on some deserted island right?

WHAT??????  SHARKS??????? 

OK students – let’s head to the cafeteria for lunch……………………..and then you can come back and study for tomorrow’s TELL ALL CLASS!

Happy Teaser Tuesday Students…..time for you to have lunch and get up the energy to GUESS the Teaser!

What’s On The Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!  See you bright and early in class tomorrow! 


Tuesday Teaser Class!


Good Morning Students!   Have you COMMENTED?    Better do it!   

Captain Clowie and her elite corps of guard pups have completed a perimeter patrol and have reported that there are no hooligans lurking around the Ding Dong Sheep School compound.   Isn’t it great to know they are ON THE JOB?????

Today we do our weekly peek at photos and see what we can figure out as to WHERE the photos were taken.    We get to learn more about the world, AND our humans find some spots they might like to visit one day!     Fun huh?

The only traveling I wanna do is from my high chair to my crib for a nap – or else I get very cranky!

Well you’re the exception to the rule……….most of our students LOVE to figure out the Teaser photo.  So let’s remind everyone how to do the guessing AND show everyone the FABULOUS badges they can win and show off on their blogs if they get one (or two!).

Wake me when the rules and badges thing is over with…..I know that stuff by heart!


Today’s photo is a goodie…………our fabulous Graphics Department came up with this one…………..are you ready?   Let’s bring it in and post it on the board!

Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!

Cool huh?     Give it your best shot students – you  might win a badge!     Our Cheer Team is here now to get everyone pumped up so you’ll be anxious to make your guesses!  Tomorrow we’ll have our “TELL ALL” to let you know who wins what……………

We just saw the photo you got for a Teaser
It’s a real toughie – a true heart squeezer!
Good luck is all we’ve got to say
We think this photo is spooky anyway!
Is that place haunted or full of ghosts?
Not a good spot for a hot dog roast!
We’ll be back tomorrow to see how you did
You’ll each get a “SORRY!” or a “CONGRATS SMART KID!”

Thanks girls…………………we’ll see you tomorrow…………….

Sigh……those girls are EVER so cute!!!

What say we end our class today with a trip to the cafeteria?   That is unless you prefer to stay here and study and get frustrated and upset because you can’t figure the Teaser out!    Everyone who’s gonna eat – follow us!

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Greetings students – are you ready to chow down?   We have a lot of goodies on the cafeteria line for you today.  Our cooks have been hard at work trying to make things that you will enjoy for lunch!    

Today’s Menu Du Jour

Until tomorrow!!!   Good luck………….your professors

Tuesday Teaser Time!


Good Morning Students!!  Have you COMMENTED yet?

As soon as you have – and stopped at the bathroom if you need to do so – then follow Miss Marge’s voice over the loudspeaker and come to Geography Class and take a seat.    We have a photo for you today with a TWIST.

I know how to twist! 

No not that kind of twist.   It’s just a slightly unusual view of the place we’re featuring on Teaser today.   ANYWAY, where was I – oh yes – we always show you the rules which you already know and the badges which you are familiar with before we begin so let’s get that stuff out of the way.

I’m DETERMINED today – do I look determined???


Alright – that’s what we like around here – DETERMINATION!    Let’s see how well that determination translates to GUESSING CORRECTLY shall we???    But first, a word from the Cheer Team who wants to make sure you are UP for the competition today!

It’s Tuesday and we’re oh so happy
Last Tuesday’s Teaser was far from snappy
Nobody guessed it and what a shame
Nobody got the winners badge and claim to fame!
Today we feel like you’ll have more luck
We even thought along our pet good luck duck!
So get those thinking caps on and get yourselves busy
While we head for the bar and get something fizzy!

Thanks for getting everyone psyched up for the photo today ladies……………….oh and you may take your lucky duck with you.  I think he’s made an impression on the students already!

Just call me “LUCKY” !

Now if we can have the security guard bring in today’s photo – we’ll get on with the show!

Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!

Thank you Rusty – and GOOD LUCK STUDENTS……………….

Alright Students…………….GO FOR IT!   


Yes – that’s what we said…………..anyway – if you want to stay and study and agonize over the photo then please do but if you’re hungry (which we are) time to head to the cafeteria!!   Remember Tomorrow’s class will be the TELL ALL and you’ll find out where this beauty was taken and WHAT’S going on!

Greetings students!   Today is “Food From Around The World” day – delicious selections of all types – something for everyone we hope.   

Today’s ‘Round The World Menu!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


See you tomorrow gang!!  

Your Professors