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Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


“Hi Officer Kitty – we’ve circled the property and found no introoders – we’ll tell the Professors to proceed with class!”

Word is we’re a GO for class – so if you haven’t COMMENTED yet – you’d better do it!

Thanks to Clowie and her Team and our new “Sargent at Arms” at the front door for their quick reports this morning.    Now we’ll get class started.    First thing to tell everyone is that today we have a GUEST TEASER.    So buckle up – it might be a bumpy ride for some of you as you figure out WHERE on earth (yes this one is on planet Earth) the photo was taken.

Let’s share the RULES of guessing – and the badges that are up for grabs today:

Perhaps this week we won’t only be able to award TWO badges like we did last week – just the “I GUESSED WRONG” and “FIRST COMMENTER” badges were given to classmates last week as it was an impossible Teaser !!    Maybe this week’s will be easier.

“It better be easier than that one last week!!!”

Before we get going we have an announcement…………..yet again Ding Dong School will be moving to a new building in the near future.   It’s not far from here so our school buses will take the same amount of time to pick you all up and bring up to class AND take you home again.     We have several designs in mind – and we’d enjoy your input.    Please let us know which of the below looks like a place you could call your own (school that is….not home!):

Design #1

Design #2

Design #3

Design #4

Design #5

Now on with the show……………….here’s today’s TEASER photo and remember – it’s a GUEST TEASER……………so EXTRA good luck!

Where was this photo taken??

“I bet the Evil Squirrel guy who tells us about the man-eating otters at some of these Penitentiary spots you show us would say this is a barracks for the man-eating otters at the world famous “Boring Building Penitentiary” !!!

Well that could be but we’ll have to wait and see won’t we!    Meanwhile, let’s hear from our Cheer Team……………………

Are we really getting a brand new school?
We think that is super cool!
Another excuse to get new uniforms we think
We’re up for anything as long as it’s not pink!
This Teaser looks to be a bit tough
But we know you students are made of strong stuff!
Get the lead out and give it your best
Prove to the Profs you’re better than the rest!!!!!!

Well now that was inspiring………………………..let’s head to the cafeteria for lunch………..I think a little lunch will make everyone happier and more alert…………I see a couple of students in the back who need some help staying awake!

Well we’re excited that we might get a new cafeteria!    Meanwhile enjoy lunch in the HERE AND NOW

Lunch Menu:



Teaser Tuesday Class


“Welcome Students – come on in and comment in orderly fashion please!”

“All is well on campus – let’s tell the Professors then have breakfast”

Happy Tuesday Students – MAKE SURE AND COMMENT then have a seat!

Our wonderful Security team – from the front door greeting with Kitty the Cop to our grounds security with Clowie and company say all is well – so let’s get this class started shall we?     I know that you all know the rules by now but we always like to show them just in case we have a new student attending school………..

“New students?   The more the merrier I say!!”


The badges you might win today if you’re a lucky duck (or cat, or dog, or human, or BIRD, or WHATEVER!)

So now you know what you might be able to win – one of our (according to some of you) SCARY badges!!!    LOL    Seriously though, we hope you are able to guess today’s Teaser because it is absolutely one of the TOUGHEST Teasers we’ve ever had AND it’s a “GUEST TEASER”.


Well let’s see what you all think – and we have THREE photos of this place to give you as you figure out what to guess……………..

See what we mean?   Could be just about anywhere – and it’s your job to narrow it down to WHERE.     Tomorrow we’ll see how good your investigative skills are AND we’ll tell you who sent the TOP photo in – the bottom two we added to give you some extra assistance in figuring this one out!

Holy Smokes – this is a real toughie!

Cheer Team?  You’re needed ASAP – our class looks dazed and confused………………….can you help?   Give them a rowsing cheer so they will get some EXTRA “Guessing Energy” for this one!

Holy Mackerel this is a doozy
Just looking at the photos makes us woozy
Where could this be we have to wonder
Could be summer at the north pole or maybe “down under” !
You all are smarties though and we all know it
So be real BRAINIACS and don’t be afraid to show it!
Tomorrow we’ll be back with winners of this TEASE
So you all stop crying and get to work pretty please?????

Even the Cheer Team thinks you all need extra encouragement for this Teaser………………I can see by your faces that you DO need it!

Yep – that expression says it all!

Now maybe is a good time to go to the cafeteria and get some lunch to sustain you through the process of figuring the Teaser out…………….so follow us – and get a hearty lunch to help you have the energy to get your guesses in before class tomorrow.

Come on in students and Professors – nice and cool in the cafeteria and we have some good lunch choices for you today!  

Today’s Lunch Goodies:

Good Luck Class!!

Tuesday Teaser Class


“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  Let’s tell the Profs we’re safe for another day at school!”

“Hearty Greetings to the student body!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?”

You all know by now that’s the first order of business when you arrive here on Tuesday mornings.    SO, make sure you do then have a seat and let’s get started!


Today we have a regular Teaser for you – no surprises – no faces to recognize, just good old fashioned “WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN” fun!    Let’s review the rules, show you the badges and GO FOR IT.

Yep – different badges.     Just for a change.    Now – are you all ready to see today’s TEASER photo?????


OK – Mr. Photo Security Guy – “COME ON DOWN”

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

Where Was This Photo Taken??

Tomorrow we’ll find out how well you did guessing this one.    Now shall we listen to the Cheer Team as they CHEER YOU ON???

Those chicks know how to shake it without breakin’ it!

Hello students we’re here to say
We wish you luck in class on Tuesday
The Teaser this week is EASY we think
But maybe our Teaser antenna is on the blink!
All you can do is just study it for clues
We want you to win a badge and not get the blues
GO GO GO gang and please don’t disappoint!
Now come on Cheer Team – let’s blow this joint!

We know you’re in a hurry to ride your Harleys or go to the Grumpy Cat Bar or SOMETHING so go ahead and go and we’ll see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

“OK Chicks – let’s burn rubber!”

How about lunch everyone?  Maybe some food will help you think better on the Teaser.    Couldn’t hurt right?

Welcome to the cafeteria students!  We’re ready for you – step right up!

What’s On the Menu:

See you tomorrow for TELL ALL!

Your Professors…………..good luck!


Teaser Tell All


It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood – let’s check out Teaser Class!

Here we are – ready to announce winners and get the Teaser “scoop” !

Seems like that was a pretty darn good Teaser yesterday.    We’ll tell you WHERE the photo was taken and who sent the photo in to us to use in just a bit but first, let’s talk FIRST COMMENTER shall we??

Yep – GOOD LUCK Buddy!




Yes – we only  had ONE FIRST COMMENTER in the first sixty seconds of class yesterday.    I know our Cheer Team was thrilled about that – last week we wore them out with SIX First Commenters.     YAY INGRID – give her a RAH RAH RAH!

AND we have a badge for you too Ingrid:

I was the one and only FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser post of May 11, 2021! I was an EARLY BIRD!

Then we actually waited a bit before we got the first correct guess of location for the photo yesterday.    Before we tell you who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, we’ll let you know WHO submitted the photo and show you the photo that you all agonized over yesterday.

Our Guest Teaser Was Miss Jackie!  Here’s the photo:

This is a photo of the beautiful water cascade in Montjuvic Park (Olympic Park) in Barcelona, Spain!     Beautiful spot but a great Teaser because there are a lot of water features like this around.    Let’s thank Miss Jackie THEN tell you who guessed it first.

My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER of May 11, 2021. It’s the water cascade in Montjuvic Park in Barcelona, Spain. WOO HOO!


Miss Katty and the Weim Boys!

Congratultions…..and here’s your badge:

YAY FOR US…..we were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS on the Teaser photo post of May 11, 2021. Yeah – we’re SMART students!


Speaking of winners – several more of you guessed correctly on the Teaser and each of you who were right get this badge:

I guessed the Teaser photo on May 11, 2021 but I was NOT the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER this week. Maybe next week I will be FASTER!

If you guessed but were wrong – here’s one for you!!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser photo for class on May 11, 2021 but at least I TRIED!!!

WAY TO GO CLASS……..good job.    Our Cheer Team wants to do a cheer in honor of our winners………………..They’re doing it via ZOOM so watch the screen at the front of the class.

We took a break from playing pool
We’re at Grumpy Cat taking a break from school
Thank heavens we can see you with ZOOM
So we don’t have to be there in the stuffy classroom!
Congrats to Ingrid as she was First Commenter to come to class
She got to class on time and was full of sass!
It was a little while later that our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER showed up
It was KATTY and her WEIMS – a smart human and her pups!
Now if you’ll pardon us we really must depart
It’s almost time for the Pub Quiz to start!!

Thanks ladies…………we see you decided to wear your OLD uniforms to the Pub – will they be your “pub crawling outfits” now that you have fancy new uniforms???    GOSH, they signed off of Zoom pretty quick so I guess they didn’t want to miss any of the Pub Quiz.

SO – let’s head to the cafeteria for lunch shall we?    You all need a food break – I hear there are some breakfast items on the cafeteria line today because Miss Dingleberry tells me a lot of you SKIP breakfast to be at school on time.    So make sure you have SOMETHING to keep your brains in gear.   That’s important.

“Buenos Dias!”  Welcome to the cafeteria students – enjoy your meal!   We’re featuring Mexican food today but have a little bit of everything on the menu!

Our Menu:

See you next week students!!

Professors Angel Sammy and  Teddy


Teaser Class In Session!



“School Ground Secure!  Let’s report in gang then go get some lunch!”

Welcome to Class!   HAVE YOU COMMENTED  YET?

Here we are again…………ready for another exciting Teaser Tuesday class.     As we did last week, we have another REAL WHOPPER of a Teaser for you.    This is another GUEST TEASER too.     We hope you’re rested up and ready for teasing.

“I just had my third nap of the morning and a diaper change and I’m READY!”

Uhhhhh….well that’s good – thank you for that news update Bobby.

Here’s a little review of our TEASER CLASS RULES…………..make sure you read them – the most important thing is making sure you give a complete guess according to the rules.

AND, here are the Spring Badges – all shined up and ready for you to win tomorrow!

You could be the proud owner of one of the above badges – all depends on how you do with the Teaser and we’re about to show you today’s WHOPPER………….Photo Security?  Please report to TEASER CLASS:

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!

See what we mean?   Definitely Whopper material……….how many rivers/lakes/woodsy places are there on Planet Earth huh?   Lots.   It’s your job to figure out where THIS ONE IS!


No it’s not……it’s a real photo and your job is to figure out where it was taken – before midnight tonight!   Now take a deep breath and study the photo.     Cheer Team?  I think your services are especially needed to pump a little life into the shell shocked classroom today.

We see why you’re all upset
This Teaser’s as hard as it gets!
But we think you’re up to the task
Just take a swig out of your flask (haha)
Take your time and scrutinize
Study, stare and analyze
We’re SURE that you can do it
So we’ll shut up now so you can GET TO IT!

Thanks ladies – I’m sure you cheered everyone up a whole bunch.     If THAT doesn’t cheer them up – maybe lunch in the cafeteria will work????????


Welcome to the cafeteria students!   No shoving in line – we’re ready to serve!