Pre-Teaser Monday


Time for School!!!

Don’t let the bell stop ringing and find you still running down the hall to class!!

Sarge is not amused when kids are LATE……!!!

Good thing we got here on time huh?  Gosh Norman – you practicing for Halloween or are you channeling Elvis this morning?   And how about you Randy – you know this isn’t Hogwarts School right?????    You guys better watch out – the Professors are coming down the hall!!!!!

Good Morning Class!   Time to get ready for your test tomorrow.  

I see a few of you are “testing” out your Halloween outfits……Well as you know, this year Halloween is on a TEASER TUESDAY – the 31st so we WILL be wearing Halloween outfits to school that day, and that goes for teachers too!

Let’s talk Teaser now……….tomorrow we will be showing a photo to everyone and it will be up to YOU to figure out where the photo was taken………… are the rules for the fun!

  1. When you make a guess as to where the photo was snapped you must tell us what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) the photo was taken.  OK?
  2. We always ask everyone not to use any kind of online help when they guess – using GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH or any other program that you can just load up the photo and be TOLD where it was taken – well – that just plain is no fair now is it?!?!    We want you to use your imagination, use your mind, use your brains, and FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN!!

We also have a contest FIRST THING when you arrive tomorrow – you get a special BADGE if you are the FIRST TO COMMENT on the post in the morning!   Last week we had FIVE FIRST COMMENTERS all chiming in within the very first sixty seconds after we went live!   FIVE!    No way can we beat that record…..or can we????!!!    Anyway, make sure and comment when you get here before you sit down in your desk OK?     You will get this if you are first (or one of the first):

Then on Wednesday you will find out who our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was, what other students ALSO guessed RIGHT but weren’t FIRST, and of course who guessed INCORRECTLY and win the GREENIE badge!

Now to get you all FIRED UP and in the mood for tomorrow’s GUESSING, let’s see if Suzie has recovered from her bumper crop of FIRST COMMENTERS last week and is ready to PUMP UP THE VOLUME!

Last Tuesday wore me out
I could barely move or shout
This week I’m feeling rested
I’m ready to be tested!
So mind your P’s and Q’s
And prepare to look for clues
The photo might be tricky
But you students can’t be picky
Whatever the Profs want to show
You guys just better KNOW!
Rest up and no late parties
Be on time and show off your smarties!!!!

Thanks Suzie!   We’ll see what happens in the morning when we our Teaser post goes live – – – oh yeah – – – I forgot to tell all of you if you don’t already know that we post the Teaser Post at an UNKNOWN TIME – We know when we’ll post it but YOU won’t……….it won’t be the regular blog post time – OH NO THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY!    It’s a surprise time so WATCH OUT!

If Miss Dingleberry is in a good mood tomorrow she MIGHT have a pre-recess snack for you.  

No promises though – you know how she is!

Sleep Well Students!  

Professor Angel Sam and Assistant Ted




Teaser Tell All


Come And Get It!!

There you have it – another successful Tuesday Teaser came and went – or is about to “went” – and we all survived it!   YAY!   We had some winners and some losers and we Professors are here to tell you WHICH is WHICH.

BUT FIRST – we want to thank our Guest Teaser who was this week our friend Miss Csilla from HERE for submitting the Teaser photo this week!    This is for you Miss Csilla!

For Csilla for the FAB Teaser photo from September 5, 2017

I’ll show you the photo again and tell you all about it but before I do that, let’s continue with some awards shall we?????    The FIRST COMMENTER was actually TWO bloggers who tied for FIRST COMMENTER…………..WHoooooooo (that’s my best owl impression) were they???    Miss Sharon from FRIENDS FUREVER and Miss Csilla (yes again!) from KOLYTYI !   Both of you get one of these:

For Csilla and Sharon, both FIRST COMMENTERS on September 5, 2017

Now here’s the photo from yesterday………………….a beautiful structure yes?   The BEST part of it was that it looks a lot like a NUMBER of cathedrals in the world – notably Notre Dame as well as several others.

It is, however, the beautiful Basilica De Santa Maria Del Mar in Barcelona, Spain!    If you’d like to see some more photos – particularly of the interior of the Basilica, you can follow THIS LINK  to enjoy the beauty.

Wanna know who guessed it FIRST?    Because we DID have a couple of others guess it correctly, but there is only ONE FIRST and that was Miss Jackie of TWODEVONCATS!

Woo Hoo!

For Jackie of TWODEVONCATS on September 5, 2017

And everyone ELSE who guessed Barcelona, Spain gets this one:

For Teaser of September 5, 2017

And of course for all of you who guessed INCORRECTLY……………….how about a little GREEN to add to your collection?

For Teaser of September 5, 2017

I do believe our little fireball, SuzieQ wants to thank you all and recognize you all in her SPECIAL way!

Csilla and Sharon
You’re two fast chicks!
I’m sure everyone here would like to know your tricks!
Maybe you’re psychic and feel the vibes from the post?
While everyone else is having their toast?
And Miss Jackie your travels took you near this church
You were FAST to guess first leaving everyone else in the lurch!
You all are good students
Paying attention in school
That means Sarge won’t have to smack you with the GOLDEN RULE(r)…..hahaha

Thanks a bunch Suzie…………..I do believe that you were missed in Monday’s Pre-Tease class.   We had a substitute who got “mixed reviews” !!!

Now before we dismiss class for recess, we have some other business to conduct so just be patient in your seats and quit squirming around………….except for you Bobby because I can see a look of desperation on your face and know why you’re squirming – you’re excused for the litterbox facilities!

(frantically waving)

These are reminders for your humans so remember to pass them on when you get home from school today!





See you next week students!  

Professor Angel Sammy

and Assistant Professor Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


Time For Class!

Settle into your desk chairs now everyone – put away your paper airplanes, gum, cell phones, and press the “ON” button on your brains because you will need them this morning!

Before we go any further – please remember to COMMENT on this post – why?  Because you might be the first one to make a comment of any kind and if you ARE, you will win this:

Sarge will escort you to the COMMENT area, then hurry back OK?

tick tock tick tock

Alright students – let’s get back into the classroom!

Today’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER and tomorrow we’ll tell you WHO gave us the photo.    But your mission stays the same as always – to figure out WHERE this photo was taken and use the following classroom rules please (or Sarge will make you stand in the corner with the dunce cap on!).

  1. We must know in what town/city/village as well as what STATE (if in USA) or COUNTRY (if not in USA) the photo(s) were taken.
  2. We ask that you NOT use Google Image Search to get the answer because – well – JUST BECAUSE!

Got it?   OK – let’s bring on Suzie to pep you up!

OK class let’s give it a go!
Rev your engines – don’t go slow!
Study the photos I’m sure you will try
If you don’t make the effort you might make me cry!
Examine and look close and try your best
You might win a badge to “feather your nest” !
If yesterday’s eclipse didn’t burn up your eyes
Maybe Miss Dingleberry will serve up some fries!!!!


OK Suzie – that was one of your SHORTER cheers but the message was clear……………and I just know that nobody wants you to cry – you’re scary enough when you’re in a bad mood – if you’re depressed heaven only knows how you’ll be.

What’s Up For Grabs

If you make a guess and you are the FIRST to be right with that guess (WOO HOO) you will win this:

If you make a CORRECT guess but you’re not the first one to do so, you win one of these:

If you are WRONG – you tried but didn’t hit a homerun, make a touchdown, score a goal (tee hee), you get one of these:

So now you know what’s at stake, how about we bring in our fabulous MAN WITH THE PHOTO – the guy whose job it is to guard the top secret Teaser photo(s) from week to week – let’s have a big hand for Mr. Silver Briefcase!!!!!!


Here’s this week’s photo Professor!


Tomorrow we will have our Teaser Tell All and we will tell you WHO our Guest was and where the photo was taken – I’ll also show you some MORE photos from this place!

SO, let’s get guessing students…….

If you’re wondering what Miss D has in store for you today – it’s PIZZA DAY!

No pushin, shoving, being rude, and no dirty hands – I’m gonna be INSPECTING them before you can have your pizza! Also NO FRIES TODAY – Suzie should have checked with me first before she did her cheer!!!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

No getting greasy stuff all over the monkey bars you all!!

I’m the Playground Monitor today – I’ll give anyone who makes a mess with their pizza THE EVIL EYE!

Professor Angel Sam and Assistant Ted

Pre-Tease Monday


Hello Students!

The school bell is ringy-ding-dinging so FRONT AND CENTER to your desks please!   The eclipse won’t be happening until AFTER you go home today so you needn’t stand around in the schoolyard WAITING for it – COME ON IN!

Let’s see some HUSTLE !!

Today we prepare for tomorrow’s weekly TEST.    You will be presented with a photo and asked to examine it, agonize over it, and tell us WHERE the photo was taken.    Could be anywhere in the wide world and your mission (should you decide to accept it) is to figure out WHERE somebody snapped it – what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE and what STATE or COUNTRY!

Furthermore, we always ask that you NOT use Google Image Search to figure it out because – well – we’d prefer everybody be on the SAME playing field and have the same chance to guess.   If you just stick the image in image search you find it out and you really haven’t TRIED on your own to figure things out.   It’s more fun to figure right?  Right!

Now the other thing is the post will pop up at some time other than the usual – like this blog post has – it can be ANY TIME AT ALL……….OK?    Early – Late – In Between……..ANY time.

If you are the very first person to comment when the post appears well then you lucky lucky soul, you get a badge!!!!!   This one in fact!

So be ALERT!

Now class, I asked SuzieQ to come this morning to give you a cheer to get you in the proper mood for Teasing tomorrow…………..nobody can do that better than she can – right?

Gimme a T and an E
(I’m single and free)
Gimme an A and an S
(I’m a cutie so confess!)
Gimme an E and an R
(I would love a new car!)
What’s it spell?
TEASER that’s what you dummy!
Oops I’m sorry about my sass
I promised to behave in class
But sometimes I can’t be quiet
And my cheers just cause a riot!
I’ll be here again in the morning –
This is your customary warning!

Ok Suzie – thanks for the CUSTOMARY WARNING.   We’ll be purrrrpared!    Right class?

YESSIR – we’ll be purrrrpared!

Now, Miss Dingleberry is on vacation this week so there won’t be your customary treat to take out to the playground for recess today………………..BUT………………I did arrange for a sno-cone machine to be out there and THAT’s your treat today !!!   SNO-CONES!    Please do NOT get yourself covered head to toe in sticky syrup or your Moms will never forgive us (and will probably send us her laundry bill)………… be CAREFUL.

See You At A SURPRISE Time Tomorrow!

Angel Professor Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy

Please be careful with your eyes during this eclipse……..

Here is the list of NASA-approved viewing glasses.

Remember only certain glasses are SAFE to wear !

Wondering how the eclipse will be seen in YOUR town?   You can type in your city and see an animation!



Teaser Tell All


Let’s Tell It ALLLL!

Oh yes indeed let’s “GIVE IT UP” !!    Yesterday’s Teaser adventure was interesting wasn’t it?    Lots of good sleuthing going on out there……………people were looking at the architecture and figuring out a whole lot including where in the world that kind of structure might be located!   FUN huh?

I think we’ll start off today by letting you know that the Teaser Photo was from our friend Miss Steph and her kitty Gracie HERE.   It was a photo that a friend of theirs took on her travels around the globe and we THANK her for it!    This is for you Miss Steph:

For Stephanie and Gracie for Teaser of 8/15/17

Before we get into “who won what” let’s show you the Teaser photos AGAIN then let you know where they were taken shall we?

Oh good – if you’re happy then I’m happy.

This my friends is the sleepy town of Chisinau where the beautiful Capriana Monastery complex is located in the Country/Republic of MOLDOVA!    This particular building is the “Winter Church of Saint George” which was built in the 20th century but other structures on the property date back to the 1400s.   I must say that at some point in their past, Moldova WAS in fact part of Romania but is not currently.    It’s on its’ own and wants to stay that way (!!).    We are embarrassed to say that we didn’t know there was a MOLDOVA.    Anyway, really interesting Teaser this week right?


Our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday was the irrepressible and ever eager (and always awake!) Da Phenny from Brittany, France and he and his Mom commented in the first sixty seconds after we went LIVE this morning.   This is for you!

For Phenny on August 15, 2017

Next up – FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………….now we had a bit of an interesting situation with this – why?   Phenny and his Mom guessed the correct building and city but said Romania!    They were just so darn close but not RIGHT……………..we’re giving them a little something anyway!

For Da Phenny on August 15, 2017 !

And Miss Csilla who is also quite a Teaser Expert and posted several ideas about the Teaser before she gave us her GUESS – was TOTALLY right about Moldova so she is technically our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!

For Csilla, August 15, 2017

There were a few others who guessed correctly AFTER Csilla…………..if you were one of them, then this next one is YOURS!

For Teaser of August 15, 2017

HOWEVER, if you were WRONG………….and there were a pile of you who were (thanks for trying ANYWAY!)……… get a GREENIE!

Now I do believe our little Holy Terror (oops…….I mean SWEET CHEERLEADER) Suzie has a bit of a cheer for you winners today!    Come on down Suzie!!

The Teaser sure was tough
Made Teaser Day too rough!
But through all the gloom and doom
Two bright lights filled the room!
Da Phenny was close as could be
BUT not quite right I’m afraid was he
Then Csilla chimed in and was RIGHT
The competition was tight!
She was the First Right Guesser
So give her the award Professor!
Oh before I forget
Da Phenny scored another hit
He was FIRST to comment on the blog
He’s got fast paws for a dog!
A successful Teaser this week
Next week a new Teaser we’ll seek!!!

Thank you SuzieQ!   I think your cheer rounded out the day quite nicely……………………Students – you all did very well this week on what I considered to be a TOUGHIE indeed!

NO NO!!!  Don’t be SAD – be PROUD!

Next week it will be a new chance for everyone to take a whack at guessing yet another fabulous photo!    If you’d like to send us a Teaser photo you think will fool the classroom – please do!  Just email my Mom with it and we’ll use it one of these Tuesdays.

Where in the world will we go next week??????

Professor Angel Sammy – at your service! 

See you next Tuesday!




Teaser Tuesday


Time For School!

Good morning class!!!!



Good Morning!!!!

Time again for figuring out a photo – actually TWO photos today………………..BUT before we begin, remember to QUICK make a comment on this post so you can get a FIRST COMMENTER badge like this one:

This FIRST COMMENTER BADGE is much sought after far and wide and even on other planets (well…..I don’t know that for a fact but……..).    Go on – hurry up – Sarge will escort you there and back………..


Now that we’ve probably got a FIRST COMMENTER (or two or three), let’s move on shall we?

Today’s Teaser is – if you don’t mind me saying – a WHOPPER………………I think it’s tough.   I’ll just go ahead and come right out and say it!    TOUGH!    When Mr. Briefcase posts it you’ll see what I mean……………..but before we go that far, let me remind you of the rules!!!

  1. NO FAIR using Google Image Search!   That’s just WAY WAY WAY too easy to do – we’d much prefer it if you would try and figure it out without doing that!   OK????  OK!!!!!
  2. You must tell me what town/city/village AND what country (if out of the USA) or state (if in the USA) the photo(s) were taken in………where was the photographer when they took the photo???

Easy – two rules……………….I just KNOW you can handle that………… shall we move on?????    We will begin with our effervescent little princess of punk cheerleading, SuzieQ……….Come on down Suzie!

Hidey Hi, Hidey Ho
Teaser time so let’s GO GO GO!
It’s somewhere on Earth
the photo was taken
But where oh where was that camera shakin’ ?
Was it on a deserted isle in the middle of the sea?
Or maybe in Tasmania from up in a tree?
Was the photographer on Mars or maybe Pluto?
Or maybe in Italy – the land of prosciutto?
It’s up to you to come up with a guess
Be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER – faster than the rest!
Tomorrow’s the TELL ALL
When we see who has won
I love Teaser Tuesdays – they are SO MUCH FUN!

Well Suzie – that was well said………………you’ve certainly made everyone aware that this might be a doozy of a Teaser so why don’t we prove it by bringing in Mr. Silver Briefcast/Forest Ranger/FBI Agent/Secret Service Guy with the photos shall we?

Here’s this week’s photos Professor!


There you have it – the second photo structure can be seen in the first photo – right side of photograph…………………..just to orient you!   NOW WHERE THE HECK IS THIS????

If you are the first to guess correctly where this was taken, you win this:

If you guess correctly but are NOT the first to do so, you get one of these:

And if you are WRONG but you’ve guessed anyway, you get one of these:

SO what are you waiting for – turn on your brain and figure this little mystery out!   I’ll be patiently waiting for the first student to raise his or her hand who HAS GOT IT – tomorrow in class we’ll find out WHO you winners are!!

Oh look who’s at the classroom door – it’s Miss Dingleberry………………………….

Oh Professor??? I’ve got the cookies and milk I promised for your class today…..our theme was “unusual looking cookies”…….enjoy!

Can we have more than one????

Professor Sammy – my Mommy will be upset if you have those thong-cookies out in public!!!

Well, don’t tell her then……………..HAHAHA

Thank you Miss Dingleberry for your cafeteria crew’s creative cookie effort!  


We’ll see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL! 


The Profs

Pre-Tease Monday


Yes it sure is!!   Welcome to class kids!

Today is the day we spend in class getting READY for the Teaser photo which will pop up tomorrow.   As of this moment in time, I don’t know if it will be a GUEST TEASER or a MOM TEASER so hang onto your hats – it could be anything.    One thing is FOR SURE though – you won’t know when the post will appear in your inbox.   It will come at a SURPRISE time.   Be alert.

The first person who comments on tomorrow’s blog is a winner – easy – they will get a special FIRST COMMENTER badge to show off to the universe!

Then of course it’s up to all of you to figure out WHERE the Teaser photo was taken and you already know that you have to guess the right TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as the right STATE or COUNTRY depending on whether it’s in the USA or not!   SO, today is STUDY DAY………….it’s also “pump you up” day because our Teaser Cheerleader Suzie usually gives all of you some INSPIRATION with one of her famous (infamous?) cheers.    Suzie?  Are you ready?

Of course I’m ready
I’m always steady
I’ll shake my booty
And shout “ROOTY TOOTY”!
Last week we had an easy teaser
Lots of badges awarded – a real crowd pleaser!
This week might be a bit more rough
So buckle up – this might be tough
Study up tonight no parties allowed
Tomorrow let’s have an AWAKE class crowd!

Thanks Suzie – I’m sure everyone feels inspired now to show up tomorrow with their BRAIN batteries charged and ready to go!

Uhoh…….batteries overcharged maybe?

SO, we Professors will see you here bright and early or medium early or late early or WHENEVER the post goes live.    Sarge will be at the door to welcome you tomorrow!

Welcome you little rugrats!

Not sure if Miss Dingleberry has food plans for tomorrow but there’s always hope that she will come through again with some exciting goodie or another!    Meanwhile, class is DISMISSED for recess!



Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Ted