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Pre-Tease Monday


It’s Monday!   Are You Ready for Class??

Everyone – please find a seat – we’re about to start class………..

I’m ready!

Good Morning Professors!


Present and accounted for!


Thank you students……………looks like you’re all ready so let’s begin.    First of all please remember that since this coming Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US of A, we thought we’d have a SPECIAL pile of badges for you to win this week in honor of Thanksgiving.    Tomorrow will be our “PRE-THANKSGIVING TEASER” and here are the badges you will be able to win!

The post tomorrow morning will be at a SURPRISE TIME but if you are the first to comment after we go live, then you will get that lovely First Commenter Badge…………..then the others of course are for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, OTHERS WHO GUESS RIGHT and the ever popular ever GREEN, GREENIE for those of you who guess incorrectly.

Here are the class rules about guessing on the Teaser:

  1.  When you guess, you just include the CITY/VILLAGE/TOWN as well as the COUNTRY (if not in the USA) or STATE (if in the USA) where the photo was taken.
  2.  When you’re figuring out where you think the photo was taken, please do NOT use any kind of computer program that will TELL you where the photo was taken – Google Image Search lets you load up any photo and it looks on the internet for something similar and that takes all the FUN out of figuring it out yourself!    Please don’t use any help – just take a peek at the photo and study it and make your best guess on your own OKEE DOKEE?   Just put on your THINKING CAT.   (haha)

The photo tomorrow is from a GUEST TEASER…………..and I also have heard from Miss Dingleberry that the cafeteria crew will be providing some seasonal treats for all of you (and we Professors too!) to kick off the Pre-Thanksgiving festivities.

BUT FIRST – I understand that SuzieQ and Lucy want to try to fire you all up for tomorrow’s PHOTO STUDYING………………..

Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo
Try not to be snarky
We’re trying our BEST Yessir
We’ve been working on our cheering
But it’s “dog talk” I’m still hearing!
Just give us a bit more time
At least we’ve got the RHYME!

Thanks Suzie – you girls have been working hard I can tell (cough cough)………keep up the good work!!

So remember, tomorrow the Teaser will appear at a SURPRISE time………..so be ready………….and it will be a GUEST TEASER………..so be ready……………and we’ll have Pre-Thanksgiving foodables from Miss Dingleberry………….so be ready!

Professor Angel Sammy you make the BEST looking turkey ever!!!!

Will we have turkey? Huh? Huh? Huh????????????

Be patient Bobby – you’ll find out tomorrow……………………….get lots of rest tonight everyone!   See you in the morning!

Your Professors:   Sammy and Teddy



Tuesday Teaser




We are still having formatting problems with the blog so please forgive if it looks STRANGE – we’ve asked for help from WordPress but so far our problem with formatting remains.    BEAR WITH US – CLASS WILL STILL GO ON!!!!

Lemme know if you need me to “rough up” any of those WordPress people Professor Sammy!!!

Thanks Sarge………Assistant Professor Teddy and I might be calling on you if this goes on much longer…………………NOW, where were we??  Oh yes.   Teaser.   REMEMBER if you are just getting here, stop right now and make a comment on this blog BECAUSE you might be the first one to do that and if you are you win a badge for being FIRST COMMENTER (or one of them if there’s more than one comment in the first 60 seconds!).   GO ON – HURRY – YOU KNOW YOU WANT A BADGE RIGHT?   This one in fact!

Tomorrow on the TELL ALL we’ll let you know who was first to comment as well as who won all the other fun and fab badges there are to win today!

Did everybody study hard last night?   No TV?  No parties?  No sneaking booze from your parents’ liquor cabinet????????

HUH? I’d NEVER do that!!!  I studied hard!

NO WAY Professor Sammy and Teddy – NO WAY!!!!   I studied then went to bed early!

Glad to hear it – so let’s see how well everyone does.   First of all this is a GUEST TEASER………..and on top of that I’m going to give you THREE – yes THREE – photos for this Teaser.   How can you miss with that much help huh?    Speaking of help, let me quickly review the rules for guessing the Teaser!!

1.   When you make a guess, you must include in your guess the specific place where the photo was taken – what village/town/city as well as what state (if in the USA) or country (if not in the USA) the photo was taken!

2.  We ask that you NOT use any kind of computer help – like Google Image Search – to find out where the photos were taken…………that’s just way too easy – you don’t even have to use your imagination or your brain to do that – you just load up the photo and let Google find out for you where the photo was taken.  Please try to figure it out on your own – that means EVERYONE has the same chance to win!!!

Let’s bring in our fabulous Security Guard with your challenging photos shall we?

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Part of our problem today with WordPress is that I can’t make these photos LARGER so you can see them better!    I hope you are able to see enough detail to help you figure it out!

There you have it – THREE Teaser photos of the same place so use your eyeballs and your imagination and see what you can come up with!!

Suzie wants to add her two cents (or maybe $1.00) to the Teaser post – she hopes to fire you up and get your guessing juices flowing (sounds messy to me though!).

I’m strutting my stuff
Like a kitty cream puff
To inspire your little brain
Without causing any pain
I hope you can figure this out
If you win I’ll cheer you and shout!
Tomorrow we’ll see who wins
Maybe Sarge’s HEAD will spin?????
Bingo Bango Bongo
I hope your guess is not wrongo!

Lovely cheer Suzie……………..(cough cough)

I wanna see Sarge’s head spin!!!!!!

Here are the badges you can win if you are FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, or if you GUESS RIGHT BUT ARE NOT FIRST, and of course a GREENIE if you don’t guess correctly PERIOD……………..

Now hurry up and get your guesses in………………..you know you’d like to be a winner this week right?     I think Miss Dingleberry has a little snack for you before you go out for Recess today and let’s just hope she’s able to give it to you with WordPress being such a pain in the tush!

Yeah, I’ve got a recess snack for you…..but it’s just cookies and juice so don’t get TOO excited!


Fruit juices for drinks – no sugary, ooey gooey junk like you drink at home – this is the GOOD STUFF!

THANK YOU MISS DINGLEBERRY!    Now before the blog blows up – we’ll say a fond ADIEU and hope that tomorrow’s Tell All will be formatted correctly and more easily.    This Teaser post took a grand total of two hours to do………………….CLASS DISMISSED!!!!

Professor Angel Sammy (Teddy’s eating)

Announcement!!!!  No sooner did we finish this post than WordPress SOLVED our blog problem.   Just pretend I didn’t say mean things about them OK?   I’m not about to rewrite the post so wherever I say something nasty, PRETEND it’s nice!!!!







Pre-Tease Monday


Welcome to Class Students……….please have a seat!

Yes sir!

Don’t mind me Prof, I’m groovin’ !

There will be no “grooving” in CLASS young man – remove those headphones immediately!

Gosh – seems like there’s always something interesting going on in class these days!    Now – where were we?  Oh yes……Teaser.    Tomorrow we will have a Teaser post for you and it’s going to pop into your computer out of nowhere (seemingly) at some kind of time you never dreamed it would (probably) and you will be in a “Teaser Tizzy” trying to be the FIRST TO COMMENT!    Why?  Because if you are, you will win this:

We will have a photo from a GUEST TEASER so you’d better get plenty of rest tonight – no parties or late movies, etc.!   A tired student is not a GOOD student!    Here are the Teaser Guessing Rules:

  1.  Please remember you must guess the town,city,village as well as the state (if in USA) or country (if not in USA) where the photo was taken!
  2. Please refrain from using Google Image Search or some other program that lets you just pop in a photo and be told by your computer (!) where the photo was taken – it’s so much more fun to figure it out on your own!!

Suzie wants to inspire you to do well tomorrow so let’s let her strut her stuff in a Pre-Tease kind of way – BRING IT ON SUZIEQ!

We all survived Halloween
Some crazy costumes were seen
Today we’re back to teasing
So no more candy squeezing!
I hear the photo’s a whopper
A true heart and brain stopper
So be purrrrpared by studying HARD
Don’t draw that JOKER card!
I’ll be back again in the morning
So this is your early warning!

OK Suzie thanks for that warning……………………….I also think I need to WARN everyone that the past few days we’ve had some formatting problems on WordPress………yep – never had a problem EVER and now we are.  Not sure what that means but you know how tough it is to get the attention of the WP Gurus so we’re going to continue to limp along as best we can and hope to figure things out.    Wish us luck…………HAHAHA     Mom is also gonna try new batteries in our mouse (eeeeek!).  We’ll try anything!

So – remember:

Surprise time for tomorrow’s post

Guest Teaser photo

Be in class without your iPOD and headphones unlike Tyrone who got yelled at by Sarge today

Your Professors have spoken!    See you tomorrow!




Pre-Teaserween Monday


Hello Students!  Ready for class?

Yes – we are all present and accounted for Sarge!

Good because the Professors are here!

Good Morning – just a little reminder

that tomorrow is TEASERWEEN……

the day we all get to dress up in our costumes

and have spooky snacks AND get a photo to figure out too!

The Teaser photo tomorrow will be a GUEST TEASER………………….and we will also have a very special slideshow of you students who wanted to be in the official DING DONG SCHOOL TEASERWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA.

Now let me go over the ground rules for pawticipating in our Teaser and what it takes to WIN WIN WIN a badge!

First of all there will be SPECIAL BADGES tomorrow in honor of Halloween.    Be on the ball and you just might get one to display on your blog, or your Facebook page, or Pinterest or your bathroom wall or in your closet or WHEREVER you wish to display it.   

If you are the VERY FIRST to comment on tomorrow’s Teaserween post, you will get this badge – remember all you have to do is comment to get the FIRST COMMENTER badge!

So hurry and get here when you get the magic DING on your computer saying you have incoming mail – you wanna be here first tomorrow right?  Right!


  1. In order to be right with your guess you will have to tell us what CITY/TOWN/VILLAGE the photo was taken in as well as what COUNTRY (if not USA) or STATE (if USA) the photo was taken in…………the whole ball of wax gang – we want to know it all!
  2. We ask that you NOT use any kind of GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH program – or anything LIKE that – to pop in the photo and have your computer tell you where the photo was taken – use your brain – use your eyes – look for clues and see if you can guess it without HELP from your computer!!    That means everyone has the same chance………..YAY!

Assistant Prof Teddy – do you have anything to tell the students?

We are excited about tomorrow’s class!   All of us will be in costume (yes, even Suzie and Sarge) and we will be having special SPOOKY snacks from our Ding Dong School Cafeteria before recess!!

Speaking of Suzie – would you like to give our students a little encouragement about class tomorrow Suzie???

Tomorrow is Teaserween!
My costume will be seen!
You’d better be in class
Or I might have to kick your…….toe.
Special badges we have made
We’ll have spooky lemonade!
I can promise you some fun
Don’t be a hot cross bun!

Thanks Suzie…………………….I think……………………anyway, we hope to see you tomorrow – remember our TEASERWEEN post will pop up at a time unlike our USUAL post time of 3AM EST.   It will be different and you’d better be on your toes (or at least AWAKE!).

I wasn’t gonna show you the Teaserween badges but Professor Angel Sammy and I thought you might need a little extra incentive to show up for class tomorrow – here is what you might win if you’re lucky!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cool?  Oh yeah!    So we’ll see you tomorrow in class…………………………BE PURRRPARED FOR A SPOOKY GOOD TIME!

I Can’t WAIT !!!!!!!!

See you in the AM!

Angel Prof Sam and Assistant Prof Teddy

Teaser Tell All


Time For Tell All Class!

Welcome back to class students…..quit squirming in your seat…..all will be revealed!

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Teaser challenge.   We thought it might be a fun one………it was a great photograph our GUEST TEASER submitted……..but it turned out to be a little bit of a puzzler too because there was more “latitude” in it being a right answer than we thought.   The area is known by several names and along the stretch are several bridges, etc.    Anyway, more on that later.

For now, let’s tell you WHO was the FIRST COMMENTER yesterday morning.    Guess what………….we had another one of our INFAMOUS FOUR-WAY TIES!    That’s right – four fabulous students clocked in during the first sixty seconds the blog post went live so all four will get a FIRST COMMENTER badge!

The Firsties:

Miss Pix

The Cat On My Head/Kitties Blue

Oliver and Calvin

McGuffy’s Reader

WOW – FOUR!  You Each Get This!

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on Sammy’s Teaser of 10/23/2017

Now that’s a major accomplishment…………….four scrambling fingers popping onto the blog during the first minute.   WOO HOO!

I think we will tell you next WHO our Guest Teaser was – this is a gorgeous photo for one thing, and I know you want to know who snapped it……………..it was submitted to us by Kitties Blue/The Cat On My Head.     Here it is again for you to have a peek at one last time:

This is a beautiful photo of the Bixby Creek Bridge along Highway One in gorgeous BIG SUR, California.   Thank you for submitting this great Teaser to us and here’s a little SUMTHIN’ by way of thanks!

For The Cat On My Head for the Teaser Photo on October 24, 2017

ONWARD to the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!    The photo above is of the Bixby Bridge – also known as Bixby Creek Bridge, on Highway One, in the Big Sur area of California!    WHO GUESSED THAT FIRST???

Speedy the Cheeky Rex Rabbit!

This badge is for YOU Speedy and your Mom Rachel

For Speedy for being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Teaser of Oct. 24, 2017


But there were OTHERS who guessed correctly too – and all of you will get one of these so please help yourselves to copy and display it with pride!

I guessed RIGHT (but wasn’t FIRST!) on Sammy’s Teaser on October 24, 2017


If you guessed yesterday but your guess was NOT right – you still deserve something for TRYING right?   Good because I have something for all of you who gave it the old college try!!   Please take one!

Uhoh….I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of October 24, 2017 but I TRIED!!!

Now I believe our little Teaser Firecracker SuzieQ has a special cheer for you winners today – I’m sure she will complain about so many winners but hey – that comes with the territory right?   A Teaser Tell All without Suzie complaining would be unusual to say the least!   Suzie?  Take it away girl!

Oh boy this is a toughie
You made it rather roughie
Four to comment first?
Gimme a beer to quench my thirst!
McGuffy’s, Oliver/Calvin, Pix and Kitties Blue?
Now that’s a BUNCH and I’m not kidding you!
The First Right Guesser is a bunny?
Well he’s a smarty and I’m not being funny!
This is quite a long list of winners
All this leaping around will make me THINNER.
You expect a lot for one little girl
Hey Speedy my man, wanna give dating a whirl????????

Watch out Speedy…..she sounds serious!

We hope that you had fun this week with our Teaser…………remember, you can send in your own photo if you think it might be Teaser material – – then you can sit back on Tuesdays and watch the guesses coming in………….it’s fun…………..just email your possible Teaser photos to me in .jpg format and we’ll add them to our “TEASER STASH” of photos.   We will try to let you know ahead of time that YOU will be featured.

Remember deadline for Halloween costume photos is Oct. 29th for “TEASERWEEN” here at Tuesday Teaser……….we’ll have a slideshow with all costumed students to celebrate!   Email them to us as soon as you can.

Yes Miss Dingleberry?    Do you have something to say??????

Yeah, I’ve got a recess snack for you…..but it’s just sandwiches so don’t get TOO excited!!!!

Roast beef, ham, turkey!

Chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad!


Thank You Miss D!   

RECESS TIME – See you next week!  

Professor Sam and Assistant Prof Ted

Tuesday Teaser


Hear Ye, Hear Ye 

School Is Now In Session!

OOPS…..’scuze me – I just finished cleaning the classroom!

Time to Tease…….!  Remember – quick go comment on this post – you might be FIRST and win a badge!

Sometimes more than one student comments in the first 60 seconds of class so we award badges to all those who are “FIRSTS” in that first minute.    THEN we move on to the main event which is our geography test (aka THE TEASER!).    If you are new in class (and we know we have one new student with us now, Cooper Murphy) or are tuning into class via videolink from the screen in the back of the classroom – here are the rules for TEASER guesses!

  1. When you make a guess as to where the photo was taken, you have to tell us what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as what COUNTRY (if not in USA) or STATE (if in the USA) it was taken!
  2. When you are figuring out where the photo was taken, PLEASE don’t use some program to do it FOR you – like Google Image Search.   Loading a photo into a program that will tell you where it was taken is NOT CHALLENGING………..we are trying to challenge you……….see if you can’t figure it out for yourself using your very own brain – not the computer’s brain OK???   That also makes it FAIR for everyone.

Now, remember that we have a GUEST Teaser today and tomorrow when we tell you where the photo was taken and WHO took it, we will also tell you who guessed it right FIRST.    But there are more winners than just the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………if you ALSO guess right but aren’t first, you still win something and you even win  something if you are WRONG!   This is an equal opportunity classroom alright – everybody gets SOMETHING.     We’ll tell you who gets what tomorrow……….but it will be one of these…………..


Sarge, will you ask Suzie to come on in and give us a cheer to inspire the class please?

Front and Center SuzieQ – time to cheer your buns off!

I can’t believe it’s Tuesday!
I call it “Got No Clue Day”
I’m excited about next week
We’ll get to BOO and SHRIEK!
It’s Halloween in class
With costumes that have some sass!
EVERYONE will be dressed up
Whether kitty, human or pup…..
So let’s get on with the guessing
Winning badges is a blessing!
I’m done now so you can CLAP
If you don’t, with claws flexed I might WHAP!!!

I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist a little PUNCH in your cheer somewhere – as usual we had to wait until you were finished for your fangs to come out Suzie!    HAHAHA

Here comes our SECURITY GUARD with the photo for today – he’s had it locked in a briefcase under lock and key so nobody can CHEAT and have a peek.    What a guy……….

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Remember – we want ALL the info!!!

Just as Suzie mentioned in her cheer, we are going to have a fun slideshow of all of you in your costumes in class next Tuesday which is HALLOWEEN…..(or TEASERWEEN as we will be calling it!).   All of us will be in costumes including Sarge and Suzie……….but YOU must send ME in email a photo of you in your Halloween costume (.jpg format please) NOT LATER THAN OCTOBER 29th!!    That is the deadline!   

Miss Dingleberry is going to give us some creepy snacks before we head outside to recess next Tuesday…………..so make sure you are here for that – meanwhile, GET TO GUESSING ON THE PHOTO ABOVE – you might win a badge.

I hope you have your thinking cats on!

See you in class tomorrow!!!   GOOD LUCK!!!

Angel Prof Sam and Assistant Prof Ted



Pre-Teaser Monday


Time for School!!!

Don’t let the bell stop ringing and find you still running down the hall to class!!

Sarge is not amused when kids are LATE……!!!

Good thing we got here on time huh?  Gosh Norman – you practicing for Halloween or are you channeling Elvis this morning?   And how about you Randy – you know this isn’t Hogwarts School right?????    You guys better watch out – the Professors are coming down the hall!!!!!

Good Morning Class!   Time to get ready for your test tomorrow.  

I see a few of you are “testing” out your Halloween outfits……Well as you know, this year Halloween is on a TEASER TUESDAY – the 31st so we WILL be wearing Halloween outfits to school that day, and that goes for teachers too!

Let’s talk Teaser now……….tomorrow we will be showing a photo to everyone and it will be up to YOU to figure out where the photo was taken…………..here are the rules for the fun!

  1. When you make a guess as to where the photo was snapped you must tell us what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) the photo was taken.  OK?
  2. We always ask everyone not to use any kind of online help when they guess – using GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH or any other program that you can just load up the photo and be TOLD where it was taken – well – that just plain is no fair now is it?!?!    We want you to use your imagination, use your mind, use your brains, and FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN!!

We also have a contest FIRST THING when you arrive tomorrow – you get a special BADGE if you are the FIRST TO COMMENT on the post in the morning!   Last week we had FIVE FIRST COMMENTERS all chiming in within the very first sixty seconds after we went live!   FIVE!    No way can we beat that record…..or can we????!!!    Anyway, make sure and comment when you get here before you sit down in your desk OK?     You will get this if you are first (or one of the first):

Then on Wednesday you will find out who our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was, what other students ALSO guessed RIGHT but weren’t FIRST, and of course who guessed INCORRECTLY and win the GREENIE badge!

Now to get you all FIRED UP and in the mood for tomorrow’s GUESSING, let’s see if Suzie has recovered from her bumper crop of FIRST COMMENTERS last week and is ready to PUMP UP THE VOLUME!

Last Tuesday wore me out
I could barely move or shout
This week I’m feeling rested
I’m ready to be tested!
So mind your P’s and Q’s
And prepare to look for clues
The photo might be tricky
But you students can’t be picky
Whatever the Profs want to show
You guys just better KNOW!
Rest up and no late parties
Be on time and show off your smarties!!!!

Thanks Suzie!   We’ll see what happens in the morning when we our Teaser post goes live – – – oh yeah – – – I forgot to tell all of you if you don’t already know that we post the Teaser Post at an UNKNOWN TIME – We know when we’ll post it but YOU won’t……….it won’t be the regular blog post time – OH NO THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY!    It’s a surprise time so WATCH OUT!

If Miss Dingleberry is in a good mood tomorrow she MIGHT have a pre-recess snack for you.  

No promises though – you know how she is!

Sleep Well Students!  

Professor Angel Sam and Assistant Ted



Teaser Tell All


Come And Get It!!

There you have it – another successful Tuesday Teaser came and went – or is about to “went” – and we all survived it!   YAY!   We had some winners and some losers and we Professors are here to tell you WHICH is WHICH.

BUT FIRST – we want to thank our Guest Teaser who was this week our friend Miss Csilla from HERE for submitting the Teaser photo this week!    This is for you Miss Csilla!

For Csilla for the FAB Teaser photo from September 5, 2017

I’ll show you the photo again and tell you all about it but before I do that, let’s continue with some awards shall we?????    The FIRST COMMENTER was actually TWO bloggers who tied for FIRST COMMENTER…………..WHoooooooo (that’s my best owl impression) were they???    Miss Sharon from FRIENDS FUREVER and Miss Csilla (yes again!) from KOLYTYI !   Both of you get one of these:

For Csilla and Sharon, both FIRST COMMENTERS on September 5, 2017

Now here’s the photo from yesterday………………….a beautiful structure yes?   The BEST part of it was that it looks a lot like a NUMBER of cathedrals in the world – notably Notre Dame as well as several others.

It is, however, the beautiful Basilica De Santa Maria Del Mar in Barcelona, Spain!    If you’d like to see some more photos – particularly of the interior of the Basilica, you can follow THIS LINK  to enjoy the beauty.

Wanna know who guessed it FIRST?    Because we DID have a couple of others guess it correctly, but there is only ONE FIRST and that was Miss Jackie of TWODEVONCATS!

Woo Hoo!

For Jackie of TWODEVONCATS on September 5, 2017

And everyone ELSE who guessed Barcelona, Spain gets this one:

For Teaser of September 5, 2017

And of course for all of you who guessed INCORRECTLY……………….how about a little GREEN to add to your collection?

For Teaser of September 5, 2017

I do believe our little fireball, SuzieQ wants to thank you all and recognize you all in her SPECIAL way!

Csilla and Sharon
You’re two fast chicks!
I’m sure everyone here would like to know your tricks!
Maybe you’re psychic and feel the vibes from the post?
While everyone else is having their toast?
And Miss Jackie your travels took you near this church
You were FAST to guess first leaving everyone else in the lurch!
You all are good students
Paying attention in school
That means Sarge won’t have to smack you with the GOLDEN RULE(r)…..hahaha

Thanks a bunch Suzie…………..I do believe that you were missed in Monday’s Pre-Tease class.   We had a substitute who got “mixed reviews” !!!

Now before we dismiss class for recess, we have some other business to conduct so just be patient in your seats and quit squirming around………….except for you Bobby because I can see a look of desperation on your face and know why you’re squirming – you’re excused for the litterbox facilities!

(frantically waving)

These are reminders for your humans so remember to pass them on when you get home from school today!





See you next week students!  

Professor Angel Sammy

and Assistant Professor Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


Time For Class!

Settle into your desk chairs now everyone – put away your paper airplanes, gum, cell phones, and press the “ON” button on your brains because you will need them this morning!

Before we go any further – please remember to COMMENT on this post – why?  Because you might be the first one to make a comment of any kind and if you ARE, you will win this:

Sarge will escort you to the COMMENT area, then hurry back OK?

tick tock tick tock

Alright students – let’s get back into the classroom!

Today’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER and tomorrow we’ll tell you WHO gave us the photo.    But your mission stays the same as always – to figure out WHERE this photo was taken and use the following classroom rules please (or Sarge will make you stand in the corner with the dunce cap on!).

  1. We must know in what town/city/village as well as what STATE (if in USA) or COUNTRY (if not in USA) the photo(s) were taken.
  2. We ask that you NOT use Google Image Search to get the answer because – well – JUST BECAUSE!

Got it?   OK – let’s bring on Suzie to pep you up!

OK class let’s give it a go!
Rev your engines – don’t go slow!
Study the photos I’m sure you will try
If you don’t make the effort you might make me cry!
Examine and look close and try your best
You might win a badge to “feather your nest” !
If yesterday’s eclipse didn’t burn up your eyes
Maybe Miss Dingleberry will serve up some fries!!!!


OK Suzie – that was one of your SHORTER cheers but the message was clear……………and I just know that nobody wants you to cry – you’re scary enough when you’re in a bad mood – if you’re depressed heaven only knows how you’ll be.

What’s Up For Grabs

If you make a guess and you are the FIRST to be right with that guess (WOO HOO) you will win this:

If you make a CORRECT guess but you’re not the first one to do so, you win one of these:

If you are WRONG – you tried but didn’t hit a homerun, make a touchdown, score a goal (tee hee), you get one of these:

So now you know what’s at stake, how about we bring in our fabulous MAN WITH THE PHOTO – the guy whose job it is to guard the top secret Teaser photo(s) from week to week – let’s have a big hand for Mr. Silver Briefcase!!!!!!


Here’s this week’s photo Professor!


Tomorrow we will have our Teaser Tell All and we will tell you WHO our Guest was and where the photo was taken – I’ll also show you some MORE photos from this place!

SO, let’s get guessing students…….

If you’re wondering what Miss D has in store for you today – it’s PIZZA DAY!

No pushin, shoving, being rude, and no dirty hands – I’m gonna be INSPECTING them before you can have your pizza! Also NO FRIES TODAY – Suzie should have checked with me first before she did her cheer!!!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

No getting greasy stuff all over the monkey bars you all!!

I’m the Playground Monitor today – I’ll give anyone who makes a mess with their pizza THE EVIL EYE!

Professor Angel Sam and Assistant Ted

Pre-Tease Monday


Hello Students!

The school bell is ringy-ding-dinging so FRONT AND CENTER to your desks please!   The eclipse won’t be happening until AFTER you go home today so you needn’t stand around in the schoolyard WAITING for it – COME ON IN!

Let’s see some HUSTLE !!

Today we prepare for tomorrow’s weekly TEST.    You will be presented with a photo and asked to examine it, agonize over it, and tell us WHERE the photo was taken.    Could be anywhere in the wide world and your mission (should you decide to accept it) is to figure out WHERE somebody snapped it – what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE and what STATE or COUNTRY!

Furthermore, we always ask that you NOT use Google Image Search to figure it out because – well – we’d prefer everybody be on the SAME playing field and have the same chance to guess.   If you just stick the image in image search you find it out and you really haven’t TRIED on your own to figure things out.   It’s more fun to figure right?  Right!

Now the other thing is the post will pop up at some time other than the usual – like this blog post has – it can be ANY TIME AT ALL……….OK?    Early – Late – In Between……..ANY time.

If you are the very first person to comment when the post appears well then you lucky lucky soul, you get a badge!!!!!   This one in fact!

So be ALERT!

Now class, I asked SuzieQ to come this morning to give you a cheer to get you in the proper mood for Teasing tomorrow…………..nobody can do that better than she can – right?

Gimme a T and an E
(I’m single and free)
Gimme an A and an S
(I’m a cutie so confess!)
Gimme an E and an R
(I would love a new car!)
What’s it spell?
TEASER that’s what you dummy!
Oops I’m sorry about my sass
I promised to behave in class
But sometimes I can’t be quiet
And my cheers just cause a riot!
I’ll be here again in the morning –
This is your customary warning!

Ok Suzie – thanks for the CUSTOMARY WARNING.   We’ll be purrrrpared!    Right class?

YESSIR – we’ll be purrrrpared!

Now, Miss Dingleberry is on vacation this week so there won’t be your customary treat to take out to the playground for recess today………………..BUT………………I did arrange for a sno-cone machine to be out there and THAT’s your treat today !!!   SNO-CONES!    Please do NOT get yourself covered head to toe in sticky syrup or your Moms will never forgive us (and will probably send us her laundry bill)…………..so be CAREFUL.

See You At A SURPRISE Time Tomorrow!

Angel Professor Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy

Please be careful with your eyes during this eclipse……..

Here is the list of NASA-approved viewing glasses.

Remember only certain glasses are SAFE to wear !

Wondering how the eclipse will be seen in YOUR town?   You can type in your city and see an animation!