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Teaser Tuesday Is Now!


It’s Time For Class!    It’s also TIME TO COMMENT!!

After you comment, please have a seat!    Today’s Teaser is a Graphics Department one and the more we Professors look at it the more we think it will be an EASY Teaser.     I’m sure you all won’t mind an EASY one right?

“It sure works for me!!”

OK – then let’s get things rolling shall we?    First of all we will review the RULES and the badges!

We thought we’d go with some older badges just for a change of pace!

“Cool – I like RETRO!”

So shall we have our ever-vigilant Teaser Photo Security Guard bring in the photo??    Are you ready????

“Bring It On!!”

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where Was This Taken?????

That is the question YOU all need to answer so you can win a badge!     Cheer Team?    Let’s get this group of students FIRED UP shall we??

We’re Late again for our ballet class
We hope Miss Grouch doesn’t kick us in the – um – rear
We have a recital coming up next week
Right now things are looking rather bleak!
Too much beer means our tights are too tight!
Our ballet outfits just don’t fit right!
Well, before we go we just want to say
We hope you all get badges and have fun
Now pardon us Profs but we’ve gotta run!!

Thanks girls – GOOD LUCK………………………………

“Those chicks are SOOO groovy!”

Shall we head to the cafeteria for lunch everyone?    A good lunch might keep you awake for a while so you can work on the Teaser photo.    Let’s go!!

Hello Students!   My staff says I look like a bank robber today with my new mask but I was ready for a change!


All Aboard for Home!!!   Good Luck Students we’ll see you in class tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

Your Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tell All Time……..!


Woo Hoo time to TELL ALL!

First off, thanks to Clowie and her team for conducting a quick perimeter check – all is well – so let’s get started shall we?

Yesterday we gave you a Graphics Department “Special” – she they thought they had you all fooled but NOPE – you’re just too smart for her them !!    Before we tell you who figured it out first, let’s talk FIRST COMMENTERS.    We had THREE yesterday………………….

THREE????   WHO?????

Our THREE First Commenters were:

Timmy (Timmy Tomcat), Phenny (Easy Weimaraner) & Janet (The Cat On My Head)


Each of you gets one of these magnificent badges for your VERY OWN:

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser of August 25, 2020!! YAY FOR US!

WHAT?  WAIT!  I was here VERY early – what about ME????

Sorry – you were one minute later than our three winners – you shouldn’t have stopped on the way in to school for a diaper change I guess.

Now let’s move on…………………………..here’s the photo from yesterday:

This really is a super interesting photo………….but as we said, it didn’t fool SEVERAL of you.     This is a photo taken of the Diskit Monastery in Ladakh, India.    Quite a peaceful spot I should think.   If you’d like to read some more information about this beautiful spot – just  CLICK HERE.

Thanks Graphics Department…………..by now you know like we do that our students are SHARP AS TACKS and it’s tough to fool them.     But every single week there still is only ONE (usually) FIRST RIGHT GUESSER (although we’ve had TWO before)………………….and who managed to be FIRST RIGHT this week????????????????

Triple Drum Roll Please!!

LITTLE BINKY  (Angelswhisper2011)  !!!!!


Little Binky you get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge this week………concatulations!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of August 25, 2020 – YAY for me and Granny!!!!!

And there were SEVERAL others who guessed correctly – and each of you who DID get it right get one of these:

I guessed the Teaser right on August 25, 2020 but I was NOT the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER! Maybe next week?????

And those of you who guessed WRONG – well – we have a Greenie for all of you!  Please help yourself to a copy of this one to show off!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser on August 25, 2020 but at least I TRIED !!!!

Well done class…………it was not an EASY Teaser!

Don’t be sad…………maybe next week you’ll be a WINNER!   

Cheer Team?  Perhaps you can cheer everyone up who didn’t get a badge?????????????

Sorry we’re not at school
Guess we broke the golden rule
But we’re doing our cheer from the Grumpy Cat
So at least we’re cheering so how about THAT!
We had three First Commenters, Timmy, Janet and Phenny
All three were early birds and bright as a new penny!
Then Little Binky figured out what’s what
Binky was FIRST RIGHT so the “guessing door” was shut!
We’re proud of you all though that’s for sure
We’re here at the bar for a cold beer cure!!!!

Maybe we should head to the cafeteria and everyone can fill their tummies with lunch – that will make you feel better right (with the exception of Kismet and Evil Squirrel of course).

Hi Ho….Hi Ho….it’s off to the cafeteria we go….

Step right up and make your choices students!   We’re ready for you!


Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tell All !


YES – it’s Wednesday and time for us to TELL ALL!!

Standing by for my award………….

We will start off class today by thanking our Graphics Department for another APPARENTLY EASY photo yesterday.    We say that because we had more than one FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!    How can that be?    Remember the rule is a comment/guess made in the SAME MINUTE on the WordPress Clock is a winner.    We had TWO during the same minute yesterday and (wait until you hear this) we had FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS!

Holy Moly – everyone was wide awake yesterday at 8:00AM EST I think…………………..

Except Rodney of course…….Rodney is always asleep on the windowsill at the back of the classroom!

Now let’s start things off by letting you know who those lucky FOUR were who were FIRST COMMENTERS.




Each of you gets a copy of this pawsome badge to show off!

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser of August 4, 2020…..what a CROWD!!!!


Next week – there’s always next week Roger……………………now let’s show you the photo from yesterday which was another EASY ONE thanks to our Graphics Department:

Students this is the lovely (and apparently deserted) town of BANFF, in CANADA!   

We hear it’s a bit of a tourist trap but it’s kind of obvious why – that mountain is tempting to climb AND makes quite a beautiful backdrop for the pretty city.   We had TWO RIGHT GUESSERS for the photo within the space of 60 seconds so obviously that big mountain may have made it easier to figure out???   Whatever the reason, we had TWO and who were they?????



Not only were these two our TIED First Right Guessers but both of them were also FIRST COMMENTERS!    WOW……………………….we are impressed and have a SPECIAL BADGE for you!

And the crowd roars for Timmy and Ingrid!!

Holy Cow! We were FIRST COMMENTERS and FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS TOO? We got a special badge to celebrate with!!

Did you also guess right?    Well you get a badge for that too – please have a copy of this gem for yourself!!

I wasn’t FIRST with my guess on the Teaser of August 4, 2020 but I was RIGHT – and that deserves this badge!!

And of course if you were WRONG with your guess – you still get a badge…………………please take a copy of this one for yourself:

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of August 4, 2020 but at least I GUESSED – that got me a swell badge too!

Well Cheer Team – I know this will be a challenge – lots of names to stick in the cheer but we know you will do a special job for our winners today right????????????????????????????

All these winners and we had to write a cheer
Needless to say the Profs owe us some beer!
First Commenters were plentiful – we had FOUR
We would have screamed if there had been more.
Ingrid, Janet, Sharon and of course there was Timmy
If there’s been more we’d have left town for Bimini!
We even had two FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS so whaddayaknow
Ingrid AGAIN and Timmy AGAIN really made a special show!
Now if you’ll excuse us we’ve got a date
It will be lonely at the pub if we’re late!!

Thanks girls – don’t do anything WE wouldn’t do!     Right now we’re all heading off to lunch – we won’t be having beer and pretzels like you but we’ll have something NOURISHING and DELICIOUS!

CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS!   You all are SOOOO smart and I hope you’re also hungry!


OK Students!  All aboard for home sweet home!   See you next Tuesday!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tell All


Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Well gang we didn’t fool you yesterday that much in spite of our being SURE we would.   It was a doozy of a Teaser but YES within a few minutes we had a WINNER of the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge this week.

First things first though – shall we let you know who our FIRST COMMENTER(S) were?    Yep – we had TWO……………

Miss Jackie and Miss Sharon – double winners!!!


You each get one of these!!

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of November , 2019! TWIN WINS!

I was only two minutes late for class but still was too late to be a FIRST COMMENTER!

Here’s the photos we gave you to study yesterday for guessing purposes – and we have some MORE photos of this same LOCATION to show you as well as a link to find out more about this REALLY interesting structure!

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?   No!  Neither one!   It’s a beautiful museum!

Yes the photos came to us from our Guest Teaser Miss Annie of Animal Couriers.     They are both photos of the incredibly beautiful and very “artsy” Victoria and Albert Design Museum – fairly newly opened in Dundee, Scotland.     Want more info?    CLICK HERE

Here are some other photos she sent to us along with the two we used………………..

This is a super cool photo – makes it REALLY look like a ship but the masts are on the HMS Discovery docked at the wharf with the museum in the background….looks like the masts are on the museum!!!

A really unusual and interesting Teaser spot Miss Annie – THANKS A BUNCH and here’s your THANKS for being our GUEST badge!

My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER of November 5, 2019!!

Who guessed the CORRECT city/country for this week’s Teaser?   Well, it was one of our FIRST COMMENTERS – Miss Jackie!    She’s a DOUBLE WINNER this week – she’d read an article about this museum in the newspaper a year ago and recognized it.


I was one of the FIRST COMMENTERS and the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of November 5, 2019 WOWZERS!

What a Teaser!!!     If you think you have a photo of a place that might fool our students, please send it to us at junekimm(at)AOL.com and we just might use it one of these Tuesdays!

Cheer Team – let’s celebrate our winners!

What a Teaser that was quite a gem
But try as we did, we didn’t fool THEM!
Miss Jackie and Miss Sharon were sharp as tacks
You’d all better keep an eye on them and watch your backs!
Miss Sharon was one and Miss Jackie came back!!
We hear next week there will be new badges for Fall
Then it won’t be long before we hear the turkey call!!!!

Yes girls – new badges next week and week after then special Thanksgiving badges.  Our Graphics Department will be drawing up a storm!     Those of you who display your winning badges on your blogs or social media will have some new stuff to share.

Now – who’s UP for lunch??



Let’s GO gang!

Alright Students!   Step right up and bring your tray – we’re ready for you with some great lunch selections to fill you up before you head home on the school bus!

Today’s Lunchables:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All Aboard The Going Home Special Students……..we’ll see you next week for more TEASER FUN!

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Students – better COMMENT before you have a seat!!!!!

Welcome to Teaser class…………a good way to start your Tuesday right?   We have a Graphics Department Teaser for you today.   Teddy and I are disagreeing on whether it’s easy or hard so let’s just say we HOPE it’s a challenge because it’s more fun like that!

The toughies are frustrating though!

Let’s review the rules and badges you could take home tomorrow when we do the Tell All then we’ll show you the photo for today.

There you have it – I believe you have all the info you need to be a CONTENDER!

Not THAT kind of contender – a contender who uses their BRAINS not their fists Professor Teddy!

Mr. Security Guard?   Would you please bring in today’s photo:

Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!

Where was this taken?????

The Cheer Team wants to whip you all into a frenzy so you will get your  brains jump started and active enough to make a guess on this one……….are you ready?

Bring on the chicks!

We can’t believe it’s been a week
Since we were here to give your cheeks a tweak
But sure enough it’s time to guess
So come on kids and do your best
This photo makes us feel like flying
Maybe hang-gliding is worth trying?
We’ll be back tomorrow with winners names
Make tomorrow your claim to fame!!!

OK girls – good job………………………….now all of you who want to stay and study please do but if you want to EAT – follow us in a nice line with no shoving!

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Hey – no shoving!!

Greetings Students!    World Menu Day was so popular we thought we’d treat you to that again today.   All kinds of great choices from ’round the world whipped up by my wonderful cafeteria cooks.


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