Teaser Tell All

“We’re Ready to Rock – Clowie says we’re all secure so let’s do this!”

Good Morning Students! Today’s the day we let you know who did what on the Teaser yesterday.    We’ll start with who was the first to comment yesterday shall we?

Announcing the One and Only FIRST COMMENTER:


WOO HOO TIMMY!!!!!!   

Your badge is ready for you:

I was the one and only FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser post of Nov. 10, 2020!!!!

“I’m feeling my cranky coming on….or do I just need a diaper change???”

Well, let’s move on………………….shall we?     The Teaser photo we had was from our Mom Graphics Department and it was not only a COLD photo but it fooled most people for a few minutes (!) after Teaser went live.   In other words, the person who won got it pretty darn quickly!

Here’s the photo:

We think it looks ICY COLD here too!   Where is this?

Hurry up – I wanna know!

This is the very old section of the village of Zermatt, Switzerland called “HINTERDORF”…………….don’t you just love the architecture.    You can see a peek of “modern” on the left but this old part of town is fascinating.    Want to learn more about it?    CLICK HERE.

WHO GUESSED IT FIRST???????????????????

Drumroll please for the announcement!!!

I’m so excited…….even though I didn’t even guess I’m still excited!


That’s right – Miss Ingrid guessed it right FIRST……….

Congratulations!  Here’s your Badge:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of November 10, 2020. WOO HOO!

And if you also guessed correctly – you get a badge too!

Well I was right with my guess on the Teaser of Nov. 10, 2020 but I was NOT FIRST!

Then there were those of you who guessed but were WRONG………..you deserve something for your willingness to guess even if it was WRONG!    Here’s a badge for you:

Well I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of Nov. 10, 2020. I’ll do better next week – yep!

WOW – I forget how big this class is sometimes……

Well we all tried – there’s always next week right Professors???

That’s right Truman!   It could be YOU next week!

Cheer Team?  You’re ON!

It’s just a little nippy out
So we dressed warmly for our cheer and shout!
One FIRST COMMENTER is all we had
Timmy got there early thanks to his Dad!
Then it was just a matter of waiting
For a smarty pants student so we could stop anticipating!
Ingrid got to class and guessed right away
She got it quickly it was her lucky day!
We bet next week’s Teaser will be more tough
Then we’ll see who’s got the “right stuff” !!!!

Thanks girls……………….well done.    I’m sure Timmy and Ingrid appreciate your effort on their behalf.     The School Trainer asked us to tell you that your hot tub has been cleaned and filled with fresh water in your dressing room so you can warm up there!

Now who’s up for lunch??????    

Cool!   Let’s go!

Howdy students!  We’re all set for you here in the cafeteria – just grab a tray and come on down the line!

What’s For Lunch?


Your Professors, Angel Sam and Teddy too

Teaser Tell All Time

“It’s a GO Professors!!   Grounds are clear!!”

Thanks Clowie and company.    We’re BAAAAACK!  Back to let you know who our winners were of this week’s “where is this photo taken??” competition.   AND – we also have an exciting announcement for you for HALLOWEEN this year.

FIRST UP – Teaser winners………………………………

We had TWO FIRST COMMENTERS this week………………….and one of them is a FREQUENT Firstie and the second hasn’t been a FIRSTIE in a long while so we welcome her back into the “winners circle”.


Miss Sharon (Friends Furever)

Miss Cecelia (Down Home In NC)

Congrats Ladies and Here’s Your BADGE!

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser post of October 13, 2020!

“Way to go ladies!!  I was here early but forgot to comment!”

Then we waited until some smarty pants FINALLY guessed the photo’s location………………….here’s the photo all of you studied until you got a headache yesterday:

A rather stunning photo yes?   This is Biarritz, France! 

“Phooooey!  I studied that photo from every angle and couldn’t figure it out!”

We’ll tell you now who DID figure it out first yesterday shall we????????


Drumroll please………………..!

Miss Katty and her boys Da Phenny and Da Nelly!

Congrats To You All and Here’s Your Badge!

We were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS on the Teaser post of October 13, 2020 !!

Did you also guess correctly????   If you did you get a BADGE!    This one – please copy it for your files or blog!

My guess was right on the Teaser post of October 13, 2020 but I wasn’t FIRST! I still got this cool badge though!

Did you guess but were WRONG?    We even have a BADGE for you!!!!

I guessed on the Teaser of October 13, 2020 but I was WRONG! BOO HOO

Congratulations everyone!!!!!!

Now For The Big Announcement!

We’ve decided that for Teaser Class on October 27th we will have a HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST!!!     That’s right!    Those of you who would like to enter can send us via email a photo of you in your Halloween finery and we will include it in a VOTING POST which we’ll have on the 27th with results to show you on the 28th at the Tell All.

Please send us your Halloween costume photo NO LATER THAN

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25th so we’ll have time to prepare the voting poll!

We’ll have a poll on our Teaser post on October 27th with everyone whose photo we’ve received and YOU will have a chance to vote that day.      We will tally up the votes in the poll for each candidate (and you’ll be able to keep track of it by visiting our blog to check the poll if you want to) then tell you who is the WINNER on the 28th.     What will you win?????    Whoever the winner is will need to email us with your address and we will arrange for a surprise to come directly to you from wherever we order it.    OK?    Everyone loves surprises so it will be a surprise gift.

Good!   We hoped you’d be excited!   

Send your photos from NOW until the 25th.     We can’t wait to see your costumes………………



A costume contest now that will be fun!
A chance to dress up for everyone!
But for now let’s talk Teaser and who we should celebrate!
Two First Commenters were Cecilia and Sharon who were fast to participate!
And now it’s time to tell you who was FIRST RIGHT
Miss Katty and her Boys Da Phenny and Da Nelly were first on that flight!!!
Congrats to our winners who were sharp as tacks
You both were fast winners this week and that’s a FACT!

Who’s UP for lunch?  Let’s go!

“Greetings Students!    Hope you brought your appetites with you today!”

Menu Selections:

All aboard for home sweet home! We’ll see you next week! 

Make sure and send us your photo with you in your Halloween costume for our CONTEST

– you have until October 25th to send it in!

Teaser Class Is NOW!

“Good job Security Team!  Let’s report in and let the Professors know it’s CLEAR!”

Happy Tuesday Class!  Have you COMMENTED yet?

Time for our weekly contest to see which student(s) are FAST enough to be First Commenters, and which are good enough investigators to figure out the location of the TEASER photo to be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!

“We’re READY!”

Alright then let’s get going – first up – the rules then the badges:

There you have it – all the “prep” work for the Teaser is done so it’s time to move on to the MAIN EVENT!!!!!

“Wait – No – not THAT kind of MAIN EVENT!!”

No boxing allowed in class!

Anyway, we’ll go ahead and get our Photo Security Guard in before another fight breaks out and get started on the guessing of WHERE today’s photo was taken!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where Was This Photo Taken????

That is for US to know and for YOU to find out!


“I thought you said this week’s Teaser would be EASY after last week!!!!”

Now don’t blow a gasket………….this one might be easier than you think depending on what clues you may pick up in the photo.    This is supposed to be a challenge – remember????

Cheer Team – maybe if you come in and give this group a pep talk they’ll calm down and start studying the photo???

Come on students lose those frowns!
You all are the smartest students anywhere around!
Calm down and study the photo and look for clues
You’re guaranteed to lose those blues!
You know how to do this so show the Profs you’re smart
Give it your best effort right from the start.
You might win a badge if you get it right
We love the FALL badges – they’re outtasight!
We’ll be back tomorrow to celebrate the wins
Now study those books to figure this out until your brain spins!

Very interesting cheer ladies……………especially the spinning brain part.    Now – who’s up for lunch?    I think if you have a good lunch then you might have a better chance to figure out the Teaser photo.    SO LET’S GO!

“Can we have a food fight?”

Absolutely not!

Hello Students!    Had to wear my freaky smile mask today – my bandana is in  the wash!   Enjoy your lunch!


All aboard for home sweet home!   We’ll see you in class tomorrow gang!! 

Your Professors

Teaser Tuesday Is Now!

It’s Time For Class!    It’s also TIME TO COMMENT!!

After you comment, please have a seat!    Today’s Teaser is a Graphics Department one and the more we Professors look at it the more we think it will be an EASY Teaser.     I’m sure you all won’t mind an EASY one right?

“It sure works for me!!”

OK – then let’s get things rolling shall we?    First of all we will review the RULES and the badges!

We thought we’d go with some older badges just for a change of pace!

“Cool – I like RETRO!”

So shall we have our ever-vigilant Teaser Photo Security Guard bring in the photo??    Are you ready????

“Bring It On!!”

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where Was This Taken?????

That is the question YOU all need to answer so you can win a badge!     Cheer Team?    Let’s get this group of students FIRED UP shall we??

We’re Late again for our ballet class
We hope Miss Grouch doesn’t kick us in the – um – rear
We have a recital coming up next week
Right now things are looking rather bleak!
Too much beer means our tights are too tight!
Our ballet outfits just don’t fit right!
Well, before we go we just want to say
We hope you all get badges and have fun
Now pardon us Profs but we’ve gotta run!!

Thanks girls – GOOD LUCK………………………………

“Those chicks are SOOO groovy!”

Shall we head to the cafeteria for lunch everyone?    A good lunch might keep you awake for a while so you can work on the Teaser photo.    Let’s go!!

Hello Students!   My staff says I look like a bank robber today with my new mask but I was ready for a change!


All Aboard for Home!!!   Good Luck Students we’ll see you in class tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

Your Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tell All Time……..!

Woo Hoo time to TELL ALL!

First off, thanks to Clowie and her team for conducting a quick perimeter check – all is well – so let’s get started shall we?

Yesterday we gave you a Graphics Department “Special” – she they thought they had you all fooled but NOPE – you’re just too smart for her them !!    Before we tell you who figured it out first, let’s talk FIRST COMMENTERS.    We had THREE yesterday………………….

THREE????   WHO?????

Our THREE First Commenters were:

Timmy (Timmy Tomcat), Phenny (Easy Weimaraner) & Janet (The Cat On My Head)


Each of you gets one of these magnificent badges for your VERY OWN:

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser of August 25, 2020!! YAY FOR US!

WHAT?  WAIT!  I was here VERY early – what about ME????

Sorry – you were one minute later than our three winners – you shouldn’t have stopped on the way in to school for a diaper change I guess.

Now let’s move on…………………………..here’s the photo from yesterday:

This really is a super interesting photo………….but as we said, it didn’t fool SEVERAL of you.     This is a photo taken of the Diskit Monastery in Ladakh, India.    Quite a peaceful spot I should think.   If you’d like to read some more information about this beautiful spot – just  CLICK HERE.

Thanks Graphics Department…………..by now you know like we do that our students are SHARP AS TACKS and it’s tough to fool them.     But every single week there still is only ONE (usually) FIRST RIGHT GUESSER (although we’ve had TWO before)………………….and who managed to be FIRST RIGHT this week????????????????

Triple Drum Roll Please!!

LITTLE BINKY  (Angelswhisper2011)  !!!!!


Little Binky you get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge this week………concatulations!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of August 25, 2020 – YAY for me and Granny!!!!!

And there were SEVERAL others who guessed correctly – and each of you who DID get it right get one of these:

I guessed the Teaser right on August 25, 2020 but I was NOT the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER! Maybe next week?????

And those of you who guessed WRONG – well – we have a Greenie for all of you!  Please help yourself to a copy of this one to show off!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser on August 25, 2020 but at least I TRIED !!!!

Well done class…………it was not an EASY Teaser!

Don’t be sad…………maybe next week you’ll be a WINNER!   

Cheer Team?  Perhaps you can cheer everyone up who didn’t get a badge?????????????

Sorry we’re not at school
Guess we broke the golden rule
But we’re doing our cheer from the Grumpy Cat
So at least we’re cheering so how about THAT!
We had three First Commenters, Timmy, Janet and Phenny
All three were early birds and bright as a new penny!
Then Little Binky figured out what’s what
Binky was FIRST RIGHT so the “guessing door” was shut!
We’re proud of you all though that’s for sure
We’re here at the bar for a cold beer cure!!!!

Maybe we should head to the cafeteria and everyone can fill their tummies with lunch – that will make you feel better right (with the exception of Kismet and Evil Squirrel of course).

Hi Ho….Hi Ho….it’s off to the cafeteria we go….

Step right up and make your choices students!   We’re ready for you!


Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy